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液氦表面准一维电子气体的集体激发谱的研究/The study of collective excitation in a quasi-one-dimension
扫描电镜负带电衬度中电子运动的蒙特卡罗模拟/Monte-Carlo Simulation of the Electron Movements in Negati
彩色显像管封口机自动扭曲调整装置的研制/Design of Automatic Gun-Rotation-Adjustment Equipment for CP
高亮度电子枪数值计算方法研究/Study on numerical calculation method of high brightness electron
负带电绝缘样品表面电位与二次电子特性的Monte-Carlo模拟/The Monte-Carlo Simulation of Negative Charging
铁电电子发射特性的研究及铁电阴极系统的构建/Study of Electron Emission from Ferroelectrics and Configu
FW公司QLA电子栓陕西市场营销策略研究/A Research on the Shaanxi Marketing Strategies of the QLA
氧化物粒子大小对Mo-La2O3阴极抗电弧烧蚀性能的影响/The effect of oxide particle size on arc erosion re
电子枪扭弯曲特性智能检测系统(EDBS)的研制/Development of Intellectively Detecting System On The El
介质保护膜二次电子发射系数测量装置的研究与设计/Design and Research of the Device for Measuring the Seco
强流栅控电子枪的计算机辅助模拟设计及实验研究/Computer-aided Simulation Design & Experiment for Gridded
介质保护膜二次电子发射系数测量装置的设计与研究/Design and Research of the about Device for Measuring th
高能离轴和低能同轴电子全息的计算机模拟及三维重现研究/Computer Simulation and Three-Dimensional Reconstruct
乳腺组织电子密度的个体化差异在放射治疗时对剂量分布的影响/The Influence of Dose Distribution from The Individ
紧凑型荧光灯新型电子发射材料的研究和评价/Studies of New Electron Emission Materials for CFL
半导体制造中的电子显微分析/Electron micro–analysis of semiconductor manufacture
一维关联体系的单粒子激发和动力学研究/one-electron spectral function and dynamical study of one-dim
含苝衍生物新型共轭聚合物的合成与性能研究/synthesis and characterization of novel perylene-based conj
薄膜型场发射器件频率特性的研究/Study on Frequency Characteristic of Thin Film Type Field Emissi
活性碳纤维吸附惰性气体氙的研究/Studies on the Adsorption of Activated Carbon Fibers for Noble G
激光烧蚀电光晶体产生等离子体光谱诊断研究/Spectroscopic study of the plasma produced from laser ablat
岸边桥式起重机智能防摇控制机理研究/The intelligent control mechanism research of bank bridge cran
氧化锌纳米晶\卟啉复合材料的制备及能量和电子转移过程的研究/Study of the Synthesis of ZnO Nanocrystal\Porphrin
Bifunctional capping of CdS nanoparticles and bridging to TiO2
Submicro- and nanometer structure fabrication using direct electron-beam writing
Nanocrystalline magnets - novel materials for application and basic research
Study of electron irradiation-induced defects of 3c-SiC and diamond by ultra-hig
Electron paramagnetic resonance of the Mn-impurity in ZnS nanocrystals
Photoinduced electron transfer from polygermane to C60 studied by laser flash ph
Synthesis of metal nanoclusters within microphase-separated diblock copolymers:
Deformation of rubber-toughened polycarbonate: microscale and nanoscale analysi
Quantum dots: Few-body, low-dimensional systems
Formation of nanocrystalline surface layers on Cr-Ni-steel by a hypervelocity pl
Cross-sectional characterization of thin-film transistors with transmission elec
Tube-like nanostructures composed of networks of complementary hydrogen bonds
Study on electron spin resonance of photoluminescene nano-crystallite in a-Si:H
Current status of high resolution electron microscopy and its applications to ma
Nanoapatite and organoapatite implants in bone: histology and ultrastructure of
Low temperature scanning tunneling microscopy studies of granular metal films
Studies of Mo/Si multilayers with coherent electron beams
Correlation of optical and structural properties of porous β-SiC formed on
Nanocharacterization of small particles produced in a gas
Catalytic engineering of carbon nanostructures
Compositional and structural modifications of amorphous SiO2 by low-energy ion a
Microscopy extends inspection to the nanometer level
Phosphate glasses doped with CdS nanocrystals
Laser ablation of refractory material, cluster formation and deposition
Structure and morphology of small diameter electrospun aramid fibers
Femtosecond investigation of electron trapping in semiconductor nanoclusters
Electronic subband studies of InP/InAs/InxGa1-xAs asymmetric double quantum well
Computer simulation and measurement of capacitance-voltage characteristics in qu
Electron beam nanofabrication with self-assembled monolayers of alkylthiols and
Polymer-derived Si-based bulk ceramics, Part II: microstructural characterisati
Electron beam initiated oxidation and coalescence of metal particles embedded in
Electron beam nanolithography system and its application to Si nanofabrication
Preparation of cubic boron nitride films by use of electrically conductive boron
On the kinetics and mechanism of light-induced electron transfer at the semicond
Tailoring nanostructured thin films
In-line holography using low-energy electrons and photons: applications for mani
Thermal chemical synthesis of nanostructured chromium carbide cermets
Polymer-derived Si-based bulk ceramics, Part II: microstructural characterisati
Electron beam initiated oxidation and coalescence of metal particles embedded in
Electron beam nanolithography system and its application to Si nanofabrication
Preparation of cubic boron nitride films by use of electrically conductive boron
On the kinetics and mechanism of light-induced electron transfer at the semicond
Tailoring nanostructured thin films
In-line holography using low-energy electrons and photons: applications for mani
Thermal chemical synthesis of nanostructured chromium carbide cermets
Refractory metal-based low-resistance ohmic contacts for submicron GaAs heterost
Pattern transfer of electron beam modified self-assembled monolayers for high-re
Resonant transmission in an H-shaped nanostructure
New material for the production of fine line interconnects in integrated circuit
Electrochemical deposition process for the synthesis of laminated nanocomposites
Electrostatic conductance oscillations in an AlGaAs/GaAs-based mesoscopic wire
Formation of silicon and cobalt silicide nanoparticles in CaF2
Transmission electron microscopy study of amorphization of graphite by mechanica
Method for the preparation of PMMA-SiO2 nanocomposites with high homogeneity
Reactions of hydrated electron with N,N prime -methylenebisacrylamide in aqueous
Self-assembled nanoscale tubular ensembles
Carrier recombination in CdS nanocrystals under single-electron and high-density
Phase transformation and bonding of ceramic nanoparticles in a TEM
Hydroxyapatite sintering characteristics: correlation with powder morphology by
Blockade brings benefits
On the breakdown of Friedels Law for coherent microdiffraction from amorphous ma
Advanced electron holography: A new algorithm for image processing and a standar
Investigation of a nanocrystalline YBa2Cu3O7-δ powder by neutron and elect
Hot-hole-induced negative oxide charges in n-MOSFETs
Nanostructure of Au-20%Pd layers in MoS2 multilayer solid lubricant films
Crater formation on the surface of metals and alloys bombarded with high-power i
Electron powder ribbon polycrystalline silicon plates used for porous layer fabr
Electron microscopy studies of amphiphilic self-assemblies on vitreous ice
Formation of InSb nanocrystals on Se-terminated GaAs(001)
Single-electron tunneling through semiconducting nanostructures
Room-temperature 1.5 μm luminescence of co-deposited erbium and germanium
Nitride nanophases in a plasma-assisted surface modified steel
Treatment of the surface layer of steel with high energy plasma pulses
Ti-B-N film formed by EB-ion plating and N ion bombardment of a Ti-B film
Transport properties of silicon nanostructures fabricated on SIMOX substrates
EDS and EELS using a TEM-FEG microscope
100 keV electron beam lithography process for high aspect ratio submicron struct
Transmission electron microscopy methods for the determination of void content i
Persistent currents of few interacting electrons in mesoscopic rings
Finite-element analysis of electron waveguide discontinuities with arbitrary pot
Amorphous state formation and structural changes in α alumina by repeated
Intersubband excitations of quasi-one-dimensional electron systems in a magnetic
Photochemical polymerization of oligothiophene and dithienothiophene
Dispersive collective excitation modes in the quantum hall regime
Boron nitride nanotubes
Transmission electron microscopy observations of composite polymer colloid nucle
Fabrication of nanostructured ceramics by hybrid processing
Hemi-toroidal networks in pyrolytic carbon nanotubes
Nanometer lithography on silicon and hydrogenated amorphous silicon with low ene
Metastable phases in the nanocrystalline PdNiSi film
Nanostructure alignment for hot electron interference/diffraction devices
Ballistic Electron Emission Spectroscopy of Au/Si (100) interface
Determination of relevant size parameters for sonicated and unsonicated nanocrys
Modern applications of a new 300 kV field emission transmission electron microsc
Metastable single-phase polycrystalline aluminium oxynitride films grown by MSIP
Single-electron devices
Helical logic
Ultra-microindentation of silicon at elevated temperatures
Formation of nanotubes in low pressure hydrocarbon flames
Microstructure of the Ti-B-N coating after heat-treatment
Initial experimental study of pulsed electron beam fluorescence : Aerodynamic me
Recovery of the persistent current induced by the electron-electron interaction
Coherent nanodiffraction from phase objects: carbon nanotubes
Transmission electron microscopy studies of nanophase TiO2
SiOx luminescence from light-emitting porous silicon: support for the quantum c
Synthesis of full-density nanocrystalline tungsten carbide by reduction of tungs
Universal conductance fluctuations in a two-dimensional electron gas near fillin
Effects of a time-dependent transverse electric field on the quantum transport i
Techniques and new developments in high-resolution electron microscopy
Single electron device with asymmetric tunnel barriers
Femtosecond electronic relaxation dynamics in metal nano-particles: effects of s
Ultrafast dynamics of electrons and spins in metals
Devitrification of Al-Y-Fe amorphous alloys
Purification and opening of carbon nanotubes via bromination
Effect of cluster size on phase stability in nm-sized Au-Sb alloy clusters
High-power FEL based on seeded single-pass amplifier using prebunched electron b
TiC/metal nacrous structures and their fracture toughness increase
Characterization of thin film produced by quantum dot deposition process
Electron beam technology - SEM to microcolumn
Art and science of self-assembling molecular machines
Transmission electron microscope observation of IR scattering defects in As-grow
Development of a Nanoprobe Cathodoluminescence Scanning Electron Microscope
Formation of white-etching layers on rail treads
Spin-glass states exhibited by silver nano-particles prepared by sol-gel method
Model for nanolaminated growth patterns in Zn and Zn-Co electrodeposits
Confinement effects on the femtosecond electron energy relaxation in tin nanopar
Monitoring of homogenization and analysis of nanoscale structure in a butadiene-
Hard elastic carbon thin films from linking of carbon nanoparticles
Field emission SEM for true surface imaging and analysis
Fundamentals of the wet-process phosphoric acid production. 1. Kinetics and mech
Study of the energy level-crossings in GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs quantum dots
3 nm NiCr wires made using electron beam lithography and PMMA resist
Electron beam nano-fabrication by inorganic resist for MIM tunnel junction
High yield synthesis and growth mechanism of carbon nanotubes
Conduction band offsets in ordered-GaInP/GaAs heterostructures studied by ballis
Primary charge separation and energy transfer in the photosystem I reaction cent
Construction of STM aligned electron field emission source
Synthesis of nanostructured Ni/Cr and Ni-Cr3C2 powders by an organic solution re
Explosion excitation of initiating explosives by electron pulses of microsecond
Fabrication of periodical nanostructures using electron interference fringes
Synthesis and characterisation of titanium/aluminium nanolaminates
Effects of GaAs-surface roughness on the electron-beam patterning characteristic
Direct fabrication of SiGe crystallites on glass substrate: from nanocrystals t
Si single-electron transistors on SIMOX substrates
Photoelectronic properties of synthetic melanins
Transmission electron microscopy of a phosphate effect on the colloid structure
Gain processes in CdSe quantum dots
Electron stimulated reduction of sapphire studied by electron energy loss and Au
Time-resolved spectroscopy study of the resonance-line emission in the Ge XXIII
Electron Nanodiffraction: Progress and Prospects Electron Microscopy
Control of nanoscale interphase boundaries by an electron beam
Development of a 100keV electron beam nano lithography system
Fullerenic nanostructures in flames
Production of metastable nano size materials by a combination of the rapid solid
Dynamic compaction of aluminum nanocrystals
Colloidal approach to nanometre-sized mixed oxide ceramic powders
Space charge in nanostructure resonances
Nanolithography using fullerene films as an electron beam resist
Microstructure of Ti-B-N film-substrate interfaces
Synthesis and friction behavior of chemically vapor deposited composite coatings
Micro- and nanofabrications with polymer resists and their evaluations
Control of electron transfer in nanostructures assembled by the Langmuir-Blodget
Highly oriented molecular Ag nanocrystal arrays
Synthesis of nanocrystalline titanium carbide alloy powders by mechanical solid
Thickness variations in amorphous As2S3 films induced by electron beam
Chemical vapor deposition of nanometer-size aluminum features on silicon surface
Use of electron beam exposure and chemically enhanced vapor etching of SiO2 for
Study of solid-state amorphization in Zr-30 at.% Al by mechanical attrition
Vectorial PET in LB bilayers and in vesicles: Nanosecond fluorescence and laser
Electron microscopic in-situ observation for preparation of ultrafine La2O3 nano
Electron source with an explosive-emission cathode based on Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O cerami
Angular-resolved EELS of a carbon nanotube
Nanoscopic evaluation of semiconductor properties by scanning probe microscopies
Transmission electron microscopic investigations on SiC- and BN-coated carbon fi
Phase transformations in Pd40Ni40P20 alloy at heating
Initial stages of nanocrystal growth of compound semiconductors on Si substrates
New Trends in STEM-Based Nano-EELS Analysis Electron Microscopy
Morphology of carbon nanoclusters prepared by catalytic disproportionation of ca
Magneto transport on antidot arrays, fabricated by an atomic force microscope
Crystallographic shear planes in nanocrystalline SnO2 thin films by high-resolut
Effect of Fe layer thickness on the magnetic moment in Fe/Cr multilayers prepare
Conductance fluctuations in nanostructures of doped CdTe and Cd1-xMnxTe epilayer
Direct time-resolved infrared measurement of electron injection in dye-sensitize
Role of a thin amorphous silicon layer in the fabrication of micro-pored silicon
Optical and TEM study of copper-born clusters in DLC
Excited state luminescence and fine structure in CdSe quantum dots
Effects of different interfacial environments on the optical nonlinearity of nan
Nano-to-micro integrated single-electron biomacromolecular electronics for minia
Three-dimensional metallization of microtubules
Effect of the implanter gas medium on regularities of structural phase transform
Synthesis and magnetic properties of nanostructured maghemite
Peculiarities of the electron spectrum of two-dimensional nanostructures
Preparation of high-grade carbon nanotubes by hydrogen arc discharge
Microstructure and homogeneity of nanocrystalline Co-Cu supersaturated solid sol
Preparation of nanoscale iron and Fe3O4 powders in a polymer matrix
Structure and microstructure in nanocrystalline YBa2Cu3O7-δ powder
Synthesis and humidity sensitive properties of nanocrystalline Ba1-xSrxTiO3 thic
Synthesis of homogeneously dispersed nanoscale M50-type steel powders via polyme
Consolidation of ball-milled (Al-TM)-SiC (TM; Ti, Mo and Cu) composite powders b
Electrochemical reaction of Zn in water and growth of ZnO particles
Structure of small GaAs clusters
Synthesis of nanotubes via catalytic pyrolysis of acetylene: a sem study
ESR study on palladium nanoparticles
Nanocrystalline titanium oxide electrodes for photovoltaic applications
Electron microscopy of carbon nanotubules and related structures
Interfaces and defects in nanocrystalline oxides
Morphological evolution of nanoparticles in diffusion flames: Measurements and m
Epitaxial growth of highly luminescent CdSe/CdS core/shell nanocrystals with pho
HREM and WAXS study of the structure of metallic nanoparticles
Use of an adduct in improved syntheses of nanoparticulate chalcogenide semicondu
Optical studies of nanoscale materials incorporated in the space of zeolite crys
Three-dimensional hexagonal close-packed superlattice of passivated Ag nanocryst
Preparation and electron spin resonance effect of nanometer-sized Mn2O3
New type of ultrafine particles: Rare earth dicarbide crystals encapsulated in c
Nanoscale characterization of gold colloid monolayers: a comparison of four tec
Graphitic structure and surface chemical activity of nanosize carbon spheres
Thin films consisting of carbon nanotubes as a new material for emission electro
Electronic transport in carbon nanotube junctions
Making gold nanostructures using self-assembled monolayers and a scanning tunnel
Reductive properties of iodide-modified silver nanoparticles
Nanostructure study by TEM and HREM of carbon fibres in Cf-SiC composites
Quantum theory of metallic nanocohesion
Effect of preparation conditions on the formation of primary ZnO particles in fi
Microwave preparation of molecular sieve AlPO4-5 with nanometer sizes
Structural studies of jennite and 1.4 nm tobermorite: disordered layering along
Sonochemical preparation of nanosized amorphous NiFe2O4 particles
Magneto-transport spectroscopy on a quantum wire
Manufacturing nano-diphasic materials from natural dolomite: In situ observation
New solid and hollow, magnetic and non-magnetic, organic-inorganic monodispersed
Electrochemical deposition of quantized particle MoS[vv 2] thin films
Single-electron transistor made from a cadmium selenide nanocrystal
Energy-filtering transmission electron microscopy for the characterization of po
Ordering effect of Coulomb interaction in ballistic double-ring systems
Nanostructured polymer blends: Novel materials with enhanced optical and electro
Ball milled ZnO for varistor applications
Model catalysts fabricated using electron beam lithography and pulsed laser depo
Dynamics of shear-induced alignment of a lamellar diblock: a rheo-optical, elec
Atomic desorption process in nanometre-scale electron-beam drilling of MgO in hi
High-brightness photoelectric field-emission cathodes for free-electron laser ap
Structure and property changes in spinel irradiated with heavy ions
Surface science approach to modeling supported catalysts
Femtosecond decay-time measurement of electron-plasma oscillation in nanolithogr
Room-temperature spin memory in two-dimensional electron gases
Transmission electron microscopy study of the microstructures present in alumina
Investigation of solid state Pb doped TiO[sb 2] solar cell
Electron-Phonon Coupling in Spherical Nanocrystals
Room-temperature silicon single-electron metal-oxide-semiconductor memory with n
Miscibility and mechanical properties of poly(4,4 prime -diaminobenzanilide-2,6-
Limpact delectrons lents sur les surfaces de materiaux dielectriques: Methodes d
Parallel Processing of Nanocrystal Colloids: Light-Directed Assembly and Simple
Structural transformation of hydrogen-adsorbed Si(111)- root3 × root3-Ag
Implanted muon states in porous silicon
Nanostructure fabrication using electron beam and its application to nanometer d
Characterization of dislocations, nanopipes and inversion domains in GaN by tran
Role of excitons and substrate temperature in low-energy (5-50 eV) electron-stim
The Impact of Dielectric Confinement on Electron Dynamics and Optical Nonlineari
Electron irradiation effects in silicon thin foils under ultra-high vacuum envir
Fabrication and properties of dot array using electron-beam-induced deposition
Role of photoelectronic processes in the formation of a fluorescent plume by 248
High-resolution electron microscopy and microanalysis of ZnSe quantum dots in gl
High-resolution transmission electron microscopy study of luminescent anodized a
Size-Dependent Electron Dynamics of Gold Nanoparticles
Optically induced damping of the surface plasmon resonance in gold colloids
Application of a platinum dual-disk microelectrode to measurement of the electro
TESLA Free Electron Laser
Electron holography of individual DNA molecules
Nanoprocessing based on bicontinuous microdomains of block copolymers: Nanochann
Electron beam doping by superdiffusion in unirradiated regions (X300 angstroms)
Amplitude recovery in Fresnel projection microscopy
Assessment of the quantitative characterization of localized strain using electr
Frequency nanosecond electron accelerator URT-0.2
Electron gun of LAE 10 linear electron accelerator
Freeze-dried resorcinol-folmaldehyde gels
Novel proximity effect including pattern-dependent resist development in electro
Electrochemical coulomb staircase: detection of single electron-transfer events
Characterization of MOVPE grown InGaAsP superlattices for modulators by electron
Electron-beam-induced oxidation for single-electron devices
Electron-beam-induced selective thermal decomposition of ultrathin SiO2 layers u
Surface modification and imaging of hydrogen passivated silicon with a combined
Nanocrystalline structure of WO3 thin films prepared by the sol-gel technique
Dynamics of electron injection and recombination of dye-sensitized TiO2 particle
STM studies of quantum points on the surface of III-V epitaxial semiconductors
Formation of a gold superlattice on an S-layer with square lattice symmetry
Particle size evolution in Cu-15at%Al mechanically alloyed
Atomic process of point contact in gold studied by time-resolved high-resolution
Microstructural characterization of nanocrystalline GaN prepared by detonations
Immobilization and visualization of DNA and proteins on carbon nanotubes
Femtosecond 1P-to-1S electron relaxation in strongly confined semiconductor nano
Oxidation of MoSi2/SiC nanolayered composite
Synthesis of zirconia-coated gold nanoparticles
Size distribution and EPR of silver nanoparticles in SiO2 matrix
Saturation magnetization of porosity-free nanocrystalline cobalt
TEM characterization of nanodiamond thin films
Magnetic properties of nanosize nickel particles produced in silica glasses by i
Characteristics of SiO2/TiO2 nanocomposite particles formed in a premixed flat f
In-situ experiment with high voltage electron microscope
Structural characterization of colloidal Ag2Se nanocrystals
Electron transport in one-dimensional magnetic superlattices
Microstructure of magnetic metallic superlattices grown by electrodeposition in
Plasma-induced low-temperature growth of graphitic nanofibers on nickel substrat
Embedding of Al nanoparticle in Al2O3 matrix by electron beam
Metal-ion implantation in glasses: Physical and chemical aspects
Microscopy with a single electron transistor probe
Secondary electron imaging of nucleation and growth of semiconductors for nanost
Synthesis and characterization of inorganic fullerene-like WSe2 material
Electrolytic conversion of graphite to carbon nanotubes in fused salts
Preparation and characterization of gold and silver nanoparticles in layered lap
Radiation induced synthesis and characterization of copper nanoparticles
Preparation and characterization of porous silicon powder
Mathematical modeling of particle behavior of nanocrystalline Ni during high vel
Structural and analytical characterization of Ag(Br,I) nanocrystals by cryo-AEM
Silicon nanostructure fabrication using IR-FELs and its optical properties
Semimetal to semiconductor transition in carbon nanoparticles
Synthesis and characterization of W0.12Ru2.1Se and W0.013Ru1.27Se electrocatalys
X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy study of nanosize CeO2 as photoanode f
Low-field electron emission from undoped nanostructured diamond
Formation of Al-nanoclusters on Si(111)-surfaces
Analysis of Q0-independent single-electron systems
Controlled nanocrystallization of organic molecules in sol-gel glasses
Very high field EPR study of a molecular nanomagnet
Silicon based multilayer structures prepared by reactive pulsed laser deposition
Characterization of nanocrystalline PdCuSi alloy film prepared by evaporation
Cathodoluminescence from nanocrystalline silicon films in the scanning electron
Mesoporous organic polymers obtained by `twostep nanocasting
Numerical simulation of heat removal from low dimensional nanostructures
Three-electron quantum disks
Incorporation of cadmium sulfide into nanoporous silicon by sequential chemical
Single electron tunneling through Ge nanocrystal fabricated by cosputtering meth
Nanocomposites based on montmorillonite and unsaturated polyester
Synthesis of nanocomposite thin films based on the Mo-Si-C ternary system and co
Galvanische Nickel-und Nickeldispersions-Schichten
Radiation induced physical and chemical processes in zeolite materials
Potentiostatic modulation of the direction of light-induced electron transfer in
Ultrastructural analyses of the attachment (bonding) zone between bone and impla
SENECA: a new program for the analysis of single-electron devices
Ballistic-electron-emission microscopy of semiconductor heterostructures
Sampling phase detector using a resonant tunneling high electron mobility transi
In-cage formation of carbanions in photoinduced electron-transfer reaction of ca
Electron microscopy and x-ray analysis of lacustrine clays from the Charo Canyon
Electron-beam lithography with metal colloids: direct writing of metallic nanos
Fracture morphology evolution of crystalline dielectric under irradiation by pul
Carbon crooked nanotube layers of polyethylene: Synthesis, structure and electro
Nanomorphology of kaolinites: comparative SEM and AFM studies
Energetic electron and ion beam generation in plasma opening switches
Off-axis electron holographic mapping of magnetic domains in Nd2Fe14B
Influence of the Al-content on the optical gain in AlGaN heterostructures
Fundamental reactions in illuminated titanium dioxide nanocrystallite layers stu
Role of boron nitride in graphite plasma arcs
Numerical simulation of capacitance coupled three-junction single electron trans
Hydrothermal behavior of diamond
Elaboration of III-V nitrides quantum dots in molecular beam epitaxy
Structural investigations of titanium nitride films formed by plasma immersion i
Tolerancing of electron beam lithography columns
Metal alkoxide/hexa-2,4-diyne-1,6-diol hybrid polymers: Synthesis and use as pre
Growth of quantum-confined indium phosphide inside MCM-41
Remote substituent effects on the reactivity of 9-aryl- and 9,10-diarylanthracen
UV laser-induced electron emission from diamond films coated with ultrathin nick
Near-field electron energy loss spectroscopy of nanoparticles
Thermodynamic stability of intergranular amorphous films in bismuth-doped zinc o
Electron-transfer dynamics in DTDCI/MoS2 and DTDCI/WS2 nanoclusters
Radiation-chemical reactor on the basis of high-current nanosecond pulsed electr
Morphology of liquid crystalline epoxy composite matrices based on the diglycidy
First structure determination of nanosized colloidal particles of Pd3P by high-r
Nanometer-scale imaging of lattice deformation with transmission electron microg
Field electron emission from diamond-like carbon films deposited using RF induct
Electronic excitations of an electron-gas cylinder bundle
Nanofabrication of solid-state Fresnel lenses for electron optics
Dose rate effects on radiolytic synthesis of gold-silver bimetallic clusters in
Microstructural characterization of carbonaceous dust generated during the depos
Differences in particle sizes measured by cryo-SEM and quasi-elastic light scatt
Fullerene derivative as an electron beam resist for nanolithography
Simple and novel way to synthesize aligned nanotube bundles at low temperature
Mass spectrometric investigations on CH4 plasmas obtained from a dual electron c
Effect of structure on electron transfer reactions between anthracene dyes and T
Carbon clusters in amorphous hydrogenated carbon
Structure of single-molecule single crystals of isotactic polystyrene and their
New technology for metallic multilayer single electron tunneling devices
Investigations on ML(NiCoMnTi)5 alloys prepared with different solidification ra
Monte Carlo simulation of a submicron MOSFET including inversion layer quantizat
Structure analysis of mesoporous material `FSM-16. Studies by electron microscop
Quantized conductance through individual rows of suspended gold atoms
Observation of microfracture behaviour of the beta titanium alloy
Atomic focusers
Fabrication of Coulomb blockade devices by combination of high resolution Electr
Early stages of MFI film formation
High resolution transmission electron microscopy study of nanoscale Ni-rich NiAl
In situ fullerene formation - The evidence presented
Nanoparticle formation by laser-assisted photolysis of ferrocene
Structural transformation of anatase TiO2 by high-energy vibrational ball millin
Silicon dots/clusters in silicon nitride: photoluminescence and electron spin r
Single-electron memory for giga-to-tera bit storage
Template synthesis of polyaniline: A route to achieve nanocomposites
Nucleation of iron oxy-hydroxide nanoparticles by layer-by-layer polyionic assem
Residual amorphous phase in α Fe/NdFeB nanocomposite hard magnets
Synthesis of spherical nanoparticles of Cu2L2O5 (L = Ho, Er) from W/O microemuls
Magnetization of carbon-coated ferromagnetic nanoclusters determined by electron
CW and pulsed EPR study of silver nanoparticles in a SiO2 matrix
High resolution electron microscopy study of nanostructured Ni2Si thin films
Aspects of the photoelectrochemistry of nanocrystalline systems
Preparation and characterization of cobalt oxide nanosized particles obtained by
Microstructure and properties of nanocomposite Ti-B-N and Ti-B-C coatings
Nanostructural lithography via photo-initiated phase transformation of silica-su
Tunnelling spectroscopy of surface state scattering and confinement
Long-range polarization interactions of metal clusters
Nanostructural characterization of Co-C interaction in a thin film system
Generation of nanometer-size tantalum particles in a graphite host lattice
Isolated Mn2+ in CdS quantum dots
Fullerene and onion formation under electron irradiation of boron-doped graphite
Multiple quantum phases in artificial double-dot molecules
Study of polyanilines by high-resolution electron microscopy
Electrochemical characterization of sol-gel formed Ir metal nanoparticles
Study on MoS2 thin films electrochemically deposited in ethylene glycol at 165 &
Synthesis and characterization of submicrometer-sized polypyrrole-polystyrene co
In-situ observation of melting of fine lead particles by high-resolution electro
Atom probe and transmission electron microscopy investigations of heavily drawn
Growth and characterization of nanoscale 3C-SiC islands on Si substrates
GaAs-based single electron logic and memory devices using electro-deposited nano
Transmission electron microscopy investigation of sulfide nanocrystals formed by
Corrosion behavior and microstructure of high-velocity oxy-fuel sprayed nickel-b
Electron-electron correlation in quantum dots
Inelastic electron scattering from a quasi-one-dimensional electron gas
Novel method for the synthesis of thin film coatings on particulate materials
Local C(U) spectroscopy on chemically bounded Au55 clusters
Microstructure of poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogels produced by freeze/thaw cycling
Manufacturing and structure investigation of TiN-Al2O3-multilayers
Acoustoconductance of quantum contacts
Nanocrystalline silver particles: Synthesis, agglomeration, and sputtering induc
Mechanochemical synthesis of 0.9 Pb (Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-0.1 PbTiO3 from mixed oxides
Analytical TEM investigations of laser-deposited Fe/Al multilayers
Electron-phonon interaction in rare earth doped nanocrystals
Synthesis of mesoporous materials based on titanium(IV)oxide and titanium nitrid
Simulation of charge transport in the nanostructure Camel and heterotransistors
Melting and solidification of nanoscale Bi particles embedded in a glassy and cr
Nanocrystalline NiO and NiO-Ni(OH)2 composite powders prepared by thermal and me
Formation and coalescence of tungsten nanoparticles under electron beam irradiat
Preparation of perpendicular magnetization Co/Pt nanostructures by electrodeposi
Instability of nanocavities in disordered and amorphous silicon under irradiatio
Metal nanostructures. A new class of electronic devices
Observation of atomic processes in Xe nanocrystals embedded in Al under 1 MeV el
Synthesis of CeO2 nanoparticles in w/o microemulsion
Nanostructured colloidal metal and semiconductor particles
Behavior and bonding mechanisms of aluminum nanoparticles by electron beam irrad
Luminescence of CDS nanoparticles doped and activated with foreign ions
Nanostrings of silver
Nano-quasicrystalline particles in Mn-ion implanted GaAs
Electrical properties of Si nanocrystals embedded in an ultrathin oxide
High spatial resolution PEELS characterization of FeAl nanograins prepared by me
Sonochemical approach to the preparation of barium hexaferrite nanoparticles
Polyaniline micro- and nanostructure
Characterization of AgxAuy nano particles by TEM and STEM
Polydimethylsiloxane and layered silicate nanocomposites
Observation of Coulomb-blockade in a field-effect transistor with silicon nanocr
Hydrazine-controlled hydrothermal synthesis of Co9S8 from a homogeneous solution
Fictitious forces and electronic energy relaxation in nanocrystals
Transmission electron microscopy characterization of nanocrystalline copper
Nanosized thin films of tungsten-titanium mixed oxides as gas sensors
Cracks in nano-ceramic thin layers produced by laser treatments
Microstructure and nanochemistry of carbide precipitates in high-speed steel S 6
Electrochemical cycling-induced spinel formation in high-charge-capacity orthorh
Electron microscopy and nanolithography with an integrated low-energy electron b
Contact resistance of carbon nanotubes
Study of MCM-41 molecular sieves by energy-filtering TEM
Scale invariance of amorphous Co-films structure under explosive crystallization
Metrology methods for quantifying edge roughness II
Characterization of photoconducting materials using variable length picosecond t
Off-axis electron holography of nearly-spherical faceted voids in self-annealed
Future of atomic resolution electron microscopy for materials science
Measurement of size and number concentration of polystyrene particles
Carbon nanotubes
Structure and physicochemistry of anodic oxide films on titanium and TA6V alloy
Use of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy to characterize fine AlN powders submitt
Nanofabrication toward sub-10 nm and its application to novel nanodevices
High-resolution electron microscopy of γ-TiAl irradiated with 15 keV heliu
Nanosecond high current and high repetition rate electron source
Galvanotechnik ... Eine neue dimension: Nanoskalige partikel in galvanisch abges
Characterization of defects and piezoelectric fields in InGaN/GaN layers by tran
Long-lived photoinduced charge separation and redox-type photochromism on mesopo
Spin chemical control of photoinduced electron-transfer processes in ruthenium(I
Mess- und pruftechnik ... messen im submikrometerbereich
Transient Magnetic Resonance without RF Pulses: Fast Field Switching
Spectral Properties and Relaxation Dynamics of Surface Plasmon Electronic Oscill
Inorganic fullerene-like material as additives to lubricants: Structure-function
Fabrication and characterization of a nanogap edge emitter with a silicon-on-ins
On the monochromatization of high brightness electron sources for electron micro
Electronic structure at the atomic scale of ultrathin gate oxides
Circuit failure identification using focused ion beam and transmission electron
Intensity dependence of the electron diffusion length in dye-sensitised nanocrys
Inorganic-organic nanotube composites from template mineralization of tobacco mo
Fourier transform infrared picosecond time-resolved spectroscopy with a UV free
Implementation of single-electron transistor with resistive gate
Controlling growth and field emission property of aligned carbon nanotubes on po
ESEM-FEG: Ein neues Rasterelektronen-mikroskop fuer die Baustoff-Forschung
Cobalt nanosized particles organized in a 2D superlattice: Synthesis, characteri
Low energy electron stimulated etching of thin Si-oxide layer in nanometer scale
Study of the surface resistance of Niobium sputter-coated copper cavities
Phonon Generation in a Current-Carrying Nanowire
Development of plasma cathode electron guns
In situ CdS nanocluster formation on scanning tunneling microscopy tips for reli
Voltage gain in GaAs-based lateral single-electron transistors having Schottky w
Glucose sensing using ferrocene-coated DNA electrode
Physicochemical characterization of diesel exhaust particles: Factors for assess
Plasmon excitations in carbon nanotubes
Thermally activated amorphous phase formation in cold-rolled multilayers of Al-N
Z-contrast imaging and electron energy-loss spectroscopy analysis of chromium-do
Synthesis and characterization of Ti-Si-C-N films
Electron Diffraction Structure Solution of a Nanocrystalline Zeolite at Atomic R
Multiple-Exponential Electron Injection in Ru(dcbpy)2(SCN)2 Sensitized ZnO Nanoc
On the toughening mechanisms of SiC platelet-reinforced Al2O3/Y-TZP nano-ceramic
Characterization of ZnO-based varistors prepared from nanometre precursor powder
EPR study of ZnS:Mn2+ nanocrystals and pyrex glasses
Memory cell with single-electron and metal-oxide-semiconductor transistor integr
Nanometer scale dynamics in diffusion limited propagation of interfaces in amorp
Photoinduced charge separation and stabilization in clusters of a fullerene-anil
Nanotube C-BN heterostructures: Electronic properties
Population of nitrogen molecule electron states and structure of the fast ioniza
Planar non-volatile memory with single-electron channel fabricated on a hyper-th
Dynamic simulation of electron-beam-induced chargingup of insulators
Novel alignment method for planarized substrates in electron beam lithography
High-resolution transmission electron microscopy study of a cross-linked fullere
Novel interactions of supported clusters: Contact epitaxy
Automatically aligned electron beam lithography on the nanometre scale
Nanosecond laser photolysis studies of vitamin K3 in aqueous solution
Electron diffraction instrumentation at the University of Arkansas from continuo
Nanometer Electron Beam lithography
Novel nanoscale resist using 10-undecanoic acid monolayers on silicon dioxide
Electron velocity overshoot in GaAs studied by subpicosecond Raman spectroscopy
Novel processing route to control grain growth in submicrometer alumina compacts
Probing selective oxidation catalysis under reaction conditions by atomic scale
Quenching of excited triplet state hypericin with energy acceptors and donors an
Coherent mixing mechanism explains the photoinduced nuclear polarization in phot
Scanning electron microscope observation of the purification behaviour of carbon
Microstructural and mechanical characterization of SiC-submicron TiB2 composites
Morphology of carbon allotropes prepared by hydrogen arc discharge
One dimensional transport in carbon nanotubes
Direct imaging of zirconia pillars in montmorillonite by analytical electron mic
Depth-resolved electron-excited nanoscale-luminescence spectroscopy studies of d
Microdeposition technique for carbon nanotubes based on electron beam lithograph
Germanium dioxide whiskers synthesized by laser ablation
Several- and many-electron artificial-atoms at filling factors between 2 and 1
