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拉伸对乙丙橡胶绝缘中空间电荷的影响/Influence of stretch on space charge in EPR insulation
中国排污收费制度的经济学分析—天津市的实证研究/An Economic Analysis of the Pollution Charge System in C
基于上市公司配股再融资行为的审计收费研究——来自中国证券市场的经验数据/A Study on Audit Fees of CPA on the Basis of
MPE改善低密度聚乙烯空间电荷分布及其测量精度的改进/Space Charge in LDPE modified by blending with MPE an
共混和电荷阻挡层对聚乙烯中空间电荷的影响/Effect of Blend and Barrier Layer on Formation of Space Cha
以临床路径为基础的单病种成本测算和定价方法研究/On the Study of Cost Calculation and Pricing Method Base
表面处理对聚合物中空间电荷的影响/Influence of Surface Modification on Space Charge of Polymers
基于长期边际成本法与综合成本法相结合的电网使用费计算研究/Research on transmission network use of system char
小型无刷直流风力发电系统能量转换控制的研究/Research on Energy Conversion Control for Small-Scaled Bru
基于长期边际成本法与综合成本法相结合的电网使用费计算研究/Research on transmission network use of system char
双层介质中空间电荷分布机理的研究/Study on Mechanism of Space Charge Distributions in Two Layer D
绝缘子表面电荷积聚及其对沿面闪络影响的研究/Research on Surface Charge Accumulation and its Effect on
空间电荷测量用纳秒脉冲发生器的研制/development of nanosecond pulse generator for space charge dis
快速充电管理芯片中电压与电流检测控制的研究与设计/The Research and Design of The Sensing and Controlling
快速充电管理芯片中温度和时间控制的研究与设计/The Research and Design of Controller for The Maximum Cha
基于网络和微机的电费管理信息系统/MIS of Electric Based on Web and Computers
聚乙烯电老化中空间电行和陷院参数的变化规律/The Variation of Space Charge and Trap Parameters in Polye
改性聚乙烯中的空间电荷分布与树枝化抑制特性/The Distribution of Space Charge and Properties of Suppres
冷柜最佳充灌量的实验研究及系统的动态模拟/Experimental investigation on optimal refrigerant charge of
对多种电池快速充电的控制器芯片的研究与设计/The Research and Design of a chip for Fast-Charge control
片上电荷泵的研究/Research of On-chip Charge Pump
浮动担保在中国移植之探讨/On transplanting floating charge into China
电子束离子阱(EBIT)中离子电荷态分布及能量的演化/Ion charge state distribution and temperature evoluti
UPS中铅酸电池的快速、安全充电方式的探讨/The study of quick and safety charge method for Lead acid
DNA上电荷转移的理论研究/theoritical study of the charge migration of DNA
通用FLASH的设计与研究/Design And Research Of Normal FLASH
Flash存储器中电荷泵的研究/flash memory charge pump case study
导电聚合物中的载流子动力学研究/Research of charge carriers dynamics in conducting polymers
二次电池锂金属电极及纳米电池的研究/Study on the Rechargeable Lithium Electrode and Nanobattery
基于紧束缚模型的DNA上电荷转移动力学研究/DNA Charge Transfer - Kinetics based on Tight-Binding Mode
基于0.18um EEPROM 技术的低压高效电荷泵设计/Research on low voltage high efficiency charge pump
关于电子结构计算中的一类非线性特征值问题/On Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problem Arising From Electronic Str
嵌入式电可擦除可编程存储器(EEPROM)关键技术研究/Key ciecuits of an embedded EEPROM
高等院校教育收费制度研究──基于华南农业大学教育收费实证/Investigation into the Tuition Fee charged by the H
粉体静电在线监控系统设计/Designing of on-line measuring system for electrostatic charge of p
基于DSP的电池充电系统的研究/Research of battery charging system with DSP
粉体静电在线监控系统设计/Designing of on-line measuring system for electrostatic charge of p
自来水收费管理系统的设计与实现/Design and Implementation of a Tap Water Charge Management Syste
试论中国政府收入形式的规范化问题——中国税费关系问题研究/Tries to discuss the Chinese government income form
Laser induced photocurrent transients and capacitance measurements on nanocrysta
Charge transport in wide band gap nanoporous-nanocrystalline film electrodes
Laser induced photocurrent transients and capacitance measurements on nanocrysta
Charge transport in wide band gap nanoporous-nanocrystalline film electrodes
Enhanced nonlinear absorption and optical limiting in semiconducting polymer/met
HEMT input charge preamplifier for nanoseconds signal processing time
Origin of new bands in the Raman spectra of dye monolayers adsorbed on nanocryst
Human monocyte morphology is affected by local substrate charge heterogeneity
Effect of solution chemistry on the surface charge of polymeric reverse osmosis
Selective construction of electrical connections using an organic charge-transfe
Variation of the aerosol charge neutralization coefficient in the entire particl
Size-related stabilization of diamond nanoparticles
Space charge in nanostructure resonances
Modification of a composite nanofiltration membrane by cationic surfactant adsor
Anomalous space-charge limited currents in nanocrystalline ZnO
Alternate assembly of ordered multilayers of SiO2 and other nanoparticles and po
Bipolar charging and neutralization of nanometer-sized aerosol particles
Single-electron transistor made from a cadmium selenide nanocrystal
In-depth exploration of Si-SiO[sb 2] interface traps in MOS transistors using th
Electrical mobility and size distribution of aged 212Pb nanometer carriers in ni
Nanocrystalline and nanoporous ceramics
Micro-mechanical charge transfer mechanism in soft Coulomb blockade nanostructur
Rapid charge transport along self-assembling graphitic nanowires
Potassium titanyl phosphate membranes: Surface properties and application to ion
