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β-Si3N4晶种增韧Si3N4复合材料的制备和研究/Fabrication and Characterization of Self-Reinforced S
硅太阳能电池阳极材料的研究/The Research on the Aluminum Ink of Silicon Solar Cells
复合绝缘子用硅橡胶的研究/Study On the Silicone Rubber for Composite Insulators
碳化硅网眼多孔陶瓷的制备/Preparation of SiC reticulated porous ceramic
纸制备层状SiC/Si陶瓷复合材料的工艺与性能/Fabrication and Properties of Layered SiC/Si Composites
反应烧结碳化硅材料及其导电、氧化特性/Reaction-Bonded Silicon Carbide Materials and Their Conductio
用飞秒激光微构造硅的形貌控制及光学性质的研究/Microstructuring of silicon with femtosecond laser - morp
纳米硅基发光材料——多孔硅的电化学腐蚀法制备工艺及其应用研究/Nanosilicon-based light-emitting material—Investi
飞秒激光微构造硅表面的形貌控制及材料热学性质研究/morphology control and thermal property of micro-struct
Silicon surface micro-structuring using ultra-short laser pulses/Silicon surface
非晶硅薄膜太阳能电池的新工艺及理论模拟/amorphous thin-film solar cell’s new approach and cell Simul
SOI材料微结构及电致发光的研究/Study on the microstructure and electroluminescence of SOI mate
有机光电器件基材的表面修饰与功能化/surface functionalization of Si and ITO glass substrates for o
硅与二氧化硅复合薄膜的椭圆偏振光谱分析和研究/Ellipsometric study of optical properties of silicon base
我国单晶硅产业发展思路与对策/Countermeasure of mono-crystalline silicon’s industry in China
多孔硅“黑硅”的研究/Wide-band black silicon based on porous silicon
飞秒激光微构造硅的光学特性/Optical property of microstructured silicon
掺杂多晶硅电阻值稳定性的改善/Resistance stability of doped poly improvement
碳化硅及其相关产物纳米线的制备及其物理特性的研究/Study of the Preparation and Physical Characteristics o
施硅对水稻抗倒、抗旱及产量和品质的影响/Effects of Silicon Application on Yield, Quality, Resistance
低硅尾矿压制产品的反应行为研究/Study on the Reaction Behavior of the Pressing Product with Low-
低硅尾矿加气混凝土蒸养条件下反应机理的研究/On the Theory of Aerated Concrete with Low-silicon Tailin
低硅尾矿加气混凝土蒸养条件下反应机理的研究/On the Theory of Aerated Concrete with Low-silicon Tailin
渗硅碳化硅的结构特征与性能研究/Study on the structure and properties of melt-infiltrated silico
全碳反应烧结碳化硅烧结机理及素坯结构的研究/Research on the reaction mechanism and preform structure o
高固相含量SiC陶瓷浮液的制备与机理研究/Study on the mechanism and preparation of highly concentrat
低硅铁尾矿微晶玻璃的研制/Development of glass-ceramic made by low-silicon iron tailings
表面包银的核壳粒子的制备与表征/Preparation and characterization of silver coated core-shell par
经皮元件用生物材料的生物学性能体外研究/In vitro study on the biological properties of percutaneous
PECVD法制备氢化非晶硅薄膜及其金属诱导晶化研究/Fabrication of hydrogenarated amorphous silicon thin f
硅团簇氧化机理的理论研究/Theoretical Studies on the Oxidation Pattern
Optical and morphological properties of light-emitting porous silicon prepared b
Amorphous silicon nitride nanoparticles II. Theoretical studies of electronic st
Visible photoluminescence from hydrogenated silicon particles suspended in a sil
Spectral and structural features of porous silicon prepared by chemical and elec
Formation and characterization of silicon nanoparticles - threads, tubules and p
Fractal aggregation model of hydrogenated nano-crystalline silicon film
Theoretical descriptions of porous silicon
Influence of the spatial structure on the electronic properties of porous silico
Comparison of anodically etched porous silicon with spark-processed silicon
Recombination dynamics in porous silicon
Morphology of n-type macroporous silicon. Doping density dependence
Sub 10nm silicon field emitters produced by electron beam lithography and isotro
Porous silicon: base material for nanotechnologies
Powder metallurgy in 1995
Correlation of optical and structural properties of porous β-SiC formed on
Amorphous silicon nitride nanoparticles I: continuous random network
Study on the preparation techniques of laser-induced chemical vapor deposited na
Structure and property characteristics of amorphous/nanocrystalline silicon prod
Insulating films on a quantum semiconductor - light emitting porous silicon
Effect of the oxidation on the porous silicon voltage tuneable luminescence
Nanoscale scanning tunneling microscope patterning of silicon dioxide thin films
Chemical etching of silicon: smooth, rough, and glowing surfaces
Multilayered silicon/silicon nitride thin films deposited by plasma-CVD: effect
Microstructural evolution of a silicon oxide phase in a perfluorosulfonic acid i
Nanoscale scanning tunneling microscope patterning of silicon dioxide thin films
Chemical etching of silicon: smooth, rough, and glowing surfaces
Multilayered silicon/silicon nitride thin films deposited by plasma-CVD: effect
Microstructural evolution of a silicon oxide phase in a perfluorosulfonic acid i
Covalent micro/nanocomposite resistant to high-temperature oxidation
Nanostructure of thin metal films on silicon(111) investigated by x-ray photoele
Influence of water vapor on nanotribology studied by friction force microscopy
Formation of silicon and cobalt silicide nanoparticles in CaF2
Deposition and analysis of silicon clusters generated by laser-induced gas phase
Lithium insertion in carbons containing nanodispersed silicon
Evidence of localized luminescence centers in porous silicon
Hybrid-integrated laser-diode micro-external mirror fabricated by (110) silicon
Study on the preparation technology of laser-induced chemical vapor deposited na
Electric and photoelectric properties of diode structures in porous silicon
Study on fractal characteristics of surface morphology of nano-crystalline silic
Ultraviolet light emission from porous silicon with its peak wavelength around 3
Tungsten dye induced fast blue/violet photoluminescence from nanocrystalline sil
Crystallization of amorphous nano-sized silicon powders
Structural and elastic properties of porous silicon
Novel quantum confined state and PL spectrum in porous silicon
Controlled signal transduction across interfaces of intelligent molecular system
Structural study of porous silicon
Variations in the lattice parameter of porous silicon produced by wetting and va
Slow luminescence from trapped charges in oxidized porous silicon
Optical second-harmonic generation studies of the structure of porous silicon su
Electron powder ribbon polycrystalline silicon plates used for porous layer fabr
Deposition of electrically conducting polybithiophene into porous silicon
Correlation between structural and optical properties of luminescent porous sili
Regular nanostructured systems formed electrochemically: deposition of electroa
Luminescence centers in porous silicon
Does the blue/violet photoluminescence of spark-processed silicon originate from
Luminescence of Er-implanted porous silicon
Nanocrystalline Si: a material constructed by Si quantum dots
Computational modeling of nanostructured porous silicon
Transport properties of silicon nanostructures fabricated on SIMOX substrates
Natural masking for producing sub-10-nm silicon nanowires
Microcrystalline silicon thin films prepared by RF reactive magnetron sputter de
Improved optical emission of porous silicon with different postanodization proce
Electronic structure and luminescence properties of porous silicon and silicon n
Strong, blue, room-temperature photoluminescence of spark-processed silicon
Light emission of C60 embedded in porous silicon
Fabrication of silicon nitride-silicon carbide nanocomposite ceramics
Photoluminescence and Raman studies of porous silicon under various temperatures
Nanometer lithography on silicon and hydrogenated amorphous silicon with low ene
Tunneling in double well model of porous silicon
In-situ development of a silicon nitride/amorphous silicon oxynitride nano-compo
Detection of heavy trace impurities in silicon
Stability of the number of silicon-hydrogen bonds upon photoillumination of undo
Small-angle X-ray scattering studies of Nafion/[Silicon oxide] and Nafion/ORMOSI
1060 nm diode laser system for dynamically probing silicon detectors
Stable and efficient cathodo- and photoluminescence from ultrathin porous silico
Silicon needles in porous silicon
Melting of silicon nanocrystals: Submicron thin-film structures derived from nan
Nonstoichiometry and nanocrystallization of silicon-rich silicon carbide deposit
SiOx luminescence from light-emitting porous silicon: support for the quantum c
Ultraviolet light emission from oxidized porous silicon
Laser light scattering characterization of particle size distribution in porous
Photoluminescence dynamics of porous silicon: Picoseconds to milliseconds
Bimodal size distribution in p- porous silicon studied by small angle X-ray scat
Sign of the Hall effect in hydrogenated amorphous and disordered crystalline sil
Nanolithography on hydrogen-terminated silicon by scanning-probe microscopy
Raman scattering of alternating nanocrystalline silicon/amorphous silicon multil
Structural nano-defects in α-silicon nitride
Influence of the initial temperature of silicon on crystallization of a layer me
Polarization locking of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers using amorphous
Enhanced light absorption in anodically etched silicon wafers
Light emission from nanometer-sized silicon particles fabricated by the laser ab
Selective laser induced melting of ultrathin nanoporous silicon layers
Characterization of Silicon Nanoparticles Prepared from Porous Silicon
Laser-induced chemical vapor deposited nanosized silicon nitride with double opt
Deposition of nanocrystalline silicon films (nc-Si:H) from a pure ECWR-SiH4 plas
Studies on the interphase of a model adhesive joint
Simulation of IR and VIS-NIR spectra of Si+ implanted SiO2 glass
Quantum confinement effects in the soft x-ray fluorescence spectra of porous sil
Crystal silicon quantum layers
Future of microelectronics: evolution or revolution?
Steady-state and time-resolved spectroscopy of porous silicon
Nature of the defective structure α-silicon nitride
Nanometer-scale local oxidation of silicon using silicon nitride islands formed
Model of size-dependent photoluminescence in amorphous silicon nanostructures:
Correlation between the photoluminescence and chemical bonding in porous silicon
Light emitting silicon, recent progress
Combined AFM and laser lithography on hydrogen-passivated amorphous silicon
Photoluminescence in nanosized silicon synthesized by laser chemical vapor depos
Stable and efficient electroluminescence from a porous silicon-based bipolar dev
Visible luminescence from nanocrystalline silicon films produced by plasma enhan
Application of nanoindentation method in study of phase transformation of semico
Porous silicon light-emitting diode with a high quantum efficiency during pulsed
Stability of electroluminescence and photoluminescence of porous silicon
Recombination with larger than bandgap energy at centres on the surface of silic
Comparison of porous silicon and silicon nanocrystallite photoluminescence quenc
Hydrogenated amorphous silicon/nanodisperse metal (SIMAL) system - films of uniq
Excitation spectroscopy of anodically oxidized porous silicon
Study on crystallization of hydrogenated nanocrystalline silicon carbon films
Optical properties of Si nanocrystals prepared by magnetron sputtering
Kinetics of silicon monoxide ammonolysis for nanophase silicon nitride synthesis
Investigation of deep levels in porous silicon by DLTS method
Stabilization of photoluminescence of porous silicon with nonaqueous anodic oxid
Bulk semiconductors and porous silicon: controlled exciton-photon interaction i
Spectroscopic study on the luminescence of Er in porous silicon
New forms of luminescent silicon: silicon-silica composite mesostructures
Optical non-linearity and hysteresis in porous silicon
Amorphous silicon solar cells
Femtosecond optical response of porous, amorphous and crystalline silicon
Characterization of porous silicon by means of photoacoustic spectroscopy
Novel non-oxide sol-gel process to Si-C-N ceramics
Crystalline properties of nitrogen doped hydrogenated microcrystalline silicon t
Porous silicon: from luminescence to LEDs
Role of a thin amorphous silicon layer in the fabrication of micro-pored silicon
Logarithmic normal distribution of particle size from a luminescence line-shape
Structure and composition studies for silicon nitride thin films deposited by si
Electronic structure model for n- and p-type silicon quantum dots
Raman scattering study of microstructure of n-type porous silicon
Preparation of nanocrystalline silicon nitride composite with nano-size particle
Nanocomposites Si3N4/SiCN: influence of SiC nanoprecipitates on the creep behav
Long-term behaviour of SiC/Si3N4-nanocomposites at 1400 - 1500°C
Phenomenology of luminescence in nanocrystalline silicon
Nanoscale ordering in amorphous silicon powders formed by plasma induced reactio
Raman spectroscopy investigation of silicon nanocrystals formation in silicon ni
Raman and HREM observation of oriented silicon nanocrystals inside amorphous sil
Growth control and properties of microcrystallized silicon films deposited by hy
Surface chemistry of luminescent silicon nanocrystallites
Theoretical NEXAFS study on unoccupied band of crystal and nanocrystal silicon
Nanoscale silicon field effect transistors fabricated using imprint lithography
Anodization time dependent shift of photoluminescence excitation and emission sp
Luminescence from deuterium-terminated porous silicon
Pseudo-ordered structure in light emitting porous and nanocrystalline silicon fi
Preparation of nanocrystalline silicon quantum dot structure by a digital plasma
Luminescence and Raman characterization of molecular and nanocrystalline silicon
Influence of nanostructure size on the luminescence behavior of silicon nanopart
Time-resolved photoluminescence characterization of nm-sized silicon crystallite
Electrical transporting properties of hydrogenated nanocrystalline silicon diode
Quantum size effects on photoluminescence from Si nanocrystals in PECVD silicon-
Heat-treatment induced modifications of porous silicon
Investigation on the electrochemical deposition of cadmium telluride in porous s
Optical and structural studies of nanocrystalline silicon thin film grown by rap
Microhardness of porous silicon films and composites
Porous silicon host matrix for deposition by atomic layer epitaxy
Porous silicon applications in solar cell technology
Advances in cubic silicon carbide surfaces and self-organized one dimensional su
Formation of a silicate layer between lead oxide and a silicon-wafer surface dur
Atomic force microscopy: a new way to look at chromatin
Green/blue light emission and luminescent mechanism of nanocrystalline silicon e
Implanted muon states in porous silicon
Nanoscale lithography of silicon dioxide using electron beam patterned carboxyli
ESPRIT advanced research initiative in optoelectronics MEL-ARI OPTO
High-resolution transmission electron microscopy study of luminescent anodized a
Defect production, accumulation, and materials performance in an irradiation env
Using porous silicon as a hydrogenating agent: derivatization of the surface of
Investigation of damage-induced defects in silicon by TCT
Block copolymer lithography: periodic arrays of approx. 1011 holes in 1 square
In situ impedance spectroscopy of silicon electrodes during the first stages of
Relation between phototransport and photoluminescence in porous silicon
Excitons in silicon nanocrystallites
X-ray diffraction study of alternating nanocrystalline silicon/amorphous silicon
Microwave synthesis of ultrafine silicon carbide whiskers
Influence of oxidation on optical diffuse reflectance spectra in nanoscale silic
Visible photoluminescence from silicon single quantum wells
Strengthening mechanism of DLC film on silicon by MPECVD
Correlation between photoluminescence and positron annihilation spectra in porou
Surface recombination model of visible luminescence in porous silicon
Photoluminescence enhancement in porous silicon layers
Enhancement of the thermal stability of photoluminescence by the carbonization o
Electron holography study of voids in self-annealed implanted silicon
Chemical etching of porous silicon in diluted hydrofluoric acid
Formation of amorphous-crystalline silicon nanocompositions by heavy ion irradia
Investigation on the photoluminescence mechanism of nanocrystalline silicon film
New model for light emitting structures with a porous material layer
Raman scattering anisotropy in a system of (1 1 0)-oriented silicon nanocrystals
Porous silicon physics and device applications: A status report
Correlation between structure and optoelectronic properties of undoped microcrys
Etching of diamond particles deposited on silicon whiskers by argon and molecula
Overview of silicon-based materials
Silicon nitride/silicon carbide nanocomposite materials: I, Fabrication and mech
Gold nanoclusters reductively deposited on porous silicon: Morphology and electr
Hypersonic plasma particle deposition of nanostructured silicon and silicon carb
Preparation and characterization of porous silicon powder
Synthesis of nano-scale silicon wires by excimer laser ablation at high temperat
Silicon nanostructure fabrication using IR-FELs and its optical properties
Si-nanostructures made by laser-annealing
Oxygen sensitivity to the fine structure of the optical spectra of silicon nanop
Nanosieves with microsystem technology for microfiltration applications
Gold nanoparticulate film bound to silicon surface with self-assembled monolayer
Light and thermally induced effects in porous silicon layers
Photoluminescence properties of alternating nanocrystalline silicon/amorphous si
Electroluminescence from Si/CaF2 multilayers grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Nanocrystalline silicon for optoelectronic applications
Two-terminal nanocrystalline silicon memory device at room temperature
Development of nanocrystalline silicon nitride through hyper-organized structure
Inverted Staebler-Wronski effect in nanocrystalline silicon
Analysis of photoluminescence voltage quenching and band structure of nanoporous
Cathodoluminescence from nanocrystalline silicon films in the scanning electron
Progress toward nanoscale silicon light emitters
Role of the deposition conditions on the properties presented by nanocrystallite
Controlled drying: The key to better quality porous semiconductors
Study of electrical properties on nc-Si/C-Si heterojunction diodes
Quantum confinement model for electric transport phenomena in fresh and stored p
Ultra-thin silicon-oxide films by sputter-deposition and their application to hi
Electron microscopy studies of ion implanted silicon for seeding electroless cop
Nano-turning of single crystal silicon
Diamond cutting of silicon with nanometric finish
Annealing behaviors of photoluminescence from SiOx:H films
Fabrication of silicon nanowires
X-ray reflectivity investigation of thin p-type porous silicon layers
Investigation of inhomogeneous structures of near-surface-layers in ion-implante
Micromachined silicon thermopile and thermal radiators using porous silicon tech
Annealing effect on structure of polycrystalline silicon
The integration of nanoscale porous silicon light emitters: Materials science, p
Ion beam synthesis of silicon-based materials
Scribing the silicon crystal surface with ultraviolet pulse laser radiation at m
Electrochemical modifications at the nanometer scale on Si(100) surfaces with sc
Evidence for oxide formation from the single and multiphoton excitation of a por
Quantum size effect from n-type porous silicon
Fabrication of Si nanodevices by optical lithography and anisotropic etching
Reply to the comment on Monte Carlo simulations of the recombination dynamics in
Optical properties of nanocrystalline silicon thin films produced by size-select
Laser synthesis and crystallization of nanocomposite Si/C/N powder
Spatial and quantum confinement in crystalline and amorphous porous silicon
Silicon solid-state small satellite design based on IC and MEMS
Tin oxide growth in nanoporous silicon: an approach to an efficient solid state
Inverted Meyer-Neldel rule in the conductance of nanostructured silicon field-ef
Integration of electrically isolated porous silicon leds for applications in CMO
Nanocrystalline silicon carbon doped films prepared by hot wire technique
Rotating electrochemical cell to prepare porous silicon with different surface s
Effect of post-anodization chemical etching on porous silicon investigated by me
Phase segregation in SIPOS: formation of Si nanocrystals
Dechanneling study of nanocrystalline Si:H layers produced by high dose hydrogen
