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Fractal ferromagnetic exchange interactions in metal-containing (nanosize cluste
Mossbauer spectroscopy in nanocrystalline Fe88Zr7B4Cu1
Effect of magnetoelastic interaction on the magnetoimpedance of ferromagnetic al
Peculiarities of the ferromagnetic resonance spectra of highly filled nickel - p
Ferromagnetic decagonal Mn-Al-Ge-B-Fe quasicrystals with high coercive force
Spin-dependent tunneling between a soft ferromagnetic layer and hard magnetic na
Surface-enhanced magneto-optical effects in ferromagnetic superlattices
Magnetoimpedance in amorphous and nanocrystalline ferromagnetic alloys
Composite of polyaniline with both conducting and ferromagnetic functions
Synthesis and ferromagnetic properties of composites of a water-soluble polyanil
Ferromagnetic resonance and Mossbauer studies of amorphous and nanocrystalline F
Tunnel magnetoresistance between ferromagnetic electrodes and hard magnetic nano
Electrical and ferromagnetic behavior of polyaniline composites
Coherent transport of electron spin in a ferromagnetically contacted cartoon nan
Conductance quantization in ferromagnetic Ni nanowire
Two-phase character of metallic ferromagnetism in manganites
Ferromagnetic resonance experiments in partially devitrified Co-based metallic g
Hysteresis model for isotropic magnetization process - Application and physical
Existence conditions of surface spin waves in ferromagnetic nanowires and nanopa
Mesoscopic monodisperse ferromagnetic colloids enable magnetically controlled ph
Analytic treatment of the incomplete ferromagnetic domain-wall model for exchang
Curie-Weiss analysis of ferromagnetic and glassy transitions in nanostructured G
Ferromagnetic resonance experiments in an obliquely deposited FeCo-Al 2O3 film s
Hole spin polarization in metallic ferromagnetic GaMnAs multilayers and superlat
Transport in magnetic nanostructures in the presence of Coulomb interaction (inv
Synthesis of ferromagnetic Mn-Pt nanoparticles from organometallic precursors
Micromagnetoluminescence on ferromagnet-semiconductor hybrid nanostructures
Magnetic imprinting of submicron ferromagnetic wires on a diluted magnetic semic
Micromagnetic simulation of magnetization reversal in controlled mesoscopic ferr
Ferromagnetic resonance in nanoparticles with surface pinning
Coordination imperfection suppressed phase stability of ferromagnetic, ferroelec
Numerical simulation of magnetoresonance absorption for multilayered Co/Cu nanos
Synthesis and lithographic applications of highly metallized cluster-based polyf
The relationship between ballistic magnetoresistance and magnetostriction of mac
Ferromagnetic resonance study of nanoscale ferromagnetic ring lattices
Receptor-mediated self-assembly of multi-component magnetic nanowires
Wave-absorbing property and mechanism of nano-multilayers prepared with MEVVA io
Single-source precursor route for the synthesis of EuS nanocrystals
High-frequency magnetic permeability of nanocomposite film
Plastic ferromagnetic composite materials for magnetic encoders
Influence of structure of the Ni2.14Mn0.81Fe0.05Ga alloy on the temperature depe
Nanostructure and magnetic properties of the MnZnO system, a room temperature ma
Ferromagnetic 0-π junctions as classical spins
Confined spin waves reveal an assembly of nanosize domains in ferromagnetic La1-
Ferromagnetic semiconductors
Nanoengineered Curie temperature in laterally patterned ferromagnetic semiconduc
Ferromagnetic nanoparticles containing biologically active alkanolamines: Prepar
Ferromagnetic ordering in nanostructured Mn-doped InP
Electrical spin injection in multiwall carbon nanotubes with transparent ferroma
Critical size for exchange bias in ferromagnetic-antiferromagnetic particles
Vortex matter in superconductor / ferromagnet hybrids
Magnetic alignment of nanowires
Nonlocal magnetization dynamics in ferromagnetic heterostructures
Magnetization switching in nanoscale ferromagnetic grains: description by a kine
Fabrication and characterization of micromagnet arrays on top of GaAs/AlGaAs het
New effects in ferromagnetic nanostructures
Advanced multiphase magnetic systems
Extrinsic superparamagnetism in plastically deformed copper