Electrostatic discharge failure factor of LSIs and a new method for measuring it
Nanometre-scale mechanical electrometer
Charge carrier dynamics in nanoporous photoelectrodes
High energy particle channeling in nanotubes
Narrow channel MOSFET memory based on silicon nanocrystals and charge storage ch
Nanostructures of polyelectrolyte gel-surfactant complexes
Recombination of photoexcited charge carriers in porous silicon nanostructures w
On interaction induced renormalization in 1D transport
Simulation of charge transport in the nanostructure Camel and heterotransistors
Solution and surface charge properties of shell cross-linked knedel nanoparticle
Dynamics of oxidation of aluminum nanoclusters using variable charge molecular-d
Charge transport as suitable tool to study near-percolation phenomena
Electrochemical oxidation of single wall carbon nanotube bundles in sulfuric aci
Optical characterization of charge-transport in polar dielectrics by holographic
Nanoscale imaging of charge distribution in thin films by modified AFM
Long-lived photoinduced charge separation and redox-type photochromism on mesopo
Synthesis of thin molecular sieve films
Analysis of the salt retention of nanofiltration membranes using the Donnan-ster
Streaming potential measurements as a characterization method for nanofiltration
Time and temperature dependence of the function of charge-trap distribution in e
Charge storage in GaAs metal insulator semiconductor field effect transistor met
Dynamic simulation of electron-beam-induced chargingup of insulators
Voltage contrast defect inspection of contacts and vias for deep quarter micron
Charge fluctuations in the edge states of normal-superconducting hybrid nano-str
Charge transport in percolated water-in-oil microemulsions
Control of surface and ζ potentials on nanoporous TiO2 films by potential-d
Synthesis and characterization of photoconducting polyaniline-TiO2 nanocomposite
Electrical properties of nanoscaled host/guest compounds
Primary processes and structure of the photosystem II reaction center: a photon
Relating nanofiltration membrane performance to membrane charge (electrokinetic)
Modified surface nanoscale explosion: Effects of initial condition and charge fl
Charge on the quantum dot in the presence of tunneling current
Recombination of photogenerated charge carriers in nanoporous gallium phosphide
Coulomb interactions during agglomeration process of soot aerosol nanoparticles
Theory of electron transfer at electrified interfaces
Optimal charged membranes for the pressure-driven separations of ions of differe
Dielectric properties of nc-Si/CaF2 multi quantum wells
Oxide semiconductor nanoparticle in an aqueous medium: A surface charge density
Parameters Influencing Charge Recombination Kinetics in Dye-Sensitized Nanocryst
Electron trapping in dye/polymer blend photovoltaic cells
Hop to it
Electrostatic dispersion phenomena in DMA
Charge transfer and hetero-bonding across the solid-solid interface at room temp
Measurement of grain charge in dusty plasma Coulomb crystals
Evaluating the charge of nanofiltration membranes
Nanoscale STM detection of photocurrents in organic semiconductors
Potential modulated absorbance spectroscopy: An investigation of the potential d
A simple model for adsorption kinetics at charged solid-liquid interfaces
Grain size dependence of electrical conductivity in polycrystalline cerium oxide
Optical properties of charged inclusions
A proportional counter for measurement of the bio-effectiveness of ionising radi
Implications of the charge regulation model for the interaction of hydrophilic s
Electric-field-mediated assembly of silicon islands coated with charged molecule
Effect of solvation on hole motion in DNA
Photophysical, photochemical and photocatalytic aspects of metal nanoparticles
Analysis of integrated single-electron memory operation
Linkage dependent charge separation and charge recombination in porphyrin-pyrome
Analysis of discharge/charge reaction of PbO2 thin film using electrochemical QC
Dimensional changes as a function of charge injection in single-walled carbon na
Trap profiling at nanocavity bands in silicon wafers by means of capacitance-vol
DNA on silicon devices: On-chip synthesis, hybridization, and charge transfer
Analysis of the salt retention of a titania membrane using the DSPM model: Effec
Mixing selectivity in bicomponent, bipolar aggregation
Dynamic screening in AlGaN/GaN multi quantum wells
Effect of solution physico-chemistry on the charge property of nanofiltration me
Shuttle transport of charge in normal and superconducting nanostructures
Size dependence of the surface charge density in EDL-MF
Can nanofiltration be fully predicted by a model?