Raman scattering and room-temperature visible photoluminescence from Si nanocrys
Fabrication of ordered arrays of silicon nanopillars
Optical properties of n-type porous silicon obtained by photoelectrochemical etc
Culture of neurons on silicon
Recombination of photoexcited charge carriers in porous silicon nanostructures w
Silicon oxycarbide glasses
Excitons in silicon quantum structures
Structural analysis of nanocrystalline SiC thin films grown on silicon by ECR pl
Stabilization of the 3C-SiC/SOI system by an intermediate silicon nitride layer
Performances of a-Si:H films produced by hot wire plasma assisted technique
Effect of nonaqueous anodic oxidation on the intensity of photoluminescence of p
Modulation speed of an efficient porous silicon light emitting device
Ion-beam deposition of nanocrystalline and epitaxial silicon films using silane
Silicon-based ferrocenyl dendrimers as anion receptors in solution and immobiliz
Silicon oxycarbide glasses derived from polymer precursors
Blue luminescence from photochemically etched silicon
Anodization of undoped amorphous silicon by electrical injection of holes
Mechanical properties of sol-gel derived Surlyn/[silicon oxide] nanocomposites
Determination of particles size and crystalline phases in colloidal silicon nano
Deposition of silicon carbon nitride films by ion beam sputtering
Decay of nonequilibrium phonons in nanocrystalline silicon
Raman and infrared spectra depend on oxidation in nanometer silicon powder
Instability of nanocavities in disordered and amorphous silicon under irradiatio
Novel p-type nanocrystalline Si buffer at the p/i interface of a-Si solar cells
Effects of pre-hydrogenation on the relaxation and bandgap variation of thermall
Culture of mammalian cells on nanostructured silicon
Role of the hot wire filament temperature on the structure and morphology of the
Time-resolved study of luminescence properties of porous silicon in micro- and n
Control of metal nanostructure morphology by means of applied Si potential
Carrier localization and photoluminescence in porous silicon
Quantum scale structures of nanocrystalline silicon films
Observation of Coulomb-blockade in a field-effect transistor with silicon nanocr
Growth of SiC nanorods at low temperature
X-ray reflectivity study of porous silicon formation
Laser CVD of silicon nanoclusters and in-situ process chataracterization
Phonon scattering in silicon films with thickness of order 100 nm
In-situ diagnostics for preparation of laser crystallized silicon films on glass
Off-axis electron holography of nearly-spherical faceted voids in self-annealed
Phase and structural modifications in porous silicon under pulse heating
Application of porous silicon in the membrane methane sensors
Porous silicon capping by CVD diamond
Ordered bicontinuous nanoporous and nanorelief ceramic films from self assemblin
Chemical vapor deposition of refractory ternary nitrides for advanced diffusion
Influence of oxygen content on photoluminescence from Er-doped SiOx
On the mechanics and physics in the nano-indentation of silicon monocrystals
Mechanisms in the ion beam synthesis of SiC layers in silicon
Silicon-based optoelectronics: Progress and challenges
Fabrication and characterization of a nanogap edge emitter with a silicon-on-ins
Photoluminescence property of nanocrystalline silicon films prepared by electron
Electronic structure at the atomic scale of ultrathin gate oxides
Micromachined actuator for nanopositioning in two dimensions
Micromechanical structures development for chemical analysis: Study of the porou
Study of thin films made from aromatic polyamides with silicon and phenylquinoxa
Controlling growth and field emission property of aligned carbon nanotubes on po
Improved thin film solar cell with Rayleigh scattering in porous silicon pipes
Silicon membrane nanofilters from sacrificial oxide removal
Magnetic hyperfine temperature dependence in Fe-Si crystalline alloys
Microcrystalline silicon - relation of transport properties and microstructure
Nanometer-sized silicon particles prepared by laser vaporization and their photo
Dendrimer-based self-assembled monolayers as resists for scanning probe lithogra
Current-dependent growth of silicon nitride lines using a conducting tip AFM
Patterning of silicon nanopillars formed with a colloidal gold etch mask
In situ FT-IR and photoluminescence study of porous silicon during exposure to F
Defects and diffusion in silicon: An overview
Understanding of the chemical effect on the nano-wear deformation in mono-crysta
Control tribological and mechanical properties of MEMS surfaces. Part 2: Nanomec
Porous silicon pn junction light emitting diodes
Interaction of nitrogen with Si(111)-7 × 7 surfaces at elevated temperatur
Oxygen adsorption and reaction on alpha-silicon
Controlled molecular adsorption on silicon: Laying a foundation for molecular de
Friction and durability of chemisorbed organic lubricants for microelectromechan
Fabrication of a silicon based nanometric oscillator with a tip form mass for sc
X-ray absorption studies of anodized monocrystalline 3C-SiC
Effect of electric field on the photoluminescence and absorption spectra of poro
Novel structures for porous silicon light-emitting diodes
Soft lithography approach to the fabrication of nanostructures of single crystal
Analysis of visible luminescence from porous silicon by harmonic oscillation mod
Resonant tunneling through nano-size quantum dots embedded in amorphous tissues
Photoluminescence and Raman scattering of silicon nanocrystals prepared by silic
Significant photoinduced refractive index change observed in porous silicon Fabr
Structure definition technique for 25 nm lines of silicon and related materials
Photoluminescence properties of self-assembled and nano-sized silicon quantum do
Nanoscale microcavities for biomedical sensor applications
Kinetics of the reaction between silicon nitride and carbon
Nano silicon and neo silicon
Effects of Si incorporation on the microstructure and nanomechanical properties
Small angle neutron scattering in P+-doped porous silicon
Observation of structural depth profiles in porous silicon by atomic force micro
New nanostructured silicon films grown by pecvd technique under controlled powde
Near-field electron energy loss spectroscopy in porous silicon
Diamond nanopowders used to improve strength of diamond- and silicon carbide-bas
Selective growth of porous silicon on focused ion beam patterns
Nanocrystalline silicon heterojunction diodes
Thin silicon foil used to study the spatial nonuniformity in the driven intensit
Chemische Abscheidung von Silber im Nanometerbereich: Grenzen und Moeglichkeiten
Nature of the silicon-animal cell interface
Low temperature growth of microcrystalline silicon and its application to solar
Formation of three-dimensional silicon mounds on the Si(111) 7 × 7 surface
Exciton-mediated hydrosilylation on photoluminescent nanocrystalline silicon
Gate oxide prepared by nanometre silicon wet oxidation at low temperature for Si
Nonlinear absorption properties of nc-Si:H thin films
Exciton optical nonlinearity of hydrogenated nanocrystalline silicon films
Evidence of enlarged drift length in nanocrystalline porous silicon layers by ti
Decomposition of silicon carbide in the presence of organic compounds under hydr
Study on photoluminescence properties of hydrogenated nano-crystalline silicon f
Electrical transport in nano-scale silicon devices
Desorption - Ionization mass spectrometry using deposited nanostructured silicon
Nanoprojection-shaped silicon field emitter as relativistic-electron-beam source
Nanocrystalline silicon carbonitride thin films prepared by plasma beam-assisted
Electroreductive synthesis and optical characterization of silicon nanoparticles
Presolar grains and their isotopic anomalies in meteorites
Preparation of silicon carbide nanometer whiskers
Microstructure and light emitting in porous silicon derived from hydrothermal et
Microstructure to substrate self-assembly using capillary forces
Oxidation kinetics of an amorphous silicon carbonitride ceramic
Introduction to the special topical issue on ultrahigh-temperature polymer-deriv
Structural, ellipsometry and photoluminescence spectroscopy studies of silicon n
Rapid deposition of hydrogenated microcrystalline silicon by a high current DC d
Optoelectronic studies in nanocrystalline silicon Schottky diodes obtained by ho
Surface reconstruction of silicon and polysilicon by Nd:YAG laser etching: SEM,
Study of structure and phase composition of nanocrystal silicon carbonitride fil
A study of microstructure and nanomechanical properties of silicon incorporated
Intense blue-light emission from carbon-plasma-implanted porous silicon
Preface to the viewpoint set on: Dislocation mobility in silicon
SiC-Si3N4 nanocomposite prepared by the addition of SiO2 + C
Role of oxidation on porous silicon photoluminescence and its excitation
Nanoscale lateral field-emission triode operating at atmospheric pressure
Nitridation of silicon oxide layers studied with ion beam analysis on the nanome
Optical properties of nano-silicon
Transport mechanisms and charge trapping in thin dielectric/Si nano-crystals str
Enhanced performance of silicon based photodetectors using silicon/germanium nan
Nanocomposite ceramics on basis of solid solution of carbon in silicon carbide
Scanning tunnelling microscopy and spectroscopy of nanocrystalline silicon films
Photoluminescence and surface structural investigations of low-dimensional silic
Transport mechanisms in hydrogenated microcrystalline silicon
Optical properties of charged inclusions
Photoluminescence and Raman study of porous silicon synthesized by visible and i
Terahertz emission from silicon doped by shallow impurities
Spectroscopic ellipsometry analysis of nanocrystalline silicon carbide obtained
Environmental dependence of thermal oxidation behaviour of silicon nanocrystalli
Diagnostics of silicon plasmas produced by visible nanosecond laser ablation
Optical and electrical properties of silicon nanocrystals formed by CW laser irr
Deposition rate optimization in SiH4/H2 PECVD of hydrogenated microcrystalline s
Electronic and topographic properties of amorphous and microcrystalline silicon
Reversible charging effects on optical properties of porous silicon
Post-growth rapid thermal annealing effect on hydrogenated amorphous silicon car
Synthesis of ultra-long and highly oriented silicon oxide nanowires from liquid
Electric-field-mediated assembly of silicon islands coated with charged molecule
Novel defect-related properties of silicon
Multifunctional properties of nanocrystalline porous silicon as a quantum-confin
Explosive nanocrystalline porous silicon and its use in atomic emission spectros
Nanocrystalline silicon film prepared by laser annealing of organosilicon nanocl
Controlled assembly of DNA nanostructures on silanized silicon and mica surfaces
High-speed monolithically integrated silicon photoreceivers fabricated in 130-nm
Nano-texturing of surfaces by constricting epitaxial growth of molecules
Growth of (1 1 over-bar 0 1) GaN on a 7-degree off-oriented (0 0 1)Si substrate
Reactive deposition of silicon nanowires templated on a stepped nickel surface
Silicon-methoxide-modified clays and their polystyrene nanocomposites
Hydride, abstraction initiated hydrosilylation of terminal alkenes and alkynes o
Single-electron effects in highly doped polysilicon nanowires
Synthesis of large-area silicon nanowire arrays via self-assembling nanoelectroc
Sintering of nano crystalline α silicon carbide by doping with boron carbi
Hydrogen related bonding structure in hydrogenated polymorphous and microcrystal
Wear mechanism of alumina-silicon carbide nanocomposite
A form of bulk silicon consisting of magic clusters
Sintering of nano crystalline α silicon carbide doping with aluminium nitr
Ab initio study of C60-silicon clusters
Atomic force microscopy of thin organic films on silicon in ultrahigh vacuum and
The future of computing: New architectures and new technologies Part 1: Biology
Anomalous emission and carrier effect of fresh porous silicon
Erbium-doped silicon-rich silicon dioxide/silicon thin films fabricated by metal
Silicon nanotubes
Characterization of tunnel barriers in polycrystalline silicon point-contact sin
Nanotechnology: Beyond the silicon roadmap
Processing of Al2O3/SiC nanocomposites - Part 1: Aqueous colloidal processing
Polymer grafting modification of the surface of nano silicon dioxide
Role of surface steps in the arrangement of silicon nano-dots on a vicinal Si(11
Electronic transport properties of single-crystal silicon nanowires fabricated u
Growth and size control of amorphous silicon quantum dots using SiH 4/N2 plasma
EXAFS investigation of laser nitridation and laser carburization of silicon
Growth and optical properties of self-organized Au2Si nanospheres pea-podded in
A silicon nanowire with a Coulomb blockade effect at room temperature
Recombination properties of electronic states in porous silicon
Mapping strain fields in ultrathin bonded Si wafers by x-ray scattering
Synthesis of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes films on silicon wafers by pyro
Nanoporous wire-like superstructure of silicon and silicon/germanium solid solut
The structure, composition, and chemical state of the surface of wire-like silic
Studies on grain boundaries in nanocrystalline silicon grown by hot-wire CVD
Foreword: Special issue on silicon nanodevices
Silicon nitride-silicon carbide nancocomposites fabricated by electric-field-ass
Chemomechanical production of submicron edge width, functionalized, [similar to]
Effect of hydrogen and deuterium on the microstructure of amorphous Si solar cel
Silicon biotechnology: New opportunities for carbohydrate science
Selective activation and passivation of nanoparticle catalysts through substrate
Meeting deep silicon etch challenges for silicon MEMS devices
Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering of Small Molecules from Silver-Coated Silicon
Diamond-SiC nanocomposites sintered from a mixture of diamond and silicon nanopo
Luminescent nanoring structures on silicon
Dynamics of stimulated emission in silicon nanocrystals
Sol-gel alumina coating for improved cyclic oxidation resistance of silicon nitr
Patterned microstructures of porous silicon by dry-removal soft lithography
Effects of different whiskers on the reinforcement of dental resin composites
Refractive index patterns in silicon inverted colloidal photonic crystals
The effect of etching temperature on the photoluminescence emitted from, and the
Profile of impurities in polycrystalline silicon samples purified in an electron
Silicon nitride/silicon carbide nanocomposite obtained by nitridation of SiC: Fa
Polymorphous Silicon Films Deposited at 27.12 MHz
Macro-/Nanoporous Silicon as a Support for High-Performance Protein Microarrays
Device simulations of nanocrystalline silicon thin-film transistors
Nanopatterning of alkynes on hydrogen-terminated silicon surfaces by scanning pr
Wear protective coatings consisting of TiC-SiC-a-C: H deposited by magnetron spu
Room temperature nanocrystalline silicon single-electron transistors
Photoluminescence of Er3+ ions in quasiordered silicon nanocrystals in matrix of
Intel identifies next-generation computer chip materials
Silicon Light Emission Technology
Nanowires and Nanorings at the Atomic Level
High precision etching of Si/SiO2 on a high-density helicon etcher for nanoscale
Optical detection of quasi-static actuation of nanoelectromechanical systems
Electroluminescence from a current-emitting nanostructured silicon device
Nanocluster-based arrays of light emitters for Lab-on-a-Chip applications
Moving from todays SOI to advanced substrate engineering
Investigation of Si nanocluster formation in sputter-deposited silicon sub-oxide
Direct synthesis of amorphous silicon dioxide nanowires and helical self-assembl
Island chain formation during liquid phase epitaxy of SiGe on silicon
Nanostructured silicon as a photonic material
Group-IV nanocluster formation by ion-beam synthesis
Nanostructured silicon formations as a result of ionized N2 gas reactions on sil
Room-temperature electroluminescence of ion-beam-synthesized β-FeSi2 precip
Si nanocrystals obtained through polymer pyrolysis
Fabricating and inspection ultrathin silicon-on-insulator wafers
Influence of surface states on the photoluminescence from silicon nanostructures
Formation of nanosize poly (p-phenylene vinylene) in porous silicon substrate
Annealing of isolated amorphous zones in silicon
Simulation of the depolarization effect in porous silicon
Self-organization of silicon dots grown by thermal decomposition of HSiO3/2 gels
Single electron charging and discharging phenomena at room temperature in a sili
Influence of synthesis conditions on the electrokinetic characteristics of titan
Structured silicon anodes for lithium battery applications
High-dose carbon implantations into silicon: Fundamental studies for new technol
Atomic force microscopy nanomanipulation of silicon nanocrystals for nanodevice
Optical properties of a microcavity containing silicon nanocrystals
Large-scale synthesis of crystalline β-SiC nanowires
In situ observation of silicon carbide formation process using electron microsco
Preparation of silicon-on-insulator substrate on large free-standing carbon nano
Preparation of large scale monolayers of gold nanoparticles on modified silicon
High-efficiency visible photoluminescence from amorphous silicon nanoparticles e
Application of nanocrystalline silicon and ballistic electron emitter to flat pa
Synthesis and characterization of nanocomposites of silicon dioxide and polyuret
Piezoresistance measurement on single crystal silicon nanowires
Molecular dynamics simulation of thermal conductivity of nanoscale thin silicon
Development of Nano Probes for Electrical Measurement of Biomolecules
Texturization of cast multicrystalline silicon for solar cells
Influence of annealing on microstructures and photoluminescence of nano-composit
Formation of high-density uniform silicon nanocrystals on insulator substrate an
Investigation of photoluminescence spectra of silicon nanoparticles and porous s
Effect of silane coupling agent on the preparation and application of nano silic
Study on modified polypropylene with nanometric silicon dioxide and polyolefin e
Research progress in surface modification and micro-tribological behavior of sin
Silicon-oxygen nanocrystalline composite films (nc-SiOx:H) directly deposited by
Real-time observation of single-electron movement through silicon single-electro
Metal encapsulated nanotubes of silicon and germanium
Immobilization of Gold Nanoparticles onto Silicon Surfaces by Si-C Covalent Bond
Reconfigurable logic with single magnetorestistive elements
Low-fluence femtosecond-laser interaction with a Mo/Si multilayer stack
Microcontact Printing of CDS/Dendrimer Nanocomposite Patterns on Silicon Wafers
Growth of silicon oxide in thin film block copolymer scaffolds
In-plane refractive-index anisotropy in porous silicon layers induced by polariz
Synthesis of Crystalline Silicon Tubular Nanostructures with ZnS Nanowires as Re
Nano-defects inspection of semiconductor wafer using evanescent wave
Impact of technology parameters on device performance of UTB-SOI CMOS
Observation of metastable self-organised structure during porous silicon formati
Control of nanobiointerfaces generated from well-defined biomimetic polymer brus
Effect of nitride passivation on the visible photoluminescence from Si-nanocryst
Comment on luminescent nanoring structures on silicon
Light-induced reversible conductivity changes in silicon-on-insulator nanowires
The lattice dynamics of rectangular silicon nanowires
Low-temperature growth of germanium quantum dots on Silicon Oxide by inductively
Microcrystalline silicon: An emerging material for stable thin-film transistors
Time measurements by means of digital sampling techniques: A study case of 100 p
Femtosecond laser ablation for backside silicon thinning
Substrate-induced modulation of the Raman scattering signals from self-assembled
An alternative process for silicon nanowire fabrication with SPL and wet etching
