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有机发光器件性能优化及激子扩散问题研究/OLEDs performance improvements and exciton migration in orga
Interface exciton luminescence: an indication of interface inhomogeneities in s
Exciton scattering and relaxation probed by time and frequency resolved fluoresc
Dephasing processes of coherent exciton migration in mixed aggregates with barri
Intrinsic radiative lifetimes of InP/In0.48Ga0.52P quantum dots
GaAs/AlAs interface graduality observed on type II luminescence
Features of fine structures of exciton luminescence bands in the confined semico
Ultrafast optical sampling spectroscopy of exciton dynamics in quantum wells
Diamagnetic shift of exciton level in ultra-thin PbI2 crystals
Exciton-phonon coupling in indirect gap AgBr nanocrystals
Long-lived spectral-hole burning in CuBr nanocrystals embedded in glass
Subpicosecond dynamics of confined excitons in CuCl nanocrystals
Persistent spectral holeburning of Frenkel exciton system with large coherence l
Bulk semiconductors and porous silicon: controlled exciton-photon interaction i
Ultraviolet spontaneous and stimulated emissions from ZnO microcrystallite thin
Infrared transient absorption of CuCl nanocrystals under size-selective excitati
Photoinduced change in exciton luminescence spectra of CuCl nanocrystals embedde
Excitons in silicon nanocrystallites
Exciton dynamics in FMO bacteriochlorophyll protein at low temperatures
How do molecules behave in supramolecular assemblies?
Optical properties and lasing in CdSe-submonolayers in a (Zn,Mg)(S,Se) matrix
Few-particle effects in the optical spectra of semiconductor quantum dots
Strong exciton binding in hybrid GaAs-based nanostructures
Detection of nonequilibrium phonons by the exciton luminescence in CdMnTe-based
Theory of multi-exciton states in semiconductor nanocrystals
Femtosecond regular reflection spectroscopic study on ultrafast photoinduced hea
Luminescence of nanocrystalline ZnO particles: the mechanism of the ultraviolet
Kinetics of the radiative and nonradiative processes in nanocrystalline ZnO part
Exciton-exciton scattering in GaAs/AlAs lateral superlattice
Mapping the orientation of exciton transition dipoles along individual nanostruc
Photoluminescence of poly(p-phenylenevinylene)-silica nanocomposites: Evidence f
Exciton states in quantum dot solids: Excitation transfer and dynamic decorrelat
Confined excitons in AgI nanocrystals in crystalline KI matrix
Near-field spectroscopy of a coupled wire-dot nanostructure grown on (3 1 1)A Ga
Contribution of the loss of nanocrystal ligands to interdot coupling in films of
Verification of the vibrational exciton approach for CO2 and N2O nanoparticles
Nonlinear optical phenomena in coherent phase of 2D exciton system
Size-dependent exciton chirality in (R)-(+)-1,1 prime -Bi-2-naphthol dimethyl et
Coherent coupling of molecular excitons to electronic polarizations of noble met
Spectroscopy and photophysics of self-organized zinc porphyrin nanolayers. 2. Tr
Quantum master equation approach to the second hyperpolarizability of nanostar d
Temperature-dependent luminescence dynamics in ZnO nanorods
Description of exciton transport in a TiO2/MEH-PPV heterojunction photovoltaic m
Attenuated quantum confinement of the exciton in semiconductor nanoparticles
Exciton states in semiconductor spherical nanostructures
Study of exciton-polariton modes in nanocrystalline thin films of ZnO using refl
Direct experimental evidence of exciton-phonon bound states in carbon nanotubes
Localization-dependent photoluminescence spectrum of biexcitons in semiconductor
Defect and nano-crystallite photoluminescence in Si-SiOx systems
Lasing in single cadmium sulfide nanowire optical cavities
Theory and Ab initio calculation of radiative lifetime of excitons in semiconduc
Temperature dependence of excitonic radiative decay in CdSe quantum dots: The ro
Polaron and exciton-phonon complexes in CuCl nanocrystals
Persistent spectral hole burning of pseudo-isocyanine(Br) J-aggregates
Two-exciton collective photon echoes in disordered molecular nanostructures
Ultrafast optical sampling pump-probe measurement of exciton spin relaxation in
Anomalous features of resonant hyper-Raman scattering in CuBr quantum dots: Evid
Optical properties of nanostructures in layered metal tri-iodide crystals
Optical properties of ultrathin PbI2 microcrystallite in polymer
Optical measurements on semiconductor microcrystal beams generated by gas evapor
Optical processes in semiconductor nanocrystallites (quantum dots)
Band-edge exciton in quantum dots of semiconductors with a degenerate valence ba
Low-temperature kinetics of localized excitons in nanostructures
Excitons in carbon nanotubes
A solvable model for excitonic complexes in one dimension
Solution of the problem of light scattering from a particle with a shell with sp