Derivation of adsorption parameters for nanofiltration membranes using a 1-pK Ba
Understanding the steric and charge contributions in NF membranes using increasi
Development and comparative study of different nanofiltration membranes for reco
Effects of the loading and polymerization temperature on the capacitive performa
Dichalcogenide nanotube electrodes for Li-ion batteries
Symposium Proceedings: Symposium JJ, Organic Electronic and Photonic Materials a
Simultaneous determination of the size and surface charge of individual nanopart
Antiferromagnetic bubbles around nonmagnetic impurities
Leashed ferrocenes at clay surfaces: Potential applications for environmental ca
Quantum dynamics simulations of interfacial electron transfer in sensitized TiO2
Electrons in magnetic structures with domain walls: Accumulation of spin, charge
Modelling single-electron-transistor-based readout in the Kane solid-state quant
Surface charge, effective charge and dispersion/aggregation properties of nanopa
Superexchange-mediated charge separation and charge recombination in covalently
Microelectronics goes nanomechanical
Control of charge recombination dynamics in dye sensitized solar cells by the us
Semiconductor Space Charge and Surface Oxide Thin Layers Capacitance by Electroc
Diffusion impedance and space charge capacitance in the nanoporous dye-sensitize
The charge collection in single side silicon microstrip detectors
Programming options for nanocrystal MOS memories
Conducting-tip atomic force microscopy for injection and probing of localized ch
Solvent polarity dependence of photoinduced charge separation and recombination
Photoinduced charge separation in an aqueous phase using nanoporous TiO2 film an
Surface charge influence on the surface plasmon absorbance of electroactive thio
Preparation and adsorption of refined polyelectrolyte complex nanoparticles
Photoinduced Vectorial Charge Transfer across Walls of Hollow Microcapsules
Space Charge Distribution in Bending-Electrostrictive Polyurethane Films Doped w
Evaluation of the pseudocapacitance in RuO2 with a RuO 2/GC thin film electrode
Synthesis and characterization of Eu-metallofullerenes from Eu@C 74 to Eu@C90 an
Metal chelation-controlled twisted intramolecular charge transfer and its applic
Spectral Properties, Formation of Dye Molecular Aggregates, and Reactions in Rho
Inverse and reversible switching gradient surfaces from mixed polyelectrolyte br
Intramolecular Photoinduced Electron-Transfer Processes in Tetrathienylethylene-
Influence of nanomorphology on the photovoltaic action of polymer-fullerene comp
Carbon tips as sensitive detectors for nanoscale surface and sub-surface charge
Hysteretic behavior of the charge injection in single silicon nanoparticles
The capacitive characteristics of supercapacitors consisting of activated carbon
Galactosylated chitosan/DNA nanoparticles prepared using water-soluble chitosan
Onset of cohesion in cement paste
Molecular-level insulation: An approach to controlling interfacial charge transf
Class IV Charge Model for the Self-Consistent Charge Density-Functional Tight-Bi
Nanowiring by molecules
Simulation of high current field emission from vertically well-aligned metallic
Kinetics of charged nanoparticles formation during combustion of hydrocarbon/air
Photoinduced multistep electron transfer in an okligoaniline-oligo(p- phenylene
Visualizing charge transport in silicon nanocrystals embedded in SiO 2 films wit
The charge effect of cationic surfactants on the elimination of fibre beads in t
Predictive charge-regulation transport model for nanofiltration from the theory
The interdependence of nature of polar additive and space characteristics of cha
Noise performance of the radio-frequency single-electron transistor
Overcharging of nanoparticles in electrolyte solutions
Capture of viral particles in soft X-ray-enhanced corona systems: Charge distrib
Nanoelectronic carbon dioxide sensors
Formation of nanometer-scale serine clusters by sonic spray
Catalysis with TiO2/Gold Nanocomposites. Effect of Metal Particle Size on the Fe
Semiconductive Polymer Blends: Correlating Structure with Transport Properties a
Analytical second-order geometrical derivatives of energy for the self-consisten
A molecular dynamics study of round and flattened carbon nanotube structures
Chemical sensing and catalysis by one-dimensional metal-oxide nanostructures
Charge writing in silicon-silicon dioxide for nano-assembly
Size and charge of soot particles in rich premixed ethylene flames
Influence of nano-TiO2 doped low density polyethylene on space charge behavior
Study on the surface charge distribution of single carbon nanotube in field emis
Progress in silicone rubber inhibitor
Capacitive characteristics of amorphous MnO2/carbon black nanocomposite electrod
Energy spectra and quantum current of the non-dissipative coupled mesoscopic cir
Determination on charge and size of nano-particle with a modulated field
Analytical charge model for MOSFETs with 2-D quantum mechanical effects
Synthesis and electrochemical properties of nanostructured LiCoO 2 fibers as cat
Tailoring of ion species composition in complex plasmas with charge exchange col
Electrochemical properties of carbon-coated CaWO4 versus Li
Inductive behaviour by charge-transfer and relaxation in solid-state electrochem
Effect of nanocrystalline alumina on ionic conductivity of rubidium nitrate soli
Removal of micropollutants by NF/RO membranes
Space-charge-limited bipolar flow in a nano-gap
Dissipation of charges in silicon nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 dielectric films
Preparation and photochemistry of single wall carbon nanotubes having covalently
On the asymmetry of thermodynamic fluctuations of the electrode potential
Influence of silicon-nanocrystal distribution in SiO2 matrix on charge injection
Charge carrier photogeneration and transport in organic photoconducting polymer
Direct evidence for charge ordering and electronic phase separation in BixSr1-xM
Modelling the mechanism of charge formation in NF membranes: Theory and applicat
Preparation of a novel PEG-clay hybrid as a DDS material: Dispersion stability a
Nanofluidic diode and bipolar transistor
Pretreatment of Li metal anode with electrolyte additive for enhancing Li cyclea
Photoinduced intramolecular electron-transfer processes in [60]fullerene-(spacer
Photocurrent imaging of charge transport barriers in carbon nanotube devices