Production of binary thin film by the direct deposition of Bi-Te NANO-particles
Electron beam lithography system for nanometer fabrication
Atomic structure of a summation = 3, {111} twin-boundary junction in a BaTiO3 th
First occurrence of a stacking sequence including (&plusmn60°, 180°) rot
Resonant field electron emission from DLC film
Photoinduced electron transfer from conjugated polymers to TiO2
Towards probing pentagons on carbon nanotube tips
AlGaAs/GaAs tunnel diode integrated with nanometer-scale atomic force microscope
Electron microscope: the materials characterization tool of the millennium
Transmission electron microscopy of synthetic 2- and 6-line ferrihydrite
Synthesis and characterization of dendritic poly(amidoamine)-silica gel hybrids
Numerical simulation of complementary capacitively coupled SET logic cell
Polyhedral shapes of cobalt nanocrystals and their effect on ordered nanocrystal
g factor-shift in ZnS:Mn2+ nanocrystals/pyrex glasses composites
Controlled mechanical AFM machining of two-dimensional electron systems: Fabrica
Role of surface states in the ultrafast photoinduced electron transfer from sens
Formation of Surlyn/titanate nanocomposite materials through polymer-in situ sol
Role of impurities and microstructure on residual stress in nanoscale Mo films
Intrinsic relation between field electron emission and structure characteristics
Electronic pressure on the ferromagnetic domain wall
Measurement of work function on GaAs (0 0 1) surface during MBE growth by scanni
Phase and microstructure changes in 45# steel irradiated by intense pulsed ion b
Spectroscopy of He*2 floating on the liquid helium surface
Microstructure of as-melt spun Al-7%Si-0.3%Mg alloy and its variation in continu
Surface characterization of the early stages of the oxidation of titanium
Structure of near-spherical carbon nano-shells
Preparation and characterization of B-C-N nanotubes by a rapid quenching method
Complex bonding of titanium nitride layers in C/Mg composites revealed by ELNES
Novel technique by the citrate pyrolysis for preparation of iron oxide nanoparti
Single-electron transistor analytic I-V model for SPICE simulations
In situ UHV-TEM observation of the direct formation of Pd2Si islands on Si(111)
Acid-base equilibrium and electron-ejection processes in the excited states of N
Electron injection, recombination, and halide oxidation dynamics at dye-sensitiz
Formation of carbon nanotubes from jet fuel on superalloys at moderate temperatu
Electrical Transport in Rings of Single-Wall Nanotubes: One-Dimensional Localiza
Spectroscopic ellipsometry study of SiC/Si heterostructures formed by high-dose
Energy transfer between electrons and photoresist: Its relation to resolution
Selective oxidation of aluminum and interfacial enrichment of iron during anodic
Solid state devices - Nanoelectronics
Electron-induced dissociation of SiH complexes in hydrogenated Si-doped GaAs. Ap
Resolution of the multiple aperture pixel by pixel enhancement of resolution ele
Use of emanation thermal analysis in characterisation of nanosized hematite prep
Hydrogen effects on an amorphous Fe-Si-B alloy
Electronic transport properties of coupled single-electron transistors
Crystal polymer interaction with new injectable bone substitute; SEM and Hr TEM
MoSe2 nanocrystallites synthesized at low temperature via a chemical solution ro
Oscillator strengths for optical transitions near a cylindrical cavity
Functional micro-concrete: The incorporation of zeolites and inorganic nano-part
Nature of electron migration in dye-sensitized nanostructured TiO2
Synthesis of carbon tubes using microwave plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposit
Study of polystyrene microstructures and nanostructures synthesised in particle
Near-field electron energy loss spectroscopy in porous silicon
Preferentially ordered accumulation of bromine on multi-wall carbon nanotubes
Single-electron charging of self assembled quantum dots
Synthesis of nano-particles of ZnO/Al2O3 in a premixed flame
Hard chromium plating on cold swaged Cr-Mo steel using rotating cylinder electro
Incredible nanoplotter
Core-shell (Ag)Au bimetallic nanoparticles: analysis of transmission electron m
Microstructural characterization of amorphous and nanocrystalline structures thr
Electrical activity of IMPATT diodes on a nanometric scale by X-STEBIC method
Quantum-size colloid metal systems
Novel room temperature electron beam ion trap for atomic physics and materials r
Evidence for two separate one-electron transfer events in excited fulleropyrroli
Localization of the polymer phase in bitumen/polymer blends by field emission cr
Carbon nanotube and polypyrrole composites: coating and doping
Composition-structure correlations in strained FexMn1-x/Ir superlattices
EFTEM provides elemental mapping at nanometer resolution
Interband resonant tunnelling in quantizing magnetic field
Formation and characterization of superparamagnetic cross-linked high amylose st
Edge and bulk electron state dominated magnetotransport in multi-terminal single
Electron spin resonance of irradiated carbon nanotube powder at 77k
Novel technique for the formation of carbon-encapsulated metal nanoparticles on
Polymerized ABA triblock copolymer vesicles
Electron trapping in dye/polymer blend photovoltaic cells
Magnetic ultrathin films and multilayers: Growth and characterization
Intensity modulated photocurrent spectroscopy studies of CdS nanoparticle modifi
Resonant nonlinearities in an organic material: Irradiance dependence
Ab-initio quasiparticle energies of small sodium clusters by the GW approximatio
Face centered cubic indium nano-particles studied by UHV-transmission electron m
Decay dynamics and quenching of photoluminescence from silicon nanocrystals by a
Preparation of zinc oxide nano-particles coated with aluminium
A spin-polarized scanning electron microscope with 5-nm resolution
Construction of carbon nanotube stars with dendrimers
Homogeneous precipitation synthesis and electrical properties of scandia stabili
Calculations of electron structures of single-walled carbon nanotubes by the clu
Coherent dynamics of coupled electron and hole spins in semiconductors
Measurements of electronic spectra and researches on quantum chemistry for silic
Large-scale synthesis of single-crystalline β-Ga2O3 nanoribbons, nanosheets
Effects of PVP on structure of TiO2 prepared by the sol-gel process
Superconducting MgB2 nanowires
Template synthesis of an array of nickel nanotubules and its magnetic behaviour
Production of focused electron beams in a plasma implantation system
Low energy electron-excited nano-luminescence spectroscopy of GaN surfaces and i
Energy distribution of field emitted electrons from multiwall carbon nanotubes
High-resolution analytical electron microscopy characterization of corrosion and
A simple method preparing isolated encapsulated particles on a large scale
Nanoprojection-shaped silicon field emitter as relativistic-electron-beam source
Fabrication of MgO nanobelts using a halide source and their structural characte
Si single-electron transistors with high voltage gain
A novel method for the preparation of III-V semiconductors: Sonochemical synthes
Epoxy infiltration into nanoporous aluminum oxide
Electroreductive synthesis and optical characterization of silicon nanoparticles
Well-aligned boron nanowire arrays
Modeling the electron field emission from carbon nanotube films
Carbon nanotubes prepared from CO on pre-reduced La2NiO4 perovskite precursor
Permanent magnetic moment in mesoscopic metals with spin-orbit interaction
Carbon nanotube composites synthesized by ion-assisted pulsed laser deposition
Nano-precipitation in hot-pressed silicon carbide
Highly charged ions
Photoconductivity in semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes
Synthesis of organic monolayer-stabilized copper nanocrystals in supercritical w
Generation of an intense electron beam with sub-nanosecond duration using multi-
Nanoscale material design and processing by electron beam energy
Wigner crystallization in the two electron quantum dot
New hybrid nanocomposite prepared by emulsion copolymerization of ABS in the pre
Digital in-line holography with photons and electrons
Field emission from carbon nanotubes: The first five years
Chemical and microstructural changes induced by friction and wear of brakes
Energy and coordinate dependent effective mass and confined electron states in q
Peculiarities in free electron transfer
Solid state amorphization in cold drawn Cu/Nb wires
Preface to the viewpoint set on: Dislocation mobility in silicon
Carbon nitride thin films and nanofibres synthesised by hot filament CVD
Adsorption of radioactive metals by strongly magnetic iron sulfide nanoparticles
Electron-beam induced growth of bare silver nanowires from zeolite crystallites
A transmission electron microscopy study of interfaces and matrix homogeneity in
A TEM investigation of contact between nanoparticles
Nanoparticle-directed crystallization of calcium carbonate
Correlations between surface modification and tribological performance of brake
Characteristics of mechanical alloying of Zn-Al-based alloys
Electron-beam initiated transfer of Ge from Ge islands on SiO2 surfaces to the t
HRTEM study of the morphology of RuS2 supported particles
Analysis of strain and defect formation in low-dimensional structures in SiC
Triangular CdS nanocrystals: Structural and optical studies
Growth and morphology of cobalt nanoparticles on alumina
Luminescence properties of nanocrystalline Y2O3:Eu
Study of the mass diffusion transfer in nanocrystalline materials
Controlled growth of cubic cadmium sulfide nanoparticles using patterned self-as
Catalytic growth of carbon nanorods on a high-Tc substrate
Room-temperature single-electron tunnelling in surfactant stabilized iron oxide
Carbon nanotubes and nanostructures grown from diamond-like carbon and polyethyl
New trends in the application of electron ionization to liquid chromatography-ma
Colloidal particles of Ca(OH)2: Properties and applications to restoration of fr
Field-induced electron emission from electrically nanostructured heterogeneous (
Strain characterization of shallow trench isolation structures on a nanometer sc
Elimination of cross-talk and modulation of function in an organized heterosupra
Structural investigations of the Al50Fe25Ti25 powder mixture mechanically alloye
Geometry and element composition of a nanoscale field emission array formed by s
Experimental evidence of surface-plasmon coupling in anisotropic hollow nanopart
Operation of InGaAs/InP-based ballistic rectifiers at room temperature and frequ
Similarity in field electron emission from nanocrystalline diamond and related m
Formation of β-SiC nanocrystals on Si(1 1 1) monocrystal during the HFCVD o
Nanocrystalline zirconia surface-doped with alumina: Chemical vapor synthesis, c
Photoinduced electron transfer between 1,2,5-triphenylpyrrolidinofullerene clust
Diagnostics of silicon plasmas produced by visible nanosecond laser ablation
Nanostructured Al88Ni4SM8 alloys investigated by transmission electron and field
Single-source sol-gel synthesis of nanocrystalline ZnAl2O4: Structural and optic
Crystallisation of Ge nanoclusters in SiO2 caused by electron irradiation in TEM
Radiolytic production of mercury and silver metal clusters in aqueous solution:
Nanoanaltische untersuchungen von funktionswerkstoffen durch transmissionselektr
An aPEELing way to improved analysis
Electron field emission from carbon films grown from pyroylisis of kerosene
Hydrogen evolution and corrosion of amorphous FeSx films
Large-scale synthesis of multi-walled carbon nanotubes by microwave CVD
An efficient route to graphitic carbon-layer-coated gallium nitride nanorods
Soft x-ray imaging and spectroscopy of single nanocrystals
The ultrastructure of anorganic bovine bone and selected synthetic hyroxyapatite
Micropore development and structure rearrangement of single-wall carbon nanohorn
Radiation-induced reduction of mixed silver and rhodium ionic aqueous solution
Carbon nanotubes prepared by spinning and carbonizing fine core-shell polymer mi
Laser and electron-beam induced growth of nanoparticles for 2D and 3D metal patt
Z pinch imploding plasma density profile measurements using a two-frame laser sh
Electron-irradiation-induced amorphization in Mo/Si nano-multilayer material
Innovative energy efficient low-voltage electron beam emitters
Synthesis of nanosized silver platelets in octylamine-water bilayer systems
Time-resolved imaging by using micro-photoluminescence measurement and sum frequ
Formation of quasi-one-dimensional Cu2O structures by in situ oxidation of Cu(10
Semiconductor nanocrystals: A powerful visual aid for introducing the particle i
Junctions and networks of SnO nanoribbons
Atomistic analysis of stress-induced local amortization in NiTi alloy
Large-scale synthesis of uniform silver nanowires through a soft, self-seeding,
Atomic scale characterization of supported Pd-Cu/γ-Al2O3 bimetallic cataly
Synthesis and explosive decomposition of organometallic dehydro[18] annulenes: A
Cluster nucleation: Watching nanoclusters nucleate
Carbon nanotubes: Structure and transport in nanotubes
Height control of InAs/GaAs quantum dots by combining layer-by-layer in situ etc
Dynamics of electron transfers between electrodes and monolayers of nanoparticle
Analysis of integrated single-electron memory operation
Polymer composites of carbon nanotubes aligned by a magnetic field
Micro- and nanostructured surface morphology on electrospun polymer fibers
Electron-beam-induced nucleation centers and selective deposition of thin zinc f
Electrosorption and catalytic properties of bare and Pt modified single crystal
Rigid dendritic donor-acceptor ensembles: Control over energy and electron trans
Rectangular porous ZnO-ZnS nanocables and ZnS nanotubes
A new approach for the direct synthesis of nanocomposite thin films by ion-beam
Formation of tellurium nanotubes through concentration depletion at the surfaces
Dual-gate electron emission structure with nanotube-on-emitter for X-ray generat
Influence of oxygen plasma treatment on the microstructure of SnO x thin films
Single-electron effects in highly doped polysilicon nanowires
Monodisperse CdSe nanorods at low temperatures
Nanostructure devices based on electron waveguides
Novel effects of metal ion chelation on the properties of lipoic acid-capped Ag
Fabrication of hollow polystyrene nanospheres in microemulsion polymerization us
Large-scale synthesis of In2O3 nanowires
Gold-silica inverse opals by colloidal crystal templating
Electron transport in the dye sensitized nanocrystalline cell
Pyrolysis in the mesophase: A chemists approach toward preparing carbon nano- an
Biocompatibility of micro- and nanoparticles. Part I: In liver and kidney
Sintering of nano crystalline α silicon carbide by doping with boron carbi
Nucleation of MCM-41 nanoparticles by internal reorganization of disordered and
Synthesis of CdS nanowires by sulfurization
Two- and three-dimensional alignment and patterning of carbon nanotubes
Photochemistry of biphenyl occluded within X faujasite type zeolites
Microstructure and tribological properties of laser clad Zr-Al-Ni-Cu composite c
Determination of electron transport coefficients in dense gases and liquids
Sonochemical method for the preparation of monodisperse spherical and rectangula
STM study of morphology and electron transport features in cytochrome c and nano
Transport and interfacial transfer of electrons in dye-sensitized nanocrystallin
Conversion of carbon nanotubes to carbon nanofibers by sonication [2]
Sintering of nano crystalline α silicon carbide doping with aluminium nitr
Structural analysis of carbon nanofibres grown by the floating catalyst method
20-nm resolution of electron lithography for the nano-devices on ultrathin SOI f
Aligned silica nanofibers
Electrochemical copolymerization of pyrrole and thiophene nanofibrils using temp
Formation of face-centered-cubic zirconium, by mechanical attrition
Phase separation and regrowth of aerosol matter collected after size fractionati
Thermal decomposition of divanadium pentoxide V2O5: Towards a nanocrystalline V2
Synthesis of CuS particulate film by a novel liquid-liquid interface Gibbs film
Exchange coupling and remanence enhancement in nanocomposite multilayer magnets
Nanostructure and thermoelectric properties of ReSi2±x thin films
Nanoscale particle arrays induced by highly ordered protein assemblies
A feasibility study of scaling-up the electrolytic production of carbon nanotube
In-situ synthesis of carbon nanotubes on organic polymer substrates at atmospher
Bulk storage capacity of hydrogen in purified multiwalled carbon nanotubes
ZnO nanoneedles grown vertically on Si substrates by non-catalytic vapor-phase e
Real-time single-shot electron bunch length measurements
Microstructure and properties of low friction TiC-C nanocomposite coatings depos
Single-wall carbon nanotubes with diameters approaching 6 nm obtained by laser v
Microstructures of the silicates: Key information about mineral reactions and a
Microstructural investigation of interfaces in CMCs
An alternative route to NbS2 nanotubes
Fabrication of high electron mobility transistors with T-gates by nanoimprint li
Controlled hydrothermal synthesis of thin single-crystal tellurium nanobelts and
Ion beam synthesis of buried CdSe nanocrystallites in SiO2 on (100) -silicon
Electrochemical synthesis of copper nanowires
The use of small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) for the characterisation of lustr
Mesoporous structure and phase transition of nanocrystalline TiO2
Concept of a miniaturised free-electron laser with field emission source
Carbon nanomaterials from eleven caking coals
Creation of a unique self-supported pattern of radially aligned semiconductor Ag
Microstructure and mechanical properties of boron carbide thin films
Preparation and self-assembly of plate-like nanocrystal of PbSO4 via microemulsi
Morphology and Raman scattering spectrum of GaN nanowires embedded in nanochanne
Fabrication, morphology and structural characterization of ordered single-crysta
Electrochemical capacitance of nanocomposite films formed by coating aligned arr
Probing the spatial distribution and morphology of supported nanoparticles using
Single-electron transistors with point contact channels
Barium holmium zirconate, a new perovskite oxide: II, synthesis as nanoparticles
On the origin of fivefold multiply twinned nanoparticles in chemically vapour-de
One-step synthesis of maghemite nanometric powders by ball-milling
Observation of nano-particles in silica/poly(HEMA) hybrid by electron microscopy
Staircase in the electron mobility of a ZnO quantum dot assembly due to shell fi
Fundamental reactions in TiO2 nanocrystallite aqueous solutions studied by pulse
High brightness electron beam from a multi-walled carbon nanotube
Sonochemical deposition of silver nanoparticles on silica spheres
Spin-wave quantization in ferromagnetic nickel nanowires
Thermal stability of arc evaporated high aluminum-content Ti1-xAlxN thin films
Nanotubes from the self-assembly of asymmetric crystalline-coil poly(ferrocenyls
Synthese von nanoskaligem Ni0,5Zn0,5Fe2O4 durch eine verbrennungsreaktion
Growth and characterization of well-aligned nc-Si/SiOx composite nanowires
Replicating the structure of a crosslinked polyferrocenylsilane inverse opal in
Collapse of the spin-singlet phase in quantum dots
Spin alignment of electrons in PbTe/(Pb,Eu)Te nanostructures
Disordered Ba(Mg1/3 Ta2/3)O3 and its ordering transition
Synthesis and nanostructuring of patterned wires of α-GeO2 by thermal oxid
Preparation and characterization of nanostructured tin oxide films by electroche
Heterogeneous catalytic production and mechanical resistance of nanotubes prepar
Thick physical vapour deposited TiB2 coatings
Barrier and mechanical properties of montmorillonite/polyesteramide nanocomposit
Oxygen reduction on RuxFey cluster electrocatalyst in acid electrolyte
Experimental evidence for sub-3-fs charge transfer from an aromatic adsorbate to
Spin-injection across a magnetic-electric barrier structure
Enhanced photoelectrochemistry in supramolecular CdS-nanoparticle-stoppered pseu
Photoinduced electron transfer between a carotenoid and TiO2 nanoparticle
Synthesis of novel superhard phases in the B-C-N system
Nanocrystals of CdSe formed by the pressure cycle method
Electron diffraction and microscopy of single-wall carbon nanotube bundles produ
Silver nanoclusters in potassium halides obtained from Ag- -ions by electron det
An ultrasound emitter based on assisted tunneling
Exciton formed by electron and hole separated in concentric quantum rings
The rate of internal heme-heme electron transfer in cytochrome c oxidase
Les nanotubes: Structure, croissance et caracterisation
Medium effect on the electron cooling dynamics in gold nanorods and truncated te
pH-controiled assembly and disassembly of electrostatically linked CdSe-SiO2 and
Localized molecular constraint on electron delocalization in a metallic chain
Bridge-Assisted Ultrafast Interfacial Electron Transfer to Nanocrystalline SnO2
Surlyn [registered trademark] /silicate nanocomposite materials via a polymer in
Catalyst support effects: Gas-phase hydrogenation of phenol over palladium
Aromatic Amines as Co-sensitizers in Dye Sensitized Titania Solar Cells
Sol-gel electrophoretic deposition for the growth of oxide nanorods
Evidence for a bundle of 4 A single-walled carbon nanotubes
Foreword: Special issue on nanoelectronics
Narrow science and its relationship to the AVS
Low-energy electron microscopy: Imaging surface dynamics
Studies of switching field and thermal energy barrier distributions in a FePt na
Rectangular single-crystal mullite microtubes
Stacking faults in formation of silver nanodisks
Near-quantitative solid-state synthesis of carbon nanotubes from homogeneous dip
In-Situ Formation of ZnO Nanobelts and Metallic Zn Nanobelts and Nanodisks
Growth of patterned nanopore arrays of anodic aluminum oxide
Mechanical milling-induced deformation twinning in Fcc materials with high stack
In situ quantum dot growth on multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Characterization of an organic hydrogel: A cryo-transmission electron microscopy
Dispersion of carbon nanotubes in liquids
Growth mechanism of carbon nanotubes in methane diffusion flames
Adsorption and decomposition of acetylene on planar and faceted Ir(210)
Growth and structure of epitaxial Al and Cu films on CaF2
Polyimide nanocomposites prepared with a novel aromatic surfactant
In situ Transmission-Electron-Microscopy Investigation of Melting in Submicron A
Electron Transfer Dynamics in Quantum Dot/Titanium Dioxide Composites Formed by
Vapor-Liquid-Solid Growth of Silicon-Germanium Nanowires
Microwave-assisted combustion synthesis of tantalum nitride in a fluidized bed
Nanoporous Structures Prepared by an Electrochemical Deposition Process
Electron microscope comparisons of fine and ultra-fine carbonaceous and non-carb
Electron Injection Dynamics from Ru Polypyridyl Complexes to ZnO Nanocrystalline
Formation of highly uniform silicon nanoparticles in high density silane plasmas
Quinone reduction via secondary B-branch electron transfer in mutant bacterial r
Spin-torque transfer in batch-fabricated spin-valve magnetic nanojunctions (invi
Quantum dynamics simulations of interfacial electron transfer in sensitized TiO2
Diameter-controlled growth of single-crystalline In2O3 nanowires and their elect
The oblate morphology of supported PtRu5 on carbon black
Thermally-cured and e-beam-cured epoxy layered-silicate nanocomposites
Electrodeposition of metallic nanowire thin films using mesoporous silica templa
High-performance, quantum dot nanocomposites for nonlinear optical and optical g
New developments in transmission electron microscopy for nanotechnology
High-field measurements of electron decoherence time in metallic nanowires: Swit
Size dependent magnetic properties of iron oxide nanoparticles
Thermodynamic argument about SnO2 nanoribbon growth
Organic Semiconductor Nanowires for Field Emission
Nanoparticles of CdI2 with closed cage structures obtained via electron-beam irr
Nanocrystals of CdTe formed by the pressure cycle method
Electron diffraction of 3-D defects in nanostructural II-VI semiconductors
Optical properties of silver nanostructures prepared by electron beam lithograph
The secret of early nanomaterials is revealed, thanks to transmission electron m
Observation of microtubules with scanning force microscopy in liquid
Synthesis and characterization of electrocatalyst powders for application in PEM
Synthesis and characterization of nickel nanoparticles by hydrazine reduction in
Modelling single-electron-transistor-based readout in the Kane solid-state quant
Liquid phase oxidation of aromatic hydrocarbons using highly ordered Nb and NbCo
Profile of impurities in polycrystalline silicon samples purified in an electron
Size Effects in Zno: The Cluster to Quantum Dot Transition
Spherical silica agglomerates possessing hierarchical porosity prepared by spray
Three-dimensional simulations of field emission through an oscillating barrier f
Influence of the electronic structure on the field electron emission from carbon
Morphological features and flammability of MDI/HMDI-based segmented polyurethane
Single-crystalline scroll-type nanotube arrays of copper hydroxide synthesized a
Synthesis and characterization of uniform arrays of copper sulfide nanorods coat
Fe and Co Nanowires and Nanotubes Synthesized by Template Electrodeposition: A H
Hydrogen Bonding Interfaces in Fullerene [Closed Circle] TTF Ensembles
Nanoblends of Incompatible Polymers by Direct Space-Confined Polymerization
Nanofabrication of single electron transistors and evaluation of miniature biose
Ab initio modelling of band states in doped diamond
Structural and Optical Characterisation of Hydrogenated Soda-Lime Silicate Glass
Synthesis and Dielectric Properties of Polyimide-Tethered Polyhedral Oligomeric
Nano-sized carbon filament formation during metal dusting of stainless steel
Synthesis of Cu(OH)2 and CuO nanoribbon arrays on a copper surface
Reactions of TiO2 excess electron in nanocrystallite aqueous solutions studied i
Growth control and characterization of vertically aligned IrO2 nanorods
Surface characteristics and adhesion performance of black oxide coated copper su
Quantum dots as scatterers in electronic transport: Interference and correlation
Synthesis of branched oligonucleotides as templates for the assembly of nanomate
Magnetic Fe2O3-Al2O3 composites prepared by a modified wet impregnation method
Hydrogen-assisted thermal evaporation synthesis of ZnS nanoribbons on a large sc
Room temperature nanocrystalline silicon single-electron transistors
Microelectronics goes nanomechanical
Image processing yields nanoscale insights
UK invests in the nano world
Rashba precession in quantum wires
Divanadium pentoxide nanorods
Dextran templating for the synthesis of metallic and metal oxide sponges
CVD synthesis of carbon nanotubes using a finely dispersed cobalt catalyst and t
Nonadhesive nanotopography: Fibroblast response to poly(n-butyl methacrylate)-po
Oscillatory Nonlinear Conductance of an Interacting Quantum Wire with an Impurit
Slow highly charged ions for applications in nanotechnology
Design and optimization of complex nanoscale electron devices by simulations wit
Dextran and albumin derivatised iron oxide nanoparticles: Influence on fibroblas
Synthesis of silicon nanotubes on porous alumina using molecular beam epitaxy
Electronics and sensors based on pyroelectric AlGaN/GaN heterostructures: Part A
Structural transformation of fluorinated carbon nanotubes induced by in situ ele
Interplay of Rayleigh and Peierls Instabilities in Metallic Nanowires
Anisotropy of structure and transport properties in sulfonated polyimide membran
Characterization of phases of aluminized nickel base superalloys
Microscopy of glazed layers formed during high temperature sliding wear at 750 &
Energy loss spectroscopy of dislocations in GaN and diamond: A comparison of exp
Influence of low energy ion implantation on mechanical properties of magnetron s
Synthesis of aragonite nanofilament networks by mesoscale self-assembly and tran
Suppression of secondary electrons from diamond by whisker formation
Transition of magnetocrystalline anisotropy and domain structure in epitaxial Fe
Understanding heterogeneous catalysis
Fine structure of highly charged excitons in semiconductor quantum dots
Surface and bulk modification of manganese steel with high-current low-energy el
Characterization of WC-CrAlN heterostructures obtained using a cathodic arc ion
Semiclassical approximation and the canonical Maslov operator for the quantum no
Platelet nanocrystals resulting from the disruption of waxy maize starch granule
Molecular cluster based nanoelectronics
Synthesis of nanosized magnetic ferrite particles inside hollow polyelectrolyte
Interfacial reactions in relation with adhesion failures in Al/TiN/Ti/SiO2 and A
Spectroscopie de pertes proches: Quelques exemples dapplication en science des m
Liquid carbon surface during explosive emission
Bulk-surface nanostructure and defects in polyaniline films and fibres
Structural properties of CdO layers grown on GaAs (0 0 1) substrates by metalorg
Protein induced morphosynthesis of calcium carbonate
Influence of grain morphology on electron transport in dye sensitized nanocrysta
Deposition and patterning of polymeric capsule layers
Wet chemical method for synthesis of superparamagnetic alloyed Ni-Pd and Ni-Pt n
A multi-analytical study of bone diagenesis: The Neolithic site of Bercy (Paris,
Depth profiling of P shallow implants in silicon by electron-induced X-ray emiss
High permittivity from defective multiwalled carbon nanotubes in the X-band
Interlamellar boundary characterization in Ni-based alloy thermally sprayed coat
Nano-scale metallodendritic complexes in electron-transfer processes and catalys
The formation of colloidal crystals of lipid A diphosphate: Evidence for the for
Crystallization of carbon nanotube and nanofiber polypropylene composites
Polycrystalline Well-Shaped Blocks of Indium Oxide Obtained by the Sol-Gel Metho
Fabrication of metallic tunnel junctions for the scanning single electron transi
Tin-based oxides as anode materials for lithium secondary batteries
Kinetics of electron transfer at Pt nanostructured film electrodes
Nano-composite of PtRu alloy electrocatalyst and electronically conducting polym
Fullerite C60 as electron-beam resist for dry nanolithography
Hydrogel route to nanotubes of metal oxides and sulfates
Scanning tunnelling microscope imaging of nanoscale electron density gradients o
Tunable magnetic relaxation mechanism in magnetic nanoparticles
Structural characteristics of metal nanoparticles in glass upon irradiation-assi
Characterization of nanocrystalline anatase TiO2 thin films
Nanostructures on La-doped SrTiO3 surfaces
Self-assembled nanowire formation during Cu deposition on atomically flat Vse2 s
Hydrothermal synthesis of vanadium oxide nanotubes from V2O5 gels
Electron emission from nanostructures
Formation of N- containing C-nanotubes and nanofibres by carbon resistive heatin
Spectroscopic electron tomography
Multiple Andreev reflection in a carbon nanotube quantum dot
Single electron charging and discharging phenomena at room temperature in a sili
Synthesis of protein A conjugates with silver nanoparticles
Electron microscopy and holography on nano structures: Nano tubes and rods, orga
Nanoparticale of ore minerals in disseminated multi-metal mineralization of Duca
The mineralising effect of a nanoscaled calcium phosphate protein composite (Nan
Plasmon energy mapping in energy-filtering transmission electron microscopy
The effect of annealing on tensile deformation behavior of nanostructured SPD ti
3D electron microscopy in the physical sciences: The development of Z-contrast a
Characterization of Heavy Ion Tracks in Polymers by Transmission Electron Micros
Completely reversible aggregation of nanoparticles by varying the pH
High-resolution electron microscopy of Zn- and Bi-related superlattices in ion i
Synthesis of binary polyelectrolyte/inorganic composite capsules of micron size
Electron interaction with confined and interface polar optical phonons and elect
Metallic sub-nanometer MoS2-xIy nanotubes
A model for the composite nanostructure of bone suggested by high-resolution tra
Erosion resistance of amorphous plasma sprayed coatings FeCrPC and NiCrBSi
Monolithic nanostructured silicate family templated by lyotropic liquid-crystall
Structure of germanium nanoparticles prepared by evaporation method
Novel polyimide/silica nanohybrids from water glass
Photodegradation of lecithin liposomes by nanoparticulate titanium dioxide
Temperature-controlled growth of α-Al2O3 nanobelts and nanosheets
Photoinduced electron transfer from nitoxide free radicals to the triplet state
Size- and shape-tailored hydrothermal synthesis of YVO4 crystals in ultra-wide p
Photophysics and electron dynamics in dye-sensitized semiconductor film studied
Fabrication of Si single-electron transistors with precise dimensions by electro
Linear aggregation of gold nanoparticles in ethanol
Single-source precursor route to carbon nanotubes at mild temperature
Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of hexagonal and monoclinic CePO4 si
The recent technologies on transmission electron microscopes
Influence of Measurement Conditions on Electron Diffusion in Nanoporous TiO2 Fil
Nanostructured artificial photosynthesis
Nano-sized double helices and braids: Interesting carbon nanostructures
Polyaniline nanotubes doped with sulfonated carbon nanotubes made via a self-ass
Formation Mechanism of H2Ti3O7 Nanotubes
Youngs double-slit interference observation of hot electrons in semiconductors
Low-temperature generation of high-purity single-walled carbon nanotubes by alco
Aligned SnS2 nanotubes fabricated via a template-assisted solvent-relief process
PMMA/graphite nanosheets composite and its conducting properties
NeoSilicon materials and silicon nanodevices
Quantum Information Technology based on Single Electron Dynamics
Quantum effects and single-electron charging effects in nano-scale silicon MOSFE
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes and nanobelts through a medial-reduction method
Formation of MoS2 inorganic fullerenes (IFs) by the reaction of MoO3 nanobelts a
PVK-modified single-walled carbon nanotubes with effective photoinduced electron
Nonuniform magnetic structure in Nd2Fe14B/Fe3B nanocomposite materials
Evolution of microstructure in TiC/NiCr cermet induced by electropulsing
Self-assembly of polycarbonate/acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene/montmorillonite n
Nanoscale oxygen generators: MgO2-based fillings of BN nanotubes
Unique Single-Crystalline Beta Carbon Nitride Nanorods
Facile Synthesis of Hollow Nickel Submicrometer Spheres
A 4 % Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Fabricated from Cathodically Electrosy
Anodic aluminum oxides template-assembled copper nanowires and TEM characterizat
Age Hardening of Ultrafine Grained Al-Ti-Cr Alloys Fabricated by Continuous Elec
Atomically resolved field emission patterns of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Application of nanocrystalline silicon and ballistic electron emitter to flat pa
Synthesis of ordered A1 nanowire arrays
γ-irradiation route to photoluminescent CdS-CdSe with core-shell nanostruc
Surfactant-Assisted Growth of Novel PbS Dendritic Nanostructures via Facile Hydr
Synthesis of ZnS nanorods by annealing precursor ZnS nanoparticles in NaCl flux
New electron diffraction method to identify the chirality of enantiomorphic crys
In-situ transmission electron microscopic study of perovskite-type niobate nanos
Fabrication of large-area single crystal bismuth nanowire arrays
Preparation and characterization of the nanocrystalline Ti0.5Cr0.5OxNy powder
Silica nanobottles templated from functional polymer spheres
Preparation and tribological properties of tetrafluorobenzoic acid-modified TiO2
High-density aligned carbon nanotubes with uniform diameters
Tetrathiafulvalene-assisted formation of silver dendritic nanostructures in acet
Synthesis of Copper Nanowires via a Complex-Surfactant-Assisted Hydrothermal Red
Room-temperature ultraviolet-emitting In2O3 nanowires
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes filled with Fe3C nanowires by CVD with titanate mo
CdS Crystal Growth of Lamellar Morphology within Templates of Polyelectrolyte/Su
Synthesis and characterization of self-doped poly(aniline-co-aminonaphthalene su
Highly ordered carbon nanotube arrays with open ends grown in anodic alumina nan
Microstructure and magnetic properties of Nd60Al10Fe20Co10 glass-forming alloy
A novel method for preparing copper nanorods and nanowires
Synthesis and properties of bismaleimide-modified novolak resin/silsesquioxane n
Morphologies of nanostructured bismuth sulfide prepared by different synthesis r
Synthesis of nanocrystalline MoN from a new precursor by TPR method
Selective growth of carbon nanotubes on Si microfabricated tips and application
Turnstile Operation Using a Silicon Dual-Gate Single-Electron Transistor
Growing and welding branched-structure semiconducting In2O3 nanowires
Preparation and characterization of NiO nanorods by thermal decomposition of NiC
Structural analysis of the P(VDF/TrFE) copolymer film
New quasi-solid materials as a medium for photochemical reactions
High-filling, large-area Ni nanowire arrays and the magnetic properties
Controlled growth and properties of one-dimensional ZnO nanostructures with Ce a
Uniform metal nanotube arrays by multistep template replication and electrodepos
One-step preparation and characterization of poly(propyleneimine) dendrimer-prot
Synthesis and One-Dimensional Self-Assembly of Acicular Nickel Nanocrystallites
Autocatalyzed template fabrication and magnetic study of Co-Fe-P nanowire arrays
Synthesis of polyaniline nanobelts
Preparation and characterization of nano-TiO2/tourmaline
Liposome induced self-assembly of gold nanoparticles into hollow spheres
Synthesis, self-assembly and characterization of a new glucoside-type hydrogel h
Synthesis and photoluminescence properties of ZnMnS nanobelts
Characterization and electrochemical studies of Nafion/nano-TiO 2 film modified
Hydrothermal synthesis of single-crystalline La0.5Ca 0.5MnO3 nanowires at low te
Magnetic-field-induced growth of single-crystalline Fe3O4 nanowires
In-situ TEM observation of the formation of Si nanowires under electron beam irr
Electrochemical Fabrication of Large-Area, Ordered Bi2Te 3 Nanowire Arrays
Thermogravimetric evaluation of PC/ABS/montmorillonite nanocomposite
The stitching error dependence of the resist pattern accuracy for electron beam
Single electron emission from the closed-tips of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Synthesis of Dendritic Polyaniline Nanofibers in a Surfactant Gel
Improved fifth-order geometric aberration coefficients of electron lenses
Wet Chemical Synthesis of Silver Nanowire Thin Films at Ambient Temperature
Direct electron transfer of glucose oxidase on the carbon nanotube electrode
Investigation on polypropylene and polyamide-6 alloys/montmorillonite nanocompos
Fabrication of single-crystalline semiconductor CdS nanobelts by vapor transport
Mechanical properties of epoxy composites filled with SiO2 nano particles at roo
Preparation of single-walled carbon nanotubes from coal
Electron side-emission from corrugated CNX nanotubes
Preparation and property characteristics of non-agglomerated nano powders by wet
High-speed and high-precision deflectors applied in electron beam lithography sy
Fabrication and property research of silver nanowires ordered array with anodic
Development of one-dimensional nanostructures through the crystallization of amo
Morphology and Fracture Behavior of Toughening-Modified Poly(vinyl chloride)/Org