Time-resolved study of exciton thermalization in NaNO2
Observation of redshifts of photoluminescence from thin films assembled by CuCl
Excitonic luminescence spectra of hexagonal CuBr nanocrystals
Size-selective two-photon spectroscopy of CuCl spherical quantum dots
Optical properties of submonolayer CdSe-(Zn,Mg)(S,Se) structures
Density-matrix-electronic-oscillator representation of optical spectroscopy of s
Raman-scattering study of exciton-phonon coupling in PbS nanocrystals
Exciton-LO-phonon interaction in CuCl spherical quantum dots studied by resonant
Efficient electronic energy transfer from a semiconductor quantum well to an org
Vibrational resonant Raman scattering in spherical quantum dots: exciton effects
Exciton-phonon interaction in the spherical nanoheterosystem CdS/β-HgS/H2O
Dynamics of dense exciton gas in semiconductor nanocrystals
LO phonon renormalization in optically excited CuCl nanocrystals
Non-coherent exciton migration in J-aggregates of the dye THIATS: exciton-excito
Observation of excitonic states in PbSe nanocrystals
Anisotropic exchange splitting of excitonic levels in small quantum systems
Nonlinear optics of semiconductor and molecular nanostructures; a common perspec
Microprobe spectroscopy of localized exciton states in II-VI quantum wells
Energy relaxation and transport of indirect excitons in AlAs/GaAs coupled quantu
Exciton diamagnetic shift in semiconductor nanostructures
Exciton transport and nonradiative decay in semiconductor nanostructures
Dynamics of exciton localization in CdS/HgS quantum-dot quantum wells
Excitonic absorption of GaN epilayers on sapphire: Dynamics, intensity, and temp
Theory of exciton dephasing in semiconductor quantum dots
Magneto-optical effects in photoluminescence of Si nanocrystals
Many-body pseudopotential theory of excitons in InP and CdSe quantum dots
Suppression and enhancement of the exciton-phonon interaction in optical absorpt
Intraband terahertz emission from coupled semiconductor quantum wells: A model s
Resonant hyper-Raman scattering in spherical quantum dots
Continuous and time-resolved photoluminescence study of lead sulfide nanocrystal
Picosecond fluorescence decay and exciton dynamics in a new far-red molecular J-
Very weak temperature quenching in orange luminescence of ZnS:Mn2+ nanocrystals
Properties of CuI nanocrystallites embedded in a glass matrix: From quantum conf
Hole levels and exciton states in CdS nanocrystals
Exciton self-trapping in AgCl nanocrystals
Self-trapped excitons in ultrathin PbI2 nanocrystals embedded in a polymer
Excitonic gain and stimulated ultraviolet emission in nanocrystalline zinc-oxide
Optical properties of γ-AgI nanocrystals synthesized in reverse micelles
Optical limiting and bistability of a σ-π photoconductive copolymer
The kinetics of the radiative and nonradiative processes in nanocrystalline ZnO
Exciton states and optical spectra in CdSe nanocrystallite quantum dots
Calculation of exciton absorption in arbitrary layered semiconductor nanostructu
Unmasking electronic energy transfer of conjugated polymers by suppression of O2
Quantum information processing with semiconductor macroatoms
Electron behavior and photoelectric gas-sensitive characters of nanocrystalline
Structural and optical properties of ternary Cs-Pb-Cl nanoaggregates in thin fil
Interband absorption in charged Ge/Si type-II quantum dots
Exciton-erbium coupling and the excitation dynamics of Er3+ in erbium-doped sili
Luminescence of bulk and nanocrystalline cubic yttria
Contribution of the electron-electron interaction to the optical properties of d
Optical spectra of CdSe nanocrystals under hydrostatic pressure
Optical quantum gates with semiconductor nanostructures
AgBr nanocrystals in glass: Optical and ODMR investigations
Shape dependent ultrafast relaxation dynamics of CdSe nanocrystals: nanorods vs
Photonic crystal slab with exciton resonance: A novel research field of nanotech
Model simulation of excitons in semiconductor nanostructures at high concentrati
Kinetics of exciton photoluminescence in low-dimensional silicon structures
Exciton interactions in oligophenyl nanoaggregates and single crystals
Excitons in CdS and CdSe semiconducting quantum wires with dielectric barriers
Center-of-mass quantization of excitons and Fabry-Perot modes of the polariton i
Strain-induced confinement of excitons in quasi-free AgI nanoparticles
Collective state of interwell excitons in GaAs/AlGaAs double quantum wells under
Polarized absorption and anomalous temperature dependence of fluorescence depola
Optical excitations in hexagonal nanonetwork materials
Optical spectra and exciton-light coupled modes of a spherical semiconductor nan
Temperature dependence of excitonic luminescence from nanocrystalline ZnO films
