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中国先秦水井研究/Studies Water Wells of the Xian-Qin Period in China
Electronic subband studies of InP/InAs/InxGa1-xAs asymmetric double quantum well
Room temperature photorefractive effect in CdTe/CdZnTe multi quantum wells
Ultrafast optical sampling spectroscopy of exciton dynamics in quantum wells
Electrooptical properties of the Si δ-doped GaAs/AlGaAs triple-barrier res
Quantum confinement and interface effects on photoluminescence from silicon sing
Optimization of nonlinear optical rectification in semiconductor quantum wells u
Visible photoluminescence from silicon single quantum wells
Cathodoluminescence and photoluminescence characterization of etched mesas of Zn
Graded interface effects on the carriers confinement in single GaN/AlxGa1-xN wur
Collective properties of spatially indirect excitons in asymmetric GaAs/AlGaAs d
Landau levels of negatively charged excitons in GaAs/GaAlAs semiconductor quantu
Resonantly enhanced bound-continuum intersubband second harmonic generation in o
Coherent light from E-field induced quantum coupling of exciton states in superl
Photoluminescence spectrum of a-Si/SiO2 and c-Si/SiO2 quantum wells
Global optimization of intersubband resonant third harmonic generation in semico
Resonantly enhanced nonlinear optics in semiconductor quantum wells: An applicat
Long-range transport in excitonic dark states in coupled quantum wells
Dependence of the activation energies on the well width in CdTe/ZnTe strained si
Photogeneration and thermionic currents in p/i(n)/n+ multiple quantum well nanos
A coverslip method for controlled parallel sample introduction into arrays of (s
Acoustically induced potential dots in GaAs quantum wells
Fabrication of a SiSi O2 multiple-quantum-well light emitting diode using remote
Electron hole liquid in silicon single quantum wells
Optical phonon modes in graded III-V nitride quantum wells
Dynamics of carrier-capture processes in GaxIn1-xAs/GaAs near-surface quantum we
Microprobe spectroscopy of localized exciton states in II-VI quantum wells
Quantum wells within quantum dots, a CdS/HgS nanoheterostructure with global and
Molecular beam epitaxy growth over shadow edges: a new method for in situ growth
Probing individual nanostructures with STM-induced light emission
Localized exciton dynamics in strained cubic In0.1Ga0.9N/GaN multiple quantum we
Recombination dynamics of localized excitons in cubic phase InxGa1-xN/GaN multip
Creation of submicrometer structures using polymeric nanoparticle layers and pho
Optical manifestation of magnetoexcitons in near-surface quantum wells
Structural changes in multilayer systems containing InxGa1-xAs1-yNy quantum well
Piezoelectric effect on the optical phonon modes of strained cubic semiconductor
Spectral analysis of high-harmonic coherent acoustic phonons in piezoelectric se
Ultrafast polarization dynamics in biased quantum wells under strong femtosecond
Near-field autocorrelation spectroscopy of disordered semiconductor quantum well
Pulsed optically detected NMR of single GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells
Spatially defined immobilization of biomolecules on microstructured polymer subs
Confinement effects in PbSe quantum wells and nanocrystals
Characterization of nanometric quantum wells in semiconductor heterostructures b
Polarization field effects on the recombination dynamics in low-In-content InGaN
Scanning capacitance microscopy of nanostructures
Lifetime enhancement of the exciton in a trapezoidal-type InGaN/GaN multi-quantu
Spin dynamics and level structure of quantum-dot quantum wells