Polymorphous silicon thin films produced in dusty plasmas: Application to solar
Nano-pore silicon membrane characterization by diffusion and electrical resistan
Optical Sensors for Vapors, Liquids, and Biological Molecules Based on Porous Si
Enhancement of the green, visible Tb3+ luminescence from Tb-doped silicon-rich s
In situ ultrahigh vacuum transmission electron microscope investigations of dyna
Stimulated emission in a nanostructured silicon pn junction diode using current
Molecular molds
Atomistic simulations of structural transformations of silicon surfaces under na
Ferromagnetic dot encapsulated Boron Nitride nano-structured arrays
On the Stability of Hydride Configurations on Silicon Cluster Surfaces: A First-
SOI nanophotonic waveguide structures fabricated with deep UV lithography
Near-band edge light emission from silicon semiconductor on insulator diodes
Efficient Raman amplification in silicon-on-insulator waveguides
Atomistic structure of SiO2/Si/SiO2 quantum wells with an apparently crystalline
Electrical, optical and structural characterization of high-k dielectric ZrO2 th
High-performance all-optical silicon microswitch
Two-bands charge transport in silicon nitride due to phonon-assisted trap ioniza
Effects of particle size and excitation spectrum on the photoluminescence of sil
Core shell silica-silicon hybrid nanoparticles: Synthesis and characterization
Dispersion interactions enable the self-directed growth of linear alkane nanostr
Two-dimensional ordered porous structures for photonic crystals obtained using d
Arresting photodegradation of porous silicon by a polymer coating
Tandem solar cells deposited using hot-wire chemical vapor deposition
Silicon nano-asperities: Morphological evolution and electrical properties of do
Nanocantilevers made of bent silicon carbide nanowire-in-silicon oxide nanocones
Theory of a room-temperature silicon quantum dot device as a sensitive electrome
Manufacture and compositional analysis of silicon nitride composites with differ
Porous silicon multilayers for sensing by tuneable IR-transmission filtering
Mechanisms of photoluminescence sensor response of porous silicon for organic sp
Interaction of very low energy electron beams with micro porous silicon substrat
Porous a/nc-Si:H films produced by HW-CVD as ethanol vapour detector and primary
Suppression of silicon nanostructure growth by medium energy nitrogen ion implan
A Monolithic Silicon Optoelectronic Transducer as a Real-Time Affinity Biosensor
Reply to comment on luminescent nanoring structures on silicon
Terahertz emitters and detectors based on SiGe nanostructures
Bulk synthesis of a-SixNyH and a-SixO y straight and coiled nanowires
Modified genetic algorithms to model cluster structures in medium-size silicon c
Detailed kinetic modeling of silicon nanoparticle formation chemistry via automa
Synthesis and characterization of tin and antimony based composites derived by m
Porous silicon photonic crystals as encoded microcarriers
Electrochemically programmed, spatially selective biofunctionalization of silico
Plasma synthesis of single-crystal silicon nanoparticles for novel electronic de
Electronics and optoelectronics with carbon nanotubes
Optical properties of passivated silicon nanoclusters: The role of synthesis
Structural ordering effects in Fe nanoparticle two- and three-dimensional arrays
Rare earth doped silicon nanocrystals derived from an erbium amidinate precursor
Mechanical property enhancement of silicon component with laser shock peening
Luminescent silicon nanoparticles capped by conductive polyaniline through the s
Evidence for a radical mechanism in monolayer formation on silicon ground (or sc
Charge writing in silicon-silicon dioxide for nano-assembly
An azanorbornadiene anchor for molecular-level construction on silicon(100)
Scaling planar silicon devices
Effect of annealing on microstructure and photoluminescence of nano-composite si
Photoluminescence of LPCVD Si-rich SiNx films deposited at different temperature
Electrical properties of silicon nanowires
Research on preparation of nanoparticle monolayer masks and nanolithography
Study on porous polymer electrolytes filled with SiO2 nanoparticles
Investigations on the structural and optical properties of silicon nanoporous pi
Micro-mechanical properties and micro-structure of Ar+ ion implanted single-crys
Measurement and study on optical properties of nano-crystalline silicon films
Phonon deformation potentials of textured silicon microstructure
Mechanisms for photoluminescence from nanoscale silicon/silicon oxide systems
Study on Nano-SiO2 reinforcing and toughening poly-propylene
Optical emission diagnosis of helicon-wave-plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposi
New method of nanosilicon preparation by pulsed-laser deposition
Hydrogenated nanomorph silicon p-i-n solar cells
Study on in situ modification of nanometer silicon bioxide by sol-gel
High-density, uniform gallium nitride nanorods grown on Au-coated silicon substr
Fabrication of silicon-based multilevel nanostructures via scanning probe oxidat
Structure, stability and photoelectronic properties of transition films from amo
Theoretical prediction of a novel inorganic fullerene-like family of silicon-car
Stability improvement of porous silicon surface structures by grafting polydimet
Self-assembled silicon nanotubes grown from silicon monoxide
Preparation of Co-passivated porous silicon by stain etching
Orientation-controlled growth of single-crystal silicon-nanowire arrays
Self-assembled silicon nanotubes under supercritically hydrothermal conditions
A simple route to large scale synthesis of crystalline αsi 3N4 nanowires
Preparation of silicon doped ultralow-density CH foams
AFM study of hippocampal cells cultured on silicon wafers with nano-scale surfac
Surfactant-resisted assembly of Fe-containing nanoparticles for site-specific gr
Improved visible photoluminescence from porous silicon with surface Si-Ag bonds
End-grafting copolymers of styrene and 4-vinylpyridine on an interacting solid s
Luminescent silicon carbide nanocrystallites in 3C-Si/Cpolystyrene films
Synthesis of silicon carbide nanofibers by sol-gel and polymer blend techniques
AFM of adsorbed polyelectrolytes on cellulose I surfaces spin-coated on silicon
Modelling and simulation of charging and discharging processes in nanocrystal fl
Control for spectral properties of multiphase ultra-dispersed materials based on
Structural modification of silicon during the formation process of porous silico
Room-temperature single-electron effects in silicon nanocrystal memories
Tight binding calculations for the optical properties of ellipsoidal silicon nan
Ex situ ellipsometric investigation of nanocolumns inclination angle of obliquel
Anomalous crystallization of hydrogenated amorphous silicon during fast heating
Engineering nanocrystals of silicon
Effects of crystallite size distribution on the Raman-scattering profiles of sil
Low-temperature materials and thin film transistors for flexible electronics
Optical study of equilibrium charge carriers in mesoporous silicon
Elastic constants of low-k and barrier dielectric films measured by Brillouin li
Scanning probe microscopy for silicon device fabrication
Silicon nanograins with aluminum contacts studied by the Density Functional meth
Study of the structure and phase composition of nanocrystalline silicon oxynitri
Atomic force microscopy local oxidation of silicon nitride thin films for mask f
A molecular dynamics analysis of the mechanical effect of water on the deformati
Studies on sintering atmosphere for nano crystalline particles of α-Silico
Tunable luminescence from a silicon-rich oxide microresonator
Determination of mechanical properties of PECVD silicon nitride thin films for t
High-mobility nanocrystalline silicon thin-film transistors fabricated by plasma
Chemical modification of a porous silicon surface induced by nitrogen dioxide ad
Nanosecond semiconductor diodes for pulsed power switching
A molecular dynamics and quantum mechanics modeling of single crystal silicon na
Monte Carlo determination of crystallite size of porous silicon from x-ray line
Enhanced optical absorption in a thin silicon layer with nanovoids
Pesticides detection in water and humic solutions using porous silicon technolog
Determination of thermal diffusivity of suspended porous silicon films by therma
Surface and optical characterization of the porous silicon textured surface
Si/Si1-X Gex superlattice structure from X-ray-scattering data
Biologically programmed silicon nanoparticles assembly
Collagen-coupled poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate)-Si(111) hybrid surfaces for c
Silicon chips light up
Electronic, structural and optical properties of hydrogenated silicon nanocrysta
Engineering silicon oxide surfaces using self-assembled monolayers
The initial stage of the reaction between amorphous silicon and crystalline alum
Boring deep cylindrical nanoholes in silicon using silver nanoparticles as a cat
Diameter-dependent growth direction of epitaxial silicon nanowires
Modeling and experimental validation of sharpening mechanism based on thermal ox
Pristine semiconducting [110] silicon nanowires
3D micro-fabrication using combination technique of nano-scale processing and ch
Silicon based optical devices - Photonic applications of anisotropically nanostr
Photoluminescence fatigue effect in luminescent porous silicon induced by photos
Direct nanoimprinting of Si single crystals using SiC molds for ordered anodic t
Crystallization kinetics of amorphous SiC films: Influence of substrate
Helical Nanoholes Bored in Silicon by Wet Chemical Etching Using Platinum Nanopa
Computer experiments on silicon nano indentation
Electrical behavior of size-controlled Si nanocrystals arranged as single layers
Silicon nanocrystals: Size matters
UHV chemical vapour deposition of silicon nanowires
Precise thermal characterization of confined nanocrystalline silicon by 3ω
Reaction between amorphous Si and crystalline Al in Al/Si and Si/Ai bilayers: Mi
Mechanism of a remarkable enhancement in the light emission from nanocrystalline
New operating mode of nanocrystalline silicon ultrasonic emitters for use as aud
Molecular dynamics simulations of gas phase condensation of silicon carbide nano
Transmission electron microscopic observation of nanoindentations made on ductil
Silicon nanocrystals: Photosensitizers for oxygen molecules
Enhanced coercive field of cobalt film deposited on noodle-like porous silicon s
Nanostructure fabrication by glancing angle ion beam assisted deposition of sili
Synthesis of silicon carbide nanotubes
Light emission and charge trapping in Er-doped silicon dioxide films containing
Characterization of nanoporous Si thin films obtained by Al-Si phase separation
On the morphological instability of silicon/silicon dioxide nanowires
Nanoelectronics based on carbon nanotubes: Technological challenges and recent d
Preparation of dense nanocrystalline silicon carbide ceramics by sinter forging
Synthesis of luminescent silicon nanopowders redispersible to various solvents
Electronic structure of silicon quantum dots: Calculations of energy-gap redshif
Effect of hydrogen passivation on charge storage in silicon quantum dots embedde
Si multiprobes integrated with lateral actuators for independent scanning probe
Influence of silicon and carbon excesses on the aqueous dispersion of SiC nanocr
Stress effects in meso-porous silicon nanostructures
Charge transport in hydrogenated boron-doped nanocrystalline silicon-silicon car
Mechanical and tribological properties of Cr-N and Cr-SI-N coatings reactively s
Metallic and semimetallic silicon [Left Angle Bracket] 100 [Right Angle Bracket]
Gallium-doped silicon nitride nanowires sheathed with amorphous silicon oxynitri
TeraHertz detectors based on plasma oscillations in nanometric silicon field eff
The effect of silicon sources on the mechanism of phosphorus-silicon synergism o
Influence of the experimental procedure in the specific surface measurement by c
Si nanocrystal-containing SiOx (x less than or equal 2) produced by thermal anne
Enhanced growth of carbon nanotubes on selected area using an aqueous catalyst
Nitride-based LEDs with ITO on nanostructured silicon contact layers
Synthesis of Cu nanotubes with silicon oxide nanowire templates by MOCVD
Visible electroluminescence from silicon nanocrystals embedded in amorphous sili
Silicon nanowires as pH sensor
Optical properties of silicon nanocrystalline thin films grown by pulsed laser d
Self-aligned silicon quantum wires on Ag(1 1 0)
From continuous to quantized charging response of silicon nanocrystals obtained
Asymmetric distribution of surface second harmonic generation for thin silver fi
Toward the formation of three-dimensional nanostructures by electrochemical etch
Influence of the barrier thickness on the photoluminescence properties of amorph
High efficiency visible electroluminescence from silicon nanocrystals embedded i
An investigation into the melting of silicon nanoclusters using molecular dynami
Visible rare-earth-doped laser is fabricated on silicon
Nano transistors light the way to all-optical silicon chips
Nanophotonics: Excimer laser produces nanobump arrays
Synthesis and postgrowth doping of silicon nanowires
Strong market dynamics
Nano mechanical oscillator makes big wave
Nanos success depends on a rock solid foundation
Phonon heat transport in silicon nanostructures
Formation of buried porous and damaged layers
Blue luminescence from porous layers produced by metal-assisted chemical etching
Wasserverarbeitung von nichtoxidischen pulvern, teil 2
Pseudo-epitaxial lead zirconate titanate thin film on silicon substrate with enh
Silicon photonics moves toward practical use
MEMS the word
Strange bedfellows
Nanocavity in a silicon waveguide affords ultrasensitive nanoparticle detection
Nanocrystalline ZnO thin films on porous silicon/silicon substrates obtained by
Nanocrystals enable silicon field-effect LED
Moores law: Beyond planar silicon CMOS and into the nano era
Ultra thin yield enhancement
Movers and Shakers
Silicate mystery cleared up
Controlled shallow single-ion implantation in silicon using an active substrate
Routes toward silicon-based lasers
Ultrafast bimolecular recombination in nanocrystalline hydrogenated silicon
Low-temperature deposition of weakly-stressed nanocrystalline silicon films by r
Enabling the commercialisation of the microsystems world
Aiding nanometer-scale design, tool offers multiple-library access
Strength and microstructure of sintered α-silicon carbide prepared from na
Electron-beam-induced growth of silicon multibranched nanostructures
Adsorption of n-alkanes on silicon nitride nanopowder
Real-time x-ray studies of Mo-seeded Si nanodot formation during ion bombardment
Porous silicon damage enhanced phosphorus and aluminium gettering of p-type Czoc
Simulation tool shows how current flows
Compound bales out silicon
A simple way to make super-tough bamboo-like polymer/silicon nanocomposites
Enhanced creep resistant silicon-nitride-based nanocomposite
Microindentation and macroindentation of titanium silicon carbide Ti 3SiC2
5 nm silicon nanowire transistors
Surface morphology dependent photoluminescence from colloidal silicon nanocrysta
Characteristics and plasmochemical deposition of coatings based on amorphous hyd
Nanodiamond films growth on porous silicon substrates for electrochemical applic
Buried nano-layers in silicon co-implanted with H2 +/He+ and annealed under high
Effects of Coulomb interaction on charge transport in a silicon-based nanocluste
The role of radiative and nonradiative relaxation processes in the generation of
Stimulated emission in the active planar optical waveguide made of silicon nanoc
Partial dewetting of polyethylene thin films on rough silicon dioxide surfaces
Carbon nanotube synthesis on oxidized porous silicon
Origin and FEM-assisted evaluation of residual stress in thermally oxidized poro
Microreplication in a silicon processing compatible polymer material
Statistical analysis of topographic images of nanoporous silicon and model surfa
Atmospheric pressure operation of a field emission diode based on self-assembled
Characterisation of room temperature blue emmiting Si/SiO2 multilayers
Electrical characterization of silicon nanogaps
Structure, stress and hardness of sputter deposited nanocomposite W-Si-N coating
Applications of nanocrystalline metal oxide films in monocrystalline silicon lig
Size-reduced silicon nanowires: Fabrication and electrical characterization
Photoluminescence from silicon nanoparticles prepared from bulk amorphous silico
Optical and electrical characterization of the band structure of polyaniline nan
Joint density of states of nanostructures: An application to porous silicon
Deformation mechanisms of silicon during nanoscratching
Silicon nitride rapid decomposition for ceramic nanopowder manufacturing
Flexible displays and stable high efficiency four terminal solar cells using thi
Ductile regime nanpmachining of single-crystal silicon carbide
Synthesis and characterization of silicon-containing block copolymers from nitro
Catalytic solid-phase seeding of silicon nanowires by nickel nanocrystals in org
A novel silicon nanotips antireflection surface for the micro sun sensor
Bismuth spheres grown in self-nested cavities in a silicon wafer
Nanoscale patterning of alkyl monolayers on silicon using the atomic force micro
Silicon nanophotonics: A Mazerati or a Prius
Silicon nanowires as enhancement-mode Schottky barrier field-effect transistors
Reverse plasticity in single crystal silicon nanospheres
Silicon nanoelectronics and beyond: An overview and recent developments
A long-term view of research targets in nanoelectronics
Gallium-catalyzed silicon oxide nanowire growth
Silicon-carbon fullerenelike nanostructures: An ab initio study on the stability
Friction-induced formation of nanocrystals on Si
3D photonic crystals based on macroporous silicon: Towards a large complete phot
Covalent functionalization and biomolecular recognition properties of DNA-modifi
Porous-silicon/polymer nanocomposite photonic crystals formed by microdroplet pa
Rapid thermal processing for silicon nanoelectronics applications
The role of precursor-decomposition kinetics in silicon-nanowire synthesis in or
Microfiber-directed boundary flow in press-fit microdevices fabricated from self
Phonon confinement effects in hybrid virus-inorganic nanotubes for nanoelectroni
Intense blue emission from porous β-SiC formed on C+-implanted silicon
Origin of the 1.54 μm luminescence of erbium-implanted porous silicon
Area-selective formation of an organosilane monolayer on silicon oxide nanopatte
Study of photoluminescence in nanocrystalline silicon/amorphous silicon multilay
Study of preparation technology of nano-crystalline silicon
Size dependence of band gaps in silicon nanostructures
Spectroscopic study of red light emission in porous silicon
Kinetic studies of the formation of nanocrystalline chromium silicide-silicon ca
Metastable effects in porous silicon
Raman scattering and nuclear surface characterization of aged porous silicon
Double-crystal X-ray diffraction, electron diffraction, and high resolution elec
Excitation spectroscopy of the visible photoluminescence of porous silicon
Light-emitting porous silicon
Nanoparticle formation using a plasma expansion process
Raman spectroscopy and positron lifetime studies of structural relaxation and de
Excitation dynamics of luminescence from porous silicon
Orientation effect in electronic properties of silicon wires
Characterization and quality control of silicon microstrip detectors with an inf
Bioactive silicon structure fabrication through nanoetching techniques
Quantum confinement and light emission in SiO2/Si superlattices
Visible light emission from thin films containing Si, O, N, and H
Observation of a nanocrystalline-to-amorphous phase transition in luminescent po
Nanostructures: new forms of luminescent silicon
Synthesis of nanophase silicon, carbon, and silicon carbide powders using a plas
Formation of the intermetallic compound VSi2 and a VSi2-SiC composite by mechani
