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凹凸镜近介稳定腔 CO2 激光器基本性质的研究/
Improving high-power OPO performance
Improving high-power OPO performance
Spectrally adjustable picosecond dye laser pulses generated with nanosecond nitr
Opportunity beckons for solid-state dye lasers
Photonic-wire laser
Strained InGaAs quantum disk laser with nanoscale active region fabricated with
Irradiacion laser de silano. Distribucion de tamanos de los polvos de silicio o
Dual-wavelength vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser involving both the first
Small signal gain optimization for a Q-switched Cr:LiSAF oscillator pumped by cw
Microdroplet dye laser enhancing effects in dye-highly scattering intralipid mix
Monte Carlo simulations of carrier transport in high-speed quantum well lasers
Nonlinear frequency conversion with passively Q-switched microchip lasers
Growth and optical properties of self-assembled quantum dots for semiconductor l
Self-organization phenomenon in a strained InGaAs system and its application for
Nanofabrication of 1-D photonic bandgap structures along a photonic wire
Red-emitting semiconductor quantum dot lasers
Nanometer-scale surface analysis by laser-ablation fluorescence spectroscopy
Excimer laser micro machining of inorganic dielectrics
Instabilities and nonlinear L-I characteristics in complex-coupled DFB lasers wi
Q-switching of Er3+/Yb3+-doped fiber laser using backscattering from a fiber rin
Hydride vapor phase epitaxy revisited
Driving narrow-pulsewidth diode lasers
Ultrashort pulse generation from an integrated single-chip dye laser
Using printing and molding techniques to produce distributed feedback and Bragg
Widely tunable narrow linewidth semiconductor fiber ring laser
Pump-probe switching in gain-switched lasers
Suppression of the amplified spontaneous emission in chirped-pulse-amplification
Quantum dots heterostructure lasers: State-of-the-art and future prospects
Gain optimization in intersubband quantum well lasers by inverse spectral theory
Recombination in InGaAs/GaAs quantum wire lasers
Quantum dot VCSELs
Dynamic wavefront correction of Nd:YAG lasers by self-pumped phase conjugation i
Ten years of Nd:YAG Q-switched/mode-locked ophthalmic laser system clinical trea
Fabrication of photonic crystal lasers by nanomolding of solgel glasses
New all solid-state nanosecond NaBrO3 Raman laser at 1.1628 and 0.581 µm w
New generation of very-high-repetition-rate subnanosecond pulsed UV sources
Ultra-precise medical applications with ultrafast lasers: Corneal surgery with f
Simultaneous dual-wavelength operation in cascaded strongly gain-coupled DFB las
Nanoimprinted organic distributed feedback lasers under pulsed and quasi-CW opti
Nanosecond optical parametric generator/amplifier seeded by an external cavity d
Experimental synchronization of chaotic oscillations in external-cavity semicond
Size dependence of laser-photophoretic efficiency of polystyrene microparticles
Gain switching and active mode locking of mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers
Morphological comparison between nano and picosecond laser ablation in enamel
Hierarchical structure of the thermal excitation induced by ultra-short laser pu
Phase-coherent optical pulse synthesis from separate femtosecond lasers
Modelling and analysis of UV laser micromachining of copper
Dye-doped mesostructured silica as a distributed feedback laser fabricated by so
Nanoprojection-shaped silicon field emitter as relativistic-electron-beam source
Some thoughts on 38 years of lasing
InP microdisk lasers on silicon wafer: CW room temperature operation at 1.6μ
New evaluation of Yb3+-doped crystals for laser applications
Diode end-pumped passively Q-switched Nd:YAG laser intra-cavity frequency double
Influence of Nd: YAG parameters on the selective laser sintering of metallic pow
Excimers: Ready for the next generation
Terahertz wave parametric source
Generators of nanosecond and subnanosecond duration ranges for injection lasers
Analysis of power parameters of the near location systems
Aperture design of nano-aperture semiconductor laser
High-energy single pulse and multi-spike operation with a passive polymer Q-swit
Optical properties of nanoparticles
ZnO Nanoribbon Microcavity Lasers
Dawn of the cantilaser
Single-nanowire elecctrically driven lasers
Self-organized GaN quantum wire UV lasers
