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液氦表面准一维电子气体的集体激发谱的研究/The study of collective excitation in a quasi-one-dimension
扫描电镜负带电衬度中电子运动的蒙特卡罗模拟/Monte-Carlo Simulation of the Electron Movements in Negati
彩色显像管封口机自动扭曲调整装置的研制/Design of Automatic Gun-Rotation-Adjustment Equipment for CP
高亮度电子枪数值计算方法研究/Study on numerical calculation method of high brightness electron
负带电绝缘样品表面电位与二次电子特性的Monte-Carlo模拟/The Monte-Carlo Simulation of Negative Charging
铁电电子发射特性的研究及铁电阴极系统的构建/Study of Electron Emission from Ferroelectrics and Configu
FW公司QLA电子栓陕西市场营销策略研究/A Research on the Shaanxi Marketing Strategies of the QLA
氧化物粒子大小对Mo-La2O3阴极抗电弧烧蚀性能的影响/The effect of oxide particle size on arc erosion re
电子枪扭弯曲特性智能检测系统(EDBS)的研制/Development of Intellectively Detecting System On The El
介质保护膜二次电子发射系数测量装置的研究与设计/Design and Research of the Device for Measuring the Seco
强流栅控电子枪的计算机辅助模拟设计及实验研究/Computer-aided Simulation Design & Experiment for Gridded
介质保护膜二次电子发射系数测量装置的设计与研究/Design and Research of the about Device for Measuring th
高能离轴和低能同轴电子全息的计算机模拟及三维重现研究/Computer Simulation and Three-Dimensional Reconstruct
乳腺组织电子密度的个体化差异在放射治疗时对剂量分布的影响/The Influence of Dose Distribution from The Individ
紧凑型荧光灯新型电子发射材料的研究和评价/Studies of New Electron Emission Materials for CFL
半导体制造中的电子显微分析/Electron micro–analysis of semiconductor manufacture
一维关联体系的单粒子激发和动力学研究/one-electron spectral function and dynamical study of one-dim
含苝衍生物新型共轭聚合物的合成与性能研究/synthesis and characterization of novel perylene-based conj
薄膜型场发射器件频率特性的研究/Study on Frequency Characteristic of Thin Film Type Field Emissi
活性碳纤维吸附惰性气体氙的研究/Studies on the Adsorption of Activated Carbon Fibers for Noble G
激光烧蚀电光晶体产生等离子体光谱诊断研究/Spectroscopic study of the plasma produced from laser ablat
岸边桥式起重机智能防摇控制机理研究/The intelligent control mechanism research of bank bridge cran
氧化锌纳米晶\卟啉复合材料的制备及能量和电子转移过程的研究/Study of the Synthesis of ZnO Nanocrystal\Porphrin
Bifunctional capping of CdS nanoparticles and bridging to TiO2
Submicro- and nanometer structure fabrication using direct electron-beam writing
Nanocrystalline magnets - novel materials for application and basic research
Study of electron irradiation-induced defects of 3c-SiC and diamond by ultra-hig
Electron paramagnetic resonance of the Mn-impurity in ZnS nanocrystals
Photoinduced electron transfer from polygermane to C60 studied by laser flash ph
Synthesis of metal nanoclusters within microphase-separated diblock copolymers:
Deformation of rubber-toughened polycarbonate: microscale and nanoscale analysi
Quantum dots: Few-body, low-dimensional systems
Formation of nanocrystalline surface layers on Cr-Ni-steel by a hypervelocity pl
Cross-sectional characterization of thin-film transistors with transmission elec
Tube-like nanostructures composed of networks of complementary hydrogen bonds
Study on electron spin resonance of photoluminescene nano-crystallite in a-Si:H
Current status of high resolution electron microscopy and its applications to ma
Nanoapatite and organoapatite implants in bone: histology and ultrastructure of
Low temperature scanning tunneling microscopy studies of granular metal films
Studies of Mo/Si multilayers with coherent electron beams
Correlation of optical and structural properties of porous β-SiC formed on
Nanocharacterization of small particles produced in a gas
Catalytic engineering of carbon nanostructures
Compositional and structural modifications of amorphous SiO2 by low-energy ion a
Microscopy extends inspection to the nanometer level
Phosphate glasses doped with CdS nanocrystals
Laser ablation of refractory material, cluster formation and deposition
Structure and morphology of small diameter electrospun aramid fibers
Femtosecond investigation of electron trapping in semiconductor nanoclusters
Electronic subband studies of InP/InAs/InxGa1-xAs asymmetric double quantum well
Computer simulation and measurement of capacitance-voltage characteristics in qu
Electron beam nanofabrication with self-assembled monolayers of alkylthiols and
Polymer-derived Si-based bulk ceramics, Part II: microstructural characterisati
Electron beam initiated oxidation and coalescence of metal particles embedded in
Electron beam nanolithography system and its application to Si nanofabrication
Preparation of cubic boron nitride films by use of electrically conductive boron
On the kinetics and mechanism of light-induced electron transfer at the semicond
Tailoring nanostructured thin films
In-line holography using low-energy electrons and photons: applications for mani
Thermal chemical synthesis of nanostructured chromium carbide cermets
Polymer-derived Si-based bulk ceramics, Part II: microstructural characterisati
Electron beam initiated oxidation and coalescence of metal particles embedded in
Electron beam nanolithography system and its application to Si nanofabrication
Preparation of cubic boron nitride films by use of electrically conductive boron
On the kinetics and mechanism of light-induced electron transfer at the semicond
Tailoring nanostructured thin films
In-line holography using low-energy electrons and photons: applications for mani
Thermal chemical synthesis of nanostructured chromium carbide cermets
Refractory metal-based low-resistance ohmic contacts for submicron GaAs heterost
Pattern transfer of electron beam modified self-assembled monolayers for high-re
Resonant transmission in an H-shaped nanostructure
New material for the production of fine line interconnects in integrated circuit
Electrochemical deposition process for the synthesis of laminated nanocomposites
Electrostatic conductance oscillations in an AlGaAs/GaAs-based mesoscopic wire
Formation of silicon and cobalt silicide nanoparticles in CaF2
Transmission electron microscopy study of amorphization of graphite by mechanica
Method for the preparation of PMMA-SiO2 nanocomposites with high homogeneity
Reactions of hydrated electron with N,N prime -methylenebisacrylamide in aqueous
Self-assembled nanoscale tubular ensembles
Carrier recombination in CdS nanocrystals under single-electron and high-density
Phase transformation and bonding of ceramic nanoparticles in a TEM
Hydroxyapatite sintering characteristics: correlation with powder morphology by
Blockade brings benefits
On the breakdown of Friedels Law for coherent microdiffraction from amorphous ma
Advanced electron holography: A new algorithm for image processing and a standar
Investigation of a nanocrystalline YBa2Cu3O7-δ powder by neutron and elect
Hot-hole-induced negative oxide charges in n-MOSFETs
Nanostructure of Au-20%Pd layers in MoS2 multilayer solid lubricant films
Crater formation on the surface of metals and alloys bombarded with high-power i
Electron powder ribbon polycrystalline silicon plates used for porous layer fabr
Electron microscopy studies of amphiphilic self-assemblies on vitreous ice
Formation of InSb nanocrystals on Se-terminated GaAs(001)
Single-electron tunneling through semiconducting nanostructures
Room-temperature 1.5 μm luminescence of co-deposited erbium and germanium
Nitride nanophases in a plasma-assisted surface modified steel
Treatment of the surface layer of steel with high energy plasma pulses
Ti-B-N film formed by EB-ion plating and N ion bombardment of a Ti-B film
Transport properties of silicon nanostructures fabricated on SIMOX substrates
EDS and EELS using a TEM-FEG microscope
100 keV electron beam lithography process for high aspect ratio submicron struct
Transmission electron microscopy methods for the determination of void content i
Persistent currents of few interacting electrons in mesoscopic rings
Finite-element analysis of electron waveguide discontinuities with arbitrary pot
Amorphous state formation and structural changes in α alumina by repeated
Intersubband excitations of quasi-one-dimensional electron systems in a magnetic
Photochemical polymerization of oligothiophene and dithienothiophene
Dispersive collective excitation modes in the quantum hall regime
Boron nitride nanotubes
Transmission electron microscopy observations of composite polymer colloid nucle
Fabrication of nanostructured ceramics by hybrid processing
Hemi-toroidal networks in pyrolytic carbon nanotubes
Nanometer lithography on silicon and hydrogenated amorphous silicon with low ene
Metastable phases in the nanocrystalline PdNiSi film
Nanostructure alignment for hot electron interference/diffraction devices
Ballistic Electron Emission Spectroscopy of Au/Si (100) interface
Determination of relevant size parameters for sonicated and unsonicated nanocrys
Modern applications of a new 300 kV field emission transmission electron microsc
Metastable single-phase polycrystalline aluminium oxynitride films grown by MSIP
Single-electron devices
Helical logic
Ultra-microindentation of silicon at elevated temperatures
Formation of nanotubes in low pressure hydrocarbon flames
Microstructure of the Ti-B-N coating after heat-treatment
Initial experimental study of pulsed electron beam fluorescence : Aerodynamic me
Recovery of the persistent current induced by the electron-electron interaction
Coherent nanodiffraction from phase objects: carbon nanotubes
Transmission electron microscopy studies of nanophase TiO2
SiOx luminescence from light-emitting porous silicon: support for the quantum c
Synthesis of full-density nanocrystalline tungsten carbide by reduction of tungs
Universal conductance fluctuations in a two-dimensional electron gas near fillin
Effects of a time-dependent transverse electric field on the quantum transport i
Techniques and new developments in high-resolution electron microscopy
Single electron device with asymmetric tunnel barriers
Femtosecond electronic relaxation dynamics in metal nano-particles: effects of s
Ultrafast dynamics of electrons and spins in metals
Devitrification of Al-Y-Fe amorphous alloys
Purification and opening of carbon nanotubes via bromination
Effect of cluster size on phase stability in nm-sized Au-Sb alloy clusters
High-power FEL based on seeded single-pass amplifier using prebunched electron b
