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稀土固体材料的线性和非线性飞秒相干光谱研究/Studies on linear and nonlinear femtosecond coherent spect
非英语专业学生英语写作的语篇连贯问题分析/The Analysis on the Problems of Textual Coherence in Non-En
Production of Frohlich and Bose-Einstein coherent states in in vitro paracrystal
Coherent tunable THz-wave generation from LiNbO3 OPO using grating coupler
Entropy applied to morphological analysis and modelization of nanomaterial optic
Phase-matched generation of coherent soft x-rays
Coherent acoustic mode oscillation and damping in silver nanoparticles
Quantum-mechanical coherence in cell microtubules: a realistic possibility?
Coherent mixing mechanism explains the photoinduced nuclear polarization in phot
Phase-coherent optical pulse synthesis from separate femtosecond lasers
Stable unidimensional arrays of coherent strained islands
Coherent control of femtosecond energy localization in nanosystems
Nonlinear optical phenomena in coherent phase of 2D exciton system
Coherent imaging of nanoscale plasmon patterns with a carbon nanotube optical pr
Vibronic sidebands of coherent phonon states
Adsorption of argon on carbon nanotube bundles and its influence on the bundle l
Crystal growth and superhardness effect of nano-scale multilayers
Observation of Coherent Oscillations in a Single Electron Spin
Coherent coupling of molecular excitons to electronic polarizations of noble met
Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering as a local probe for nanocomposite materia
A tunable terahertz-band oscillator based on a two-well nanostructure with a coh
Reduction of dislocations in GaN epilayers using templated three-dimensional coh
Coherent transport and concentration of particles in optical traps using varying
Planar heterogeneous structures for coherent emission of radiation
Generation of coherent VUV radiation using resonance-enhanced four-wave differen
Pump-dump coherent control with partially coherent laser pulses
Coherent backscattering from high-gain scattering media
Three-dimensional epitaxy: Thermodynamic stability range of coherent germanium n
Electrodeposited quantum dots: coherent nanocrystalline CdSe on oriented polycry
Metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy of coherent self-assembled InAs nanometer-sized
Spectral coherent optics
Nonlinear nano-optics: probing one exciton at a time
Phase-coherent transport in hybrid superconducting nanostructures
Towards stimulated generation of coherent plasmons in nanostructures
Nonlinear coherent transport through doped nanotube junctions
Observation of coherent phonons in silver nanoparticles embedded in BaO thin fil
Discrete levels in the continuum and tunneling
Superheating of nanocrystals embedded in matrix
X-ray waveguides with multiple guiding layers
Formation of GaAsN nanoinsertions in a GaN matrix by metal-organic chemical vapo
Quantum-dot heterostructure lasers
Observation of coherent phonon states in porous silicon films
Self-assembled coherent array of ultra-fine particles on single-crystal tungsten
Thermodynamic superheating and relevant interface stability of low-dimensional m
Quantum coherent transport versus diode-like effect in semiconductor-free metal/
Partial coherence effects on the imaging of small crystals using coherent X-ray
Use of coherent X-ray diffraction to map strain fields in nanocrystals
Direct observation of the coexistence of coherent and incoherent InAs self-assem
Submicrometer coherent neutron beam production using a thin-film waveguide
Centaur nanoparticles as objects of the nanoworld
Mechanisms for electron transport in atomic-scale one-dimensional wires: Soliton
The theory of coherent optimized-nanostructure taking laser into account the ele
Interference pattern formation from an array of coherent laser beams
Studies of nanoscale dynamics using coherent X-rays from an X-ray free electron
Quantum technology: the second quantum revolution
Phase change of a plane wave propagating through polymer dispersed liquid crysta
Coherent quantum dynamics of a superconducting flux qubit
Spectral analysis of high-harmonic coherent acoustic phonons in piezoelectric se
First-principles phase-coherent transport in metallic nanotubes with realistic c
Electron diffraction from nanovolumes of amorphous material using coherent conve
Atom lithography with laser-cooled silicon atoms
Application of an optical pulse stretcher to coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectros
Complex intensity modulation transfer function for supercontinuum generation in
Coherent growth and mechanical properties of AlN/VN multilayers
Selective cap opening in carbon nanotubes driven by laser-induced coherent phono
Coherent microradiology directly observes a critical cathode-anode distance effe
Tip-enhanced coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering for vibrational nanoimaging
Beyond the silicon roadmap [silicon laser cooling]
Optogalvanic spectroscopy of silicon atoms
Ordered nano-islands on (La,Ba)MnO3 thin film surface by self-organization
Amplification of coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering by a metallic nanostructu
Low-divergence coherent soft x-ray source at 13 nm by high-order harmonics
Simulation of coherent interactions between Rydberg atoms
Ultrafast optical generation of coherent phonons in CdTe1-xSex quantum dots
The effects of interfaces on radiation damage production in layered metal compos
Nanostructures with coherent boundaries and the local approach
Low-threshold random laser with one mirror and feedbacks in PMMA nano-composite
Theoretical introduction to nanoCARS: a local of nanocomposite materials with sp
An ideal nanocomposite for gas-phase sensing with coherent anti-Stokes Raman sca
Nonlinear-optical spectral interferometry of nanostructures using coherent anti-
Coherent x-ray diffraction from quantum dots
The effect of coherent domain size on the insertion activity of nanocrystalline
Highly coherent electrons emitted from nano-scaled areas
Nanolocalized nonlinear electron photoemission under coherent control
Effects of Ti additions on the nanostructure and creep properties of precipitati