Evidence for quantum confinement in porous silicon from photoluminescence measur
Optical properties of ultrathin crystalline and amorphous silicon films
Screening in semiconductor nanocrystallites and its consequences for porous sili
Diamond growth on porous silicon by hot-filament chemical vapor deposition
Theoretical analysis of the geometries of the luminescent regions in porous sili
Non-traditional technologies for microfabrication
Photo- and electroluminescence from electrochemically polished silicon
Role of mobile hydrogen in the amorphous silicon recrystallization
Thermal conductivity of porous silicon
Photoluminescence from OH-related radiative centres in silica, metal oxides and
Room-temperature visible luminescence from silicon nanocrystals in silicon impla
Study on structural properties of nanocrystalline silicon films
A model of size-dependent photoluminescence in amorphous silicon nanostructures:
Modification of porous silicon in ultrahigh vacuum and contribution of graphite
Thermal diffusion of antimony into nanostructured porous silicon
Experimental evidence for luminescence from silicon oxide layers in oxidized por
Single-electron devices
Ultraviolet light emission froms porous silicon hydrothermally prepared
Picosecond and millisecond dynamics of photoexcited carriers in porous silicon
Isolated submicrometer filaments formed by silicon anodization in HF solutions
A silicon nanocrystals based memory
Laser direct writing of oxide structures on hydrogen-passivated silicon surfaces
Properties of hydrogenated amorphous silicon suboxide alloys with visible room-t
Scaling silicon MOS devices to their limits
Dynamical mechanism of laser ablation and synthesis of nanoclusters
Sputtering and migration of trace quantities of transition metal atoms on silico
Nanoscale SiO2 particles placed upon the crystalline silicon
Monte Carlo simulations of the recombination dynamics in porous silicon
Visualization of nanostructured porous silicon by a combination of transmission
A theoretical study of light emission from nanoscale silicon
Nanodispersed silicon in pregraphitic carbons
Fabrication of silicon carbide nanoceramics
Photodegradation of the luminescence of porous silicon during pulsed excitation
Atomic force microscopy silicon tips as photon tunneling sensors: a resonant eva
Photoluminescence peak energy evolution for porous silicon during photo-oxidatio
Study of dry oxidation of triangle shaped silicon nanostructure
Organic insulating films of nanometer thicknesses
Resonant Raman scattering and photoluminescence studies of porous silicon membra
Photoluminescence in the earliest stages of porous silicon formation
A 1060 nm diode laser system for dynamically probing silicon detectors
The origin of photoluminescence from thin films of silicon-rich silica
Blue-, green-, and red-light emission from Si+-implanted thermal SiO2 films on c
Copper deposition on HF etched silicon surfaces: morphological and kinetic studi
A comparison of porous silicon and silicon nanocrystallite photoluminescence que
Nanoindentation investigation of the Youngs modulus of porous silicon
Piezo-resistance effect of hydrogenated nano-crystalline silicon films with PECV
Frequency dependence of the capacitance of structures based on porous silicon
Observation of folded acoustic phonons in nanocrystalline silicon/amorphous sili
Room-temperature, short-wavelength (400-500 nm) photoluminescence from silicon-i
Electroluminescent device based on silicon nanopillars
Sub-micron silicon structures for thin film solar cells
The melting of silicon nanocrystals: submicron thin-film structures derived from
Particle/matrix interface and its role in creep inhibition in alumina/silicon ca
Nano-trenched local oxidation of silicon isolation using island polysilicon grai
Surface and optical properties of porous silicon
Raman study of free-standing porous silicon
Electrical characterization of submicrometer silicon devices by cross-sectional
Size classification of silicon nanocrystals
Voltage-tunable photo- and electroluminescence of porous silicon
Processing independent photoluminescence response of chemically etched porous si
High density charge storage memory with scanning probe microscopy
On surface plasmons in porous silicon: Measurements of the electron energy loss
Ion-beam synthesis and stability of GaAs nanocrystals in silicon
Fabrication of nanometer-scale side-gated silicon field effect transistors with
Porous silicon: theoretical studies
Pattern generation on silicon surfaces and YBa2Cu3Ox thin films by a scanning tu
Etching of self-sharpening {338} tips in (100) silicon
Absorption and photoluminescence of free porous silicon
Current-dependent silicon oxide growth during scanned probe lithography
Model for the photoluminescence behavior of porous silicon
Growth of multi-crystalline silicon on seeded glass from metallic solutions
Fractal characteristics of surface morphology for hydrogenated silicon films
Observation of positron trapping and air condensation in porous silicon by angul
Linear scaling calculation for optical absorption spectra of large hydrogenated
Calculations of the electron-energy-loss spectra of silicon nanostructures and p
Holography in porous silicon
Direct band gap structures on nanometer-scale, micromachined silicon tips
Microsecond photoluminescence decay and oxidation of porous silicon
Effects of γ-ray irradiation on photoluminescence spectra from Si-rich sil
Nanostructure fabrication in silicon using cesium to pattern a self-assembled mo
Microfabrication of oxidation-sharpened silicon tips on silicon nitride cantilev
Carrier-transport mechanism in thin films of silicon nanoparticles
The pseudo-ordered structure in light emitting porous and nanocrystalline silico
Influence of surface state on the optical absorption of isolated nanoscale silve
Electronic structure of amorphous silicon nanoclusters
Quantum confinement in the Si-III (BC-8) phase of porous silicon
Investigation on excited states for electrons in porous silicon and their spectr
Growth of silicon nitride by scanned probe lithography
Simulation of monolithic silicon LLL scanning X-ray interferometer
Nanosecond time-resolved emission spectroscopy from silicon implanted and anneal
Fabrication of silicon nanopillars containing polycrystalline silicon/insulator
Simulation of the formation of porous-silicon structures
Relationship between storage media and blue photoluminescence for oxidized porou
Nanomechanical properties of SiC films grown from C60 precursors using atomic fo
Epitaxial carbon nanotube film self-organized by sublimation decomposition of si
Theoretical model for early stages of porous silicon formation from n- and p-typ
High-density crystalline quantum dots in blue emitting porous silicon
Visible photoluminescence from silicon-ion-implanted SiO2 film and its multiple
Classification of the pore structure of n-type silicon and its microstructure
Resonantly excited photoluminescence from porous silicon: effects of surface oxi
Different location of photo- and electroluminescence in n-type porous silicon
Reactive sputtering of titanium diboride and titanium disilicide
Grain interaction effect in electronic properties of silicon nanosize films
Effects of the defect structure on hydrogen transport in amorphous silicon
Tridimension structural characterization of porous silicon by transmission elect
Direct formation of nanocrystalline silicon by electron cyclotron resonance chem
Highly anisotropic silicon reactive ion etching for nanofabrication using mixtur
Self-organization in porous silicon formation
Synthesis of blue luminescent nanoparticles based on sparked silicon
Photoluminescence of ozone oxidized and HF etched porous silicon and the multipl
Formation and growth of porous silicon
Sol-gel precursor for alumina-silicon carbide nanocomposite through controlled f
Silicon network relaxation in amorphous hydrogenated silicon
Light emission from porous silicon
Light emitting mechanism of porous silicon
Quantum size effect does not yield photoluminescence in nanometer silicon crysta
Meyer-Neldel rule in nanocrystalline silicon deposited by RPCVD
Sub-nanometer scale measurements of silicon oxide thickness by spectroscopic ell
Electronic structure of a heterostructure of an alkylsiloxane self-assembled mon
Single-electron effects in heavily doped polycrystalline silicon nanowires
Self-organization of germanium nanoislands obtained in silicon by molecular-beam
Preparation and formation mechanism of silicon nanorods
Raman study of silicon nanocrystals formed in SiNx films by excimer laser or the
Aluminum mediated low temperature growth of crystalline silicon by plasma-enhanc
Photoluminescence characteristics of oxidized hydrogenated nanocrystalline silic
The density of states in silicon nanostructures determined by space-charge-limit
Nanometer-scale patterning of self-assembled monolayer films on native silicon o
Blackbody emission under laser excitation of silicon nanopowder produced by plas
Fabrication of silicon nanowires
Analysis of photoluminescence from porous silicon: Particle size distribution
Submicro structure of silicon carbide derived from poly(methylchlorosilane)
Preparation and surface layer modification of silicon nanoparticles dispersed in
Size-controlled percolation pathways for electrical conduction in porous silicon
Red to green rainbow photoluminescence from unoxidized silicon nanocrystallites
Optical spectra of silicon nanostructures from the random-matrix model
Spectroscopic ellipsometry on silicon-oxide films on silicon
Excitation of size selected nanocrystallites in porous silicon
Two-peak electroluminescence of porous silicon in persulphate solution
Optical characterization of porous silicon embedded with CdSe nanoparticles
Analysis of resonant tunneling characteristics in nc-Si:H/c-Si quantum dot diode
Fabrication of silicon and metal nanowires and dots using mechanical atomic forc
SrBi2Ta2O9 memory capacitor on Si with a silicon nitride buffer
Excitation energy dependence of photoluminescence in nanocrystalline silicon dep
Direct tunneling diode structure with a multilayer charge injection barrier
Silicon nanowhiskers grown on a hydrogen-terminated silicon {111} surface
Threshold stress in creep of alumina-silicon carbide nanocomposites
Self-organized chain of crystalline-silicon nanospheres
Investigation on transition mechanism for electrons in porous silicon
Activation of blue emission from oxidized porous silicon by annealing in water v
High-temperature single-hole silicon transistors
Multimillion-atom molecular dynamics simulation of atomic level stresses in Si(1
Lithium insertion in carbon-silicon composite materials produced by mechanical m
Structural characterization of ultrathin nanocrystalline silicon films formed by
A low temperature silicon-on-insulator fabrication process using Si MBE on doubl
Dependence of the silicon nanowire diameter on ambient pressure
Fabrication of regular three-dimensional lattices of submicron silicon clusters
Formation of nanocavity-contained oxide layer induced by co-implantation of He-O
Reply to the comment on `Monte Carlo simulations of the recombination dynamics i
Nanoscale structural investigation of Si crystallites grown from silicon suboxid
Photoluminescent siloxenes in nanoporous aluminium oxide
Evidence for oxide formation from the single and multiphoton excitation of a por
Fabrication of nano-crystal silicon on SiO2 using the agglomeration process
An analysis of photoluminescence voltage quenching and band structure of nanopor
Ion-beam-induced crystallization of carbon-implanted silicon studied by Auger el
Effect of the nanoparticles on the structure and crystallization of amorphous si
Influence of O2 and H2O2 on the metallic contamination process of silicon wafers
Nano-machining of silicon phthalocyanine dichloride films on H-passivated Si(111
Two-photon-excited photoluminescence from porous silicon
Luminescence efficiency measurements of silicon nanoclusters
Silicon luminescence research
Efficient solar-to-chemical conversion by one chip of n-type silicon with surfac
Study of PT/P(VDF-TtrFE) pyroelectric sensor based on porous SiO2 substrate
Kinetics of structural coarsening of microcrystalline Al-Si-Mg alloys during the
Laser-induced chemical vapor deposition of nanostructured silicon carbonitride t
The strengthening mechanism of DLC film on silicon by MPECVD
Coaxial nanocable: silicon carbide and silicon oxide sheathed with boron nitride
Mechanism of single atom switch on silicon
Quantum confinement effects in nano-silicon thin films
Mechanism and control of formation of porous silicon on p-type Si
Electron-beam-induced damage in amorphous SiO2 and the direct fabrication of sil
Distinctive features of time-resolved photoluminescence of porous silicon coated
Atomic transport across the interfaces during the formation of ultrathin silicon
Observation of plasma effect in nanosecond pulsed laser annealing on silicon pri
Fabrication and photoluminescence investigation of silicon nanowires on silicon-
On the origin of tunneling barriers in silicon single electron and single hole t
Optical properties of nanometer silicon prepared by silicon ion implanted into S
Near-field Raman spectroscopy
Optical properties and luminescence mechanism of oxidized free-standing porous s
Characterization of laser ablated silicon thin films
Improved one-phonon confinement model for an accurate size determination of sili
Acoustic waveguide properties of a thin film of nanoporous silica on silicon
An isolated silicon single chain end-grafted onto a substrate surface
Silicon based light-emitting materials and devices
Multiple layers of silicon-on-insulator for nanostructure devices
Carrier localisation in porous silicon
Fabrication and STEM/EELS measurements of nanometer-scale silicon tips and filam
Optical properties of porous silicon layers processed with a HF:HCl:C2H5OH elect
Structured films of light-emitting silicon nanoparticles produced by cluster bea
Optical properties of nanocrystalline silicon embedded in SiO2
Resonant two-photon excitation of silicon nanocrystals
Hydrogen interaction with clean and modified silicon surfaces
Growth and characterization of ultrathin nitrided silicon oxide films
Characterization of nitrogen terminated silicon nanoparticles on AFI zeolite wit
Soft elastic behavior of nanometer silicon particles: computer simulation
Photoluminescence of thin amorphous-nanocrystalline silicon films
The electronic structure at the atomic scale of ultrathin gate oxides
Suspending highly doped silicon-on-insulator wires for applications in nanomecha
Molecular dynamics simulation of thermal conductivity of silicon nanowires
Relative detection of weak signal to silicon microsensor
Air-bridge-structured silicon nanowire and anomalous conductivity
Inverse-percolation model for investigating a mechanism of formation and photolu
Some electronic and metastability properties of a new nanostructured material: h
α-SiC layers grown on silicon via nano-sized silicon nitride precursor rou
Electroluminescence from quantum dots in n-type porous silicon
Gas-phase characterization of silicon nanoclusters produced by laser pyrolysis o
Direct evidence of quantum confinement from the size dependence of the photolumi
Novel prevention method of stiction using silicon anodization for SOI structure
Atomistic simulation study of the interactions of SiH3 radicals with silicon sur
Synthesis of nanotubes and nanowires of silicon oxide
Stability of photoluminescence in iron-passivated porous silicon
Calibrating simulation tools for nanometer designs
Coulomb blockade in quasimetallic silicon-on-insulator nanowires
Optical and electrical properties of Al2O3 films containing silicon nanocrystals
A study of the self-aligned nanometre scale palladium clusters on silicon format
Vibronic fine structure found in the blue luminescence from silicon nanocolloids
Structural properties depicted by optical measurements in hydrogenated polymorph
Silicon-carbon bonds on porous silicon surfaces
The thermal diffusivity of silicon nitride/silicon carbide nanocomposites using
Room temperature visible electroluminescence in silicon nanostructures
Near-field scanning optical nanolithography using amorphous silicon photoresists
Visible light-emitting devices with Schottky contacts on an ultrathin amorphous
Silicon-based ultrathin dielectrics
Nanooxidation of silicon with an atomic force microscope: A pulsed voltage techn
New prospects for silicon-based terabit memories and data storage systems
Si nanowires grown from silicon oxide
Using the temperature-dependent photovoltage to investigate porous silicon/silic
Physical structure of light-emitting porous polycrystalline silicon thin films
Observation of nanometer silicon clusters in the hot-filament CVD process
Conduction of metal-isolator-semiconductor structures with granular silicon thin
Porous silicon: photoluminescence decay in the nanosecond range
A rotating electrochemical cell to prepare porous silicon with different surface
Effects of the final oxidation step on N and O distributions in silicon oxide/ni
TEM study of metallic contacts to nanostructured silicon
Hydrogen incorporation and crystallization of nanocrystalline silicon deposited
Geminate and distant-pair radiative recombination in porous silicon
The nature of encapsulated silicon nanoclusters in zeolite Y
Model for optical absorption in porous silicon
Coulomb blockade in silicon nano-pillars
Cathodoluminescence from nanocrystalline silicon films and porous silicon
Microstructural aspects related to carriers transport properties of nanocrystall
Nonlinear 1/f noise characteristics in luminescent porous silicon
Thick porous silicon thermo-insulating membranes [for gas sensor applications]
Photoluminescent silicon clusters in oriented hexagonal mesoporous silica film
Micro-Raman study of free-standing porous silicon samples
Varistor-like current-voltage characteristic of porous silicon
Fracture toughness of a silicon nitride/silicon carbide nanocomposite at 1350&de
Auger effect as the origin of the fast-luminescent band of freshly anodized poro
Luminescence processes in amorphous hydrogenated silicon-nitride nanometric mult
β-SiC nanorods synthesized by hot filament chemical vapor deposition
Mechanical properties, stress evolution and high-temperature thermal stability o
Formation of Si nanoclusters in amorphous silicon thin films by excimer laser an
Nano- and macropore formation in p-type silicon
Control tribological and mechanical properties of MEMS surfaces. 2. Nanomechanic
Photovoltaic application of nanomorph silicon thin films prepared by plasma enha
Fabrication of ordered arrays of silicon nanopillars
Aligned silicon carbide nanocrystals at the SiO2/Si interface by C implantation
Luminescence and related novel functions of nanosilicon
Molecular dynamics simulation of phase transformations in silicon monocrystals d
Thermal decay of silicon nanostructures on silicon surfaces
Microstructure of SiOx:H films prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposi
Synthesis of coaxial nanowires of silicon nitride sheathed with silicon and sili
Abnormal Raman spectral phenomenon of silicon nanowires
A simple route to annihilate defects in silicon nanowires
Use of artificial neural networks to predict thickness and optical constants of
Sandwich-structured thin film of silicon nanoparticles embedded in Al2O3 matrice
Photoluminescence from silicon nano-particles synthesized by laser-induced decom
Fabrication of a silicon based nanometric oscillator with a tip form mass for sc
Development of WO3 thin films using nanoscale silicon particles
Thermoelectric power in undoped hydrogenated polymorphous silicon
Energy gap of silicon clusters studied by scanning tunneling spectroscopy
Chemical and biological applications of porous silicon technology
Electron transport in a single silicon quantum structure using a vertical silico
Multiscale simulation of loading and electrical resistance in silicon nanoindent
Density variations in scanned probe oxidation
Photoluminescence properties of silicon nanocrystals as a function of their size
Field emission of electrons from laser produced silicon tip arrays
