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铁路转辙机用单相异步电动机设计及变频调速研究/Design of Single-phase Asynchronous Motor for Railway Poi
单轴压力下压电单晶和陶瓷的性能测试与研究/Properties of Piezoelectric Single Crystal and Ceramics Und
基于Internet的单片机多媒体实验教学仿真系统研究机/Study on the Internet-based Multimedia Experimental
基于产品时间价值的单周期产品退货库存问题研究/The Research on Single-period Products Inventory Control
单晶锡材热型连铸技术研究/A Study of Continuous Casting of Single-crystal Tin
单相异步电机CAD系统及优化设计/A CAD System for Single Phase Induction Motor and Optimization
合金化Mo-3Nb单晶力学性能及微观组织分析/Mechanical Properties and Microstructure Analyze of Alloy
倒封装工艺在地铁单程票生产中的应用/the application of flip-chip to the production of subway’s sin
电子词典机的单芯片解决方案和实现/The SoC solution and implement of electronics-dictionary
单螺杆挤出机仿真系统── 螺杆几何参数数据库及CAD绘图系统/The simulation system for extrusion of single scr
单螺杆精密挤出机理的研究/A Study on the single-screw precise extrusion Mechanism
1000 例独生子女大学生人格的分析与启示/The analysis and inspiration on the personalities of 1000
大型工业管磨机的振动分析与实验研究/Vibration analyzing and research in laboratory for large indus
基桩非线性动力学行为的数值模拟研究/Numerical simulation on nonlinear dynamical behavior of single
基于单片机和CPLD的综合性创新性实验系统研制/Development of synthetic and creative experiment system
便携式机车速度传感器检测仪的研制/Design and realization of portable locomotive speed sensor insp
单螺杆挤出机仿真系统── 螺杆几何参数数据库及CAD绘图系统/The simulation system for extrusion of single scr
单螺杆精密挤出机理的研究/A Study on the single-screw precise extrusion Mechanism
KJDT单体支柱密封质量监测系统/KJDT Monomer Shore Airproof Quality Measure System
单体液压支柱密封质量检测系统的设计与实现/The design and implementation of single hydraulic prop seal
原煤筛分振动筛的设计及应用/Design and application of vibration screen for sieving raw coal
树脂结合剂金刚石砂轮的激光修锐试验研究/Experimental study of laser dressing of resin bond diamond g
一种新的单颗磨粒磨削的实验方法研究/Study on a novel single grain grinding method
脉象采集系统的研制/Research on system of pulse-tracing collection
探寻两种制剂混合而成的药物的最大耐受剂量(MTD)/Dose-Finding With Two Agents in Phase I Trials
Carbon nanotubes with single-layer walls
Transport properties of silicon nanostructures fabricated on SIMOX substrates
Single-electron devices
Nanoscale mechanical property measurements using modified atomic force microscop
Helical logic
Mechanism of lithium insertion in hard carbons prepared by pyrolysis of epoxy re
Single point diamond turning
High spatial resolution spectroscopy of single semiconductor nanostructures
Nano-to-micro integrated single-electron biomacromolecular electronics for minia
Quantum confinement and interface effects on photoluminescence from silicon sing
Near-field optical spectroscopy of semiconductor quantum wires
Application of nanopowder to high temperature single crystal fiber sensor
Growth of decagonal Al-Co-Ni single crystals as a function of chemical compositi
Single-molecule nanophotonics in solids
Visible photoluminescence from silicon single quantum wells
Combination of single crystal zeolites and microfabrication: Two applications to
Nanoscale single-molecule amplifier and its consequences
Anisotropic magnetoresistance as a probe of magnetization reversal in individual
Microanalysis of single-phase AlN nanocrystals and AlN-Al nanocomposites prepare
Analysis of Q0-independent single-electron systems
Nano-turning of single crystal silicon
Rotation of a single molecule within a supramolecular bearing
SENECA: a new program for the analysis of single-electron devices
Numerical simulation of capacitance coupled three-junction single electron trans
Mono-sized single-wall carbon nanotubes formed in channels of AlPO4-5 single cry
Structure of single-molecule single crystals of isotactic polystyrene and their
New technology for metallic multilayer single electron tunneling devices
Long-range electrostatic trapping of single-protein molecules at a liquid-solid
Epitaxial films of Li1-xNb1-xWxO3 prepared by chemical solution deposition
Photoluminescence from single semiconductor nanostructures
Writing and reading of single magnetic domain per bit perpendicular patterned me
Size-controlled synthesis of nanoscaled aluminum spinels using heterobimetallic
GaAs-based single electron logic and memory devices using electro-deposited nano
Hydriding properties of the MgNi-H(D) system with amorphous single phase - inves
Efficient Raman enhancement and intermittent light emission observed in single g
Three-dimensional orientations of polymer-bound single molecules
Nanofabrication toward sub-10 nm and its application to novel nanodevices
Synthesis and Raman characterization of mono-sized single-wall carbon nanotubes
Molecular nanowires of 1 nm diameter from capillary filling of single-walled car
Inner-arm dynein c of Chlamydomonas flagella is a single-headed processive motor
Structural investigations of close-packed single-wall carbon nanotube material
Implementation of single-electron transistor with resistive gate
In situ CdS nanocluster formation on scanning tunneling microscopy tips for reli
Memory cell with single-electron and metal-oxide-semiconductor transistor integr
Characterization by STM and electrical conductivity of single-walled carbon nano
Self-assembly growth of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Fine Structure of Biexciton Emission in Symmetric and Asymmetric CdSe/ZnSe Singl
Control over size and density of sub-5nm gold dots by retarding-field single ion
Probing specific sequences on single DNA molecules with bioconjugated fluorescen
Numerical simulation of complementary capacitively coupled SET logic cell
Favored structure of Ag nanoparticles embedded in SiO2 by implantation: Single c
Single cell analysis using capillary electrophoresis
Towards efficient detection and identification of single biomolecules by surface
Ag nanocrystal junctions as the site for surface-enhanced raman scattering of si
Quantal behavior in muscle contraction
In situ imaging and spectroscopy of single-wall carbon nanotube synthesis by las
Alkaline metal-doped n-type semiconducting nanotubes as quantum dots
Detection of single photons using a field-effect transistor gated by a layer of
Preparation of Bi2S3 nanofibers using a single-source method
Time-resolved laser scattering spectroscopy of a single metallic nanoparticle
Preparation and properties of polymer- wrapped single-walled carbon nanotubes
Sequence-specific detection of individual DNA strands using engineered nanopores
Radiative lifetimes of single excitons in semiconductor quantum dots - manifesta
Polarized absorption spectra of single-walled 4 A carbon nanotubes aligned in ch
Microleakage and nanoleakage: Influence of laser in cavity preparation and denti
Peptidic determinants and structural model of human NDP kinase B (Nm23-H2) bound
Optical properties of single-walled 4 A carbon nanotubes
A proportional counter for measurement of the bio-effectiveness of ionising radi
Monitoring single scattering events in single quantum dots
Interaction of electromagnetic wave with quantum dots
Single-electron effects in highly doped polysilicon nanowires
Dispersive one-dimensional (Mo/Si) nanocrystals for single molecular detection s
A one-dimensional model of friction at nanometric scale
Diamond tip single asperity cutting with an atomic force microscope
Excitons and multi-excitons in single CdTe quantum dots probed by near-field spe
4He binding energies on Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes bundles
Measuring the number of independent emitters in single-molecule fluorescence ima
