iridium 相关文章

光功能铱配合物的分子设计、合成及其光电性质研究/Design, synthesis and optoelectronic Properties of funct
光功能材料的合成表征及其光电性质研究/Design, Synthesis and Photoelectric Properties Research of Ph
Ir/Si_3N_4/Si(100)薄膜的生长、表征和微加工研究/Growth、characterization and micro-pattern fabri
Some electrocatalytic properties of anodic iridium oxide nanoparticles in acidic
Bias enhanced nucleation of diamond on iridium buffer layers studied by a NanoAu
Meteoric smoke fallout over the Holocene epoch revealed by iridium and platinum
Optical modeling of Iridium thin film erosion under oxygen plasma exposure
Preparation and characterisation of nanocrystalline IrxSn 1-xO2 electrocatalytic
Iridium nanocrystal synthesis and surface coating-dependent catalytic activity
Growth and control of nanoprotrusions on iridium field emitters
Characterization of iridium film as a stimulating neural electrode
Electrodeposition of hydrous iridium oxide on conductive diamond electrodes for
Crystal tilting of diamond heteroepitaxially grown on vicinal Ir/SrTiO3(001)
Surface study of iridium buffer layers during the diamond bias enhanced nucleati
Structural and morphological characterization of iridium coatings grown by MOCVD
Carbon nanofiber composite as a catalytic hydrazine decomposition support for sa
Formation of nano iridium oxide: material properties and neural cell culture
Mercury-plated iridium-based microelectrode arrays for trace metals detection by