Song 相关文章

从和陶诗的发展看宋人平淡美诗学观的形成/Reviews through the Development of Hetao Poems on the Format
论“重法”“尚意”的宋代书学思想/“Artistic-rule-oriented” and “Artistic-conception-oriented” Tho
晚清的一位狂狷学者:宋恕学行述略/A Paradoxical scholar of Late Qing Dynasty:an Approach to Song
宋代江南路文学研究/the studies of the literature in Jiangnanlu in Song Dynasty
两宋理学与道家思想/The Neo-Confucianicm of Song Dynasty and Taoism
宋金交聘制度研究/Study on the diplomatic system of the Song and the Jin
宋明理学美学引论/the introduction of the Aesthetics of Confucianism in Song and Ming dyn
走向世俗——宋代文言小说的转型/Turning for Popularization
宋人笔记研究-以随笔杂记为中心/the study on song-literati miscellaneous notes
宋代唐诗选本研究/A Study on Song Dynastys Anthology of Tang Poem
宋代的古琴文化与文学/The Guqin Culture in Song Dynasty
北宋经筵与宋学的兴起/North-Songs Jing-Yan and The Rising of Song-xue
北宋佛经所反映的汉语音韵/The Study of Chinese Phonology in Song Dynasty
钱钟书与宋诗研究/Qianzhongshu and songshi research
同光体派的宋诗学/The Song poetics of TongGuang school
宋代文人与日本、高丽、安南人士诗文互赠本事钩沉/The Study on the Historical Background of the Poems and
论十九世纪清代的汉宋之争/On the Controversy between Han and Song in 19c Qing Dynasty
贺铸词之多用前人语特色探究/HeZhu: An Exploration to the Style of Citing and Rewriting
宋元时期蝗灾与治蝗研究/A study on the Locust Outbreaks and Its Control in the Song and Yuan
宋代文人画风格的生成及其发展研究/The research of the emergence and development of scholar-painti
论熙宁变法和宋辽划界/Xi-Ning reform and Demarcation between Song and Liao dynasty
唐大曲之流变/Development and Evolvement of the Grand Piece of Song and Dance in Tang D
谈沃尔夫艺术歌曲的风格特点/The style characteristics of Wolfs Art Song
论宋美龄的中西文化观/Analysis of Song’s Chinese and Western Cultural Views
东北汉族民歌音乐特点的多视角研究/Multi-view analysis of northeast han folk song features
东北二人转发展问题探究/The Investigation on the Development of the Northeast Song-and-dance
宋与辽夏金间的走私贸易/The Smuggling Trade between Song Dynasty and Liao Xia Jin Dynasty
北宋榷盐制度下国家与盐商关系探究/The Research on the Relation between the Country and Salt Busin
宋初的惩贪与倡廉/The Punishment to The Malfeasant and The Encouraging The Incorrupt of E
宋初社会文化背景下的柳词观照/Study of Liu Ci-poem under Social Culture Background in Early Son
从龚贤积墨画风看宋人山水的制作/Artist style looks at the Song Dynasty scenery from the Gong vir
北宋陕西路缘边地带农业发展状况研究/On the Agricultural Conditions of the Border Region of Shanxi
春秋时期宋国邦交问题研究/The Diplomacy Problems of Song Duke State in the Spring and Autumn
法律制度与唐宋社会秩序/legal system and social orders in Tang and Song dynasties
“沈宋”诗之比较研究/A Comparative Research on the poems of Shen Quanqi and Song Zhiwen
浅谈原生态民歌的教育价值/Shallowly discusses the primary condition folk song
论舒曼声乐套曲《诗人之恋》中的钢琴伴奏写作及演奏/Accompaniment Writing and Performance in Schumann’song
宋代渔父词研究/The research into the Fisherman ci of Song Dynasty
论唐宋词娱乐功用的历史呈现与原因/On the Historical Appearance of the Amusement Fuctions of Tangs
北宋社会背景视角下的苏轼书法嬗变/The Evolution of Su Shis Calligraphy at the Sight of Social Bac
论莫扎特艺术歌曲的演唱与教学/Disquisition on Singing and Teaching about Mozarts Artistic
舒伯特艺术歌曲的和声研究/The Study of Harmony of Schbert’s Lieder
宋代官服述论/Comment on Song Dynasty’s Robes
关于当代流行歌曲在普通高中音乐课堂多元化应用的探析/Theory and Analysis of the Multiform Apply of Pop-Song
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