Trititanate nanotubes made via a single alkali treatment
Mineralization of single flexible polyelectrolyte molecules
Single-electron transistors with point contact channels
Sub-100nm technologies drive single-wafer wet cleaning
High-energy single pulse and multi-spike operation with a passive polymer Q-swit
Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy of single molecules and metal particles
Electron diffraction and microscopy of single-wall carbon nanotube bundles produ
Nanotechnology: Electronics and the single atom
Adsorption and diffusion of single molecules at chromatographic interfaces
Synthetic Single-Nanopore and Nanotube Membranes
Microfluidic device for single-cell analysis
High-density, large-area single-walled carbon nanotube networks on nanoscale pat
Sequence-dependent pausing of single lambda exonuclease molecules
From single atoms to one-dimensional solids: Artificial gold chains on NiAl(110)
Exploiting single-file motion in one-dimensional nanoporous materials for hydroc
STM Control of Chemical Reactions: Single-Molecule Synthesis
Analysis of single mammalian cells with capillary electrophoresis
Single-step self-organization of ordered macroporous nanocrystal thin films
Single-wall nanotubes: A new option for conductive plastics and engineering poly
Overtones and combinations in single-molecule surface-enhanced resonance Raman s
Large-scale organizations of MoO3 nanoplatelets with single-crystalline MoO3(4,4
A new perspective of the glass transition of polymer single-chain nanoglobules
Addition of Carbon Radicals Generated from Organic Peroxides to Single Wall Carb
Room temperature nanocrystalline silicon single-electron transistors
Nanocrystalline diamond coats electrode for retinal implant
Nanoholes improve single-molecule analysis
Nanoscale technique detects single molecules
Hydrogenation on Metal Surfaces: Why are Nanoparticles More Active than Single C
Dimensional reduction in zirconium phosphate; From layers to ribbons to chains
Chemical modification of carbon nanotubes from single molecule chemistry to sing
Molecular cluster based nanoelectronics
Spatially ordered quantum dot array of indium nanoclusters in fully indium-excha
Maximum likelihood trajectories from single molecule fluorescence resonance ener
Visible-ultraviolet polarized reflectivity spectra of anisotropically aligned si
Fabrication of Si single-electron transistors with precise dimensions by electro
First-Principles Study of Two-Dimensional Titanium Dioxides
Aligning a single-lipid nanotube with moderate stiffness
Quantum Information Technology based on Single Electron Dynamics
Lateral diffusion dynamics for single molecules of fluorescent cyanine dye at th
A new method to fabricate single-molecule nanoarrays using dendrimer-based templ
Processing of diamonds by short-pulse lasers
Turnstile Operation Using a Silicon Dual-Gate Single-Electron Transistor
On/Off Switching on Polymer Conformation
Motions of single molecules inserted in a self-assembled monolayer matrix of a b
Study on the efficient method for producing large amount of single-walled carbon
Synthesis and Characterization of Single-Crystalline In2O 3 Nanocrystals via Sol
Nano-sized dendrimer PAMAM/polystyrene composite polymer emulsion
Effect of chemical potential on the computer simulation of hydrogen storage in s
Preparation and electrochemical performance of polycrystalline and single crysta
Overgrowing single crystalline ZnB2O4 on multiwall carbon nanotubes: Straighteni
Large-scale synthesis of micrometer-scale single-crystalline Au plates of nanome
Research progress in surface modification and micro-tribological behavior of sin
Etched single-ion-track templates for single nanowire synthesis
Real-time observation of single-electron movement through silicon single-electro
From graphite molecules to columnar superstructures - An exercise in nanoscience
Sn-filled single-crystalline wurtzite-type ZnS nanotubes
Material Storage Mechanism in Porous Nanocarbon
Silicon single-electron devices
Elementary processes of vibrationally mediated motions of single adsorbed molecu
Growth mechanism for single-crystalline thin film of InGaO 3(ZnO)5 by reactive s
Physics of single molecule fluctuations in surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy a
The simulation of single-charging effects in the programming characteristics of
SWCN characterization by neutron diffraction
Equilibrium sorption of heavy metals and phosphate from single- and binary-sorba
Characterization of carbon nanotubes by TEM and infrared spectroscopy
Photoluminescence studies of exciton recombination and dephasing in single InGaN
Single nanocrystal arrays on patterned poly(ethylene glycol) copolymer microstru
Chemical heterogeneity of a crystal built of nanoscale coherently twinned Yb2-x(
Single-molecule optics
Multichromophoric dendrimers as single-photon sources: A single-molecule study
Efficient laser synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes through laser heatin
Multiparameter Microscopy and Spectroscopy for Single-Molecule Analytics
Manipulation of single magnetic protein particles using atomic force microscopy
Micro- and nanofluidics for DNA analysis
Coherent electronic transport through the single-walled carbon nanotubes
Tomographic plasmon spectroscopy of a single gold nanoparticle
Single-stage liquid-phase synthesis of methyl isobutyl ketone under mild conditi
Noise performance of the radio-frequency single-electron transistor
Spin-dependent single electron tunneling in double tunnel junctions with a nano-
Label-free colorimetric detection of specific sequences in genomic DNA amplified
Silica-coated single-walled nanotubes: Nanostructure formation
Ionic surface masking for low background in single- and double-stranded DNA-temp
Formation of oriented nanostructures from single molecules of conjugated polymer
Polyacrylonitrile Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Composite Fibers
Spin-on catalyst: Straightforward and flexible route to substrate-grown single w
Synthesis, loading, and application of individual nanocapsules for probing singl
Plasma synthesis of single-crystal silicon nanoparticles for novel electronic de
Synthesis and single molecule force spectroscopy of graft copolymers of poly(2-h
Focal Volume Confinement by Submicrometer-Sized Fluidic Channels
Molecular dynamics study of single-stranded DNA in aqueous solution confined in
Elastic properties of single amylose chains in water: A quantum mechanical and A
Single-phase synthesis of functionalized gold nanoparticles
Experimental research on mechanical properties of large zeolite analcime single
Micro-mechanical properties and micro-structure of Ar+ ion implanted single-crys
Realization and output characteristics analysis of the multiple islands single-e
Nanoelectrode-patch clamp monitoring of continual single living vesicle release
Investigation on single carbon atom transporting through the single-walled carbo
X-ray diffraction investigation of single-crystal Co nanowires
Photochromic properties of single Ag(TCNQ) micro/nanostructure
Artifacts induced in metallic glasses during TEM sample preparation
Analysis of material mechanical properties for single-walled carbon nanotubes
A facile route to synthesize uniform single-crystalline α-MnO 2 nanowires
Imaging and tracking single fluorescent nanobeads in solution
