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细粒红铁矿闪速磁化焙烧研究/Study on flash magnetization roasting technology for refractory lo
Magnetization reversal and domain structure in thin magnetic films: Theory and c
Mesoscopic quantum tunneling of the magnetization
Effects of grinding on the martensitic transformation and on the specific magnet
Influence of Cr addition on the magnetic softness of nanocrystalline FeCuNbSiB a
Magnetization of single magnetic particles
Magnetization behaviour in exchange-coupled Sm2Fe14Ga3C2/α-Fe
Study of Co, Ni and Co/Cu nanowires: Magnetic flux imaging by off-axis electron
Quantum Tunneling of Magnetization in Nanostructured Materials
Magnetic properties of partially crystallized Fe80B20 amorphous alloys
Magnetic properties of nanophase CoFe2O4 particles
Temperature dependence of magnetization in nanocrystalline Cu-Fe-Co alloys
Large scale micromagnetic calculations for finite and infinite 3D ferromagnetic
Approximation of the curve of magnetization and specific magnetic losses in magn
Algorithm for the computation of the FC and ZFC magnetization curves for nanopar
Magnetization processes in submicronic Co dots studied by means of micromagnetic
Anisotropic magnetoresistance as a probe of magnetization reversal in individual
Magnetization processes in amorphous and nanocrystalline FeCuNbSiB thin films
Microstructure and magnetic properties of melt-spun (Tb0.33Fe0.67)1-xBx alloys
Magnetization reversal in individual nanoparticles - macroscopic quantum tunneli
Low temperature magnetostriction of amorphous Fe85B15 ribbons
Effect of the spontaneous magnetization in the grain boundary region on the magn
Magnetic reversal in ultra-thin nanoshaped magnetic dots: Numerical simulations
Shape and size effects in nanostructured 2D magnetic systems
Magnetic properties of melt-spun Cu97.5Co2.5 ribbons
In situ investigation of the magnetization processes in amorphous glass-covered
Distribution of magnetization in the vicinity of point defects in ferromagnetics
Magnetic properties of nanostructured CuFe2O4
Effective anisotropy of nanocrystallized Co-based alloys
Soft magnetic properties of nanocrystalline Ni3Fe and Fe75Al12.5Ge12.5
Magnetic and hardness properties of nanostructured Ni-Co films deposited by a no
Estimation of blocking temperatures from ZFC/FC curves
Relaxation Times for Magnetization Reversal in a High Coercivity Magnetic Thin F
Magnetization directions of individual nanoparticles
Nanoparticles of CoxFey [Square Open] zO4: Synthesis and superparamagnetic prope
Three-Dimensional Magnetization Reversal Measurements in Nanoparticles
Preparation and magnetic properties of NiFe2O4 nanocrystallites
Investigation of micromagnetism and magnetization reverse of Ni nanoparticles by
Non-Langevin behaviour of the uncompensated magnetization in nanoparticles of ar
Galvanomagnetic effect and magnetization process in CoO/Co/NiFe film with antido
Microstructures and soft magnetic properties of as-deposited Fe-Sm-O thin films
Magnetization reversal of a 1000-atoms cobalt cluster
Induced remanent magnetization of social insects
Exchange-biased quantu tunnelling in a supramolecula dimer of single-molecule ma
Magnetic properties of Ni nanoparticles and Ni(C) nanocapsules
Magnetic anisotropy, phase transitions, and domain structures in films with out-
Enhanced magnetocrystalline anisotropy in deposited cobalt clusters
Magnetotransport properties of patterned magnetic Ni wires of submicrometric dim
Rare earth doped maghemite EDL-MF: A perspective for nanoradiotherapy?
Numerical simulations of magnetization reversal processes in an ultrathin cobalt
Ferromagnetic resonance experiments in an obliquely deposited FeCo-Al 2O3 film s
Magnetoresistance and magnetization reversal process of Co nanowires covered wit
Hysteresis curve of magnetic nanocrystals monolayers: Influence of the structure
Special issue on the interface between photonics and magnetism
Femtosecond dynamics of magnetic cobalt nanoparticles
Switching of magnetization by nonlinear resonance studied in single nanoparticle
Real time scale simulation for quantum processes in dissipative environments
Magnetic study on Co3O4 nanoparticles
Non-equilibrium collective dynamics of a superspin glass
Magnetization distribution in Nd4.5Fe77B 18.5 nanocomposite magnets studied by e
Effect of magnetostatic fringe field coupling on magnetic properties of nanostru
Subnanosecond magnetization reversal in magnetic nanopillars by spin angular mom
Magnetization reversal process of patterned Ni80Fe20 zigzag wires
Thermally activated switching of nanoparticles: A numerical study
Simulation of magnetisation switching by non-linear resonance
Regular and stochastic nonlinear dynamics of magnetization in multilayer structu
Mossbauer and magnetization studies of Fe25Se75 iron selenides produced by mecha
Thermal dependence of the magnetization of antiferromagnetic copper(II) oxide na
Study of anhysteretic magnetization loops of Co0.35(SiO 2)0.65 granular film
Dynamic scaling of fronts in the quantum XX chain
Vortex state stability in soft magnetic cylindrical nanodots
Magnetic behavior of iron-filled multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Quantification of the magnetization arrangement of patterned films measured by p
Hydrothermal synthesis and magnetic properties of zinc ferrite nanocrystals
Thermal fluctuation and magnetization of Ni-Zn ferrite nanoparticles by particle
Current-driven magnetization reversal in exchange-biased spin-valve nanopillars
Magnetic multilayers on nanospheres
Core-shell Pd/Co nanocrystals
Multipolar ordering and magnetization reversal in two-dimensional nanomagnet arr
Micromagnetic simulation on dynamics of spin transfer torque magnetization rever
Magnetization of nanomagnet assemblies: Effects of anisotropy and dipolar intera
