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磁控溅射法制备光催化TiO_2薄膜的研究/Study on photocatalytic TiO_2 thin films prepared by magnet
Nanostructured Ni3Al produced by magnetron sputtering
Fabrication of Au nanoparticles by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering
Universal ion-beam-sputtering device for diffusion studies
Growth of CNxHy films by reactive magnetron sputtering of carbon in Ar/NH3 disch
Optical properties of Si nanocrystals prepared by magnetron sputtering
Microstructure of nano-laminated SiC/W film grown by magnetron sputtering
Low-load indentation behavior of HfN thin films deposited by reactive rf sputter
Superhard coatings of CNx/ZrN multilayers prepared by DC magnetron sputtering
Nanocrystalline ZnSe films prepared by high pressure magnetron sputtering
Magnetron sputtering of films with controlled texture and grain size
Mechanical and electrical properties of fcc TiO1+x thin films prepared by r.f. r
Growth and nanostructure of InN thin films deposited by reactive magnetron sputt
Structural and optical studies of CdS nanocrystals embedded in silicon dioxide f
Temperature evolution of nanostructures induced by Ar+ sputtering on Ag(001)
Electronic structure of Ag nanoparticles deposited on Si(1 0 0)
Synthesis of nanocomposite thin films based on the Mo-Si-C ternary system and co
Nanostructure of ZnO thin films prepared by reactive rf magnetron sputtering
Soft magnetic properties of as-deposited Fe-Hf-C-N films by N2 reactive RF magne
Novel high wear resistant diamond-like carbon coatings deposited by magnetron sp
Tungsten-carbon films prepared by reactive sputtering from argon-benzene dischar
Growth and properties of CNx films prepared by reactive DC magnetron sputtering
Optical properties of transparent nanocrystalline Cu2O thin films synthesized by
Growth of gallium nitride films produced by reactive sputtering at low temperatu
Magnetron sputtering of alloy and alloy-based films
Synthesis and TEM study of nanoparticles and nanocrystalline thin films of silve
Perspective of magnetron sputtering in surface engineering
Characterization of aluminum oxide thin films deposited on polycarbonate substra
Properties of zirconium oxide thin films deposited by pulsed reactive magnetron
Characterization of sputter-deposited chromium oxide thin films
Optical diffuse reflectance spectra of GaSb nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 matrix
In situ tensile studies of nanocrystalline copper film
Tribological and mechanical properties of carbon nitride films deposited by ioni
Characteristics of nanostructured Cr-B films produced by RF magnetron sputtering
Co,Ni-base alloy thin films deposited by reactive radio frequency magnetron sput
Control of diameter and density of the carbon nanotubes fabricated on the hydrof
Composite coatings producing by magnetron sputtering method
Characteristics of Al nano-films used as optical disk reflective layer
Deposition of TiN/A1N bilayers on a rotating substrate by reactive sputtering
Thick physical vapour deposited TiB2 coatings
Wear protective coatings consisting of TiC-SiC-a-C: H deposited by magnetron spu
Effect of seed and interface layers on the magnetic properties of laminated Fe-A
Effect of substrate temperature on performance of ZAO thin films deposited by ma
Studies of transparent conductive ZnO:Al nanofilms
Studies of photo-induced characteristics of nanoscale titanium dioxide thin film
Low-temperature silicon homoepitaxial growth by pulsed magnetron sputtering
Photodecomposition and bactericidal effects of TiO2 thin films prepared by a mag
Ion beam sputtering induced ripple formation in thin metal films
Erosion resistance performance of magnetron sputtering deposited TiAlN coatings
Hard and conductive carbon nanodome thin films deposited by rf magnetron sputter
High textured AlN thin films grown by RF magnetron sputtering; Composition, stru
Direct observation of strain fields in epitaxial growth Fe 3O4 thin films on MgO
Characterization of (CoCr/Pt)20 nanomultilayers preparation by magnetron sputter
Effect of sputtering power on surface topography and mechanical properties of Ge
Deposition of TiAlN film by reactive magnetron co-sputtering and related mechani
RF reactive magnetron sputtering for Fe-doped titania films deposited from ceram
Synthesis and property study of nanoparticle quaternary semiconductor siCAIN fil
Extraction of optical constants and thickness of nanometre scale TiO 2 film
Large magnetic anisotropy in self-organized Co nanospheres
Tribological behaviour and mechanical properties of low temperature gas nitrided
Nanostructuring polymers by soft lithography templates realized via ion sputteri
Self-organized ordering of nanostructures produced by ion-beam sputtering
Mechanical properties of nanocrystalline Ti-B-(N) coatings produced by DC magnet
Memory effect of Al-rich AlN films synthesized with rf magnetron sputtering
Production of carbon nanotubes by the magnetron DC sputtering method
Controlled syntheses of Ag-polytetrafluoroethylene nanocomposite thin films by c
Target surface oxide layer formed by reactive sputtering of Ti target in Ar+O2 m
Morphological studies on carbon nitride films deposited by sputtering and laser
Characterization of nano-structured TiN thin films prepared by R.F. magnetron sp
The low temperature synthesis of Al doped ZnO films on glass and polymer using m
Properties of TiAlN coatings synthesized by closed-field unbalanced magnetron sp
Tailoring of the optical properties of Ag:Si3N4 nanocermets by changes of the cl
Deposition of poly crystalline thin films with controlled grain size
Preparation and microstructures of FeSiBNbCu thin films