A soft-template-assisted hydrothermal approach to single-crystal Fe 3O4 nanorods
Room-temperature single-electron effects in silicon nanocrystal memories
Simple microcavity for single-photon generation
Detection of acoustic oscillations of single gold nanospheres by time-resolved i
Methods to fabricate nanocontacts for electrical addressing of single molecules
Growth of single-crystalline Ni and Co nanowires via electrochemical deposition
Magnetocrystalline and configurational anisotropies in Fe nanostructures
Advances in single-molecule magnet surface patterning through microcontact print
Novel scenario of the folding transition of a single chain
Single-wall carbon nanotubes as integrative building blocks for solar-energy con
Quantum dots and their tunnel barrier in semiconducting single-wall carbon nanot
Fabrication and properties of single nanocomposites
Controlled fabrication of poly- And single-crystalline bismuth nanowires
Miniemulsion droplets as single molecule nanoreactors for polymerase chain react
Dopant-segregation-controlled ZnO single-grain-boundary varistors
Quantum emission dynamics from a single quantum dot in a planar photonic crystal
Fabrication of a single-electron inverter in single-wall carbon nanotubes
Nano-sized tetralanthanoid-copper complex ions containing oximato bridges
Contact angles and wetting behaviour of single micron-sized particles
Demountable single-atom electron source
True single domain and configuration-assisted switching of submicron permalloy d
Measuring the thermal conductivity of a single carbon nanotube
Tracking of single molecules as a powerful method to characterize diffusivity of
Polypyrrole nanowires grown from single adsorbed polyelectrolyte molecules
Micro/nanofluidic device for single-cell-based assay
Identification of peptides using gold nanoparticle-assisted single-drop microext
Size-controlled synthesis of machinable single crystalline gold nanoplates
Optical transitions in single-wall boron nitride nanotubes
Guiding light on a nanoscale
Single-chip microsystem cuts atomic force microscopy down to size
Effect of substrate type on nanostructured titania sol-gel coatings for sensors
Controlled shallow single-ion implantation in silicon using an active substrate
Single-molecule imaging produces nanoscale pictures
Measuring fiber-matrix interfacial adhesion by means of a drag-out micromechanic
Suspended single-electron transistors: Fabrication and measurement
Fluorescence blinking in MEH-PPV single molecules at low temperature
Single dot optical spectroscopy of silicon nanocrystals: Low temperature measure
Detection of secondary structures in 17-mer Ru(II)-labeled single-stranded oligo
Surfactant-assisted large-scale preparation of crystalline CeO2 nanorods
Colloidal suspensions of silicon nanocrystals: From single nanocrystals to photo
Superconducting properties of ultrathin Bi2Sr 2CaCu2O8+x single crystals
Self-reporting biological nano-systems to study and control bio-molecular mechan
Optically bright quantum dots in single nanowires
Transistor-like behavior of transition metal complexes
Ductile regime nanpmachining of single-crystal silicon carbide
Gaining insight into the nanoscale properties of sol-gel-derived silicate thin f
Chemical force microscopy on single-walled carbon nanotube paper
Constrained iron catalysts for single-walled carbon nanotube growth
Synthesis, optical properties, and growth mechanism of blue-emitting CdSe nanoro
Electrical transport through a single nanoscale semiconductor branch point
Detecting single stranded DNA with a solid state nanopore
Synthesis of Y-junction single-wall carbon nanotubes
A molecular ruler based on plasmon coupling of single gold and silver nanopartic
The mechanical properties of single-crystal and ultrananocrystalline diamond: A
The single-molecule dye laser
Recognizing a single base in an individual DNA strand: A step toward DNA sequenc
Single photon source characterization with a superconducting single photon detec
Photonic crystal nanocavity array laser
Speeding up a single-molecule DNA device with a simple catalyst
Nanomechanical characterization of cavity growth and rupture in hydrogen-implant
New nanosecond polymer passive switch for neodymium lasers
Structure and mechanical properties of MoSi2-SiC nanolayer composites
Low-resistance electrical contacts to single crystal BSCCO whiskers
Imaging of single fluorescent molecules and individual ATP turnovers by single m
Site-controlled growth of nanowhiskers
Direct observation of surface morphology and surface viscoelastic properties of
Growth of lead tungstate single crystal scintillators
Single-electron devices
Synthesis and properties of nm-sized Sn2P2Se6 single crystals embedded in photop
Near-field optical spectroscopy of single quantum wires
Fluorescence intermittency in single cadmium selenide nanocrystals
Electronic specific heat of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Room temperature operated single electron transistor by STM nano-oxidation proce
Computational paradigms in nanoelectronics: quantum coupled single electron logi
A super-precision linear slideway with angular correction in three axes
NTT develops prototype nanostructure silicon single-electron transistor operatin
Nano/picoindentation measurements on single-crystal aluminum using modified atom
Single-electron phenomena in semiconductors
Self-organized nanostructures constructed with a single polymer chain
A single source approach to the synthesis of CdSe nanocrystallites
Single quantum dots as scanning tunneling microscope tips
Single molecule spectroscopy in solids: quantum optics and spectral dynamics
Unidirectional and single-file diffusion in AlPO4-5: molecular dynamics investig
Mounting an individual submicrometer sized single crystal
Nano-particle transistors and energy-level spectroscopy in metals
Single-electron traps: A quantitative comparison of theory and experiment
For the photoinduced reactions at a single semiconductor particle
Helicity and packing of single-walled carbon nanotubes studied by electron nanod
Chaos, interactions, and nonequilibrium effects in the tunneling resonance spect
Basic steps involved in the lateral manipulation of single CO molecules and rows
Scanning single-electron transistor microscopy: imaging individual charges
A silicon single-electron transistor memory operating at room temperature
Novel laser-induced ejection phenomenon of single polymeric microspheres
Nanocalorimeter for high resolution measurements of low temperature heat capacit
Reconstruction of displacement waveforms with a single-channel laser-diode feedb
Characteristic features of the sorption of light atoms on the surface of a singl
A single-electron transistor made from a cadmium selenide nanocrystal
Structure and formation of raft-like bundles of single-walled helical carbon nan
Electrostatic trapping of single conducting nanoparticles between nanoelectrodes
Nanofabrication of electrodes with sub-5 nm spacing for transport experiments on
Channeling in single-wall nanotubes: possible applications
Double-barrier coherent sound generator: a new device
Production and STM/STS study of a tunnel nanostructure containing a single fulle
Sub-5 nm gold dot formation using retarding-field single ion deposition
Quantum measurements performed with a single-electron transistor
Single electron transistors fabricated with AFM ultra-fine nano oxidation proces