Photoinduced intramolecular electron-transfer processes in [60]fullerene and N,N
Membrane potentials across nanofiltration membranes: Effect of nanoscaled cavity
Zeta potential measurement in catalyst preparations
Self-excitation in nanoelectromechanical charge shuttles below the field emissio
Variation of the surface stress-charge coefficient of platinum with electrolyte
Light emission and charge trapping in Er-doped silicon dioxide films containing
Electrochemically deposited polyaniline nanowires network a high-performance ele
Diameter-selective encapsulation of metallocenes in single-walled carbon nanotub
Charge transport in hydrogenated boron-doped nanocrystalline silicon-silicon car
Pronounced hysteresis and high charge storage stability of single-walled carbon
Determination of the effective charge of different nanocolloids at high ionic st
Ferroelectric/ferroelastic behavior and piezoelectric response of lead zirconate
Charge shuttle as a nanomechanical rectifier
Use of fouling resistant nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes for dyeing
Impact of single charge trapping in nano-MOSFETs - Electrostatics versus transpo
Morphology and charge transport in poly(2-methoxy-5-(2 prime -ethylhexyloxy)-1,4
Nanocrystal induced organization of a Langmuir phospholipid monolayer
Nanoparticle ensembles: Nanocrystals come to order
PALS and SPM/EFM investigation of charged nanoporous electret films
Carbon nanotube effects on electroluminescence and photovoltaic response in conj
Seeking neutral: Controlling charge in auto fuel systems
Switching of the fluorescence emission of single molecules between the locally e
Functional single-wall carbon nanotube nanohybrids-associating SWNTs with water-
Method of measuring charge distribution of nanosized aerosols
Composition effects on ion transport in a polyelectrolyte gel with the addition
Traps in germanium nanocrystal memory and effect on charge retention: Modeling a
Magnetic-field-directed growth of CoPt3 nanocrystal microwires
Observations of positively charged nanoparticles in the nighttime polar mesosphe
The role of membrane charge on nanofiltration performance
Charge separation and efficient light energy conversion in sensitized mesoscopic
Ion transport through nanoslits dominated by the effective surface charge
Hysteresis of charge tunneling in assemblies of carboxylic acid-modified gold na
Controlling the cohesion of cement paste
Functionalized nanodiamonds part I. An experimental assessment of diamantane and
Preparation of ultrathin membranes by layer-by-layer deposition of layered doubl
Charge storage peculiarities in poly-Si-SiO2-Si memory devices with Si nanocryst
Ab initio calculation of endohedal fullerenes with copper and silver clusters
Interfacial charge-transfer absorption: Semiclassical treatment
Charging process and Coulomb-force-directed printing of nanoparticles with sub-1
Energy and electron transfer in bifunctional non-conjugated dendrimers
Scaling of electrokinetic transport in nanometer channels
Ion implantation: Effect on flux and rejection properties of NF membranes
Million-fold preconcentration of proteins and peptides by nanofluidic filter
Charge consequences in electrospun polyacrylonitrile (PAN) nanofibers
Mixing nanoparticles
Complexity in strongly correlated electronic systems
Measurement of electrical charge on diesel particles
A model for the channel potential of charge-trapping memories and its implicatio
Electrostatic adhesion of ion and triboelectric-charged particles
Detection of DNA damaging agents using layer-by-layer assembly
Single-walled carbon nanotube-CdS nanocomposites as light-harvesting assemblies:
Shifts in protein charge state distributions with varying redox reagents in nano
An HEMT input charge preamplifier for nanoseconds signal processing time
New charge density modulations in confined regions of reconstructed Pt(100) surf
A study of electron correlation interactions in semiconductor quantum dot nanost
Electron charge distribution in an Fe/Ag heterostructure. Molecular dynamics and
Nanocrystalline TiO2 electrodes exhibiting high storage capacity and stability i
Breakdown of the atomic picture for the interband dipole matrix element and char
Exchange effect on the space charge in nanostructure resonances
Luminescence of charge transfer sensitizers anchored to metal oxide nanoparticle
Size-evolution towards metallic behavior in nano-sized gold and platinum cluster
A possible three-terminal amplifier device in the terahertz frequency range usin
Semiconductor nanocrystals in carrier-transporting polymers: charge generation a
Temperature-dependent Raman studies of Ba(Mg1/3Ta2/3)O3
Physics of high-intensity nanosecond electron source: charge limit phenomenon in
Domain growth in Pb(Mg1/3Ta2/3)O3 perovskite relaxor ferroelectric oxides
Transient spectroscopy of Frenkel and charge transfer excitons in α-sexith
A study of the photovoltage properties of nanocrystalline LiFe5O8
On the influence of electrostatic charging on coagulation of dust and ice partic
External charge state detection of a double-dot system
Scanning single-electron transistor microscopy: imaging individual charges
Electric potential distribution and short-range screening in nanoporous TiO2 ele
Transient photocurrent and charge-transfer excitation bands in a tin-phthalocyan
Transient absorption spectroscopy of semiconductor nanoclusters
Numerical simulation of the platinum LIII edge white line relative to nanometer
A single-electron transistor made from a cadmium selenide nanocrystal
Charge-transfer reactions of C60 in surfactant-based complex fluid media
Investigation of the photovoltage in por-Si/p-Si structures by the pulsed-photov
Direct tunneling diode structure with a multilayer charge injection barrier
Nanoscale semiconductor interface characterization by photo-STM
Charge separation effects on the rate of nonradiative relaxation processes in qu
Nonlinear spectroscopy of photocoloured polytungstic acid nanocomposites
Shuttle mechanism for charge transfer in Coulomb blockade nanostructures
Nano-structures bring quantum mechanics in reality
Charge dynamics following dye photoinjection into a TiO2 nanocrystalline network
Charge, polarizability, and photoionization of single semiconductor nanocrystals
Photoinduced intramolecular charge-transfer systems based on porphyrin-viologen
Charge transfer via interfaces, especially of nanoscale materials
