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食管癌、贲门癌和胃癌中Runx3基因高甲基化的实验研究/Experimental study of high methylation of Runx3 gene
正常国人贲门及胃壁CT断面解剖学研究/CT Sectional Anatomy Study of the Normal Gastric Cardia and G
济心胶囊治疗充血性心力衰竭的实验研究/Experiment research about therapeutic effect of Jixin Capsule
基于机器视觉和平面正交光栅的多自由度测量方法研究/Study on Multi-DOF Measurement Based on Machine Vision
多量子位Ising链中杂质与正常格点之间的纠缠的研究/The entanglement between the normal lattice and impur
尖锐湿疣皮损LC形态学及其相关趋化因子以及抗原提呈相关基因的研究/Study on Morphology of Langerhans Cells and Lan
单纯性肥胖青少年早期动脉粥样硬化血管超声检测及分析/The Analysis and Detection of Vascular Ultrasound in S
关于伪谱的计算及其应用/Computation of pseudospectra and its application
重力和微重力场下池沸腾中生长汽泡动力学的摄动分析研究/Investigation of Bubble Dynamics under Normal Gravity
陕西黄陵克山病区人群红细胞硒水平现状与机体抗氧化能力关系研究/The Relationship Between RBC Selenium Level and B
头皮屑的发生及其细胞因子的测定/The generation of dandruff and measurement of its cytokines
基于组织租金理论的企业超常业绩解释/The Explanation of Firm Above-normal Performance Based on The
周围神经端侧缝合后神经再生及其趋化性的实验研究/Nerve Regeneration and Neurotropism following End-To-Sid
多元混合正态分布的Monte Carlo检验/Monte Carlo Tests for Multivariate Mixture Normality
中师语文活动课研究/Research on the Middle Normal School Chinese Activity Course
专科学历师范生素质培养问题研究/Research on Quality-Oriented Cultivation of Acdemic Normal Stude
高等师范院校双语教学问题及对策/The Problems and The Ways to Deal with Bilingual Education of No
吉林省高师体育教育专业开设瑜伽课程的可行性研究/Feasible Study on Offering Yoga Course in High Normal Un
高师视唱练耳课程中的钢琴伴奏渗透教学研究/The teaching research of penetrating Piano improvisational
可持续发展教育观下的高师钢琴教学研究/the research can help develop normal piano education in unive
Logarithmic normal distribution of particle size from a luminescence line-shape
Size distribution of Ti-Fe nanoparticles
Proximity-induced transport in superconductor-normal metal nanostructures
Material removal mechanisms of single-crystal silicon on nanoscale and at ultral
Charge fluctuations in the edge states of normal-superconducting hybrid nano-str
Shear-force sensitive silicon sensor
Comparison of models to describe the maximal retention of organic molecules in n
Phase-coherent conduction in mesoscopic normal-metal/superconductor hybrid junct
Chemometrics in spectroscopy derivatives in spectroscopy update
Vacancy engineered ceria nanostructures for protection from radiation-induced ce
Non-linear transport properties of superconducting nanostructures
Normal to relaxor ferroelectric transformations in lanthanum-modified tetragonal
Comment on “Intrinsic resistance fluctuations in mesoscopic superconductin
Spatially resolved tunneling spectroscopy of superconducting wires with artifici
Investigation of the Weissenberg effect in suspensions of magnetic nanoparticles
Modifying friction by manipulating normal response to lateral motion
Tunable supercurrent in superconductor/normal metal/superconductor Josephson jun
On the formation of oriented nanometer scale patterns on amorphous polymer surfa
Near-infrared light emission from single crystal silicon dually implanted with e
Vibrational normal modes of polymer nanoparticle dimers using the time-averaged
Deviations from mean-field behavior in disordered nanoscale superconductor-norma
Capacitively coupled hot-electron nanobolometer as far-infrared photon counter
Formation times of RbHe exciplexes on the surface of Superfluid versus normal fl
Anomalous magnetization of nanoscale ferromagnet/normal-metal systems: possible
Magnetic normal modes in nano-particles
Magnetic normal modes in ferromagnetic nanoparticles: a dynamical matrix approac
Resistance of superconducting nanowires connected to normal-metal leads
Nanofriction mechanisms derived from the dependence of friction on load and slid
Effects of normal load on nanotribological properties of sputtered carbon nitrid
Nanoscale friction mapping