Method for tight-binding parametrization: Application to silicon nanostructures
Nanometer-thick oxide films produced by electrochemical anodizing of silicon
Single electron memory devices based on plasma-derived silicon nanocrystals
Metal-mediated growth of alternate semiconductor-insulator nanostructures
Control of thickness and orientation of solution-grown silicon nanowires
Indirect excitation of 1.5 μm emission from Er3+ in silicon-rich silica
Formation dynamics and visible photoluminescence of silicon nanoparticles
Temperature-dependent Raman scattering studies in nanocrystalline silicon and fi
Photoluminescences from Si nanocrystals in ion-beam-mixed Si/SiO2 layers
Panoscopic silicon-a material for “all” length scales
Growth of amorphous silicon nanowires via a solid-liquid-solid mechanism
Photoluminescence of erbium-doped porous silicon prepared by anodic etching of m
Photophysical processes stimulated in nanoporous silicon by high-power laser rad
Surface modification of micromachined silicon filters
Nonlinear optical response of Si nanostructures in a silica matrix
New routes of fabricating silicon nanostructures
Quantum confinement in porous silicon
Synthesis of silicon nanoclusters by solid-gas reaction
Influence of sample oxidation on the nature of optical luminescence from porous
Middle stage heat treatment for microstructure control of reaction-bonded silico
Quantum confinement and recombination dynamics in silicon nanocrystals embedded
Growth of silicon nanowires by chemical vapor deposition: approach by charged cl
Effect of repeated nano-indentations on the deformation in monocrystalline silic
Phenomena in silicon nanostructure devices
Single-electron tunneling in silicon nanostructures
On the mechanism of luminescence of silicon nanostructures
Nanoscale ultra-thin-body silicon-on-insulator P-MOSFET with a SiGe/Si heterostr
Formation of periodic diffraction structures at semiconductor surfaces for study
Preparation technique of single-phase silicon borides films for nanoparticle dep
Mechanism for the correlated swinging of photoluminescence intensity and peak en
Preparation and evaluation of nitrogen-terminated silicon nanoparticles: laser a
Study on pendulous silicon miniature accelerometer
Nano protuberance and groove processing of silicon by diamond tip sliding
Small silicon memories: confinement, single-electron,. and interface state consi
Mechanisms of transport and injection of carriers into a porous silicon: electro
Self-ordered pore structure of anodized aluminum on silicon and pattern transfer
Effect of size and roughness on light transmission in a Si/SiO2 waveguide: Exper
Epitaxial growth of germanium dots on Si(001) surface covered by a very thin sil
Ab initio calculations for a hypothetical material: Silicon nanotubes
Electronic structure of silicon nanowires: A photoemission and X-ray absorption
Plasmon-loss imaging of chains of crystalline-silicon nanospheres and silicon na
Effect of anodization conditions on field emission of porous silicon cold cathod
Field emission of porous silicon
Fabrication of microreactors for dehydrogenation of cyclohexane to benzene
Atomic force microscopy-based nanolithography on silicon using colloidal Au nano
Formation dynamics of silicon nanoparticles after laser ablation studied using p
Study of multilayer structures with InAs nanoobjects in a silicon matrix
Optically thin palladium films on silicon-based substrates and nanostructure for
Single-electron detector and counter
Single-electron quantum dots in silicon MOS structures
Highly efficient and stable photoluminescence from silicon nanowires coated with
Size-dependent phase transformations during point loading of silicon
Nanopatterned assembling of colloidal gold nanoparticles on silicon
Defect study of light-emitting HCl-treated porous silicon
Synthesis of monodisperse spherical silicon dicarbodiimide particles
A soft lithography approach to the fabrication of nanostructures of single cryst
Single-electron tunneling devices based on silicon quantum dots fabricated by pl
Role of hydrogen in the photoluminescence and the formation of nanocrystalline s
On the possibility of controlling the photoluminescence spectrum of nanoporous s
Optical gain in silicon nanocrystals
Anisotropically nanostructured silicon as an efficient optical retarder
Optical absorption cross sections of Si nanocrystals
Porous silicon: a quantum sponge structure for silicon based optoelectronics
Origin of emission from porous silicon: Temperature-dependence correlation with
Synthesis of large areas of highly oriented, very long silicon nanowires
Straight β-SiC nanorods synthesized by using C-Si-SiO2
Fast silicon-on-silicon optoelectronic router based on a BMFET device
Strong and stable photoluminescence from sputtered silicon nanoparticles
Surface roughness of hydrogen ion cut low temperature bonded thin film layers
Observation of coherent phonon states in porous silicon films
Contrasting photovoltaic response and photoluminescence for distinct porous sili
Coiled structure of eccentric coaxial nanocable made of amorphous boron and sili
Defect engineering of Czochralski single-crystal silicon
Photoresponse and electroluminescence of silicon-⟨porous silicon⟩-&lan
Microbridge testing of silicon oxide/silicon nitride bilayer films deposited on
Self-directed growth of molecular nanostructures on silicon
STM tip-induced nanoscale etching on the H-terminated n-Si(111) surfaces under t
Electroluminescence in MOS structures with Si/SiO2 nanometric multilayers
Size-separation effect of blue-emitting porous silicon in RTO process
Photoluminescence from nanocrystalline silicon in Si/SiO2 superlattices
Explosive change in crater properties during high power nanosecond laser ablatio
Silicon nanowires grown on iron-patterned silicon substrates
Trapping levels in nanocrystalline porous silicon
Growth of silicon nanostructures on graphite
Raman scattering of nanocrystalline silicon embedded in SiO2
Can single-electron integrated circuits and quantum computers be fabricated in s
Quantum confinement in nanocrystalline silicon superlattices
Formation and characteristics of silicon nanocrystals in plasma-enhanced chemica
Evolution of the microstructure in microcrystalline silicon prepared by very hig
Electrical conduction in porous silicon: temperature dependence
Reproducible large-area microfabrication of sub-100 nm apertures on hollow tips
Kelvin probe microscopy measurements of surface potential change under wear at l
Spectral response of porous silicon based photovoltaic devices
New technologies for silicon-on-insulator
The transport mechanism in nanocrystalline silicon films at low temperature
Significant photoinduced refractive index change observed in porous silicon Fabr
Photoluminescence excitation spectroscopy of erbium-doped silicon-rich silicon o
Thin β-SiC nanorods and their field emission properties
Temperature-dependent internal friction in silicon nanoelectromechanical systems
Atomic fluorine beam etching of silicon and related materials
The use of diamond nanopowders to strengthen a diamond-SiC composite material
High-accuracy silicon translation stage for X-ray interferometry
Stability in photoluminescence of porous silicon
Microbridge testing of silicon nitride thin films deposited on silicon wafers
Photoluminescence from mesoporous silica: Similarity of properties to porous sil
Reflection properties of nanostructure-arrayed silicon surfaces
KrF excimer laser crystallization of silicon thin films
Role of the surface roughness in laser induced crystallization of nanostructured
Light emission due to carrier confinement in nanoparticles of DC discharge proce
Recombination of self-trapped excitons in silicon nanocrystals grown in silicon
What is the future of sub-100 nm CMOS: ultrashallow junctions or ultrathin SOI?
Creation of highly oriented freestanding carbon nanotube film by sublimating dec
Nanocrystalline SiC films grown Si by HFCVD method and its photoluminescence
Periodic instability in growth of chains of crystalline-silicon nanospheres
Technology to reduce the aperture size of microfabricated silicon dioxide apertu
Catalytic synthesis of straight silicon nanowires over Fe containing silica gel
Silicon nanocluster formation under electron-beam-induced modification of a sili
Synthesis of porous silicon nanostructures for photoluminescent devices
Angular distortion of Si clusters in a-SiC
Comparative study on photoluminescence from Si-containing silicon oxide films an
Growth of silicon nanowires via nickel/SiCl4 vapor-liquid-solid reaction
Photonic band-gap guidance in high-porosity luminescent porous silicon
Will a chip every day keep the doctor away? [Si implants]
Dichroic Bragg reflectors based on birefringent porous silicon
Pressure-induced amorphization and an amorphous-amorphous transition in densifie
Infrared emission from Si implanted with high Er concentration
Sub-microns period grating couplers fabricated by silicon mold
Exciton-erbium coupling and the excitation dynamics of Er3+ in erbium-doped sili
Electrical characterization of N-nanocrystalline/P-crystalline silicon heterojun
Growth of amorphous silicon nanowires
Self-trapped exciton recombination in silicon nanocrystals
High reactivity of silicon suboxide clusters
Photoluminescence study of Nd:YAG laser-etched silicon
Features of the charge transfer in nanoporous silicon and silicon oxide with ads
Single-electron charging phenomena in silicon nanopillars with and without silic
Luminescence of oxidized porous silicon: Surface-induced emissions from disorder
Effects of ambient pressure on silicon nanowire growth
Fullerene model of silicon nanofibers
Spectral analyses of the impact of nanotopography of silicon wafers on oxide che
Laser distillation of SiOx, x≈1
Formation and properties of nanometer Er-doped Si-based thin film materials
Near-infrared light emission from single crystal silicon dually implanted with e
Characteristics of electron pump circuits using silicon multiple tunnel junction
Stress in SiNx film embedded with silicon nanocrystals preparing by LPCVD
Solid-liquid-solid (SLS) growth of coaxial nanocables: silicon carbide sheathed
Mechanism of electron-beam writing in passivated gold nanoclusters
SiC nanowires grown on silicon (100) wafer by MPCVD method
Strong in-plane birefringence of spatially nanostructured silicon
Comparative surface studies on wet and dry sacrificial thermal oxidation on sili
Exciton states of silicon nanocrystals studied by magneto-optical spectral hole
TEM and HREM study of 3D silicon and platinum nanoscale assemblies in dielectric
Self-assembled growth of cubic silicon carbide nano-islands on silicon
Si nanowires synthesized from silicon monoxide by laser ablation
Crystalline silicon nanoparticles as carriers for the Extended Red Emission
A novel approach of photoluminescence from erbium-doped silicon-based materials
Highly sensitive recognition element based on birefringent porous silicon layers
Coulomb blockade in silicon nanostructures
Si and SiOx nanostructures formed via thermal evaporation
Single-electron tunneling in highly doped silicon nanowires in a dual-gate confi
Properties of electronic traps at silicon/1-octadecene interfaces
Strong explosive interaction of hydrogenated porous silicon with oxygen at cryog
On the relationship between the optical transmission and photoluminescence chara
Silicon oxide nanolayers for soft X-ray optics produced by plasma enhanced CVD
Single-electron effects in side-gated point contacts fabricated in low-temperatu
Self-assembly of photoluminescent silicon films: Influence of doping on the phys
Molecular-dynamic modelling Sin silicon nanoclusters isomerization and melting p
Effects of the substrate temperature on the growth and properties of hydrogenate
Novel patterning method for the electrochemical production of etched silicon
Electronic and optical characteristics of multilayer nanocrystalline silicon/ads
Crystal size and temperature measurements in nanostructured silicon using Raman
Spectroscopic investigations of porous silicon prepared by laser-induced etching
Nucleation and growth of silicon nitride nanoneedles using microwave plasma heat
High-temperature reliability of advanced ceramics
Field electron emission from silicon nanoprotrusions
Bulk synthesis of silicon nanowires using a low-temperature vapor-liquid-solid m
Ultrafast carrier dynamics in nanocrystalline silicon
Multiscale simulations of silicon nanoindentation
Surface modification of erbium-doped silicon nanocrystals
Ultraclean two-stage aerosol reactor for production of oxide-passivated silicon
Nanometer-scale metal precipitates in multicrystalline silicon solar cells
Morphological control of laser-synthesized silicon nanoparticles
Investigation of capillary forces using atomic force microscopy
Resonant tunneling in partially disordered silicon nanostructures
Low-temperature selective deposition of silicon on silicon nitride by time-modul
Characterizations of simultaneously fabricated silicon and silicon monoxide nano
Characterization of electrical conduction in silicon nanowire by scanning Maxwel
Diameter-controlled synthesis of single-crystal silicon nanowires
The effects of the point-group symmetry in silicon nanostructures on radiative r
Molecular dynamics simulation of the nanometric cutting of silicon
Light-emitting nanostructures formed by intense, ultrafast electronic excitation
Controlled nucleation of silicon nanocrystals on a periodic template
Laser synthesis of uniform silicon single nanodots
Limits on silicon nanoelectronics for terascale integration
Raman microspectroscopy analysis of pressure-induced metallization in scratching
NMR study of the synthesis of alkyl-terminated silicon nanoparticles from the re
Nanocrystalline silicon quantum dots prepared by VHF plasma enhanced chemical va
Mechanical property characterization of boron-doped silicon by Berkovich-type in
Vertical distribution of lattice strain in polycrystalline silicon films grown o
Energy transfer at optical frequencies to silicon-on-insulator structures
Silicon-on-insulator processes for the fabrication of novel nanostructures
Production of ordered silicon nanocrystals by low-energy ion sputtering
Kinetics of exciton photoluminescence in low-dimensional silicon structures
Electroluminescence from silicon nanocrystals in Si/CaF2 superlattices
Nano-oxidation of silicon nitride films with an atomic force microscope: Chemica
Kinetics of luminescence in porous silicon: a fluctuation approach
Overstoichiometric low-energy nitrogen implantations into silicon-formation of g
Experimental investigation of band structure modification in silicon nanocrystal
Fabrication and actuation of customized nanotweezers with a 25 nm gap
Structural and electronic properties of bare and hydrogenated silicon clusters
Explaining the luminescence profile of erbium in silicon under short excitation
Preparation and characterization of sol-gel TiO2 antireflective coatings for sil
Electronic and structural properties of silicon-doped carbon nanotubes
Composite zinc/silicon nanocrystalline thin film: preparation, structures and th
Low temperature growth of polycrystalline silicon films by hot-wire chemical vap
Rapid growth of SiO2 nanofibers on silicon-bearing alloys
Thermoluminescent study of porous silicon
Production of SiC and Si3N4 whiskers in C+SiO2 solid mixtures
Isotopically engineered silicon/silicon-germanium nanostructures as basic elemen
Insights on memory technology and the market
A first step in prediction of the nanoscale structure of porous silicon from pro
Photonic bandgap materials and birefringent layers based on anisotropically nano
Direct patterning of nanostructures by field-induced deposition from a scanning
Spectral photoresponses and transport properties of polymorphous silicon thin fi
Comparison between a sp3d5 tight-binding and an effective-mass description of si
Sintering of nano crystalline a silicon carbide doping with aluminium nitride
The role of chemistry in the synthesis of ceramic materials
Pyrolysis kinetics for the conversion of a polymer into an amorphous silicon oxy
Nonlinear optical properties of silicon nanocrystals grown by plasma-enhanced ch
TTF[Ni(dmit)2]2: now as thin films and nanowires
Adhesive forces investigation on a silicon tip by contact-mode atomic force micr
Fabrication of ordered arrays of silicon nanopillars at selected sites
The effect of cross-coupling in a bidirectional electron pump
Ellipsometry studies on the effect of etching time in porous silicon
Electrical and photoluminescence characteristics of nanocrystalline silicon-oxyg
Symmetry-forbidden Raman scattering from porous silicon quantum dots
Ab initio study of C60-silicon clusters
Residual crystalline silicon phase in silicon-rich-oxide films subjected to high
Thermally assisted formation of silicon islands on a silicon-on-insulator substr
Luminescence from erbium-doped silicon nanocrystals in silica: Excitation mechan
Creating nanoscale patterns of dendrimers on silicon surfaces with dip-pen nanol
Epitaxial growth of germanium dots on Si (001) surface covered by a very thin si
Mechanisms of visible photoluminescence from nanoscale silicon cones
High-resolution contact printing with dendrimers
A suspended membrane nanocalorimeter for ultralow volume bioanalysis
Excess noise peaks in porous silicon-based diode structures
Production of nanostructures of silicon on silicon by atomic self-organization o
The features of photoluminescence from nanograins of gallium-doped cubic silicon
Molecular interaction of ozone with silicon nanocrystallites: a new method to ex
Study of self-limiting oxidation of silicon nanoclusters by atomistic simulation
Thermally induced decomposition of single-wall carbon nanotubes adsorbed on H/Si
Electrical and noise characterization of suspended silicon wires
Silicon nanostructures for photonics
Design and fabrication of colloid-based vertical nanoscale devices
Properties of silicon oversaturated with implanted hydrogen
Growth and optoelectronic properties of polymorphous silicon thin films
X-ray diffuse scattering of p-type porous silicon
Molecular dynamics simulations of impact of energetic silicon clusters onto crys
Nanocrystal metal-oxide-semiconductor memories obtained by chemical vapor deposi
HVEM/AFM observation of hinge-type plastic zones associated with cracks in silic
Fabrication and optical measurements of silicon on insulator photonic nanostruct
Resistless patterning of quantum nanostructures by local anodization with an ato
Silicon nanoneedles grown by a simple thermal treatment using metal-sulfur catal
Improvement of light emission from electroluminescent device using nanocrystalli
Influence of silicon dioxide doping on morphology of silicon nanowires grown by
Effects of hydrogen on Si nanoparticles formed by pulsed laser ablation
Nanostructure silicon memory
Size evolution and photoluminescence of silicon nanocrystallites in evaporated S
Relations between nanopore size in porous silicon, the dissolution valence, and
Electric-field-enhanced growth of carbon nanotubes for scanning probe microscopy
Nanoscale electron beam lithography and etching for fully depleted silicon-on-in
Effect of temperature-rising-rate on the sizes of nanoscale silicon particles fo
Getting high-efficiency photoluminescence from Si nanocrystals in SiO2 matrix
Structural transition in nanosized silicon clusters
Stress as a governing parameter to control the crystallization of amorphous sili
Sample refinement and manipulation of silicon nanowires a step towards single wi
Adhesion of neural cells on silicon wafer with nano-topographic surface
Variation of Raman feature on excitation wavelength in silicon nanowires
Cluster assembled metal encapsulated thin nanotubes of silicon
Study on electrical transport mechanism of doped nc-Si:H film
Generation of ballistic electrons in nanocrystalline porous silicon layers and i
Ultraviolet photoluminescence from 4H-SiC nanocrystalline films deposited on sil
Growth of silicon nanowires by heating Si substrate
Nanostructured silicon for studying fundamental aspects of nanomechanics
Characteristics of silicon oxide clusters and their roles in silicon nanowire gr
Silicon nanotubes: Why not?