Control of microscopic morphology and structure of one dimensional titanium diox
Electrochemical production of Sn-filled carbon nanotubes in molten salts
Preparation and characterization of narrowly distributed nanogels with temperatu
Low temperature solvothermal synthesis of crumpled carbon nanosheets
Production of novel amorphous carbon nanostructures from ferrocene in low-temper
Shape controlled synthesis and growth mechanism of one-dimensional zinc oxide na
Preparation, structure, and magnetic properties of polystyrene coated by Fe3O4 n
Development of mask for scattering with angular limitation projection electron-b
Directional compounding of polyaniline on surface of NaFe4P 12 whisker
Optical investigation of ac preflashover of alumina ceramic in vacuum
Study of rhenium bipyridyl photosensitive dyes used for solar cells
Synthesis of semiconductor nanowires by annealing
From starch to metal/carbon hybrid nanostructures: Hydrothermal metal-catalyzed
Synthesis and characterization of self-assembling (NH4) 0.5V2O5 nanowires
Investigation of elastic modulus of nanoporous alumina membrane
Preparation and characterization of antibacterial silver-dispersed activated car
Simple template-free solution route for the controlled synthesis of Cu(OH)2 and
HRTEM and XRD study of the potassium hexatitanate nanowires
ZnO nanorods synthesized through thermal oxidation of metal zinc thin film depos
Influence of copper on quality of hot strips by EAF-CSP process
Synthesis and catalytic properties of nickel-silica composite hollow nanospheres
A facile room-temperature chemical reduction method to TiO2@CdS core/sheath hete
Micelle-mediated synthesis of single-crystalline selenium nanotubes
Preparation and characterization of Fe nanowire arrays embedded in porous anodic
High resolution electron microscopy study of a novel nanostructure of titanium d
Formation of amorphous phase in binary immiscible Cu-Ta system
Red-shift of surface plasma resonance in Ag nanoclusters ion-implanted in silica
Microstructure study of rod-like nanocrystalline rutile TiO2 synthesized by sono
Synthesis of poly(arylene disulfide)-vermiculite nanocomposites via in situ ring
Preparation of hollow CdSe nanospheres
Facile route to silver nanotubes
Preparation and combustion properties of flame retardant styrene-butyl acrylate
Preparation and characterization of nano-hafnia powders
Hydrothermal synthesis of nanocrystal FeS2 by the seed-induced method
Femtosecond intersubband dynamics of electrons in AlGaN/GaN-based high-electron-
One-step growth of silica nanotubes and simultaneous filling with indium sulfide
Electron transport and back reaction in electrochemically self-assembled nanopor
Kinetic study of direct bioelectrocatalysis of dioxygen reduction with bilirubin
Design of electron correlation effects in interfaces and nanostructures
Electron transport and back reaction in nanocrystalline TiO2 films prepared by h
Shock synthesis of concentric shell fullerene dimers and trimers
Room temperature operation of an in-plate half-adder based on ballistic Y-juncti
Fabrication of ordered array of tungsten nanopartlcles on anodic porous alumina
Real-time observation of single-electron movement through silicon single-electro
Aggregation of photolytic gold nanoparticles at the surface of chitosan films
Silicon nanowhiskers grown on [Left Angle Bracket] 111 [Right Angle Bracket] Si
Mechanisms of nano-hole drilling due to nano-probe Intense electron beam irradia
Magnetization distribution in Nd4.5Fe77B 18.5 nanocomposite magnets studied by e
Metallophthalocyanines: Versatile electron-donating building blocks for fulleren
Drastic enhancement of nanoelectromechanical-system fabrication yield using elec
Engineering of Layer-by-Layer Coated Capsules with the Prospect of Materials for
SiC-SiO2-C Coaxial Nanocables and Chains of Carbon Nanotube-SiC Heterojunctions
Direct observation of sublimation process on a CdTe(1 1 1) surface using an ultr
Electron wavepacket propagation in a chain of coupled quantum dots
Synthesis and clinical application to drug delivery system of core-corona type p
High rate anodic dissolution of 100Cr6 steel in aqueous NaNO3 solution
Correlation between constitution, properties and machining performance of TiN/Zr
Modeling and simulation of chemically amplified electron beam, x-ray, and EUV re
Metal-complexed nanofiber formation in water from dicarboxylic valylvaline bolaa
Micromechanical properties in lamellar heterophase polymer systems
A two-stage route to coaxial cubic-aluminum-nitride-boron-nitride composite nano
Observation of magnetic structures in Fe granular films by differential phase co
Synthesis and morphologies of carbon microsolenoid composites and double negativ
Laser-induced photovoltage transient studies on nanoporous TiO2 electrodes
Spin-dependent single-electron-tunneling effects in epitaxial Fe nanoparticles
Fabrication of a 7.6-in.-diagonal prototype ballistic electron surface-emitting
Glycolipid nanotube hollow cylinders as substrates: Fabrication of one-dimension
The first template-free growth of crystalline silicon microtubes
Nanoparticles and nanosheets of aromatic polyimides via polycondensation in cont
Microstructural and thermodynamic study of γ-Ga2O 3
Mixed proton-electron conducting nanocomposite based on hydrous RuO 2 and polyan
Compression of polyhedral graphite up to 43 GPa and x-ray diffraction study on e
Recent progress in energy-filtered high energy x-ray photoemission electron micr
First-principles investigations of GaAs(3 1 1)A surface reconstruction-failure o
Nano-structural observation of in situ silica in natural rubber matrix by three
Nano-structural modification of amorphous carbon thin films by low-energy electr
Reversible gelation in cyclohexane of pyrene substituted by dialkyl L-glutamide:
Formation of Zn1-xMnxS Nanowires within Mesoporous Silica of Different Pore Size
Growth mechanism and characterization of zinc oxide microcages
Intermolecular and supramolecular photoinduced electron transfer processes of fu
Silicon single-electron devices
Smallest carbon nanotube is 3 A in diameter
Effect of developer molecular size on roughness of dissolution front in electron
Highly charged ions tools for nanometer scale surface modifications
Structural and optical properties of p-InP(1 0 0) anodized in halogenic acids
The synthesis of monodisperse ultrapure gallium nitride nanoparticles by MOCVD
Growth of diamond from Si-containing amorphous carbon film using synchrotron rad
Hexagonal-structured polysiloxane material prepared by sol-gel reaction of amino
Proposal and analysis of a semiconductor klystron device using two-dimensional e
Transmission electron microscopy and transistor characteristics of the same carb
Preparation and characterization of rutile-TiO2 nanorods
Phase separation and magnetic properties of Nd60Fe 30Al10 thin films
New boron nitride whiskers: Showing strong ultraviolet and visible light lumines
Work functions of individual single-walled carbon nanotubes
Influence of alkylene chain length on the morphology of chiral bridged silsesqui
Microstructure and mechanical properties evaluation of chromium nitride/tungsten
High-resolution strain measurement in shallow trench isolation structures using
Growth of highly-quality single-wall carbon nanotubes without amorphous carbon f
Gold nanoparticle patterning of silicon wafers using chemical e-beam lithography
Thermal/Photo Conversion of Silver 4-Nitrobenzoate to Nitro/Amine- Terminated Si
Physisorption of molecular oxygen on C60 thin films
Electroactive self-assembled biferrocenyl alkanethiol monolayers on Au(111) surf
Ultralow friction and wear behaviour of Ni/Y-based single wall carbon nanotubes
Electron filtering by multiply-connected carbon nanotubes and field emission of
From the scanning electron microscope to nanolithography
Supramolecular Control of Charge-Transfer Dynamics on Dye-sensitized Nanocrystal
Convergent Electron Beam Induced Growth of Copper Nanostructures: Evidence of th
Coulomb oscillations based on band-to-band tunneling in a degenerately doped sil
Bimetallic clusters by underpotential deposition on layered Au nanoparticle film
Imaging and Characterization of Molecules and One-Dimensional Crystals Formed wi
The role of the catalytic particle in the growth of carbon nanotubes by plasma e
The chemical application of high-resolution electron tomography: Bright field or
Transmission electron microscopy study of the formation of FAU-type zeolite at r
Low-Temperature Growth of Well-Aligned β-Ga2O3 Nanowires from a Single-Sour
Structural and electrochemical characterisation of Pt and Pd nanoparticles elect
High-Resolution Scanning Transmission Electron Tomography and Elemental Analysis
Room temperature chemical deposition of amorphous TiO2 thin films from Ti(III) c
Preparation, Characterization, and Photoactivity of Polycrystalline Nanostructur
Errors in nanometrology by SEM
Cu-Fe interdiffusion during severe plastic deformation of a nanoscaled composite
Growth of well aligned IrO2 nanotubes on LiTaO3(012) substrate
Mapping the potential within a nanoscale undoped GaAs region using a scanning el
Surface modified superparamagnetic nanoparticles for drug delivery: Interaction
Direct writing of ZrO2 on a sub-10 nm scale using an electron beam
An alternative process for silicon nanowire fabrication with SPL and wet etching
In situ synthesis of TiN particulate/titanium silicide matrix composite powder b
Evidence of bandbending flattening in 10 nm polycrystalline SnO2
Key parameters for the formation of II-VI self-assembled quantum dots
Hybrid periodic mesoporous organosilica materials prepared from 1,2-bis(triethox
Ballistic transport through coupled T-shaped quantum wires
Universal three-way few-electron switch using silicon single-electron transistor
Enhanced sensitivity of a gas sensor incorporating single-walled carbon nanotube
Growth and patterning of ZnO nanowires on silicon and LiNbO3 substrates
Kohn anomalies and electron-phonon interactions in graphite
Size-selective synthesis of gold and platinum nanoparticles using novel thiol-fu
Camera technologies advance and expand
Ablation studies using a diode-pumped Nd:YVO4 micro-laser
In situ thermo-TOF-SIMS study of thermal decomposition of zinc acetate dihydrate
Detection of subnanometric layer at the Si/SiO2 interface and related strain mea
Novel micro/nanoscale hybrid reinforcement: Multiwalled carbon nanotubes on SiC
Strain mapping in deep sub-micron Si devices by convergent beam electron diffrac
Heteroepitaxal fabrication and structural characterizations of ultrafine GaN/ZnO
Self-assembling molecular trees containing Octa-p-phenylene: From nanocrystals t
Multistep Electron Transfer Processes on Dye Co-sensitized Nanocrystalline TiO2
Co-catalysed VLS growth of novel ceramic nanostructures
Inorganic-biomolecular hybrid nanomaterials as a genetic molecular code system
Investigation on Single-Electron Dynamics in Coupled GaAs-AlGaAs Quantum Wires
Single-electron pass-transistor logic with multiple tunnel junctions and its hyb
Magnetic fields and fluxes probed by coherent low-energy electron beams
In situ ultrahigh vacuum transmission electron microscope investigations of dyna
Microstructure control of Al2O3-ZrO2 composite by fibrous monolithic process
Enhanced thermal and mechanical properties in polyurethane/Au nanocomposites
Experimental Investigation on Mechanisms of Silicon Chemical Mechanical Polishin
Synthesis of diamond spheres
Many-body effects on the transport properties of single-molecule devices
Fermionic first for condensates
Atomistic simulations of structural transformations of silicon surfaces under na
Mesoporous Microspheres Composed of PtRu Alloy
Behaviour of transition metals catalysts over laser-treated vanadium support sur
Electron tomography: A tool for 3D structural probing of heterogeneous catalysts
Role of templating agents on the growth morphology of AlPO4
Synthesis and magnetic behavior of self-assembled Co nanorods and nanoballs
Electron-optical characterization of nano- and micro-particles in raw and treate
Preparation of ferrofluid from cyclodextrin and magnetite
Study of the packing of double-walled carbon nanotubes into bundles by transmiss
Slow back electron transfer in surface-modified TiO2 nanoparticles sensitized by
Magnetic properties of densely packed arrays of Ni nanowires as a function of th
Statistical experimental design for quantitative atomic resolution transmission
Nanoscale magnetic hysteresis of Ni80Fe20/Au/Co trilayers using ballistic electr
Stepwise charge separation from a ruthenium - Tyrosine complex to a nanocrystall
Analytical modelling of single electron transistor for hybrid CMOS-SET analog IC
Vertically aligned carbon nanotubes fabricated by microwaves
Spin filtering in a hybrid ferromagnetic-semiconductor microstructure
Preface: Special issue on fundamental characterization techniques of diamond and
Controlled interlinking of Au and Ag nanoclusters using 4-aminothiophenol as mol
Controlled synthesis and characterization of TiO2 nanoparticles via a sol-gel me
Co on Mo(1 1 0) studied by scanning tunneling microscopy
Electrodeposition of ZnO-Fe granular films
Characterization of materials at the nanoscale level using field emission scanni
Advanced nanoscale material processing with focused ion beams
Synthesis and characterization of porous magnesium hydroxide and oxide nanoplate
Nanokompozyty polipropylenu i polietylenu z glinkami typu montmorylonit
Morphology and thermal stability of the active layer in poly(p-phenylenevinylene
Formation and characterization of water-soluble platinum nanoparticles using a u
Synthesis and characterization of Mn-doped ZnO nanocrystals
Transmission electron microscopy windows for nanofabricated structures
Structural changes in Mg alloy induced by plasma immersion ion implantation of A
The effect of implantation dose on the microstructure of silicon nanocrystals in
Direct observation of the B-site cationic order in the ferroelectric relaxor Pb(
Liquid foam as a template for the synthesis of iron oxyhydroxide nanoparticles
Modification of growth mode of Ge on Si by pulsed low-energy ion-beam irradiatio
Role of excess electrons in TiO2 nanoparticles coated with Pt in reduction react
New direction in nanotube science
Synthesis, characterization and gold loading of polystyrene-poly(pyridyl methacr
Charge and spin effects in mesoscopic Josephson junctions
Self-consistent simulation of quantum shot noise in nanoscale electron devices
Photoemission electron microscopy investigation of patterned cobalt/Terfenol-D s
Nanocomposite coatings: Structure and properties
Effects of deposition temperature and bilayer thickness on the mechanical proper
Primary electron-transfer dynamics in 2-phenylindole-9-cyanoanthracene system: A
Effect of Si incorporation on the properties of niobium nitride films deposited
Period dependence of hardness and microstructure on nanometric Cr/CrN multilayer
Lithographic patterning of a highly metallized polymer resist system and pyrolyt
Transmission electron microscopy of epitaxial PbS nanocrystals on polydiacetylen
Microstructural characterization of As-quenched and heat treated Al-Si-Mg melt-s
Process-phase-properties relationship in radio frequency (RF) plasma synthesized
Synthesis of CdS nanoparticles by electron irradiation technique
Well-aligned ZnO nanowire arrays fabricated on silicon substrates
Microwave Synthesis of Core-Shell Gold/Palladium Bimetallic Nanoparticles
Hollowing mechanism of zinc sulfide nanowires in vacuum induced by an atomic oxy
A new method for the preparation of metal nanowires by the nebulized spray pyrol
Semiconductor nanowires for OD and ID physics and applications
Zinc selenide nanoribbons and nanowires
Study of the crystallinity of ZnO in the Zn/ZnO nanocable heterostructures
Structures of ultra-thin atomic-layer-deposited TaNx films
A novel fabrication technique for crystallite growth on a (1 0 0) InAs surface u
Nanobiomaterials; early commercialisation opportunities
Understanding the quantum size effects in ZnO nanocrystals
Excited-State Behavior and Photoionization of 1,8-Acridinedione Dyes in Micelles
Mechanistic studies on oxidation of hydrazine by a μ-oxo diiron(III,III) comp
Formation of boron carbide nanofibers and nanobelts from heated by microwave
Microstructural evolution via planar interface migration in nanocrystalline Ni
Synthesis and characterization of acrylic rubber/silica hybrid composites prepar
Nanostructural evolution in films of alloy Zn90Al 7Cu3
Structural study of zirconia nanoclusters by high-resolution transmission electr
Chemical functionalization of carbon nanotubes with 3-methacryloxypropyltrimetho
Pulse-periodic X-ray source (PPXS)
Structural Investigations of AMS-n Mesoporous Materials by Transmission Electron
Atomic, Electron and Phonon Aspects of the Edge Dislocation in Iron
Periodic structure formation by focused electron-beam-induced deposition
Electronics of molecular nanoclusters
Interligand electron transfer determines triplet excited state electron injectio
Fabrication of nanoscale antidot arrays and magnetic observations using x-ray ph
Silica nanocasts of wood fibers: A study of cell-wall accessibility and structur
Nanostructured oxides in chemistry: Characterization and properties
Polymer nanocomposites using urchin-shaped carbon nanotube-silica hybrids as rei
Photoluminescence and electron paramagnetic resonance of ZnO tetrapod structures
Single-molecule electron tunnelling through multiple redox levels with environme
CuCl Nanocrystals in Monocrystalline NaCl Matrix
Two-dimensional electron transport through a barrier prepared by tip-induced oxi
Silver nanoparticles as antimicrobial agent: A case study on E. coli as a model
Fractal dimension determination of sol-gel powders using transmission electron m
Carbon solubility in nanostructured copper
Controlled hydrophobic/hydrophilic chitosan: Colloidal phenomena and nanosphere
Interaction of very low energy electron beams with micro porous silicon substrat
Electron transport in two-dimensional arrays of gold nanocrystals investigated b
Mechanochemical synthesis of nanostructured fluorapatite/ fluorhydroxyapatite an
Noise performance of the radio-frequency single-electron transistor
Coevaporation of CoPt nanoparticles
Observation of cluster formation of rare earth ions in wide band gap fluorine di
Spherocyte shape transformation and release of tubular nanovesicles in human ery
The investigation of multiply twinned L10-type FePt nanoparticles by transmissio
General, room-temperature method for the synthesis of isolated as well as arrays
Chemical manipulations of nanoscale electron transfers
Analytical electron microscopy of reactiuon ball-milled Y-Ni-O nanostructures
Preparation of indium nitride micro- and nanostructures by ammonolysis of indium
Ferromagnetic resonance study of nanoscale ferromagnetic ring lattices
Free-standing subnanometer qraphite sheets
Network phases in ABC triblock copolymers
Ambipolar charge transport in air-stable polymer blend thin-film transistors
Single electron memory devices utilizing Al2O3 tunnel oxide barriers
Nanoscale electronics based on two-dimensional dopant patterns in silicon
In-Situ Growth of Fused, Ozonized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube - CdTe Quantum D
Imaging the Photoionization of Individual CdSe/CdS Core-Shell Nanocrystals on n-
Size analysis of single fullerene molecules by electron microscopy
Investigation of precipitation and deformation in cyromilled bulk nanocrystallin
Thermally assisted sub-10 fs electron transfer in dye-sensitized nanocrystalline
Metal delocalization and surface decoration in direct-write nanolithography by e
Directed growth of ordered arrays of small-diameter ZnO nanowires
Synthesis of hierarchical titanium carbide from titania-coated cellulose paper
Signatures of quantum transport in self-assembled epitaxial nickel suicide nanow
Three-Dimensional Coherent X-Ray Diffraction Microscopy
Multiple-walled nanotubes made of metals
Microtwinning in template-synthesized single-crystal metal nanowires
Polyoxometalates on cationic silica nanoparticles. Physicochemical properties of
Ferroelectric lithography of multicomponent nanostructures
Surface-initiated polymerization on nanopatterns fabricated by electron-beam lit
Origins of luminescence from nitrogen-ion-implanted epitaxial GaAs
Rare earth doped silicon nanocrystals derived from an erbium amidinate precursor
Electron tomography
Micro instrumentation for studying mechanical properties of free standing films
Characterisation of nanoclay dispersion in resin transfer moulded glass/nanoclay
Synthesis of DAM-1 molecular sieves containing single walled carbon nanotubes
Nanotubes: Strong bundles
Coherent electron transport through an azobenzene molecule: A light-driven molec
Gated photocathode arrays as sources for multibeam electron nanolithography
Temporal analysis of laser-induced plasma properties as related to laser-induced
Pump-probe spectroscopy of the hydrated electron in reverse micelles
Low-energy electron-induced chemistry of CF2Cl2: Implications for the ozone hole
Reactivities of Carboxyalkyl-Substituted 1,4,5,8-Naphthalene Diimides in Aqueous
Analysis of defects and interfaces with single atom sensitivity through aberrati
Synthesis of micrometer to nanometer CaCO3 particles via mass restriction method
Transmission electron microscopy and electron energy loss spectroscopy analysis
Preparation of α-alumina-supported mesoporous bentonite membranes for reve
Electron hopping dynamics in monolayer-protected Au cluster network polymer film
Distortion of the oxygen sublattice in pure cubic-ZrO2
Electron microscopy of mechanically alloyed oxide-dispersion-strengthened 14YWT
Electrodeposition of mesoporous semimetal and magnetic metal films from lyotropi
Investigation of sol-gel derived ZrO2 thin films by nanoindentation
Tribological property investigation for pulsed laser deposited oxide thin films
Reaching for the bottom: The evolution of EIPBN
Structural and electrochemical characterization of immobilized polymerized elect
Direct Identification of Trace Metals in Fine and Ultrafine Particles in the Det
Preparation and photocatalytic study of TiO2 nano composite film
Electrical properties of silicon nanowires
Growth of vertically-aligned carbon nanotube arrays on metallic substrates and t
Dissolution of precipitates in an Al-Zn-Mg alloy nanocrystallized by high-energy
Preparation and characterization of carbon nanoribbons produced by the catalytic
Effects of gas composition on the synthesis of boron-doped carbon nanotubes
Synthesis of polyaniline nano-arrays on anodic aluminum oxide template by the di
Preparation of B-C-N nanotube and its characterization
Preparation of Bi-Pb-Sn-Cd nanoalloy particles and its tribological properties a
Investigation of interface between copper and carbides coating deposited by HVOF
Growth and characterization of ZnO Nanosheet
Realization and output characteristics analysis of the multiple islands single-e
Sub-nanometer precision polishing of computer rigid disk substrate
Interpromotion effect of crystal growth in TiN/SiC nanomultilayers
Silicon carbide nanowires synthesized by arc discharge
Magnetic properties of metal Ni nanoparticles prepared by ion implantation in ru
Microstructure evolution of oxide films formed on zircaloy-4 during autoclave te
Production and character of Al3O3N nanowires
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes using dielectric barrier discharge plasma enhanced
Fabrication, structures and optical properties of ZnO nanocombs
Synthesis and microstructure of K2Ti6O13 nanowires
Growth and characterization of high-quality GaN nanowires by ammonification tech
The synthesis of ZnS hollow nanospheres with nanoporous shell
Fabrication of transition metal sulfides nanocrystallites via an ethylenediamine
Low-temperature synthesis and benzene-thermal growth of nanocrystalline boron ni
Ultrasonic-induced synthesis of CeO2 nanotubes
Synthesis, characterization and application of SnSx (x = 1, 2) nanoparticles
Synthesis of uniformly sized Cu2O crystals with star-like and flower-like morpho
Preparation of single-crystal α-MnO2 nanorods and nanoneedles from aqueous
Electrochemical synthesis of selenium nanotubes by using CTAB soft-template
Polypropylene/silica nanocomposites prepared by in-situ sol-gel reaction with th
Facile route to synthesize multiwalled carbon nanotube/zinc sulfide heterostruct
Synthesis of single-crystal gold nanosheets of large size in ionic liquids
Synthesis of MnWO4 nanofibres by a surfactant-assisted complexation-precipitatio
Controlled morphology synthesis of β-FeOOH and the phase transition to Fe2O
Preparation and characterization of dendritic silver nanoparticles
Growth of segmented ZnS nanocones induced by regular occurrence of twins structu
Organic montmorillonite as a substitute for aerosilica in addition-type liquid s
Surface effects of monolayer-protected gold nanoparticles on the redox reactions
Synthetic control of large-area, ordered bismuth nanowire arrays
Large-area Sb2Te3 nanowire arrays
Kind of oxide-composed superhard nanomultilayer prepared by magnetron sputtering
Direct imaging of the alkali metal site in K-doped fullerene peapod
Surface morphology and structure of two-pole sputtered iron nitrogen oxide thin
Synthesis and characterization of cadmium selenide nanorods via surfactant-assis
Nanobelts and nanocones of spinel Zn2SnO4
Synthesis and optical properties of Pb-doped ZnO nanowires
Synthesis and characterization of a porous amorphous Ni-B catalyst on titania by
Beaded cobalt oxide nanoparticles along carbon nanotubes: Towards more highly in
Synthesis of extremely small CdSe and highly luminescent CdSe/CdS core-shell nan
Surfactant-assisted synthesis of single crystal BaWO4 octahedral microparticles
Silver nanowires with five-fold symmetric cross-section
Structural characterization of Zn3N2 nanowires prepared by nitridation technique
Carbothermal chemical vapor deposition route to Se one-dimensional nanostructure
Particle size and microstructure of Ni nanopowders prepared by anodic arc plasma
Template synthesis of well-aligned titanium dioxide nanotubes
Preparation of single-crystal BiOCl nanorods via surfactant soft-template induci
Synthesis of a novel nanostructure of rutile titania by sonochemical method
Synthesis and characterization of large area well-aligned carbon nanotubes by EC
Large-scale array of highly oriented silicon-rich micro/nanowires induced by gas
A study of nanocrystalline NiFe2O4 in a silica matrix
Large-scale fabrication of high-purity and uniform Zn nanowires by thermal evapo
Controlled growth of large-scale silver nanowires
Formation and spectroscopic characterization of mono-dispersed CdSe nanocrystals
Preparation of large-pore mesoporous nanocrystalline TiO2 thin films with tailor
Performance improvement in direct methanol fuel cell cathode using high mesoporo
Template-free solution approach to synthesize ZnSe hollow microspheres
Fabrication of carbon nanotube bundles and measurement of field electron emissio
Interfacial reaction between Cu and Ti2SnC during processing of Cu - Ti2SnC comp
Synthesis of La3+ doped mesoporous titania with highly crystallized walls
Formation of variously shaped carbon nanotubes in carbon dioxide-alkali metal (L
Exfoliation of single-walled carbon nanotube bundles under electron beam irradia
3-D self-assembled ZnSnO3 nanoparticles: One-step solid-state synthesis
Synthesis of CoOOH nanorods and application as coating materials of nickel hydro
Synthesis and characterization of SnO2 nanorods
Fabrication and characterization of flower-like ZnO by gemini surfactant-assiste
Microemulsion-mediated solvothermal synthesis of SrCO3 nanostructures
Structure and properties of BR nanocomposites reinforced with organoclay
Orientation-controlled growth of single-crystal silicon-nanowire arrays
Fabrication of ruthenium-carbon nanotube nanocomposites in supercritical water
Construction and photoluminescence of In2O3 nanotube array by CVD-template metho
Low-temperature synthesis of nanocrystalline niobium nitride via a benzene-therm
Enhancement of electron mobility in nanocrystalline siliconcrystalline silicon h
A new routine to fabricate Bi single crystalline tapering junction nanowire arra
Surface nanostructure and amorphous state of a low carbon steel induced by high-
Preparation of single-crystalline NdVU4 nanorods, and their emissions in the ult
Ag@C core/shell structured nanoparticles: Controlled synthesis, characterization
Synthesis of hexagonal close-packed nanocrystalline nickel by a thermal reductio
Preparation and characterization of nanosized ZSM-5 zeolites in the absence of o
Mineralization of calcium phosphate in reverse microemulsion
In-plane aligned Pb(ZrxTi1-x)O3 microbelts fabricated by near migration and rest
Optical properties of align carbon nanotubes film
Monodispersed hard carbon spherules as a catalyst support for the electrooxidati
Strongly luminescent Cr-doped alumina nanofibres
High emission current density microwave-plasma-grown carbon nanotube arrays by p
Synthesis of high quality CdS nanorods by solvothermal process and their photolu
Template Synthesis of Sc@C82(I) Nanowires and Nanotubes at Room Temperature
Preparation and characterization of three-dimensional mesoporous crystals of tun
Synthesis and field emission properties of TiSi2 nanowires
Controllable growth of well-defined regular multiporphyrin array nanocrystals at
Preparation and characterization of Ag2S nanoparticles embedded in polymer fibre
Novel hydrothermal synthesis of single crystalline PbS nanorods and their charac
Fe3O4 nanocrystals with novel fractal
Novel multilamellar mesostructured molybdenum oxide nanofibers and nanobelts: Sy
Preparation and characterization of straight and zigzag AlN nanowires
Thermal and structural properties of high-energy electron irradiated poly(vinyli
Preparation of nanodiamonds by laser irradiation of graphite
Two-dimensional SnS nanosheets fabricated by a novel hydrothermal method
Synthesis of bimetallic nanoshells by an improved electroless plating method
Scanning electron microscopy investigation of Cu-TCNQ micro/nanostructures synth
Fabrication of titanium oxide nanotube arrays by anodic oxidation
Superconductivity near 35 K in aligned amorphous magnesium-doped BMgx nanowires
A novel route to prepare and characterize Sn-Bi nanoparticles
The structural and optical properties of ZnO nanorod arrays
Self-assembly of aligned ZnO nanoscrews: Growth, configuration, and field emissi
β-Ga2O3 nanowires and nanobelts synthesized by thermal evaporation
Synthesis and characterization of single-crystalline alumina nanowires
One-dimensional rice-like Mn-doped Zn2SiO4: Preparation, characterization, lumin
Mechanism for nanometer-sized tic synthesizing by mechanical and thermal activat
Preparation and photoluminescence study of titania nanocrystals
Synthesis and characterization of n-type materials for non-doped organic red-lig
Monte Carlo simulation of secondary electron and backscattered electron images f
Controlled hydrothermal synthesis of bismuth oxyhalide nanobelts and nanotubes
Microstructure properties of nanocrystalline silicon/SiO2 multilayers fabricated
Controlled growth of semiconducting oxides hierarchical nanostructures
Self-catalytic synthesis and light-emitting property of highly aligned Mn-doped
Nanostructures and self-catalyzed growth of SnO2
Preparation and properties of ternary ZnMgO nanowires
Mechanical alloying of Fe-Ni based nanostructured magnetic materials
Role of the electronic properties of azurin active site in the electron-transfer
Density functional study of the interaction of chlorine atom with small neutral
Faceting of Si nanocrystals embedded in SiO2
Refinements in the collection of energy filtered diffraction patterns from disor
Nanostructured CNx (0 less than or equal x less than or equal 0.2) films grown b
Synthesis of nanostructured porous carbon
Displacement superstructure that precedes the B2 - B19 martensitic transformatio
Emulsion polymerization of novel transparent latices by pulsed electron beam ini
Short-range ferromagnetism and transport properties of amorphous (Gd, Y)xSi1-x a
Three-dimensional simulation of realistic single electron transistors
Strongly coupled ruthenium-polypyridyl complexes for efficient electron injectio
Unexpected photophysical properties of symmetric indolylmaleimide derivatives
Fracture toughness and water uptake of high-performance epoxy/nanoclay nanocompo
Gold nanoparticles generated by electron beam lithography of gold(I)-thiolate th
Surface nanocrystallization by sandblasting and annealing for improved mechanica
Mechanical behavior and oxidation resistance of Cr(Al)N coatings
Submicrometer-sized vaterite tubes formed through nanobubble-templated crystal g
Orbital occupation in electron-charged CdSe quantum-dot solids
Room-temperature single-electron effects in silicon nanocrystal memories
Electron transport with dissipation: A quantum kinetic approach
Fabrication of 5 nm gap pillar electrodes by electron-beam Pt deposition
Pulsed laser deposition of glass-like cluster assembled carbon films
Pathological mineralization of cardiac valves: Causes and mechanism
Influence of gel-derived nanocrystalline spinel in a high alumina castable: Part
Parameters of the electron beams generated by the (Russian characters)-220 and (
Application of x-ray electron spectroscopy for carbon nanostructure chemical com
Synthesis and optical properties of CdS nanoribbons
Cathodoluminescence spectroscopy of single SnO2 nanowires and nanobelts
Synthesis and photoinduced intermolecular electronic acceptor ability of pyrazol
Space-charge-limited bipolar flow in a nano-gap
Tailoring of epitaxial CoSi2/Si nanostructures by low temperature wet oxidation
The role of coupling agents in the formation of polypropylene nanocomposites
A nanoscale approach for the characterization of amorphous carbon-based lubrican
Thermal evolution and photoluminescence properties of nanometric Si layers
High-power subnanosecond beams of runaway electrons and volume discharge formati
Magnetoresistively detected electron spin resonance in low-density two-dimension
Modeling of tunneling P/E for nanocrystal memories
Catalytic growth of carbon nanotubes over Ni/Cr hydrotalcite-type anionic clay a
Catalytic growth of carbon nanotubes over Ni/Cr hydrotalcite-type anionic clay a
Sculpting nanoelectrodes with a transmission electron beam for electrical and ge
Controlled growth and field-emission properties of cobalt oxide nanowalls
Supershort electron beam from air filled diode at atmospheric pressure
Electrochemical oxidation of multi-walled carbon nanotubes and its application t
One electron oxidation induced dimerization of 5-hydroxytryptophol: Role of 5-hy
Ultrafast energy-electron transfer cascade in a multichromophoric light-harvesti
LinImproving spatial resolution of convergent beam electron diffraction strain m
Nanoscale morphology of high-performance polymer solar cells
Mechanistic studies on the oxidation of hydrazine by tris(biguanide) manganese(I
Synthesis of wustite nanowires by carbon plasma pulse assisted method
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes by ECR plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition
Behavior of SiO2 nanostructures under intense extreme ultraviolet illumination
Template synthesis and characterization of well-aligned nitrogen containing carb
Structure of single-wall carbon nanotubes synthesized in stationary acetylene at
Synthesis and characterization of RF-magnetron sputtered carbon and boron nitrid
Spatial and temporal resolution in cryo-electron microscopy - A scope for nano-c
Formation of Sb submonolayer phases on high index Si(5 5 12) surface
Role of the microstructure on the magnetic properties of Co-doped ZnO nanopartic
Preparation and photophysical properties of nanostructured 9-cyanoanthracene
Novel polymer-inorganic solid-state reaction for the synthesis of CdS nanocrysta
Performance of pmma for nanodot patterning using electron beam lithography
Investigation on the stability of a Au-Sn electroplating solution
Electric field enhanced nanocrystal formation in thermally poled optical fibres
Preparation of SrFeO [similar to] 2.85 perovskite using a citric acid assisted P
The mechanism of hydrogen formation induced by low-energy electron irradiation o
Meso- and nano-scale investigation of carbon fibers coated by nano-crystalline d
Influence of the Al source and synthesis of ordered Al-SBA-15 hexagonal particle
Functionalization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes by mild aqueous sonication
Many-body effects and quantum coherence in electron transport through quantum do
Silica-supported silver nanoparticles: Tailoring of structure-property relations
Synthesis of highly oriented iron sulfide nanowires through solvothermal process
Quantum transport through a DMA wire in a dissipative environment
Nanoscale analysis of polymer interfaces by energy-filtering transmission electr
Mechanisms of femtosecond laser nanosurgery of cells and tissues
3D micro-fabrication using combination technique of nano-scale processing and ch
Grazing-exit electron probe X-ray microanalysis (GE-EPMA): Fundamental and appli
Shell structures in self-assembled InAs quantum dots probed by lateral electron
Enhanced electron emission from diamond film deposited on pre-seeded Si substrat
Absence of weak electron localization in (Co/Pt)n-multilayer- nanowires with per
Implication of device functioning due to back reaction of electrons via the cond
Non-linear phenomena in atoms and clusters induced by intense VUV radiation from
A novel method for synthesis of silica nanoparticles
Fabrication of magnetic nanostructures using electron beam induced chemical vapo
Tailoring electronic properties of atomic chains assembled by STM
Synthesis and evolution of novel hollow ZnO urchins by a simple thermal evaporat
Photocurrent-boosting by intramembrane electron mediation between titania nanopa
Pulsed electron beam irradiation of dilute aqueous poly(vinyl methyl ether) solu
The impact of nanoindentation at room temperature upon the real structure of dec
Needlelike bicrystalline GaN nanowires with excellent field emission properties
Visualization of nanostructure in soft materials by 3D-TEM
In situ transmission electron microscopy tensile tests of a peak- to overaged &g
Preparation by high-energy milling, characterization, and catalytic properties o
Simple, one-step synthesis of gold nanowires in aqueous solution
Liquid gallium columns sheathed with carbon: Bulk synthesis and manipulation
Determination of order parameter of L 10 -FePd nanoparticles by electron diffrac
Correlation between field electron emission and structural properties in randoml
Novel structural analyses of polymeric materials by three-dimensional microscopy
Phonon-assisted tunnelling in interacting suspended single-wall carbon nanotubes
Selective removal of carbon nanotubes utilizing low-acceleration-voltage electro
Synthesis and characterization of glycomethacrylate hybrid stars from silsesquio
Measuring molecular conductivities using single molecular-sized gap junctions fa
Fabrication of ferromagnetic single-electron tunneling devices by utilizing meta
Shells on nanowires detected by analytical TEM
Fabrication and electron holography characterization of FePt alloy nanorods
Electron transport in coumarin-dye-sensitized nanocrystalline TiO 2 electrodes
From MEMS to nanomachine
Evolution of plasmon resonances during plasma deposition of silver nanoparticles
Kinetic study of quasi-ballistic electron transport in nanoscale semiconductor d
Dynamic redistribution of the electric field of the channel in AlGaN/GaN high el
Natural rutile-derived titanate nanofibers prepared by direct hydrothermal proce
Metal-induced nanostructures on surfaces of layered chalcogenides
Absorption spectra related to heterogeneous electron transfer reactions: The per
Nano-crystalline quartz prepared by AP-CVD
