Target 相关文章

基于Simulink的Motorola MCU嵌入式系统的开发
图像跟踪系统中软件开发及算法研究/Research and Development of Image Tracking Algorithms and Host
飞行仿真系统虚拟光学目标跟踪的设计与实现/Design and Implementation of Virtual Optical Target Trackin
南科公司新型电力电子器件目标市场定位与选择研究/A Study of orientation and measures of entering target-m
战场目标的声识别方法研究/Application and Research of the Recognition Methods for Targets in
智能车辆目标识别系统的研究与实现/Research and Implementation on Target Recognition System of Int
最优变结构制导律研究/Study on the Optimal Variable Structure Guidance Law
红外机动多目标跟踪研究及其软件实现/Research of Infrared Maneuvering Multi-target Tracking and its
基于WSN的多目标跟踪系统研究/Study on Multi-target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks
图像跟踪系统的软件开发及算法实现/Research and Development of Image Tracking Algorithms and Softw
基于红外阵列多目标航迹处理子系统的设计与实现/Design and Implementation of Multi-Target Trajectory Proc
目标提取与追踪技术及在流动可视化分析中的应用/Target Detection and Tracking and its Application in Flow
基于序列图像的运动目标检测与跟踪/Detection and Tracking of Moving Target in Image Sequences
空间目标拦截与脱靶量估计的算法研究实现/Study and Realization of Space Target Defense and Miss Dista
红外图像与可见光图像的融合处理/Image Fusion of the Infrared-ray Image and Visual Image
一个基于无线传感器网络的多目标跟踪系统的设计与实现/Design and Implementation of a Multi-Target Tracking S
雷达/红外双模融合跟踪系统的设计与仿真研究/Design and Simulation of Fusing and Tracking System Based
秦川集团铸造厂经营者绩效考核体系设计/The designation of the performance examining
基于雷达回波图像的目标检测/Target Detection Based on Radar Echo Imagery
一种目标空间位置解算装置的研究与实现/The Research and Realization of a certain Device of the Targ
基于多传感器信息融合的智能车辆跟踪与防碰撞方法研究/Study on Intelligent Vehicles Tracking and Collision A
相控阵雷达仿真系统中实时雷达信号发生器的设计与实现/Design and Implementation of Real Time Radar Signal Ge
基于DSP阵列的图像目标识别仿真系统的设计/Design of Image Target Recognition Simulation System Based
基于DSP阵列的雷达多目标跟踪系统硬件设计/Hardware Design of Radar Multi-target Tracking System Base
目标成本法在工程管理中的应用/The application of target costing in Engineering management
中国货币政策调控目标选择研究/A Study on the Alternative of Control Target to Chinese Monetary
Ⅲ期非小细胞肺癌手术完全切除的术后适形放射治疗的研究/The study in conformal radiotherapy of Stage Ⅲ non-sm
我国货币政策中介目标研究/Research on the intermediate target of monetary policy in china
控制权转移的上市公司特征分析及并购预测研究/Ananlysis of Characteristics of Listed Companies with Righ
等离子体离子注入表面改性与磁控溅射成膜的计算机模拟研究/Simulation study on plasma based ion implantation an
货币供应量作为我国货币政策中介目标的探讨 —基于货币需求和货币供给的实证研究/An Empirical Study on Money Supply as th
嵌入式软件调试器的研究与设计/Research and Design for Embeded Software Debugger
开放经济条件下货币政策中介目标的选择/The Choice of Intermedia Target of Monetary Policy in An Open
有关通货膨胀目标制 问题的研究/research about inflation targeting
论译者对翻译文本和翻译策略的选择/On Translators Choice of Texts and Translating Strategies
远程实时运动目标识别技术的研究/The Technology of Remote Real-time Motion Targets Recognition
我国并购目标公司财务特征的实证研究/Empirical Study on Financial Characteristics
企业目标成本管理研究/Research on the Target Cost Management in Enterprises
成本企画研究/Research on target costing
室内搬运机器人目标跟踪搜索系统研究/Research on automatic target-tracking system of indoor robot c
技术创新的目标市场选择研究/Study on selection of target market of technological innovation
我国全日制研究生培养目标研究/Research on the cultivation target of full-time system graduate i
战术数据分发系统中的航迹合成及功能仿真/Aviation track building and function simulation in tactical
多传感器数据融合及其在潜艇目标识别中的应用/Multi-sensor information fusion and application of the sub
基于EVA的企业业绩评价探析/Brief analysis on performance evaluation based on the EVA
红外图像中运动小目标检测技术研究/Infrared images small moving target detectiont technology
《荆棘鸟》译本中译者对读者的关照/Penetrating the Chinese version of the thorn birds from the tra
远程实时运动目标识别技术的研究/The Technology of Remote Real-time Motion Targets Recognition
我国并购目标公司财务特征的实证研究/Empirical Study on Financial Characteristics
坦克激光智能打靶器的设计/A design of laser aptitude target practice for tank
一种新的红外目标跟踪方法/A New Tracking Method for IR Target
关联理论对文学翻译的启示/The enlightenment of relevance theory on literary translation
我国货币政策中介目标评述/Comment on Monetary Intermediate Target
我国货币政策中介目标有效性的实证研究/Empirical Study on the validity of Monetary Intermediate Targ
我国货币政策中介目标的现状分析和未来选择研究/The Research on the Present Analysis and the Future Choic
我国农村教师发展现状及我国农村教师发展指标体系研究/The Research on The Actuality and the Target System of
学分制背景下大学生目标管理研究/Research on college students target management
Nanocrystalline carbon nitride prepared by laser ablating solid target in liquid
Photoluminescence study for nanometer Ge particles embedded Si oxide films
One-pot colorimetric differentiation of polynucleotides with single base imperfe
Influence of the target morphology on anisotropic GMR of Cu-Co laser ablated thi
Mechanism of the effect of NiCo, Ni and Co catalysts on the yield of single-wall