Low-temperature deposition of weakly-stressed nanocrystalline silicon films by r
Size distribution and dot shape of self-assembled quantum dots induced by ion sp
Multiscale modeling, simulations, and experiments of coating growth on nanofiber
High performance gas sensing materials based on nanostructed metal oxide films
Deposition of Ti1-xAlxN using bipolar pulsed dual magnetron sputtering
Optimization and thermal stability of TiAlN/Mo multilayers
Reactive magnetron sputtering of thin films: Present status and trends
Nanostructured ZnO and ZAO transparent thin films by sputtering-surface characte
Reactive magnetron sputtering of hard Si-B-C-N films with a high-temperature oxi
Size measurement of plutonium particles from internal sputtering into air
Spontaneous nickel monosilicide nanowire formation by metal induced growth
Selective ion sputtering and initial oxidation in Al-Pd-Mn single quasicrystals
Microwave plasma enhanced low pressure DC sputtering of copper films
Preparation and properties of boron nitride films by sputtering
Sputtering and the formation of nanometre voids and holes in aluminium in a scan
Growth mechanism of nanoparticles prepared by radio frequency sputtering
Raman spectroscopic studies on Sb nanoparticles in SiO2 matrix prepared by rf-co
Structure and magnetism of hcp-Co fine particles
Nanocrystalline diamond films deposited by high pressure sputtering of vitreous
Mechanism of shape-formation for 3D periodic nanostructures by bias sputtering
Mechanism of shape formation of three-dimensional periodic nanostructures by bia
Formation of ordered nanoscale semiconductor dots by ion sputtering
Patterning a surface on the nanometric scale by ion sputtering
Properties of Zr-Si-N coatings prepared by RF reactive sputtering
Novel duplex antimicrobial silver films deposited by magnetron sputtering
Tribological and mechanical properties of carbon nitride films deposited by ioni
Ultradisperse powders obtained by sputtering a target with high-power nanosecond
Scanning tunneling microscopy observation of formation procedure of nano-Ti film
Two-band photoluminescence spectra from nanometre Si particle-embedded Si oxide
Synthesis of nanocrystalline material by sputtering and laser ablation at low te
In situ and ex situ examination of plasma-assisted nitriding of aluminium alloys
Production of ordered silicon nanocrystals by low-energy ion sputtering
Influence of sputtering parameters on microstructure and morphology of TiO2 thin
Effect of substrates on CuInSe2 nanoparticle thin films by radio frequency react
Studies on photocatalytic activity and transmittance spectra of TiO2 thin films
Discrete-path transport theory of physical sputtering
Deposition of TiN/AlN bilayers on a rotating substrate by reactive sputtering
Influence of the sputtering gas on the preferred orientation of nanocrystalline
Sputtered FeCoN soft magnetic thin films with high resistivity
Preparation of atomically clean and flat Si(100) surfaces by low-energy ion sput
Thin CNx overcoats deposited using various sputtering gases
Mechanical properties of sputtered silicon nitride thin films
Magnetron sputtering of nanocomposite (Ti,Cr)CN/DLC coatings
Effect of oxygen content on the electrochromic properties of TiO2 films prepared
Time evolution of the local slope during Cu(110) ion sputtering
Fabrication of isolated FePd nanoparticles by sputtering and heat treatment
Method for aligned bamboolike carbon nanotube growth using RF magnetron sputteri
Synthesis of aligned bamboo-like carbon nanotubes using radio frequency magnetro
How do nanoislands induced by ion sputtering evolve during the early stage of gr
Influence of deposition conditions on performance of MoS2/Ti composite films
Sputter-depth profiling for thin-film analysis
Photocurrent performance and nanostructure analysis of TiO2/ITO electrodes prepa
Lithium cobalt oxide cathode film prepared by rf sputtering
On the tribology and micro-drilling performance of TiN/AlN nanolayer coatings
Influence of morphology of catalyst thin film on vertically aligned carbon nanot
Pattern formation on metal surfaces by ion sputtering
Ruthenium oxide films prepared by reactive unbalanced magnetron sputtering
ZnO thin films with DC and RF reactive sputtering
Investigations on hardness of rf sputter deposited SiCN thin films
Nanoparticle ejection from gold during ion irradiation
Some novel applications of sputtering techniques for diffusion studies in solids
Potential sputtering
Surface morphology evolution of Si(110) by ion sputtering as a function of sampl
Investigation of diamond-like-carbon films prepared by unbalanced magnetron sput
Growth and doping of ZnO films by magnetron sputtering
Nanostructuring of Si(100) by normal-incident Ar+ ion sputtering at low ion flux
On the micro-drilling and turning performance of TiN/AlN nano-multilayer films
Magnetoresistance of FePt nanograins embedded in carbon matrix
Sputtering-induced nanometre hole formation in Ni3AI under intense electron beam
Temperature dependence of rippled corrugations induced on the Rh(110) surface vi
Ion-assisted nanorod growth by dc magnetron sputtering
Size-selected cluster beam source based on radio frequency magnetron plasma sput
Sputtered deposited nanocrystalline ZnO films: a correlation between electrical,
Molecular dynamics simulations of low energy ion sputtering of copper nano-dimen
Nanocrystallization and amorphization induced by reactive nitrogen sputtering in
Exchange-bias stabilization of the magnetic nanoparticles in a granular alloy gr
CoFe-coated carbon nanotube probes for magnetic force microscope
Tungsten carbide prepared by reactive DC magnetron sputtering
Effect of the substrate temperature on the structure and properties of Al2O3 lay