Lateral manipulation of single adsorbates and substrate atoms with the scanning
Monte Carlo simulations of hydrogen adsorption in single-walled carbon nanotubes
Evidence for single-vortex pinning and unpinning events in superfluid 4He
Nanoindentation measurement for a tungsten (001) single crystal
Development and validation of a nanometer manipulation and measurement system fo
Micromagnetics of the single-domain state of square ferromagnetic nanostructures
SOI quantum-device fabrication and single-electron tunneling characteristics
Temperature-dependent resistivity of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Imaging of movement and chemical reactions of single biomolecules
Silicon single-electron memory using ultra-small floating gate
Mechanism of single atom switch on silicon
Multiprobe transport experiments on individual single-wall carbon nanotubes
Molecules, nanophysics and nanoelectronics
Room temperature transistor based on a single carbon nanotube
On the origin of tunneling barriers in silicon single electron and single hole t
Double-island single-electron devices. A useful unit device for single-electron
Nano-aggregates of single-walled graphitic carbon nano-horns
New design of a cryostat-mounted scanning near-field optical microscope for sing
Elastic strain of freely suspended single-wall carbon nanotube ropes
Electrochemical growth of copper single crystals in pores of polymer ion-track m
Nano-scale GeO2 wires synthesized by physical evaporation
Spectral measurements in production of single-wall carbon nanotubes by laser abl
Supercurrents through single-walled carbon nanotubes
Force-induced dissociation of single protein A-IgG bonds
Influence of spectral diffusion on the line shapes of single CdSe nanocrystallit
Manipulating the biochemical nanoenvironment around single molecules contained w
A single molecule as a probe of optical intensity distribution
Formation of single-wall carbon nanotubes by laser ablation of fullerenes at low
Exciton effects of optical transitions in single-wall carbon nanotubes
Insight into the mechanism of sidewall functionalization of single-walled nanotu
Simultaneous measurement of individual ATPase and mechanical reactions by a sing
Thermal conductivity of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Scanning probe microscopy (STM/AFM) and applications in biology
Luttinger liquid behavior in multiwall carbon nanotubes
Ring formation in single-wall carbon nanotubes
Femtosecond near-field spectroscopy of a single GaAs quantum wire
Electronic properties of carbon nanotubes
A two-axis goniometer for sensitivity enhancement in single-crystal nuclear magn
Formation of nanometric hard materials by cold milling
Single pulse nm-size grating formation in polymers using laser ablation with an
Nanometer scale tunnel junctions for single charge electronics
An exploratory study of the topography of a CdI2 single crystal using AFM
A study of micropores in single-walled carbon nanotubes by the adsorption of gas
Single-electron transistor made of multiwalled carbon nanotube using scanning pr
Spectroscopy of single hemoglobin molecules by surface enhanced Raman scattering
Polarized Raman spectra of single-wall carbon nanotubes mono-dispersed in channe
Helicity energy of a straight single-wall carbon nanotube
Effect of thermal oxidation on indentation and scratching of single-crystal sili
Effect of bending and vacancies on the conductance of carbon nanotubes
Electron transport in a single silicon quantum structure using a vertical silico
Prospects and problems of single molecule information devices
Carbon nanotubes synthesised in channels of AlPO4-5 single crystals: first X-ray
Structure modification of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Analysis of individual (macro)molecules and proteins using near-field optics
Polarised Raman spectroscopy on a single class of single-wall nanotubes by nano
Thickness dependent binary behavior of elongated single-domain cobalt nanostruct
Alkaline metal-doped n-type semiconducting nanotubes as quantum dots
Pore structure of single-wall carbon nanohorn aggregates
Variable and reversible quantum structures on a single carbon nanotube
Evidence for anomalously small charge transfer in doped single-wall carbon nanoh
Flame synthesis of metal-catalyzed single-wall carbon nanotubes
Effective bending stiffness of carbon nanotubes
Statistical analysis of the electronic structure of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Phase breaking in three-terminal contacted single-walled carbon nanotube bundles
Modulated chemical doping of individual carbon nanotubes
Optical limiting in single-walled carbon nanotube suspensions
Structural anisotropy of magnetically aligned single wall carbon nanotube films
Single-electron detector and counter
A new method for synthesizing single-wall carbon nanotubes
1/f noise in carbon nanotubes
Local electronic properties of single-wall nanotube circuits measured by conduct
Molecular and intramolecular electronics
Crystallization and melting behavior of nanopolymeric particles containing singl
Direct nanomolding of semiconductor single crystals
Temperature dependence of the Raman spectra of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Element-selective single atom imaging
Simple and high-yield method for synthesizing single-crystal GaN nanowires
Dynamics of single-wall carbon nanotube synthesis by laser vaporization
Nanomechanical oscillations in a single-C60 transistor
Scanning tunneling microscopy observation of tightly wound, single-wall coiled c
Design of single-electron systems through artificial evolution
Design and analysis of single electron-hole trap memory
Magnetisation of isolated single crystalline Fe-nanoparticles measured by a ball
Large transconductance oscillations in a single-well vertical Aharonov-Bohm inte
Nanoparticle ejection from Au induced by single Xe ion impacts
Second-order Raman spectra of single and multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Development of an integrated single-fiber SERS sensor
Synthesis of nanometer-sized hematite single crystals through NAC-FAS method
Considerations about nanoelectronic GSI processors
Evidence for phase-explosion and generation of large particles during high power
Polarized absorption spectra of single-walled 4 Å carbon nanotubes aligned
Characterization and manipulation of nanostructures by a scanning tunneling micr
Progress of single-electron tunneling device
Mono-sized and single-walled 4 Å carbon nanotubes
Interactions in chaotic nanoparticles: Fluctuations in Coulomb blockade peak spa
Influence of nanomechanical properties on single-electron tunneling: a vibrating
Magnetic anisotropy of a single cobalt nanocluster
Bunching and antibunching in the fluorescence of semiconductor nanocrystals
Metal single-electron transistor with low tunneling barriers
Si nanocrystal memory cell with room-temperature single electron effects
A new method to fabricate large amount of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Single photon light sources
Growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes from microcontact-printed catalyst patt
Template synthesis of single-crystal Cu nanowire arrays by electrodeposition
Nature of near-infrared absorption in single-wall carbon nanotubes
Where are the molecules adsorbed on single-walled nanotubes?