TiC/metal nacrous structures and their fracture toughness increase
Characterization of thin film produced by quantum dot deposition process
Electron beam technology - SEM to microcolumn
Art and science of self-assembling molecular machines
Transmission electron microscope observation of IR scattering defects in As-grow
Development of a Nanoprobe Cathodoluminescence Scanning Electron Microscope
Formation of white-etching layers on rail treads
Spin-glass states exhibited by silver nano-particles prepared by sol-gel method
Model for nanolaminated growth patterns in Zn and Zn-Co electrodeposits
Confinement effects on the femtosecond electron energy relaxation in tin nanopar
Monitoring of homogenization and analysis of nanoscale structure in a butadiene-
Hard elastic carbon thin films from linking of carbon nanoparticles
Field emission SEM for true surface imaging and analysis
Fundamentals of the wet-process phosphoric acid production. 1. Kinetics and mech
Study of the energy level-crossings in GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs quantum dots
3 nm NiCr wires made using electron beam lithography and PMMA resist
Electron beam nano-fabrication by inorganic resist for MIM tunnel junction
High yield synthesis and growth mechanism of carbon nanotubes
Conduction band offsets in ordered-GaInP/GaAs heterostructures studied by ballis
Primary charge separation and energy transfer in the photosystem I reaction cent
Construction of STM aligned electron field emission source
Synthesis of nanostructured Ni/Cr and Ni-Cr3C2 powders by an organic solution re
Explosion excitation of initiating explosives by electron pulses of microsecond
Fabrication of periodical nanostructures using electron interference fringes
Synthesis and characterisation of titanium/aluminium nanolaminates
Effects of GaAs-surface roughness on the electron-beam patterning characteristic
Direct fabrication of SiGe crystallites on glass substrate: from nanocrystals t
Si single-electron transistors on SIMOX substrates
Photoelectronic properties of synthetic melanins
Transmission electron microscopy of a phosphate effect on the colloid structure
Gain processes in CdSe quantum dots
Electron stimulated reduction of sapphire studied by electron energy loss and Au
Time-resolved spectroscopy study of the resonance-line emission in the Ge XXIII
Electron Nanodiffraction: Progress and Prospects Electron Microscopy
Control of nanoscale interphase boundaries by an electron beam
Development of a 100keV electron beam nano lithography system
Fullerenic nanostructures in flames
Production of metastable nano size materials by a combination of the rapid solid
Dynamic compaction of aluminum nanocrystals
Colloidal approach to nanometre-sized mixed oxide ceramic powders
Space charge in nanostructure resonances
Nanolithography using fullerene films as an electron beam resist
Microstructure of Ti-B-N film-substrate interfaces
Synthesis and friction behavior of chemically vapor deposited composite coatings
Micro- and nanofabrications with polymer resists and their evaluations
Control of electron transfer in nanostructures assembled by the Langmuir-Blodget
Highly oriented molecular Ag nanocrystal arrays
Synthesis of nanocrystalline titanium carbide alloy powders by mechanical solid
Thickness variations in amorphous As2S3 films induced by electron beam
Chemical vapor deposition of nanometer-size aluminum features on silicon surface
Use of electron beam exposure and chemically enhanced vapor etching of SiO2 for
Study of solid-state amorphization in Zr-30 at.% Al by mechanical attrition
Vectorial PET in LB bilayers and in vesicles: Nanosecond fluorescence and laser
Electron microscopic in-situ observation for preparation of ultrafine La2O3 nano
Electron source with an explosive-emission cathode based on Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O cerami
Angular-resolved EELS of a carbon nanotube
Nanoscopic evaluation of semiconductor properties by scanning probe microscopies
Transmission electron microscopic investigations on SiC- and BN-coated carbon fi
Phase transformations in Pd40Ni40P20 alloy at heating
Initial stages of nanocrystal growth of compound semiconductors on Si substrates
New Trends in STEM-Based Nano-EELS Analysis Electron Microscopy
Morphology of carbon nanoclusters prepared by catalytic disproportionation of ca
Magneto transport on antidot arrays, fabricated by an atomic force microscope
Crystallographic shear planes in nanocrystalline SnO2 thin films by high-resolut
Effect of Fe layer thickness on the magnetic moment in Fe/Cr multilayers prepare
Conductance fluctuations in nanostructures of doped CdTe and Cd1-xMnxTe epilayer
Direct time-resolved infrared measurement of electron injection in dye-sensitize
Role of a thin amorphous silicon layer in the fabrication of micro-pored silicon
Optical and TEM study of copper-born clusters in DLC
Excited state luminescence and fine structure in CdSe quantum dots
Effects of different interfacial environments on the optical nonlinearity of nan
Nano-to-micro integrated single-electron biomacromolecular electronics for minia
Three-dimensional metallization of microtubules
Effect of the implanter gas medium on regularities of structural phase transform
Synthesis and magnetic properties of nanostructured maghemite
Peculiarities of the electron spectrum of two-dimensional nanostructures
Preparation of high-grade carbon nanotubes by hydrogen arc discharge
Microstructure and homogeneity of nanocrystalline Co-Cu supersaturated solid sol
Preparation of nanoscale iron and Fe3O4 powders in a polymer matrix
Structure and microstructure in nanocrystalline YBa2Cu3O7-δ powder
Synthesis and humidity sensitive properties of nanocrystalline Ba1-xSrxTiO3 thic
Synthesis of homogeneously dispersed nanoscale M50-type steel powders via polyme
Consolidation of ball-milled (Al-TM)-SiC (TM; Ti, Mo and Cu) composite powders b
Electrochemical reaction of Zn in water and growth of ZnO particles
Structure of small GaAs clusters
Synthesis of nanotubes via catalytic pyrolysis of acetylene: a sem study
ESR study on palladium nanoparticles
Nanocrystalline titanium oxide electrodes for photovoltaic applications
Electron microscopy of carbon nanotubules and related structures
Interfaces and defects in nanocrystalline oxides
Morphological evolution of nanoparticles in diffusion flames: Measurements and m
Epitaxial growth of highly luminescent CdSe/CdS core/shell nanocrystals with pho
HREM and WAXS study of the structure of metallic nanoparticles
Use of an adduct in improved syntheses of nanoparticulate chalcogenide semicondu
Optical studies of nanoscale materials incorporated in the space of zeolite crys
Three-dimensional hexagonal close-packed superlattice of passivated Ag nanocryst
Preparation and electron spin resonance effect of nanometer-sized Mn2O3
New type of ultrafine particles: Rare earth dicarbide crystals encapsulated in c
Nanoscale characterization of gold colloid monolayers: a comparison of four tec
Graphitic structure and surface chemical activity of nanosize carbon spheres
Thin films consisting of carbon nanotubes as a new material for emission electro
Electronic transport in carbon nanotube junctions
Making gold nanostructures using self-assembled monolayers and a scanning tunnel
Reductive properties of iodide-modified silver nanoparticles
Nanostructure study by TEM and HREM of carbon fibres in Cf-SiC composites
Quantum theory of metallic nanocohesion
Effect of preparation conditions on the formation of primary ZnO particles in fi
Microwave preparation of molecular sieve AlPO4-5 with nanometer sizes
Structural studies of jennite and 1.4 nm tobermorite: disordered layering along
Sonochemical preparation of nanosized amorphous NiFe2O4 particles
Magneto-transport spectroscopy on a quantum wire
Manufacturing nano-diphasic materials from natural dolomite: In situ observation
New solid and hollow, magnetic and non-magnetic, organic-inorganic monodispersed
Electrochemical deposition of quantized particle MoS[vv 2] thin films
Single-electron transistor made from a cadmium selenide nanocrystal
Energy-filtering transmission electron microscopy for the characterization of po
Ordering effect of Coulomb interaction in ballistic double-ring systems
Nanostructured polymer blends: Novel materials with enhanced optical and electro
Ball milled ZnO for varistor applications
Model catalysts fabricated using electron beam lithography and pulsed laser depo
Dynamics of shear-induced alignment of a lamellar diblock: a rheo-optical, elec
Atomic desorption process in nanometre-scale electron-beam drilling of MgO in hi
High-brightness photoelectric field-emission cathodes for free-electron laser ap
Structure and property changes in spinel irradiated with heavy ions
Surface science approach to modeling supported catalysts
Femtosecond decay-time measurement of electron-plasma oscillation in nanolithogr
Room-temperature spin memory in two-dimensional electron gases
Transmission electron microscopy study of the microstructures present in alumina
Investigation of solid state Pb doped TiO[sb 2] solar cell
Electron-Phonon Coupling in Spherical Nanocrystals
Room-temperature silicon single-electron metal-oxide-semiconductor memory with n
Miscibility and mechanical properties of poly(4,4 prime -diaminobenzanilide-2,6-
Limpact delectrons lents sur les surfaces de materiaux dielectriques: Methodes d
Parallel Processing of Nanocrystal Colloids: Light-Directed Assembly and Simple
Structural transformation of hydrogen-adsorbed Si(111)- root3 × root3-Ag
Implanted muon states in porous silicon
Nanostructure fabrication using electron beam and its application to nanometer d
Characterization of dislocations, nanopipes and inversion domains in GaN by tran
Role of excitons and substrate temperature in low-energy (5-50 eV) electron-stim
The Impact of Dielectric Confinement on Electron Dynamics and Optical Nonlineari
