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聚环氧乙烷(PEO)类聚合物的合成、表征及应用/Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Polymers
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The effect of a PEG versus a chitosan coating on the interaction of drug colloid
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New approach of the preparation of nanocapsules by an interfacial polycondensati
Al2O3 coated α-Fe solid solution nanocapsules prepared by arc discharge
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Molecular architecture of nanocapsules, bilayer-enclosed solid particles of cisp
The role of surfactant in controlling particle size and stability in the miniemu
Synthesis, loading, and application of individual nanocapsules for probing singl
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Manufacture and properties of nanoencapsulated n-octadecane
In vitro release of protein from poly(butylcyanoacrylate) nanocapsules with an a
Influence of surfactants on the parameters of polylactide nanocapsules containin
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Selective fabrication of polymer nanocapsules and nanotubes using cyclodextrin a
Synthesis and characterization of FeCoNiAl nanocapsules by plasma arc discharge
Core-shell structure of Miglyol/poly(D,L-lactide)/Poloxamer nanocapsules studied
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Layered polyelectrolyte-silica coating for nanocapsules
Oil core and silica shell nanocapsules: Toward controlling the size and the abil
Phospholipid-Based Catalytic Nanocapsules
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Study of carbon nanocapsules (onions) and spherulitic graphite by STM and other
Characterization of ultrafine Fe-Co particles and Fe-Co(C) nanocapsules
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Synthesis, characterization, and magnetic properties of carbon- and boron-oxide-
Structure and magnetic properties of boron-oxide-coated Fe(B) nanocapsules prepa
Shell/core structure and magnetic properties of carbon-coated Fe-Co(C) nanocapsu
Formation mechanisms for carbon onions and nanocapsules in C+-ion implanted copp
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Two-photon photolysis of 2-nitrobenzaldehyde monitored by fluorescent-labeled na
Structure and magnetic properties of Fe(C) and Co(C) nanocapsules prepared by ch
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Structure and magnetic properties of Gd nanoparticles and carbon coated Gd/GdC2
Nanoencapsulation of [60]fullerene with the cavitand cucurbit[7]uril
Multilayer nanocapsules of polysaccharide chitosan and alginate through layer-by
Nanoencapsulation of capsaicin by complex coacervation of gelatin, acacia, and t
Structure and magnetic properties of surface alloyed Fe nanocapsules prepared by
Structure and magnetic properties of Co-Cr solid-solution nanocapsules prepared
In-situ investigation and effect of additives on low temperature aqueous chemica
Electrokinetic properties of noncharged lipid nanocapsules: influence of the dip
Tissue concentration of nanoencapsulated radiolabelled cyclosporin following per
Spontaneous formation of drug-containing amphiphilic beta-cyclodextrin nanocapsu
Prophylactic oral administration of metabolically active insulin entrapped in is
Disposition and protective effect against irritation after intravenous and recta
Evaluation of gastrointestinal behaviour in the rat of amphiphilic beta-cyclodex