Doping of nanocrystalline four hexagonal silicon carbide films
Depletion region analysis of silicon substrate using finite element methods
Resonant electronic energy transfer from excitons confined in silicon nanocrysta
Transient photovoltage and dielectric relaxation time in porous silicon
A novel method to achieve 1.54 μm light emission from silica thin films
Electron-phonon interaction in suspended highly doped silicon nanowires
Electronic and geometric structure of thin stable short silicon nanowires
Fabrication of wire-MOSFETs on silicon-on-insulator substrate
Size-dependent oxidation of hydrogenated silicon clusters
Efficient light emission from crystalline and amorphous silicon nanostructures
Effects of thinning SiO2 films on light emission properties of silicon nanoquant
Structure characteristics of phosphorus-doped hydrogenated nano-crystalline sili
Size-controlled highly luminescent silicon nanocrystals: A SiO/SiO2 superlattice
Computational designing of graphitic silicon carbide and its tubular forms
Phonon heat transport in silicon nanowires
Preparation of aluminum nitride-silicon carbide nanocomposite powder by the nitr
Single-electron effects in highly doped polysilicon nanowires [single-electron t
Electrodeposition of Fe-Co alloys into nanoporous p-type silicon: Influence of t
AFM surface imaging of thermally oxidized hydrogenated crystalline silicon
Size control of the nanoscale silicon particles formed in thermally annealed a-S
Biochemical synthesis in microstructured silicon wafer
Comparative investigation of photoluminescence of silicon wire structures and si
Pressure-induced structural transformations in a medium-sized silicon nanocrysta
Influence of structural inhomogeneity on the luminescence properties of silicon
Photoluminescent and electronic properties of nanocrystalline silicon doped with
Ballistic transport and photoluminescence in silicon nanocrystallites
Scanning tunnelling microscope fabrication of arrays of phosphorus atom qubits f
Structural and cathodoluminescence study of mechanically milled silicon
Microstructural changes and optical properties of laser annealed bismuth-implant
Dielectric relaxation and transport in porous silicon
Determination of nanometer-scale sizes in n+-type porous silicon by the use of X
Tailoring the optical properties of silicon nanowire arrays through strain
Radiative thermal emission from silicon nanoparticles: a reversed story from qua
Photoluminescent films of nanocrystalline silicon doped with metals
Spherical quantum dot with added parabolic confinement as a nanoscale tunable ra
Spatially resolved photoconductive properties of profiled polycrystalline silico
Forming silicon carbon nitride crystals and silicon carbon nitride nanotubes by
Development of micromachined hollow tips for protein analysis based on nanoelect
Nanometer scale protuberance and groove processing of silicon by mechano-chemica
Silicon nanostructures fabricated by scanning probe oxidation and tetra-methyl a
Pyramid-shaped silicon photodetector with subwavelength aperture [for NSOM]
Theoretical study of electronic structure of silicon nanocrystals
Effect of oxygen penetration in silicon due to nano-indentation
Scanning microscopic four-point conductivity probes
Low temperature growth and structural characterization of nanocrystalline silico
Deposition of SiC coatings by spraying a powder accelerated electrodynamically i
The dynamics of annealing of ion-amorphized silicon by nanosecond pulses of exci
The amazing vanishing transistor act
Influence of iron-silicon interaction on the growth of carbon nanotubes produced
Epitaxial core-shell and core-multishell nanowire heterostructures
Passivation effects of silicon nanoclusters
Beyond the conventional transistor
Three-dimensional self-consistent simulation of the charging time response in si
Ten nanometer surface intrusions in room-temperature silicon
Fabrication of flexible polymer tubes for micro and nanofluidic applications
Determining protein size using an electrochemically machined pore gradient in si
Microfabricated plastic devices from silicon using soft intermediates
Thermal desorption effects in chemical vapor deposition of silicon nanoparticles
Single-crystal Si formed on amorphous substrate at low temperature by nanopatter
An electronics division retrospective (1952-2002) and future opportunities in th
Surface microstructuring and long-range ordering of silicon nanoparticles
Single asperity tribochemical wear of silicon nitride studied by atomic force mi
Comparison of wear characteristics of etched-silicon and carbon nanotube atomic-
Photocarrier drift-mobility measurements and electron localization in nanoporous
Patterning of nanometer-scale silicide structures on silicon by direct writing f
Characterization of vapor deposited thin silane films on silicon substrates for
Ultrafast and direct imprint of nanostructures in silicon
Self-assembly of spatially separated silicon structures by Si heteroepitaxy on N
Nanostressors and the nanomechanical response of a thin silicon film on an insul
Stress-induced and electromigration voiding in aluminum interconnects passivated
Polarized light scattering by dielectric and metallic spheres on silicon wafers
Cracking assisted nucleation in chemical vapor deposition of silicon nanoparticl
Time-resolved spectroscopic studies of the photoluminescence of nanoporous silic
Self-assembled fabrication of aluminum-silicon nanowire networks
Nanomechanical resonant structures in silicon nitride: fabrication, operation an
Size tunable visible luminescence from individual organic monolayer stabilized s
Temperature dependence of the quality of silicon nanowires produced over a titan
Growth of single crystal silicon nanowires in supercritical silicon solution fro
Elastic instability of nanomechanical beams
Chemomechanical surface patterning and functionalization of silicon surfaces usi
Superhard silicon nanospheres
Si nanocolumns as novel nanostructured supports for enzyme immobilization
Photoionization of individual CdSe/CdS core/shell nanocrystals on silicon with 2
Nanoindentation of silicon nitride: a multimillion-atom molecular dynamics study
Nanostructured Si/TiB2 composite anodes for Li-ion batteries
Microstructure and microchemistry of silicon particles formed during electrical-
Extremely scaled silicon nano-CMOS devices
Thin-film transistors on plastic and glass substrates using silicon deposited by
Fabrication of cobalt silicide nanowire contacts to silicon nanowires
Local synthesis of silicon nanowires and carbon nanotubes on microbridges
Stimulated emission in nanocrystalline silicon superlattices
Measuring thermal and thermoelectric properties of one-dimensional nanostructure
Effect of nanoscale surface roughness on the bonding energy of direct-bonded sil
Synthesis of highly oriented, single-crystal silicon nanoparticles in a low-pres
Sculpting of three-dimensional nano-optical structures in silicon
Laterally deformable nanomechanical zeroth-order gratings: anomalous diffraction
Amorphous germanium recombination junctions in amorphous-silicon-based tandem so
Design of a nanoscale silicon laser
Solution synthesis of alkyl- and alkyl/alkoxy-capped silicon nanoparticles via o
Structural stability and optical properties of nanomaterials with reconstructed
A method for selective deposition of copper nanoparticles on silicon surfaces
Films of silicon nanoparticles grown by gas aggregation
Fabrication of sub-10-nm silicon nanowire arrays by size reduction lithography
High aspect ratio etching of atomic force microscope-patterned nitrided silicon
Nonlithographic approach to nanostructure fabrication using a scanned electrospi
Formation of porous silicon through the nanosized pores of an anodized alumina t
Optical spectroscopy of silicon nanowires
Integrated nanoscale silicon sensors using top-down fabrication
Spectroscopy of individual silicon nanowires
High-pressure phase transformation of silicon nitride
Highly reversible lithium storage in nanostructured silicon
Nanolithography using the scanning tunneling microscope
Microfabrication of silicon-based nanoporous particulates for medical applicatio
Micron diamond composites with nanocrystalline silicon carbide bonding
Beyond the silicon transistor: personal observations
Multimillion atom molecular dynamics simulations of nanostructures on parallel c
High performance silicon nanowire field effect transistors
Silicon dioxide thin film removal using high-power nanosecond lasers
High-resolution transmission electron microscopy study of metastable silicon pha
Hybrid silicon nanocrystal silicon nitride dynamic random access memory
Nanoscale silicon MOSFETs: A theoretical study
Fabrication of large area subwavelength antireflection structures on Si using tr
Electrical characterization of redox-active molecular monolayers on SiO2 for mem
Fabrication and characterization of silicon nanocrystals by thermal oxidation of
The creep behavior of Si3N4/SiC nanocomposites
Exciton dispersion in silicon nanostructures formed by intense, ultra-fast elect
Surface nanostructuring of silicon
Marangoni effect in nanosphere-enhanced laser nanopatterning of silicon
Silicon nitride-silicon carbide nanocomposites fabricated by electric-field-assi
FIB processing of silicon in the nanoscale regime
Low-temperature hydrophobic silicon wafer bonding
Youngs modulus measurements of silicon nanostructures using a scanning probe sys
Photoresist deposition without spinning
High-resolution transmission electron microscopy study of the microstructural de
Hydrocarbon dispersion of nanospherical silica by a sol-gel process. 2. Alkoxysi
Strained silicon and germanium on insulator partners
Effect of high temperature annealing on the charge trapping characteristics of s
Fabrication of solid-state nanopores with single-nanometre precision
Effects of natural and electrochemical oxidation processes on acoustic waves in
Paramagnetic defects in silicon structures with nanocrystallites
Microstructures of phases in indented silicon: a high resolution characterizatio
Active planar optical waveguide made from luminescent silicon nanocrystals
Progress in silicon-based quantum computing
Photoluminescence and Raman study of iron-passivated porous silicon
First principles calculations of the absorption spectrum of Si29H36
Numerical study of anharmonic vibrational decay in amorphous and paracrystalline
A novel approach towards silicon nanotechnology
Nonlinear phenomenon in nanocrystallites produced by laser-induced etching of si
Effects of silicon tetrachloride concentration on nanocrystalline silicon films
Hybrid silicon-organic nanoparticle memory device
Influence of a high electric field on the photoluminescence from silicon nanocry
Microstructure fabrication in ball semiconductor by anisotropic etching
A mechanics prediction of the behaviour of mono-crystalline silicon under nano-i
Phase transformations initiated in thin layers of amorphous silicon by nanosecon
Controlled growth of silicon carbide nanorods by rapid thermal process and their
Current-induced structural modification of silicon-on-insulator nanocircuits
Nanostructural properties of amorphous silicon carbide by GISAXS and optical spe
Silicon solar cells with Si/SiOx nanocomposite optimized antireflective coatings
Swift heavy ion induced growth of nanocrystalline silicon in silicon oxide
Study of waveguiding properties and optical gain in a luminescent layer of silic
Vacuum evaporated porous silicon photonic interference filters
Band-gap dependence of field emission from one-dimensional nanostructures grown
Spectra of photoluminescence from silicon nanocrystals
Mechanical properties of sputtered silicon nitride thin films
Visible photoluminescence from nanostructured Si-based layers produced by air op
Modeling the adsorption of norbornadiene on the Si(001) surface: the predominanc
Pillar-lattice-assisted stress-free silicon-on-insulator
Ballistic regime and photoluminescence excitation in Si wires and dots
SiC-capped nanotip arrays for field emission with ultralow turn-on field
Photoluminescence from silicon nano-particles synthesized by pulsed laser ablati
Fantastic plastic [silicone microfluidics]
New mechanism of charge carriers localization in silicon nanowires
Fabrication of size-tunable large-area periodic silicon nanopillar arrays with s
Self-organization of silicon nanocone array induced by pulsed CO2 laser irradiat
Ballistic effect and photoluminescence excitation in porous silicon
Surface passivation of crystalline silicon by Cat-CVD amorphous and nanocrystall
Structural properties of porous media
Carrier generation and dynamics in porous silicon
Modeling of optical charging spectroscopy investigation of trapping phenomena in
SiCs power cuts cost
Low-temperature thin-film silicon MEMS
Short-term high temperature deformation and recovery in Si3N4-based materials
Morphology and microstructure at different scales of porous silicon prepared by
Photoluminescence of silicon oxide films enriched by Si or Ge
Critical issues in the formation of atomic arrays of phosphorus in silicon for t
Characteristics of confined exciton states in silicon quantum wires
Nature of visible luminescence and its excitation in Si-SiOx systems
Coupled confinement effect on the photoluminescence and electrical transport in
Electronic states and optical properties of silicon nanocrystals
Single electron charging in Si nanocrystals embedded in silicon-rich oxide
Effect of metal vapor vacuum arc Cr-implanted interlayers on the microstructure
Energy saving silicon carbide power devices
Tight-binding molecular dynamics simulation of Si-H bond dissociation in silicon
Avalanche multiplication of charge carriers in nanostructured porous silicon
Structure and energetics of single-walled armchair and zigzag silicon nanotubes
Electrochemical route for the fabrication of alkanethiolate-capped gold nanopart
Laser-controlled photoluminescence characteristics of silicon nanocrystallites p
Room temperature two-terminal characteristics in silicon nanowires
Charging effects in silicon nanocrystals within SiO2 layers, fabricated by chemi
Experimental study and modeling of reverse-bias dark currents in PIN structures
Time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry study of silicon nanoclusters emb
Magnetooptical study of granular silicon oxide films with embedded CoNbTa ferrom
Positron annihilation and infrared spectroscopy studies of porous silicon
Influence of the oxidation temperature on the fabrication process of silicon dio
Tunnel barrier formation in silicon nanowires
Peculiarities of the current-voltage characteristics of oxidized porous silicon
Structural properties and recombination processes in hydrogenated polymorphous s
Anisotropy of optical absorption in birefringent porous silicon
Spherical silicon nanoparticles formed in aluminum melt
Nanocrystalline silicon films formed under the impact of pulsed excimer laser ra
A two steps CVD process for the growth of silicon nanocrystals
The transition from 2D to 3D nanoclusters of silicon carbide on silicon
On mechanical properties of nanostructured meso-porous silicon
On the nanoscale measurement of friction using atomic-force microscope cantileve
Ellipsometric study of silicon nanocrystal optical constants
Preparation of silicon nanoaggregates by thermal activated reaction
Photoluminescence studies from silicon nanocrystals embedded in spin on glass th
Photovoltage in free-standing mesoporous silicon layers
Porous silicon in NO2: a chemisorption mechanism for enhanced electrical conduct
Lithography-free fabrication of sub-100 nm structures by self-aligned plasma etc
Resonant radiationless excitation transfer in pores of porous silicon
Dielectric function of nanocrystalline silicon with few nanometers (3 nm) grain
Electron-beam irradiation of porous silicon: application to micromachining
Optimization of plasma parameters for the production of silicon nano-crystals
Nanocrystal-size-sensitive third-harmonic generation in nanostructured silicon
Erbium-thulium interaction in broadband infrared luminescent silicon-rich silico
Study of electroluminescence in porous silicon for sensing applications
Nanostructuring of silicon by electron-beam lithography of self-assembled hydrox
Fabrication and transport characterization of a primary thermometer formed by Co
Plasmachemical etching of wave-ordered structure formed on amorphous silicon sur
Synthesis of silicon nitride nanowires directly from the silicon substrates
Modelling the formation of nano-sized SiC on Si
Microcrystalline silicon thin-films grown by plasma enhanced chemical vapour dep
Analysis and optimization of the performance of polymorphous silicon solar cells
Formation of cubic silicon carbide layers on silicon under the action of continu
Simulation of electron channelling patterns for in situ polytype analysis of sil
Raman spectroscopy of silicon nanowires
Thin film sputtered silicon for silicon wafer bonding applications
Nano-structuring of silicon and porous silicon by photo-etching using near field
Molecular rectifying diodes from self-assembly on silicon
Enhanced photoluminescence and structural properties of porous silicon formed in
Fine tuning of the dichroic behavior of Bragg reflectors based on anisotropicall
Silicon-on-insulator nanotransistors: prospects and problems of fabrication
Electroless nickel plating on silicon carbide nanoparticles
Preferred growth of nanosized crystal silicon in doped hydrogenated nanocrystall
Room-temperature electroluminescence from H-plasma-implanted silicon
Blue emission from silicon-based β-SiC films
Silicon nanowires as chemical sensors
Conductive-mode atomic force microscopy study of amorphous silicon nitride thin
Fabrication of silicon nanostructured films by deposition of size-selected nanop
Photoluminescence mechanism model for oxidized porous silicon and nanoscale-sili
IC strides towards the new technology of 90 nm
Effect of pressure on melting temperature of silicon
Optical absorption of nanometer-sized band-edge-modulated amorphous silicon-nitr
Formation mechanism of nanocatalysts for the growth of silicon nanowires on a hy
Nanocrystalline silicon films prepared by laser-induced crystallization
Effects of substrates on silicon oxide nanowires growth by thermal chemical vapo
A simple large-scale synthesis of coaxial nanocables: silicon carbide sheathed w
Why silicon nanotubes stably exist in armchair structure?
