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Strategy for the chemical synthesis of nanostructures
Specific adsorption of streptavidin to a tetrabiotinylated porphyrin monolayer a
Quartz-crystal-microbalance study of protein binding on lipid monolayers at the
Adsorption of silver colloidal particles through covalent linkage to self-assemb
Making gold nanostructures using self-assembled monolayers and a scanning tunnel
Nanoscale metal/self-assembled monolayer/metal heterostructures
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering spectroscopy and AFM studies of amphiphilic ni
Effect of compression of a stearic acid monolayer on interfacial binding of copp
Formation of two-dimensional networks of oligoepoxide in Langmuir monolayers on
Efficient lateral electron transport inside a monolayer of aromatic amines ancho
Fabrication and characterization of CdS-nanoparticle mono- and multilayers on a
High-gain excitonic lasing from a single InAs monolayer in bulk GaAs
Self-assembled monolayers of thioalkanoate on Ag and Au surfaces: hydrolysis and
Electroactive three-dimensional monolayers: Anthraquinone ω-functionalized
From mesoscopic to nanoscopic surface structures: Lithography with colloid monol
X-ray study of the fluctuations and the interfacial structure of a phospholipid
Fabrication of monolayers containing internal molecular scaffolding: Effect of s
Nanoelectrochemical patterning of monolayer surfaces: Toward spatially defined s
Determination of monolayer density by potentiometric titration
Molecular adsorption vs. cell adhesion at an electrified aqueous interface
Indentation Analysis of Linear-Chain Hydrocarbon Monolayers Anchored to Diamond
Electrochemical quantized capacitance charging of surface ensembles of gold nano
Scanning probe lithography for electrode surface modification
Nanotribology of behenic acid monolayer and its aggregation state
Nucleation of calcium phosphate on 11-mercaptoundecanoic acid self-assembled mon
Constructive nanolithography: Site-defined silver self-assembly on nanoelectroch
Coupled plasmon modes in an ordered hexagonal monolayer of metal nanoparticles:
Polymer pattern formation on SiO2 surfaces using surface monolayer initiated pol
Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopic detection of porphyrin monolayer
Langmuir-Blodgett monolayers and films of alkylated tetraazacrowns containing me
Observation of a superstructure X-ray peak within lipopolymer monolayers on the
Effects of branched ligands on the structure and stability of monolayers on gold
Template synthesis of metal nanowires containing monolayer molecular junctions
Nanostructure of fullerene-bearing artificial lipid monolayer on water surface b
Preparation, phase transfer, and self-assembled monolayers of cubic Pt nanoparti
Two-dimensional photochemical synthesis of plate-like nanoparticles
Birefringence and transmission electron microscopy of monolayer and bilayer magn
Subpicosecond transient dynamics in gold nanoparticles encapsulated by a fluorop
Self-assembly of uniform monolayer arrays of nanoparticles
Preparation of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-monolayer-protected gold clusters: Sy
Novel photoactive self-assembled monolayer for immobilization and cleavage of DN
Sub-100-nm pattern formation through selective chemical transformation of self-a
Time-Dependent Complexation of Cysteine-Capped Gold Nanoparticles with Octadecyl
Interfacially organized DNA/polycation complexes: A route to new planar polymeri
Preparation of large scale monolayers of gold nanoparticles on modified silicon
Production of ordered arrays of polymer nanoparticles
Preparation of monodisperse platinum nanocrystal core-poly(amidoamine) (PAMAM) d
Effect of salt concentration on the nanostructure of weak polyacid brush in the
Detection of biomolecular interaction between biotin and streptavidin on a self-
Reversible nanochemical conversion
Immobilization of a fluorinated polymer Langmuir-Blodgett monolayer on a solid s
Preparation of Pt monolayer islands using self-assembled monolayer technique
An ordered retinoate monolayer prepared on rutile TiO2(110)
Highly organized self-assembled monolayer and multilayer films of titania nanosh
H2S-induced reorganization of mixed monolayer of carboxylic derivatives on silve
The nature of alkanethiol self-assembled monolayer adsorption on sputtered gold
Structural self-organization in a metallic heterogeneous system crystal-monolaye
Attraction-driven disorder in a hard-core colloidal monolayer
A study of the hydrophobic properties of alkanethiol self-assembled monolayers p
Electron transport in two-dimensional arrays of gold nanocrystals investigated b
Modulation of heterogeneous electron-transfer dynamics across the electrode/mono
Noncovalent functionalization of carbon nanotubes with molecular anchors using s
Platinum monolayer electrocatalysts for O2 reduction: Pt monolayer on Pd(111) an