Cation-controlled interfacial charge injection in sensitized nanocrystalline TiO
Structure and lithium insertion properties of carbon nanotubes
Photogeneration and transport of charge carriers in hybrid materials of conjugat
Estimation of the charge-collection efficiency of dye-sensitized nanocrystalline
Stepwise and hysteretic transport behavior of an electromechanical charge shuttl
Interfacial charge transfer behaviors of nanoparticulate CdSe thin film electrod
Improving optical and charge separation properties of nanocrystalline TiO2 by su
Charge storage in Co nanoclusters embedded in SiO2 by scanning force microscopy
Evaluation of the charge-collection efficiency of dye-sensitized nanocrystalline
Coherent control of macroscopic quantum states in a single-Cooper-pair box
Charge transfer in photovoltaics consisting of interpenetrating networks of conj
Electrochemistry of size-quantized semiconductor nanoparticles
Electrostatic force influenced by space charge in submicrometer or nanometer sil
Nanosized effects in composites based on polyaniline and vanadium or iron oxides
On a Thomas-Fermi model of “hollow” atom
Distribution of fields and charge carriers in cylindrical nanosize silicon-based
Photoelectrochemical charge transfer properties of electrodeposited CdSe quantum
Photorefractive grating dynamics in Bi12SiO20 using optical pulses
Electron accumulation in nanostructured TiO2 (anatase) electrodes
Improved charge transfer at carbon nanotube electrodes
Thermal cyclic charge and discharge stability of nanocrystalline Mg2Ni alloy
Mechanism of charge exchange at a liquid crystal-electrode interface
Detection of space charge limited currents in nanoscaled titania
Contactless determination of the efficiency of interfacial charge separation in
Schottky barriers in carbon nanotube heterojunctions
An oxide semiconductor nanoparticle in an aqueous medium: a surface charge densi
Preparation and characterization of rare earth activators doped nanocrystal phos
Adsorption-induced second harmonic generation from the layer-by-layer deposited
Mesoscopic fast ion conduction in nanometre-scale planar heterostructures
Structural determination of sintered Si3N4/SiC nanocomposite using the XPS diffe
Evidence for anomalously small charge transfer in doped single-wall carbon nanoh
Electron capture by the image charge of a metal nanoparticle
Kinetics of scanned probe oxidation: Space-charge limited growth
Charge injection and transport in films of CdSe nanocrystals
Proximal probe characterization of nanoscale charge transport properties in Co/S
Ni-composite microencapsulated graphite as the negative electrode in lithium-ion
Interfacial charge carrier dynamics of colloidal semiconductor nanoparticles
Charge transfer in a metal-polymer-nanocrystalline metal system
Charge effect in point projection images of carbon fibres
Localized and delocalized charge transport in single-wall carbon-nanotube mats
Nanomechanical resonators operating as charge detectors in the nonlinear regime
Dielectric properties of nanocomposites of silver in a glass-ceramic containing
Origin of the blue shift in ultraviolet absorption spectra of nanocrystalline Ce
Electronic structure model of a metal-filled carbon nanotube
Photoinduced charge separation and recombination in a novel methanofullerene-tri
Evolution of size and charge of sodium nanoparticles in an electro-optical trap
Time-resolved infrared-absorption study of photoinduced charge transfer in a pol
Solid-state electrochemistry of the Li single wall carbon nanotube system
Role of atomic charge transfer on sintering of TiO2 nanoparticles: Variable-char
Two-dimensional quantum mechanical simulation of charge distribution in silicon
Nature of charge transport in quantum-cascade lasers
Collective quantum tunneling of strongly correlated electrons in commensurate me
Electrical characterization of N-nanocrystalline/P-crystalline silicon heterojun
Features of the charge transfer in nanoporous silicon and silicon oxide with ads
Stopping power and nano-particles: collisions of ions in low charge states with
Charging characteristics of MOSFET memory based on Si nanocrystals
Charge effect in point projection images of Ni nanowires and I collagen fibres
Photo-induced charge transport in SiO2 films containing Si nanocrystals
Graphite intercalation compound. A new kind of nanocomposite material
Phase transitions in mesostructured silica/surfactant composites: surfactant pac
Localized charge injection in SiO2 films containing silicon nanocrystals
Qubit utilizing charge-number state in superconducting nanostructure
Interfacial electrostatic phenomena in phthalocyanine Langmuir-Blodgett films un
Charging of single Si nanocrystals by atomic force microscopy
Giant charge inversion of a macroion due to multivalent counterions and monovale
Electrochemical properties of nanocrystalline cadmium stannate films
The charge state of conducting fine-dispersed systems in an insulating matrix
Charge of nanosecond pulses measurements in LAE 10 electron accelerator
STM-excited electroluminescence and spectroscopy on organic materials for displa
Structure and properties of a nanocomposite formed by vanadium pentoxide contain
Charge-trap memory device fabricated by oxidation of Si1-xGex
Electronic properties of K-doped single-wall carbon nanotube bundles
One-dimensionality and neutral-to-ionic transition of some mixed-stack charge-tr
Long-range electron transfer in periodic nucleotide base stacks
Photoinduced charge separation in a fluorophore-gold nanoassembly
On the critical current for the charge density wave transport
Mechanism of charge recombination in dye-sensitized nanocrystalline semiconducto
Photoconductivity study of modified carbon nanotube/oxotitanium phthalocyanine c
Electrochemical charge-discharge capacity of purified single-walled carbon nanot
Spectroelectrochemical analysis of the electrochromism of antimony-doped nanopar
Electronic interwall interactions and charge redistribution in multiwall nanotub
SET-based experiments for HTSC materials
Dopant atom clustering and charge screening induced roughness of electronic inte
A novel silver oxide electrode and its charge-discharge performance
Electron transport in particulate ZnO electrodes: a simple approach
On the conductivity mechanism of nanocrystalline ceria
Transient photovoltage and dielectric relaxation time in porous silicon
Is the enhanced solubility in nanocomposites an electronic effect?