Electron emission from porous silicon planar emitters
Fabrication and characterization of Mn-doped zinc silicate films on silicon wafe
Atom lithography with laser-cooled silicon atoms
Quantum confinement energy in nanocrystalline silicon dots from high-frequency c
Dynamical brittle fractures of nanocrystalline silicon using large-scale electro
The I-V characteristics of nano-silicon/crystal silicon hetero-junction
Atomic level analysis of carbon and silicon by a scanning atom probe
High-density uniformly aligned silicon nanotip arrays and their enhanced field e
Novel nanostructures: hole-patterned nanowires and nanotubes of silicon oxide
Study on Er3+ emission from the erbium-doped hydrogenated amorphous silicon subo
Investigation of mechanical property of LPCVD silicon nitride film with micromac
Nano silicon carbide films prepared by helicon wave plasma chemical vapor deposi
Effect of gas pressure on reactive pulsed laser ablation of a silicon target
Micro-wear resistance of ultrathin silicon oxide film-covered polymer substrate
Preparation and field-emission property of nanoscale silicon on different substr
Application of nanocrystalline silicon and ballistic emitter to flat panel displ
Photoluminescence behaviors from stoichiometric gadolinium oxide films
Size selective filtration of silicon nano-structures using AFI AlPO4-5 zeolite p
Raman depth profile research of laser crystallized a:Si film
Etching of porous silicon in basic solution
Patterned carbon nanotube films formed by surface decomposition of SiC wafers
Quantum transport simulation of ultrathin and ultrashort silicon-on-insulator me
Investigation of mesoporous and microporous nanocrystalline silicon-doped titani
Tight binding molecular dynamics simulations: Si10 cluster in collision with a s
Amorphous silicon nanoparticles in compound films grown on cold substrates for h
Photon confinement in one-dimensional photonic quantum-well structures of nanopo
Study on variable capacitance diode of (p)nc-Si:H/(n)c-Si heterojunction
Infusing metal into self-organized semiconductor nanostructures
Investigation of stable high-index silicon surfaces by means of LEED pattern ana
Stabilization of porous silicon electroluminescence by surface passivation with
A way to obtain visible blue light emission in porous silicon
Simultaneous gold deposition and formation of silicon nanowire arrays
Research on the dielectric properties of radome material made with nanometer sil
Role of electric field on formation of silicon nanowires
Dendrite-assisted growth of silicon nanowires in electroless metal deposition
Tensile strength of aluminium nitride films
Synthesis of β-SiC nanowhiskers by high temperature evaporation of solid re
Amorphous silicon exhibits a glass transition
Silicon monoxide clusters: the favorable precursors for forming silicon nanostru
The influence of tip performance on scanning probe lithography
Property of the blue-green photoluminescence of porous Si embedded C102
Photoluminescence of Er-doped silicon-rich SiO2 prepared by ion implantation
Photoluminescence of SiC film formed by magnetron sputtering
Development of research on doped silicon nanowire
Electrodeposition of nanoscale silicon in a room temperature ionic liquid
Response to Comment on Gold nanowires from silicon nanowire templates [Appl. Ph
Electrochemical micromachining of p-type silicon
Measurement and Analysis of AFM-based nano-indentation on micro-machined silicon
Tribological behavior of Ti-Si-N coatings prepared by magnetron sputtering react
Field emission of vertically-aligned carbon nanotube arrays grown on porous sili
Analysis of silicon nanowires grown by combining SiO evaporation with the VLS me
Study on the relationship between nano-silicon microstructure and the reactive g
Photoinduced processes in silicon nanoparticles
Electron-beam lithography with aromatic self-assembled monolayers on silicon sur
Photoluminescent properties of Si clusters embedded in silicon nitride films
Nascent phase of porous silicon
Electron holography on silicon microstructures and its comparison to other micro
Silicon nanorings and nanotubes: a full-potential linear-muffin-tin-orbital mole
Optical emission from C60-molecule-coupled Si nanocrystallites
Efficient field emission from electrochemically fabricated silicon nanocrystalli
Photoluminescence characterization of silicon nanoparticles hybridized europium
Thermal quenching behavior of Er-doped silicon-rich SiO2 prepared by ion implant
Sulfide-assisted growth of silicon nano-wires by thermal evaporation of sulfur p
Field emission from carbon nanotube arrays fabricated by pyrolysis of iron phtha
Nanocrystalline silicon thin films prepared by RF sputtering at low temperature
Effect of purifier on silicon thin films with different structures deposited by
Micro cantilever probe array integrated with piezoresistive sensor
Pulse laser crystallization of silicon carbon thin films
Formation of carbon nanotubes in silicon-coated alumina nanoreactor
Structure and simulation of hydrogenated nanocrystalline silicon
Field emission from silicon nanocrystallite films with compact alignment and uni
Optical packaging: silicon housings change manufacture of optical transceiver su
Anomalous temperature dependence of photoluminescence from stoichiometric Gd2O3-
Boron-doped silicon nanowires grown by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Tiny silicon nano-wires synthesis on silicon wafers
Optical emission from silicon-based SiO2 islands fabricated by anodic alumina te
Silicon nano-wires fabricated by thermal evaporation of silicon wafer
Raman spectrum of array-ordered crystalline silicon nanowires
High rate deposition and in situ doping of silicon films for solar cells on glas
Influence of crystal defects on the piezoresistive properties of 3C-SiC
Structure and infrared emissivity of silicon-containing polyimide/BaTiO3 nanocom
Self-assembled growth and optical emission of silver-capped silicon nanowires
Fabrication and field emission of silicon nano-crystalline film
The formation of high-density uniform silicon nanocrystals on insulator substrat
Poly(methyl methacrylate) nanobrushes on silicon based on localized surface-init
A simple route to nanocrystalline silicon carbide
Temperature profile and pressure effect on the growth of silicon nanowires
Comparison of nanometric cutting processes for monocrystalline silicon and alumi
Preparation of silicon dioxide/polyurethane nanocomposites by a sol-gel process
Observation of low-dimensional state tunneling in nanocrystalline silicon/crysta
Paramagnetic defects of silicon nanowires
Formation of Si-based nano-island array on porous anodic alumina
Effects of heat treatment on luminescence of Er-doped silicon-rich SiO2 prepared
Nanometer silicon thin films prepared by HF sputtering at low temperature
Effect of annealing temperature to blue emission of epitaxial silicon with C+ im
Silicon nanowires fabricated by thermal evaporation of silicon monoxide
Synthesis of high purity silicon nanoparticles in a low pressure microwave react
Silicon nano-wires fabricated by a novel thermal evaporation of zinc sulfide
Growth and modulation of silicon carbide nanowires
New trend in silicon MEMS
Development of silicon containing resists for sub-100nm lithography
Stabilisation of tetragonal zirconia in oxidised Zr-Si-N nanocomposite coatings
Fabrication of silicon nanowire structures based on proximity effects of electro
Preparation of luminescent Si-particles chemically modified by pulsed laser abla
Enhanced luminescence from electron-hole droplets in silicon nanolayers
1-octadecene monolayers on Si(111) hydrogen-terminated surfaces: effect of subst
Beyond the silicon roadmap [silicon laser cooling]
Plasma wave detection of sub-terahertz and terahertz radiation by silicon field-
Resonant Raman scattering of a single layer of Si nanocrystals on a silicon subs
Correlation between nanostructure and electron emission characteristics of a bal
Nanomechanical structure with integrated carbon nanotube
A study of nanoscratch experiments of the silicon and borosilicate in air
Nanoscale morphology dependent hydrogen coverage of meso-porous silicon
Twist of hypothetical silicon nanotubes
Structural changes in nanocrystalline silicon deposited by rf-magnetron sputteri
Synthesis of microcrystalline silicon at room temperature using ICP
State of small amount of elements in silicon nitride fabricated by post-sinterin
A novel comb-type differential pressure sensor with silicon beams embedded in a
Measurements of minute lattice distortions in silicon crystals by X-ray double-c
Single electron effects and structural effects in ultrascaled silicon nanocrysta
A 7-nm nanocolumn structure fabricated by using a ferritin iron-core mask and lo
Thermal treatments and gas adsorption influences on nanomechanics of ultra-thin
Structure and hydrogen bonding in plasma deposited polymorphous silicon thin fil
Oxidation mechanism of Mo5Si3 particle in Si3N4 matrix composite at 750°C
Preparation of silicon carbide nanofibers by use of polymer blend technique
A dual-gate-controlled single-electron transistor using self-aligned polysilicon
In situ measurement of the diameter of nanopores in silicon during anodization i
Fine spectroscopy of neutral silicon atoms
Nanoindentation: hardness and phase transition in silicon
Roles of interfaces in nanostructured silicon luminescence
Optogalvanic spectroscopy of silicon atoms
Propagation in erbium and silicon codoped silica slab waveguides: analysis of ga
New approaches for the production of nano-, micro-, and polycrystalline silicon
Single-shot creation of nanometer-sized silicon tadpoles by ultrahigh-intensity
CAD for nanometer silicon design challenges and success
The effects of chemical etching of porous silicon on Raman spectra
Nanopatterning of Si substrate using nanospheres as a mask for localized anodiza
Toward long-term retention-time single-electron-memory devices based on nitrided
Ex situ prepared Si nanocrystals embedded in silica glass: formation and charact
Investigation and analysis of the PL characteristics of porous silicon at low te
The thermo-optic effect of Si nanocrystals in silicon-rich silicon oxide thin fi
Electron backscattered diffraction study of poly-Si by Ni-mediated crystallizati
Key role of nanocrystalline feature in porous polycrystalline silicon diodes for
High performance electroluminescence from nanocrystalline silicon with carbon bu
Optical properties of silicon nanoparticles by ultrasound-induced solution metho
Nanotopography impact in shallow-trench isolation chemical mechanical polishing
Spectral and spatial narrowing of the emission of silicon nanocrystals in a micr
Hydrogen behavior in SiO2 with high density of defects and locally concentrated
Engineering infrared emission properties of silicon in the near field and the fa
Porous silicon formation under constant anodization conditions: homogeneous regi
Study of the chemical and structural organization of SIPOS films at the nanomete
Nanosilicon memories with ultra-thin silicon dioxides: electrical measurements
Brittle-ductile transition in monocrystalline silicon analysed by molecular dyna
Structural and optical features of nanoporous silicon prepared by electrochemica
Characterization of silicon oxide nanowires directly grown from NiO/Si
Characterization of high temperature oxidation properties of silicon carbide nan
Fabrication of lotus-type porous silicon by unidirectional solidification in hyd
Intense blue-white luminescence from carbon-doped silicon-rich silicon oxide
Effectiveness of optical diagnostics in unraveling the silicon-thin-film crystal
Strong and stable red photoluminescence from porous silicon prepared by Fe-conta
Synthesis and photoluminescence of amorphous silicon nitride/silica coaxial nano
Two-dimensional simulation of pattern-dependent oxidation of silicon nanostructu
Self-assembled hexagonal Au particle networks on silicon from Au nanoparticle so
Performance and reliability features of advanced nonvolatile memories based on d
Ultrasound emission characteristics of a thermally induced sound emitter employi
The physics and technological aspects of the transition from amorphous to microc
Evolution of surface topography of as-grown Si films near amorphous-to-polycryst
Mechanical properties of polycrystalline AlN
New experimental observations of single electron trapping properties of Si nanoc
Microcavity-like leaky mode emission from a planar optical waveguide made of lum
Determination of structure parameters of porous silicon by the photoelectric met
Microcantilever equipped with nanowire template electrodes for multiprobe measur
Transport in tunneling recombination junctions: a combined computer simulation s
Field emission properties of self-assembled silicon nanostructures on nand p-typ
Improved three-dimensional optical model for thin-film silicon solar cells
Silicon nano-asperities: morphological evolution and electrical properties of do
Characterization of porous poly-silicon as a gas sensor
Radiative versus nonradiative decay processes in silicon nanocrystals probed by
Bistable nanoelectromechanical devices
Observation of capacitance-voltage oscillations in porous silicon
Investigations on hardness of rf sputter deposited SiCN thin films
Infrared absorption by sulfur-doped silicon formed by femtosecond laser irradiat
Quantum confinement contribution to porous silicon photoluminescence spectra
Silicon enhanced carbon nanotube growth on nickel films by chemical vapor deposi
Diameter control of Ti-catalyzed silicon nanowires
A printable form of silicon for high performance thin film transistors on plasti
Size-dependent oxygen-related electronic states in silicon nanocrystals
Interfacing biological macromolecules with carbon nanotubes and silicon surfaces
Generation of nano-sized free standing single crystal silicon particles
Controlled growth and structures of molecular-scale silicon nanowires
Molecular dynamics study of particle-particle collisions between hydrogen-passiv
The development of nanocrystalline silicon for emerging microelectronic and nano
Single-mode guiding properties of subwavelength-diameter silica and silicon wire
A re-examination of two-step lateral stress history in silicon carbide
Acid loaded porous silicon as a proton exchange membrane for micro-fuel cells
A three-dimensional quantum simulation of silicon nanowire transistors with the
Nonvolatile silicon memory at the nanoscale
Surface topography and nanomechanical/tribological behaviour of ultrathin nitrid
Endohedral silicon nanotubes as thinnest silicide wires
Nanostructured surface modification of ceramic-based microelectrodes to enhance
Fabrication of free-standing nanoscale alumina membranes with controllable pore
Simulation of hydrogen evolution from nano-crystalline silicon
Control on the formation of Si nanodots fabricated by thermal annealing/oxidatio
Electrical detection of the spin resonance of a single electron in a silicon fie
Comparison of structure and properties of femtosecond and nanosecond laser-struc
Transfer of single crystalline silicon nanolayer onto alien substrate
Strength of silicon containing nanoscale flaws
Laser-pulse microstructuring of a silicon surface
A 90-nm logic technology featuring strained-silicon
Multiscale modeling of polycrystalline silicon
Metal-like electrical conductivity in ceramic nano-composite
Stress hysteresis and mechanical properties of plasma-enhanced chemical vapor de
Multiwalled carbon nanotube AFM probes for surface characterization of micro/nan
Silicon oxide colloidal/polymer nanocomposite films
Non-contact removal of 60-nm latex particles from silicon wafers with laser-indu
Theoretical analysis of the effect of static charges in silicon-based dielectric
Improved fill factors in amorphous silicon solar cells on zinc oxide by insertio
Stepped silicon surfaces as templates for one-dimensional nanostructures
An all-silicon Raman laser
Nanocavity in a silicon waveguide for ultrasensitive nanoparticle detection
A nanoscale memory and transistor using backside trapping
Nanochannel arrays on silicon platforms by electrochemistry
Alumina nanotemplate fabrication on silicon substrate
Investigation of nanoporous thin-film alumina templates
Nanocrystal formation in annealed a-SiO0.17N0.07:H films
Solution synthesis of ultrastable luminescent siloxane-coated silicon nanopartic
The pulse thermal processing of nanocrystalline silicon thin-films
Cross-sectional AFM study of etching kinetics of oxidized porous silicon
Elastic constants of defected and amorphous silicon with the environment-depende
Novel silicon-carbon fullerene-like cages: a class of sp3-sp2 covalent-ionic hyb
Monodisperse nanoparticles via metal induced crystallization
Probing structural transitions of nanosize silicon clusters via anion photoelect
Structural influence of erbium centers on silicon nanocrystal phase transitions
Synthesis of silicon nanowires and novel nano-dendrite structures
Nanocrystal research targets optoelectronic components
Phonon-boundary scattering in ultrathin single-crystal silicon layers
Carrier tunneling in nanocrystalline silicon-silicon dioxide superlattices: a we
Silicon device scaling to the sub-10-nm regime
Controllable excimer-laser fabrication of conical nano-tips on silicon thin film
Influence of pressure and ion bombardment on the growth and properties of nanocr
Single-crystal metallic nanowires and metal/semiconductor nanowire heterostructu
Ultrahigh-density silicon nanobridges formed between two vertical silicon surfac
Attogram detection using nanoelectromechanical oscillators
Electroluminescence from silicon nanowires
Nanoscale thin single-crystal silicon and its application to electronics
Direct synthesis of single-crystalline silicon nanowires using molten gallium an
Temperature response of silicon MEMS cantilevers during and after Nd:YAG laser i
Back-gated MOSFETs with controlled silicon thickness for adaptive threshold-volt
Packaging for nanometer-scale silicon technology
Poly(ethylene glycol) interfaces: an approach for enhanced performance of microf
Direct ultrasensitive electrical detection of DNA and DNA sequence variations us
Water-soluble poly(acrylic acid) grafted luminescent silicon nanoparticles and t
New hetero silicon-carbon nanostructure formation mechanism
High-quality grinding of polycrystalline silicon carbide spherical surfaces
Selective growth of diamond and carbon nanostructures by hot filament chemical v
Preparation of nano α-silicon carbide crystalline particles by attrition g
Laser-etched silicon pillars and their porosification
Fabrication and characterization of a trilayer germanium nanocrystal memory devi
A tight-binding study of LUMO states in ellipsoidal silicon nanocrystals
Atomistic structure of monocrystalline silicon in surface nano-modification
Development of silicon nitride dots for nanocrystal memory cells
Amorphous structures induced in monocrystalline silicon by mechanical loading
Nanocrystalline silicon as a photovoltaic material
Porous silicon:a natural nano structure for sensing and photonic applications
Carrier and mobility profiling of ultra-shallow junctions in Sb implanted silico
Epitaxial III-V nanowires on silicon
Polarized optical gain and polarization-narrowing of heavily oxidized porous sil
The origin of photoluminescence from oxygen precipitates nucleated at low temper
Electron transport in W-containing amorphous carbon-silicon diamond-like nanocom
Dependence of photoluminescence efficiency on size in silicon nanostructures: ph
Rigid amorphous silicon network from hydrogenated and fluorinated precursors in
Electroluminescence of single silicon nanocrystals
Research of chain plasmochemical synthesis of superdispersed silicon dioxide by
High-resolution transmission electron microscopic analysis of porous silicon/sil
Improvement of anodic bond quality with the assistance of sputtered amorphous fi
High surface area silicon carbide whiskers and nanotubes nanocast using mesoporo
A new constitutive model for the phase transformations in mono-crystalline silic
Ab initio structural and electronic properties of hydrogenated silicon nanoclust
Effects of metallic contacts on silicon nanostructures studied quantum mechanica
Exclusion zone surrounding silicon nanoclusters formed by rapid thermal chemical
Detection and characterization of silicon nanocrystals embedded in thin oxide la
Laser induced crystallization of hydrogenated amorphous silicon-carbon alloys
Silicon germanium nanostructures: electronic parameters and optical characterist
Crystallization behavior of novel silicon boron oxycarbide glasses
Effect of material structure on photoluminescence spectra from silicon nanocryst
Formation and alignment of silicon nanoparticles on DNA template
Chainlike silicon nanowires: morphology, electronic structure and luminescence s
Nanopores in macroporous silicon
Zinc oxide nanowires and nanorods fabricated by vapour-phase transport at low te
The effect of annealing environment on the luminescence of silicon nanocrystals
Field emission from carbon nanotubes grown on silicon substrates