Synthesis and catalytic properties of soluble platinum nanoparticles protected b
Hexanethiolate monolayer protected 38 gold atom cluster
Evidence for a radical mechanism in monolayer formation on silicon ground (or sc
Deposition of multi-wall carbon nanotubes on self-assembled monolayer with diffe
Optical pH meter by means of a porphyrin monolayer covalently assembled on a mol
Molecular conformation and spreading mechanism of monolayer PFPE lubricant film
Size-controlled electrochemical synthesis of metal nanoparticles on monomolecula
Oxygen reduction at platinum monolayer Islands deposited on Au(111)
Nanomolar protein sensing with embedded receptor molecules
Effects of particle size on the monolayer structure of nanoparticles formed via
Magnetoswitchable reactions of DNA monolayers on electrodes: Gating the processe
Platinum monolayer on nonnoble metal-noble metal core-shell nanoparticle electro
Particle design of organic molecular crystals on nanoengineered surfaces
Sexithiophene adlayer growth on vicinal gold surfaces
Area-selective formation of an organosilane monolayer on silicon oxide nanopatte
The specific adsorption of streptavidin to a tetrabiotinylated porphyrin monolay
Scanning tunneling microscopy and lithography of gold surfaces coated with a Lan
Nanostructure fabrication in silicon using cesium to pattern a self-assembled mo
Nanoscale organized assembly of nanoparticulate TiO2-stearate monolayers through
Steric and substrate mediation of polymers formed within single molecular layers
Preparation of CdS nanoparticles at the monolayer of N-methyl-p-(p-tetradecyloxy
Cap-shaped gold nanoparticles for an optical biosensor
Light scattering microscopy from monolayers and nanoparticles at the air/water i
Intra- and intermonolayer hydrogen bonding in amide-functionalized alkanethiol s
Moiré contrast in the local tunneling barrier height images of monolayer
The study of the attachment of a single-walled carbon nanotube to a self-assembl
Preparation and electrical characterisation of dodecanethiol monolayer protected
Structural study of CdS nanocrystals grown under cadmium behenate Langmuir monol
Electron transport on a single CdS nanocrystal formed on self-assembled monolaye
Formation of a large-scale Langmuir-Blodgett monolayer of alkanethiol-encapsulat
Metal monolayer deposition by replacement of metal adlayers on electrode surface
Mechanical nanofabrication of lignoceric acid monolayer with atomic force micros
Microcontact printing with heavyweight inks
Two-dimensional synthesis of anisotropic nanoparticles
Structural characterization of monolayer and regularly stacked multi-layers comp
Enhancement of magneto-optical effects in magnetite nanocrystals near gold surfa
Lateral electron transport inside a monolayer of derivatized fullerenes anchored
Using nanografting to achieve directed assembly of de novo designed metalloprote
Hydrophobic anchoring of monolayer-protected gold nanoclusters to carbon nanotub
Tomographic diffractive imaging of monolayer crystals at atomic resolution with
Precise positioning of nanoparticles on surfaces using scanning probe lithograph
Effect of chain length and the nature of the monolayer on the electrical behavio
Formation of C60 monolayer films and their frictional behaviors
Interface effect on the electronic structure of alkanethiol-coated platinum nano
Fabrication of two-dimensional assembly of L10FePt nanoparticles
Fabrication of a built-in patterned metal microstructure on a polymer substrate
Ambipolar charge injection and transport in a single pentacene monolayer island
Characterization of phenylene-based molecular switches self-assembled in nano vi
Microcontact printing of uniform nanoparticle arrays
Surfactant layering on mixed monolayer-protected gold clusters
Monolayer/bilayer transition in Langmuir films of derivatized gold nanoparticles
Dendrimer monolayers as negative and positive tone resists for scanning probe li
Interaction of vapor-deposited Ti and Au with molecular wires
Controlled assembly monolayer-protected gold clusters by dissolved DNA
Single- and multigrain nanojunctions with a self-assembled monolayer of conjugat
Highly selective, electrically conductive monolayer of nanoparticles on live bac
Water at interfaces and its influence on the electrical properties of adsorbed f
Size and shape controlled growth of molecular nanostructures on silicon oxide te
Optical properties of a periodic monolayer of metallic nanospheres on a dielectr
Growth and thermal behaviour of NiO nanolayers on Pd(100)
Making monolayer of inorganic nanoparticles on silicon substrate
Langmuir monolayers of Co nanoparticles and their patterning by microcontact pri
Self-assembled monolayer-enhanced hydrogen sensing with ultrathin palladium film
Scanning probe lithography using a trimethylsilyl organosilane monolayer resist
Scanning probe anodization: Nanolithography using thin films of anodically oxidi
Preparation of nanoparticulate [PMo11Cu(H2O)O-39](5-)-n-C18H37NH2 film using Lan