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我国上市公司合并会计报表编制范围研究/Study on the Consolidating Range of Consolidated
云南阿昌族10个X-STR位点遗传多态性研究/Study on Genetic Polymorphism of 10 X-STR Loci of Achang
脉冲激光测距机性能参数测试技术研究/Testing technology for performance parameters of the pulsed la
行政诉讼受案范围研究/On Scope of Accepting Cases of Administrative Litigation
试论我国国家赔偿范围/The range of the state indemnity
无线传感器网络混合式定位算法研究/Research on the hybrid localization algorithm in wireless senso
东北地区气候对厄尔尼诺响应的时空分析/Temporal and spatial analysis on response of climate
Two-dimensional vibrating platform in nm range
Nanoscopic structure of annealed Ge20Te80 glass: quasi-atomic-scale imaging usin
Significance of grain boundaries in the flow of polycrystalline materials
Neutron diffraction studies of residual stress in alumina/silicon carbide nanoco
Automatic correction of the threshold in a device, measuring time intervals of t
Nanofibrillar surface structures of gel-drawn UHMW-polyethylene tapes
Nano-structure and properties of several deformed TiAl and their evolution on an
New method of preparing SiC whiskers by in-situ growth of nanocomposite Si/C/N p
Crystallization of amorphous Fe[sb 73.5]Si[sb 13.5]B[sb 9]Nb[sb 3]Cu[sb 1]
Non-contact scanning probe microscopy with sub-piconewton force sensitivity
Nanostructure of metallic amorphous alloys - characterization of medium-range st
Anisotropic elastic characterization of surfaces from 2 MHz to 20 GHz
Fundamental reactions in illuminated titanium dioxide nanocrystallite layers stu
Nano-Positionieren im Millimeterbereich
Deformation of a glassy polymer film by long-range intermolecular forces
Vergleich Moderner Methoden der Mikrobereichsanalyse im Ueberblick - Anwendung a
Small-angle scattering study of cellulose whiskers in aqueous suspensions
Hydriding properties of the MgNi-H(D) system with amorphous single phase - inves
Time-resolved study of luminescence properties of porous silicon in micro- and n
Tunable wavelength filter using nano-sized droplets of liquid crystal
Synthesis of fluorinated poly(phenylquinoxaline-amide)s and study of thin films
Molecular aggregation of acetic acid in a carbon tetrachloride solution: A molec
Laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry of peptides and proteins with part
Melting temperature of molecular nanocrystals at the lower bound of the mesoscop
Activation energy of the reaction between hexacyanoferrate(III) and thiosulfate
The Relationship between Resonance Scattering Intensity and the Size of Au Parti
Carbonization and activation of sol-gel derived carbon xerogels
Micrometric range order in hybrid organic inorganic hybrid materials
Short-range ordering in Pb(B prime 1/3B double prime 2/3)O3-type relaxor ferroel
A new model for thin-film lubrication
Macro- and microtribology - Similar results, different origins?
Ceramics in Asia: Electrical properties of sintered TiO2 bodies uniformly doped
Electron beam lithography simulation for high resolution and high-density patter
Analysis of power parameters of the near location systems
Study on the capability of materials as reference blocks for the macro range of
Time-resolved SAXS study of nucleation and growth of silica colloids
Mineralization of single flexible polyelectrolyte molecules
Electron probe microanalysis (EPMA) measurement of thin-film thickness in the na
Mechanical properties of gas pressure sintered Si3N4/SiC nanocomposites
Nanomaterials and venture capital
Simulations of the morphology of cylinder-forming asymmetric diblock copolymer t
Rapid poly(ethylene oxide) segmental dynamics in blends with poly(methyl methacr
Long-range ordering of diblock copolymers induced by droplet pinning
Ion trap tandem mass spectrometry of biological molecules using wide range excit
A relax type wide range field sensor using Finemet
Stripe phases from isotropic repulsive interactions
Characterization of the static and dynamic behaviour of M(O)EMs by optical techn
Synthesis and characterization of electrodeposited nanocrystalline nickel
Study on a novel atomic force microscope with large scanning range
Development and validation of a method for determination of trace levels of alky
Short range and long range strain fields of Bi nanoline
Geometry of short-range order in the liquid, amorphous and nano-dimensional phas
Time-resolved XPS analysis of the SiO2/Si system in the millisecond range
Medium-range atomic order studied by neutron on scattering
Nanoscale optical biosensor: Short range distance dependence of the localized su
Silica xerogel supported cobalt metal Fischer-Tropsch catalysts for syngas to di
A nanoscale optical biosensor: The long range distance dependence of the localiz
Realization of a large range metrological AFM using NMM
Review on long-range and ultrahigh-accuracy nanometer measurements
Effects of assistant agent on mesoporous structure of silica MCM-41 molecular si
Short-range ferromagnetism and transport properties of amorphous (Gd, Y)xSi1-x a