Field emission properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes studied by FEM
Detection of single PSS polymers on rough surface by pulsed-force-mode scanning
Influence of high temperature treatments on single-walled carbon nanotubes struc
Coulomb blockade in silicon nanostructures
Preparation of single-molecule particles of water-soluble polymers
Singlet-triplet transitions of physisorbed molecule O2 in scanning tunneling mic
Light trapped in a photonic dot: Microspheres act as a cavity for quantum dot em
Single-electron tunneling in highly doped silicon nanowires in a dual-gate confi
Polarised spectroscopy of individual single-wall nanotubes: radial-breathing mod
Original tools for single-molecule spectroscopy
Nanocrystalline ZnO from siloxy-substituted single-source precursors
Exohydrogenated single-wall carbon nanotubes
Probing single ion luminescence in rare-earth doped nanocrystals
Formation of coupled quantum dots in single-wall carbon nanotubes
Optimized contact configuration for the study of transport phenomena in ropes of
Prospects for single molecule information processing devices
Pairing correlation effect on the zero-bias tunneling spectra of ultrasmall supe
Luminescence from highly excited nanorings: Luttinger liquid description
Stretching single-stranded DNA on a surface
Voltage-driven DNA translocations through a nanopore
Fluorescence intermittency in single InP quantum dots
Picometer-scale dynamical x-ray imaging of single DNA molecules
AFM observation of surface acoustic waves emitted from single symmetric SAW tran
Thermal degradation of ragged single-wall carbon nanotubes produced by polymer-a
Laser synthesis of uniform silicon single nanodots
Reversible surface morphology changes of a photochromic diarylethene single crys
Quantitative comparison of algorithms for tracking single fluorescent particles
Study of elementary surface acoustic wave phenomena
Single-atom reversible recording at room temperature
Symmetry of single-wall nanotubes
Distribution of spectral moments for the radial breathing mode of single wall ca
A nanoscale model of the transformation-induced plasticity
Quantum dots in suspended single-wall carbon nanotubes
Carbon nanotube single-electron transistors at room temperature
Near-field effects in single molecule emission
Luminescent CsPbI3 and Cs4PbI6 aggregates in annealed CsI:Pb crystals
Electron spins in quantum dots for spintronics and quantum computation
Spectroscopic investigation of conjugated polymer/single-walled carbon nanotube
Development of an optical tweezer combined with micromanipulation for DNA and pr
Silicon single-electron transistors with sidewall depletion gates and their appl
Formation of a quantum dot in a single-walled carbon nanotube using the Al top-g
Nonresonant Raman spectrum in infinite and finite single-wall carbon nanotubes
Temperature control of electronic channels through a single atom
A practical SPICE model based on the physics and characteristics of realistic si
Optical and electrical injection of single quantum dots: beyond the inhomogeneou
Single photon quantum cryptography
A pulsed nanosecond IR laser diode system to automatically test the single event
Room temperature stable single-photon source
Conditions for the production of a single conducting nanostructure by electrofor
Heat conduction nanocalorimeter for pl-scale single cell measurements
Single-electron transistors based on gate-induced Si island for single-electron
Electrically driven single-photon source
Magnetic nanostructure fabrication by soft lithography and vortex-single domain
Bonding more atoms together for a single molecule computer
Pulling monatomic gold wires with single molecules: an ab initio simulation
Mechanism of single-charge detection using electron-hole system in Si-wire trans
Quantum interference induced by nonmagnetic impurities in a single-walled carbon
Detection of single charges and their generation-recombination dynamics in Si na
Quantum computing using quadrupolar spins in solid state NMR
Diameter-dependent combination modes in individual single-walled carbon nanotube
Photo-irradiation effects on electrical conduction of single wall carbon nanotub
Monitoring statistical magnetic fluctuations on the nanometer scale
Laser trapping and Raman spectroscopy of single cellular organelles in the nanom
Detection and manipulation of single charges in Si nanowires
Nano-optics on individual quantum objects-from single to coupled semiconductor q
Structural study of the 0.4-nm single-walled carbon nanotubes aligned in channel
End potential barriers of single-walled carbon nanotubes and their role in field
Resistively coupled ferromagnetic single-electron transistors
Numerical study of the lattice vacancy effects on the single-channel electron tr
Fabrication of nano-structure and study of Si-based single electron transistor
Effects of dichromate treatment on mechanical properties of passivated single cr
Fabrication and low-temperature transport properties of selectively grown dual-g
Electron microscopy and spectroscopy with the single-atom sensitivity on metallo
Optical properties of 0.4 nm single walled carbon nanotubes
Fluorescence decay time of single semiconductor nanocrystals
Laser manipulation and fixation of single gold nanoparticles in solution at room
Fabrication and characteristics of metal particle modulated carbon nanotube sing
Fabrication of conductive single-crystal semiconductor nanoscale electromechanic
Palladium wire-shaped nanoparticles from single synthetic polycation molecules
Growth dynamics of single-wall carbon nanotubes and nanohorn aggregates by CO2 l
Evolution of single-wall carbon nanotubes during hydrothermal treatment
Single-molecule imaging and spectroscopy using fluorescence and surface-enhanced
Electron transport in single-wall carbon nanotube mats
One-dimensional superconductivity of 0.4 nm single-wall carbon nanotubes
Direct synthesis of long single-walled carbon nanotube strands
Carbon nanotubes acting like actuators
Single-electron effects in highly doped polysilicon nanowires [single-electron t
Monte Carlo simulation of single electron device made by molecular self-assembly
Room temperature single electron transistor by local chemical modification of ca
Spin-orbit coupling and electron spin resonance theory for carbon nanotubes
Optical near-field enhancement at a metal tip probed by a single fluorophore
Spin decay and quantum parallelism
Single-longitudinal-mode selection in a nanosecond-pulsed dye laser
Dynamic light scattering from an optically trapped microsphere
Superconductivity in armchair carbon nanotubes
Comparative study of single crystals and laser-grown films of V2O5
Single-molecule near-field optical energy transfer microscopy
The use of single-wall carbon nanotubes as templates for organic molecules
Fluorescence quantum yield of CdSe/ZnS nanocrystals investigated by correlated a
Single-electron transistor architectures for charge motion detection in solid-st
Vectorial growth of metallic and semiconducting single-wall carbon nanotubes
Linewidth of the Raman features of individual single-wall carbon nanotubes
Titanium single-electron transistor fabricated by electron-beam lithography
A single-electron three-input AND gate
Patching and tearing single wall carbon-nanotube ropes into multiwall carbon nan
Nanoscale fabrication using single-ion impacts
Exfoliated CdPS3 single layers and restacked films
A single-electron half-adder
Electronic properties of functional biomolecules at metal/aqueous solution inter
Transfer matrix approach to quantum conductivity calculations in single-wall car
Theoretical comparison between field emission from single-wall and multi-wall ca
Chemical profiling of single nanotubes: Intramolecular p-n-p junctions and on-tu
Phonon drag effect in single-walled carbon nanotubes
Photoluminescence from single CdSe quantum rods
Control of laser desorption using tunable single pulses and pulse pairs
Imaging as-grown single-walled carbon nanotubes originated from isolated catalyt
Single-crystal Si formed on amorphous substrate at low temperature by nanopatter
Direct measurement of sizes and dynamics of single living membrane transporters