Electron irradiation effects in silicon thin foils under ultra-high vacuum envir
Fabrication and properties of dot array using electron-beam-induced deposition
Role of photoelectronic processes in the formation of a fluorescent plume by 248
High-resolution electron microscopy and microanalysis of ZnSe quantum dots in gl
High-resolution transmission electron microscopy study of luminescent anodized a
Size-Dependent Electron Dynamics of Gold Nanoparticles
Optically induced damping of the surface plasmon resonance in gold colloids
Application of a platinum dual-disk microelectrode to measurement of the electro
TESLA Free Electron Laser
Electron holography of individual DNA molecules
Nanoprocessing based on bicontinuous microdomains of block copolymers: Nanochann
Electron beam doping by superdiffusion in unirradiated regions (X300 angstroms)
Amplitude recovery in Fresnel projection microscopy
Assessment of the quantitative characterization of localized strain using electr
Frequency nanosecond electron accelerator URT-0.2
Electron gun of LAE 10 linear electron accelerator
Freeze-dried resorcinol-folmaldehyde gels
Novel proximity effect including pattern-dependent resist development in electro
Electrochemical coulomb staircase: detection of single electron-transfer events
Characterization of MOVPE grown InGaAsP superlattices for modulators by electron
Electron-beam-induced oxidation for single-electron devices
Electron-beam-induced selective thermal decomposition of ultrathin SiO2 layers u
Surface modification and imaging of hydrogen passivated silicon with a combined
Nanocrystalline structure of WO3 thin films prepared by the sol-gel technique
Dynamics of electron injection and recombination of dye-sensitized TiO2 particle
STM studies of quantum points on the surface of III-V epitaxial semiconductors
Formation of a gold superlattice on an S-layer with square lattice symmetry
Particle size evolution in Cu-15at%Al mechanically alloyed
Atomic process of point contact in gold studied by time-resolved high-resolution
Microstructural characterization of nanocrystalline GaN prepared by detonations
Immobilization and visualization of DNA and proteins on carbon nanotubes
Femtosecond 1P-to-1S electron relaxation in strongly confined semiconductor nano
Oxidation of MoSi2/SiC nanolayered composite
Synthesis of zirconia-coated gold nanoparticles
Size distribution and EPR of silver nanoparticles in SiO2 matrix
Saturation magnetization of porosity-free nanocrystalline cobalt
TEM characterization of nanodiamond thin films
Magnetic properties of nanosize nickel particles produced in silica glasses by i
Characteristics of SiO2/TiO2 nanocomposite particles formed in a premixed flat f
In-situ experiment with high voltage electron microscope
Structural characterization of colloidal Ag2Se nanocrystals
Electron transport in one-dimensional magnetic superlattices
Microstructure of magnetic metallic superlattices grown by electrodeposition in
Plasma-induced low-temperature growth of graphitic nanofibers on nickel substrat
Embedding of Al nanoparticle in Al2O3 matrix by electron beam
Metal-ion implantation in glasses: Physical and chemical aspects
Microscopy with a single electron transistor probe
Secondary electron imaging of nucleation and growth of semiconductors for nanost
Synthesis and characterization of inorganic fullerene-like WSe2 material
Electrolytic conversion of graphite to carbon nanotubes in fused salts
Preparation and characterization of gold and silver nanoparticles in layered lap
Radiation induced synthesis and characterization of copper nanoparticles
Preparation and characterization of porous silicon powder
Mathematical modeling of particle behavior of nanocrystalline Ni during high vel
Structural and analytical characterization of Ag(Br,I) nanocrystals by cryo-AEM
Silicon nanostructure fabrication using IR-FELs and its optical properties
Semimetal to semiconductor transition in carbon nanoparticles
Synthesis and characterization of W0.12Ru2.1Se and W0.013Ru1.27Se electrocatalys
X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy study of nanosize CeO2 as photoanode f
Low-field electron emission from undoped nanostructured diamond
Formation of Al-nanoclusters on Si(111)-surfaces
Analysis of Q0-independent single-electron systems
Controlled nanocrystallization of organic molecules in sol-gel glasses
Very high field EPR study of a molecular nanomagnet
Silicon based multilayer structures prepared by reactive pulsed laser deposition
Characterization of nanocrystalline PdCuSi alloy film prepared by evaporation
Cathodoluminescence from nanocrystalline silicon films in the scanning electron
Mesoporous organic polymers obtained by `twostep nanocasting
Numerical simulation of heat removal from low dimensional nanostructures
Three-electron quantum disks
Incorporation of cadmium sulfide into nanoporous silicon by sequential chemical
Single electron tunneling through Ge nanocrystal fabricated by cosputtering meth
Nanocomposites based on montmorillonite and unsaturated polyester
Synthesis of nanocomposite thin films based on the Mo-Si-C ternary system and co
Galvanische Nickel-und Nickeldispersions-Schichten
Radiation induced physical and chemical processes in zeolite materials
Potentiostatic modulation of the direction of light-induced electron transfer in
Ultrastructural analyses of the attachment (bonding) zone between bone and impla
SENECA: a new program for the analysis of single-electron devices
Ballistic-electron-emission microscopy of semiconductor heterostructures
Sampling phase detector using a resonant tunneling high electron mobility transi
In-cage formation of carbanions in photoinduced electron-transfer reaction of ca
Electron microscopy and x-ray analysis of lacustrine clays from the Charo Canyon
Electron-beam lithography with metal colloids: direct writing of metallic nanos
Fracture morphology evolution of crystalline dielectric under irradiation by pul
Carbon crooked nanotube layers of polyethylene: Synthesis, structure and electro
Nanomorphology of kaolinites: comparative SEM and AFM studies
Energetic electron and ion beam generation in plasma opening switches
Off-axis electron holographic mapping of magnetic domains in Nd2Fe14B
Influence of the Al-content on the optical gain in AlGaN heterostructures
Fundamental reactions in illuminated titanium dioxide nanocrystallite layers stu
Role of boron nitride in graphite plasma arcs
Numerical simulation of capacitance coupled three-junction single electron trans
Hydrothermal behavior of diamond
Elaboration of III-V nitrides quantum dots in molecular beam epitaxy
Structural investigations of titanium nitride films formed by plasma immersion i
Tolerancing of electron beam lithography columns
Metal alkoxide/hexa-2,4-diyne-1,6-diol hybrid polymers: Synthesis and use as pre
Growth of quantum-confined indium phosphide inside MCM-41
Remote substituent effects on the reactivity of 9-aryl- and 9,10-diarylanthracen
UV laser-induced electron emission from diamond films coated with ultrathin nick
Near-field electron energy loss spectroscopy of nanoparticles
Thermodynamic stability of intergranular amorphous films in bismuth-doped zinc o
Electron-transfer dynamics in DTDCI/MoS2 and DTDCI/WS2 nanoclusters
Radiation-chemical reactor on the basis of high-current nanosecond pulsed electr
Morphology of liquid crystalline epoxy composite matrices based on the diglycidy
First structure determination of nanosized colloidal particles of Pd3P by high-r
Nanometer-scale imaging of lattice deformation with transmission electron microg
Field electron emission from diamond-like carbon films deposited using RF induct
Electronic excitations of an electron-gas cylinder bundle
Nanofabrication of solid-state Fresnel lenses for electron optics
Dose rate effects on radiolytic synthesis of gold-silver bimetallic clusters in
Microstructural characterization of carbonaceous dust generated during the depos
Differences in particle sizes measured by cryo-SEM and quasi-elastic light scatt
Fullerene derivative as an electron beam resist for nanolithography
Simple and novel way to synthesize aligned nanotube bundles at low temperature
Mass spectrometric investigations on CH4 plasmas obtained from a dual electron c
Effect of structure on electron transfer reactions between anthracene dyes and T
Carbon clusters in amorphous hydrogenated carbon
Structure of single-molecule single crystals of isotactic polystyrene and their
New technology for metallic multilayer single electron tunneling devices
Investigations on ML(NiCoMnTi)5 alloys prepared with different solidification ra
Monte Carlo simulation of a submicron MOSFET including inversion layer quantizat
Structure analysis of mesoporous material `FSM-16. Studies by electron microscop
Quantized conductance through individual rows of suspended gold atoms
Observation of microfracture behaviour of the beta titanium alloy
Atomic focusers
Fabrication of Coulomb blockade devices by combination of high resolution Electr
Early stages of MFI film formation
High resolution transmission electron microscopy study of nanoscale Ni-rich NiAl
In situ fullerene formation - The evidence presented
Nanoparticle formation by laser-assisted photolysis of ferrocene
Structural transformation of anatase TiO2 by high-energy vibrational ball millin
Silicon dots/clusters in silicon nitride: photoluminescence and electron spin r
Single-electron memory for giga-to-tera bit storage
Template synthesis of polyaniline: A route to achieve nanocomposites
Nucleation of iron oxy-hydroxide nanoparticles by layer-by-layer polyionic assem
Residual amorphous phase in α Fe/NdFeB nanocomposite hard magnets
Synthesis of spherical nanoparticles of Cu2L2O5 (L = Ho, Er) from W/O microemuls
Magnetization of carbon-coated ferromagnetic nanoclusters determined by electron
CW and pulsed EPR study of silver nanoparticles in a SiO2 matrix
High resolution electron microscopy study of nanostructured Ni2Si thin films