Cathodoluminescence of iodine dimers in KCl:I crystals
Ultra wideband signal generation
Quantum dots and their tunnel barrier in semiconducting single-wall carbon nanot
Pressure-induced polymorphic transformation in single-crystal Si
Remote microwave PECVD for continuous, wide-area coating under atmospheric press
Preparation of silsesquioxane particles via a nonhydrolytic sol-gel route
Investigation of the neutron quantum states in the earths gravitational field
Efficient photoconductive devices at infrared wavelengths using quantum dot-poly
Hydrogen-induced modification of the medium-range structural order in amorphous
Colours take a shine to coated steels
Thermodynamics of hydrogen uptake in Mg films studied by resistance measurements
Dielectric response near the permittivity maximum in (Sr0.8 Pb0.2) TiO3 ceramic
Fabrication and magnetotransport properties of carbon films with embedded metal
Stretching calorimetry studies of poly(ε-caprolactone)/organoclay nanoco
Self-diffusion in nanoscale structures measured by neutron reflectometry
On the evolution of structure and composition in sol-gel-derived lead zirconate
Electrical conductivity of nanostructured ZnTe films
The nanoscopic structure of annealed Ge20Te80 glass: quasi-atomic-scale imaging
Localization in semiconductor quantum-wire nanostructures
Estimations of the characteristics of GHz range nanocantilevers: eigenfrequencie
A VCA with 300 mHz bandwidth
Microstrip stabilized semiconductor asymmetrical quantum well structure generato
Preparation, structure and properties of MoSx films
Resonantly enhanced nonlinearity in doped fibers for low-power all-optical switc
Terahertz spectroscopy of water in inverse micelles
Concentric carbon structures
EPR spectroscopy of low-dimension structures produced in natural diamonds and sy
Kinetics of relaxation processes in nanocrystalline compounds
Principles of designing power HV pulse forming lines of the nano- and microsecon
Spectral coherent optics
Anomalous infra-red absorption of nanocermets in the percolation range
Computed temperature stability of the remanence and the coercivity of nanoscaled
Electrical resistivity of copper-silica nanocomposites synthesized by electrodep
Clustering and devils staircase in a one-dimensional adsorbate system
Variable range hopping conduction in bulk samples composed of single-walled carb
Direct force measurements on bulk polystyrene using the bimorph surface forces a
A visible-near infrared range photonic crystal made up of Si nanopillars
Photodynamic properties of green fluorescent proteins investigated by fluorescen
Structural order of nanocrystalline ZnO films
Electrical properties of iron-silica nanocomposites synthesized by electrodeposi
The interplay of surface segregation and atomic order in alloys
Electronic energy state of a periodic porous nanoscale graphite
Spectral response of plasmon resonant nanoparticles with a non-regular shape
Technique of broadband measurements of frequency conversion efficiency for each
3D simulations of ultra-small MOSFETs with real-space treatment of the electron-
Influence of reduction mechanism on the morphology of cobalt nanoparticles in a
The melting temperature of molecular nanocrystals at the lower bound of the meso
General properties of low-frequency power losses in Fe-based nanocrystalline sof
Nanoscratch tester for thin film mechanical properties characterization
Nanoscale icosahedral quasicrystalline phase formation in a rapidly solidified Z
Dielectric dispersion of the relaxor PLZT ceramics in the frequency range 20 Hz-
Short-range ordering in Pb(B1/3B2/3)O3-type relaxor ferroelectrics
Equilibrium short-range order in the isotropic phase of a poly(ester-imide) with
Influence of long-range order on the mechanical properties of the boron-alloyed
A large-aperture, low-resolution quadrupole separator for producing deposited cl
Total-reflection X-ray microscopy
Laser diode interferometer used to measure displacements in large range with a n
Ragout-jet FTIR spectroscopy of cluster isomerism and cluster dynamics: from car
Borate glasses with paramagnetic dopants. A new magnetooptic material for the IR
Characterisation of the geometry of indenters used for the micro- and nanoindent
Nanometer-range modification of materials using the electrodynamic localization
Local order in industrial and model γ phases of superalloys
Nanostructuring of tips for scanning probe microscopy by ion sputtering: Control
High power semiconductor laser diodes
Formation of long-range-ordered nanocrystal superlattices on silicon nitride sub
Dynamic contacts on viscoelastic films: work of adhesion
Evolution of long-range order in relaxors
Consistency of superconducting correlations with one-dimensional electron intera
Two-dimensional long-range-ordered growth of uniform cobalt nanostructures on a
On the nature of antiferromagnetism in the CuO2 planes of oxide superconductors
Long-range structuring of nanoparticles by mimicry of a cholesteric liquid cryst