Room-temperature homogeneous nucleation synthesis and thermal stability of nanom
A single DNA molecule nanomotor
Background charge fluctuations and the transport properties of biopolymer-gold n
Attachment of single CdSe nanocrystals to individual single-walled carbon nanotu
Anomalous two-peak G-band Raman effect in one isolated single-wall carbon nanotu
Detection and enumeration of single nanometric particles: A confocal optical des
Coulomb blockade and the Kondo effect in single-atom transistors
Nanosensor for in vivo measurement of the carcinogen benzo[a]pyrene in a single
Inorganic clusters as single-source precursors for preparation of CdSe, ZnSe, an
Hierarchical ZnO nanostructures
Engineering of single molecules with a scanning tunneling microscope tip
Single molecule measurements of DNA transport through a nanopore
Kondo resonance in a single-molecule transistor
Tunneling splittings in Mn12-acetate single crystals
DNA-functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes
Scanned probe imaging of single-electron charge states in nanotube quantum dots
Probing distance and electrical potential within a protein pore with tethered DN
Issues of nanoelectronics: a possible roadmap
Surface-enhanced emission from single semiconductor nanocrystals
Structure-assigned optical spectra of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Second-order harmonic and combination modes in graphite, single-wall carbon nano
Dispersion of single wall carbon nanotubes by in situ polymerization under sonic
Electron transport properties of a carotene molecule in a metal-(single molecule
Single-walled carbon nanotubes as ultrahigh frequency nanomechanical resonators
Fabrication, assembly, and characterization of molecular electronic components
Atoms on demand: fast, deterministic production of single Cr atoms
A carbon nanotube cross structure as a nanoscale quantum device
Ten years of tension: single-molecule DNA mechanics
High-resolution near-field Raman microscopy of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Neodymium oxide doped melt textured YBa2Cu3O7-x single crystals
Magnetization reversal by coherent rotation in single-domain magnets with arbitr
Simultaneous fluorescence and Raman scattering from single carbon nanotubes
An artificial nanopore for molecular sensing
Solid state quantum computer development in silicon with single ion implantation
UV-light enhanced oxidation of carbon nanotubes
Combined force and photonic probe microscope with single molecule sensitivity
Spontaneous cross linking of small-diameter single-walled carbon nanotubes
The micromechanics of DNA
Incoherent dynamics of vibrating single-molecule transistors
Room-temperature single-electron charging effects in an ambipolar single-walled
Formation of metallic zinc nanowires
Quantum conductance of carbon nanotube peapods
Zero-mode waveguides for single-molecule analysis at high concentrations
Quantum-effect and single-electron devices
Room-temperature Si single-electron memory fabricated by nanoimprint lithography
Nucleation of single-walled carbon nanotubes
A quantum electromechanical device: the electromechanical single-electron pillar
Crystallization and orientation studies in polypropylene/single wall carbon nano
Methods of single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy
Raman characterization of single-walled nanotubes of various diameters obtained
Quantum description of shuttle instability in a nanoelectromechanical single-ele
Progress in silicon-based quantum computing
Single molecule lifetime fluctuations reveal segmental dynamics in polymers
Vanadium oxide surface studies
Application of biophotonics to the functional analysis of biomolecules at single
Effective wall thickness of a single-walled carbon nanotube
Still the necessary obstacles to overcome [single-electron components]
Enzyme-coated carbon nanotubes as single-molecule biosensors
Investigation of the mechanical twinning of antimony single crystals by nanoinde
Photon statistics in the fluorescence of single molecules and nanocrystals: corr
CCD cameras provide a better view for proteomics
Controlled single-electron effects in nonoverlapped ultra-short silicon field ef
Shuttling of electrons and Cooper pairs
New correlation for the effects of the crystallite size and calcination temperat
Single-electron transistor of a single organic molecule with access to several r
Nanopore sensors for nucleic acid analysis
Experimental observation and quantum modeling of electron irradiation on single-
Observation of a flux closure state in NiFe/IrMn exchange biased rings
Mechanical properties and failure modes of TiAl(Si)N single and multilayer thin
The influence of interparticle interaction on magnetization curves of nano- and
Electron transfer behaviour of biological macromolecules towards the single-mole
Large-scale organizations of MoO3 nanoplatelets with single-crystalline MoO3(4,4
Single-electron transistors in heterostructure nanowires
A comprehensive study and modeling of centre-tap differentially driven single-tu
Suppression of superconductor quasiparticle tunneling into single-walled carbon
Reversible modification of the absorption properties of single-walled carbon nan
Structures, nanomechanics, and disintegration of single-walled GaN nanotubes: at
The growth of freestanding single carbon nanotube arrays
Copper nanowires electrodeposited in etched single-ion track templates
About the profile of the tangential modes in single-wall carbon nanotube bundles
Theoretical description of the electrical conduction in atomic and molecular jun
Fabrication and characterization of sub-3 nm gaps for single-cluster and single-
Statistical aging and nonergodicity in the fluorescence of single nanocrystals
Dynamic light scattering from acoustic modes in single-walled carbon nanotubes
Single-electron charging of a self-assembled II-VI quantum dot
Atomic and electronic structures of fluorinated single-walled carbon nanotubes
Remote optical addressing of single nano-objects
Spin quantum tunneling via entangled states in a dimer of exchange-coupled singl
Fabrication of a single-electron inverter in multiwall carbon nanotubes
Delivery of photosensitizer to cells by the stress wave induced by a single nano
Transport properties of C60 ultra-thin films
Ring formation of single-walled carbon nanotubes: competition between conformati
Oversized titania nanosheet crystallites derived from flux-grown layered titanat
Optical conductivity of single walled nanotube films in the terahertz region
A surface modification approach to the patterned assembly of single-walled carbo
The conductivity of single walled nanotube films in terahertz region
Electrical and optical properties of ultra-small carbon nanotubes arrayed in cha
Motions and reactions of single adsorbed molecules induced by vibrational excita
Oriented single-crystal diamond cones and their arrays
Electrical conductivity of a single conducting polyaniline nanotube
Single-electron logic device with simple structure
Overview of the mechanisms and applications of the scanning probe microscope ser
Aligned single crystal boron nanowires
General synthesis of single-crystal tungstate nanorods/nanowires: a facile, low-
Structure changes of single-wall carbon nanotubes and single-wall carbon nanohor
Terahertz conductivity of single walled nanotube films
Large-scale synthesis of single-crystalline Te nanobelts by a low-temperature ch
RC-coupled ferromagnetic single-electron transistors
A majority-logic device using an irreversible single-electron box
Novel single-electron logic circuits using charge-induced signal transmission (C
Measurements of conformational changes in individual single biomolecules with pi
Nano-manipulation of single DNA molecules
Gold nanoshells improve single nanoparticle molecular sensors
Electron effective mass of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Optical properties of 0.4-nm single-wall carbon nanotubes aligned in channels of
Failure mechanism of free standing single-walled carbon nanotube thin films unde
Towards the integration of carbon nanotubes in microelectronics
Quantum-mechanical investigation of field-emission mechanism of a micrometer-lon