Aspects of the photoelectrochemistry of nanocrystalline systems
Preparation and characterization of cobalt oxide nanosized particles obtained by
Microstructure and properties of nanocomposite Ti-B-N and Ti-B-C coatings
Nanostructural lithography via photo-initiated phase transformation of silica-su
Tunnelling spectroscopy of surface state scattering and confinement
Long-range polarization interactions of metal clusters
Nanostructural characterization of Co-C interaction in a thin film system
Generation of nanometer-size tantalum particles in a graphite host lattice
Isolated Mn2+ in CdS quantum dots
Fullerene and onion formation under electron irradiation of boron-doped graphite
Multiple quantum phases in artificial double-dot molecules
Study of polyanilines by high-resolution electron microscopy
Electrochemical characterization of sol-gel formed Ir metal nanoparticles
Study on MoS2 thin films electrochemically deposited in ethylene glycol at 165 &
Synthesis and characterization of submicrometer-sized polypyrrole-polystyrene co
In-situ observation of melting of fine lead particles by high-resolution electro
Atom probe and transmission electron microscopy investigations of heavily drawn
Growth and characterization of nanoscale 3C-SiC islands on Si substrates
GaAs-based single electron logic and memory devices using electro-deposited nano
Transmission electron microscopy investigation of sulfide nanocrystals formed by
Corrosion behavior and microstructure of high-velocity oxy-fuel sprayed nickel-b
Electron-electron correlation in quantum dots
Inelastic electron scattering from a quasi-one-dimensional electron gas
Novel method for the synthesis of thin film coatings on particulate materials
Local C(U) spectroscopy on chemically bounded Au55 clusters
Microstructure of poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogels produced by freeze/thaw cycling
Manufacturing and structure investigation of TiN-Al2O3-multilayers
Acoustoconductance of quantum contacts
Nanocrystalline silver particles: Synthesis, agglomeration, and sputtering induc
Mechanochemical synthesis of 0.9 Pb (Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-0.1 PbTiO3 from mixed oxides
Analytical TEM investigations of laser-deposited Fe/Al multilayers
Electron-phonon interaction in rare earth doped nanocrystals
Synthesis of mesoporous materials based on titanium(IV)oxide and titanium nitrid
Simulation of charge transport in the nanostructure Camel and heterotransistors
Melting and solidification of nanoscale Bi particles embedded in a glassy and cr
Nanocrystalline NiO and NiO-Ni(OH)2 composite powders prepared by thermal and me
Formation and coalescence of tungsten nanoparticles under electron beam irradiat
Preparation of perpendicular magnetization Co/Pt nanostructures by electrodeposi
Instability of nanocavities in disordered and amorphous silicon under irradiatio
Metal nanostructures. A new class of electronic devices
Observation of atomic processes in Xe nanocrystals embedded in Al under 1 MeV el
Synthesis of CeO2 nanoparticles in w/o microemulsion
Nanostructured colloidal metal and semiconductor particles
Behavior and bonding mechanisms of aluminum nanoparticles by electron beam irrad
Luminescence of CDS nanoparticles doped and activated with foreign ions
Nanostrings of silver
Nano-quasicrystalline particles in Mn-ion implanted GaAs
Electrical properties of Si nanocrystals embedded in an ultrathin oxide
High spatial resolution PEELS characterization of FeAl nanograins prepared by me
Sonochemical approach to the preparation of barium hexaferrite nanoparticles
Polyaniline micro- and nanostructure
Characterization of AgxAuy nano particles by TEM and STEM
Polydimethylsiloxane and layered silicate nanocomposites
Observation of Coulomb-blockade in a field-effect transistor with silicon nanocr
Hydrazine-controlled hydrothermal synthesis of Co9S8 from a homogeneous solution
Fictitious forces and electronic energy relaxation in nanocrystals
Transmission electron microscopy characterization of nanocrystalline copper
Nanosized thin films of tungsten-titanium mixed oxides as gas sensors
Cracks in nano-ceramic thin layers produced by laser treatments
Microstructure and nanochemistry of carbide precipitates in high-speed steel S 6
Electrochemical cycling-induced spinel formation in high-charge-capacity orthorh
Electron microscopy and nanolithography with an integrated low-energy electron b
Contact resistance of carbon nanotubes
Study of MCM-41 molecular sieves by energy-filtering TEM
Scale invariance of amorphous Co-films structure under explosive crystallization
Metrology methods for quantifying edge roughness II
Characterization of photoconducting materials using variable length picosecond t
Off-axis electron holography of nearly-spherical faceted voids in self-annealed
Future of atomic resolution electron microscopy for materials science
Measurement of size and number concentration of polystyrene particles
Carbon nanotubes
Structure and physicochemistry of anodic oxide films on titanium and TA6V alloy
Use of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy to characterize fine AlN powders submitt
Nanofabrication toward sub-10 nm and its application to novel nanodevices
High-resolution electron microscopy of γ-TiAl irradiated with 15 keV heliu
Nanosecond high current and high repetition rate electron source
Galvanotechnik ... Eine neue dimension: Nanoskalige partikel in galvanisch abges
Characterization of defects and piezoelectric fields in InGaN/GaN layers by tran
Long-lived photoinduced charge separation and redox-type photochromism on mesopo
Spin chemical control of photoinduced electron-transfer processes in ruthenium(I
Mess- und pruftechnik ... messen im submikrometerbereich
Transient Magnetic Resonance without RF Pulses: Fast Field Switching
Spectral Properties and Relaxation Dynamics of Surface Plasmon Electronic Oscill
Inorganic fullerene-like material as additives to lubricants: Structure-function
Fabrication and characterization of a nanogap edge emitter with a silicon-on-ins
On the monochromatization of high brightness electron sources for electron micro
Electronic structure at the atomic scale of ultrathin gate oxides
Circuit failure identification using focused ion beam and transmission electron
Intensity dependence of the electron diffusion length in dye-sensitised nanocrys
Inorganic-organic nanotube composites from template mineralization of tobacco mo
Fourier transform infrared picosecond time-resolved spectroscopy with a UV free
Implementation of single-electron transistor with resistive gate
Controlling growth and field emission property of aligned carbon nanotubes on po
ESEM-FEG: Ein neues Rasterelektronen-mikroskop fuer die Baustoff-Forschung
Cobalt nanosized particles organized in a 2D superlattice: Synthesis, characteri
Low energy electron stimulated etching of thin Si-oxide layer in nanometer scale
Study of the surface resistance of Niobium sputter-coated copper cavities
Phonon Generation in a Current-Carrying Nanowire
Development of plasma cathode electron guns
In situ CdS nanocluster formation on scanning tunneling microscopy tips for reli
Voltage gain in GaAs-based lateral single-electron transistors having Schottky w
Glucose sensing using ferrocene-coated DNA electrode
Physicochemical characterization of diesel exhaust particles: Factors for assess
Plasmon excitations in carbon nanotubes
Thermally activated amorphous phase formation in cold-rolled multilayers of Al-N
Z-contrast imaging and electron energy-loss spectroscopy analysis of chromium-do
Synthesis and characterization of Ti-Si-C-N films
Electron Diffraction Structure Solution of a Nanocrystalline Zeolite at Atomic R
Multiple-Exponential Electron Injection in Ru(dcbpy)2(SCN)2 Sensitized ZnO Nanoc
On the toughening mechanisms of SiC platelet-reinforced Al2O3/Y-TZP nano-ceramic
Characterization of ZnO-based varistors prepared from nanometre precursor powder
EPR study of ZnS:Mn2+ nanocrystals and pyrex glasses
Memory cell with single-electron and metal-oxide-semiconductor transistor integr
Nanometer scale dynamics in diffusion limited propagation of interfaces in amorp
Photoinduced charge separation and stabilization in clusters of a fullerene-anil
Nanotube C-BN heterostructures: Electronic properties
Population of nitrogen molecule electron states and structure of the fast ioniza
Planar non-volatile memory with single-electron channel fabricated on a hyper-th
Dynamic simulation of electron-beam-induced chargingup of insulators
Novel alignment method for planarized substrates in electron beam lithography
High-resolution transmission electron microscopy study of a cross-linked fullere
Novel interactions of supported clusters: Contact epitaxy
Automatically aligned electron beam lithography on the nanometre scale
Nanosecond laser photolysis studies of vitamin K3 in aqueous solution
Electron diffraction instrumentation at the University of Arkansas from continuo
Nanometer Electron Beam lithography
Novel nanoscale resist using 10-undecanoic acid monolayers on silicon dioxide
Electron velocity overshoot in GaAs studied by subpicosecond Raman spectroscopy
Novel processing route to control grain growth in submicrometer alumina compacts
Probing selective oxidation catalysis under reaction conditions by atomic scale
Quenching of excited triplet state hypericin with energy acceptors and donors an
Coherent mixing mechanism explains the photoinduced nuclear polarization in phot
Scanning electron microscope observation of the purification behaviour of carbon
Microstructural and mechanical characterization of SiC-submicron TiB2 composites
Morphology of carbon allotropes prepared by hydrogen arc discharge
One dimensional transport in carbon nanotubes
Direct imaging of zirconia pillars in montmorillonite by analytical electron mic
Depth-resolved electron-excited nanoscale-luminescence spectroscopy studies of d