Synthesis and characterization of metal-filled carbon nanotubes by microwave pla
Single-crystalline, submicrometer-sized ZnSe tubes
Nanoconstricted structure for current-confined path in current-perpendicular-to-
Preparation of monolithic carbon aerogels and investigation of their pore interc
Fe nanowire encapsulated in boron nitride nanotubes
Potential-well-roughness-induced transition from resonant tunneling to single-el
Reduction mechanism of surface oxide films and characterization of formations on
Structure variation of nanometer-sized Xe particles embedded in Al crystals
Photoinduced one-electron reduction of MV2+ in titania nanosheets using porphyri
ELNES analysis of local electronic structures at Cu/Al2O 3(0001) interface
Transmission electron microscopic observation of nanoindentations made on ductil
Excellent field-emission properties of P-doped GaN nanowires
Size dependence of the magnetic and optical properties of Cd 1-xMnxS nanostructu
Durchstrahlungselektronenmikroskopische Untersuchungen an explantierten Metall-M
Primary crystallization of an Al88Gd6Er 2Ni4 metallic glass
Giant strengthening of superconducting pairing in metallic nanoclusters
Very high yield growth of vertically aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes by p
Self-assembly of gold nanoparticles utilizing a charge-transfer interaction betw
Fabrication of a single-electron inverter in single-wall carbon nanotubes
Nanostructure analysis of friction welded Pd-Ni-P/Pd-Cu-Ni-P metallic glass inte
Preparation of electron waveguide devices on GaAs/AlGaAs using negative-tone res
Iron oxide pillared graphite
Combining single wall carbon nanotubes and photoactive polymers for photoconvers
Technique to make nano carbon tubes buried inside rubber composite visible using
Identification of soft phonon modes in Ge-Sb-Te using electron diffraction
Thirty years of haemoglobin electrochemistry
Visualization and in situ contacting of carbon nanotubes in a scanning electron
Synthesis of mesoporous zeolite a by resorcinol-formaldehyde aerogel templating
Interaction effects on persistent current of ballistic cylindrical nanostructure
Structural and magnetic properties of Ni2MnIn Heusler alloy films
Interfaces between 4H-SIC and SiO2: Microstructure, nanochemistry, and near-inte
Air stable Fe and Fe-Co magnetic fluids - Synthesis and characterization
Measurement of the mean inner potential of ZnO nanorods by transmission electron
Quater-, quinque-, and sexithiophene organogelators: Unique thermochromism and h
Quasi-aligned single-crystalline GaN nanowire arrays
Excitation spectroscopy of two-electron shell structures in carbon nanotube quan
Self-alignment of Fe nanoparticles on a tunnel barrier
Cerium oxide nanotubes prepared from cerium hydroxide nanotubes
Demountable single-atom electron source
Real-time low-energy electron microscopy study of Ga adsorption and facet array
Possible application of carbon nanotubes to the field emission electron source f
Effective precursor for high yield synthesis of pure BN nanotubes
Carbon nanotube oscillators toward zeptogram detection
Kinetic study on nano-ZrO2 from ZrOCl2 solution modified with diglycol
Study of anisotropic interfacial electron transfer across a semiconductor/soluti
Fabrication of high density dot lattices with electron beam lithography
Growth and field emission of hierarchical single-crystalline wurtzite AIN nanoar
Defects in porous Si investigated by a temperature variation of photoluminescenc
A novel route to three-dimensionally ordered macroporous polymers by electron ir
Simulation of single-electron transport in nanostructured quantum dots
Characterization of lead-bismuth eutectic nanowires
Enhanced resonant Raman scattering and electron-phonon coupling from self-assemb
Characterization of zirconia powder synthesized via reverse microemulsion precip
Fabrication of a nanoelectromechanical switch using a suspended carbon nanotube
Mechanism of nanoblister formation in Ga+ self-ion implanted GaN nanowires
Fabrication of 3D polymer microstructures using electron beam lithography and na
Tribologically transformed structure of titanium alloy (TiAl6V4) in surface fati
A novel solution-phase and low-temperature synthesis of SnSb nano-alloys
Composite-layered solid-state field controlled emitter for a better control of t
Polyethylene multiwalled carbon nanotube composites
Structure and deformations of Pd-Ni core-shell nanoparticles
Formation of β-Ga2O3-TiO2 nanobarcodes from core-shell nanowires
Single-electron transistor mediated by C60 insertion inside a carbon nanotube
Effect of Hf ion implantation on grain growth in Ni nanocrystalline electrodepos
Syntheses and characterization of one-dimensional WO2nanorods
Charge transport effects in field emission from carbon nanotube-polymer composit
Quantum master equation descriptions of a nanomechanical resonator coupled to a
Improvement of porous polysilicon nano-structured emitter for vacuum packaged de
Transient absorption studies and numerical modeling of iodine photoreduction by
Growth of β-Ga2O3 nanobelts on Ir-coated substrates
Tunable interlayer exchange coupling energy by modification of Schottky barrier
Formation, structure, and stability of titanate nanotubes and their proton condu
Aspect ratio controlled growth of MnOOH in mixtures of Mn3O 4 and MnOOH single c
Fundamental electrochemical properties of carbon nanotube electrodes
Coulomb blockade oscillations in ultrathin gate oxide silicon single-electron tr
Effect of thermal annealing on the structural and the optical properties of ZnO/
Formation procedure and microstructural analysis of Pb7Bi 2 (Pb-Bi) alloy nanowi
Oxidation effects on the photoluminescent properties of Si nanocrystalline thin
Magnetic separation of Fe catalyst from single-walled carbon nanotubes in an aqu
Selective area growth of carbon nanostructure synthesized by catalyst-assisted c
Characteristics and electrochemical performance of supercapacitors with manganes
Influence of dispersion states of carbon nanotubes on physical properties of epo
Synthesis of a long strand of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Electron-phonon scattering and ballistic behavior in semiconducting carbon nanot
Pinch off of nanopipes under electron irradiation in GaN
Co Fe2 O4 nanostructures with high coercivity
Materials science: Embedded nanostructures revealed in three dimensions
Elaboration of SiC, TiC, and ZrC nanopowders by laser pyrolysis: From nanopartic
Effects of silver nanoparticles on the fluidity of bilayer in phospholipid lipos
Dynamics of a nanomechanical resonator coupled to a superconducting single-elect
Preparation and characterization of titania nanotubes and hybrid materials deriv
Single-electron phenomena in ultra-scaled floating-gate devices and their impact
A chemical route to room-temperature synthesis of nanocrystalline TiO 2 thin fil
Properties of carbon nanofibers prepared from electrospun polyimide
Gelation of misfolded proteins
Quantum dephasing in carbon nanotubes due to electron-phonon coupling
XPS and NEXAFS characterisation of plasma deposited vertically aligned N-doped M
Self-assembled nanofibers from random slilicate platelets
Purification of multi-walled carbon nanotubes through microwave heating of nitri
Optical properties of neodymium oxides at the nanometer scale
On observation of freeze-dried smectite plane views of nanolayers
Nanomanipulator-assisted fabrication and characterization of carbon nanotubes in
Chemical analysis of nanometric dielectric layers using spatially resolved VEELS
An efficient method to improve the proximity effect for electron beam optical di
Microscopes reveal nanoscale secrets
Electron microscopy characterization of mechanically alloyed and hot consolidate
Use of natural monomer in the synthesis of nano- And microparticles of polyureth
On single-electron technology full adders
Well-aligned Mn-doped ZnO nanowires synthesized by a chemical vapor deposition m
Synthesis and postgrowth doping of silicon nanowires
Technique for site-specific plan-view transmission electron microscopy of nanost
Effect of Surface Immobilization on Intramolecular and Intermolecular Electron T
Spatial resolution of ballistic electron emission microscopy measured on metal/q
Nanoscale electron stimulated chemical vapor deposition of Au in an environmenta
Characterization study of the Co-Ag system obtained by mechanical alloying
Influence of interfaces on the storage of ion-implanted He in multilayered metal
Transmission electron microscopy studies of nanostructured TiO2 films on various
Electron energy-loss spectrometry studies of bonding in nanoscale Ni-SiO2 multil
Nanophotonics: Femtosecond laser used for ZnO nanowire synthesis
Frequency shift imaging of quantum dots with single-electron resolution
One-dimensional wires demo electron split
Fabrication of identical sub-100 nm closely spaced parallel lines using electron
Copper nanowires broken into nanospheres by Rayleigh instability
Effects of heat generation during electron-beam-induced deposition of nanostruct
Nanoheteroepitaxial growth of GaN on Si nanopillar arrays
Well-aligned zinc oxide nanorods and nanowires prepared without catalyst
Controlled synthesis of branched SnO2 nanowhiskers
Mixing with the radio frequency single-electron transistor
Hollow gold nanoparticles encapsulating horseradish peroxidase
Mechanical strength of nanocrystalline/amorphous Al90Fe 5 Gd5 composites produce
Analytical electron microscopy studies of lithium aluminum hydrides with Ti- and
Precipitation of Ge nanoparticles from GeO2 glasses in transmission electron mic
Advanced analytical techniques: Platform for nano materials science
Visualization of nano-precipitate in low-alloy steel by using energy-filtered tr
II-VI and II1-xMnxVI semiconductor nanocrystals formed by the pressure cycle met
Theoretical and experimental investigation of aqueous liquids contained in carbo
Sheet lightning
Large-scale fabrication and characterization of Cd-doped ZnO nanocantilever arra
In situ TEM observation of the nucleation and growth of silver oxide nanoparticl
Redox catalytic property of gold nanoclusters: Evidence of an electron-relay eff
Carbon-assisted synthesis of aligned ZnO nanowires
In situ high temperature study of ZrO2 ball-milled to nanometer sizes
Electron precession: A guide for implementation
Formation of nanoneedles and nanoplatelets of KNbO3 perovskite during templated
Germanium nanoparticles from solvated atoms: Synthesis and characterization
Single-source routes to cobalt sulfide and manganese sulfide thin films
Transmission electron microscope enables both 2D and 3D imaging
Laser ablation condensation of TiO2 particles: Effects of laser energy, oxygen f
Interactions of carboplatin with fibrin(ogen), implications for local slow relea
Single-electron manipulation to and from a SiO2 surface by electrostatic force m
3D Nano-analysis technology for preparing and observing highly integrated and sc
Facile large scale synthesis of WS2 nanotubes from WO 3 nanorods prepared by a h
3D barcodes to identify stolen valuables
Highest-resolution to study atoms
The impact of ageing on the magnetic properties of Cu(OH)2 nanoribbons
Molecular gates spin photons from chemicals
Aerosol synthesis of pure and Pt-doped ZnO particles using nitrate and pdda-Pt(I
Nanoanalysis of steel rust by transmission electron microscopy
Comparative analysis of hot-electron transport in AlGaN/GaN and AlGaN/AlN/GaN 2D
Efficacy of single and double SiNx interlayers on defect reduction in GaN overla
Z-contrast and electron energy loss spectroscopy study of passive layer formatio
An investigation of Fe74Si11B14Ni 1 soft-magnetic powder
Electrodes for carbon nanotube devices by focused electron beam induced depositi
Advanced electron microscopy needs for nanotechnology and nanomanufacturing
Characterization of cellulose whiskers and their nanocomposites by atomic force
Growth and simulation of high-aspect ratio nanopillars by primary and secondary
Study of Ce-Zr-Co fluorite-type oxide as catalysts for hydrogen production by st
Exchange-correlation and layer-thickness effects in quasi-two dimensional electr
Superconducting NbSe2 nanowires and nanoribbons converted from NbSe 3 nanostruct
Transmission electron microscopy and electron energy-loss spectroscopy analysis
Carbon nanotubes as electron acceptors in polymeric photovoltaics
A quantum computer based on NV centers in diamond: Optically detected nutations
Photoinduced ultrafast dynamics of coumarin 343 sensitized p-type-nanostructured
Nanoparticle-mediated electron transfer across ultrathin self-assembled films
Formation of Al2O-3 during heating of an Al/TiO2 nanocomposite powder
Tin-doped indium oxide nanobelts grown by carbothermal reduction method
Microstructure and nanohardness properties of Zr-Al-N and Zr-Cr-N thin films
Squid-magnetometry on ferromagnetic Ni-nanowires embedded in oriented porous sil
Submicrometer Hall devices fabricated by focused electron-beam-induced depositio
Wavelength-controlled lasing in ZnxCd1-xS single-crystal nanoribbons
Microstructure and properties of hard layers formed by duplex surface treatment
Multistep electron transfer in oligopeptides: Direct observation of radical cati
Microstructure and thermal change of texture of calcite crystals in ostrich eggs
Synthesis of tin nanorods via a sonochemical method combined with a polyol proce
Activation energy of electron transport in dye-sensitized TiO2 solar cells
Zno nanoshells: Synthesis, structure, and optical properties
Inelastic mean-free path of electrons at nanocrystalline diamond surfaces
Synthesis of graphite polyhedral crystals using a combustion flame method
Multiple-walled BN nanotubes obtained with a mechanical alloying technique
Synthesis and characterization of RuS2 nanostructures
Microstructure of sodium polysialate siloxo geopolymer
Suspended single-electron transistors: Fabrication and measurement
Cross section investigations of compositions and sub-structures of tips obtained
Adsorption and photoreactivity of CdSe nanoparticles at liquid|liquid interfaces
Single-walled carbon nanotube-based hybrid materials for managing charge transfe
Auger electron spectroscopy analysis of high metal content micro-structures grow
Growth of cadmium selenide nanocrystals on submicron silica
Fabrication of high-aspect-ratio Prussian blue nanotubes using a porous alumina
Nucleation of diamond by pure carbon ion bombardment-a transmission electron mic
Morphological study of the organization behavior of rod-coil copolymers and thei
Formation of SiC-surface nanocrystals by ion implantation and electron beam rapi
Effect of crystal orientation on self-assembled silicon nanostructures formed by
Effects of cosurfactant on ZnS nanoparticle synthesis in microemulsion
MARY spectroscopy: Magnetic field effects on fluorescence intensities used for m
Electron beam induced light emission and charge conduction patterning in ZnO by
Microstructural evolution of titania nanocrystallites by a hydrothermal treatmen
Towards controlled growth and applications of carbon nanotubes
Thickness dependent structure of β-FeSi2 grown on silicon by solid phase ep
Kelvin probe force microscopy study on conjugated polymer/fullerene bulk heteroj
Direct large-scale synthesis of perovskite barium strontium titanate nano-partic
Catalyst assisted synthesis of carbon nanotubes using the oxy-acetylene combusti
Properties of polypropylene/aluminum trihydroxide composites containing nanosize
Low-energy magnetic excitations and morphology in layered hybrid perovskite - po
Stationary-state electronic distribution in quantum dots
Templating nanostructures by mesoporous materials with an emphasis on room tempe
Electron emission from solids under electron irradiation: A Monte Carlo study
Energy-filtering transmission electron microscopy on the nanometer length scale
Cross-sectional ballistic electron emission microscopy for Schottky barrier heig
The solid-state synthesis of metal nanoparticles from organometallic precursors
Template synthesis of nanotubes by room-temperature coalescence of metal nanopar
Gunn effect in field-emission phenomena
Microscopic investigation of surface layers on rails
Nanoscale potential distribution across multiquantum well structures: Kelvin pro
Time-evolution simulation of a controlled-NOT gate with two coupled asymmetric q
Magnetic properties of new glassy Fe-Au(Cu)-B alloys
Preparation and properties of compatibilized LDPE/organo-modified montmorillonit
The microwave-assisted polyol synthesis of nanosized hard magnetic material, FeP
Composite polymer nanofibers with carbon nanotubes and titanium dioxide particle
Switching behavior of nanoscale Co ferromagnetic elements using off-axis electro
A viable way to tailor carbon nanomaterials by irradiation-induced transformatio
Synthesis of a self-assembled hybrid of ultrananocrystalline diamond and carbon
Patterned gold-nanoparticle monolayers assembled on the oxide of silicon
PbTe nanorods by sonoelectrochemistry
Electron and hole transfer from indium phosphide quantum dots
Geophysical imaging of stimulated microbial biomineralization
Polyelectrolyte-coated gold nanorods: Synthesis, characterization and immobiliza
Etching of carbon nanotubes by ozone-a surface area study
Phospholipid-stabilized Au - Nanoparticles
Core-shell polymer nanoparticles for baroplastic processing
Unique CO chemisorption properties of gold hexamer: Au6(CO) n- (n = 0-3)
Electrical transport through a single nanoscale semiconductor branch point
Aerogel synthesis of yttria-stabilized zirconia by a non-alkoxide sol-gel route
Energy and electron transfer in bifunctional non-conjugated dendrimers
Solution-based chemical synthesis of boehmite nanofibers and alumina nanorods
Synthesis and characterization of silicon nanowires on mesophase carbon microbea
Preparation of highly uniform Ag/TiO2 and Au/TiO2 supported nanoparticle catalys
Particle size control of cryptomelane nanomaterials by use of H 2O2 in acidic co
Role of Ni/Fe nanoparticle composition on the degradation of trichloroethylene f
Synthesis and catalytic activity of cryptomelane-type manganese dioxide nanomate
Nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite: Micelle templated synthesis and characterization
Sub-micrometer-sized metal tubes from electrospun fiber templates
High-resolution electron microscopy of montmorillonite and montmorillonite/epoxy
Carbon nanotubes and human cells?
Chalcogenide nanowires by evaporation-condensation
Self-consistent tight binding model adapted for hydrocarbon systems
Ultrafast electron transfer at the molecule-semiconductor nanoparticle interface
Electronic transport through a CNT-pseudopeptide-CNT hybrid material
Synthesis of nanostructured spherical aluminum oxide powders by plasma engineeri
Nanotube-based ultrafast electrochromic display
Effect of diborane on the microstructure of boron-doped silicon nanowires
Hierarchical silica particles by dynamic multicomponent assembly
Applied physics: Coherent manipulation of coupled electron spins in semiconducto
Characterization of individual L10 FePt nanoparticles
Hydroxyapatite/diamondlike carbon nanocomposites: A novel surface modification t
Microstructure and property analysis of DC magnetron sputtered NiAl-0.6Hf coatin
Effects of the ligand chain length: A potential dependence of charge transfer ov
Size-driven domain reorientation in hydrothermally derived lead titanate nanopar
Investigation of single-walled carbon nanotube growth parameters using alcohol c
Microstructure and optical properties of Au-Y2O3-stabilized ZrO2 nanocomposite f
In situ transmission electron microscopy studies enabled by microelectromechanic
Uranium removal by sulfate reducing biofilms in the presence of carbonates
Formation of new carbides with diamond structure from carbon film containing tra
Infusion of SiC nanoparticles into SC-15 epoxy: An investigation of thermal and
Nanoporous Au: A high yield strength material
Straight single-crystalline germanium nanowires and their patterns grown on sol-
Cadmium nanowire formation induced by ion irradiation
Reverse micellar synthesis of cerium oxide nanoparticles
Silica encapsulation and magnetic properties of FePt nanoparticles
In-situ electrochemical synthesis of 1-dimensional alumina nanostructures
Diameter-controlled synthesis of silicon nanowires using nanoporous alumina memb
Structure and catalytic properties of nanostructured molybdenum sulfides
Characteristics of a micromachined floating-gate high-electron-mobility transist
Materials characterization in the aberration-corrected scanning transmission ele
Electron tomography of nanoparticle clusters: Implications for atmospheric lifet
Analysis of extraterrestrial particles using monochromated electron energy-loss
Characterization of ambient airborne particles by energy-filtered transmission e
Electron injection at dye-sensitized semiconductor electrodes
Micro- and nano-structural analyses of damage in bone
The application of HRTEM techniques and nanosims to chemically and isotopically
Microstructure of ZrO2-CeO2 hetero-multi-layer films grown on YSZ substrate
Electrical properties of amorphous aluminum oxide thin films
High-quality quantum point contacts in GaNAlGaN heterostructures
Three-point bending of electrospun TiO2 nanofibers
A photoactive molecular triad as a nanoscale power supply for a supramolecular m
Template-assisted deposition of palladium nanoarrays preparation, microscopic, a
Room temperature gas sensor based on metallic nanowires
Electron tunneling, a quantum probe for the quantum world of nanotechnology
In situ polymerization of poly(methyl methacrylate)/clay nanocomposites in super
Charging effects in a CdSe nanotetrapod
Self-assembly of photofunctional cylindrical nanostructures based on perylene-3,
Structural characteristics and growth of pentagonal silver nanorods prepared by
Carbon nanocapsules grown on carbon fibers
Encapsulation of lanthanum carbide in carbon nanotubes and carbon nanoparticles
Ultrafast electron transfer between molecule adsorbate and antimony doped tin ox
Electron injection dynamics of Ru polypyridyl complexes on SnO2 nanocrystalline
Nano-molecular electronics: ideas and experiments
Photoluminescence study on oxygen-containing silicon nanostructures
Transmission electron microscopy of InP Stranski-Krastanow islands buried in GaI
Many-electron effects on ballistic transport
Influence of the deformation method on nickels coercivity and structure
Influence of annealing on the nanostructural properties of magnetically inhomoge
Microscope studies of the morphology and structure of carbon nanotubes
A high resolution electron microscopy investigation of curvature in carbon nanot
Thermochemical synthesis and characterization of nanostructured chromium silicid
Electron beam irradiation of n-type porous silicon obtained by photoelectrochemi
Y2O3 inclusions in YBa2Cu3O7-δ thin films
Ballistic-electron emission microscopy (BEEM): studies of metal/semiconductor in
A high-resolution-electron-microscopy study of γ/γ-α direction
Pyrolytic laser-based chemical vapour deposition of TiC coatings
Probing electrical transport, electron interference, and quantum size effects at
Electronic structure of metal nanocrystals containing disclinations
Advanced characterization of nanoparticles: experimental evidence of surface rou
Direct observation of the Cu-O chains adsorbed on a ultra-thin film of Cu(110) u
Synthesis of BxCyNz nanotubules
Decay dynamics of the homogeneously broadened photoluminescence from porous sili
Onion-like graphitic particles
Double-crystal X-ray diffraction, electron diffraction, and high resolution elec
Carbon nitride films produced by high-energy shock plasma deposition
Polygonal spiral of coil-shaped carbon nanotubules
Coupling between electrons and acoustic phonons in semiconductor nanostructures
Structure of the alloy Al-22 at.% Fe quenched from liquid state
Analytical TEM investigations of YBa2Cu3O7-x with Y2BaCuO5 inclusions
Observation of crystal distortions in SiGe/Si superlattice using a new applicati
Interfacial reactions in the Zr-Si system studied by in situ transmission electr
TEM observation of mechanically alloyed powder particles (MAPP) of Mg-Zn alloy t
Growth and characterization of carbon nitride thin films prepared by arc-plasma
Mechanical alloying of Nb5Si3 compound and Nb-Nb5Si3 alloys
Nanocrystalline and amorphous oxide powders prepared by high-energy ball milling
Polymer-derived Si-based bulk ceramics. II. Microstructural characterisation by
Single-channel interference transistor and electron filter
Microstructures of hydrogen absorbing Zr0.5Ti0.5MnV multiphase alloys
Phonons and fractons in sol-gel alumina: Raman study
Carbon nanostructures in silica aerogel composites
Retention of nanostructure in aluminum oxide by very rapid sintering at 1150&deg
Low-temperature behavior of a generalized two-level system: exact results in the
Fluorescence of complex molecules in crossed electron and molecular beams
Generation of flexural waves in a solid by an intense nanosecond electron beam
Periodical nanostructure fabrication using electron interference fringes produce
Growth morphology and characteristic structure in nanocrystalline Si film of hig
Fundamental properties of lead and tin nanocrystals in a dielectric matrix
Use of Rydberg atoms as a nanoscale laboratory to examine dissociative electron
Observation of quantum effects and Coulomb blockade in silicon quantum-dot trans
Encapsulation of manganese carbides within carbon nanotubes and nanoparticles
The brightest beam in science: new directions in electron microscopy and interfe
Formation of elementary radiation defects in halide crystals with different type
Structural investigation of the metastable compound A1 in an as-cast Fe-Nd eutec
High-resolution electron microscopy studies of nanophases in Nd-Fe-B alloys
Collective excitations in tunable antidot arrays
A study of electron correlation interactions in semiconductor quantum dot nanost
Oblique growth of iron thin films on glass: a cross-sectional transmission elect
Formation of Si/SiGe nanostructures by selective low pressure VPE
Synthesis of actinide carbides encapsulated within carbon nanoparticles
Cross-sectional high-resolution transmission electron microscopy study of the st
Nanoscale lithography with electron exposure of SiO2 resists
Transmission electron microscopy study of high-Zr-content lead zirconate titanat
A carbon nanotube field-emission electron source
Frohlich electron-phonon interaction in CdSxSe1-x nanocrystals
Observations of changing fine structure in nanoscale EELS analysis of grain boun
Depth profiling by means of total electron yield measurements
Single electron charging at temperatures above 4 K in ultrasmall lateral quantum
Screening of longitudinal optical phonons by carriers in quantum dots
Resolution enhanced scanning force microscopy measurements for characterizing dr
An electrochemical deposition process for the synthesis of laminated nanocomposi
Phase transformation induced by ball milling in Fe-Zr system and related magneti
Nanocrystalline Ge filaments in the pores of a mesosilicate
Dark and photoconductivity of nanocrystalline CdS films
Nanostructure refinement in mechanically alloyed copper powders by co-milling wi
Structure of rapidly quenched and mechanically alloyed AgCuCd alloys
Open-core screw dislocations in GaN epilayers observed by scanning force microsc
Structural changes from polyimide films to graphite. IV. Novax and PPT
Synthesis of carbon nitride films by magnetically rotated arc-plasma jet chemica
Microstructure characterization of WC-Ni coatings obtained by HVOF thermal spray
DC arc plasma deposition of smooth nanocrystalline diamond films
Preparation and properties of CdS thin films comprising nano-particles by a solu
Mechanically assisted solid state hydrogenation for formation of nanocrystalline
Reflection of electrons and phonon-assisted Landauer resistance
Photothermal etching of C60 single crystal induced by laser irradiation
An inexpensive STM conversion to a BEEM
Single electron tunneling with liquid crystal molecules
Nanometric surface design of size-quantized semiconductor microcrystals
New carbon tubelite-ordered film structure of multilayer nanotubes
Surface and subsurface 1 keV electron stimulated reduction of sapphire studied b
Conditions for conductance quantization in realistic models of atomic-scale meta
Cu-O atomic chains observed on an ultrathin film of Cu(110)
Synthesis of ultrafine gallium nitride powder by the direct current arc plasma m
The origin of bimodal size distribution of alumina ultrafine particles produced
Initiation and formation of porous GaAs
Estimation of superconducting transition temperature in metallic carbon nanotube
Investigation on the Cu-rich phase in annealed Fe73.5Cu1Mo3Si13.5B9 alloy
Photoluminescence study of deep etched InGaAs/GaAs quantum wires and dots define
Local amorphous thin-film crystallization induced by focused electron-beam irrad
Single-electron devices
Anisotropic electron-beam damage and the collapse of carbon nanotubes
Sonochemical preparation of amorphous nickel
Self-organized growth of GaAs/InAs heterostructure nanocylinders by organometall
On accretion of nanosize carbon spheres
Effect of tribological wear on ultraviolet laser interactions with single crysta
Comment on “Flux quantization in magnetic nanowires imaged by electron hol
Phase transformation and grain coarsening of zirconia/mullite composites
Direct observation of C3N4 single crystal by scanning electron microscopy
Shot noise in the presence of phonon-assisted transport through quasiballistic n
Exchange effect on the space charge in nanostructure resonances
In situ electron-beam processing for GaAs/AlGaAs nanostructure fabrications
Carbon onions as nanoscopic pressure cells for diamond formation
Self-assembled monolayer resists and nanoscale lithography of silicon dioxide th
Nanolithography with an atomic force microscope
A novel method to prepare nanocrystalline (7 nm) ceria
Quantum-chemical calculation of the electronic structure and excited states of Z
Deposition of polycrystalline BaFe12O19 thin films by using a Nd-YAG laser syste
III-V nanoelectronics
Effective nonlinear model of resonant tunneling nanostructures
Cross-sectional transmission electron microscopic study on carbon nanotubules
Tribological characterization of smooth diamond films grown in Ar-C60 and Ar-CH4
Calculating the diffraction of electrons or X-rays by carbon nanotubes
New techniques and developments in high-resolution electron microscopy
A study of solid-state amorphization in Zr-30 at.% Al by mechanical attrition
Determination of the freon destruction efficiency in a decaying plasma of a nano
Structural and gas-sensing properties of nanometre tin oxide prepared by PECVD
A theoretical study of light emission from nanoscale silicon
Characterization of large-area arrays of nanoscale Si tips fabricated using ther
Room temperature operated single electron transistor by STM nano-oxidation proce
Laser-induced graphitization of fullerite
Deformation, recovery, and recrystallization behavior of nanocrystalline copper
Spin-wave fluctuations in a quantum computer based on spin-polarized electrons
Thin films by regular patterns of metal nanoparticles: tailoring the optical pro
Principles for structure analysis of carbon nanotubes by high-resolution transmi
Concentric shelled and plate-like graphitic boron nitride nanoparticles produced
Spectrum of a quantum-well electron-hole pair in semiconductor nanocrystals
Processing related microstructure and superconductivity in YBCO-247
Upper hybrid wave pumped free electron laser
Controlling the evolution of electronic states in nanostructures
Inner electric field mechanism of tunneling of electron-hole pair in porous sili
NTT develops prototype nanostructure silicon single-electron transistor operatin
Nanotips and nanosources: application to low-energy electron microscopy
Nanotubes in boron nitride laser heated at high pressure
Design and construction of apparatus for characterization of gated field emitter
Synthesis and characterization of new polymer-ceramic nanophase composite materi
Auto ignition processing of nanocrystalline α-Al2O3
Microhardness and thermal stability of pulse-plated Zn-Ni alloy coatings
Formation and thermal stability of nanocrystalline Cu-Ti-Ni prepared by mechanic
Microstructure of BN:C films deposited on Si substrates by reactive sputtering f
Convergent beam electron diffraction and high resolution electron microscopy of
Curvature-induced bonding changes in carbon nanotubes investigated by electron e
Electron-beam-induced fabrication of metal-containing nanostructures
Single-electron phenomena in semiconductors
A simple and robust electron beam source from carbon nanotubes
Accuracy of the single-electron pump using an optimized step-like rf drive wavef
Mechanical properties and microstructural analysis of a diamond-like carbon coat
Tamm states of carbon nanotubes
Atomic resolution electronic structure in silicon-based semiconductors
New trends in STEM-based nano-EELS analysis
Single electron-photon logic device using coupled quantum dots: computation with
Analysis of nanometre-sized pyrogenic particles in the scanning transmission ele
On the detection of MX-precipitates in microalloyed steels using energy-filterin
Nanometer-scale creation and characterization of trapped charge in SiO2 films us
Real-time simulation for X-ray microanalysis
Electron-beam/ultraviolet hybrid exposure combined with novel bilayer resist sys
Electron emission characterization of diamond thin films grown from a solid carb
The melting of silicon nanocrystals: submicron thin-film structures derived from
Comparison of Au contacts to Si, GaAs, InxGa1-xP, and ZnSe measured by ballistic
Unconventional quasiparticle lifetime in graphite
Formation of nanocrystals in BCN thin films deposited by radio-frequency PACVD
New evidence for velocity overshoot in a 200 nm pseudomorphic HEMT
Nanostructure fabrication using the selective thermal desorption of SiO2 induced
Attempted hydrothermal synthesis of diamond by hydrolysis of β-SiC powder
Morphology and structural characterization of plasma-assisted prepared carbon fi
Formation of Ni3C nanocrystallites in codeposited Ni-C films
Sub-nanometer resolution 300-kV analytical field-emission transmission electron
Size dependence of electron-LO-phonon coupling in semiconductor nanocrystals
Physics of high-intensity nanosecond electron source: charge limit phenomenon in
Current-voltage characteristics of the resonant tunnelling double-barrier struct
Picosecond dynamics of cresyl violet H-aggregates adsorbed on SiO2 and SnO2 nano
Fast amorphization process of the crystalline powder of GeTe using a shock-wave
Modification of hard alloy WC-steel 110G13 by a pulsed low-energy, high-current
Electron sources of atomic dimensions: new concepts and new applications
Microstructure and tribological characteristics of multilayer films deposited by
Electronic and atomic structure of evaporated carbon films
Structural investigation of Fe(Cu)ZrB amorphous alloy
Electron interaction with confined acoustic phonons in cylindrical quantum wires
Electronic switching properties in nanometer-sized Cu-(TCNQ)2 powder compactions
On surface plasmons in porous silicon: Measurements of the electron energy loss
Synthesis and structure of nanocrystalline NiTi alloy
A study of the wear mechanism of diamond-like carbon films
A high-voltage low-impedance load composed of liquid resistors
Quantum-dot ground states in a magnetic field studied by single-electron tunneli
Structural, morphological, and magnetic study of nanocrystalline cobalt-copper p
Electronic transport in nanostructures consisting of magnetic barriers
X-ray narrow-line transition radiation source based on low-energy electron beams
Nanocrystallites in tetrahedral amorphous carbon films
Mechanical alloying processing and rapid plasma activated sintering consolidatio
Electron transfer dynamics in MoS2 nanoclusters: normal and inverted behavior
Doped nanocrystalline materials-Physics and applications
Doping of B atoms into Si nanocrystals prepared by rf cosputtering
Generation of nanosized grooves and holes on metal surfaces by low-temperature e
Continuous microscopy of ceramic materials with atomic force microscopy
Selective area growth of metal nanostructures
Silicon nitride based ceramic nanocomposites
Theory of the optical response of a dilute ensemble of semiconducting nanopartic
Picosecond absorption spectroscopy of surface modified copper sulfide nanocrysta
Dry etching of polysilicon with high selectivity using a chlorine-based plasma i
Collapsing carbon nanotubes with an electron beam
Nanoscale field emission structures for ultra-low voltage operation at atmospher
Gold nanobridge stabilized by surface structure
The synthesis of micrometer- and submicrometer-size spheres of ordered mesoporou
Structure and hardness of nanocrystalline silver
A hybrid-phonon resonance in a quasi-two-dimensional nanostructure
In situ structural evolution of self-assembled oxide nanocrystals
A hybrid electrochemical/chemical synthesis of supported, luminescent cadmium su
The determination of the grain boundary width of ultrafine grained copper and ni
Microstructures and magnetic properties of Fe-Pt permanent magnets
Continuous SiC-based model monofilaments with a low free carbon content. II. Fro
Far-infrared absorption spectra of three electrons in a square-well quantum dot
Charge recombination in dye-sensitized nanocrystalline TiO2 solar cells
Single-electron traps: A quantitative comparison of theory and experiment
Synthesis of mixed hexagonal-cubic BN thin films at low temperature
Segregation and surface transport of impurities: New mechanisms affecting the su
Raman characterization of aligned carbon nanotubes produced by thermal decomposi
Prediction of charge separation in GaAs/AlAs cylindrical nanostructures
Synthesis, structure, and optical properties of nanometer-sized In2O3 capped by
Role of defect distributions and mobility on ferroelectric phase transformations
Switching fields and magnetostatic interactions of thin film magnetic nanoelemen
Nanodiffraction and dark-field STEM characterization of single-walled carbon nan
STM/AFM nano-oxidation process to room-temperature-operated single-electron tran
Coherent electron-hole correlations in quantum dots
Transmission electron holography of silicon nanospheres with surface oxide layer
Visible light emission from Si nanocrystals grown by ion implantation and subseq
Effect of boron on microstructure and properties of Ti-N film
Heterogeneous growth of B-C-N nanotubes by laser ablation
Photoinduced electron transfer within dendrimer architecture
Observation of coreless dislocations in α-GaN
Growth and defects of diamond facets under negative biasing conditions in a micr
The formation, annealing and self-compression of carbon onions under electron ir
Nanosized Fe-Cu-B alloys and composites synthesized in diphasic systems
Purification of single-wall carbon nanotubes by microfiltration
Processing and characterization of lead magnesium tantalate ceramics
Transparent nanocrystalline diamond ceramics fabricated from C60 fullerene by sh
Formation and photoluminescence spectrum of w-GaN powder
High-resolution TEM observation of β-SiC nano-crystallite evolution in Si-C
Porous GaAs formed by a two-step anodization process
Single-electron tunneling through amorphous carbon dots array
Hot-phonon effects on electron runaway from GaAs quantum wires
Helicity and packing of single-walled carbon nanotubes studied by electron nanod
Coherent resonant tunneling model in double-barrier nanostructures
Structural and phase transformations in quasi-binary TiNi-TiCu alloys rapidly qu
Structure and physicomechanical properties of nanocrystalline boride-nitride fil
Current gain in amorphous silicon hot electron devices
Chaos, interactions, and nonequilibrium effects in the tunneling resonance spect
Electron-phonon and electron-electron interactions in one-dimensional GaAs quant