Sub-nanosecond microchip laser with intractivity Raman conversion
European firms take the lead in high-precision micromachining applications
Simulation of gain and modulation bandwidths of 1300 nm RWG InGaAsN lasers
Les lasers arayons X: Un nouvel outil pour la recherche
Yb3+:Sc2O3 ceramic laser
GaAs/AlGaAs based quantum cascade DFB-lasers for sensing
New constraints for plasma diagnostics development due to the harsh environment
Advances lead to miniature supercontinuum sources
Soft-lithographically embossed, multilayered distributed-feedback nanocrystal la
Nanosecond and Femtosecond Laser Ablation of Brass: Particulate and ICPMS Measur
Direct laser writing on electrolessly deposited thin metal films for application
Rare-earth-doped silica microchip laser fabricated by sintering nanoporous glass
Synthesis, structure, and physical properties of hybrid nanocomposites for solid
Metal-oxide-SiO2 composite ZnO lasers
Polymer-filled nanoporous silica aerogels as hosts for highly stable solid-state
New concepts in laser medicine: Towards a laser surgery with cellular precision
VCSELs emerge as low-cost alternatives to edge-emitters
SPIE anticipates the largest Photonics West ever
New design tool developed for MOPAs
CLEO/QELS and PhAST hot topics
Routes toward silicon-based lasers
Double laser hit to probe vibrations
Cut to the quick
Wafer inspection debated
Nanosecond sum-frequency generating optical parametric oscillator using simultan
XUV-laser induced ablation of PMMA with nano-, pico-, and femtosecond pulses
Nano-imaging with compact extreme ultraviolet lasers
Intersubband quantum-box semiconductor lasers: High-power, efficient CW sources
Photonic crystal nanocavity array laser
Optics in India
Electron transport due to inhomogeneous broadening and its potential impact on m
Tuning fidelity of acoustooptically controlled external-cavity semiconductor las
Perspective of semiconductor lasers: semiconductor lasers with nanostructures an
Cross-sectional photoluminescence and its application to buried-layer semiconduc
A time-compensated spectral filter for transform-limited tunable picosecond puls
Femtosecond carrier dynamics and modelocking in monolithic CPM lasers
Dynamics of distributed-feedback fiber lasers: effect of nonlinear refraction
Serpentine superlattice nanowire-array lasers
Femtosecond temporal probes using spectrally tailored noisy quasi-cw laser light
Properties of strained (In,Ga,Al)As lasers with laterally modulated active regio
Basic science [1996 technology review]
Quantum dots promise a new dimension for semiconductor lasers
Self-formed quantum dot lasers
Transient Ne-like Cr X-ray lasers driven by picosecond laser pulses
New semiconductor lasers based on quantum dots
Optical devices with quantum dot structures
High-speed tunable fiber loop lasers for dense wavelength division multiplexing
Transient inversion soft X-ray lasers
Wave function engineering of antimonide quantum-well lasers
Digital storage oscilloscopes tune high-performance lasers
Drilling of ceramics with short-pulsed solid-state lasers
Distributed feedback ridge waveguide lasers fabricated by nanoscale printing and
Laser modes in organic solid-state distributed feedback lasers
High efficiency nanosecond Raman lasers based on tetragonal PbWO4 crystals
Micro-ablation with high power pulsed copper vapor lasers
Progress in GaN-based nanostructures for blue light emitting quantum dot lasers
Microlaser made of disordered media
Quantum-dot heterostructure lasers
Ultrashort-pulse lasers: big payoffs in a flash
High-peak-power lasers at the IPPLM, Warsaw
Self-mode-locking of quantum cascade lasers with giant ultrafast optical nonline
Extreme photonics: repetition rates
Nature of charge transport in quantum-cascade lasers
An analytic model for transient collisional X-ray lasers
Two-dimensional photonic crystal laser mirrors
High power semiconductor laser diodes
Synchronization of chaotic oscillations in mutually coupled semiconductor lasers
High-energy lasers may put power in space
Single nanowire lasers
Low-threshold photonic crystal lasers from InGaAsP free-standing slab structures
Thin-film lasers based on dye-deoxyribonucleic acid-lipid complexes
Uniformity tests of individual segments of interband cascade diode laser Nanosta
Applications of quantum dots in semiconductor lasers
Novel concepts for injection lasers
Effects of delay time on transient Ni-like x-ray lasers