Grain-size-dependent thermopower of polycrystalline cerium oxide
Interconnection of carbon nanotubes by chemical functionalization
Modeling of space-charge effects in nanocrystalline ceramics: The influence of g
Inhomogeneous superconductivity and vortices in the stripe states
Breakdown-induced negative charge in ultrathin SiO2 films measured by atomic for
nm-sized metal particles on a semiconductor surface, Schottky model, etc
Influence of structural inhomogeneity on the luminescence properties of silicon
Single-electron transistor architectures for charge motion detection in solid-st
Modeling of the electrical parameters of a wire-cylinder electrostatic precipita
Thermal dissociation of the protein homodimer ecotin in the gas phase
Admittance of a one-dimensional double-barrier resonant tunneling nanostructure
Resonance transfer of charge carriers in Si/CaF2 periodic nanostructures via tra
Electromechanics of charge shuttling in dissipative nanostructures
Quantum dot sensitization of organic-inorganic hybrid solar cells
Maskless nanofabrication using the electrostatic attachment of gold particles to
Probing correlated current and force effects of nanoparticle charge states by hy
Giant resistance switching effect in nano-scale twinned La0.65Ca0.35MnO3 film
Nanoscale charge transport in an electroluminescent polymer investigated by cond
Static and dynamic order of cooperative multi-electron transfer
Influence of implantation dose on the charge storage characteristics of MOS memo
Electronic properties of bromine-doped carbon nanotubes
Charge-induced anisotropic distortions of semiconducting and metallic carbon nan
Interactions between conjugated polymers and single-walled carbon nanotubes
Photoactive nanowires in fullerene-ferrocene dyad polyelectrolyte multilayers
Structure of nanoscale polaron correlations in La1.2Sr1.8Mn2O7
Electrochemical insertion of lithium into multi-walled carbon nanotubes prepared
A SPICE-compatible model for nanoscale MOSFET capacitor simulation under the inv
Dimensional changes as a function of charge injection for trans-polyacetylene: a
Monte Carlo simulation of polyampholyte-nanoparticle complexation
Printing nanoparticles from the liquid and gas phases using nanoxerography
Interaction of O2 with gold clusters: molecular and dissociative adsorption
Resonance vibration of amorphous SiO2 nanowires driven by mechanical or electric
Charge transfer from ammonia physisorbed on nanotubes
Carbon nanotube self-doping: calculation of the hole carrier concentration
Elasticity-driven nanoscale texturing in complex electronic materials
Electrostatics of nanowire transistors
Imaging the charge transport in arrays of CdSe nanocrystals
Charge transport in hybrid nanorod-polymer composite photovoltaic cells
Effect of field-effect transistor geometry on charge ordering of transition-meta
Improving low-temperature performance of Li-alloy anodes by optimization of the
Chemically doped double-walled carbon nanotubes: cylindrical molecular capacitor
Nonlocal dielectric functions on the nanoscale: screened forces from unscreened
Nanopowder management and control of plasma parameters in electronegative SiH4 p
Integrated pulsed photoconductivity of organic light-emitting diodes
Electronic structure of the contact between carbon nanotube and metal electrodes
Charge transfer and photogeneration process in device consisting of safranine O
Hydrogen storage in SWNTS. A mixed QM/MM study
Electroluminescence in SiOx films and SiOx-film-based systems
Effect of surface structure on the charge storage capacity of carbon black elect
Vortices in the underdoped layered superconductors
Dielectric properties of nanostructured nickel oxide
Femtosecond dynamics of interfacial and intermolecular electron transfer at eosi
Shuttling of electrons and Cooper pairs
Li insertion into Li4Ti5O12 (spinel)
Hybrid polyaniline/bentonite-vanadium(V) oxide nanocomposites
Dielectric and impedance spectroscopic studies on nanophase silver orthophosphat
Adiabatic quantum pumping of coherent electrons
Raman spectroscopy for probing chemically/physically induced phenomena in carbon
Charging effects in silicon nanocrystals within SiO2 layers, fabricated by chemi
Charge-induced reversible strain in a metal
Non-Abelian holonomies, charge pumping, and quantum computation with Josephson j
Quasicontinuous electron and hole doping of C60 peapods
A study of nanoparticle aerosol charging by Monte Carlo simulations
Temperature dependence of conductance character in nanotube peapods
Evidence of charging effect in silicon nano-crystals using a feedback charge met
Rapid-thermal-annealing effect on lateral charge loss in metal-oxide-semiconduct
CdSe/CdS core/shell quantum dots as sensitizer of a photorefractive polymer comp
Transport in magnetic nanostructures in the presence of Coulomb interaction
Is there a hidden world of new materials and effects between the elements of the
Substrate-integrated microelectrodes with improved charge transfer capacity by 3
Spin- and charge-polarized states in nanographene ribbons with zigzag edges
Formation of the charge-transfer exciton in 1,3,5-triphenyl-2-pyrazoline nanocry
Inter- and intramolecular photoinduced electron-transfer processes between C60 a
RC-coupled ferromagnetic single-electron transistors
Langmuir-Blodgett films of bis-tetrathiafulvalene substituted macrocycle and TCN
Investigations on the electrochemical preparation of gold-nanoparticle composite
Preparation and electrochemistry of SWNT/PANI composite films for electrochemica
Synthesis and photoconductivity study of carbon nanotube bonded by tetrasubstitu
Numerical analysis of space charge layers and electrical conductivity in mesosco
Nanoscale azo pigment immobilized on carbon nanotubes via liquid phase reprecipi
Electronic properties of potassium-intercalated C60 peapods
Influence of surface charge density on the plasmon resonance modes in gold nanoe
Quantum information processing and entanglement with Josephson charge qubits cou
A study of photoinduced charge transfer at the interface of ZnO/azo