Microdeposition technique for carbon nanotubes based on electron beam lithograph
Germanium dioxide whiskers synthesized by laser ablation
Several- and many-electron artificial-atoms at filling factors between 2 and 1
Production of binary thin film by the direct deposition of Bi-Te NANO-particles
Electron beam lithography system for nanometer fabrication
Atomic structure of a summation = 3, {111} twin-boundary junction in a BaTiO3 th
First occurrence of a stacking sequence including (&plusmn60°, 180°) rot
Resonant field electron emission from DLC film
Photoinduced electron transfer from conjugated polymers to TiO2
Towards probing pentagons on carbon nanotube tips
AlGaAs/GaAs tunnel diode integrated with nanometer-scale atomic force microscope
Electron microscope: the materials characterization tool of the millennium
Transmission electron microscopy of synthetic 2- and 6-line ferrihydrite
Synthesis and characterization of dendritic poly(amidoamine)-silica gel hybrids
Numerical simulation of complementary capacitively coupled SET logic cell
Polyhedral shapes of cobalt nanocrystals and their effect on ordered nanocrystal
g factor-shift in ZnS:Mn2+ nanocrystals/pyrex glasses composites
Controlled mechanical AFM machining of two-dimensional electron systems: Fabrica
Role of surface states in the ultrafast photoinduced electron transfer from sens
Formation of Surlyn/titanate nanocomposite materials through polymer-in situ sol
Role of impurities and microstructure on residual stress in nanoscale Mo films
Intrinsic relation between field electron emission and structure characteristics
Electronic pressure on the ferromagnetic domain wall
Measurement of work function on GaAs (0 0 1) surface during MBE growth by scanni
Phase and microstructure changes in 45# steel irradiated by intense pulsed ion b
Spectroscopy of He*2 floating on the liquid helium surface
Microstructure of as-melt spun Al-7%Si-0.3%Mg alloy and its variation in continu
Surface characterization of the early stages of the oxidation of titanium
Structure of near-spherical carbon nano-shells
Preparation and characterization of B-C-N nanotubes by a rapid quenching method
Complex bonding of titanium nitride layers in C/Mg composites revealed by ELNES
Novel technique by the citrate pyrolysis for preparation of iron oxide nanoparti
Single-electron transistor analytic I-V model for SPICE simulations
In situ UHV-TEM observation of the direct formation of Pd2Si islands on Si(111)
Acid-base equilibrium and electron-ejection processes in the excited states of N
Electron injection, recombination, and halide oxidation dynamics at dye-sensitiz
Formation of carbon nanotubes from jet fuel on superalloys at moderate temperatu
Electrical Transport in Rings of Single-Wall Nanotubes: One-Dimensional Localiza
Spectroscopic ellipsometry study of SiC/Si heterostructures formed by high-dose
Energy transfer between electrons and photoresist: Its relation to resolution
Selective oxidation of aluminum and interfacial enrichment of iron during anodic
Solid state devices - Nanoelectronics
Electron-induced dissociation of SiH complexes in hydrogenated Si-doped GaAs. Ap
Resolution of the multiple aperture pixel by pixel enhancement of resolution ele
Use of emanation thermal analysis in characterisation of nanosized hematite prep
Hydrogen effects on an amorphous Fe-Si-B alloy
Electronic transport properties of coupled single-electron transistors
Crystal polymer interaction with new injectable bone substitute; SEM and Hr TEM
MoSe2 nanocrystallites synthesized at low temperature via a chemical solution ro
Oscillator strengths for optical transitions near a cylindrical cavity
Functional micro-concrete: The incorporation of zeolites and inorganic nano-part
Nature of electron migration in dye-sensitized nanostructured TiO2
Synthesis of carbon tubes using microwave plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposit
Study of polystyrene microstructures and nanostructures synthesised in particle
Near-field electron energy loss spectroscopy in porous silicon
Preferentially ordered accumulation of bromine on multi-wall carbon nanotubes
Single-electron charging of self assembled quantum dots
Synthesis of nano-particles of ZnO/Al2O3 in a premixed flame
Hard chromium plating on cold swaged Cr-Mo steel using rotating cylinder electro
Incredible nanoplotter
Core-shell (Ag)Au bimetallic nanoparticles: analysis of transmission electron m
Microstructural characterization of amorphous and nanocrystalline structures thr
Electrical activity of IMPATT diodes on a nanometric scale by X-STEBIC method
Quantum-size colloid metal systems
Novel room temperature electron beam ion trap for atomic physics and materials r
Evidence for two separate one-electron transfer events in excited fulleropyrroli
Localization of the polymer phase in bitumen/polymer blends by field emission cr
Carbon nanotube and polypyrrole composites: coating and doping
Composition-structure correlations in strained FexMn1-x/Ir superlattices
EFTEM provides elemental mapping at nanometer resolution
Interband resonant tunnelling in quantizing magnetic field
Formation and characterization of superparamagnetic cross-linked high amylose st
Edge and bulk electron state dominated magnetotransport in multi-terminal single
Electron spin resonance of irradiated carbon nanotube powder at 77k
Novel technique for the formation of carbon-encapsulated metal nanoparticles on
Polymerized ABA triblock copolymer vesicles
Electron trapping in dye/polymer blend photovoltaic cells
Magnetic ultrathin films and multilayers: Growth and characterization
Intensity modulated photocurrent spectroscopy studies of CdS nanoparticle modifi
Resonant nonlinearities in an organic material: Irradiance dependence
Ab-initio quasiparticle energies of small sodium clusters by the GW approximatio
Face centered cubic indium nano-particles studied by UHV-transmission electron m
Decay dynamics and quenching of photoluminescence from silicon nanocrystals by a
Preparation of zinc oxide nano-particles coated with aluminium
A spin-polarized scanning electron microscope with 5-nm resolution
Construction of carbon nanotube stars with dendrimers
Homogeneous precipitation synthesis and electrical properties of scandia stabili
Calculations of electron structures of single-walled carbon nanotubes by the clu
Coherent dynamics of coupled electron and hole spins in semiconductors
Measurements of electronic spectra and researches on quantum chemistry for silic
Large-scale synthesis of single-crystalline β-Ga2O3 nanoribbons, nanosheets
Effects of PVP on structure of TiO2 prepared by the sol-gel process
Superconducting MgB2 nanowires
Template synthesis of an array of nickel nanotubules and its magnetic behaviour
Production of focused electron beams in a plasma implantation system
Low energy electron-excited nano-luminescence spectroscopy of GaN surfaces and i
Energy distribution of field emitted electrons from multiwall carbon nanotubes
High-resolution analytical electron microscopy characterization of corrosion and
A simple method preparing isolated encapsulated particles on a large scale
Nanoprojection-shaped silicon field emitter as relativistic-electron-beam source
Fabrication of MgO nanobelts using a halide source and their structural characte
Si single-electron transistors with high voltage gain
A novel method for the preparation of III-V semiconductors: Sonochemical synthes
Epoxy infiltration into nanoporous aluminum oxide
Electroreductive synthesis and optical characterization of silicon nanoparticles
Well-aligned boron nanowire arrays
Modeling the electron field emission from carbon nanotube films
Carbon nanotubes prepared from CO on pre-reduced La2NiO4 perovskite precursor
Permanent magnetic moment in mesoscopic metals with spin-orbit interaction
Carbon nanotube composites synthesized by ion-assisted pulsed laser deposition
Nano-precipitation in hot-pressed silicon carbide
Highly charged ions
Photoconductivity in semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes
Synthesis of organic monolayer-stabilized copper nanocrystals in supercritical w
Generation of an intense electron beam with sub-nanosecond duration using multi-
Nanoscale material design and processing by electron beam energy
Wigner crystallization in the two electron quantum dot
New hybrid nanocomposite prepared by emulsion copolymerization of ABS in the pre
Digital in-line holography with photons and electrons
Field emission from carbon nanotubes: The first five years
Chemical and microstructural changes induced by friction and wear of brakes
Energy and coordinate dependent effective mass and confined electron states in q
Peculiarities in free electron transfer
Solid state amorphization in cold drawn Cu/Nb wires
Preface to the viewpoint set on: Dislocation mobility in silicon
Carbon nitride thin films and nanofibres synthesised by hot filament CVD
Adsorption of radioactive metals by strongly magnetic iron sulfide nanoparticles
Electron-beam induced growth of bare silver nanowires from zeolite crystallites
A transmission electron microscopy study of interfaces and matrix homogeneity in
A TEM investigation of contact between nanoparticles
Nanoparticle-directed crystallization of calcium carbonate
Correlations between surface modification and tribological performance of brake
Characteristics of mechanical alloying of Zn-Al-based alloys
Electron-beam initiated transfer of Ge from Ge islands on SiO2 surfaces to the t
HRTEM study of the morphology of RuS2 supported particles
Analysis of strain and defect formation in low-dimensional structures in SiC
Triangular CdS nanocrystals: Structural and optical studies
Growth and morphology of cobalt nanoparticles on alumina
Luminescence properties of nanocrystalline Y2O3:Eu
Study of the mass diffusion transfer in nanocrystalline materials
Controlled growth of cubic cadmium sulfide nanoparticles using patterned self-as
Catalytic growth of carbon nanorods on a high-Tc substrate