Microstructure and mechanical properties of Y2O3/SiC nanocomposites
Microstructural characteristics of alumina-based composite prepared by in situ r
Microstructure and flux pinning properties of melt textured grown doped YBa2Cu3O
Microstructure and tribological characteristic of Ni-Mo multilayer film deposite
Supercritical drying preparation and fractal structure of blue luminescent silic
Electron-phonon interaction in spherical multilayer nanoheterostructures
Fabrication of nano-tips by carbon contamination in a scanning electron microsco
Consolidation of nanostructured metal powders by rapid forging: processing, mode
Electron beam induced crystallization in Fe-doped SnO2 nanoparticles
Stranski-Krastanov growth mode during the molecular beam epitaxy of highly strai
Electron-hole interactions in silicon nanocrystals
Microstructure and photoluminescence of porous Si formed on n-type substrates in
Lattice distortion in nanographite ribbons
Purification procedure for single-walled nanotubes
Encapsulation of carbides of chromium, molybdenum and tungsten in carbon nanocap
Structural and electrical properties of sputtered vanadium oxide thin films for
Coexistence of different magnetic phases in Dy/Y superlattices caused by growth
Synthesis of porosity-free nanocrystalline materials with ultrafine grain size b
Photoinduced electron transfer from phthalocyanines to fullerenes (C60 and C70)
Low-temperature tunnelling-electron luminescence microscopy using tip collection
In-situ observations of classical grain growth mechanisms during sintering of co
Off-axis electron holography of epitaxial FePt films
Scanning single-electron transistor microscopy: imaging individual charges
Observation of nanocrystalline diamond in diamondlike carbon films deposited at
Electron dynamics of passivated gold nanocrystals probed by subpicosecond transi
Overview of nanoelectronic devices
A miniature, all-electrostatic, field emission electron column for surface analy
In-situ analysis of valence conversion in transition metal oxides using electron
Effects of hydrostatic pressure on solid-state reaction in binary nanostructured
The application of octavinylsilsesquioxane as a vacuum electron resist for nanol
Nanostructure and local chemical composition of AlN-Si3N4 layers grown by LPCVD
Single-electron computing without dissipation
Effect of microstructure on the wear behaviour of Fe-Co thin films
Formation and optical properties of metal nanoclusters formed by sequential impl
Electron fringes on a quantum wedge
Nanoscale colloidal particles: Monolayer organization and patterning
Production of petal-like graphite sheets by hydrogen arc discharge
Direct perturbation theory of relativistic effects for explicitly correlated wav
Depolarization of ferroelectrics by nanosecond electrical pulses
In situ TEM observation of metastable phase formed by solid state interdiffusion
Nanocrystals synthesized by electron-beam induced fragmentation of vacancy-conta
Liquid helium and its possible use for holography of micro-objects (acoustic and
Transmission electron microscopy investigation of metastable phases in PdAgSi al
A silicon single-electron transistor memory operating at room temperature
Surface states and space charge layer dynamics on Si(111)2×1: a free elect
Characterization of nanocrystalline Ni33Zr67 alloy
Generation of powerful X-rays in the range 7-20 keV
Dynamics of plastic bending of whiskers, induced by bombardment by a dense elect
Laser interferometry of acoustic fields generated by high-current electron beams
Critical (burst) electron emission from dielectrics, induced by injection of a d
Synthesis and electron field emission of nanocrystalline diamond thin films grow
Assessment of electron energy-loss spectroscopy below 5 eV in semiconductor mate
Sputtering and the formation of nanometre voids and holes in aluminium in a scan
Electron microscopy of Mg2Ni-H alloy synthesized by reactive mechanical grinding
Nitrogen-containing carbon nanotube growth from Ni phthalocyanine by chemical va
High resolution imaging and analysis of grain boundaries in steel using a field
Time-resolved electron microscopy by means of electron counting
Crystallographic and morphological characterization of reactively sputtered Ta,
Electronic structure of graphite nanopipes
Study on tunneling phenomena in magnetic barrier structures
Electron-stimulated disordering in c(8×2)benzoate/Cu(110): a combined STM,
Nanometre-size tubes of carbon
Theory on the quantum confinement-luminescence center model for nanocrystalline
Synthesis of gallium nitride quantum dots through reactive laser ablation
Physical characteristics of band-gap engineered, photovoltaic detectors
Epitaxial carbon nanotube film self-organized by sublimation decomposition of si
Electrochemical deposition of quantized particle MoS2 thin films
Preparation of ultrafine SiO2 with high surface area by the chemical precipitati
Field emission from amorphous diamond coated Mo tip emitters by pulsed laser dep
Enhanced electro-optic modulation by integration of non-radiative centers in a r
FT-EPR study of photoinduced electron transfer at the surface of TiO2 nanopartic
A single-electron transistor made from a cadmium selenide nanocrystal
Steps, ledges and kinks on the surfaces of platinum nanoparticles of different s
Mechanically induced carbonization for formation of nanocrystalline TiC alloy
Formation of Sb nanocrystals in SiO2 film using ion implantation followed by the
Preparation and microstructure of nanometer-sized Mn2O3
Classification of the pore structure of n-type silicon and its microstructure
Absolute keV photon yields from ultrashort laser-field-induced hot nanoplasmas
Time-resolved high-resolution electron microscopy of atomic scale solid-state di
Wet chemistry of spinel iron oxide particles
Field emission satterns from single-walled carbon nanotubes
Preparation and ultrafast optical characterization of metal and semiconductor co
Sensitized electroluminescence on mesoporous oxide semiconductor films
Supersonic radiative transport of electron-hole plasma in semiconductors at room
Charge-transfer reactions of C60 in surfactant-based complex fluid media
Generation of ultrahigh harmonics with a two-stage free electron laser and a see
Characterization of Permalloy thin films electrodeposited on Si(111) surfaces
Evidence of a low compressibility carbon nitride with defect-zincblende structur
Surface and near surface structure and composition of high-dose implanted and el
Coulomb blockade effects in anodized niobium nanostructures
A transmission electron microscopy study of the microstructures present in alumi
Ordering behavior of nanocrystalline FeAl
Tridimension structural characterization of porous silicon by transmission elect
Structural properties of c-axis oriented epitaxial YBa2Cu3O7-δ thin films
Nanofabrication of electrodes with sub-5 nm spacing for transport experiments on
Direct formation of nanocrystalline silicon by electron cyclotron resonance chem
The electron gun of LAE 10 linear electron accelerator
Well-aligned graphitic nanofibers synthesized by plasma-assisted chemical vapor
Preparation of Co and Fe nanocomposites in SiO2 matrices
Double-barrier coherent sound generator: a new device
Sol-gel prepared In2O3 thin films
Study on threshold of domain inversion and dotted inversion domain line formatio
Formation and crystallization of amorphous structure in the laser-cladding plasm
Plasmon response and structure of nanocrystalline diamond powder
High-resolution transmission electron microscopic study of nanoporous carbon con
Microstructural characteristics of chemically processed manganese oxide nanofibr
Nanocontact and nanowire formation between macroscopic metallic contacts observe
Sub-nanosecond pulse modulation of a triode electron gun at 25 MHz
Preparation of carbon nanotubes by hydrogen arc discharge
Ballistic electron emission microscopy and its applications
Time evolution of nanocontact structure between macroscopic metallic wires leadi
Nanoscopic aspects of electronic aging in dielectrics
Low-loss EELS study of oxide-covered aluminum nanospheres
Characterization of hard magnetic two-phase mechanically alloyed Sm2Fe17N3/&alph
Collective resonances in carbon nanotubes
Formation of a crystalline phase in amorphous hydrogenated carbon-germanium film
Electronic transport in epitaxial films studied by scanning probe techniques
Carbon nanotubes are coherent electron sources
Electron interaction with polar optical phonons in a semiconductor heterostructu
Phenomenology of metallic resistivity observed in single-wall nanotube ropes as
Direct observation of chemical reactions in silica-coated gold and silver nanopa
Investigation of growth conditions of fibrous deposits in carbon arc
Room temperature observation of single electron tunneling effect in self-assembl
Purification and size-selection of carbon nanotubes
Nonlinear electron transport effects in a chiral carbon nanotube
High resolution-electron-microscopy investigation of nanosize inclusions
Optical emission from small Si particles
Time-resolved high-resolution electron microscopy of clusters, surfaces, and int
Quantum oscillations in a confined electron gas
Local spectroscopy of electrons confined in less than two dimensions
Characterization of the interfaces formed during the silicidation process of Ti
Transmission electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction and Raman scattering studies
Fabrication of a dual-gate-controlled Coulomb blockade transistor based on a sil
Morphology of liquid crystalline epoxy composite matrices based on the diglycidy
Transmission electron microscopy study of Si nanowires
Electron propagation along a nanowire: A study in chattering
Synthesis and structure of pristine and alkali-metal-intercalated single-walled
Single-electron effects in heavily doped polycrystalline silicon nanowires
Nanocrystalline-grained Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O and its superconducting property
Preparation and formation mechanism of silicon nanorods
Evidence for crystallographically abrupt grain boundaries in nanocrystalline cop
Charge transport in nanoparticle arrangements
Thermal stability and hydriding properties of nanocrystalline melt-spun Mg63Ni30
Size-dependent surface plasmon dynamics in metal nanoparticlcs
Electron-beam lithography using a scanning transmission electron microscope CM12
Formation of giant onion-like fullerenes under Al nanoparticles by electron irra
Quantum measurements performed with a single-electron transistor
AlGaAs/GaAs tunnelling diode integrated with nanometre-scale oxides patterned by
Ultrafast charge carrier dynamics of SnO2 nanoclusters: a refined interpretation
Electron field emission from chemical vapor deposited diamond films
Magnetic interactions within patterned cobalt nanostructures using off-axis elec
Nanoelectronic devices
Microstructure evolution of GaN buffer layer on MgAl2O4 substrate
Electron energy-loss spectrum of nanowires
Youngs modulus of single-walled nanotubes
Pulsed electron-beam technology for surface modification of metallic materials
Quantitative comparison of transmission electron microscopy techniques for the s
Single electron transistors fabricated with AFM ultra-fine nano oxidation proces
A new characteristic of SiC nanometer powder. Blue and violet emission
Morphology and microstructure investigations of YB66 nano-particles prepared by
High quality GaAs quantum wires grown by flow rate modulation epitaxy
The migration of metal atoms through carbon onions
Space-time resolved optical spectroscopy of barium fluoride
Magnetic properties of amorphous Fe-Cr-B nanoparticles embedded in an alumina ma
Preparation of SiO2 films with embedded Si nanocrystals by reactive r.f. magnetr
Change of crystal phases and microstructure of amorphous Si-C-N powder by hot pr
Single electron transistor fabricated by the STM/AFM nano-oxidation process
Processing of ductile carbon nanotube/C60 composite
Electron spectrum in a quantum superlattice with cylindrical symmetry
Nanocrystalline-silicon superlattice produced by controlled recrystallization
Phonon confinement effects in the Raman scattering by TiO2 nanocrystals
Transmission electron microscope investigation of cadmium sulfide nanoparticles
An electrical model of the dye-sensitized solar cell
A novel low molecular-weight organic-resist with high sensitivity for nanometer
Low temperature deposition of TaCN films using pentakis(diethylamido)tantalum
Investigation of thermal damage zone in HgCdTe and Si near laser craters formed
Optical characterization of porous silicon embedded with CdSe nanoparticles
Ultrafast electron dynamics in gold nanoshells
Nanostructured polymer films by electron-beam irradiation and selective metalliz
Dissipative quantum tunneling and magnetic response of a single electron in a fo
Three-dimensional siloxane resist for the formation of nanopatterns with minimum
Classical rebound trajectories in nonlocal ballistic electron transport
Analysis of capacitance-coupled three-junction single-electron transistor charac
Crystallography of clusters
Magnetic viscosity of fine maghemite clusters prepared by electrochemical method
Excitonic effects and the optical absorption spectrum of hydrogenated Si cluster
Boron-doped carbon fullerenes and nanotubules formed through electron irradiatio
Evolution of the elastoplastic bending of whisker crystals of NaCl due to nanose
Inter-reaction of Cu/Au thin films observed by high angle hollow cone darkfield
Ultrafast studies of photoexcited electron dynamics in γ- and α-Fe2O
Novel nanotubes and encapsulated nanowires
Nanocrystalline NiAl-processing, characterization and mechanical properties
Study on CdSe nanoclusters by transmission electron microscope
Photoinduced electron transfer between C60/C70 and zinc tetraphenylporphyrin in
Cobalt nanoclusters in silica glass: Nonlinear optical and magnetic properties
Are boron-doped carbon nanotubes metallic?
Fabrication of monocrystalline refractory metal nanostructures capable of ballis
A novel synthesis of cadmium phosphide nanoparticles using the single-source pre
Ion-beam synthesis and structural characterization of ZnS nanocrystals in SiO2
Microguns with 100-V electron beams
Mechanomaking of high speed steel AISI M2: powder consolidation
Breakdown of equilibrium approximation for nanosecond laser-induced electron emi
A simple and novel way to synthesize aligned nanotube bundles at low temperature
Interfacial carriers dynamics of CdS nanoparticles
Time-resolved spectroscopy of self-trapped excitons in fluorides of alkaline-ear
A novel organothermal reduction process for producing nanocrystalline Ni2P with
Self-organized chain of crystalline-silicon nanospheres
From ZnO colloids to nanocrystalline highly conductive films
A novel pathway for synthesis of submicrometer-size solid core/mesoporous shell
A 25-nm-pitch GaInAs/InP buried structure using calixarene resist
Computer-assisted enhancement permits the use of five nanometer gold probes in l
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes by arc discharge in CF4 gas atmosphere
Nanoengineering of inorganic and hybrid hollow spheres by colloidal templating
Effect of tunneling conductance on the Coulomb staircase
Effect of particle size and shape on the free electron linear and nonlinear pola
Cubic C3N4 particles prepared in an induction thermal plasma
Elastic magnets: template-controlled mineralization of iron oxide colloids in a
Electron waveguide devices
Nanoscale hardening precipitation in AlMgSi alloys: a transmission electron micr
Spectral and kinetic identification of radical cations of pyrimidine bases by st
Microstructure of molybdenum disilicide-silicon carbide nanocomposite thin films
Synthesis of nanocrystalline Al60Ni40 alloy produced by rod milling
Control of diamond film microstructure by Ar additions to CH4/H2 microwave plasm
Electronic and optical properties of finite zigzag carbon nanotubes with and wit
Quantum coherence in surface-tip transfer of adatoms in AFM/STM
Electron-electron interaction in nanographite ribbons
Removal of acrolein vapor from air by a nanosecond electron beam
Photoinduced superconducting nanowires in GdBa2Cu3O6.5 films
Electrochemical formation of novel nanowires and their dynamic effects
Fabrication of nano-crystal silicon on SiO2 using the agglomeration process
Subsurface charge accumulation imaging of a quantum Hall liquid
A carbide/Ni/Ni-silicide layer structure formed by focused electron beam heating
Spectroscopy of Eu3+-doped PtS2 nanoclusters
Ion-beam-induced crystallization of carbon-implanted silicon studied by Auger el
Formation of carbon nanotubes in the graphite surface by Ar ion sputtering
Electron emitters fabricated using diamond thin films
Nano-scale pattern delineation by fabrication of electron-optical lens for micro
Large-area synthesis of carbon nanofiber films
Conductivity and atomic structure of isolated multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Observation of quantum confined excited states of GaN nanocrystals
Structural analysis of self-assembling nanocrystal superlattices
Atomic force microscope lithography on carbonaceous films deposited by electron-
Synthesis of a nanocrystalline W-25 wt.% Re alloy by mechanical alloying
Gas and plasma nitriding pretreatments of steel substrates before CVD growth of
Formation of ZnO nanocrystallites on ZnS surfaces by electron beam irradiation
Free-electron-laser near-field nanospectroscopy
Direct transformation of graphite to cubic diamond observed in a laser-heated di
Single-wall carbon nanotubes synthesized by laser ablation in a nitrogen atmosph
Applications of EFTEM elemental mapping with high spatial resolution to the nano
Thermal spraying of nanocrystalline Ni coatings
Atomic force microscopy imaging of fragments from the Martian meteorite ALH84001
Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline Fe3O4 powders
Theoretical analysis of write errors and number of stored electrons for ten-nano
Formation, structure and magnetic hardening of Zr added Sm2(Fe,Al,Zr)17C1.5 comp
In-situ TEM and EELS studies of alkali-metal intercalation with single-walled ca
Electronic properties of single Au nanocrystals and synthesis of 1-dimensional n
Lateral etching and filling of high aspect ratio nanometer-size cavities for sil
Formation of branched fractal CdS patterns in oligomer LB monolayers: a study us
Precipitation of carbon nanoparticles encapsulating silicon carbide from molten
Luminescence from growth topographic features in GaN:Si films
Magnetic microstructure of magnetotactic bacteria by electron holography
Characterization of zirconium nitride coatings deposited by cathodic arc sputter
Observations of virtual cathode formation and electron density profile measureme
Fabrication of large scale periodic magnetic nanostructures
Synthesis of mixed ferrite with spinel-type structure from a stainless steelmaki
Deposition of cubic boron nitride in hydrogen plasma
SOI quantum-device fabrication and single-electron tunneling characteristics
Characterization of nanocrystalline tantalum nitride formed by solid-gas reactio
Room temperature operation of amorphous carbon-based single-electron transistors
Alumina/silicon carbide nanocomposites by hybrid polymer/powder processing: micr
Fluorination of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Electron spectroscopy and dynamics on the Ge(111):As 1×1 surface
Selective area growth of Si on thin insulating layers for nanostructure fabricat
Mixing of bound states with electron transport by a radiation field in waveguide
Microstructural investigations of exchange coupled and decoupled nanocrystalline
Time-resolved imaging of gas phase nanoparticle synthesis by laser ablation
Filling carbon nanotubes with metals by the arc-discharge method: the key role o
Ballistic electron emission microscopy studies on Au/CaF2/n-Si(111) heterostruct
Multicomponent mechanical alloying of Fe-Cu-Nb-Si-B
Direct inversion of dynamical electron diffraction patterns to structure factors
Preparation of nano-crystalline diamonds using pulsed laser induced reactive que
Superlattices of self-assembled tetrahedral Ag nanocrystals
Effect of electron beam parameters on CBED patterns from interfaces
Vanishing of the Mott transition in semiconductor nanocrystals
Nanodispersed microstructures on laser mixing of Al-Ni multilayers
Analytical electron microscopy of discontinuous solid state reactions
Si single-electron devices with integrated Si islands. Towards ultralow-power el
The strengthening mechanism of DLC film on silicon by MPECVD
Free-electron model for mesoscopic force fluctuations in nanowires
Transmission electron microscopy observations of fracture of single-wall carbon
Microstructure and corrosion resistance of a type 316 L stainless steel
Kinetics of electron charging and discharging on embedded W disks in GaAs
Silicon single-electron memory using ultra-small floating gate
Scattering rates in a semiconductor heterostructure: the electron-phonon couplin
Solid-solution hardening of Cd1-xZnxTe bulk crystals
In-plane gates and nanostructures fabricated by direct oxidation of semiconducto
Modification of the structure and mechanical properties of a hard alloy using a
Reversible bending of carbon nanotubes using a transmission electron microscope
Contacting carbon nanotubes selectively with low-ohmic contacts for four-probe e
Modelling and design of quantum dot cellular automata
Electron-beam-induced damage in amorphous SiO2 and the direct fabrication of sil
Unsupported nanometer-sized copper clusters studied by electron diffraction and
Preparation and characterization of sub-micron spherical particles of Al2O3, SiO
Photorefractive gratings formed in an Fe:CdTe crystal by nanosecond laser pulses
Microwave synthesis of solid solutions of urania and thoria-a comparative study
Energetics of bent carbon nanotubes
Hillocks formation during the molecular beam epitaxial growth of ZnSe on GaAs su
Magneto-optics of electronic transport in nanowires
Experimental and theoretical studies of microstructural instabilities in WS2 und
Formation and manipulation of a metallic wire of single gold atoms
Magneto-optical properties of CdS nanoparticles embedded in phosphate glass
Surface conductivity induced electron field emission from an indium cluster sitt
Prompt electron emission and collisional ionization of ambient gas during pulsed
Quantum transport and I-V characteristics of quantum size field effect transisto
A study of high velocity oxy-fuel thermally sprayed tungsten carbide based coati
Nanocrystalline gold in Au-doped thin C60 films
Electron-electron correlations in carbon nanotubes
On the origin of tunneling barriers in silicon single electron and single hole t
Solution-phase EPR studies of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Coulomb blockade effects at room temperature in thin-film nanoconstrictions fabr
Production method and physical properties of multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Production of carbon nanotubes by the solar route
Nanoscopic crystallography of chalcopyrite CuInS2 by techniques of convergent-be
Transmission electron microscopy-investigation of the microstructure of rapidly
XPS and EELS investigations of chemical homogeneity in nanometer scaled Ti-ferri
Synthesis and characterization of amorphous carbon nanowires
Tunneling effects emerging from multi-electron systems in spatially modulated na
Quasi-bound states and resonances in heterostructures
Double-island single-electron devices. A useful unit device for single-electron
Low-threshold electron emission from diamond
Temperature-controlled synthesis of gallium antimonide nanoparticles in solution
Titania nanotubes prepared by chemical processing
A chemical synthesis of periodic macroporous NiO and metallic Ni
Study of BiSb-SiO2 nanocomposite powders produced by an arc plasma processing
Fabrication of single self-supported metallic nanometric wires
Fabrication of nanoscale structures of InGaN by MOCVD lateral overgrowth
Deposition of multifunctional titania ceramic films by aerosol routes
A simple colloidal route to nanocrystalline ZnO/CuInS2 bilayers
Influence of deposition condition and hydrogen on amorphous-to-polycrystalline S
Synthesis of photonic crystals for optical wavelengths from semiconductor quantu
Single electron tunneling through nano-sized cobalt particles
Growth dynamics of single-wall carbon nanotubes synthesized by CO2 laser vaporiz
Preparation and microstructure of nanocrystalline grain Ag-MgF2 cermet film
Fine structure of boron nitride nanotubes produced from carbon nanotubes by a su
Growth morphology and micro-structural aspects of Si nanowires synthesized by la
Advanced microscopy techniques resolving complex precipitates in steels
An aqueous approach to ZnSe and CdSe semiconductor nanocrystals
Face-centered-cubic titanium: an artifact in titanium/aluminum multilayers
Self-trapping and multiplication of electronic excitations in Al2O3 and Al2O3:Sc
The effect of substrate temperature on the structure and hardness of magnetron s
Size and shape effects of quantum dots on three-electron spectra
Pulsed laser deposition of ZnO nanocluster films by Cu-vapor laser
Nano-scale GeO2 wires synthesized by physical evaporation
A novel processing route to control grain growth in submicrometer alumina compac
Fabrication and STEM/EELS measurements of nanometer-scale silicon tips and filam
Two-dimensional mapping of the electrostatic potential in transistors by electro
Size dependence of the energy relaxation in silver nanoparticles embedded in die
The melting and solidification of nanoscale Bi particles embedded in a glassy an
Structural analysis of a carbon nitride film prepared by ion-beam-assisted-depos
Fabrication of co-planar metal-insulator-metal solid state nanojunctions down to
Response to “Comment on `Contact resistance of carbon nanotubes ” [A
Supercurrents through single-walled carbon nanotubes
Nano-crystalline formation during stress-induced amorphization at crack tips in
3D morphology of II-VI semiconductor nanocrystals grown in inverted micelles
Determination of atomic positions in a solid Xe precipitate embedded in an Al ma
Synthesis of silicon oxide nanofibers by sublimation of SiC in medium vacuum wit
Boron-mediated growth of long helicity-selected carbon nanotubes
Switching asymmetries in closely coupled magnetic nanostructure arrays
The preparation, surface modification, and characterization of metallic α-
Synthesis of Ti-N thin films prepared by dynamic ion mixing technique and their
Migration and coalescence of Xe nanoprecipitates in Al induced by electron irrad
Surface modification of barium titanate powder particles
A new chemical route to prepare nanocrystalline cobalt monoarsenide
Landau quantization and equatorial states on the surface of a nanosphere
Optical and electronic properties of Si nanoclusters synthesized in inverse mice
Nanoscale analysis of electron irradiation-enhanced diffusion process on the mul
Interface structure analysis of SiC fibres reinforced SiC matrix composites by e
Different aspects of the microstructure of nanometer-sized Mn2O3
Magnetic nanowires
Plasmon confinement in ultrathin continuous Ag films
Ballistic electron magnetic microscopy: Imaging magnetic domains with nanometer
Correlation of diffuse scattering with nanocrystallite size in porous silicon us
Synthesis of the nanocrystalline α-LiFe5O8 in a solvothermal process
Fullerine and onion formation under electron irradiation of boron-doped graphite
Nanostructure and formation mechanism of proto diamond shock-synthesized from gr
Quantum electrical transport in samples of limited dimensions
Characterization of electrostatically self-assembled nanocomposite thin films
Properties of Y2O3 nanocluster films deposited by Cu-vapor laser at room tempera
Nitrogen-incorporated distorted nanocrystalline diamond films: Structure and fie
A transmission electron microscopy investigation of sulfide nanocrystals formed
Real-time observation of the diffusive motion of 2×2 adlayer formed on Ag(
Calorimetric and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy study of nanoc
Single-electron tunneling in thin metal granular films
Local structural order in electron-irradiated graphite studied by high-resolutio
An essay on condensed matter physics in the twentieth century
Irradiation effects in carbon nanostructures
Heterostructures of single-walled carbon nanotubes and carbide nanorods
Cobalt nanosized particles organized in a 2D superlattice: synthesis, characteri
Large-scale synthesis of single crystalline gallium nitride nanowires
β-SiC nanorods with uniform amorphous SiO2 wrappers on the outside surface
Size-dependent correlation effects in the ultrafast optical dynamics of metal na
A comparative study of colloidal particles as imaging standards for microscopy
Quantitative electron spectroscopic diffraction analyses of the crystal formatio
Carbon nanotube tips for a scanning probe microscope: their fabrication and prop
Study on crystallized mechanism of amorphous Fe-7Zr-3B alloy
Fabrication of ordered nanopore arrays of alumina on silicon substrate
Structure and magnetic properties of co-sputtered Co-C thin films
The generation of nanometer-size tantalum particles in a graphite host lattice
The preparation and phase transition of nanocrystalline iron sulfides via toluen
Nanometer-scale Si-selective epitaxial growth using an ultrathin SiO2 mask
Superplasticity of silicon carbide
A low temperature route to nanocrystalline Co9S8
The future of atomic resolution electron microscopy for materials science
Improving optical and charge separation properties of nanocrystalline TiO2 by su
Low-field electron emission from CVD diamond films
Electron-beam induced growth of Cu nanoparticles in silica glass matrix
The structure and property of the nanometer Si-C-N reinforced Si3N4 composites
Synthesis, structure and field emission of carbon nanotubes
Atomic-scale electron beam processing
Evidence for liquid indium nanoparticles on Ge(001) at room temperature
Preparation and studies of Ag-TiO2 hybrid nanoparticles of core-shell structure
Evolution from individual to collective electron states in a dense quantum dot e
Many-body pseudopotential theory of excitons in InP and CdSe quantum dots
SEM and HREM study of the internal structure of nanotube rich carbon arc cathodi
The electronic structure at the atomic scale of ultrathin gate oxides
Thickness induced structural phase transition of gold nanofilm
Suspending highly doped silicon-on-insulator wires for applications in nanomecha
Fragmentation of graphite crystals by electron irradiation at elevated temperatu
In-situ, analytical, high-voltage and high resolution transmission electron micr
Hi-Nicalon/SiC minicomposites with (pyrocarbon/SiC)n nanoscale multilayered inte
Quantum-well states in copper thin films
Dehydration sequence of gibbsite by electron-beam irradiation in a TEM
Deposition of diamond-like films upon laser irradiation of the interface of a tr
Polymerized carbon nanobells and their field-emission properties
Scanning tunneling microscope assisted nanostructure formation: Two excitation m
Numerical and experimental studies on synthesis of ultrafine nanosize powders of
Microstructure and nanochemistry or carbide precipitates in high-speed steel S 6
A novel chemical route to ZnTe semiconductor nanorods
Fabrication of metallic electrodes with nanometer separation by electromigration
Template-assisted self-assembly and cobalt doping of ordered mesoporous titania
Particle size distribution inferred from small-angle X-ray scattering and transm
Laser deposition of amorphous diamond films from liquid aromatic hydrocarbons
Electron backscattering on single-wall carbon nanotubes observed by scanning tun
A solvothermal route to nanocrystalline Cu7Te4 at low temperature
Electron scattering by a large molecule: Application to (n,n) nanotubes
Universality of electron correlations in conducting carbon nanotubes
Nanoscale structure and chemistry of Al0.49In0.51P thermal oxide
Nanostructure of GaN and SiC nanowires based on carbon nanotubes
Transformation of polyyne-containing carbon to nanoscale carbon tubules
Nanofabrication on Si oxide with scanning tunneling microscope: Mechanism of the
Evaluation of the charge-collection efficiency of dye-sensitized nanocrystalline
Refinement of crystal structural parameters using two-dimensional energy-filtere
Electron and hole relaxation pathways in semiconductor quantum dots
Degradation of the CaF2(111) surface by air exposure
An AlGaAs/GaAs tunnel diode integrated with nanometer-scale atomic force microsc
30-nm-gate InP-based lattice-matched high electron mobility transistors with 350
Postdeposition relaxation of internal stress in sputter-grown thin films caused
Spin polarization in a model quantum wire with a cross-section
Nucleation of cubic boron nitride thin films
Quasistationary states of an electron in a spherical β-HgS/β-CdS/&beta
Polybenzimidazole nanofiber produced by electrospinning
Study of the photophysical properties of composite film assembled of porphyrin a
Electron shuttling across the interface of CdSe nanoparticles monitored by femto
Grazing -incidence X-ray diffraction in the study of metallic clusters buried in
High resolution organic resists for charged particle lithography
Microstructure characterization of oxidized nanocrystalline Si:H film by transmi
Preparation, characterization and photoelectrochemical behaviors of Fe(III)-dope
Diffusional mediation of surface electron transfer on TiO2
Electron diffraction from micro- and nanoparticles of hydroxyapatite
Discrete levels in the continuum and tunneling
Template synthesis of bismuth telluride nanowires
Materials in nanopipes of undoped GaN
Formation of self-aligned carbon nanotube films by surface decomposition of sili
Transmission electron microscopy observations of low-load indents in GaAs
Scanning tunnelling microscopy: application to field electron emission studies
Synthesis and structure of indium oxide nanoparticles dispersed within pores of
Direct observation of mesoporous silica by high resolution scanning electron mic
Nanoscopic unequivocal analysis of twinned crystal structures with tetragonal or
Structure and vapor adsorption of low-density silica aerogels
From metallic nanobridges to atomic size point contacts
Synthesis of nanometer-sized TiO2 particles by a microemulsion method
Gate-controlled superconducting proximity effect in carbon nanotubes
Electronic properties of carbon nanotubes
Z-contrast imaging and electron energy-loss spectroscopy analysis of chromium-do
High photosensitivity and nanometer-scale phase separation in GeO2-SiO2 glass th
Microelectron gun integrating a point-source cathode
γ-irradiation route to semiconductor/polymer nanocable fabrication
Low temperature synthesis of nanocrystalline Mn3O4 by a solvothermal method
Atomic structure of a Σ=3, {111} twin-boundary junction in a BaTiO3 thin f
Modification of multiwall carbon nanotubes by electron irradiation: An ESR study
Phase separation and partial devitrification in soda-lime silicate glasses
On the coalescence and twinning of cubo-octahedral CeO2 condensates
Organometallic chemical vapor deposition of V-groove InGaAs/GaAs quantum wires i
Overview of nanotechnology
The structural transformation of anatase TiO2 by high-energy vibrational ball mi
Magnetic domain pinning in patterned perpendicular magnetic anisotropy material
Boron-carbon nanotubes from the pyrolysis of C2H2-B2H6 mixtures
The interaction of oxygen with nanocrystalline SnO2 thin films in the framework
Disorder in nanocrystalline Ni3Fe
Carbothermic synthesis of monodispersed spherical Si3N4/SiC nanocomposite powder
Electron standing-wave formation in atomic wires
Corrosion resistance of low-carbon steel after action of potent electron beams
Preparation and characterization of garnet phosphor nanoparticles derived from o
Multiply twinned C60 and C70 nanoparticles
Vibrational spectroscopy of gas-phase metal-carbide clusters and nanocrystals
The corrosion behavior and microstructure of high-velocity oxy-fuel sprayed nick
TEM and SEM studies of radiation blistering in helium-implanted copper
The effect of the starting solution on the physico-chemical properties of zinc f
A new CVD route for the synthesis of composite diamond-based materials
Nonlinear dynamics in superlattices driven by high frequency AC-fields
Microstructural development in pure and V-doped SnO2 nanopowders
Particle size dependence of the volume plasmon energy in cadmium sulphide quantu
Synthesis of conducting fibers, nanotubes, and thin films of carbon from commerc
On the electrical activity of sp2-bonded grain boundaries in nanocrystalline dia
Mechanochemical synthesis of gadolinium oxide nanoparticles
Preparation and characterization of nanosize Mn-Zn ferrite
Nanoceramic coatings produced by laser treatment
Switching of nanoscale magnetic elements
Studies on stable aqueous poly(o-toluidine) prepared with the use of a water sol
Nanometer scale tunnel junctions for single charge electronics
Electron diffraction and microscopy of nanotubes
Room temperature single electron effects in a Si nano-crystal memory
Electron transport in nanoparticulate ZnO films
Microstructural aspects related to carriers transport properties of nanocrystall
Crystallization by post-treatment of reactive r.f.-magnetron-sputtered carbon ni
Deep levels in GaN grown by nitridation of GaAs(110) surface in a electron cyclo
Evolution of the structure of nanocrystalline Ni3Al in heat treatment
Efficiency of hot carrier trapping by outer-sphere redox probes at quantum dot i
A simple route to silicon-based nanostructures
On the formation and nature of nanometer size clusters on the surface of ZnSe ep
Frequency-resolved optical detection of photoinjected electrons in dye-sensitize
Density-functional calculations of magnetoplasmons in quantum rings
Effect of wire length on Coulomb blockade in ultrathin wires of recrystallized h
Magnesium surface segregation and oxidation in Al-Mg alloys studied with local p
Electron field emission from silicon nanowires
Gasochromic behavior of sol-gel derived Pd doped peroxopolytungstic acid (W-PTA)
Deposition of zinc sulfide quantum dots from a single-source molecular precursor
Low-energy (300 eV) versatile scanning electron microscope with 30 nm resolution
Electron-electron interactions in a thin toroid
Formation of MoTe2 nanotubes by electron irradiation
Ground and excited states of few-electron systems in spherical quantum dots
Atomic force microscopy lithography as a nanodevice development technique
Driving force for electron transport in porous nanostructured photoelectrodes
Tunneling through a quantum channel with impurities: An exactly solvable model
Preparation and characterization of nanocrystalline powders of bismuth vanadate
Comment on “Near-field electron energy loss spectroscopy of nanoparticles&
Spectrum and electron-phonon interaction in a medium with a cylindrical quantum
Electronic configurations in coupled many-electron quantum-dot systems
Nanophase alumina synthesis in thermal arc plasma and characterization: correlat
Well-aligned carbon nitride nanotubes synthesized in anodic alumina by electron
Phonon generation by current-carrying nanostructures
A self-assembled single-electron tunneling transistor
Morphokinetics: growth of mesoporous silica curved shapes
Structural order of nanocrystalline ZnO films
Electrical properties of iron-silica nanocomposites synthesized by electrodeposi
Electron-spin polarization by resonant tunneling
Temperature-graded InAlAs buffers applied on InGaAs/InAlAs/InP high electron mob
Plasmon excitations in carbon nanotubes
Single-electron transistor made of multiwalled carbon nanotube using scanning pr
Formation and field-emission of carbon nanofiber films on metallic nanowire arra
Nanocomposites glass/conductive polymers
Electron field emission from cluster-assembled carbon films
Solid state reactions in Al/Ni alternate foils induced by cold rolling and annea