Density profiles and electrical properties of thermally grown oxide nanofilms on
Coherent states in a coupled quantum dot nanocrystalline silicon transistor
Investigation of growth mechanisms of clusters in a silane discharge with the us
The effects of metallic contacts on silicon nanostructures studied quantum mecha
Self-assembly of micro- and nanoparticles on internal micromachined silicon surf
Band-gap expansion, core-level shift, and dielectric suppression of porous silic
Size and shape controlled growth of molecular nanostructures on silicon oxide te
Porous silicon layer transfer processes for solar cells
Birefringence in optical waveguides made by silicon nanocrystal superlattices
The interface model of photoluminescence of carbonized porous silicon
Scaling capability improvement of silicon-on-void (SOV) MOSFET
Preparation and characterization of carbon coated silicon nanoparticle as anode
Wear-resistance comparison of carbon nanotubes and conventional silicon-probes f
Preparation process of silicon nanowires for application in nanodevices
Atomic scale deformation in the solid surface induced by nanoparticle impacts
Influence of pulse repetition rate on morphology of nanocrystalline silicon film
NIP a-Si:H solar cells on stainless steel with p-type nc-Si:H window layer
Single-crystalline alpha silicon-nitride nanowires: Large-scale synthesis, chara
Growth mechanism of polycrystalline silicon films from hydrogen-diluted SiCl4 at
Preparation and charge storage characteristics of silicon nanoparticles
Microstructural modification of nc-Si/SiOx films during plasma-enhanced chemical
Defocusing detection of geometric sizes in micro-machining
ZnSe-Si bi-coaxial nanowire heterostructures
Gel casting and properties of porous silicon carbide/silicon nitride composite c
Analysis of the porosity of porous silicon thin layers by positron annihilation
Nanocrystalline silicon thin films deposited by high-frequency sputtering at low
Field emission properties of carbon nanotubes grown on silicon nanowire arrays
Photoluminescence properties of rare-earth doped Si-based films
Photoluminescence thermal quenching behaviors of Er-doped SiOx (x2) prepared by
The influence of hydrogen on the growth of gallium catalyzed silicon oxide nanow
Synthesis, characterization, and degradation of silicon(IV) phthalocyanines conj
Reproducible patterning of single Au nanoparticles on silicon substrates by scan
Double-peak-structured photoluminescence mechanisms of porous silicon
Electron localization and resonant tunneling in uniform nanocrystalline silicon
Enhanced photoluminescence from porous silicon by hydrogen-plasma etching
Strong polarization-dependent photoluminescence from silicon nanowire fibers
Raman spectroscopy and field electron emission properties of aligned silicon nan
Oriented silicon nanowires on silicon substrates from oxide-assisted growth and
Capacitive humidity sensing properties of hydrothermally-etched silicon nano-por
A novel design of grating couplers for efficient broadband coupling between sili
Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of silicon nanotubes
Nanomorph silicon thin films prepared by using an HW-MWECR CVD system
PCR microchip array based on polymer bonding technique
Nanocavity shrinkage and preferential amorphization during irradiation in silico
Room-temperature luminescence from Er-doped SiOx films containing Si nanoparticl
Structure and composition evolutions of Er-doped Si-rich SiO2 film under anneali
The fabrication and thermal stability of silicon nanostructure
Nanocrystalline silicon clusters formed in thermally annealed a-Si:H films
Influential factors of the stability of complex magnetic liquid in silicon oil c
Green-blue luminescence from the silicon-rich silicon nitride thin films
Iron-catalytic growth of prism-shaped single-crystal silicon nanowires by chemic
Structure evolution of silicon nanocrystals under electron irradiation
Formation of erbium-oxygen nanoclusters in erbium-doped oxidized amorphous silic
Local tunneling spectroscopy of silicon nanostructures
Nanocrystalline silicon films grown by Low Energy Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor
Influence of electric field on the photoluminescence of silicon nanocrystals
Birefringence characterization of mono-dispersed silicon nanocrystals planar wav
Lattice dynamics of ultrasmall silicon nanostructures
Sub-100 nm nanostructuring of silicon by ultrashort laser pulses
Influence of pyridine molecule adsorption on concentrations of free carriers and
Effects of local fields in time-dependent density functional theory shown in oxi
Structural and electronic properties of silicon nanograins with aluminum contact
On the mechanism of electroluminescence excitation in Er-doped SiO2 containing s
Few electrons injection in silicon nanocrystals probed by ultrahigh vacuum atomi
An improved semi-classical Monte-Carlo approach for nano-scale MOSFET simulation
Selective deposition of gold nanoparticles on SiO2/Si nanowire
On the role of vacancies in pore formation in the course of anodizing of silicon
Controlled growth of silicon nanocrystals in a plasma Reactor
Silicon nanowires fabricated by means of an underetching technique
Well-aligned silicon nanograss fabricated by hydrogen plasma dry etching
Multilevel charge storage in silicon nanocrystal multilayers
Detailed studies of the plume deflection effect during sub-ps laser ablation of
Charge injection and trapping in silicon nanocrystals
Fabrication of silicon and germanium nanostructures by combination of hydrogen p
Silicon periodic nano-structures obtained by laser exposure of nano-wires
Laser doping for microelectronics and microtechnology
Cross-linked PMMA on porous silicon: an effective nanomask for selective silicon
Elastic constants of low-k and barrier dielectric films measured by Brillouin li
Improving spatial resolution of convergent beam electron diffraction strain mapp
Room temperature tunneling transport through Si nanodots in silicon rich silicon
Capacitance-voltage spectroscopy of silicon nanodots
Excitation and de-excitation cross sections for light-emitting nanoclusters in r
Erbium ion luminescence of silicon nanocrystal layers in a silicon dioxide matri
Formation of ultrasmall germanium nanoislands with a high density on an atomical
Effect of nonuniform permittivity of a solid-state matrix on the spectral width
InP bonded membrane photonics components and circuits: toward 2.5 dimensional mi
Thickness dependence of properties of excimer laser crystallized nano-polycrysta
Partial self-ordering observed in silicon nanoclusters deposited on silicon oxid
Growth of heavy ion-induced nanodots at the SiO2-Si interface: Correlation with
Probe of the Si nanoclusters to Er3+ energy transfer dynamics by double-pulse ex
The effects on the field emission properties of silicon nanowires by different p
Vibrational spectroscopy study of Ar+-ion irradiated Si-rich oxide films grown b
Defect-enhanced visible electroluminescence of multi-energy silicon-implanted si
Clustering/declustering of silicon nanocrystals in spin-on glass solutions
Dependence of the programming window of silicon-on-insulator nanocrystal memorie
Form birefringence of anisotropically nanostructured silicon
Influence of Er concentration on the emission properties of Er-doped Si-rich sil
Blue photoluminescence from quantum size silicon nanopowder
Bond-and-transfer scanning probe array for high-density data storage
Infrared properties of silicon nanoparticles
Ab initio study on oxidized silicon clusters and silicon nanocrystals embedded i
Nanostructuring surfaces with conjugated silica colloids deposited using silicon
Luminescence of polymorphous silicon carbon alloys
Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy using self-assembled silver nanoparticles on
Writing 3D protein nanopatterns onto a silicon nanosponge
Over-coordination and order in hydrogenated nanostructured silicon thin films: t
Orientation-enhanced growth and optical properties of ZnO nanowires grown on por
Selective carbon nanotube growth on silicon tips with the soft electrostatic for
Investigation of a nanocrystalline silicon phase embedded in SiOx thin films gro
Narrow luminescence linewidth of a silicon quantum dot
Analysis of the phonon-polariton response of silicon carbide microparticles and
Optical gain in nanocrystalline silicon: comparison of planar waveguide geometry
Reflectivity modelling of all-porous-silicon distributed Bragg reflectors and Fa
Fabrication of silicon dioxide nanocapillary arrays for guiding highly charged i
A silicon-silica nanocomposite material
Electron-beam-induced deformations of SiO2 nanostructures
Characterisation of room temperature blue emitting Si/SiO2 multilayers
Two-dimensionally-patterned silicon nanocrystal arrays
Germanium diffusion and nanocrystal formation in silicon oxide on silicon substr
Light-emitting nano-porous silicon structures fabricated using a plasma hydrogen
Photoluminescent Si nanoparticles embedded in silicon oxide matrix
Processing of carbon nanotube reinforced silicon nitride composites by spark pla
Ultra-thin nanocrystalline diamond detectors
Silicon nanocrystal memories by LPCVD of amorphous silicon, followed by solid ph
Silicon nanoparticles in thermally annealed thin silicon monoxide films
Structural study of very thin anodic alumina films on silicon by anodization in
Electrostatic microresonators from doped hydrogenated amorphous and nanocrystall
Micro and nano structurization of semiconductor surfaces
Control of the nitrogen content in nanocomposite TiN/SiNx coatings deposited by
Raman scattering characterization of macro- and nanoporous silicon
Nanomechanical properties of silicon-, oxygen- and nitrogen-containing a-C:H fil
Pressure-induced structural phase transformations in silicon nanowires
Formation of an alumina-silicon carbide nanocomposite
Influence of injection level of charge carriers in nanostructured porous silicon
Two-dimensional analytical threshold voltage model of nanoscale fully depleted S
Field-emission properties of macroporous silicon grown at high anodization volta
Growth of vacuum evaporated ultraporous silicon studied with spectroscopic ellip
Electronic and dielectric properties of a suboxide interlayer at the silicon-oxi
Technology for fabrication of nanostructures by standard cleanroom processing an
Modelling and experimental investigation on nanometric cutting of monocrystallin
Translocation of double-strand DNA through a silicon oxide nanopore
Patterned growth of self-assembled silicon nanostructures by ion implantation an
Gorsky damping in nanomechanical structures
Coupling schemes for heterogeneous integration of III-V membrane devices and sil
An approach to modeling of silicon oxidation in a wet ultra-diluted ambient
Controlled growth of silicon nanowires synthesized via solid-liquid-solid mechan
Probing interface structure of low-temperature-bonded InP on Si
Amorphous silicon thin-film transistors with 90° vertical nanoscale channel
Nonexponential distributions of tail states in hydrogenated amorphous silicon
Magneto-transport in a silicon-on-insulator nanowire transistor
Formation mechanism and optical properties of nanocrystalline silicon in silicon
Structural and optical properties of surface-hydrogenated silicon nanocrystallit
All-optical switches on a silicon chip realized using photonic crystal nanocavit
Fabrication of highly efficient full-color electroluminescent device composed of
Room-temperature operation of current switching circuit using integrated silicon
Effects of channel thinning on threshold voltage shift in ultrathin-body silicon
Making monolayer of inorganic nanoparticles on silicon substrate
Molecular dynamics study on size-dependent elastic properties of silicon nanocan
Metal-containing diamond-like nanocomposite thin film for advanced temperature s
Enhancement of charge storage performance in double-gate silicon nanocrystal mem
Etch stop of silicon surface induced by tribo-nanolithography
Memory characteristics of silicon nitride with silicon nanocrystals as a charge
Evaluation of nanoparticles embedded in thin silicon dioxide film by optical ref
Synthesis of silicon nanocones using rf microplasma at atmospheric pressure
Synthesis of water-soluble silicon oxide material by sol-gel reaction in tetraal
Precise thermal characterization of confined nanocrystalline silicon by a 3&omeg
Erbium-silicon-oxide nano-crystallite waveguide formation based on nano-porous s
Nanoindentation tests on diamond-machined silicon wafers
Crystal structure and growth of carbon-silicon mixture film prepared by ion sput
Growth of vertically aligned carbon nanotube emitters on patterned silicon trenc
In situ synthesis and characterization of pure SiC nanowires on silicon wafer
Evidence of double layer quantum dot formation in a silicon-on-insulator nanowir
Metal oxide particle removal using electrolyzed anode water
Epitaxial silicon growth by load-lock low pressure chemical vapor deposition sys
Effects of high-pressure deuterium annealing on nonvolatile memory device with s
Ballistic transport mode detected by picosecond time-of-flight measurements for
Blue light emission from ultrafine nanosized powder of silicon produced by inten
Atomic force microscope current-imaging study for current density through nanocr
Heat-resistant epoxy-silicon hybrid materials for printed wiring boards
Highly sensitive strain detection in strained silicon by surface-enhanced Raman
In-plane strain distribution in the surface region of thin silicon overlayers on
FEA study on nanodeformation behaviors of amorphous silicon and borosilicate con
An array of Au nanoparticles on the nanopatterned Si(100)
Change in mechanical properties of ion-irradiated ceramics studied by nanoindent
Stabilizing the silicon fullerene Si20 by thorium encapsulation
Magnetic mesa structures fabricated by reactive ion etching with CO/NH3/Xe plasm
Study of low-temperature crystallization of amorphous Si films obtained using fe
Patterning of ferroelectric nanodot arrays using a silicon nitride shadow mask
45 nm faces the risks and rewards of new materials
Spark plasma sintering of silicon nitride/silicon carbide nanocomposites with re
Reliable sign-off at smaller nodes [nanometer timing sign-off]
A resistless photolithography method for robust markers and electrodes
Strange bedfellows [semiconductor technology]
Getting to silicon: accuracy requirements of nanometer designs
Modification of SiC based nanorods via a hydrogenated annealing process
Study and development of a silicon infrared diode operating under forward bias
Analytical and experimental investigation of laser-microsphere interaction for n
Phonon localization in periodic uniaxially nanostructured silicon
Application of high-κ gate dielectrics and metal gate electrodes to enable
Low-threshold field emission from cesiated silicon nanowires
Fabrication of a one-dimensional array of nanopores horizontally aligned on a Si
Optical gain in different silicon nanocrystal systems
Assemblies of silicon nanoparticles roll up into flexible nanotubes
Vertical SiGe-based silicon-on-nothing (SON) technology for sub-30nm MOS devices
Thermal conductivity of simple and tubular nanowire composites in the longitudin
Using silicon to understand silicon: doping of nanostructures
Nanophotonics-quantum dots, photonic crystals, and optical silicon circuits: an
Amorphous and nanocrystalline silicon-based multi-junction solar cells
Evaluation of the van der Waals force for atomic force microscopy
Microbridge testing of plasma-enhanced chemical-vapor deposited silicon oxide fi
Nanoimprinted strain-controlled elastomeric gratings for optical wavelength tuni
Cantilever tip probe arrays for simultaneous SECM and AFM analysis
Silicon-carbon fullerenelike nanostructures: an ab initio study on the stability
Optical gain and stimulated emission in periodic nanopatterned crystalline silic
Field-effect electroluminescence in silicon nanocrystals
High-Q optical resonators in silicon-on-insulator-based slot waveguides
Experimental investigations into the formation of nanoparticles in a/nc-Si:H thi
Approaches for functional characterization of diatom silicic acid transporters
Investigation of the connectivity of hydrophilic domains in Nafion using electro
Large grain polycrystalline silicon film produced by nano-aluminum-enhanced Crys
Microring and microdisk optical resonators using silicon nanocrystals and erbium
Coherent single charge transport in molecular-scale silicon nanowires
Five-nanometer thick silicon on insulator layer
Effect of electrical bias on metastability in hydrogenated nanocrystalline silic
Conductive atomic force microscope nanopatterning of hydrogen-passivated silicon
Nanocomposites of silicon/titanium carbide synthesized using high-energy mechani
Spin quantum computation in silicon nanostructures
Effects of morphology on the electronic and photoluminescence properties of hydr
Have silicon lasers come of age?
Piezoresistance of carbon nanotubes on deformable thin-film membranes
Microfabrication and application of high-aspect-ratio silicon tips
Physical models for coupled electromechanical analysis of silicon nanoelectromec
Nanostructured antifouling poly(ethylene glycol) films for silicon-based microsy
Unusual properties and reactivity at the nanoscale
Growth and characterization of copper nanoclusters embedded in SiC matrix
Spin on dopants for high-performance single-crystal silicon transistors on flexi
Surface-charge-induced asymmetric electrokinetic transport in confined silicon n
Second-harmonic spectroscopy of nano-interfaces
Atomistic simulation of KCl transport in charged silicon nanochannels: Interfaci
Redox-active monolayers on nano-scale silicon electrodes
Template-directed carbon nanotube network using self-organized Si nanocrystals
Novel one-dimensional nanogap created with standard optical lithography and evap
Formation and characterization of silicon films on flexible polymer substrates
Self-organization of semiconductor nanocrystals by selective surface faceting
Sensitive, selective, and analytical improvements to a porous silicon gas sensor
Design and fabrication of a hybrid nanofluidic channel
Mass-fabricated one-dimensional silicon nanogaps for hybrid organic/nanoparticle
Performance evaluation of ballistic silicon nanowire transistors with atomic-bas
Hydrogen bubbles and formation of nanoporous silicon during electrochemical etch
Synthesis of thin silicon nanowires using gold-catalyzed chemical vapor depositi
Mechanical properties of self-welded silicon nanobridges
Rear surface spallation on single-crystal silicon in nanosecond laser micromachi
Phonon-assisted ballistic to diffusive crossover in silicon nanowire transistors
Structural characteristics and connection mechanism of gold-catalyzed bridging s
Silicon surface and interface issues for nanoelectronics
Enhanced radiative emission rate quantum efficiency in coupled silicon nanocryst
Adhesion and friction studies of a selectively micro/nano-textured surface produ
Monte Carlo simulation of Joule heating in bulk and strained silicon
RF plasma conditions for growth of carbon nanostructures
Modeling a suspended nanotube oscillator
Nanoscale structural and mechanical characterization of bamboo-like polymer/sili
Stress-driven formation of Si nanowires
The electronic structure and luminescence properties of porous silicon and silic
Visible luminescences from thermally grown silicon dioxide thin films
Adsorption strains in porous silicon
Optical near-field lithography on hydrogen-passivated silicon surfaces
Ultraviolet light emission from porous silicon hydrothermally prepared
Optical properties of silicon-based materials: A comparison of porous and spark-
Laterally resolved crystalline damage in single-point-diamond-turned silicon
Laser-driven synthesis of carbon and silicon clusters from gas-phase reactants
Size-selective measurements of silicon-cluster polarizabilities by a cluster-bea
Properties of silicon nanoparticles: A molecular dynamics study
Nanoscale SiO2 particles placed upon the crystalline silicon
Depth inhomogeneity of porous silicon layers
Highly luminescent Eu3+ or Tb3+ doped and ZnO sensitized optical fibers drawn fr
Small-angle X-ray scattering studies of Nafion(R)/[silicon oxide] and Nafion(R)/
The femtosecond optical response of porous, amorphous and crystalline silicon
Materials science - The perfect nanotube
Molecular electronic properties of fused rigid porphyrin-oligomer molecular wire
Nanotubes shown to be strong and flexible
Visible photoluminescence in porous silicon prepared in different conditions - T
Characterization of silicon-implanted SiO2 layers using positron annihilation sp
Strong 1.54 mu m luminescence from erbium-doped porous silicon
Bimodal size distribution in p(-) porous silicon studied by small angle X-ray sc
Structural nano-defects in alpha-silicon nitride
Vibrational Raman spectroscopy of silicon powders produced by plasma enhanced ch
TEM characterization of beta-SiC synthesized by high dose carbon ion implantatio