Room-temperature single-electron tunnelling in surfactant stabilized iron oxide
Carbon nanotubes and nanostructures grown from diamond-like carbon and polyethyl
New trends in the application of electron ionization to liquid chromatography-ma
Colloidal particles of Ca(OH)2: Properties and applications to restoration of fr
Field-induced electron emission from electrically nanostructured heterogeneous (
Strain characterization of shallow trench isolation structures on a nanometer sc
Elimination of cross-talk and modulation of function in an organized heterosupra
Structural investigations of the Al50Fe25Ti25 powder mixture mechanically alloye
Geometry and element composition of a nanoscale field emission array formed by s
Experimental evidence of surface-plasmon coupling in anisotropic hollow nanopart
Operation of InGaAs/InP-based ballistic rectifiers at room temperature and frequ
Similarity in field electron emission from nanocrystalline diamond and related m
Formation of β-SiC nanocrystals on Si(1 1 1) monocrystal during the HFCVD o
Nanocrystalline zirconia surface-doped with alumina: Chemical vapor synthesis, c
Photoinduced electron transfer between 1,2,5-triphenylpyrrolidinofullerene clust
Diagnostics of silicon plasmas produced by visible nanosecond laser ablation
Nanostructured Al88Ni4SM8 alloys investigated by transmission electron and field
Single-source sol-gel synthesis of nanocrystalline ZnAl2O4: Structural and optic
Crystallisation of Ge nanoclusters in SiO2 caused by electron irradiation in TEM
Radiolytic production of mercury and silver metal clusters in aqueous solution:
Nanoanaltische untersuchungen von funktionswerkstoffen durch transmissionselektr
An aPEELing way to improved analysis
Electron field emission from carbon films grown from pyroylisis of kerosene
Hydrogen evolution and corrosion of amorphous FeSx films
Large-scale synthesis of multi-walled carbon nanotubes by microwave CVD
An efficient route to graphitic carbon-layer-coated gallium nitride nanorods
Soft x-ray imaging and spectroscopy of single nanocrystals
The ultrastructure of anorganic bovine bone and selected synthetic hyroxyapatite
Micropore development and structure rearrangement of single-wall carbon nanohorn
Radiation-induced reduction of mixed silver and rhodium ionic aqueous solution
Carbon nanotubes prepared by spinning and carbonizing fine core-shell polymer mi
Laser and electron-beam induced growth of nanoparticles for 2D and 3D metal patt
Z pinch imploding plasma density profile measurements using a two-frame laser sh
Electron-irradiation-induced amorphization in Mo/Si nano-multilayer material
Innovative energy efficient low-voltage electron beam emitters
Synthesis of nanosized silver platelets in octylamine-water bilayer systems
Time-resolved imaging by using micro-photoluminescence measurement and sum frequ
Formation of quasi-one-dimensional Cu2O structures by in situ oxidation of Cu(10
Semiconductor nanocrystals: A powerful visual aid for introducing the particle i
Junctions and networks of SnO nanoribbons
Atomistic analysis of stress-induced local amortization in NiTi alloy
Large-scale synthesis of uniform silver nanowires through a soft, self-seeding,
Atomic scale characterization of supported Pd-Cu/γ-Al2O3 bimetallic cataly
Synthesis and explosive decomposition of organometallic dehydro[18] annulenes: A
Cluster nucleation: Watching nanoclusters nucleate
Carbon nanotubes: Structure and transport in nanotubes
Height control of InAs/GaAs quantum dots by combining layer-by-layer in situ etc
Dynamics of electron transfers between electrodes and monolayers of nanoparticle
Analysis of integrated single-electron memory operation
Polymer composites of carbon nanotubes aligned by a magnetic field
Micro- and nanostructured surface morphology on electrospun polymer fibers
Electron-beam-induced nucleation centers and selective deposition of thin zinc f
Electrosorption and catalytic properties of bare and Pt modified single crystal
Rigid dendritic donor-acceptor ensembles: Control over energy and electron trans
Rectangular porous ZnO-ZnS nanocables and ZnS nanotubes
A new approach for the direct synthesis of nanocomposite thin films by ion-beam
Formation of tellurium nanotubes through concentration depletion at the surfaces
Dual-gate electron emission structure with nanotube-on-emitter for X-ray generat
Influence of oxygen plasma treatment on the microstructure of SnO x thin films
Single-electron effects in highly doped polysilicon nanowires
Monodisperse CdSe nanorods at low temperatures
Nanostructure devices based on electron waveguides
Novel effects of metal ion chelation on the properties of lipoic acid-capped Ag
Fabrication of hollow polystyrene nanospheres in microemulsion polymerization us
Large-scale synthesis of In2O3 nanowires
Gold-silica inverse opals by colloidal crystal templating
Electron transport in the dye sensitized nanocrystalline cell
Pyrolysis in the mesophase: A chemists approach toward preparing carbon nano- an
Biocompatibility of micro- and nanoparticles. Part I: In liver and kidney
Sintering of nano crystalline α silicon carbide by doping with boron carbi
Nucleation of MCM-41 nanoparticles by internal reorganization of disordered and
Synthesis of CdS nanowires by sulfurization
Two- and three-dimensional alignment and patterning of carbon nanotubes
Photochemistry of biphenyl occluded within X faujasite type zeolites
Microstructure and tribological properties of laser clad Zr-Al-Ni-Cu composite c
Determination of electron transport coefficients in dense gases and liquids
Sonochemical method for the preparation of monodisperse spherical and rectangula
STM study of morphology and electron transport features in cytochrome c and nano
Transport and interfacial transfer of electrons in dye-sensitized nanocrystallin
Conversion of carbon nanotubes to carbon nanofibers by sonication [2]
Sintering of nano crystalline α silicon carbide doping with aluminium nitr
Structural analysis of carbon nanofibres grown by the floating catalyst method
20-nm resolution of electron lithography for the nano-devices on ultrathin SOI f
Aligned silica nanofibers
Electrochemical copolymerization of pyrrole and thiophene nanofibrils using temp
Formation of face-centered-cubic zirconium, by mechanical attrition
Phase separation and regrowth of aerosol matter collected after size fractionati
Thermal decomposition of divanadium pentoxide V2O5: Towards a nanocrystalline V2
Synthesis of CuS particulate film by a novel liquid-liquid interface Gibbs film
Exchange coupling and remanence enhancement in nanocomposite multilayer magnets
Nanostructure and thermoelectric properties of ReSi2±x thin films
Nanoscale particle arrays induced by highly ordered protein assemblies
A feasibility study of scaling-up the electrolytic production of carbon nanotube
In-situ synthesis of carbon nanotubes on organic polymer substrates at atmospher
Bulk storage capacity of hydrogen in purified multiwalled carbon nanotubes
ZnO nanoneedles grown vertically on Si substrates by non-catalytic vapor-phase e
Real-time single-shot electron bunch length measurements
Microstructure and properties of low friction TiC-C nanocomposite coatings depos
Single-wall carbon nanotubes with diameters approaching 6 nm obtained by laser v
Microstructures of the silicates: Key information about mineral reactions and a
Microstructural investigation of interfaces in CMCs
An alternative route to NbS2 nanotubes
Fabrication of high electron mobility transistors with T-gates by nanoimprint li
Controlled hydrothermal synthesis of thin single-crystal tellurium nanobelts and
Ion beam synthesis of buried CdSe nanocrystallites in SiO2 on (100) -silicon
Electrochemical synthesis of copper nanowires
The use of small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) for the characterisation of lustr
Mesoporous structure and phase transition of nanocrystalline TiO2
Concept of a miniaturised free-electron laser with field emission source
Carbon nanomaterials from eleven caking coals
Creation of a unique self-supported pattern of radially aligned semiconductor Ag
Microstructure and mechanical properties of boron carbide thin films
Preparation and self-assembly of plate-like nanocrystal of PbSO4 via microemulsi
Morphology and Raman scattering spectrum of GaN nanowires embedded in nanochanne
Fabrication, morphology and structural characterization of ordered single-crysta
Electrochemical capacitance of nanocomposite films formed by coating aligned arr
Probing the spatial distribution and morphology of supported nanoparticles using
Single-electron transistors with point contact channels
Barium holmium zirconate, a new perovskite oxide: II, synthesis as nanoparticles
On the origin of fivefold multiply twinned nanoparticles in chemically vapour-de
One-step synthesis of maghemite nanometric powders by ball-milling
Observation of nano-particles in silica/poly(HEMA) hybrid by electron microscopy
Staircase in the electron mobility of a ZnO quantum dot assembly due to shell fi
Fundamental reactions in TiO2 nanocrystallite aqueous solutions studied by pulse
High brightness electron beam from a multi-walled carbon nanotube
Sonochemical deposition of silver nanoparticles on silica spheres
Spin-wave quantization in ferromagnetic nickel nanowires
Thermal stability of arc evaporated high aluminum-content Ti1-xAlxN thin films
Nanotubes from the self-assembly of asymmetric crystalline-coil poly(ferrocenyls
Synthese von nanoskaligem Ni0,5Zn0,5Fe2O4 durch eine verbrennungsreaktion
Growth and characterization of well-aligned nc-Si/SiOx composite nanowires
Replicating the structure of a crosslinked polyferrocenylsilane inverse opal in
Collapse of the spin-singlet phase in quantum dots
Spin alignment of electrons in PbTe/(Pb,Eu)Te nanostructures
Disordered Ba(Mg1/3 Ta2/3)O3 and its ordering transition
Synthesis and nanostructuring of patterned wires of α-GeO2 by thermal oxid