Charge transport in poly(dG)-poly(dC) and poly(dA)-poly(dT) DNA polymers
Studies of nano phase Ag2O on the electrochemical impedance
Wavelength dependence of first molecular hyperpolarizability of a dendrimer in s
A quantum correction Poisson equation for metal-oxide-semiconductor structure si
Electric force microscopy of individually charged nanoparticles on conductors: a
Theoretical investigation on the liquid junction potential in a slit-like microc
Direct evidence of the charge ordered phase transition of indium nanowires on Si
Real space imaging of one-dimensional standing waves: direct evidence for a lutt
Probing nanoscale dipole-dipole interactions by electric force microscopy
Effect of electrolyte additives on sol-precipitated nano silica particles
Field penetration induced charge redistribution effects on the field emission pr
A distributed charge storage with GeO2 nanodots
A unified quantum correction model for nanoscale single- and double-gate MOSFETs
Stoichiometry defect at grain boundary observed by nano-scale TEM microanalysis
Nanosilicon memories with ultra-thin silicon dioxides: electrical measurements
Dopant segregation and space charge effect in nanostructured tetragonal zirconia
Space charge characteristics of fullerenol and carbon nanotube doped polyurethan
First-principles study of the effect of charge on the stability of a diamond nan
Hydrogen uptake by carbon nanofibers catalyzed by palladium
Spin-charge separation in Aharonov-Bohm rings of interacting electrons
Molecular wires in future nanoelectronics systems
Molecular transport junctions: an introduction
Charge inversion and flow reversal in a nanochannel electro-osmotic flow
Nanotube optoelectronic memory devices
Dynamic response of an electronically shuttered CCD imager
Silicon optical nanocrystal memory
Electrical characterization of amorphous silicon nanoparticles
Internal charge behaviour of nanocomposites
Effect of sheet distance on the optical properties of vanadate nanotubes
Effect of residual catalyst on the vibrational modes of single-walled carbon nan
Anomalous dynamical charge change behavior of nanocrystalline 3C-SiC upon compre
F-V/SMS: a new technique for studying the structure and dynamics of single molec
Polarization in organic molecular crystals and charge-transfer salts
Nanoelectromechanics of piezoresponse force microscopy
Effect of oxidation on charge localization and transport in a single layer of si
Insulator-to-metal transition induced by disorder in a model for manganites
Electric fields on oxidized silicon surfaces: static polarization of PbSe nanocr
Charge accumulation on a Luttinger liquid
Single-wall carbon nanotube films for photocurrent generation: a prompt response
Ionic diffusion through confined geometries: from Langevin equations to partial
Charge transfer from adsorbed proteins
Theoretical and experimental studies of carbon nanotube electromechanical coupli
Towards individual molecules as electronic components
Suppression of the charge ordered state in Pr0.75Na0.25MnO3 at high pressure
The origin of slow electron recombination processes in dye-sensitized solar cell
Surface-induced vertical alignment of self-assembled supramolecular columns of l
Three-dimensional inhomogeneities in PEDOT:PSS films
Efficient blue organic light-emitting devices with charge carrier confining nano
Charge-density distributions in doped antiferromagnetic insulators
Photovoltage study of charge injection from dye molecules into transparent hole
Charge distribution mapping by low energy electrons
Surface-charge-governed ion transport in nanofluidic channels
Effect of graphite on the electrochemical properties of ballmilled RuO2
Charge transfer in carbon nanotube actuators investigated using in situ Raman sp
Approximate analytical solution to the space charge problem in nanosized Schottk
Competition of hydrophobic and Coulombic interactions between nanosized solutes
Photoinduced multistep electron transfer in an oligoaniline-oligo(p-phenylene vi
Electrical and magnetoresistance properties of composites consisting of iron nan
Non-linear optical properties of InGaAs/AlGaAs nanostructures grown on (N11) sur
Generation of squeezed states of nanomechanical resonators by reservoir engineer
Conductance and polarization in quantum junctions
Hybrid nanocrystalline TiO2 solar cells with a fluorene-thiophene copolymer as a
Enhanced charge separation in chlorophyll a solar cell by gold nanoparticles
Lateral n-p junction for acoustoelectric nanocircuits
Properties of one-dimensional wires
Interface engineering for solid-state dye-sensitized nanocrystalline solar cells
Theoretical investigation of electromechanical effects for graphyne carbon nanot
Electrostatic field and charge distribution in small charged dielectric droplets
Class IV charge model for the self-consistent charge density-functional-based ti
Observing sub-microsecond telegraph noise with the radio frequency single electr
One-dimensional conduction in charge-density-wave nanowires
Polarity reversal discharge on polypropylene surface by nanosecond pulse dischar
Electrochemical impedance study of Li-ion insertion into the raw acid-oxidized c
Preparation and charge storage characteristics of silicon nanoparticles
Scanning tunneling microscope-based thermochemical hole burning on a series of c
Enhanced three-photon absorption by symmetric twisted intramolecular charge tran
Study of mechanism of photogenerated charge transfer in nano-TiO2
Enhanced photoluminescence in core-sheath CdS-PANI coaxial nanocables: A charge
Spin-charge conductance in nanoscale electronic devices
A 2-bit highly scalable nonvolatile memory cell with two electrically isolated c
A novel donor-acceptor heterojunction from single-walled carbon nanotubes functi
Simulation of space charge effect in field emission from a nanowire
Transient behaviour of polarity-reversed current in a liquid-crystal-montmorillo
Photoinduced charge currents in mesoscopic rings
Deep defects and their electron-capture cross sections in polymorphous silicon-g