Evidence for bandedge lasing in a two-dimensional photonic bandgap polymer laser
Comparison between c-cut and a-cut Nd:YVO4 lasers passively Q-switched with a Cr
Two-dimensional transverse cross-section nanopotentiometry of actively driven bu
Organic solid state lasers
Single gallium nitride nanowire lasers
Nanofabrication of photonic crystal membrane lasers
Neutrino generation by high-intensity lasers
Lithographic fine-tuning of vertical cavity surface emitting laser-pumped two-di
Orientation dependence of the optical properties in InAs quantum-dash lasers on
Color-selective semiconductor nanocrystal laser
Reflection of guided modes in a semiconductor nanowire laser
Photonic crystal laser sources for chemical detection
Measurement and analysis of thermal photoemission from a dispenser cathode
Nanocavity lasers detect chemicals
Single-nanowire electrically driven lasers
Modal properties of semiconductor nanowire lasers
Random lasers with coherent feedback
Bright storage of light
Passively Q-switched lasers
Uncooled devices challenge designers
The role of electronics in telecommunications
Mode-locking of neodymium lasers by glasses doped with PbS nanocrystals
Interferometric study of thermal dynamics in GaAs-based quantum-cascade lasers
X-ray lasers: A new area for research
Hexagonal dielectric resonators and microcrystal lasers
Oligomer-based organic distributed feedback lasers by room-temperature nanoimpri
Nd-doped ceramic YAG lasers and their future
Slashing the costs of high-precision micromachining
Wavelength-stabilized tilted cavity quantum dot laser
Latest progress and developing trend of nano-optoelectronic devices
Room-temperature single nanoribbon lasers
Ultrafast fiber pulsed lasers incorporating carbon nanotubes
Two-dimensional colloid-based photonic crystals for distributed feedback polymer
Ablation of silicone rubber using UV-nanosecond and IR-femtosecond lasers
Laser mode locking using a saturable absorber incorporating carbon nanotubes
A long-arm autocorrelator for measurement of pico- to nanosecond laser pulse wid
Impact of large signal thermal FM response on implementing nanosecond tuning in
Solid state microcavity dye lasers fabricated by nanoimprint lithography
Pulsed mid-IR Cr2+:ZnS and Cr2+:ZnSe lasers pumped by Raman-shifted Q-switched n
High frequency oscillation in photonic crystal nanolasers
An all-silicon Raman laser
Portable optical actuator for photodynamic therapy
Laser ablation process for single-walled carbon nanotube production
Nanolasers: lasing from nanoscale quantum wires
High-quality optical modes in low-dimensional arrays of nanoparticles: applicati
Fabrication of microstructures in photoetchable glass ceramics using excimer and
Ultrafast carrier dynamics in single ZnO nanowire and nanoribbon lasers
Planar photonic crystal nanolasers (II): low-threshold quantum dot lasers
Planar photonic crystal nanolasers (I): porous cavity lasers
Scanning voltage microscopy on buried heterostructure multiquantum-well lasers:
Third-order optical nonlinearity of a transparent glass ceramic containing sodiu
Time-resolved dynamics of two-dimensional transverse patterns in broad area lase
Transverse mode competition in pulsed-laser pumped solid-state lasers: generatio
Wavelength tunable two-photon-pumped distributed feedback zirconia waveguide las
Magnetic induced dichroism and frequency stabilization of violet-blue diode lase
First-order imprinted organic distributed feedback lasers
The impact of energy band diagram and inhomogeneous broadening on the optical di
Modelling the influence of pore size on the response of materials to infrared la
Lu2O3:Yb3+ ceramics-a novel gain material for high-power solid-state lasers
Application of V-shaped quantum wires to optoelectronic devices
Scalable ceramic lasers
Ultrashort pulse-generation by saturable absorber mirrors based on polymer-embed
Semiconductor nanowire laser and nanowire waveguide electro-optic modulators
Optical injection probing of single ZnO tetrapod lasers
Lasing from a circular Bragg nanocavity with an ultrasmall modal volume
Have silicon lasers come of age?
Dynamics of all-optical clock recovery using two-section index- and gain-coupled
Random lasers: Development, features and applications
GaN nanowire lasers with low lasing thresholds
Size effect upon emission dynamics of 1.5 mu m quasi-quantum wire distributed fe