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纳米ITO粉体的制备及其分散性研究/Preparation of nano-sized ITO powder and dispersion research
Preparation of nanocrystalline indium powders by use of γ-ray radiation
Melting and solidification of small indium particles embedded in an aluminum mat
Grain size control in nanocrystalline In2O3 semiconductor gas sensors
Specific heat of superconducting indium in porous Vycor glass
Hydrothermal preparation and characterization of nanocrystalline powder of &beta
Growth of quantum-confined indium phosphide inside MCM-41
Nanogram scale determination of the volume change of solidification of an indium
Influence of different physicochemical conditions on the release of indium oxine
New and simple method for manufacturing electrochromic tungsten oxide films
Aerosol fabrication of nanocrystals of InP
Identification of atomic-like electronic states in indium arsenide nanocrystal q
Preparation of ultrafine monodispersed indium-tin oxide particles in AOT-based r
Effect of axial substitution on the optical limiting properties of indium phthal
Nanostructured gold colloid electrodes
Microstructure of rapidly solidified Al-In immiscible alloy
Highly polarized photoluminescence and photodetection from single indium phosphi
Market analysis of nanaostructured materials
Preparation of 5N high purified indium by the method of chemical purification-el
Nano on nano
Humidity-dependent open-circuit photovoltage from a bacteriorhodopsin/indium tin
Indium Microrod Tags for Electrochemical Detection of DNA Hybridization
Spatially ordered quantum dot array of indium nanoclusters in fully indium-excha
Synthesis of indium and indium oxide nanoparticles from indium cyclopentadienyl
Characterization of spray pyrolysed indium sulfide thin films
Effect of operating variables on rejection of indium using nanofiltration membra
One-step growth of silica nanotubes and simultaneous filling with indium sulfide
Indium-Assisted Growth of Aligned Ultra-Long Silica Nanotubes
Separation of indium using nanofiltration membranes:: A non-steady-state study
Template synthesis and photocatalytic properties of porous metal oxide spheres f
Preparation of indium nitride micro- and nanostructures by ammonolysis of indium
Carbon nanotubes carry indium nanoparticles to solder parts
Study on methane combustion catalyzed by indium-tin oxide composites
Monodispersed tin doped indium oxide nanometer powders prepared by hydrothermal
Size-induced stability and structural transition in monodispersed indium nanopar
Growth of nano- and microstructured indium nitride crystals by the reaction of i
Electronic properties of InN nanowires
Strange bedfellows
Expanding solar energy globally
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy studies of indium tin oxide nanocrystalline pow
Monodispersed InP quantum dots prepared by colloidal chemistry in a noncoordinat
Carbon nanotubes may replace indium tin oxide in displays
Selective growth of indium oxide and pattern etching of GaAs by an in-situ proce
Properties of indium tin oxide films with indium tin modulation layers prepared
Far-infrared propagation in metal wire microstructures
Microporous indium phosphate from hydrothermal-microemulsion systems
Preparation and characterization of indium-doped tin dioxide nanocrystalline pow
Time-resolved photoluminescence measurements of quantum dots in InGaN multiple q
Synthesis and structure of indium oxide nanoparticles dispersed within pores of
Preparation and characterization of nanometre-size InSb particles
Indium nanowires in thick (InGaN) layers as determined by X-ray analysis
Preparation of macroscopic two-dimensional ordered array of indium nanodots
Size-dependent melting point depression of nanostructures: Nanocalorimetric meas
Microstructures of rapidly solidified Al-In immiscible alloy
Optical and structural properties of self-organized InGaAsN/GaAs nanostructures
Self-assembled heterojunction between electrodeposited PbS nanoparticles and ind
Creep and strain burst in indium and aluminium during nanoindentation
Synthesis of carbon nanochaplets by catalytic thermal chemical vapor deposition
Highly polarised photoluminescence and photodetection from single indium phosphi
Melting and expansion behavior of indium in carbon nanotubes
Microstructural investigation on the mechanism to extract indium from wasted mat
Synthesis of oxygen-deficient indium-tin-oxide (ITO) nanofibers
Optical absorption of nanoscale indium particles in ordered array
Size-dependent photoluminescence from single indium phosphide nanowires
Ultraviolet photodetection properties of indium oxide nanowires
Structures of indium oxide nanobelts
Two- versus three-dimensional quantum confinement in indium phosphide wires and
ZnO nanobridges and nanonails
Characterization of porous indium tin oxide thin films using effective medium th
Optically-induced non-linear optical effects in indium-tin oxide crystalline fil
A two-step synthesis procedure for In2O3 nanoparticle films having well-defined
The effect of V:III ratio on the growth of InN nanostructures by molecular beam
Electrical behavior of semiconducting nanopowders versus environment
A novel synthesis of indium phosphide nanoparticles
Preparation and structure of magnesium oxide coated indium nanowires
A novel solution route for preparing indium nanoparticles
Efficient field emission from single crystalline indium oxide pyramids
Fabrication of indium nitride nanodots using anodic alumina templates
Synthesis of indium hollow spheres and nanotubes by a simple template-free solvo
Ethanol sensor based on indium oxide nanowires prepared by carbothermal reductio
Patterned nanoclusters in the indium-doped SrTiO3 films
Study of indium trihydroxide In(OH)3 for ITO
Preparation of nano-sized powder of indium tin oxide (ITO)
In situ study of Fe/ITO catalysts for carbon nanocoil growth by X-ray diffractio
Preparation and property control of nano-sized indium tin oxide particle
Influence of confined geometry on nuclear spin relaxation and self-diffusion in
Indium-assisted synthesis on GaN nanotubes
Composition dependence of energy structure and lattice structure in InGaAs/GaP
Photoluminescence and photodissociation properties of pure and In2O3 doped ZnO n
Surface characterization of In4Se3 single crystals
Defect structure studies of bulk and nano-indium-tin oxide
Melting and solidification of indium nanocrystals on (002) graphite
Growth and morphology of 0.80 eV photoemitting indium nitride nanowires
Nanocrystalline rhombohedral In2O3 synthesized by hydrothermal and postannealing
Morphology effects in nanocrystalline CuInSe2-conjugated polymer hybrid systems
Ultrafast phase transitions after femtosecond laser irradiation of indium phosph
Epi-n-IZO thin films/⟨1 0 0⟩Si, GaAs and InP by L-MBE-a novel feasibil
Template-free synthesis of helical hexagonal microtubes of indium nitride
Bulk-quantity synthesis of single-crystalline indium nitride nanobelts
Preparation of 6N high-purity indium by method of physical-chemical purification
Preparation of nano-indium oxide by microemulsion and gas sensing properties
In situ X-ray diffraction study of the phase transition of nanocrystalline In(OH
A simple and rapid method for preparing indium nanoparticles from bulk indium vi
Synthesis and growth of InN with pre-deposited indium nanodots method on MOCVD a
Controlled formation and size-selected deposition of indium nanoparticles from a
High-resolution x-ray diffraction analysis of epitaxially grown indium phosphide
Indium-related novel architecture of GaN nanorod grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Synthesis of luminescing (In,Ga)N nanoparticles from an inorganic ammonium fluor
Synthesis and characterization of III-V rod shape semiconductor nanocrystals
Advanced characterization techniques of nonuniform indium distribution within In