Discrete-continuous spectral transition in single wall toroidal carbon nanotubes
Manipulation and overstretching of genes on solid substrates
Quantum-dot single-photon sources: prospects for applications in linear optics q
Strain induced insulator-metal transition in single wall carbon nanotubes
Surfactant-assisted synthesis of lanthanide phosphates single-crystalline nanowi
Study of single vacancies in single-walled carbon nanotubes based on a tight-bin
Air-induced fluorescence bursts from single semiconductor nanocrystals
Optimum diameter of single-walled carbon nanotubes in carbon nanotube ropes
The study on the efficient method for producing large amount of single-walled ca
Monitoring surface charge movement in single elongated semiconductor nanocrystal
Surfactant-assisted synthesis of Tb(III)-doped cerium phosphate single-crystalli
Stretching process of single- and multi-walled carbon nanotubes for nanocomposit
Thickness dependent magnetization states of Fe islands on W(110): From single do
Room-temperature single nanoribbon lasers
Hydrothermal synthesis of M2S3 (M=Sb, Bi) bulk single crystals and nanorods
Spin injection into a single self-assembled quantum dot
Nature of single vacancy in achiral carbon nanotubes
High-current nanotube transistors
Collective and single-particle dynamics in time-resolved two-photon photoemissio
Piezoresistive properties of single crystalline, polycrystalline, and nanocrysta
Aligned single crystal MgB2 nanowires
New ways to high-quality bulk scandium nitride
Single-electron multiple-valued memory using ultra-small floating gate metal-oxi
Comparison of hardness and Youngs modulus by single indentation and multiple unl
Magnetic anisotropy in single clusters
Metallic-semiconducting transition of single-walled carbon nanotubes under high
Formation of nano-scale tubular structure of single crystal diamond
Effects of temperature and vacancy defects on tensile deformation of single-wall
Monte Carlo simulation of single-electron nanocrystal memories
Silica films with a single-crystalline mesoporous structure
Selecting single quantum dots from a bundle of single-wall carbon nanotubes usin
Synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes with nanohorns by arc in liquid nitr
Proximity effect of electron beam lithography for single-electron transistor fab
Stable geometries and magnetic properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes dope
Effects of polarized organosilane self-assembled monolayers on organic single-cr
A study of the structure and the synthesis of Ga2O3 nanomaterials
Photo-induced creation of nitrogen-related color centers in diamond nanocrystals
Analysing one isolated single walled carbon nanotube in the near-field domain wi
Functionalized fluorescent oxide nanoparticles: artificial toxins for sodium cha
Porous single-crystalline TaON and Ta3N5 particles
Current enhancement with alternating gate voltage in the Coulomb-blockade regime
Electronic transport in single-molecule magnets on metallic surfaces
Crystallographic effects in micro/nanomachining of single-crystal calcium fluori
Freestanding single carbon nanotube arrays based on photolithography and a wet-e
Temperature-dependent single-electron tunneling effect in lightly and heavily do
Nanocomposite single ion conductor based on organic-inorganic hybrid
Digital-to-analog converter using single-electron tunnel junctions
Recent achievements in single photon detectors and their applications
Nanocapsules with functionalized surfaces and walls
Implementation of non-linear filters using nanoelectronic single-electron circui
The mechanical properties of KTiOPO4 single crystals
Single-frequency thulium-doped distributed-feedback fiber laser
Quantum interference effect in the nonlinear conductance of metallic single-wall
Conductance of metallic single-wall nanotubes with single magnetic impurities
Design and simulation of a nanoelectronic single-electron universal Fredkin gate
Adsorption and migration of carbon adatoms on carbon nanotubes: density-function
Design and simulation of a nanoelectronic single-electron universal control-cont
Isolation and characterization of trioxyethylene-encapsulated gold nanoclusters
Synthesis and characterization of single-crystal indium nitride nanowires
Symmetry of electron diffraction from single-walled carbon nanotubes
Solution casting and transfer printing single-walled carbon nanotube films
Quasiparticle energies, excitonic effects and optical absorption spectra of smal
Fluorescence spectroscopy of single-walled carbon nanotubes in aqueous suspensio
Ultralong single-wall carbon nanotubes
The production and electrical characterization of free-standing cubic single-cry
Millikelvin scanned probe for measurement of nanostructures
Spectral analysis of strongly enhanced visible light transmission through single
Probing nanosecond protein motions of calmodulin by single-molecule fluorescence
Nanomechanics of carbon nanofibers: structural and elastic properties
Electron-electron interaction effects on the optical excitations of semiconducti
Measuring the adhesion forces between alkanethiol-modified AFM cantilevers and s
Spectroscopic imaging of single atoms within a bulk solid
Electrical detection of the spin resonance of a single electron in a silicon fie
Optical single-angle plane-wave transmittances/reflectances from Schwarzschild o
Quantum electromechanical systems
Quantum mechanical single-gold-nanocluster electroluminescent light source at ro
Spin-on catalyst: straightforward and flexible route substrate-grown single wall
An asymmetric polymer nanopore for single molecule detection
F-V/SMS: a new technique for studying the structure and dynamics of single molec
Polymer/single-walled carbon nanotube films assembled via donor-acceptor interac
Complimentary single-electron/hole action of nanoscale SOI CMOS transistors
In situ electrochemical fabrication of natural contacts on single nanowires
Three-dimensional heteroepitaxy in self-assembled BaTiO3-CoFe2O4 nanostructures
Optical spectroscopy of single impurity centers in semiconductors
Mechanics of axial compression of single and multi-wall carbon nanotubes
Approaching the quantum limit of a nanomechanical resonator
Field-effect and single-electron transistors based on single-walled carbon nanot
Critical sizes for ferromagnetic spherical hollow nanoparticles
Coarse-grained simulation of polymer translocation through an artificial nanopor
Probing single DNA molecule transport using fabricated nanopores
Oriented growth of single-wall carbon nanotubes using alumina patterns
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering on single-wall carbon nanotubes
Relationship between single quantum-dot intermittency and fluorescence intensity
Exfoliated graphite and ozonated single-wall carbon nanotubes for encapsulation
Direct synthesis of single-crystalline silicon nanowires using molten gallium an
p-channel, n-channel thin film transistors and p-n diodes based on single wall c
Strain relaxation by directionally aligned precipitate nanoparticles in the grow
Anomalously slow diffusion of single molecules near a patterned surface
Nanomechanical modulation of single-electron tunneling through molecular-assembl
Electrophoretic manipulation of single DNA molecules in nanofabricated capillari
Analytical modeling of single electron transistor for hybrid CMOS-SET analog IC
Photoluminescence from an individual single-walled carbon nanotube
Structure of peptides investigated by nanopore analysis
Quantum shuttle phenomena in a nanoelectromechanical single-electron transistor
Exponentially localized magnetic fields for single-spin quantum logic gates
Spectroscopy of single molecules and clusters inside helium nanodroplets: micros
Electroluminescence of single silicon nanocrystals
Alkali and alkali-earth ions in 4He systems
Detection and spectroscopy of gold nanoparticles using supercontinuum white ligh
Spectrum of gases liberated upon the stepwise heating of single-walled carbon na
Charge transport through a single-electron transistor with a mechanically oscill
High pressure saturation of hydrogen stored by single-wall carbon nanotubes