Decomposition of CuFe-type nanocrystalline supersaturated solid solutions
Micromagnetic examination of exchange coupled ferromagnetic nanolayers
A composite of polyaniline with both conducting and ferromagnetic functions
Current switching of resistive states in magnetoresistive manganites
Nanostructural considerations in giant magnetoresistive Co-Cu-based symmetric sp
Cobalt and nickel cluster-assembled thin films obtained by low-energy cluster be
Approach to saturation and magnetic properties of melt-spun Fe-Cu granular syste
Magnetic coherence above the Curie point in ferromagnetic LaSrMnO manganites
Magnetic and microstructural properties of nanocrystalline exchange coupled PrFe
Time-resolved surface magnetometry in the nanosecond scale using synchrotron rad
Effect of local AC magnetic fields on the nonlinear magnetization of amorphous a
Ordering nanometer-scale magnets using bacterial thread templates
Monodisperse ferromagnetic particles for microwave applications
Spin-dependent tunneling through layered ferromagnetic nanoparticles
Dipolar superferromagnetism in monolayer nanostripes of Fe(110) on vicinal W(110
Radiolytic preparation of nanophase cubic cobalt metal particles
Inter-grain coupling in nanocrystalline soft magnets
Perpendicular transport of spin-polarized electrons through magnetic nanostructu
Long-range ferromagnetic order in ensemble of nanometric magnetic particles with
Spin filtering by ultrathin ferromagnetic films
Effect of disorder on the magnetic properties of SmCo5
Ferromagnetic resonance in ferrite nanoparticles with uniaxial surface anisotrop
Effect of unidirectional anisotropy on the ferromagnetic resonance in ferrite na
2e2/h to e2/h switching of quantum conductance associated with a change in nanos
Dynamical properties of non-interacting Co nanoparticles
Two-dimensional paramagnetic-ferromagnetic phase transition and magnetic anisotr
Microwave properties of metallic nanowires
Influence of superlattice produced by coherent light beams on the optical proper
Effect of surfactant concentration on the size of coated ferromagnetic nanoparti
Spatially inhomogeneous metal-insulator transition in doped manganites
Microscopic study of the magnetic coupling in a nanocrystalline soft magnet
Dimensionality of a system of exchange-coupled grains and magnetic properties of
Low-temperature magnetic properties of Fe nanograins in an amorphous Fe-Zr-B mat
Magnetic nanostructures on the fcc Fe/Cu(100) surface
Magnetic properties of hematite nanoparticles
Spin-dependent transport of Co-SiO2 granular films approaching percolation
Phase transformations in ferromagnetic NiMnGa shape memory films
Ferromagnetism in germanium clathrate: Ba8Mn2Ge44
Tunnel magnetoresistance in double junctions with layered ferromagnetic nanopart
Soft magnetic properties in nano-scale inhomogeneous Ni3Mn alloys
Tunneling giant magnetoresistance in coevaporated Fex(SiO)1-x thin films
Suppression of exchange bias by ion irradiation
Growth and properties of magnetic nanostructures on semiconductor surfaces
Current-induced realignment of magnetic domains in nanostructured Cu/Co multilay
Monodisperse FePt nanoparticles and ferromagnetic FePt nanocrystal superlattices
Uniform magnetization rotation in single ferromagnetic nanowires
Composites of polypyrrole with conducting and ferromagnetic behaviors
Magnetic switching of single vortex permalloy elements
Magnetic configurations in the region of a nanocontact between ferromagnetic bar
Magnetoresistance of a ferromagnetic metal nanocomposite with nonspherical granu
Magnetic properties of 6-nm iron nanoclusters
Exchange coupling in nanostructured CoO/NiFe networks
Enhanced tunnel magnetoresistance in granular nanobridges
Magnetoresistance of Mn:Ge ferromagnetic nanoclusters in a diluted magnetic semi
Characterization of exchange coupling in nanocomposite magnets by ferromagnetic
Magnetization precession by hot spin injection
Nanoscale multiphase separation at La2/3Ca1/3MnO3/SrTiO3 interfaces
Theory of spin excitations and the microwave response of cylindrical ferromagnet
Excellent magnetic properties of fullerene encapsulated ferromagnetic nanocluste
Spin filtering by ferromagnetic nanowires