Preparation and characterization of nanostructured tin oxide films by electroche
Heterogeneous catalytic production and mechanical resistance of nanotubes prepar
Thick physical vapour deposited TiB2 coatings
Barrier and mechanical properties of montmorillonite/polyesteramide nanocomposit
Oxygen reduction on RuxFey cluster electrocatalyst in acid electrolyte
Experimental evidence for sub-3-fs charge transfer from an aromatic adsorbate to
Spin-injection across a magnetic-electric barrier structure
Enhanced photoelectrochemistry in supramolecular CdS-nanoparticle-stoppered pseu
Photoinduced electron transfer between a carotenoid and TiO2 nanoparticle
Synthesis of novel superhard phases in the B-C-N system
Nanocrystals of CdSe formed by the pressure cycle method
Electron diffraction and microscopy of single-wall carbon nanotube bundles produ
Silver nanoclusters in potassium halides obtained from Ag- -ions by electron det
An ultrasound emitter based on assisted tunneling
Exciton formed by electron and hole separated in concentric quantum rings
The rate of internal heme-heme electron transfer in cytochrome c oxidase
Les nanotubes: Structure, croissance et caracterisation
Medium effect on the electron cooling dynamics in gold nanorods and truncated te
pH-controiled assembly and disassembly of electrostatically linked CdSe-SiO2 and
Localized molecular constraint on electron delocalization in a metallic chain
Bridge-Assisted Ultrafast Interfacial Electron Transfer to Nanocrystalline SnO2
Surlyn [registered trademark] /silicate nanocomposite materials via a polymer in
Catalyst support effects: Gas-phase hydrogenation of phenol over palladium
Aromatic Amines as Co-sensitizers in Dye Sensitized Titania Solar Cells
Sol-gel electrophoretic deposition for the growth of oxide nanorods
Evidence for a bundle of 4 A single-walled carbon nanotubes
Foreword: Special issue on nanoelectronics
Narrow science and its relationship to the AVS
Low-energy electron microscopy: Imaging surface dynamics
Studies of switching field and thermal energy barrier distributions in a FePt na
Rectangular single-crystal mullite microtubes
Stacking faults in formation of silver nanodisks
Near-quantitative solid-state synthesis of carbon nanotubes from homogeneous dip
In-Situ Formation of ZnO Nanobelts and Metallic Zn Nanobelts and Nanodisks
Growth of patterned nanopore arrays of anodic aluminum oxide
Mechanical milling-induced deformation twinning in Fcc materials with high stack
In situ quantum dot growth on multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Characterization of an organic hydrogel: A cryo-transmission electron microscopy
Dispersion of carbon nanotubes in liquids
Growth mechanism of carbon nanotubes in methane diffusion flames
Adsorption and decomposition of acetylene on planar and faceted Ir(210)
Growth and structure of epitaxial Al and Cu films on CaF2
Polyimide nanocomposites prepared with a novel aromatic surfactant
In situ Transmission-Electron-Microscopy Investigation of Melting in Submicron A
Electron Transfer Dynamics in Quantum Dot/Titanium Dioxide Composites Formed by
Vapor-Liquid-Solid Growth of Silicon-Germanium Nanowires
Microwave-assisted combustion synthesis of tantalum nitride in a fluidized bed
Nanoporous Structures Prepared by an Electrochemical Deposition Process
Electron microscope comparisons of fine and ultra-fine carbonaceous and non-carb
Electron Injection Dynamics from Ru Polypyridyl Complexes to ZnO Nanocrystalline
Formation of highly uniform silicon nanoparticles in high density silane plasmas
Quinone reduction via secondary B-branch electron transfer in mutant bacterial r
Spin-torque transfer in batch-fabricated spin-valve magnetic nanojunctions (invi
Quantum dynamics simulations of interfacial electron transfer in sensitized TiO2
Diameter-controlled growth of single-crystalline In2O3 nanowires and their elect
The oblate morphology of supported PtRu5 on carbon black
Thermally-cured and e-beam-cured epoxy layered-silicate nanocomposites
Electrodeposition of metallic nanowire thin films using mesoporous silica templa
High-performance, quantum dot nanocomposites for nonlinear optical and optical g
New developments in transmission electron microscopy for nanotechnology
High-field measurements of electron decoherence time in metallic nanowires: Swit
Size dependent magnetic properties of iron oxide nanoparticles
Thermodynamic argument about SnO2 nanoribbon growth
Organic Semiconductor Nanowires for Field Emission
Nanoparticles of CdI2 with closed cage structures obtained via electron-beam irr
Nanocrystals of CdTe formed by the pressure cycle method
Electron diffraction of 3-D defects in nanostructural II-VI semiconductors
Optical properties of silver nanostructures prepared by electron beam lithograph
The secret of early nanomaterials is revealed, thanks to transmission electron m
Observation of microtubules with scanning force microscopy in liquid
Synthesis and characterization of electrocatalyst powders for application in PEM
Synthesis and characterization of nickel nanoparticles by hydrazine reduction in
Modelling single-electron-transistor-based readout in the Kane solid-state quant
Liquid phase oxidation of aromatic hydrocarbons using highly ordered Nb and NbCo
Profile of impurities in polycrystalline silicon samples purified in an electron
Size Effects in Zno: The Cluster to Quantum Dot Transition
Spherical silica agglomerates possessing hierarchical porosity prepared by spray
Three-dimensional simulations of field emission through an oscillating barrier f
Influence of the electronic structure on the field electron emission from carbon
Morphological features and flammability of MDI/HMDI-based segmented polyurethane
Single-crystalline scroll-type nanotube arrays of copper hydroxide synthesized a
Synthesis and characterization of uniform arrays of copper sulfide nanorods coat
Fe and Co Nanowires and Nanotubes Synthesized by Template Electrodeposition: A H
Hydrogen Bonding Interfaces in Fullerene [Closed Circle] TTF Ensembles
Nanoblends of Incompatible Polymers by Direct Space-Confined Polymerization
Nanofabrication of single electron transistors and evaluation of miniature biose
Ab initio modelling of band states in doped diamond
Structural and Optical Characterisation of Hydrogenated Soda-Lime Silicate Glass
Synthesis and Dielectric Properties of Polyimide-Tethered Polyhedral Oligomeric
Nano-sized carbon filament formation during metal dusting of stainless steel
Synthesis of Cu(OH)2 and CuO nanoribbon arrays on a copper surface
Reactions of TiO2 excess electron in nanocrystallite aqueous solutions studied i
Growth control and characterization of vertically aligned IrO2 nanorods
Surface characteristics and adhesion performance of black oxide coated copper su
Quantum dots as scatterers in electronic transport: Interference and correlation
Synthesis of branched oligonucleotides as templates for the assembly of nanomate
Magnetic Fe2O3-Al2O3 composites prepared by a modified wet impregnation method
Hydrogen-assisted thermal evaporation synthesis of ZnS nanoribbons on a large sc
Room temperature nanocrystalline silicon single-electron transistors
Microelectronics goes nanomechanical
Image processing yields nanoscale insights
UK invests in the nano world
Rashba precession in quantum wires
Divanadium pentoxide nanorods
Dextran templating for the synthesis of metallic and metal oxide sponges
CVD synthesis of carbon nanotubes using a finely dispersed cobalt catalyst and t
Nonadhesive nanotopography: Fibroblast response to poly(n-butyl methacrylate)-po
Oscillatory Nonlinear Conductance of an Interacting Quantum Wire with an Impurit
Slow highly charged ions for applications in nanotechnology
Design and optimization of complex nanoscale electron devices by simulations wit
Dextran and albumin derivatised iron oxide nanoparticles: Influence on fibroblas
Synthesis of silicon nanotubes on porous alumina using molecular beam epitaxy
Electronics and sensors based on pyroelectric AlGaN/GaN heterostructures: Part A
Structural transformation of fluorinated carbon nanotubes induced by in situ ele
Interplay of Rayleigh and Peierls Instabilities in Metallic Nanowires
Anisotropy of structure and transport properties in sulfonated polyimide membran
Characterization of phases of aluminized nickel base superalloys
Microscopy of glazed layers formed during high temperature sliding wear at 750 &
Energy loss spectroscopy of dislocations in GaN and diamond: A comparison of exp
Influence of low energy ion implantation on mechanical properties of magnetron s
Synthesis of aragonite nanofilament networks by mesoscale self-assembly and tran
Suppression of secondary electrons from diamond by whisker formation
Transition of magnetocrystalline anisotropy and domain structure in epitaxial Fe
Understanding heterogeneous catalysis
Fine structure of highly charged excitons in semiconductor quantum dots
Surface and bulk modification of manganese steel with high-current low-energy el
Characterization of WC-CrAlN heterostructures obtained using a cathodic arc ion
Semiclassical approximation and the canonical Maslov operator for the quantum no
Platelet nanocrystals resulting from the disruption of waxy maize starch granule
Molecular cluster based nanoelectronics
Synthesis of nanosized magnetic ferrite particles inside hollow polyelectrolyte
Interfacial reactions in relation with adhesion failures in Al/TiN/Ti/SiO2 and A
Spectroscopie de pertes proches: Quelques exemples dapplication en science des m
Liquid carbon surface during explosive emission
Bulk-surface nanostructure and defects in polyaniline films and fibres
Structural properties of CdO layers grown on GaAs (0 0 1) substrates by metalorg
Protein induced morphosynthesis of calcium carbonate
Influence of grain morphology on electron transport in dye sensitized nanocrysta
Deposition and patterning of polymeric capsule layers
Wet chemical method for synthesis of superparamagnetic alloyed Ni-Pd and Ni-Pt n