Ring formations from catalytically synthesized carbon nanotubes
Photoelectrochemical effect in dye sensitized, sputter deposited Ti oxide films:
Low-energy electron point source microscope with position-sensitive electron ene
Nanocrystallisation mechanisms in FeCuNbSiB-type alloys from comparative HREM, S
Imaging electron wave functions of quantized energy levels in carbon nanotubes
Structural and optical characterization of amorphous and crystalline evaporated
Electron spin resonance in γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles dispersed in a polymer ma
Polymerization of Langmuir-Blodgett films of diacetylenes
Fabrication of nanometer size gaps in a metallic wire
Si nanowires synthesized by laser ablation of mixed SiC and SiO2 powders
Effect of the electron-phonon coupling on the ground state of a D- center in a s
Bismuth nanowire arrays: Synthesis and galvanomagnetic properties
Deposition of nanocrystalline cubic silicon carbide films using the hot-filament
Luminescence and related novel functions of nanosilicon
Nanocrystallization behavior and magnetic properties of amorphous Fe78Si9B13 rib
A many-particle approach to the electron-phonon interaction in semiconductor nan
Carrier conduction in a Si-nanocrystal-based single-electron transistor. I. Effe
Ruddlesden-Popper planar faults and nanotwins in heteroepitaxial nonstoichiometr
Detection of space charge limited currents in nanoscaled titania
Deposition of the platinum crystals on the carbon nanotubes
Preparation and characterization of nanometre-size InSb particles
Femtosecond transient-absorption dynamics of colloidal gold nanorods: Shape inde
Anisotropic tribological properties of the coating on a magnetic recording disk
Modeling of light-emission spectra measured on silicon nanometer-scale diode ant
Electron beam stimulated formation of CdS nanoparticles within calixarene Langmu
Studies on the surface interaction and dispersity of silver nanoparticles in org
Effects of hydrogen on the growth of nanocrystalline silicon films by electron-b
Synthesis of lead zirconate titanate from an amorphous precursor by mechanical a
Characterization of supported nanoporous carbon membranes
Production of fullerenes and single-wall carbon nanotubes by high-temperature pu
Template-assisted growth of hexagonal poly- or single-crystalline quasi-2D palla
An electron microscopy study of the growth of Ge nanoparticles in SiO2
Isolated-core excitations in strong electric fields. II. Experimental results
Local melting of the NiAl substrate under deposited Pd clusters during irradiati
Structures of clusters
Photoluminescence and free-electron absorption in heavily phosphorus-doped Si na
Core-shell quantum dots of lattice-matched ZnCdSe2 shells on InP cores: experime
Magnetic barrier in confined two-dimensional electron gases: Nanomagnetometers a
A Monte Carlo track structure code for electrons (~10 eV-10 keV) and protons (~0
A simple route to annihilate defects in silicon nanowires
Imogolite: an aluminosilicate nanotube material
On the Coulomb interaction in chiral-invariant one-dimensional electron systems
Nanoscale palladium metallization of DNA
Polymer-gel templating of porous inorganic macro-structures using nanoparticle b
Electron and light emission from island metal films and generation of hot electr
Production of WS2 nanotubes by an activation method
Effect of electron beam parameters on simulated CBED patterns from edge-on grain
Structure of boron nitride nanoscale cones: Ordered stacking of 240° and 300
Formation of NbSe2 nanotubes by electron irradiation
Stoichiometric cBN films deposited by electron-cyclotron-wave-resonance plasma s
Laser-induced phase transformations in semiconductor quantum dots
Photoluminescence of mesoporous silica molecular sieves
Low-energy electron beam focusing in self-organized porous alumina vacuum window
Synthesis of nanoscaled yttrium aluminum garnet powder by the co-precipitation m
Image potential in scanning transmission electron microscopy
Electron diffraction of yttrium iron oxide nanocrystals prepared by the alkoxide
Growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes by a novel technique using nanosized gr
Bulk-quantity GaN nanowires synthesized from hot filament chemical vapor deposit
Electron-phonon coupling dynamics in very small (between 2 and 8 nm diameter) Au
Selective nucleation and growth of carbon nanotubes at the CoSi2/Si interface
Catalytic growth of β-Ga2O3 nanowires by arc discharge
Large-scale catalytic synthesis of crystalline gallium nitride nanowires
Synthesis of graphite-C3N4 crystal by ion beam sputtering
Structural and abnormal electrical properties of excess PbO-doped lead lanthanum
Influence of delocalized states on electron scattering by carbon nanotubes under
Nanocrystalline nickel nanoparticles
Preparation and characterization of CdS nanowire arrays by DC electrodeposit in
Influence of heat on impurity states in an artificial semiconductor atom
A compact ultrahigh-vacuum system for the in situ investigation of III/V semicon
MoO3-promoted synthesis of multi-walled BN nanotubes from C nanotube templates
Mechanisms for intraband energy relaxation in semiconductor quantum dots: The ro
The microstructure of as-melt spun Al-7%Si-0.3%Mg alloy and its variation in con
Surface color centers on epitaxial NaCl films
Size-controlled short nanobells: Growth and formation mechanism
Heat-treatment effect on the nanosized graphite π-electron system during diam
Annealing effect on electron field-emission properties of diamond-like nanocompo
High-resolution transmission and scanning electron microscopy of boride-nitride
Microstructural evolution in lubricious ZnO films grown by pulsed laser depositi
The intrinsic relation between field electron emission and structure characteris
In situ observation of electron-beam-induced ripening of Ge clusters in thin SiO
Preparation of monolayers of nanoparticles for transmission electron microscopy
Computer image processing of transmission electron micrograph pictures as a fast
Fabrication of 0.5-μm structures by dry electron lithography and anisotropic
Diffraction and channeling in nanotubes
GDOES depth profiling analysis and cross sectional transmission electron microsc
MnO2/polyimide hybrid materials prepared with a convenient ultraviolet irradiati
Characterization and nonlinear optical properties of a poly(acrylic acid)-surfac
Topography and electrical properties of InAs quantum dots
Formation of Si nano-structures by O2 flow during deposition
Formation and characterization of nanoparticle-bearing threads of silicon, germa
Fabrication of GaAs/AlGaAs high electron mobility transistors with 250 nm gates
Single electron memory devices based on plasma-derived silicon nanocrystals
Limits of ultra-thin multilayers by pulsed vacuum arc deposition
Well-aligned carbon nanotube array membrane synthesized in porous alumina templa
Static and dynamic electron holography of electrically active grain boundaries i
Parallel nanolithography in carbon layers with conductive imprint stamps
Electron and hole trapping in WS2 nanoclusters
Large-scale synthesis and HRTEM analysis of single-walled B- and N-doped carbon
Study of molecular-beam epitaxy growth on patterned GaAs (311)A substrates with
Imaging coherent electron flow from a quantum point contact
Formation of nanocrystalline Fe-Co powders produced by mechanical alloying
Atomic-focuser imaging by graphite crystals in carbon nanoshells
Percolation behaviour in intergrowth BiSrCaCuO structures grown by molecular bea
Structure of nitrogenated carbon films by electron diffraction and imaging
Electron field emission from amorphous carbon nitride nanotips
Formation of anion-vacancy clusters and nanocavities in thermochemically reduced
Panoscopic silicon-a material for “all” length scales
Mass production of single-wall carbon nanotubes by the arc plasma jet method
Oxide and hydrogen capped ultrasmall blue luminescent Si nanoparticles
Investigation of microstructures of NdDyFeBSn alloy by high-resolution transmiss
Electrosynthesis and microstructural characterization of anodic VOx films
Structure and luminescence of annealed nanoparticles of ZnS:Mn
Field emission and electron microscopy
Structure and properties of hard and superhard Zr-Cu-N nanocomposite coatings
Control of Coulomb blockade oscillations in silicon single electron transistors
Behavior of C60 fullerene under high pressure: producing new carbon materials
Direct conversion to diamond and BN nanotube growth in nitrogen fluid: nanoscopi
Single electron memory characteristic of silicon nanodot nanowire transistor
Formation of nanophases in a Cu-Zn alloy under high current density electropulsi
Electron holography with atomic focusers
Carbon aerogel: a new nonreflective material for the infrared
Design and performance of control and long-term stabilization system for the IRI
Characterizing the structure and properties of individual wire-like nanoentities
Anodic characteristic during anodizing of electron-beam evaporation aluminum on
Conductive properties on doping nanometer silicon thin films
Spin-dependent tunneling in self-assembled cobalt-nanocrystal superlattices
Formation of nanosized metal particles of cobalt, nickel, and copper in the matr
Synthesis of nanosized Ba2LaZrO5.5 ceramic powders through a novel combustion ro
Surface collective excitations in ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy of metal nan
YPT-0.5 repetitive-pulse nanosecond electron accelerator
Time-resolved photocurrent and electric field measurements in high resistivity C
Spectroellipsometric characterization of plasma-deposited Au/SiO2 nanocomposite
Photoluminescence from Si1-xGex alloy nanocrystals
Structure, hardness, and fracture characteristics of nanostructured materials
Electron-phonon interaction in single-wall carbon nanotubes: a time-domain study
Testing layered synthetic microstructures by computer processing of their digiti
Optical nonlinearities and ultrafast carrier dynamics in semiconductor nanocryst
Investigations on nanoscale multilayers by analytical TEM in scanning mode
Nanocluster carbon structures: a promising material for emissional electronics
Dead-time free measurement of dipole-dipole interactions between electron spins
Orientational and translational ordering of sub-monolayer films of passivated mu
Parameters of metal one-electron transistors based on various materials
Control of island formation on silicon surfaces using ultra-high-vacuum scanning
Observation and nucleation control of Ge nanoislands on Si(111) surfaces using s
Simultaneous STM and UHV electron microscope observation of silicon nanowires ex
Nanostructured borate glass ceramics containing PbMoO4
n-type colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals
Low temperature ZrB2 remote plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Preparation and characterization of polymer thin films containing silver and sil
Synthesis of silicon nanoclusters by solid-gas reaction
Cathodoluminescent properties at nanometer resolution through Z-contrast scannin
Nanoscale characterization of stresses in semiconductor devices by quantitative
Structures of nanometre-size crystals determined from selected-area electron dif
Single-electron migration in nanostructured TiO2
X-ray spectro-microscopy of complex materials and surfaces
Hot electron effects and oxide degradation in MOS structures studied with ballis
Synthesis of nanostructured WC-12 pct Co coating using mechanical milling and hi
Electron interference effects on the conductance of doped carbon nanotubes
Oriented silicon carbide nanowires: synthesis and field emission properties
The microstructural analysis of SiC nanorods by high-resolution electron microsc
Atomic and electronic structure of a carbon nitride compound prepared by magnetr
Single-electron tunneling in silicon nanostructures
Synthesis of macroscopically long ropes of well-aligned single-walled carbon nan
Preparation and characterization of functional and non-functional nanocomposites
Electron-beam-induced conduction in a ruthenium carbonyl nanoparticle polymer
Energy levels and far-infrared spectroscopy for two electrons in a nanoscopic se
Size effects on ferroelectricity of ultrafine particles of PbTiO3
Synthesis of carbon tubes using microwave plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposit
3D simulations of ultra-small MOSFETs with real-space treatment of the electron-
Formation of rare earth hydroxide nanotubes and whiskers as corrosion product of
Microstructure of poly-Si thin films prepared at low temperatures
A high-current nanosecond electron accelerator with a semiconductor opening swit
Collapse of the magnetic hyperfine structure of barium hexaferrite by mechanoche
Metal nanoparticles grown in the nanostructured matrix of poly(octadecylsiloxane
On the mechanism of luminescence of silicon nanostructures
Large-scale synthesis of β-SiC nanowires by using mesoporous silica embedde
Preparation of ordered array of nanoscopic gold rods by template method and its
HRTEM and EELS studies on the amorphization of hexagonal boron nitride induced b
Scattering rates in a semiconductor heterostructure: a variational wavefunction
Insights into the structure of BN nanotubes
High-resolution transmission electron microscopy study of epitaxial oxide shell
Bayesian analysis of data for a stochastic detector
Electron irradiation induced dimensional change in bismuth filled carbon nanotub
Low-friction nanoscale linear bearing realized from multiwall carbon nanotubes
Electron capture by the image charge of a metal nanoparticle
Metal coating on suspended carbon nanotubes and its implication to metal-tube in
Carbon nanorods
Wet etching of GaN grown by molecular beam epitaxy on Si(111)
Field emission from carbon nanotubes
Quantum dot dephasing by edge states
Structural investigations of copper nanorods by high-resolution TEM
Single-electron tunneling effects in thin nylon 11 films containing gold nanopar
Formation and structure of boron nitride conical nanotubes
High-resolution transmission electron microscopy of cubic Si3N4
Microstructure and its effect on field electron emission of grain-size-controlle
Fabrication and characterization of the size-controlled and patterned nc-Si dots
Breakdown of Pippard ineffectiveness condition for phonon-electron scattering in
Aerosol-gel preparation of optically active layers in the system Er/SiO2-TiO2
Transmission electron microscopy of shape-controlled nanocrystals and their asse
Reverse micelle synthesis and characterization of superparamagnetic MnFe2O4 spin
Influence of excited electron lifetimes on the electronic structure of carbon na
Synthesis of GeO2 nanorods by carbon nanotubes template
Ropes of BN multi-walled nanotubes
Nanoparticles of cadmium sulfide with europium and terbium in zirconia films hav
Submonolayer and single crystal film from ligand-stabilized silver nanoparticles
Deposition, microstructure and mechanical and tribological properties of magnetr
Parallel wave-packet simulations of electron transmission through water
The electrical activity of IMPATT diodes on a nanometric scale by X-STEBIC metho
Electron emission of W-nano-ThO2 electrode
MoSe2 nanocrystallites synthesized at low temperature
Deposition mechanism of gold by thermal evaporation: approach by charged cluster
Electron-beam direct writing using RD2000N for fabrication of nanodevices
Infrared conductivity mapping for nanoelectronics
High-current nanosecond electron beams for probing the parameters of solids
Nearly free electron states in carbon nanotube bundles
Selective oxidation of aluminium and interfacial enrichment of iron during anodi
A novel route to aligned nanotubes and nanofibres using laser-patterned catalyti
Solar production of single-wall carbon nanotubes: growth mechanisms studied by e
Plasmons in layered nanospheres and nanotubes investigated by spatially resolved
Hot-electron transport processes in ballistic-electron emission microscopy at Au
Measuring the helicity of carbon nanotubes
Growth and characterization of TiC nanorods activated by nickel nanoparticles
Conduction electron resonance and transport properties of a nonaligned carbon na
Vapor-grown atomic filaments of graphite
Laser ablation synthesis and optical characterization of silicon carbide nanowir
Reversible bending of Si3N4 nanowire
Synthesis of metastable silver-nickel alloys by a novel laser-liquid-solid inter
Coating of carbon nanotubes with tungsten by physical vapor deposition
Structural stabilization of new compounds: MoS2 and WS2 micro- and nanotubes all
In-situ source-template-interface reaction route to semiconductor CdS submicrome
Quantifying the oxidation of AlN using electron energy loss spectroscopy
Single-electron detector and counter
Observation of magnetization reversal of thin-film permalloy nanostructures usin
Gallium nitride quantum dots in a silica xerogel matrix
Single-electron quantum dots in silicon MOS structures
Enhancement of flux pinning in (Bi,Pb)-2223/Ag tapes doped with MgO nanorods
Deposition of aligned bamboo-like carbon nanotubes via microwave plasma enhanced
Highly efficient and stable photoluminescence from silicon nanowires coated with
Atomic restructuring and localized electron states in a bent carbon nanotube: A
Understanding the creep behavior of a 2.5D Cf-SiC composite-I.. Morphology and m
Possible electronic shell structure of nanoscale superconductors
A new and simple method for thin graphitic coating of magnetic-metal nanoparticl
Structure and growth of aligned carbon nanotube films by pyrolysis
HRTEM and ELNES analysis of polycarbosilane-derived Si-C-O bulk ceramics
A model of unsteady two-dimensional electron tunneling through a double barrier
Pd and Pt nucleated nano Ni-particles: evidence for heterogeneous nucleation and
Amorphous molecular materials: development of a novel negative electron-beam mol
Charge injection and transport in films of CdSe nanocrystals
The internal architecture of mesoporous silica fibers
Synthesis and hydrogen storage of carbon nanofibers and single-walled carbon nan
Distortion of crystal lattice and abnormal infrared behavior in nanocrystalline
High-resolution transmission electron microscopy study on the anomalous structur
Energy filtered transmission electron microscopy of Ti(C,N) based cermet materia
Comparative study of Ni nanowires patterned by electron-beam lithography and fab
Template-synthesized BN:C nanoboxes
Single-electron tunneling devices based on silicon quantum dots fabricated by pl
Magnetic properties and magnetization reversal of α-Fe nanowires deposited
Characterization of photoinduced electron tunneling in Gold/SAM/Q-CdSe systems b
Nano-mechanical cutting and opening of single wall carbon nanotubes
Interlayer structure of carbon fibre reinforced aluminium wires
Intensity dependence of the back reaction and transport of electrons in dye-sens
Smith-Purcell radiation emission in aligned nanoparticles
Ferromagnetic dot formation in nonmagnetic amorphous FeZr films by non-contact a
Porous metals from colloidal templates
Theoretical study of field emission by a four atoms nanotip: implications for ca
Synthesis of gallium phosphide nanorods
Synthesis of large areas of highly oriented, very long silicon nanowires
A process for preparation of Q-CdSe thin films by liquid-liquid interface reacti
Size-dependent electron-hole exchange interaction in Si nanocrystals
Electron beam induced damage of NaNO3 single crystals: an energy, temperature, a
Atomic-focuser imaging in electron nanodiffraction from carbon nanoshells
Electron dynamics in metallic nanoparticles
Atomic arrangement of iodine atoms inside single-walled carbon nanotubes
Size control of erbium-doped silicon nanocrystals
Quantum transistors: toward nanoelectronics
Nanomeasurements in transmission electron microscopy
CVD-coated boron nitride on continuous silicon carbide fibres: structure and nan
Synthesis and characteristics of consolidated nanocrystalline two-phase Ag50Ni50
Synthesis of nanocrystalline NiCuZn ferrite powders by sol-gel auto-combustion m
Electron-phonon effects in graphene and armchair (10,10) single-wall carbon nano
Size-dependent electron-electron interactions in metal nanoparticles
Comparative study of sputtered and spin-coatable aluminum oxide electron beam re
Nanocrystalline titania films and particles by chemical vapor synthesis
In-situ Cu2O formation on amorphous carbon nanotubes induced by electron beam
Critical tool performance analysis for SCALPEL extensibility
A computerized complex for recording and processing of reflected high-energy ele
Coalescence of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Coupling of carbon nanotubes to metallic contacts
A novel peanut-like nanostructure of II-VI semiconductor CdS and ZnS
Nanosecond electron microscopes
Focused-ion-beam writing of electrical connections into platinum oxide films
Construction and characterization of the fringe field monochromator for a field
Overview of the application of nanosecond electron beams for radiochemical steri
Stable integration of isolated cell membrane patches in a nanomachined aperture
Synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles of Ba2EuZrO5.5: A new complex pe
Lorentz microscopy of circular ferromagnetic permalloy nanodisks
Formation of mesoporous silica nanotubes
Diffusion barrier properties of sputtered TiB2 between Cu and Si
Phase analysis of nanocomposite magnetic materials by electron energy loss spect
Microstructural evolution of single-walled carbon nanotubes under electron irrad
Scanning tunneling spectroscopy of InAs nanocrystal quantum dots
Structural and magnetic studies on heavy-metal-adsorbing iron sulphide nanoparti
Experimental and simulated analysis of Cu nanoparticles produced by cooled sampl
Quasicrystalline decagonal phase of Si clusters evaporated in helium and anneale
Growth of large-scale GaN nanowires and tubes by direct reaction of Ga with NH3
The electron microscope: The materials characterization tool of the millennium
Electronic structure model of a metal-filled carbon nanotube
Side-by-side silicon carbide-silica biaxial nanowires: Synthesis, structure, and
Microstructure and electron emission properties of films prepared from single-wa
Furnace and laser methods of bonding metals to ceramics: interface investigation
Synthesis of novel Sb2O3 and Sb2O5 nanorods
Surface modification of metals irradiated by intense nanosecond pulsed electron
The role of surface states in the ultrafast photoinduced electron transfer from
Pressure dependence of Mn2+ fluorescence in ZnS:Mn2+ nanoparticles
The complex bonding of titanium nitride layers in C/Mg composites revealed by EL
Synthesis and hydrogenation behaviour of graphitic nanofibres
Precipitation and crystallization of nanometer Si clusters in annealed Si-rich S
Low-temperature synthesis of nanocrystalline titanium nitride via a benzene-ther
Negative-polarity fast ionization wave in molecular gases: electric field, elect
Formation of GaN nanorods by a sublimation method
Filling of single-walled carbon nanotubes with silver
Polysubstituted derivatives of triphenylene as high resolution electron beam res
STM studies of passivated Au nanocrystals immobilised on a passivated Au (111) s
Photophysics of nanometer sized metal particles: electron-phonon coupling and co
Magnetic anisotropy in the radula of chiton
Single-walled carbon nanotubes produced by CW CO2-laser ablation: study of param
Bacteria in the Tatahouine meteorite: nanometric-scale life in rocks
Ordered nanostructure of single-crystalline GaN nanowires in a honeycomb structu
Preparation and magnetic properties of nanosized amorphous ternary Fe-Ni-Co allo
Characterization of corrosion products of AB5-type hydrogen storage alloys for n
Nanomechanical oscillations in a single-C60 transistor
Water-dispersible conducting nanocomposites of polyaniline and poly(N-vinylcarba
Electroluminescence in MOS structures with Si/SiO2 nanometric multilayers
Mechanically induced solid state carburization for fabrication of nanocrystallin
Antiferromagnetic correlations in Fe-Cu granular alloys: The role of the surface
Fabrication technology of a Si nanowire memory transistor using an inorganic ele
Overview of methods for analysing single ultrafine particles
Synthesis, optical spectroscopy and ultrafast electron dynamics of PbS nanoparti
A nanometre-scale electronic switch consisting of a metal cluster and redox-addr
Carbon nanotube RLC circuits
Silicon nanowires grown on iron-patterned silicon substrates
Field emission from quasi-aligned SiCN nanorods
A novel form of carbon nitrides: well-aligned carbon nitride nanotubes and their
Study of field electron emission from nanocrystalline diamond thin films grown f
Single-crystalline tungsten nanoparticles produced by thermal decomposition of t
Synthesis and characterization of helical multi-shell gold nanowires
Off-axis electron holography of patterned magnetic nanostructures
Design philosophy for nanoelectronic systems, from SETs to neural nets
Can single-electron integrated circuits and quantum computers be fabricated in s
Design and analysis of single electron-hole trap memory
Tailoring of nanocrystal sizes in CdSe films prepared by chemical deposition
Investigation of thermoelectric silicide thin films by means of analytical trans
Rietveld analysis of electron powder diffraction data from nanocrystalline anata
Transmission electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction study of T1 and Ω p
Many-body correlation effects in the ultrafast non-linear optical response of co
Hecto-Ångstrom modulation and peak effect in superconducting (Hg,Pb)(Ba,Sr
Characterisation of fine polycrystals of metastable η-alumina obtained throu
Electron dynamics and surface plasmon resonance nonlinearities in metal nanopart
A hydrothermal method for low-temperature growth of nanocrystalline pyrite nicke
The semiclassical fitting of the I-V property of SET using genetic algorithm
Ballistic transport at room temperature in deeply etched cross-junctions
Femtosecond multiphoton photoemission of silver nanoparticles on graphite
Carbon nanotubes on highly orientated pyrolytic graphite
Fragmentation of dodecanethiol molecules: application to self-assembled monolaye
Morphology of multiwall WS2 nanotubes
Investigation of the kinetics of the back reaction of electrons with tri-iodide
A sensitive dispersion interferometer with high temporal resolution for electron
Relaxation and electron transfer dynamics in bare and DTDCI sensitized MoS2 nano
Surface morphology and structural observation of laser interference crystallized
Polymer, metal and hybrid nano- and mesotubes by coating degradable polymer temp
Multiply twinned particles beyond the icosahedron
Bismuth quantum-wires arrays fabricated by electrodeposition in nanoporous anodi
Effect of film thickness on the grain size and photocatalytic activity of the so
Synthesis and field-emission behavior of highly oriented boron carbonitride nano
Discrete atom imaging of one-dimensional crystals formed within single-walled ca
Highly oriented rich boron B-C-N nanotubes by bias-assisted hot filament chemica
Surface morphology of ion-beam-irradiated rutile single crystals
Ultrafast measurements and modeling of electron relaxation in germanium nanopart
Honeycomb-like alignments of carbon nanotubes synthesized by pyrolysis of a meta
Carbon nitride nanocrystals having cubic structure using pulsed laser induced li
AuPd catalytic nanoparticle size effect on the formation of amorphous silicon na
Resonant peak splitting for ballistic conductance in two-dimensional electron ga
Solvothermal synthesis of nanocrystalline cadmium sulfide
Nanoparticle ejection from Au induced by single Xe ion impacts
High-temperature viscous carbon flow for the growth of single-wall carbon nanotu
Effect of glass electronic states on carrier dynamics in semiconductor quantum-d
Synthesis and optical properties of gallium arsenide nanowires
Does carbyne really exist?-carbynes in expanded graphite
Evidence for a self-organized growth in granular Co/Al2O3 multilayers
Self-assembly and photoluminescence of CdS-mercaptoacetic clusters with internal
Synthesis of β-Ga2O3 nanorods
Effect of an organic polymer in purification and cutting of single-wall carbon n
Synthesis and photoluminescence enhancement of Mn2+-doped ZnS nanocrystals
Scattering rates in a semiconductor heterostructure: the effects of intersubband
Nanoprocesses of the formation of reaction layers in Si-C-O systems
Ti-W-O sputtered thin film as n- or p-type gas sensors
Identification of weak interfaces in composites using transmission electron micr
Strength and breaking mechanism of multiwalled carbon nanotubes under tensile lo
Microprocess for fabricating carbon-nanotube probes of a scanning probe microsco
Compositional and structural studies of DC magnetron sputtered SiC films on Si(1
Electron microscopy studies of TiO2 micelles
Single-walled carbon nanotubes formation with a continuous CO2-laser: experiment
Cross-sectional TEM investigation of tin-implanted SiO2 glass
Diffraction studies of cubic phase stability in undoped zirconia thin films
Synthesis of nanometer-sized SiC whiskers in the arc-discharge
Structure and properties of nanocrystalline TiC full-density bulk alloy consolid
Growth and microstructure of Ga2O3 nanorods
Similarity of micro- and macrotubules in tokamak dust and plasma
Preparation of Si nanocrystals using anodic porous alumina template formed on si
Some solutions for a system of interacting electrons confined in one dimension
TiN coatings in C/Mg-Al composites: microstructure, nanochemistry and function
Oscillating low-energy electron diffraction for studying nanostructured surfaces
Facile synthesis of aluminum-containing mixed-metal oxides using doped carboxyla
Considerations about nanoelectronic GSI processors
Ultrahigh vacuum electron beam lithography system and nanofabrication
Nanometer-scale quantum channels defined by reactive ion etching in InAs/AlSb he
XUV spectroscopy of laser plasma from molecular coated metal targets
Room temperature single-electron narrow-channel memory with silicon nanodots emb
The structure of near-spherical carbon nano-shells
The role of outgassing in surface flashover under vacuum
The role of impurities and microstructure on residual stress in nanoscale Mo fil
The incorporation of Pt nanoparticles into boron-doped diamond thin-films: dimen
Synthesis and characterization of the aligned hydrogenated amorphous carbon nano
Hot electrons in nanocontacts
Surface reactivity of Si nanowires
Optimization design of immersion magnetic lenses in projection electron beam lit
Large-scale synthesis of single-crystalline ß-Ga2O3 nanoribbons, nanosheet
Catalytic synthesis of straight silicon nanowires over Fe containing silica gel
Carbonaceous contaminants on support films for transmission electron microscopy
Carbon nanotube growth on Ni-particles prepared in situ by reduction of La2NiO4
Template synthesis of well-graphitized carbon nanotube arrays
Dephasing of electrons by two-level defects in quantum dots
Electronic conduction in multi-walled carbon nanotubes: role of intershell coupl
Transmission electron microscopy of GaN columnar nanostructures grown by molecul
Macromolecular nanoplatelet of aurivillius-type layered perovskite oxide, Bi4Ti3
Fractal aggregates of lanthanide-doped Y2O3 nanoparticles obtained by propellant
Electronic states of InAs/GaAs quantum ring
The enhancement factor and the characterization of amorphous carbon field emitte
The study on the Peierls phase transition of metallic helical carbon nanotube
A transmission electron microscopy study of the reactivity mechanism of tailor-m
The structure of Si nanocrystals on SiC
Magnetic switching of single vortex permalloy elements
Silicon nanocluster formation under electron-beam-induced modification of a sili
Polyimide nanocomposites: comparison of their properties with precursor polymer
Progress of single-electron tunneling device
SiOx-coating of carbon nanotubes at room temperature
Preparation of silver nanorods by electrochemical methods
Phase separation in an SiCO glass studied by transmission electron microscopy an
The strength and peculiarities of the destruction of nanostructure materials
Is plastic flow always controlled by dislocation mobility? An answer from in sit
Hardness-depth profile of a carbon-implanted Ti-6Al-4V alloy and its relation to
Ordered indium-oxide nanowire arrays and their photoluminescence properties
Production of SnO2 nanorods by redox reaction
Fabrication of zinc oxide nanorods
Interband absorption in charged Ge/Si type-II quantum dots
Three-dimensional reconstruction of buried nanoparticles by element-sensitive to
Role of structural Fe(111) and iron oxide nanophases in mullite coloration
Influence of nanomechanical properties on single-electron tunneling: a vibrating
Root-growth mechanism for single-wall carbon nanotubes
Fabrication and photoluminescence of ordered GaN nanowire arrays
Pulsed mirror electron microscope: A fast near-surface imaging probe
Interfacial microstructure evolution in aluminium matrix composites reinforced w
Field electron emission from nanotube carbon layers grown by CVD process
Ultrafast optical nonlinear properties of metal nanoparticles
Electron-beam CARL resist development for 70 nm direct write
Composition analysis of coherent nanoinsertions of solid solutions on the basis
Effects of atomistic defects on coherent electron transmission in Si nanowires:
Interface and surface characterization of lead zirconate titanate thin films gro
Reaction of Ti with BN during high energy ball milling process
Thermal stability of nanoscale Co/Cu multilayers
Thermal evolution of the magnetization in nanocrystalline Fe particles investiga
Investigation of switching effects between the drains of an electron Y-branch sw
Synthesis and Raman scattering of GaN nanorings, nanoribbons and nanowires
Synthesis of nano-crystalline diamond film in hot filament chemical vapour depos
Structural study of CdS nanocrystals grown under cadmium behenate Langmuir monol
Features of electron-phonon interaction in nanotubes with chiral symmetry placed
A simple method to synthesize Si3N4 and SiO2 nanowires from Si or Si/SiO2 mixtur
Well-aligned carbon nanotube array membrane and its field emission properties
Potassium borohydride reducing route to phase-pure nanocrystalline InSb at low t
Preparation, morphology and microstructure of segmented graphite nanofibers
Structural characterisation of ZrB2/oxides nanocomposite films synthesised in fl
Synthesis of α-SiO2 nanowires using Au nanoparticle catalysts on a silicon
Room-temperature single-electron tunnelling in surfactant stabilised iron oxide
Time domain measurement of spin-dependent recombination
Conformation and microstructure of carbon nanofibers deposited on foam Ni
Paramagnetic defects in aluminum oxide nanopowders and ceramics based on these p
The construction of the Green functions for GMR structures of complex geometry
Single-electron charging phenomena in silicon nanopillars with and without silic
Metal single-electron transistor with low tunneling barriers
Resonant transport in single-wall armchair carbon nanotubes with local mirror-sy
Si nanocrystal memory cell with room-temperature single electron effects
Micro- and nanostructure of the carbon matrix of infiltrated carbon fiber felts
Quantized adiabatic charge transport in a carbon nanotube
Synthesis of metal and metal oxide nanocrystallines by pyrolysis of metal comple
Size effect in X-ray and electron diffraction patterns from hydroxyapatite parti
The roles of argon addition in the hot filament chemical vapor deposition system
Surfactant-assisted synthesis of semiconductor nanotubes and nanowires
Quantitative evaluation of electron beam writing in passivated gold nanoclusters
Characteristic topological and energy features of the positioning and transport
Nanocrystalline silver particulate films by liquid-liquid interface reaction tec
Preparation of nickel nanopowders in ethanol-water system (EWS)
Coherent electron-lattice vibrations in trans-nanopolyacetylene probed by Raman
Magnetic relaxation in the nanoscale granular alloy Fe20Cu20Ag60
Combustion synthesis of Eu3+ activated Y3Al5O12 phosphor nanoparticles
Characteristics of electron pump circuits using silicon multiple tunnel junction
Formation of AlN nano-fibers
Electron transport across fractal-like nanocrystalline clusters in N+ ion-beam i
Synchronous electron-nuclear vibrations in a π-conjugated nanopoly(acetylene)
Solid-liquid-solid (SLS) growth of coaxial nanocables: silicon carbide sheathed
Short-lived primary radiation defects in LiF crystals
Microstructures of gallium nitride nanowires synthesized by oxide-assisted metho
Electrochemical fabrication of single-crystalline anatase TiO2 nanowire arrays
Preparation of ternary I-IV-VI nanocrystallines via a mild solution route
High rate deposition and electron beam recrystallization of silicon films for so
Electron-electron interaction in multiwall carbon nanotubes
Bulk and boundary zero-bias anomaly in multiwall carbon nanotubes
Electron microscopy of carbon nanotubes
Mechanism of electron-beam writing in passivated gold nanoclusters
SiC nanowires grown on silicon (100) wafer by MPCVD method
Rehybridization of the atomic orbitals and the field electron emission from nano
Numerical modelling of the electron energy distribution function in the electric
A conducting nanocomposite of poly(N-vinylcarbazole) with buckminsterfullerene
Gallium arsenide crystalline nanorods grown by molecular-beam epitaxy
Preparation and magnetic research of Co-Ni alloy nanowire array
A study of the synthesis products of fullerenes with nickel and cobalt
Boron carbonitride nanofibers: synthesis, characterization, and photoluminescenc
Some structural studies on successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction (SILAR
Nonequilibrium electronic transport and interaction in short metallic nanobridge
Electron beam puncturing of carbon nanotube containers for release of stored N2
Two-dimensional arrays of magnetic nanostructures characterized using an underly
Ultrafast electron dynamics and optical nonlinearities in metal nanoparticles
Gallium nitride nano-ribbon rings
High-resolution and conventional electron microscopy study of a Σ=3, [101]
Reaction of magnesium boride particles in mechanically alloyed Ti-4wt%MgB2
Styrene vapor decomposition in air under the action of a pulsed electron beam
Synthesis and microstructure of gallium phosphide nanowires
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes below room temperature
Coulomb blockade in silicon nanostructures
Large-scale well aligned carbon nitride nanotube films: Low temperature growth a
Preparation of single-molecule particles of water-soluble polymers
Singlet-triplet transitions of physisorbed molecule O2 in scanning tunneling mic
Interfacial reaction between the oxidized SiC particles and Al-Mg alloys
In2O3 ultrafine powder synthesis by sol-gel method
Microstructure of bulk nanocrystalline Ag50Ni50 alloy prepared by hot pressing o
Quantitative atomic-scale analysis of interface structures: transmission electro
Single-electron tunneling in highly doped silicon nanowires in a dual-gate confi
Interfacial phenomena in the plasma spraying Al2O3+13 wt.% TiO2 ceramic coating
Electron paramagnetic resonance of ferrite nanoparticles
Oxide scale growth on MCrAlY bond coatings after pulsed electron beam treatment
Scanning tunneling microscopy study of Si growth on Si3N4/Si surface
Bistable characteristic and current jumps in field electron emission of nanocrys
3D determination of grain shape in a FeAl-based nanocomposite by 3D FIB tomograp
The formation of a connection between carbon nanotubes in an electron beam
Pyrolytic production of aligned carbon nanotubes from homogeneously dispersed be
Unpinning of surface state at 0.92 eV by nanocrystalline ZnSe on GaAs
Microstructure and field-emission characteristics of boron-doped Si nanoparticle
Characterization of plasmas produced by laser-gas jet interaction
