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8位、125MS/s折叠-插值AD转换器设计/Design of 8-bit 125MSamples/s Folding And Interpolating A
8bit 125MHz折叠插值A/D转换器的研究与设计/The Design of 8bit 125MHz Folding and Interpolating
高速、低功耗折叠内插模数转换器设计研究/high speed and low power folding and interpolating ADC resea
有机光电材料和纳米材料的光电性质的计算模拟及纳米光子学的理论研究/Computation simulation on the optoelectronic pr
高速、低功耗折叠内插模数转换器研究与设计/Design of High Speed Low Power Folding and Interpolating AD
柔性蛋白质折叠与结合的动力学和热力学研究/The study of the kinetics and thermodynamics of the flexibl
Manipulation of graphitic sheets using a tunneling microscope
Artificial cell containing superoxide dismutase - selection of folding aids for
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Probing the Folding and Unfolding Dynamics of Secondary and Tertiary Structures
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Protein folding: matching theory and experiment
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β-Hairpin folding mechanism of a nine-residue peptide revealed from molecul
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