Growth of carbon nanostructure materials using laser vaporization
Numerical investigation of an electrochemically induced tagging in a nanospray f
Magic bullets target cells selectively
Picosecond and femtosecond pulsed laser ablation and deposition of quasicrystals
Formation of the ion current of a high-temperature femtosecond laser plasma on t
Hot ion beam generation from rare-gas cryogenic targets
Nanosecond laser ablation of Cu: Modeling of the expansion in He background gas,
Preparing superdense ZAO target by doping Al2O3 nanopowder
Experimental investigation on ITO ceramic target by using exploring-compression
High-speed subnanometre interferometry using an improved three-mode heterodyne i
Photoelectrochemical deoxyribonucleic acid sensing on a nanostructured Ti O2 ele
Influence of target material on the microstructure and properties of Ti-Si-N coa
Target surface oxide layer formed by reactive sputtering of Ti target in Ar+O2 m
Nanosize particles of ZrVFe alloy by pulsed laser ablation in ethanol
Transport of target anions, chromate (Cr (VI)), arsenate (As (V)), and perchlora
Solar synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes at medium scale
Electrical detection of DNA hybridization with multilayer gold nanoparticles bet
Nanoparticle-based assay set to revolutionise clinical diagnostics
The effects of operating parameters on the morphology of electrospun polyacrilon
Reactive magnetron sputtering of hard Si-B-C-N films with a high-temperature oxi
Pulsed laser deposition (PLD)-an advanced state for technical applications
Single-wall carbon nanotube formation by laser ablation using double-targets of
Interaction of laser radiation with a dense gas target
Structure and dynamics of calmodulin in solution
Dependence of spatial coherence of 23.2-23.6-nm radiation on the geometry of a m
Soft X-ray emission of laser-produced plasmas using a low-debris cryogenic nitro
Properties of aluminium oxide thin films deposited by reactive magnetron sputter
Laser ablation behavior of a granulated Si target
Rotary target method to prepare thin films of CdS/SiO2 by pulsed laser depositio
Reason for high critical current in thin YBCO films prepared by laser ablation f
Synthesis of nanosized aluminum nitride powders by pulsed laser ablation
Solar production of carbon nanotubes structure evolution with experimental condi
Enhanced X-ray emission in the 1-keV range from a laser-irradiated gas puff targ
Porous target enhances production of single-wall carbon nanotubes by laser ablat
Ultradisperse powders obtained by sputtering a target with high-power nanosecond
Neutron generation in dense femtosecond laser plasma of a structured solid targe
Modeling of temperature fields in the graphite target at pulsed laser deposition
Single-wall carbon nanotubes: a high yield of tubes through laser ablation of a
Laser deposition from a nanostructured YBaCuO target: Analysis of the plume and
Scale up of a solar Reactor for fullerene and nanotube synthesis
Studies of plasma and craters produced by the interaction of high-energy sub-nan
Optical properties of nanophase films measured by variable-angle spectroscopic e
Nanoparticle-based bio-bar codes for the ultrasensitive detection of proteins
Microstructural characterization of MgO thin films grown by radio-frequency sput
Transition radiation of high energy particles on fiber-like targets
Enhanced water-window X-ray pulse generation from femtosecond-laser-produced pla
Comparison in spatial spreads of secondary electron information between scanning
Technological development of preparing nanosized ITO powder and ultra high densi
Modulation targets in Rayleigh-Taylor instability experiments for the ICF study
Application of microwave plasma technology to inertial confinement fusion target
Efficient water-window X-ray pulse generation from femtosecond-laser-produced pl
Effect of target self-bias voltage on the mechanical properties of diamond-like
Magnetizable needles and wires - modeling an efficient way to target magnetic mi
Experimental study on the momentum coupling efficiency of laser plasma
Preparation of nanometer thin films with intense pulsed electron beam ablation
Nanodosimetry, from radiation physics to radiation biology
Percolation in laser ablation of binary mixtures
Target ablation characteristics of thin films during nanosecond pulsed laser dep
Single-quantum-dot-based DNA nanosensor
Correcting capacitive displacement measurements in metrology applications with c
Liquid metal micro-droplet generator for laser produced plasma target delivery u
Thermodynamic parameters of a nanosecond plasma formed on a solid target in the
Type II DNA topoisomerases as antibacterial targets