A new method for high resolution position measurement on long range
Polymer-stabilized liquid crystal blue phases
Characterization of (0.4)Pb2(In,Nb)O6:(0.6)Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3 relaxor ceramics
Nanoparticle-templated carbon nanotube ring nucleus formation
Structure and stability of hcp bulk and nano-precipitated Ag2Al
Molecular weight, osmotic second virial coefficient, and extinction coefficient
Structural studies of annealed ultrathin La0.8MnO3 films
Effects of temperature bias on nanoflare statistics
Anomalous magnetic and dynamic behavior in magnetoresistive compounds: origin of
Inhomogeneous magnetism in La-doped CaMnO3. II. Nanometric-scale spin clusters a
Medium-range order in amorphous silicon measured by fluctuation electron microsc
Strain measurements in the nanometer range in a particulate composite using comp
Humidity sensing by nanocomposites of silver in silicate glass ceramics
GSM over Ethernet
Transport in molecular wire with long-range Coulomb interactions: a mean-field a
Structural order in oxygenated gallium nitride films
Simplified sedimentaion process for 3D photonic thick layers/bulk crystals with
Electrical conduction in glass ceramics containing metal nanodispersoids
Manifestation of the Verwey transition in the tunneling spectra of magnetite nan
Controlled size of PbS nanocrystals doped ORMOSIL
Mechanical activation-induced sequential combination, morphotric segregation and
Radiation limitation in the visible and near-IR ranges by calcium fluoride nanop
Short- and long-range order in iron and cobalt disilicides thin films investigat
Nanotechnology of transparent metals for radio frequency electromagnetic shieldi
Short and long range ordered surface structures of segregated species on Fe(100)
Analysis of the structure of titanium tetrachloride derived precipitates
A co-pyrolysis method to boron nitride nanotubes at relative low temperature
Microstructure characterization of transition films from amorphous to nanocrysta
Wavelength-stabilized tilted cavity quantum dot laser
A wide range measuring system for thin lubricating film: from nano to micro thic
Simulation of Youngs modulus of single-walled carbon nanotubes by molecular dyna
Small-scale composition fluctuations and microdomain formation in lipid raft mod
Reduction of long-range force interaction using AFM carbon nanotube tip
Piezoelectric motor with long-range and nano-step
Metrological large range scanning probe microscope
Influence of thermal processing on the perfection of crystals in polyamide 66 an
Non-uniformity of temperatures along nanotubes in hot reactors and axial growth
Supra crystal: control of the ordering of self-organization of cobalt nanocrysta
A GHz range electromagnetic wave absorber with wide bandwidth made of FeCo/Y2O3
Effects of short-range scatterers on perfect channel in metallic carbon nanotube
Electronic structure of titania aerogels from soft x-ray absorption spectroscopy
Shape and stability of self-assembled surface domains
High-performance surface-micromachined inchworm actuator
Long range interactions on wires: a reciprocal space based formalism
Molecular dynamics simulation of nanomaterials using an artificial neural net
Nanoimprint lithography - a next generation high volume lithography technique
Tungsten pedestal structure for nanotriode devices
Long-range periodicity in carbon nanotube sidewall functionalization
Structural perturbations within Ge nanocrystals in silica
Dual imaging unit atomic force microscope and its applications in wide-range nan
Design and implementation of the laser range-gating imaging synchronization cont
Effect of the spin short-range order on electron transport and neutron scatterin
Carbon nanotubes: a new type of emitter in the terahertz range
Over-coordination and order in hydrogenated nanostructured silicon thin films: t
Commensurability and stability in nonperiodic systems
Van der Waals-corrected density functional theory: benchmarking for hydrogen-nan
Experimental assessment of plasticity of nanocrystalline 1.7 mol% yttria tetrago
Electrical properties of compacted assembly of copper oxide nanoparticles
Dielectric characteristics of ferroelectric films prepared by aerosol deposition
Non-contact surface force microscopy for molecular interaction study
Atomistic processes during nanoindentation of amorphous silicon carbide
Structural and magnetic properties of the single-layer manganese oxide La1-xSr1+
Patterning with block copolymer thin films
Dynamic range of nanotube- and nanowire-based electromechanical systems
Spectral response of a gigahertz-range nanomechanical oscillator
New and exotic self-organized patterns for modulated nanoscale systems
Negative refraction and subwavelength lensing in a polaritonic crystal
Optimal x-ray source development in the spectral range 4-14 angstrom using a Nd:
Characterization of a Co84Nb10B6 metallic glass
Zero- and one-dimensional nanostructures on an Si1-xGex/Si(100) surface