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Ultrasonic preparation of polymer/layered silicate nanocomposites during extrusi
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Characterization and Li reactivity of electrodeposited copper-tin nanoalloys pre
Microstructural study of an oscillatory formation reaction in nanostructured rea
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Plasma oscillations in thin conducting shells
Magnetic moment of a quasi-one-dimensional nanostructure in an inclined magnetic
Quantum oscillations in a confined electron gas
HgCdTe-MISFET fabrication and 2-D subband quantization
Comment on “Jellium model of metallic nanocohesion”
Macroscopic quantum oscillations in antiferromagnetic nanoclusters
Nonlinear dynamics in superlattices driven by high frequency AC-fields
Surface restructuring, kinetic oscillations, and chaos in heterogeneous catalyti
Photoacoustic assessment of oscillations in water vapor desorption from nanostru
A semiclassical approach to the ground state and density oscillations of quantum
Kinetic oscillations of red photoluminescence from nanocrystalline Si/SiO2 films
Self-oscillatory convection caused by the Soret effect
Geometrical phase effects in biaxial nanomagnetic particles
Rabi oscillations in realistic superlattice with finite Bloch bands
Plasma oscillations in nanotubes and the Aharonov-Bohm effect for plasmons
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Hartree-Fock dynamics in highly excited quantum dots
Space-time fluctuations induced by D-branes and their effects on neutrino oscill
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Quantum interference induced by nonmagnetic impurities in a single-walled carbon
Quantum transport in nanostructures
Electronic properties of antidot lattices fabricated by atomic force lithography
Reconstruction and roughening of a catalytic Pt(110) surface coupled to kinetic
Kinetic oscillations on nm-sized catalyst particles: surface restructuring
Kinetic oscillations on nm-sized catalyst particles: oxide model
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Monte Carlo simulations of oscillations, chaos and pattern formation in heteroge
Magnetoquantum oscillations and confinement effects in arrays of 270-nm-diameter
Quantum oscillations in the layer structure of thin metal films
Phase-sensitive quantum effects in the andreev conductance of an SNS system of m
Coherent quantum dynamics of a superconducting flux qubit
A criterion for the existence of several limit cycles of the Abel equation of th
Theory of proximity effect in superconductor/ferromagnet heterostructures
Aharonov-Bohm oscillations and spin precession in mesoscopic ring with spin-orbi
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Limit cycle oscillations in CW laser-driven NEMS
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Oscillatory behavior of nanodroplets
Charge transport through a single-electron transistor with a mechanically oscill
Gigahertz nanomechanical oscillators based on carbon nanotubes
Resonant response of a metallic nanoparticle by collective cyclotron oscillation
Magnetization switching and microwave oscillations in nanomagnets driven by spin
Noise-induced pattern formation in a semiconductor nanostructure
Vortex motion induced by lattice defects in two-dimensional easy-plane magnets
Spin-current-induced high-frequency magnetisation rotations and microwave oscill
Quantum whistling in superfluid helium-4