Structure and Mössbauer spectra for the Fe-Cr system: From bulk alloy to na
Arrays of ferromagnetic iron and cobalt nanocluster wires
Exchange coupling effects in nanocrystalline alloys studied by Monte Carlo simul
Magnetic systems with carbon nanotubes
Resistively coupled ferromagnetic single-electron transistors
Magnetic and transport properties of Mn-based fractional-layer oxide superlattic
L10 type ordered phase formation in Fe-Au nanoparticles
Spin-dependent tunneling in nanostructures consisting of magnetic barriers
Undulation instabilities in laterally structured magnetic multilayers
Low temperature magnetoresistance in ferromagnetic nanoring system
Model study for the nonequilibrium magnetic domain structure during the growth o
Aharonov-Bohm oscillation of resistance observed in a ferromagnetic Fe-Ni nanori
Organometallic synthesis and magnetic properties of ferromagnetic Sm-Co nanoclus
Temperature and size dependent interparticle interactions in Co-SiO2 granular fi
Circular magnetization and susceptibility of an ideal soft ferromagnetic strip
Reversal of exchange bias in nanocrystalline antiferromagnetic-ferromagnetic bil
Relation between observed micromagnetic ripple and FMR width in ultrasoft magnet
Nanosecond magnetic relaxation processes in ultrathin metallic films prepared by
Ferromagnetic resonance studies of nickel and permalloy nanowire arrays
Large surface magnetic contribution in amorphous ferromagnetic nanoparticles
Ballistic magnetoresistance in nanocontacts electrochemically grown between macr
The change from paramagnetic resonance to ferromagnetic resonance for iron nanop
Formation of ferromagnetic Ni/SiO2 nanospheres
Common features of nanoscale structural correlations in magnetoresistive mangani
Calculation of damping rates in thin inhomogeneous ferromagnetic films due to co
Kondo effect and STM spectra through ferromagnetic nanoclusters
Aqueous chemical route to ferromagnetic 3-D arrays of iron nanorods
Spin excitations of magnetic vortices in ferromagnetic nanodots
Tuning the response of magnetic suspensions
Selective growth of cobalt nanoclusters in domains of block copolymer films
Beating the superparamagnetic limit with exchange bias
Micromechanical instruments for ferromagnetic measurements
Giant frequency dependence of dynamic freezing in nanocrystalline ferromagnetic
Cell manipulation using magnetic nanowires
Spin blockade in ferromagnetic nanocontacts
Oriented ferromagnetic Fe-Pt alloy nanoparticles produced in Al2O3 by ion-beam s
Direct thermal patterning of self-assembled nanoparticles
Magnetovibrational coupling in small cantilevers
Field induced two-dimensional ferromagnetic ordering in a gadolinium stearate La
Preparation of La1-xSrxMnO3 nanoparticles by sonication-assisted coprecipitation
Peculiar ferromagnetic insulator state in the low-hole-doped manganites
Magnetic photonic band-gap material at microwave frequencies based on ferromagne
The micromagnetic simulations of CoNbCuSiB nanocrystalline material
Elementary excitations of ferromagnetic metal nanoparticles
Micromagnetic simulation of multiphase nanocrystalline material with different b
Magnetization reversal of ferromagnetic nanowires studied by magnetic force micr
Relaxation times in exchange-biased nanostructures
Microcircuit tailoring in ferromagnetic semiconductor (Ga,Mn)As
Kubo formalism in theory of electron transport in nanoheterostructures
Manifestation of granular structure in FMR spectra
Effect of microstructural evolution on magnetic property of Mn-implanted p-type
Anisotropy of the magnetotransport in (Ga,Mn)As/MnAs paramagnetic-ferromagnetic
Magnetooptical study of granular silicon oxide films with embedded CoNbTa ferrom
Two processing techniques to sandwich a 100 nm GaAs layer between ferromagnetic
Fe nanowires in carbon nanotubes as an example of a one-dimensional system of ex
Magnetic domain-wall dynamics in a submicrometre ferromagnetic structure
Non-Gilbert-type damping of the magnetic relaxation in ultrathin ferromagnets: i
Ferrofluids as thermal ratchets
Ratio of orbital-to-spin magnetic moment in Co core-shell nanoparticles
Magnetization reversal and two-level fluctuations by spin injection in a ferroma
Monte Carlo simulation of magnetic properties in nanocrystalline-like systems