Multiple exciton interaction in condensates of excitons at a stacking fault inte
Photoluminescence spectrum of highly excited single CdS nanocrystals studied by
Magneto-optical properties and exciton dynamics in diluted magnetic semiconducto
Excitons in quantum-dot quantum-well nanoparticles
Urbachs rule peculiarities in structures with CdSxSe1-x nanocrystals
Quantum efficiency of exciton luminescence in low-dimensional structures with in
Many-body levels of optically excited and multiply charged InAs nanocrystals mod
Absorption and emission in oligo-phenylene vinylene nanoaggregates: The role of
Exciton dephasing and absorption line shape in semiconductor quantum dots
Pump-probe simulation study of the two-exciton manifold of dendrimers
Surface-enhanced emission from single semiconductor nanocrystals
Interband and intraband optical studies of PbSe colloidal quantum dots
Nanosecond exciton recombination dynamics in colloidal CdSe quantum dots under a
Exciton spin relaxation time in quantum dots measured by continuous-wave photolu
Multiple temperature regimes of radiative decay in CdSe nanocrystal quantum dots
Exchange interaction in argentum iodide nanocrystals
Polarization of an exciton in a ZnO layer using a split gate potential
Characteristics of confined exciton states in silicon quantum wires
Exciton energies of wurtzite CdS nanoparticles
Excitonic emissions observed in ZnO single crystal nanorods
Exciton-LO-phonon coupling in self-organized InAs/GaAs quantum dots
Resonant transfer of excitons and quantum computation
Time-resolved differential reflectivity as a probe of on-resonance exciton dynam
Exciton bimolecular annihilation dynamics in supramolecular nanostructures of co
Photoluminescence of CsPbCl3 films prepared by quench deposition and subsequent
High quality ZnO thin films prepared by O2 and Ar plasma-assisted E-beam evapora
Femtosecond fluorescence up-conversion microscopy: exciton dynamics in α-p
Preparation and luminescent properties of ZnO microrods and microtubes
Near-field autocorrelation spectroscopy of disordered semiconductor quantum well
Preparation, characterization and optical properties of nanostructured ZnO thin
The optical properties of ZnO nanoparticles capped with polyvinyl butyral
Photoluminescence study of ZnO nanorods epitaxially grown on sapphire (112¯
Optical properties of epitaxially grown submonolayer CdSe/ZnSe nanostructures
Low-temperature growth of ZnO nanostructure networks
Nano-optical probing of exciton wave-functions confined in a GaAs quantum dot
Photoluminescence and resonant Raman scattering from ZnO-opal structures
Scaling of excitons in carbon nanotubes
Light amplification using inverted core/shell nanocrystals: towards lasing in th
Radiative lifetime of excitons in ZnO nanocrystals: the dead-layer effect
Quantum confinement in ZnO nanorods
Degenerate exciton gases and macroscopic ordering in coupled quantum-well system
1D exciton spectroscopy of semiconductor nanorods
Electron correlation phenomena in semiconductor low-dimension structures and nan
Polaronic exciton in quantum wells wires and nanotubes
Zinc oxide nanoarrays in nanoporous nickel phosphate with a huge blueshift ultra
Time-resolved photoluminescence study of the stimulated emission in ZnO nanoneed
Temperature-dependent photoluminescence of nanocrystalline ZnO thin films grown
Time-resolved photoluminescence of Te isoelectronic center in ZnS
Recombination kinetics of Te isoelectronic centers in ZnSTe
Ultrafast carrier dynamics in ZnO nanorods
Exciton resonances quench the photoluminescence of zigzag carbon nanotubes
Recent advances in exciton-based quantum information processing in quantum dot n
Exciton relaxation in single wall carbon nanotubes
Long decays of excitonic from CdTe/ZnTe individual quantum dots
Triplet exciton diffusion and delayed interfacial charge separation in a TiO2/Pd
Quantum size effects in ZnO nanowires
Surface excitonic emission and quenching effects in ZnO nanowire/nanowall system
Mapping of exciton wave function in a GaAs quantum dot by nanoimaging optical sp
Optical properties of self-assembled nano-hybrid materials
Femtosecond spectroscopy of optical excitations in single-walled carbon nanotube
Excitons in semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes
Exciton binding energy in semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes
Exciton dynamics of GaSe nanoparticle aggregates
Effect of exciton-phonon coupling in the calculated optical absorption of carbon
High-efficiency carrier multiplication through direct photogeneration of multi-e
Size dependence of exciton fine structure in CdSe quantum dots
Exciton relaxation dynamics in quantum dots with strong confinement
Ground state exciton lasing in CdSe submonolayers inserted in a ZnSe matrix
Controllable exciton bleaching and recovery observed in ZnO-Ag hybrid nanometre-