A multi-analytical study of bone diagenesis: The Neolithic site of Bercy (Paris,
Depth profiling of P shallow implants in silicon by electron-induced X-ray emiss
High permittivity from defective multiwalled carbon nanotubes in the X-band
Interlamellar boundary characterization in Ni-based alloy thermally sprayed coat
Nano-scale metallodendritic complexes in electron-transfer processes and catalys
The formation of colloidal crystals of lipid A diphosphate: Evidence for the for
Crystallization of carbon nanotube and nanofiber polypropylene composites
Polycrystalline Well-Shaped Blocks of Indium Oxide Obtained by the Sol-Gel Metho
Fabrication of metallic tunnel junctions for the scanning single electron transi
Tin-based oxides as anode materials for lithium secondary batteries
Kinetics of electron transfer at Pt nanostructured film electrodes
Nano-composite of PtRu alloy electrocatalyst and electronically conducting polym
Fullerite C60 as electron-beam resist for dry nanolithography
Hydrogel route to nanotubes of metal oxides and sulfates
Scanning tunnelling microscope imaging of nanoscale electron density gradients o
Tunable magnetic relaxation mechanism in magnetic nanoparticles
Structural characteristics of metal nanoparticles in glass upon irradiation-assi
Characterization of nanocrystalline anatase TiO2 thin films
Nanostructures on La-doped SrTiO3 surfaces
Self-assembled nanowire formation during Cu deposition on atomically flat Vse2 s
Hydrothermal synthesis of vanadium oxide nanotubes from V2O5 gels
Electron emission from nanostructures
Formation of N- containing C-nanotubes and nanofibres by carbon resistive heatin
Spectroscopic electron tomography
Multiple Andreev reflection in a carbon nanotube quantum dot
Single electron charging and discharging phenomena at room temperature in a sili
Synthesis of protein A conjugates with silver nanoparticles
Electron microscopy and holography on nano structures: Nano tubes and rods, orga
Nanoparticale of ore minerals in disseminated multi-metal mineralization of Duca
The mineralising effect of a nanoscaled calcium phosphate protein composite (Nan
Plasmon energy mapping in energy-filtering transmission electron microscopy
The effect of annealing on tensile deformation behavior of nanostructured SPD ti
3D electron microscopy in the physical sciences: The development of Z-contrast a
Characterization of Heavy Ion Tracks in Polymers by Transmission Electron Micros
Completely reversible aggregation of nanoparticles by varying the pH
High-resolution electron microscopy of Zn- and Bi-related superlattices in ion i
Synthesis of binary polyelectrolyte/inorganic composite capsules of micron size
Electron interaction with confined and interface polar optical phonons and elect
Metallic sub-nanometer MoS2-xIy nanotubes
A model for the composite nanostructure of bone suggested by high-resolution tra
Erosion resistance of amorphous plasma sprayed coatings FeCrPC and NiCrBSi
Monolithic nanostructured silicate family templated by lyotropic liquid-crystall
Structure of germanium nanoparticles prepared by evaporation method
Novel polyimide/silica nanohybrids from water glass
Photodegradation of lecithin liposomes by nanoparticulate titanium dioxide
Temperature-controlled growth of α-Al2O3 nanobelts and nanosheets
Photoinduced electron transfer from nitoxide free radicals to the triplet state
Size- and shape-tailored hydrothermal synthesis of YVO4 crystals in ultra-wide p
Photophysics and electron dynamics in dye-sensitized semiconductor film studied
Fabrication of Si single-electron transistors with precise dimensions by electro
Linear aggregation of gold nanoparticles in ethanol
Single-source precursor route to carbon nanotubes at mild temperature
Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of hexagonal and monoclinic CePO4 si
The recent technologies on transmission electron microscopes
Influence of Measurement Conditions on Electron Diffusion in Nanoporous TiO2 Fil
Nanostructured artificial photosynthesis
Nano-sized double helices and braids: Interesting carbon nanostructures
Polyaniline nanotubes doped with sulfonated carbon nanotubes made via a self-ass
Formation Mechanism of H2Ti3O7 Nanotubes
Youngs double-slit interference observation of hot electrons in semiconductors
Low-temperature generation of high-purity single-walled carbon nanotubes by alco
Aligned SnS2 nanotubes fabricated via a template-assisted solvent-relief process
PMMA/graphite nanosheets composite and its conducting properties
NeoSilicon materials and silicon nanodevices
Quantum Information Technology based on Single Electron Dynamics
Quantum effects and single-electron charging effects in nano-scale silicon MOSFE
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes and nanobelts through a medial-reduction method
Formation of MoS2 inorganic fullerenes (IFs) by the reaction of MoO3 nanobelts a
PVK-modified single-walled carbon nanotubes with effective photoinduced electron
Nonuniform magnetic structure in Nd2Fe14B/Fe3B nanocomposite materials
Evolution of microstructure in TiC/NiCr cermet induced by electropulsing
Self-assembly of polycarbonate/acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene/montmorillonite n
Nanoscale oxygen generators: MgO2-based fillings of BN nanotubes
Unique Single-Crystalline Beta Carbon Nitride Nanorods
Facile Synthesis of Hollow Nickel Submicrometer Spheres
A 4 % Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Fabricated from Cathodically Electrosy
Anodic aluminum oxides template-assembled copper nanowires and TEM characterizat
Age Hardening of Ultrafine Grained Al-Ti-Cr Alloys Fabricated by Continuous Elec
Atomically resolved field emission patterns of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Application of nanocrystalline silicon and ballistic electron emitter to flat pa
Synthesis of ordered A1 nanowire arrays
γ-irradiation route to photoluminescent CdS-CdSe with core-shell nanostruc
Surfactant-Assisted Growth of Novel PbS Dendritic Nanostructures via Facile Hydr
Synthesis of ZnS nanorods by annealing precursor ZnS nanoparticles in NaCl flux
New electron diffraction method to identify the chirality of enantiomorphic crys
In-situ transmission electron microscopic study of perovskite-type niobate nanos
Fabrication of large-area single crystal bismuth nanowire arrays
Preparation and characterization of the nanocrystalline Ti0.5Cr0.5OxNy powder
Silica nanobottles templated from functional polymer spheres
Preparation and tribological properties of tetrafluorobenzoic acid-modified TiO2
High-density aligned carbon nanotubes with uniform diameters
Tetrathiafulvalene-assisted formation of silver dendritic nanostructures in acet
Synthesis of Copper Nanowires via a Complex-Surfactant-Assisted Hydrothermal Red
Room-temperature ultraviolet-emitting In2O3 nanowires
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes filled with Fe3C nanowires by CVD with titanate mo
CdS Crystal Growth of Lamellar Morphology within Templates of Polyelectrolyte/Su
Synthesis and characterization of self-doped poly(aniline-co-aminonaphthalene su
Highly ordered carbon nanotube arrays with open ends grown in anodic alumina nan
Microstructure and magnetic properties of Nd60Al10Fe20Co10 glass-forming alloy
A novel method for preparing copper nanorods and nanowires
Synthesis and properties of bismaleimide-modified novolak resin/silsesquioxane n
Morphologies of nanostructured bismuth sulfide prepared by different synthesis r
Synthesis of nanocrystalline MoN from a new precursor by TPR method
Selective growth of carbon nanotubes on Si microfabricated tips and application
Turnstile Operation Using a Silicon Dual-Gate Single-Electron Transistor
Growing and welding branched-structure semiconducting In2O3 nanowires
Preparation and characterization of NiO nanorods by thermal decomposition of NiC
Structural analysis of the P(VDF/TrFE) copolymer film
New quasi-solid materials as a medium for photochemical reactions
High-filling, large-area Ni nanowire arrays and the magnetic properties
Controlled growth and properties of one-dimensional ZnO nanostructures with Ce a
Uniform metal nanotube arrays by multistep template replication and electrodepos
One-step preparation and characterization of poly(propyleneimine) dendrimer-prot
Synthesis and One-Dimensional Self-Assembly of Acicular Nickel Nanocrystallites
Autocatalyzed template fabrication and magnetic study of Co-Fe-P nanowire arrays
Synthesis of polyaniline nanobelts
Preparation and characterization of nano-TiO2/tourmaline
Liposome induced self-assembly of gold nanoparticles into hollow spheres
Synthesis, self-assembly and characterization of a new glucoside-type hydrogel h
Synthesis and photoluminescence properties of ZnMnS nanobelts
Characterization and electrochemical studies of Nafion/nano-TiO 2 film modified
Hydrothermal synthesis of single-crystalline La0.5Ca 0.5MnO3 nanowires at low te
Magnetic-field-induced growth of single-crystalline Fe3O4 nanowires
In-situ TEM observation of the formation of Si nanowires under electron beam irr
Electrochemical Fabrication of Large-Area, Ordered Bi2Te 3 Nanowire Arrays
Thermogravimetric evaluation of PC/ABS/montmorillonite nanocomposite
The stitching error dependence of the resist pattern accuracy for electron beam
Single electron emission from the closed-tips of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Synthesis of Dendritic Polyaniline Nanofibers in a Surfactant Gel
Improved fifth-order geometric aberration coefficients of electron lenses
Wet Chemical Synthesis of Silver Nanowire Thin Films at Ambient Temperature
Direct electron transfer of glucose oxidase on the carbon nanotube electrode
Investigation on polypropylene and polyamide-6 alloys/montmorillonite nanocompos
Fabrication of single-crystalline semiconductor CdS nanobelts by vapor transport
Mechanical properties of epoxy composites filled with SiO2 nano particles at roo
Preparation of single-walled carbon nanotubes from