Ferromagnetic quantum dots formed by external laser irradiation
Transport in magnetic nanostructures in the presence of Coulomb interaction
Approach to optimize the pinning effect of a NiMn layer with reduced thickness u
Study on magnetic and dielectric properties of ferroelectric/ferromagnetic compo
Thermal behavior of nonsize ferromagnetic particles in magnetic fluids [nanosize
Influence of Cu interlayer thickness on ferromagnetic coupling of Co/Cu/Co nano-
Large magnetoresistance tunnelling through a magnetically modulated nanostructur
Domain-wall trapping in a ferromagnetic nanowire network
Engel et al. Reply
Ferromagnetic-like behavior of ultrafine NiO nanocrystallites
Molecule derived synthesis of nanocrystalline YFeO3 and investigations on its we
Magnetism and structure of atomic-size nanocontacts
Studies on magnetic photonic band-gap material at microwave frequency
Ferromagnetic ultra-small tunnel junction devices fabricated by scanning probe m
DC bias voltage dependence of magnetic-field-induced electric polarization in fe
Periodically ordered nanoscale islands and mesoporous films composed of nanocrys
Magnetisation switching in a ferromagnetic Heisenberg nanoparticle with uniaxial
Manipulation of vortex circulation in decentered ferromagnetic nanorings
Ferromagnetism and piezomagnetic behavior in Mn-doped germanium nanotubes
Direct observation of ferromagnetic spin polarization in gold nanoparticles
Magnetic vortex dynamics in a two-dimensional square lattice of ferromagnetic na
Magnetotransport properties in a lateral spin-injection device with an ferromagn
The relaxation time of the magnetization of uniaxial single-domain ferromagnetic
GaN-based magnetic semiconductors for nanospintronics
Ferromagnetic resonance study of diluted Fe nanogranular films
Size effects on exchange bias in sub-100 nm ferromagnetic-antiferromagnetic dots
Perpendicular exchange bias in antiferromagnetic-ferromagnetic nanostructures
Electrochemical growth of Co nanodots on patterned Si substrates
Current-voltage characteristics of conductance quantized states in ferromagnetic
Fabrication of ferromagnetic nanocluster rods by magnetic trapping
First-principles design of ferromagnetic nanostructures based on group-IV semico
Magnetic filaments in resistive manganites
Pronounced Tc enhancement and magnetic memory effects in hybrid films
Self-organized nanowires: evidence of dipolar interactions from ferromagnetic re
Theoretical study of carbon-coated iron nanowires
Advantages of ferromagnetic nanoparticle composites in microwave absorbers
Self-assembled arrays of high anisotropy FePt-Au nanoparticles
Rigid magnetic foam-like behavior in ball-milled FeAl
Magnetic and transport properties controlled by structural disorder in La0.7Ca0.
Composite of polyaniline containing iron oxides
Room-temperature ferromagnetic nanotubes controlled by electron or hole doping
Self-assembled single-crystal ferromagnetic iron nanowires formed by decompositi
Self-assembly of highly epitaxial (La,Sr)MnO3 nanorods on (001) LaAlO3
Magnetically assembled multiwalled carbon nanotubes on ferromagnetic contacts
Solvothermal preparation of ferromagnetic sub-micron spinel CuCr2Se4 particles
Quantum coherence in a ferromagnetic metal: time-dependent conductance fluctuati
Design of a nanomagnet
Controlled normal and inverse current-induced magnetization switching and magnet
Magnetic properties of metallic ferromagnetic nanoparticle composites
Current-driven switching in a single exchange-biased ferromagnetic Layer
Grain size influence on soft ferromagnetic properties in Fe-Co nanoparticles
Manipulation of spin reorientation transition by oxygen surfactant growth: a com
Magnetostatic modes in ferromagnetic nanowires
Magnetic normal modes in ferromagnetic nanoparticles: a dynamical matrix approac
Biological routes to metal alloy ferromagnetic nanostructures
Ferromagnetic stability in Fe nanodot assemblies on Cu(111) induced by indirect
Detection of ferromagnetic nanowires using GMR sensors
Magnetization dynamics of soft nanocrystalline thin films with random magnetocry
Magnetic coupling between Fe nanoislands induced by capping-layer magnetic polar