Colloidal TiO2 nanocrystals/MEH-PPV nanocomposites: photo(electro)chemical study
Nanoscale mapping of the space charge layer of Au/GaAs(110) contacts
Interface defect chemistry and effective conductivity in polycrystalline cerium
Enhanced production of fast multi-charged ions from plasmas formed at cleaned su
A nanosecond discharge over a dielectric surface as a method for generation of m
Multilevel charge storage in silicon nanocrystal multilayers
Charge injection and trapping in silicon nanocrystals
Guiding of slow neon and molecular hydrogen ions through nanocapillaries in PET
Absorption and fluorescence spectroscopic characterization of BLUF domain of App
Spectroscopic studies of nanoparticle-sensitised photorefractive polymers
Superlattice properties of helical nanostructures in a transverse electric field
Photorefractive performance of polymer composite sensitized by CdSe nanoparticle
Charge instabilities at the metamagnetic transition of itinerant electron system
The effect of adsorbed molecules on the charge-carrier spectrum in a semiconduct
Single atom Si nanoelectronics using controlled single-ion implantation
Diffusion and microstructural properties of solutions of charged nanosized prote
Single-shot readout with the radio-frequency single-electron transistor in the p
S-, N- and C-doped titanium dioxide nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization a
A kink-soliton model of charge transport through microtubular cytoskeleton
Micro- and nanoxerography in liquids - controlling pattern definition
Charge trapping in Si-implanted SiO2-Si memory devices at high electric fields a
Effect of the surface charge on ion transport through nanoslits
Trapping of photogenerated charges in oxide nanoparticles
Simplified charge separation energetics in a two-dimensional model for polymer-b
Influence of injection level of charge carriers in nanostructured porous silicon
Towards nanotomography with asymmetrically cut crystals
Comparison of charge accumulation and transport in nanostructured dye-sensitized
Charging and emission effects of multiwalled carbon nanotubes probed by electric
Poisson-Schrödinger and ab initio modeling of doped Si nanocrystals: revers
Intraband magnetoabsorption as a probing tool for the quantum dot charge
Coulomb screening and electronic instabilities of small-diameter (5,0) nanotubes
Charge transfer effects in acid treated single-wall carbon nanotubes
Fabrication of electrodes on charge-density-wave nanoscale crystals
Nanoscale observation of charge redistribution in Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 thin films on Pt
Nano-interfacial space charge and single electron tunneling conduction in metal/
Synthesizing nanocrystals of metal di-chalcogenide charge density wave system
Al2O3 with Metal-Nitride nanocrystals as a charge trapping layer of MONOS-type n
Fabrication of organic-inorganic nano-complexes using ABC type triblock copolyme
Fabrication of nanoscale charge density wave systems
Memory characteristics of silicon nitride with silicon nanocrystals as a charge
Layered charge-density waves with nanoscale coherence in YBa2Cu3O7-δ
Emission mechanism of double-insulating organic electroluminescence device drive
Performance of nanomanipulator fabricated on glass capillary by focused-ion-beam
Surface charge controlled magnetic nanoparticles with grafting of poly(4-vinylpy
Electronic structure of semiconducting nanotubes adsorbed on metal surfaces
Optical properties of coupled metallic nanorods for field-enhanced spectroscopy
The role of membrane surface charge and solute physico-chemical properties in th
Cationic liposome-microtubule complexes: pathways to the formation of two-state
Stable charge storage in granular thin films
Organic and nano-structured composite photovoltaics: An overview
Oxidation of aluminum nanoclusters
Effects of dopant segregation on lattice-diffusional creep of nanocrystalline ce
Effects of biological reactions and modifications on conductance of nanofluidic
Thermally stable, efficient polymer solar cells with nanoscale control of the in
Influence of nanoparticle surface modification on the electrical behaviour of po
Coherent single charge transport in molecular-scale silicon nanowires
Nanowires and nanoribbons of charge-density-wave conductor NbSe3
Electric-field-induced charge transfer between gold nanoparticle and capping 2-n
Numerical analysis of nanotube-based NEMS Devices-part I: electrostatic charge d
Energy balances applied to electrowetted systems
Carbon nanotube-based nonvolatile memory with charge storage in metal nanocrysta
Electrochemical determination of reversible redox species at interdigitated arra
Nanocomposite dielectrics-properties and implications
Nanoelectromechanics of polarization switching in piezoresponse force microscopy
Electron-phonon interaction in ultrasmall-radius carbon nanotubes
Intrinsic interface exchange coupling of ferromagnetic nanodomains in a charge o
Superconducting and charge-density wave instabilities in ultrasmall-radius carbo
Effect of nonideal statistics on electron diffusion in sensitized nanocrystallin
Asymmetric diffusion through synthetic nanopores
Beyond the gene chip
System for in situ characterization of nanoparticles synthesized in a thermal pl
Self-aligned carbon nanotube transistors with charge transfer doping
Enzymatic activity of cytochrome c-oxidase inserted into magnetoliposomes differ
Does interfacial charge transfer compete with charge carrier recombination? A fe
Charge separation and transport in conjugated-polymer/semiconductor-nanocrystal
Effect of perchlorate, nitrate, chloride and pH on sulfate adsorption by variabl
An acetylacetonate-based semiconductor-sensitizer linkage
Effective charge-spin models for quantum dots
Photoinduced electron transfer to C-60 across extended 3- and 11-bond hydrocarbo
Charge resonance and charge transfer interactions of photogenerated dicyanovinyl
Enzymatic activity of cytochrome c-oxidase inserted into magnetoliposomes differ
Modification of poly(3-methylthiophene) (PMeT) structure during electrochemical