Sensitivity of single-wall carbon nanotubes to chemical processing: an electron
Synthesis and characterization of ternary CuInS2 nanorods via a hydrothermal rou
Homogeneity of lanthanide doped ceria nanocrystal dispersions using high-resolut
Characterization of the core structure of growth defects in CVD diamond films by
Contribution of the electron-electron interaction to the optical properties of d
Trap-limited recombination in dye-sensitized nanocrystalline metal oxide electro
Single-electron effects in side-gated point contacts fabricated in low-temperatu
Nanolithography using ultrasonically assisted development of calixarene negative
Ballistic transport in a GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs one-dimensional channel fabricated usin
Study of the plasma in a preformed z-pinch constriction
Characterisation of aluminium oxynitride gas barrier films
A theoretical study of electron transfer in nanoparticle-catalysed redox reactio
γ-irradiation preparation of CdS nano-particles and their formation mechan
Patterning of sp3- and sp2-bonded carbon by atomic-force microscopy
Microstructure of bulk PMP YBCO with submicrometre Y2BaCuO5 particles
Dislocation-related pop-in effect in gallium arsenide
A study of field emission of single-walled carbon nanotubes using field emission
Properties of zinc sulphide nanoparticles stabilized in silica
A microwave assisted heating method for the rapid synthesis of sphalrite-type me
Effect of Fe substitution on the stabilization of the icosahedral phase in Al-Cu
Carbon monoxide-assisted growth of carbon nanotubes
Characterization of nanostructured multiphase Ti-Al-B-N thin films with extremel
Ethanol thermal synthesis of γ-CuI nanocrystals at low temperature
Synthesis and characterization of antimony oxide nanoparticles
The room-temperature visible photoluminescence from nanocrystalline Si in Si/SiN
Modelling of structural and threshold voltage characteristics of randomly doped
A novel and simple one-step solid-state reaction for the synthesis of PbS nanopa
The oxidation of SiC particles and its interfacial characteristics in Al-matrix
High-resolution electron microscopy observations of microplastic fracture in SiC
Nucleation phenomena of nano-crystallites in as-pyrolysed Si-B-C-N ceramics
Microstructural and optical properties of SnO2 thin films grown on heavily doped
Thermal plasma chemical vapor deposition of Si-based ceramic coatings from liqui
Preparation and photoluminescence properties of crystalline GeO2 nanowires
Consequence of nanometer-scale property variations to macroscopic properties of
Nucleation and growth of silicon nitride nanoneedles using microwave plasma heat
Characterization of nanopipes/dislocations in silicon carbide using ballistic el
Comments on ultra-high-resolution STEM
Consolidation and crystallization of Si3N4/SiC nanocomposites from a poly(urea-s
Microstructure and structural defects in MgB2 superconductor
Plasma chemistry and growth of nanosized particles in a C2H2 RF discharge
Electron irradiation effects in single wall carbon nanotubes
Microbial synthesis and the characterization of metal-substituted magnetites
Structure-property relationship of nanocrystalline tin dioxide thin films grown
Electrical control of spin coherence in semiconductor nanostructures
High-angle annular dark-field STEM observation of Xe nanocrystals embedded in Al
STEM imaging with a thin annular detector
Formation mechanisms for carbon onions and nanocapsules in C+-ion implanted copp
C to BN conversion in multi-walled nanotubes as revealed by energy-filtering tra
Diamond microemitters-the new frontier of electron field emissions and beyond
Present state and prospect of electron beam lithography
Spin polarization mechanisms in early stages of photoinduced charge separation i
Corrosion properties of nanocrystalline Co-Cr coatings
Electron-phonon dynamics in an ensemble of nearly isolated nanoparticles
A combinatorial approach for efficient mapping of phase diagrams and properties
Quantized vibrational modes of nanospheres and nanotubes in the elastic continuu
Anisotropic shape of self-assembled InAs quantum dots: Refraction effect on spot
Internal photoemission from Ag nanoparticles embedded in Al2O3 film
Process of nanocrystallization and partial amorphization by cold rolling in TiNi
Monocrystalline silicon carbide nanoelectromechanical systems
Quantum interference and ballistic transmission in nanotube electron waveguides
Electrochemical synthesis of polypyrrole films over each of well-aligned carbon
Structure of unepitaxial crystallites in a homoepitaxial diamond film
Pairing correlation effect on the zero-bias tunneling spectra of ultrasmall supe
Single electron memory at room temperature: experiment and simulation
Study of the electron field emission and microstructure correlation in nanocryst
Observation of surface relaxation surface steps and surface reconstruction in go
Chemical composition, morphology, and deep level electronic states of GaN (0001)
Growth and structural characterization of yttria-stabilized zirconia-gold nanoco
Three-dimensional STEM for observing nanostructures
Nanostructures and mechanical properties of bulk Al-Fe alloys prepared by electr
Direct analysis of atomic structures of advanced ceramics by high-resolution ele
Effect of fluorination on nano-sized π-electron systems
Effect of surface reconstruction on the structural prototypes of ultrasmall ultr
Electrical transport in doped multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Carbon nanotubes as electron source in an X-ray tube
Diameter-controlled synthesis of single-crystal silicon nanowires
Stability of carbon nanotubes under electric field studied by scanning electron
Direct observation of icosahedral cluster in Zr70Pd30 binary glassy alloy
Identification of electron donor states in N-doped carbon nanotubes
Synthesis of silicon nanocrystals with erbium-rich surface layers
Ultrafast electron relaxation via breathing vibration of gold nanocrystals embed
Acoustic phonon bottleneck in quantum dots: role of deformation variation of ele
C60 nanowhiskers in a mixture of lead zirconate titanate sol-C60 toluene solutio
Electron microscopic imaging and contrast of smallest carbon nanotubes
Formation and electron diffraction studies of ordered 2-D and 3-D superlattices
Hot electron and phonon dynamics of gold nanoparticles embedded in a gel matrix
Energy transfer mechanism in Mn2+ doped CdS nanocrystals
Identification of nano-precipitates in a ferritic alloy steel using secondary el
Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline bismuth telluride
Selective processing of individual carbon nanotubes using dual-nanomanipulator i
Measurement and simulation of temperature dynamics under electron beam
Failure of Ni/Cu laminated nanostructures
Three-dimensional imaging of carbon nanotubes
Work function at the tips of multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Interference pattern of a coherent electron beam by localized leakage magnetic f
Highly charged ions
Confinement-enhanced electron transport across a metal-semiconductor interface
Coherent branched flow in a two-dimensional electron gas
Ultra-long single crystalline nanoribbons of tin oxide
Electron emission from single-walled carbon nanotubes with sharpened bundles
Evaluation of electron beam broadening due to the specimen in analytical electro
Charge transport in thin films containing randomly distributed Ge nanocrystals
High-resolution analysis of engineered type I collagen nanofibers by electron mi
Development of a nanoindenter for in situ transmission electron microscopy
Design and applications of environmental cell transmission electron microscope f
Ultra-high-resolution electron microscopy of carbon nanotube walls
Structure of nanometer-sized Au-Cd alloy particles near equiatomic compositions
Pyrolytically grown arrays of highly aligned BxCyNz nanotubes
Computer simulations of charge transport in dye-sensitized nanocrystalline photo
Ultrafast electron transfer dynamics from molecular adsorbates to semiconductor
Local structure of amorphous Zr70Pd30 alloy studied by electron diffraction
Formation of uniform fluorinated gold nanoparticles and their highly ordered hex
AgBr nanocrystals in glass: Optical and ODMR investigations
Application of image processing techniques for analysis of nano- and micro-space
Atomistic study of structural fluctuations during radiation-induced amorphizatio
Fabry-Perot interference in a nanotube electron waveguide
Scanning electron microscope observation of heterogeneous three-dimensional nano
Surface chemistry of copper nanoparticles and direct spray printing of hybrid pa
Cross-sectional TEM study of unepitaxial crystallites in a homoepitaxial diamond
A deterministic nonlinear-capacitor model for single-electron tunneling junction
Electron-acoustic phonon interaction in semiconductor nanostructures: Role of de
Preparation of nanometer-sized manganese oxides by intercalation of organic ammo
Effect of ball-milling on 3-V capacity of lithium-manganese oxospinel cathodes
Photoinduced conversion of silver nanospheres to nanoprisms
Experimental evidence for dislocation core structures in silicon
Preparation and magnetooptical properties of AlN-Fe granular film
Quantitative in situ nanoindentation in an electron microscope
Structure and electronic properties of carbon onions
Electron-spin decoherence in bulk and quantum-well zinc-blende semiconductors
Compositional variation within the epoxy/adherend interphase
Processing and characterization of hydroxyapatite coatings on titanium produced
Exponential gain and saturation of a self-amplified spontaneous emission free-el
Reducing the grain size for fabrication of nanocrystalline diamond films
Carrier relaxation due to electron-electron interaction in coupled double quantu
A view from the inside: complexity in the atomic scale ordering of supported met
Spin frustration in maghemite nanoparticles
Microstructure and its effect on the conductivity of magnetron sputtered carbon
Synthesis and sintering of ZrO2-CeO2 powder by use of polymeric precursor based
Low dielectric polyimide/poly(silsesquioxane)-like nanocomposite material
Model simulation of excitons in semiconductor nanostructures at high concentrati
Electrical properties of three-terminal ballistic junctions
Phase transitions in Co nanoclusters grown by pulsed laser deposition
Investigation of the metal deposited into nanopores of anodic alumina upon fabri
Structure and magnetic properties of thermally treated nanohematite
Growth of fullerene-like carbon nitride thin solid films consisting of cross-lin
Single-atom reversible recording at room temperature
Development of cermet microstructures during sintering
Optimization of the electron irradiation in the production of MoTe2 nanotubes
Fast generation of an electron beam in a magnetron gun with a secondary-emission
Fabrication of porous platinum thin films for hydrocarbon sensor applications
Fabrication of magnetite nanorods by ultrasound irradiation
Transmission electron microscopy of the interface between bone and pseudowallast
Field emission characteristics of carbon nanotube emitters synthesized by arc di
Investigation of TiC thin films synthesised by low energy IBAD from electron eva
Tailoring the diameter of decorated C-N nanotubes by temperature variations usin
Characteristic of field emission from carbon nanotubes synthesized from differen
Optical, electronic, and transport properties of nanocrystalline titanium nitrid
Cathodoluminescence of electron irradiated opal-based nanocomposites
Hydrothermal synthesis of nanosized titania powders: influence of tetraalkyl amm
Synthesis and characterization of a nanoscopic molecular-scale wire bearing term
(111)-specific coalescence twinning and martensitic transformation of tetragonal
Collective oscillations of 2D electron gas clusters in the ultimate jellium mode
Structure and properties of nanosized electron beam deposited zirconia thin film
IR-REMPI of vanadium-carbide nanocrystals: ideal versus truncated lattices
Experimental investigation of band structure modification in silicon nanocrystal
Hybrid solar cells based on dye-sensitized nanoporous TiO2 electrodes and conjug
Nanocrystals of c-diamond, n-diamond and i-carbon grown in carbon-ion implanted
Renormalization of the electron spectrum by confined and interface phonons in a
Charge of nanosecond pulses measurements in LAE 10 electron accelerator
Advanced analytical and evaluation techniques [thin films]
Coulomb interactions in carbon nanotubes
Collective emission degradation behavior of carbon nanotube thin-film electron e
Spatial distribution of plasma parameters in a nanoparticle-loaded silane discha
Influence of nanofillers on the deformation process in layered silicate/polyamid
Influence of the deposition conditions on the field emission properties of patte
Electron beam induced formation of carbon nanorods
Electron beam pre-patterning for site-control of self-assembled InAs quantum dot
Preparation and characterization of carbon nanotubes encapsulated GaN nanowires
Nanostructure and hardness of titanium aluminum nitride prepared by plasma enhan
Mechanical and tribological aspects on a-C films deposited by lamp assisted chem
Growth of aligned carbon nanotubes by biasing during growth
Development of an advanced low-energy electron diffraction technique using field
Sintering of zirconia composites obtained by slip casting
Modelling and simulations for 40 nm lines/spaces in 1 μm Shipley SPR510A resi
How do gold nanowires break?
Effect of surface roughness on field emission from chemical vapor deposited poly
Imperfect oriented attachment: Accretion and defect generation of hexagonal inor
Electron-energy relaxation in polar semiconductor double quantum dots
Collective oscillations in a single-wall carbon nanotube excited by fast electro
Third-order nonlinear optical response in PbS-coated CdS nanocomposites
The hydrogen evolution and corrosion of amorphous FeSx films
Nanocrystallization in a Zr57Ti5Cu20Al10Ni8 bulk metallic glass
Electron beam prepatterning for site control of self-assembled quantum dots
Growth of c-diamond, n-diamond and i-carbon nanophases in carbon-ion-implanted f
Chemical vapor deposition of Ti-W-C thin films
Laser short-pulse heating: moving heat source and convective boundary considerat
Absorption and emission of acoustic phonons by a two-dimensional electron gas
Core-shell structures in pressureless-sintered undoped Pb(Fe2/3W1/3)O3 ceramics
Electronic structure and field emission from amorphous carbon nitride films
Properties and characterization of chemical vapor deposition diamond field emitt
Evolution and properties of nanodiamond films deposited by direct current glow d
Submicrosecond pulsed electron beam formation in electron sources and accelerato
Influence of electron flux on the oxidation of Ni3Al surfaces
Phase transformations in hafnium dioxide thin films grown by atomic layer deposi
Carbon nanotube single-electron transistors at room temperature
Three-dimensionally controlled size-reduction of silicon nanopillars by photoele
Interaction-induced chaos in a two-electron quantum dot system
Theoretical analysis of responsivity of a high temperature superconductor (HTSC)
The effect of the first GaN monolayer on the nitridation damage of molecular bea
Exciton states and optical properties of CdSe nanocrystals
Electron spins in quantum dots for spintronics and quantum computation
XRD, SEM, AFM, HRTEM, EDAX and RBS studies of chemically deposited Sb2S3 and Sb2
Microwave sintering of nanosized hydroxyapatite powder compacts
Review of the doping of carbon nanotubes (multiwalled and single-walled)
Local lattice distortions in spherical carbon nanoparticles as studied by HRTEM
Comparison of MIBK/IPA and water/IPA as PMMA developers for electron beam nanoli
Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline SnO2 and fabrication of lithiu
Synthesis and hydrogen storage of carbon nanofibers
Investigations of a new nanostructured Si-material by spectral response and elec
Electronic transmission through a metallic cluster attached to an adsorbed nanow
Fabrication and magnetic properties of prepatterned epitaxial nanodots
Nucleation control of CVD growth silicon nanocrystals for quantum devices
Field emission applications of carbon nanotubes
Atom probe tomography investigation of the microstructure of superalloys N18
Single-electron transistors operating at room temperature, fabricated utilizing
Pulsed electron-beam melting of high-speed steel: structural phase transformatio
Chemistry with the electron microscope: some highlights in a lifetimes journey
Sintering of nano crystalline a silicon carbide doping with aluminium nitride
Energy distribution of field emission electrons from carbon nanocrystals
Transparent hydroxyapatite ceramics through gelcasting and low-temperature sinte
Electron transport in granular amorphous silicon dioxide films with ferromagneti
Special features of impulse electronophotoluminescence
Synthesis of nanoparticles of barium lanthanum hafnium oxide by a modified combu
Synthesis and characterization of nano-sized nickel(II), copper(I) and zinc(II)
The structure of granular amorphous carbon films with cobalt nanoparticles
Electron localization in low-density quantum rings
Electrochemical capacitance of a nanoporous composite of carbon nanotubes and po
Multiparticle effects in nonequilibrium electron tunneling and field emission
Excess electron transport and delayed muonium formation in condensed rare gases
Formation of Co nanoclusters in epitaxial Ti0.96Co0.04O2 thin films and their fe
Transmission electron microscopy investigation of boron-doped polycrystalline ch
Electrical transport properties of individual gallium nitride nanowires synthesi
Production and properties of metal-carbon composite coatings with a nanocrystall
Steps toward a model nanotopography
A rheological study of concentrated aqueous nanotube dispersions
Detailed structure of the hexagonally packed mesostructured carbon material CMK-
Chirality effects in carbon nanotubes
Role of sublattices in the formation of electron density in metal nitrites
Barkhausen jumps and related magnetic properties of iron nanowires encapsulated
TEM characterisation of defects, strains and local electric fields in AlGaN/InGa
Growth and characterization of single-crystal GaN nanorods by hydride vapor phas
The effect of cross-coupling in a bidirectional electron pump
Photonic band gap material for integrated photonic application: technological ch
Isolating and identifying the ELNES signal of CN nanocrystals embedded in an amo
Modified chemical deposition and physico-chemical properties of copper sulphide
Carbon nanotube electron emitters with a gated structure using backside exposure
Production of aligned carbon nanotubes by the CVD injection method
SEM and Raman investigation of RF plasma assisted pulsed laser deposited carbon
On the nature of antiferromagnetism in the CuO2 planes of oxide superconductors
Properties of carbon onions produced by an arc discharge in water
Structure and thermal stability of Fe:Al2O3 nanocomposite films
Nanocomposite of polypyrrole-iron oxide by simultaneous gelation and polymerizat
Electrical resistivity study of La, B doped nanocrystalline superconducting vana
Production of multiwalled carbon nanotubes using the aerosol method
Mechanisms for electron transport in atomic-scale one-dimensional wires: Soliton
Tungsten nanowires and their field electron emission properties
Ga2O3 nanomaterials synthesized from ball-milled GaN powders
Absorption of electromagnetic radiation by electrons of a nanosphere
Structure and electrical properties of sputtered lithium cobaltite thin films
Plasmon as a tool for in situ evaluation of physical properties for carbon mater
Texture, structure and chemistry of a boron nitride fibre studied by high resolu
The theory of coherent optimized-nanostructure taking laser into account the ele
Submicrosecond field-jump device for pulsed high-field ELDOR
A new polypyrrole/maghemite hybrid as a lithium insertion electrode
Cavityless powder lasers pumped by field-emission cathodes as a new class of mon
Localized cathodoluminescence investigation on single Ga2O3 nanoribbon/nanowire
Characteristics of field emission from nanocrystalline metals
Synthesis and characterization of lanthanum carbide nanotubes
Transport and vibrational properties of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) nanofib
Effect of oxidation on electronic and geometric properties of carbon nanotubes
Chondrule thermal history from unequilibrated H chondrites: a transmission and a
Synthesis and structure of Ga2O3 nanosheets
Electron energy-loss spectrum of an electron passing near a locally anisotropic
Theory of measuring the Luttinger g of a one-dimensional quantum dot
Explosive crystallization initiated in nanocrystalline iron-carbon films by an e
Synthesis of bamboo-shaped carbon-nitrogen nanotubes using C2H2-NH3-Fe(CO)5 syst
Application of carbon nanotubes to the cathode ray tube-electron gun
Conditions for imaging emulsions in the environmental scanning electron microsco
Ball-milled carbon and hydrogen storage
Multifunctional layer-by-layer self-assembly of conducting polymers and magnetic
The inclusion of secondary electrons and Bremsstrahlung X-rays in an electron be
Fabrication of carbon nanotips in a scanning electron microscope for use as elec
The effect of adsorption on the conductivity of self-organized metal-poly(para-x
Transport properties of NbSe3 crystals with nanometer-scale transverse dimension
Electron spectroscopic studies of nanocomposite PVD TiAlBN coatings
Comment on Polarons in carbon nanotubes [and reply]
Novel Sn powder preparation by spark processing and luminescence properties
Applicability of liquid-liquid interface reaction technique for the preparation
Anisotropy and interplane interactions in the dielectric response of graphite
Correlation between the microstructures and the cycling performance of RuO2 elec
β-Ga2O3 nanowires synthesized from milled GaN powders
Specific features of diffraction by nanoparticles
Investigation of the structure of zirconia nanoparticles by high-resolution tran
Room-temperature single-electron tunneling in conducting polypyrrole nanotube
Synthesis of highly crystalline and monodisperse cobalt ferrite nanocrystals
Nanocrystalline Cu2O prepared under high pressures
Structural and optical properties of ZnO nanowires synthesized from ball-milled
Optical properties of Cd1-xZnxS nanocrystallites in sol-gel silica matrix
Magnetization and Mossbauer study of nanosize ZnFe2O4 particles synthesized by u
N-doping and coalescence of carbon nanotubes: synthesis and electronic propertie
Pulsed time-of-flight refractometry measurements of the electron density in the
Plasticity and fracture of nanostructured materials
Sequentially grown carbon nanotubes
Single-electron transistors based on gate-induced Si island for single-electron
Carbon structures prepared from molten aromatic hydrocarbons
Structural features, strength, and mechanisms of deformation of nanocrystalline
Free-electron RF-pulse compressor
Structural characterization of chemically deposited Bi2S3 and Bi2Se3 thin films
Charge-carrier dynamics in single-wall carbon nanotube bundles: a time-domain st
Composition and structure of Ti-C/DLC graded composite films
Synthesis of crystalline and amorphous germanium nanorods
An investigation of surface nanocrystallization mechanism in Fe induced by surfa
Fabrication of semiconducting ZnO nanobelts using a halide source and their phot
Generation of nanosized structures on Ni and Fe surfaces by electron irradiation
Synthesis of nanocrystalline nitrogen-rich carbon nitride powders at high pressu
A simple route to prepare nanocrystalline titanium carbonitride
Silicon nanoneedles grown by a simple thermal treatment using metal-sulfur catal
Microstructural improvement of NdFeB magnetic powders by the Zn vapor sorption t
Time scale of the excitation of electrons at the breakdown of the quantum Hall e
Synthesis and structural study of nano/micro diamond overlayer films
Surface structures of erbium silicide ultra-thin films formed by solid phase epi
High-quality single-walled carbon nanotubes from arc-produced soot
High purity single crystalline boron carbide nanowires
Preparation and characterization of uniform polyaniline nano-fibrils using the a
High-resolution scanning electron microscopy of immunogold-labelled cells by the
A study on the die steel surface modification by electron beam
Silicon nanowires wrapped with Au film
Microstructural analysis on cordierite ceramics prepared by sol-gel
Spreading technique and performance of field emission cathode made of powder car
Rectifying behavior of a free-standing carbon nanotube kink-shaped heterojunctio
Fabrication and magnetic properties of highly ordered Co16Ag84 alloy nanowire ar
Synthesis of size-selected TiOx nanoparticles
Synthesis of nano-ZnS modified porous Si with white light photoluminescence prop
Mechanism of single-charge detection using electron-hole system in Si-wire trans
Large-scale synthesis of GaN nanorods and their photoluminescence
Microstructural characterization of Si cones fabricated by Ar+-sputtering Si/Mo
Refinement mechanism of CeO2 addition on Y2BaCuO5 particles in PMP YBCO bulks
Precipitates in AlGaN epilayers grown by metallorganic vapor phase epitaxy
Properties of GeSi nanocrystals embedded in hexagonal SiC
Silicon dioxide coating of CeO2 nanoparticles by solid state reaction at room te
β-Ga2O3 nanowires on unpatterned and patterned MgO single crystal substrate
Effective growth of boron nitride nanotubes
Analysis of nanometer inclusions in high pressure synthesized diamond single cry
A new modulated structure in GaN nanoparticles
Structure and defects of vapor-phase-grown diamond nanocrystals
Excited states of an electron-hole pair in spherical quantum dots and their opti
Structural properties of carbon materials from the electrochemical reduction of
Detection of single charges and their generation-recombination dynamics in Si na
Carbon-nanotube formation directly on a substrate by an electron beam
Resist thinning effect on nanometer-scale line-edge roughness
Characterization of AgBr/I nanoparticles prepared in fish gelatin
High concentration erbium doping of silicon-rich SiO2 thin films on silicon
Liquid phase deposition templates synthesis of nanostructures of anatase titania
Deposition of ferroelectrics LiNbO3 films with intense pulsed electron beam abla
Irradiation of single-walled carbon nanotubes with high-energy protons
Ultrahigh boron doping of nanocrystalline diamond films and their electron field
Electron-beam-induced deposition with carbon nanotube emitters
Transient electron energy distribution in supported Ag nanoparticles
Atomistic analysis of stress-induced local amorphization in NiTi alloy
Photochromic behavior and mechanism of thin films in H3PW12O40/polyacrylamide sy
Electron-transport properties of Na nanowires under applied bias voltages
In situ single-step synthesis of gold/polyacrylamide nanocomposites in an ethano
On the road from single, nanosized magnetic clusters to multi-dimensional nanost
Fabrication of bamboo-shaped GaN nanorods
Formation of disk-like aggregates of cadmium sulfide nanocrystals at the oil-wat
A simple wet chemical route for large-scale synthesis of Cu(OH)2 nanowires
Field emission from individual B-C-N nanotube rope
Resonant tunneling of Si nanocrystals embedded in Al2O3 matrix synthesized by va
Synthesis of high-ordered LiCoO2 nanowire arrays by AAO template
Shape induced quantum conductance oscillation in a metallic nanowire
Super-hydrophobicity of large-area honeycomb-like aligned carbon nanotubes
Fabrication of CoO nanorods via thermal decomposition of CoC2O4 precursor
Selective synthesis of zigzag-type aligned carbon nanotubes on SiC (000-1) wafer
Formation of oriented nanocrystals in an amorphous alloy by focused-ion-beam irr
Synthesis of boron nitride nanotubes by using YB6 powder
Towards new transmission electron microscopy in advanced ceramics
Synthesis, Raman scattering, and infrared spectra of large-scale GaN nanorods
High-quality GaN nanowires synthesized using a CVD approach
Fabrication and characterization of In2O3 nanowires
Structural characteristics and magnetic properties of chemically synthesized CoP
Coherent electron emission from carbon nanotubes. Youngs interference in the emi
Light propagation- and many-particle-induced non-Lorentzian lineshapes in semico
Transformation of diamond nanoparticles into carbon onions under electron irradi
Low temperature self-propagating synthesis and characterization of soft-magnetic
Synthesis of La1-xCaxMnO3 nanowires by a sol-gel process
Gate voltage dependence of a single-electron transistor using the shuttle mechan
Solvothermal growth of vaterite in the presence of ethylene glycol, 1,2-propaned
Ferroelectric electron holography
Resistively coupled ferromagnetic single-electron transistors
Improved oxidation resistance of single-walled carbon nanotubes produced by arc
Linking chiral indices and transport properties of double walled carbon nanotube
Oxide-assisted catalytic growth of MgO nanowires with uniform diameter distribut
Control of growth orientation of GaN nanowires
Nanoscale Pb inclusions embedded in Al matrix prepared by cold rolling
Preparation and characterization of SnO2 nanorods by thermal decomposition of Sn
Microstructure and evolution of mechanically-induced ultrafine grain in surface
Hydrogen-storage properties and structure characterization of melt-spun and anne
SiC nanorods prepared from SiO and activated carbon
Novel BN tassel-like and tree-like nanostructures
Microstructural investigation on the mechanism to extract indium from wasted mat
Microstructure and interface fracture of LPPS Ni/Fe and Cu/Ni sprayed materials
Highly ordered and well-oriented single-crystal CdTe nanowire arrays by direct-c
Nanometer-scale surface modification using scanning tunneling microscope (STM)-b
Preparation of multiply twinned palladium particles with five-fold symmetry via
Strong quantum confinement in ordered PbSe nanowire arrays
Study of the GBCD for the grain growth areas on pure Cu samples extruded by mean
Arrays of ordered Pb nanowires with different diameters in different areas embed
Structure of nanocrystalline anatase solved and refined from electron powder dat
Phonons and electron-phonon scattering in carbon nanotubes
Study on the method of synthesizing MS (M=Zn, Cd) semiconductor nano-powders by
Al2O3-coated nano-SiC particles reinforced Al2O3 matrix composites
Formation of TiB2/TiN nanocomposite powder by high energy ball milling and subse
Co-synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes and carbon fibers
Nanocages of layered BN: Super-high-pressure nanocells for formation of solid ni
Formation of large nanostructured Pd82Si18 alloy rods
Precursor morphology controlled formation of rutile VO2 nanorods and their self-
Preparation and mechanical properties of Fe3Al nanostructured intermetallics
Youngs interference of electrons in field emission patterns
Formation of a nano-emitter for electron field emission on a liquid metal ion so
Fabrication of oriented L10-FePt and FePd nanoparticles with large coercivity
Growth of Si and Ge nanostructures on Si substrates using ultrathin SiO2 technol
All-electron mixed-basis calculation of structurally optimized titanium nitride
Alkyl monolayers on Si(111) as ultrathin electron-beam patterning media
Modulation of THz radiation by semiconductor nanostructures
Fabrication of nano-structure and study of Si-based single electron transistor
A study of activated carbon nanotubes as electrochemical super capacitors electr
Field emission X-ray source
Sonochemical method for the preparation of bismuth sulfide nanorods
SET-based experiments for HTSC materials
Direct growth of β-SiC nanowires from SiOx thin films deposited on Si(100)
Catalytic growth of semiconducting zinc oxide nanowires and their photoluminesce
Sonochemical synthesis of copper selenides nanocrystals with different phases
Fluorescence spectroscopy and transmission electron microscopy of the same isola
Long-period ordered structure in a high-strength nanocrystalline Mg-1 at% Zn-2 a
Nanoscale devices fabricated by dynamic ploughing with an atomic force microscop
Electrochemical fabrication of ordered Ag2S nanowire arrays
Electron irradiation of multi-walled carbon nanotubes with encapsulated Ni parti
Single-electron transistor and its fabrication based on SPM
Effect of nano-micro TiN addition on the microstructure and mechanical propertie
Synthesis, morphologies and Raman-scattering spectra of crystalline stannic oxid
Morphology and Raman scattering spectrum of GaN nanowires embedded in nanochanne
Synthesis of alumina nanotubes using carbon nanotubes as templates
Nodular carbon nanotubes and their field emission characteristics
Fabrication and low-temperature transport properties of selectively grown dual-g
Field electron emission from carbon nanotubes grown by plasma-enhanced chemical
Synthesis of NiO nanorods by a novel simple precursor thermal decomposition appr
Boron nitride nanostructures grown through irradiation-induced solid-state phase
Synthesis and characterization of Ag2S nanocrystals in hyperbranched polyurethan
Characterization of extended defects of ZnTe/GaAs(100) hetero-interface by advan
Hydrothermal preparation of long nanowires of vanadium oxide
Synthesis and characterization of zirconia nanorods
Bi20TiO32 nanocones prepared from Bi-Ti-O mixture by metalorganic decomposition
The synthesis of SnS2 nanoflakes from tetrabutyltin precursor
Microstructural characterization of Fe-N thin films
Preparation of nanocrystalline ceria particles by sonochemical and microwave ass
Nanoscale crystallographic analysis of ultrafine grained IF steel fabricated by
Electron transport in nano-structured TiO2 electrodes for improvement of dye-sen
Microstructures of patterned nc-Si superlattices made by pulsed laser interferen
Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of NiTe alloy nanocrystallites
High-vacuum electron-beam co-evaporation of Si nanocrystals embedded in Al2O3 ma
Electron microscopy and spectroscopy with the single-atom sensitivity on metallo
Electrodeposited nickel composites containing carbon nanotubes
Electron transport in Ge nanocrystalline films deposited using the cluster beam
Fabrication of the nano-structure and its applications
Nanowires of metal borates
In situ growth of isotopically enriched 28Si nanowires using the floating-zone (
Nanoscale imaging of electronic surface transport probed by atom movements induc
Synthesis and characterization of CuO containing mesoporous silica spheres
Investigation of microstructure and chemical stability in composites of Ni3Al re
Synthesis of highly ordered LiNiO2 nanowire arrays in AAO templates and their st
Preparation and characteristic of a new class of silica/polyimide nanocomposites
Effect of acetylene in buffer gas on the microstructures of carbon nanotubes in
Impurity effect on low-lying spectra in an electron magnetic dot
Preparation of Fe-filled carbon nanotubes by catalytic decomposition of cyclohex
Stability of single-wall carbon nanotubes under hydrothermal conditions
Evidence of a single-wall platinum nanotube
Experimental study on synthesis of NiO nano-particles
Aligned silica nanofibres
Deposition of diamond/β-SiC gradient composite films by microwave plasma-as
Nanoelectronic devices with reactively fabricated semiconductor
Branchy alumina nanotubes
Degradation of C60 nanocrystals on Si(111)-(7×7) surfaces upon low-energy
Directional CdS nanowires fabricated by chemical bath deposition
Electrode modification by electron-induced patterning of self-assembled monolaye
Study on nano-catalyst for fuel cells
Preparation of Si3N4 nanorods from borosilicate glass
Metal-free production of high-quality multi-wall carbon nanotubes, in which the
Formation of nanocrystalline structure during electron irradiation induced cryst
Large-scale rapid oxidation synthesis of SnO2 nanoribbons
Local structural orders in nanostructured Al2O3 prepared by high-energy ball mil
Hydrogen storage in different carbon nanostructures
Fabrication and characteristics of metal particle modulated carbon nanotube sing
Electron beam-induced structure transformation of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Non-LTE calculation of the Ni I 676.8 nanometer line in a flaring atmosphere
Fabrication of an amorphous carbon tube from copper oxide whisker
Preparation of nanocrystalline titania films by pulsed laser deposition at room
Study on nanocrystalline Fe-based soft-magnetic materials
Nanoscaled ceramic powders produced by laser ablation
Selective growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes by chemical vapor deposition
Carbon-nanotube formation mechanism reduced from the in situ observations: selec
Distribution of carbon black in semicrystalline polypropylene studied by transmi
SiO2-coated carbon nanotubes: theory and experiment
Nanocrystalline silicon carbide films deposited by ECR chemical vapour depositio
Synthesis of boron nitride nanowires
Composition and lattice structure of fivefold twinned nanorods of silver
Comparative study of a block copolymer morphology by transmission electron micro
Synthesis of oxygen-deficient indium-tin-oxide (ITO) nanofibers
Polymerized carbon nitride nanobells
Preparation strategies towards selective Ru-based oxygen reduction catalysts for
Current status of field-emission displays
Synthesis and microstructure of antimony oxide nanorods
NanoTeflons: structure and EELS characterization of fluorinated carbon nanotubes
The structure of trititanate nanotubes
Modification of thiol-derived self-assembling monolayers by electron and X-ray i
Electron-phonon interaction in suspended highly doped silicon nanowires
Tribological behavior of water-soluble fullerene-methacrylic acid copolymer
Preparation of nanometer thin films by nanosecond pseudospark beam ablation
Electron collision data for polyatomic molecules in plasma processing and enviro
Process integration of 20 nm electron beam lithography and nanopatterning for ul
Structural characteristics and field electron emission properties of nano-diamon
Stress effects in laser-pulsed chromium films tracked by nanosecond transmission
Co and C60 interaction under conditions of mixture
Effects of ions and electrons in electron-beam-excited plasma assisted CVD on na
Tunable coupled nanomechanical resonators for single-electron transport
Increase of lattice constant in GaP nanocrystals
A simple and novel route for the preparation of ZnO nanorods
Electron ratchet effect in semiconductor devices and artificial materials with b
Nanostructuring by deposition of protein channels formed on carbon surfaces
C60 encapsulation inside single-walled carbon nanotubes using alkali-fullerene p
Ultrafine and uniform silicon nanowires grown with zeolites
Synthesis of well-aligned boron nanowires and their structural stability under h
Study on exfoliation of layered perovskite-type niobates
Nanosecond generation of intense electron currents with high-Tc superconducting
Needle-shaped silicon carbide nanowires: Synthesis and field electron emission p
Growth mechanism of single crystal NaFe4P12 nanowires
Catalytic growth of boron nitride nanotubes
Synthesis and optical properties of tetrapod-like zinc oxide nanorods
Nano-magnetic material in the radula teeth of chiton Acanthochiton rubrolinestus
Interfacial SiC formation in polysiloxane-derived Si-O-C ceramics
Low-temperature synthesis of large-scale single-crystal molybdenum trioxide (MoO
Formation of ZnO nanostructures by a simple way of thermal evaporation
Novel method synthesis of CdO nanowires
Microstructure of Si cones prepared by Ar+-sputtering Si/Mo target
Structure and electronic transport properties of polyaniline/NaFe4P12 composite
Graphitization mechanism during the carbon-nanotube formation based on the in-si