Electronic transport in molecular systems with para- and ferromagnetic leads
Atom lithography of Fe
Local atomic structure of ultra-thin Fe films grown on Cu(100)
Spin dynamics in an ultrathin Fe film in the vicinity of the superparamagnetic/f
Morphology and stability in a half-metallic ferromagnetic CrO2 compound of nanop
Two-magnon scattering in a self-assembled nanoscale network of misfit dislocatio
Spin wave modes localised on a nano stripe with two dipole coupled layers
The long range influence of a superconductor on the electron transport in ferrom
Surface modification of ferromagnetics for polymer composites
Magnets and nanometres: mutual attraction
Fabrication of Fe1-xBx ferromagnetic nanofilms and study on their microwave prop
Curie transition temperature of ferromagnetic low-dimensional metals
Physical origin of the ferromagnetic ordering above room temperature in GaMnN na
Voltage-controllable spin polarization of current: model of three-terminal spin
Size and interface effects on critical temperatures of ferromagnetic, ferroelect
Quantum magnetocapacitance in ferromagnetic nanocontacts
Magneto-optical effect of left-handed material
Magnetic-field-induced electric polarization in multiferroic nanostructures
Spin-configuration-related ferromagnetic resonance in nickel nanowire array
Spin filtering in magnetic/semiconductor hybrid nanostructures
Fabrication and abnormal magnetic properties of MnO nanoparticles via vapor phas
Tailoring size effects on the exchange bias in ferromagnetic-antiferromagnetic 1
Precession-aided magnetic stochastic resonance in ferromagnetic nanoparticles wi
Magnetic resonance of metallic nanoparticles in vitreous silicon dioxide implant
Magnetic properties of large aspect ratio Co dots electrodeposited on prestructu
Magneto-controlled nonlinear optical materials
Theory of magnetoelectric effects at magnetoacoustic resonance in single-crystal
Ferromagnetic domain wall on nanometer scale
Relaxation of ferromagnetic nanoparticles in macrophages: In vitro and in vivo s
Transmission lines on periodic bandgap metamaterials: from microwaves to optics
Magnetization reversal in submicron disks: exchange biased vortices
The nucleation of superconductivity in superconducting-ferromagnetic hybrid film
Quantized spin-wave modes in long cylindrical ferromagnetic nanowires in a trans
Ferromagnetic-superconducting hybrid films and their possible applications: a di
Novel method of synthesis for double-perovskite Sr2FeMoO6
New challenge: extended defects in ferromagnetic semiconductors
Stability of information stored in nanoscopic arrays of ferromagnetic posts
Room-temperature ferromagnetism in La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 nanoparticle assembled nanotub
Electrochemical control and selection of the structural and magnetic properties
Ion irradiation control of ferromagnetism in (Ga,Mn)As
Equatorial and related non-equilibrium states in magnetization dynamics of ferro
Application of ferromagnetic nano-wires in porous alumina arrays for magnetic fo
Critical phenomena in chiral symmetry breakdown of micromagnetic configurations
Fractional vortices and composite domain walls in flat nanomagnets
Irradiation-induced magnetism in carbon nanostructures
Iron and Cobalt-based magnetic fluids produced by inert gas condensation
Magnetic vortex resonance in patterned ferromagnetic dots
Magnetic heterogeneity and alignment of single wall carbon nanotubes
Magnetization reversal and nanoscopic magnetic-phase separation in La1-xSrxCoO3
Nanomechanical measurement of magnetostriction and magnetic anisotropy in (Ga,Mn
Enhanced ferromagnetic phase diagram of epitaxial (Co,Mn) alloys on GaAs(001)
Growth of ferromagnetic nanoparticles in Ge:Fe thin films
Chemically fabricated magnetic quantum dots of InP:Mn
Size-dependent spintronic properties of dilute magnetic semiconductor nanocrysta
Soliton-pair dynamics in patterned ferromagnetic ellipses
Intergranular giant magnetoresistance in a spontaneously phase separated perovsk
Ferromagnet-superconductor hybrids
Composite ferromagnetic photoresist for the fabrication of microelectromechanica
Ballistic anisotropic magnetoresistance
Ferromagnetic artificial pinning centers in superconducting Nb0.36Ti0.64 wires