Single-qubit gates and measurements in the surface acoustic wave quantum compute
Frequency and voltage dependence of the dielectrophoretic trapping of short leng
Design of a single-electron current source for nanoelectronic devices
Tubular structures of titanium disulfide TiS2
The DNA SET: a novel device for single-molecule DNA sequencing
Observing sub-microsecond telegraph noise with the radio frequency single electr
Open-boundary Ehrenfest molecular dynamics: towards a model of current induced h
A nanosensor for transmembrane capture and identification of single nucleic acid
Synthesis of single crystal BaMoO4 nanofibers in CTAB reverse microemulsions
First-principles study of transition-metal-doped single-walled carbon nanotubes
A simple purification for single-walled carbon nanotubes
Single-crystalline polytetrafluoroethylene-like nanotubes prepared from atmosphe
Synthesis, characterization and optical properties of regularly shaped, single-c
Total energy of charged carbon nanotubes and single-electron tunneling
Kinetics-driven growth of orthogonally branched single-crystalline magnesium oxi
Fabricating protein nanopatterns on a single DNA molecule with Dip-pen nanolitho
Growth of bulk ZnO single crystals via a novel hydrothermal oxidative pressure-r
New conception of transistors
In situ templated synthesis of anatase single-crystal nanotube arrays
Ultrafast carrier dynamics in purified and as-grown single-walled carbon nanotub
Comment on Theoretical study of single molecule fluorescence in a metallic nanoc
Adsorption configuration of NH3 on single-wall carbon nanotubes
Collision of a single-walled carbon nanotube with graphitic patches
Tunneling current through a single germanium quantum dot
Three-dimensional bead position histograms reveal single-molecule nanomechanics
Nanodosimetry, from radiation physics to radiation biology
Single-particle nanomagnetism
Growth of single quantum dots on preprocessed structures: single photon emitters
Mechanical properties of single myosin molecules probed with the photonic force
A coherent extension of the transport equations in semiconductors incorporating
A coherent extension of the transport equations in semiconductors incorporating
A micromachined DNA manipulation platform for the stretching and rotation of a s
Novel manipulation in environmental scanning electron microscope for measuring m
Recent advances in exciton-based quantum information processing in quantum dot n
Nanolithography based contacting method for electrical measurements on single te
Biomimetic formation of hydroxyapatite nanorods by a single-crystal-to-single-cr
High-precision steering of multiple holographic optical traps
Highly stretched single polymers: atomic-force-microscope experiments versus ab-
Evidence for capillarity contributions to gecko adhesion from single spatula nan
Single-molecule contacts as a basis for nano-electronic circuits
Thermal stability of single and multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Thin film resists for registration of single-ion impacts
Single atom Si nanoelectronics using controlled single-ion implantation
Towards nanoprobes for conduction in molecular crystals: Dibenzoterrylene in ant
Uniform orientation and size of ferroelectric domains
Measuring the quantum efficiency of the optical emission of single radiating dip
Single-shot readout with the radio-frequency single-electron transistor in the p
Individual single-walled carbon nanotubes as nanoelectrodes for electrochemistry
Single quantum dot coupled to a scanning optical antenna: a tunable superemitter
A hybrid CMOS-SET co-fabrication platform using nano-grain polysilicon wires
A simple single-source precursor route to the nanostructures of AlN, GaN and InN
Electronic properties of FeCl3-adsorbed single-wall carbon nanotubes
Plasmonic sensing characteristics of single nanometric holes
Fluorescence lifetime fluctuations of single molecules probe local density fluct
Studies on the adsorption of organic materials inside thick carbon nanotubes
DNA linker controlled single electron tunneling behavior of nanoparticle assembl
Preparation and characterization of single-phase SiC nanotubes and C-SiC coaxial
Room-temperature operation of current switching circuit using integrated silicon
Compaction of single-chain DNA by histone-inspired nanoparticles
Room temperature single electron transistor with two-dimensional array of Au-SiO
Nanoscale fabrication of a single multiwalled carbon nanotube attached atomic fo
Nanorheology measurement on single circularly permuted green fluorescent protein
Magnetic capture of a single magnetic nanoparticle using nanoelectromagnets
High-density of methane confined in internal nanospace of single-wall carbon nan
Strong photoabsorption by a single-quantum wire in waveguide-transmission spectr
Biased binding of single molecules and continuous movement of multiple molecules
TiO2 single-crystalline nanorod electrode for quasi-solid-state dye-sensitized s
Exclusive-OR gate using a two-input single-electron transistor in single-wall ca
Photonic crystals of titanium dioxide fabricated by swift heavy ions
Issues on nanoimprint lithography with a single-layer resist structure
In situ detection of single micron-sized magnetic beads using magnetic tunnel ju
High-performance nanowire electronics and photonics and nanoscale patterning on
Thermodynamics of two-dimensional single-component elastic crystalline solids: s
Understanding catalysed growth of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Floating-potential dielectrophoresis-controlled fabrication of single-carbon-nan
Single-particle light microscopy of bacteriophages
Excitons in semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes
On-demand single-photon source using a nanoscale metal-insulator-semiconductor c
Plasmon scattering from a single gold nanoparticle collected through an optical
Growth and electrochemical properties of single-crystalline V2O5 nanorod arrays
Large-scale synthesis of single-crystal CdSe nanowires through a cation-exchange
Coherent single charge transport in molecular-scale silicon nanowires
Gigahertz counting rates of NbN single-photon detectors for quantum communicatio
Super-small energy gaps of single-walled carbon nanotube strands
Measurement of diffuse electron scattering by single nanometre-sized defects in
Electroluminescence from a single-nanocrystal transistor
Detection of single magnetic bead for biological applications using an InAs quan
Carbon nanotube-based nonvolatile memory with charge storage in metal nanocrysta
Deterministic coupling of single quantum dots to single nanocavity modes
Raman spectroscopy of carbon nanotubes
High-efficiency carrier multiplication through direct photogeneration of multi-e
Consolidating critical binding determinants by noncyclic rearrangement of protei
Quantum friction in nanomechanical oscillators at millikelvin temperatures
Room-temperature ordered photon emission from multiexciton States in single CdSe
First-principles study of band-gap change in deformed nanotubes
Growth and electrochromic properties of single-crystal V2O5 nanorod arrays
Direct visualization of nanopatterns by single-molecule imaging
Motion of single DNA molecules at a liquid-solid interface as revealed by variab
In vitro and in vivo two-photon luminescence imaging of single gold nanorods
Scanning tunneling microscopy single atom/molecule manipulation and its applicat
Giant random telegraph signals in the carbon nanotubes as a single defect probe
Optical nanobiosensor for monitoring an apoptotic signaling process in a single
Morphological studies of polypropylene-nanoclay composites
Fabrication of planar quantum magnetic disk structure using electron beam lithog
Nanoscale mechanical property measurements using modified atomic forte microscop
Room-temperature single-electron junction
Synthesis and properties of nm-sized Sn2P2Se6 single crystals embedded in photop
Ultra high-throughput screening - A journey into Nanoland with Gulliver and Alic
Temperature dependence of luminescence intensity and decay times in C-60 single
Probing the interaction between two single molecules: Fluorescence resonance ene