Current-assisted magnetization switching in submicron permalloy S-shape wires wi
Switching field distribution of nanoparticles
Micromagnetic simulation of magnetization reversal behavior of Co/Pt multilayer
Ultra-fast magnetization reversal in magnetic nano-pillars by spin-polarized cur
Magnetic field-assisted hydrothermal growth of chain-like nanostructure of magne
Magnetization noise in magnetoelectronic nanostructures
Spin rotation in α-Fe2O3 nanoparticles by interparticle interactions
Size distribution effect on the magnetization and magneto-resistance in ferromag
Magnetization distributions in nano-sized ultrathin cobalt
One-step synthesis of Mn3O4 nanoparticles: Structural and magnetic study
Magnetic properties of TiO2 rutile implanted with Ni and Co
ESR of Fe-filled multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Alignment of carbon nanotubes under low magnetic fields through attachment of ma
Magnetic moments and adiabatic magnetization of free cobalt clusters
Nonlocal magnetization dynamics in ferromagnetic heterostructures
Interface magnetization reversal and anisotropy in Fe/AlGaAs(001)
Granular Co/Ag multilayers: relation between nanostructure, and magnetic and tra
High sensitivity magnetization measurements of nanoscale cobalt clusters
Crystallographic structure and magnetic properties of Co fine particles encaged
Spin-glass behavior of spinel iron oxide particles on iron metal particle record
Possibility of depositing magnetic iron oxide films by excimer laser ablation of
Micromagnetic properties and magnetization switching of single domain Co dots st
Nucleation of magnetization reversal in individual nanosized nickel wires
Macroscopic quantum tunneling of magnetization in a single crystal of nanomagnet
Magneto-optical measurements of magnetization reversal in nanometer scale sputte
Magnetism in one dimension: Fe on Cu(111)
Relaxation Mossbauer spectra under rf magnetic field excitation
Magnetic properties of graphitically encapsulated nickel nanocrystals
Spin-glass behaviour of nanocrystalline diamond intercalated with potassium
Magnetic study of SiO2/γ-Fe2O3 nanocomposites prepared by the sol-gel meth
Experimental evidence of the Neel-Brown model of magnetization reversal
Measurements of magnetization switching in individual nickel nanowires
Macroscopic quantum tunneling of magnetization of single ferrimagnetic nanoparti
Magnetic phase diagram in CeC2 encapsulated in carbon nanocages
Investigation of micromagnetism and magnetic reversal of Ni nanoparticles using
Magnetization behavior of nanometer-scale iron particles
Time-resolved surface magnetometry in the nanosecond scale using synchrotron rad
Optically induced magnetism in cobalt iron cyanide
Collective effects accompanying magnetization of two-dimensional lattices of nan
Magnetization reversal in nanostructured Co/Pd multilayers
Thermally activated transformation of magnetization-reversal modes in ultrathin
Magnets, molecules and quantum mechanics
Nanoparticles of CoxFey□zO4: synthesis and superparamagnetic properties
Magnetic-field-dependent thermodynamics of Mn12-acetate single crystals at low t
Ferromagnetism and structural distortions induced in atomized Fe-Al (35-42 at.%
The role of the exchange interaction in nanocrystalline isotropic Nd2Fe14B-magne
Current-induced magnetization reversal in magnetic nanowires
Transverse field-induced magnetization process in an ultrathin Au/Co/Au film
Magnetization pattern of ferromagnetic nanodisks
Structure and magnetization of arrays of electrodeposited Co wires in anodic alu
Features of magnetization reversal in trilayer nanostructures
Low-temperature magnetic properties of Fe nanograins in an amorphous Fe-Zr-B mat
Magnetic and optical properties of ionic ferrofluids based on nickel ferrite nan
Magnetic properties of hematite nanoparticles
Preparation of nanocomposites containing iron and nickel-zinc ferrite
Property variation with shape in magnetic nanoelements
Dynamic magnetization observations and reversal mechanisms of sintered and die-u
Magnetic vortex core observation in circular dots of Permalloy
Magnetic properties of an individual Fe-Cu-B nanoparticle
Study of the magnetization reversal in individual nickel nanowires
DyFe2(110) nanostructures: Morphology and magnetic anisotropy
Observation of magnetization reversal of thin-film permalloy nanostructures usin
Interlayer coupling within individual submicron magnetic elements
Magnetic relaxation in Zn-Sn-doped barium ferrite nanoparticles for recording
Impurity relaxation mechanism for dynamic magnetization reversal in a single dom
Early stages of mechanical crystallization of amorphous FeZrBCu soft magnetic ma
Magnetic switching in submicron-scale periodic magnetic arrays
Uniform magnetization rotation in single ferromagnetic nanowires
Connection between hysteresis and thermal relaxation in magnetic materials
Dynamics of surface magnetization on a nanosecond time scale
Study on magnetic property of Fe14Ni86 alloy nanowire array
Element-selective nanosecond magnetization dynamics in magnetic heterostructures
Magnetic switching of single vortex permalloy elements
Magnetic anisotropy and domain patterns in electrodeposited cobalt nanowires
Selective suppression of the higher harmonics of magnetization in a superparamag
Shell/core structure and magnetic properties of carbon-coated Fe-Co(C) nanocapsu
Nanosecond pulsed field magnetization reversal in thin-film NiFe studied by Kerr
Fabrication and magnetic properties of Fe14Ni86 alloy nanowire array
Giant magnetoresistance in a three-dimensional lattice of dipolar interacting ma
Size and thickness dependencies of magnetization reversal in Co dot arrays
Magnetization process of nanoscale iron cluster
Competing interactions in dispersions of superparamagnetic nanoparticles