Structures, properties and responses to heat treatment of deformation processed
Preparation and properties of nano-sized SnO2 powder
Fabrication of nc-Si array made by pulsed laser constrained interference crystal
Data processing for LEEPL mask: Splitting and placement correction
New mask format for low energy electron beam proximity projection lithography
Imaging capability of low-energy electron-beam proximity-projection lithography
Effect of surface pretreatment on the electrochemical activity of a glass-formin
Application of energy-filtering transmission electron microscopy to characterize
Field emission from flexible arrays of carbon nanotubes
Synthesis of nanostructured silicon carbide through an integrated mechanical and
Signatures of trions in the optical spectra of doped semiconductor nanorings in
Polysynthetic twinning in RbIn3S5
Fabrication and optical properties of large-scale uniform zinc oxide nanowire ar
Magnetoresistance of single Co nanowires
Time- and frequency-resolved photoelectrochemical investigations on nano-honeyco
Control of ZnO morphology via a simple solution route
Carbon nanofibers synthesized by decomposition of alcohol at atmospheric pressur
Synthesis of crystalline alumina nanowires and nanotrees
Growth orientation of one-dimensional silicon nanowires prepared by thermal evap
Synthesis and microstructural analysis of Si3N4 nanorods
Formation mechanism of carbon-nanocapsules and -nanoparticles based on the in-si
Synthesis and characterization of conducting copolymer nanofibrils of pyrrole an
In-situ TEM observation on growth of glass nanorods induced by electron beam
Bamboo-shaped carbon tubes from coal
Direct observation of molecular alignment in intense laser fields by pulsed gas
Photoluminescence properties of silicon nanowires and carbon nanotube-silicon na
Single-electron effects in highly doped polysilicon nanowires [single-electron t
Effect of heat treatment on the properties of nano-diamond under oxygen and argo
Study of ac hopping conductivity on one-dimensional nanometre systems
Electron-stimulated ion and neutral desorption from D2O adsorbed on rare-gas-sol
Logic AND/NAND gates based on three-terminal ballistic junctions
Time-resolved two photon photoemission electron microscopy
Rapid synthesis of nanocrystalline SnO2 powders by microwave heating method
A novel phase-contrast transmission electron microscopy producing high-contrast
Catalytic growth and photoluminescence properties of semiconductor single-crysta
Spheroidization and coalescence of nanometer Pb film
Monte Carlo simulation of single electron device made by molecular self-assembly
Preparation of Rh-graphite and Rh-clay nanocomposites: model substances for nano
Investigation of the growth process of Si nanowires using the vapour-liquid-soli
Erbium-doped optical waveguide materials based on Si nanocrystals formed by meta
Regular arrays of GaN nanorods
Semiconducting B-C-N nanotubes with few layers
Wet synthesis and characterization of MSe (M = Cd, Hg) nanocrystallites at room
Photoinduced electron transfer in nanostructures of ultrathin polyimide films co
Pulsed-laser assisted nanopatterning of metallic layers combined with atomic for
Nanometer-spaced electrodes with calibrated separation
Structural instabilities in passivated gold nanoclusters induced by electron irr
Role of group V exchange on the shape and size of InAs/InP self-assembled nanost
Micro- and nanomorphologies of isotactic polystyrene revealed by PLM, AFM, and T
Electron beam induced oxidation of Ni3Al surfaces: electron flux effects
Preparation of nanosized ZnO arrays by electrophoretic deposition
TEM imaging of mass-selected polymer molecules
Synthesis of europium oxide nanorods by ultrasound irradiation
The synthesis of SiO2@CdS nanocomposites using single-molecule precursors
Effect of bias voltage on the formation of a-C:N nanostructures in ECR plasmas
Columnar structure of reactively sputtered aluminium nitride films
Microstructure and magnetic properties of metal-nonmetal nanogranular films
Magnetic study of iron sorbitol
Ablation of polyethylene terephthalate at 266 nm
Formation of island structures in the course of deposition of weakly supersatura
New directions with fewer dimensions [electrons in one- and zero-dimensional sys
Mapping of sp2/sp3 in DLC thin film by signal processed ESI series energy-loss i
Preparation of high yield multi-walled carbon nanotubes by microwave plasma chem
Electron beam induced oxidation of Al-Mg alloy surfaces
Atomic force microscopy imaging and cutting of beaded carbon nanotubes deposited
Pre-treatment of Fe(C5H7COO)3 metal-organics for growing carbon nanotubes on sil
Epitaxially overgrown, stable W-GaAs Schottky contacts with sizes down to 50 nm
Optimisation of the arc-discharge production of multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Self-assembled nanoscale photomimetic models: structure and related dynamics
Carbon nanotubes as scanning probe tips
Sonochemical synthesis and optical properties of europium oxide nanolayer coated
Visible cathodoluminescence from mechanically milled germanium
Nanoanalysis of stacked Cu/In/Se thin films
Silicon nanofabrication by electron beam lithography and laser-assisted electroc
Structure and catalytic behaviour of NiSx films with respect to the hydrogen evo
Mechanochemical synthesis and characterization of GaN nanocrystals
Nanoelectronics, quantum electronics, neurotronics and spintronics: anticipated
Focused-electron-beam-induced deposition of freestanding three-dimensional nanos
Photoluminescent and electronic properties of nanocrystalline silicon doped with
Carbon nanotube production by a cracking of liquid hydrocarbons
Electron transport through a molecular nanocluster
Titanium oxide nanoribbons
Structural and cathodoluminescence study of mechanically milled silicon
Ferromagnetic nano-dot array fabricated by electron beam radiation induced nano-
Field electron emission from Ge-Si nanostructures with quantum dots
Nanoimprint lithography for fabrication of three-terminal ballistic junctions in
Plasma induced microstructural, compositional, and resistivity changes in ultrat
The role played by two parallel free surfaces in the deformation mechanism of na
Field emission of individual carbon nanotubes in the scanning electron microscop
Single-electron transistors and memory cells with Au colloidal islands
Evolution and control of the structure of a SiO2/semiconductor nanoelectronics m
Luminescence of nanocrystalline ZnS:Cu2+
Direct magnetic patterning of nonferromagnetic Co-C thin films by electron-beam
Scanning tunneling microscopy study of WS2 nanotubes
Lateral electron transport inside a monolayer of derivatized fullerenes anchored
Microscopic characterization of electron field emission
Anomalous optical absorption in ultrathin Pb films
Unusual metals in two dimensions: one-particle model of the metal-insulator tran
Origin of the superlattice reflections in Pb(Fe2/3W1/3)O3
Microstructure and spectroscopy studies on cubic boron nitride synthesized under
Nanocrystal and nanocluster formation and oxidation in annealed Ge-implanted SiO
Microstructural study of the initiation and formation of immersion tin coating o
Titanium single-electron transistor fabricated by electron-beam lithography
Effects of Nb doping on the TiO2 anatase-to-rutile phase transition
A single-electron three-input AND gate
Spin-engineered quantum dots
Shape of nanosize superconducting grains: does it influence pairing characterist
Field effect on phase segregation in the electron-doped mixed-valence manganites
Lithography CAD technique for 100 nm-node system LSI
Properties and applications of cobalt-based material produced by electron-beam-i
Rapid formation of an electron beam in a magnetron gun with a secondary-emission
Application of floatable oxide (FOx-12) for nanometer magnetic particle fabricat
Preparation and electron field emission properties of nano-diamond films
Selective-area growth of indium nitride nanowires on gold-patterned Si(100) subs
Carbon nanotube films as electron field emitters
The role of secondary electrons in electron-beam-induced-deposition spatial reso
Morphology and electrical properties of template-synthesized polypyrrole nanocyl
Visualization of compositional fluctuations in complex oxides using energy-filte
Ultrafast dephasing and collective effects in the quantum Hall effect regime
Sub-50 nm nanopatterning of metallic layers by green pulsed laser combined with
Electron-electron scattering rate in thin metal films
Ultrasoft magnetic films investigated with Lorentz tranmission electron microsco
Structural evolution in amorphous silicon and germanium thin films
Method for manufacturing nanoscale structures in transition metal layers
Reflection high-energy electron diffraction observation of the dynamics of semic
A single-electron half-adder
Interfacial electron-transfer dynamics in Ru(tcterpy)(NCS)3-sensitized TiO2 nano
New nanometer T-gate fabricated by thermally reflowed resist technique
Preparation and characterization of TiN-Ag nanocomposite films
Combined effects of argon addition and substrate bias on the formation of nanocr
`Disordered Ba(Mg1/3Ta2/3)O3 and its ordering transition
Static and dynamic order of cooperative multi-electron transfer
Electron transport and phonons in atomic wires
Plasma-enhanced chemical-vapor deposition of titanium aluminum carbonitride/amor
Size control and charge storage mechanism of germanium nanocrystals in a metal-i
Quantum discreteness effects and flicker fluctuations in tunneling conductivity
Nanostructural changes in porous anodic films on aluminum during aging
Nanocrystalline and polycrystalline phases present in the protective metallocera
Synthesis and characterization of poly(styrene-maleic anhydride)-montmorillonite
Effects of exchange and electron correlation on conductance and nanomagnetism in
Bias effect on the growth of carbon nanotips using microwave plasma chemical vap
Effect of ion energy on degradation of diamond-like carbon films exposed to high
Influence of oxygen content on the charge ordering process in La0.5Ca0.5MnO3-x
Colloquium: Optical simulations of electron diffraction by carbon nanotubes
Chemical profiling of single nanotubes: Intramolecular p-n-p junctions and on-tu
Morphological evolution and surface and interface structure of aluminum on polyi
Growth dynamics of titanium silicide nanowires observed with low-energy electron
Atomic polarization and local reactivity on ferroelectric surfaces: a new route
Mass spectrometric analysis of water-soluble gold nanoclusters
Evolution and microstructure of shear bands in nanostructured Fe
Single gallium nitride nanowire lasers
Making electrical contacts to nanowires with a thick oxide coating
Tin oxide nanowires, nanoribbons, and nanotubes
The effect of nitrogen addition to Ar/CH4 plasmas on the growth, morphology and
Characterization of nanometer-scale defects in metallic glasses by quantitative
Erbium surface-enriched silicon nanowires
Microstructure and mechanical properties of Zr-Si-N films prepared by rf-reactiv
Multicolor and electron microscopic imaging of connexin trafficking
Realization of parametric resonances in a nanowire mechanical system with nanoma
Transfer times of electrons and holes across the interface in CdS/HgS/CdS quantu
Twinning in TiSi2-island catalyzed Si nanowires grown by gas-source molecular-be
Equilibrium and nonequilibrium electron tunneling via discrete quantum states
XPS analysis of FIB-milled Si
Optically assisted atomic patterning: a multiple-quantum transition master equat
Single crystal silver nanowires prepared by the metal amplification method
Nanostructure manipulation device for transmission electron microscopy: applicat
Growth of self-assembled GaN quantum dots via the vapor-liquid-solid mechanism
Transformation of BxCyNz nanotubes to pure BN nanotubes
Structure of intercalated Cs in zeolite ITQ-4: an array of metal ions and correl
Bismuth nanowires for potential applications in nanoscale electronics technology
Transmission electron microscopy studies of the nanoscale structure and chemistr
The nanostructures of amorphous silicas
Development of wet environmental TEM (Wet-ETEM) for in situ studies of liquid-ca
Investigation of electrochromic properties of nanocrystalline tungsten oxide thi
Structure refinement of large domain relaxors in the Pb(Mg1/3Ta2/3)O3-PbZrO3 sys
Fabrication of Si nanocolumns and Si square spirals on self-assembled monolayer
Nanoscale artifacts in RuO4-stained poly(styrene)
Simultaneous observation of luminescence and dissociation processes of Mg-H comp
Nanochemistry: synthesis and characterization of multifunctional nanoclinics for
Synchrotron soft X-ray and field-emission electron sources: a comparison
Using FIB for TEM analysis of semiconductor materials
Raster scan patterning solution for 100 nm and 70 nm OPC masks
Multifunctional Co-C nanocomposite thin films
Nanoscale magnetism in the chalcogenide spinel FeCr2S4: common origin of colossa
Core pinning by intragranular nanoprecipitates in polycrystalline MgCNi3
Background charge fluctuations and the transport properties of biopolymer-gold n
Observation of two- and three-dimensional magnesium oxide nanostructures formed
Optical, electrical and magnetic manipulation of spins in semiconductors
Femtosecond electron ejection in liquid acetonitrile: Evidence for cavity electr
Large-scale synthesis of multi-walled microwave carbon nanotubes by CVD
Template-directed vapor-liquid-solid growth of silicon nanowires
The development of epitaxy of nanoclusters on lattice-mismatched substrates: Ag
Performance of AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors at nanoscale gate le
GaN nanorods coated with pure BN
Photocarrier drift-mobility measurements and electron localization in nanoporous
Rapid imaging of nanotubes on insulating substrates
Carbonitride nanomaterials, thin films, and solids
Microstructure and nanomechanical properties of Al-Mg-B-Ti films synthesized by
Electron relaxation dynamics in semicontinuous metal films on nanoparticle surfa
Direct conversion of TiO2 sol to nanocrystalline anatase at 85°C
Spring constant and damping constant tuning of nanomechanical resonators using a
Fluctuation microscopy in the STEM
Structural and transport properties of CdS films deposited on flexible substrate
CoPt and FePt nanowires by electrodeposition
In situ ordered polycrystalline FePt L10 (001) nanostructured films and the effe
Template-engaged replacement reaction: a one-step approach to the large-scale sy
Deconvolving long-pulse electron-beam centroid data from resistive wall-current
Studies of nanoscale dynamics using coherent X-rays from an X-ray free electron
Absolute and approximate calculations of electron-energy-loss spectroscopy edge
Superhard B-C-N materials synthesized in nanostructured bulks
Mixing and characterization of nanosized powders: an assessment of different tec
Light-emitting polymers and carbon nanotube electron emitters for optoelectronic
Nanostructure evolution during cluster growth: Ag on H-terminated Si(111) surfac
Direct assessment of recombination noise in semiconductors using electron beam-i
Laser triggered synchronizable X-ray system for real time study of shock waves i
Solving rate equations for electron tunneling via discrete quantum states
Ion and electron beam assisted growth of nanometric SimOn structures for near-fi
Synthesis and atomic-level characterization of Ni nanoparticles in Al2O3 matrix
Large-scale production of single-walled carbon nanotubes using ultrafast pulses
Two-dimensional electron-gas actuation and transduction for GaAs nanoelectromech
Single electron tunneling of nanoscale TiSi2 islands on Si
In situ imaging of field emission from individual carbon nanotubes and their str
Silver nanodisks: synthesis, characterization, and self-assembly
Nanostructure fabrication by direct electron-beam writing of nanoparticles
Purification of single-wall carbon nanotubes by selective microwave heating of c
A diffusion-multiple approach for mapping phase diagrams, hardness, and elastic
Electrical conductivity and thermopower of Cu-SiO2 nanogranular films
Scanned probe imaging of single-electron charge states in nanotube quantum dots
Chemically dependent traps and polytypes at Pt/Ti contacts to 4H and 6H-SiC
Thermal conductance and electron-phonon coupling in mechanically suspended nanos
CuO nanowires can be synthesized by heating copper substrates in air
Collecting and characterizing atmospheric nanoparticles
Nanoscale modification of optical properties in Ge-doped SiO2 glass by electron-
Functionalizing multiple-walled carbon nanotubes with aminopolymers
Ru-doped nanostructured carbon films
Issues of nanoelectronics: a possible roadmap
Morphology and electronic structure in nitrogen-doped ultrananocrystalline diamo
Breakdown threshold and localized electron density in water induced by ultrashor
Electron holography of field-emitting carbon nanotubes
ZnS-based photonic crystals
Applications of cryo-analytical electron microscopy for characterization of AgX-
Direct electron transfer of glucose oxidase on carbon nanotubes
Background subtraction for low-loss transmission electron energy-loss spectrosco
Electron holographic characterization of ultra-shallow junctions in Si for nanos
Ultra-high resolution with off-axis STEM holography
Polyaniline-gold nanocomposite system
Shock-induced localized amorphization in boron carbide
Electron microscopy studies on platinum-ceramics nanocomposites synthesized by s
Metalorganic chemical vapor deposition route to GaN nanowires with triangular cr
Atomic layer chemical vapor deposition of ZrO2-based dielectric films: nanostruc
Nanostructures and deformation mechanisms in a cryogenically ball-milled Al-Mg a
Preparation and structure investigation of nanoparticle-assembled titanium dioxi
Synthesis and characterization of sol-gel derived nanocrystalline tin oxide thin
Measurement and analysis of thermal photoemission from a dispenser cathode
Electron-optical phase shift of magnetic nanoparticles I. Basic concepts
A quantitative nanodiffraction system for ultrahigh vacuum scanning transmission
Microstructure and microchemistry of silicon particles formed during electrical-
Carbothermal synthesis of boron nitride coatings on silicon carbide
The influence of structural defects on intra-granular critical currents of bulk
Microstructural evolution in adiabatic shear localization in stainless steel
Face-centered cubic and hexagonal closed-packed nanocrystal superlattices of gol
Deconvolution of scanning transmission electron microscopy images of ionomers
Magnetic properties of gadolinium and terbium nanoparticles produced via multila
Electron field emission properties of closed carbon nanotubes
Dense medium plasma synthesis of carbon/iron-based magnetic nanoparticle system
Quantitative phase contrast imaging of arborescent graft polystyrene by off-axis
Focused ion beam technique and transmission electron microscope studies of micro
Resonance vibration of amorphous SiO2 nanowires driven by mechanical or electric
Nanometre-scale displacement sensing using a single electron transistor
Spin and energy transfer in nanocrystals without tunneling
Structural and mechanical properties of diamond-like carbon films deposited by d
Microscopic theory of single-electron tunneling through molecular-assembled meta
TEM study of aerosol particles from clean and polluted marine boundary layers ov
Nanoring formation by direct-write inorganic electron-beam lithography
Characteristics of plasma processed SiC nanocrystallites and nanorods
Laser synthesis of carbon-rich SiC nanoribbons
Fluctuations of g factors in metal nanoparticles: effects of electron-electron i
Synthesis of nanocrystalline nickel and zinc ferrites by microemulsion technique
Spin-state effects on the outer core-level multiplet structures for high-spin Mn
Effects of process-control agents on mechanical alloying of nanostructured alumi
Dynamics of electron tunneling in semiconductor nanostructures
Quantum dents by gas atoms: effects of the collisions on the electrical transpor
Photoelectron imaging of helium droplets
Real-time detection of electron tunnelling in a quantum dot
Structure determination of individual single-wall carbon nanotubes by nanoarea e
Watching GaN nanowires grow
Atomic resolution imaging of a carbon nanotube from diffraction intensities
Palladium nanoparticle arrays using template-assisted electrodeposition
Formation of self-assembled epitaxial nickel nanostructures
Synthesis and characterization of a 1:6 Au-CdSe nanocomposite
A method for selective deposition of copper nanoparticles on silicon surfaces
Covalent coupling of quantum dots to multiwalled carbon nanotubes for electronic
Nanopillar arrays of glassy carbon by anodic aluminum oxide nanoporous templates
Pulse current electrodeposition of nanocrystalline zinc
Plasma torch production of macroscopic carbon nanotube structures
Phase retrieval and induction mapping of artificially structured micromagnetic a
Electron-optical phonon interaction in carbon nanotubes
Photoinduced oxidation of carbon nanotubes
Thermoelectric power of p-doped single-wall carbon nanotubes and the role of pho
Characterization of functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes at individual
Electron and hole intraband spectroscopy of GaSe nanoparticles
Filling single-wall carbon nanotubes with d- and f-metal chloride and metal nano
Effect of powder characteristics on the sinterability of a microwave-plasma-synt
Laser-assisted synthesis of ultra small metal nanoparticles
Transport-limited recombination of photocarriers in dye-sensitized nanocrystalli
Tomographic diffractive imaging of monolayer crystals at atomic resolution with
Effect of microstructure on diffusion of copper in TiN films
Transmission of low-energy electrons in boron-doped nanocrystalline diamond film
Preparation and characterization of monodisperse Fe nanoparticles
Microstructure studies on hexagonal layered Ni-S nanocrystals
Mechanics of a carbon nanocoil
Line edge roughness of sub-100 nm dense and isolated features: experimental stud
Room-temperature single-electron charging effects in an ambipolar single-walled
Microscopy and spectroscopy of lithium nickel oxide-based particles used in high
Assembly of CdSe nanocrystals into well-ordered monolayers with a strong crystal
Phase imaging and nanoscale currents in phase objects imaged with fast electrons
Effect of strain rate on the formation of nanocrystallites in an Al-based amorph
Quantitative characterization of the composition, thickness and orientation of t
Catalytic chemical vapor deposition synthesis and electron microscopy observatio
Ultrafast dynamics of gold-based nanocomposite materials
Transport properties of granular metals at low temperatures
Nanometer-period gratings in hydrogen silsesquioxane fabricated by electron beam
Polar oxide interface stabilization by formation of metallic nanocrystals
Why is the thermalization of excited electrons in semiconductor nanoparticles so
Organic rigid-rod linkers for coupling chromophores to metal oxide nanoparticles
Simulation of the dc plasma in carbon nanotube growth
Structural effects on the magnetic character of yttrium-iron-garnet nanoparticle
Giant field amplification in tungsten nanowires
Aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy: the potential fo
Optical phonon spectra of GaP nanoparticles prepared by nanochemistry
Nucleation of Ti-catalyzed self-assembled kinked Si nanowires grown by gas sourc
InAs nanowires and whiskers grown by reaction of indium with GaAs
Chemical vapor deposition of single-walled carbon nanotubes using ultrathin Ni/A
Nanoparticle formation in microchannel glass by plasma enhanced chemical vapor d
Monte Carlo study of electron transport in a carbon nanotube
Electron beam lithography process using radiation sensitive carboxylate metalorg
Formation of a few nanometer wide holes in membranes with a dual beam focused io
Metal oxide-coated polymer nanofibers
Synthesis of CuO and Cu2O crystalline nanowires using Cu(OH2) nanowire templates
Electron beam lithography in nanoscale fabrication: recent development
Microstructure and tensile properties of nanostructured Cu-25 wt% Ag
STEM provides the answers to some difficult questions [scanning transmission ele
Single-molecule LEDs from nanoscale electroluminescent junctions
Direct determination of the absolute electron density of nanostructured and diso
A quantitative measure of medium-range order in amorphous materials from transmi
Hydrothermal synthesis of quartz nanocrystals
Avalanche ballistic electron emission microscopy with single hot-electron sensit
In situ conductance characterization of Fe/Ag multilayer contacts on GaAs
Mean free paths for inelastic electron scattering in silicon and poly(styrene) n
A modeling and convolution method to measure compositional variations in straine
Influence of the percolation network geometry on electron transport in dye-sensi
Green emission to probe photoinduced charging events in ZnO-Au nanoparticles: ch
Response of Fe powder, purified and as-produced HiPCo single-walled carbon nanot
A new nanocomposite resist for low and high voltage electron beam lithography
Electron radiation damage of MCM-41 and related materials
Effect of coating parameters on the microstructure of cerium oxide conversion co
Fabrication of asymmetric electrode pairs with nanometer separation made of two
Solid-state synthesis of multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Direct observation of the mechanical properties of single-walled carbon nanotube
Quantum-effect and single-electron devices
Room-temperature Si single-electron memory fabricated by nanoimprint lithography
Characterization of MOCVD grown optical coatings of Sc2O3 and Ta-doped SnO2
Structure and orientation of epitaxial titanium silicide nanowires determined by
Microstructural evolution of Ge/Si(100) nanoscale islands
Microstructure characterization of oxide coatings deposited by pulsed excimer la
Spin-torque transfer in batch-fabricated spin-valve magnetic nanojunctions
Plasmon-polaritons for a nanotube in an intense terahertz field
Fabrication of nonepitaxially grown double-layered FePt:C/FeCoNi thin films for
Synthesis and thermoelectric power of nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes
Individual free-standing carbon nanofibers addressable on the 50 nm scale
Femtosecond study of surface structure and composition and time-resolved spectro
Fabrication of activated carbon fibers/carbon aerogels composites by gelation an
Developmental acquisition of sensory transduction in hair cells of the mouse inn
Microstructural evolution in Al-Cu-Fe quasicrystalline thin films
Large-quantity free-standing ZnO nanowires
Nanoscale electron-beam-stimulated processing
Morphology of GaN(0001) and GaN(0001¯) surfaces: persistence of surface clu
Microstructural evolution and deformation of cryomilled nanocrystalline Al-Ti-Cu
Characterization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes prepared by carbon arc cathode
Use of functionalized WS2 nanotubes to produce new polystyrene/polymethylmethacr
A quantum electromechanical device: the electromechanical single-electron pillar
Magnetoconductance, carrier concentration and mobility measurement in electrospu
Magnetic domain wall motion triggered by an electric current
Synthesis of ternary SiGeSn semiconductors on Si(100) via SnxGe1-x buffer layers
Polymer surfactant incorporated ceramic oxide nanoparticles
Growth and characteristics of TaN/TiN superlattice structures
Synthesis, characterization, and manipulation of helical SiO2 nanosprings
Surface theory moves into the real world
Effective boundary conditions for carriers in ultrathin SOI channels
Dynamic squeezing in a single-mode boson field interacting with two-level system
Evolution of texture in electrodeposited Ni/Cu layered nanostructures
The role of nanoclusters in reducing hole trapping in ion implanted oxides
Fabrication, characterization, and dynamic behavior of polyester/TiO2 nanocompos
Electron emission from diamond nanoparticles on metal tips
Degradation of nanoparticulate-coated and uncoated sulfide-based cathodoluminesc
Nanometer-level stitching in raster-scanning electron-beam lithography using spa
Nanoparticle beam formation and investigation of gold nanostructured films
Self-organized titanium oxide nanodot arrays by electrochemical anodization
Degradation and failure of carbon nanotube field emitters
Electron energy loss in carbon nanostructures
Ti3SiC2: A damage tolerant ceramic studied with nano-indentations and transmissi
Synthesis and structure of colloids and films from Pd-Ag in organic solvents
Nanoparticle formation induced by low-energy ion bombardment of island thin film
Characterization of CdS clusters in zeolite-A grown in alkaline solution
Fabrication of solid-state nanopores with single-nanometre precision
Analytical electron microscopy and focused ion beam: complementary tool for the
Synthesis of well-ordered CuO nanofibers by a self-catalytic growth mechanism
Particle size and crystallinity dependent electron injection in fluorescein 27-s
Direct fabrication of nanowires in an electron microscope
Free volume in nanostructured Ni
Synthesis and characterization of PbSe quantum wires, multipods, quantum rods, a
New scaling of child-Langmuir law in the quantum regime
Electron drift velocity in AlGaN/GaN channel at high electric fields
Topographic measurements from a compound of plural results of the electron micro
Synthesis and characterization of Cu nanotubes and nanothreads by electrical arc
Modeling and prospects for a solid-state quantum computer
Microcrystalline and polycrystalline silicon films for solar cells obtained by g
Pulsed plasma-assisted PVD sputter-deposited alumina thin films
Synthesis and characterization of superparamagnetic Ni-Pt nanoalloy
Preparation of KHSO4/SiO2 nanocomposites and their physical properties
Superconducting NbSe2 nanostructures
Bipolar conduction and drain-induced barrier thinning in carbon nanotube FETs
A study of micro- and nanogeometry of polymethylmethacrylate surface after treat
Primary and secondary carbides in high-speed steels after conventional heat trea
Electromagnetic quantum-size effects in directional near-field EELS of nanocryst
Soldering of nanotubes onto microelectrodes
Carbon nanopowders from the continuous-wave CO2 laser-induced pyrolysis of ethyl
NANODEV: a nanoelectronic-device simulation software system
Superconductivity in carbon nanotubes coupled to transition metal atoms
Impedance spectral studies of sol-gel alumina-silver nanocomposites
Biomimetic fabrication of nanoengineered hydroxyapatite/polyelectrolyte composit
Numerical simulation of electron energy states for nanoscopic InAs/GaAs quantum
Role of carbon in boron suboxide thin films
Analysis of microstructure of magnetic Fe3C nanograins embedded in amorphous car
Influence of electron-electron scattering on spin-polarized current states in ma
Growth of self-assembled nanostructures by molecular beam epitaxy
Novel ionization mechanisms of molecular clusters in ultraintense laser fields
Self-assembled formation of vertical silicon-rich quantum wells and Ge/SiGe quan
Random telegraph noise in a nickel nanoconstriction
Multiwalled nanotubes: their formation by irradiating graphite with high doses o
Discrete electron forces in a nanoparticle-tunnel junction system
Structural characterization of Fe(110) islands grown on α-Al2O3(0001)
Improvement on electron field emission properties of nanocrystalline diamond fil
HRTEM and GIXRD studies of CdS nanocrystals embedded in Al2O3 films produced by
Analysis of the concentration of C60 fullerenes in single wall carbon nanotubes
Rubber-clay nanocomposite by solution blending
Nanosized spinel NiFe2O4: a novel material for the detection of liquefied petrol
Field and photo-field electron emission from self-assembled Ge-Si nanostructures
Morphological study of magnesium hydroxide nanoparticles precipitated in dilute
Field emission of micro aluminum cones coated by nanotips of amorphous diamond
Submicron Co(TaC) line array produced by electron-beam direct writing
Still the necessary obstacles to overcome [single-electron components]
Excitonic absorption of spherical PbS nanoparticles in zeolite A
X-ray reflectivity and AFM studies of polystyrene-CdS nanocomposite thin films
The trap-limited diffusivity of electrons in nanoporous semiconductor networks p
Studies of nanocluster coalescence at high temperature
Self-assembled vertical GaN nanorods grown by molecular-beam epitaxy
Effect of topography in nano-structured thin films: a Lorentz transmission elect
Characterization and field-emission properties of needle-like zinc oxide nanowir
Ab initio modelling of boron and nitrogen in diamond nanowires
Enhanced electron-electron correlations in nanometric SrRuO3 epitaxial films
Local structure of Sn implanted in thin SiO2 films
Fe and Co nanowires and nanotubes synthesized by template electrodeposition
Synthesis and morphology of nanostructures via microwave heating
Characterization of electroplated Ni/SiC and Ni/Al2O3 composite coatings bearing
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes over Fe catalyst on aluminium and suggested growth
Niobium nanoclusters studied with in situ transmission electron microscopy
Microstructure of ball-milled NiA130 powder
Ni and Ni/Pt filling inside multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Mechanistic investigation on salt-mediated formation of free-standing Co3O4 nano
Getting the low down on nanomaterials
Microscopic modeling of nonlinear transport in ballistic nanodevices
Control of electron-transfer and DNA binding properties by the tolyl spacer grou
Limitations on the s-state approach to the interpretation of sub-angstrom resolu
Preparation and evaluation of a nanocomposite of polythiophene with Al2O3
A floating well method for exact capacitance-voltage measurement of nano technol
Synthesis and characterization of Au nanoparticles in Al2O3 matrix
Depleted semiconductor quantum nanowire in an electrolytic medium
Erratum: Self-heating in small mesa structures [J. Appl. Phys. 89, 5578 (2001)]
Sequential tunneling model of field emission through dielectric deposits on nano
Formation of YSZ films by thermal annealing of Y/Zr layers in air
Magnesium oxide nanoparticles prepared by ultrasound enhanced hydrolysis of Mg-a
Temperature dependence of interface barrier height change as implicated by field
Solid gold nanostructures fabricated by electron beam deposition
Carbon structure (nanotube) electron emitters grown at STU
Nanocomposites based on a combination of epoxy resin, hyperbranched epoxy and a
Interelectronic counter-balance and coalescence densities for the n1S (n 7) sta
Signal transduction through dye-labeled M-DNA Y-branched junctions: switching mo
Synthesis of novel nanostructures by metal-polytetrafluoroethene thermolysis
C-Co nanocomposite materials
Image analysis characterization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Regularity of structure formation of condensates of weakly-supersaturated vapour
Carbon nanowires with new microstructures
Cu synthesis and luminescence of (3-mercaptopropyl)-trimethoxysilane capped CdS
Structural transformation of a kaolinite and calcite mixture to gehlenite and an
Structure and thermal stability of MOCVD ZrO2 films Si (100)
Visible cathodoluminescence from nanocrystalline GaSb obtained by mechanical mil
SiC-capped nanotip arrays for field emission with ultralow turn-on field
Nanoscale ferromagnetic rings fabricated by electron-beam lithography
Quantum suppression of shot noise in field emitters
Microstructural and chemical characterisation of metal particles nanostructures
Femtosecond dynamics of interfacial and intermolecular electron transfer at eosi
Controlled single-electron effects in nonoverlapped ultra-short silicon field ef
Transport and magnetic properties of La0.7Pb0.3MnO3+x Ag (x=0-20 wt %) nanocompo
Electron field emission from carbon nanotubes and undoped nanodiamond
Enhanced field emission from nitrogen-doped amorphous diamond
Capacitively coupled hot-electron nanobolometer as far-infrared photon counter
Single-electron transistor of a single organic molecule with access to several r
Three-dimensional reconstruction by Chahines method from electron microscopic pr
Nano-octopus: a new form of branching carbon nanofiber
Photoelectric work function studies of carbonaceous films containing Ni nanocrys
Casting metal nanowires within discrete self-assembled peptide nanotubes
Effect of electron irradiation on the electrical properties of fibers of aligned
119Sn Mossbauer spectroscopic study of nanometric tin dioxide powders prepared b
Structural investigation of keV Ar-ion-induced surface ripples in Si by cross-se
Electrodynamics in the near-field regions of anisotropic nanoscopic films and pl
Nanostructured fragments in a coating of an amorphous Ni63.5Cr25Mo8B3.5 alloy
Coulomb blockade of electron transport in a ZnO quantum-dot solid
Single-electron tunneling in InP nanowires
In situ control of the focused-electron-beam-induced deposition process
Nanocluster formation in electron-irradiated Li2O crystals observed by elastic d
Relativistic effects in EELS of nanoporous alumina membranes
Homogeneous precipitation synthesis and characterization of BaTi5O11 Powders
Quantum transport in a nanosize silicon-on-insulator metal-oxide-semiconductor f
Experimental observation and quantum modeling of electron irradiation on single-
A nanocomposite of poly(N-vinylcarbazole) with nanodimensional alumina
Characterization investigations of a melt-spun ternary Al-8Si-5.1Cu (in wt.%) al
Experimental observation of quantum corrections to electrical resistivity in nan
Repeated 3D nucleation in electroless Cu deposition and the grain boundary struc
Luminescence properties of mechanically milled and laser irradiated ZnO
Morphology and microstructure at different scales of porous silicon prepared by
Transparent organic-inorganic hybrid thin films prepared from acrylic polymer an
Crater formation in gold nanoislands due to MeV self-ion irradiation
Annealing and morphology effects on the Fe0.39Co0.61 nanowire arrays
A transport approach to the superconducting proximity effect in carbon nanotubes
Structural, optical and electrical properties of SnO2:Sb:Tb3+/porous silicon dev
In situ electron microscopy study of growth of WO3 and MoO3 nanowhiskers
Electron microscopy study of the microstructure of nanosize MoO3 powders
Fabrication of thiol-capped Pd nanoparticles: an electrochemical method
The crystalline properties of carbon nitride nanotubes synthesized by electron c
Electron transfer behaviour of biological macromolecules towards the single-mole
Electronic and transport properties of carbon nanotube peapods
Platinum nanocrystals supported by silica, alumina and ceria: metal-support inte
On the role of catalyst, catalyst support and their interaction in synthesis of
Cherenkov radiation effects in EELS for nanoporous alumina membranes
Kink formation around indents in laminated Ti3SiC2 thin films studied in the nan
Role of extrinsic atoms on the morphology and field emission properties of carbo
Electrochemical synthesis of ordered CdTe nanowire arrays
Electrochemically deposited nickel membranes; process-microstructure-property re
Rings of double-walled carbon nanotube bundles
Transmission electron microscopy study of ultra-thin SiC layers obtained by rapi
HRTEM, SEM and XRD characterization of nanocrystalline Sb2S3 thin films deposite
Single-electron transistors in heterostructure nanowires
Carbon-coated titania nanostructured particles: continuous, one-step flame-synth
Convergent beam electron diffraction-A novel technique for materials characteris
Preparation and characterization of polyketone/clay nanocomposites
LiF thin layers on Si(100) studied by ESD, LEED, AES, and AFM
Electron field emission properties of carbon nanotubes grown on nickel caps
Fullerene coalescence in nanopeapods: a path to novel tubular carbon
Radio frequency (RF) suspension plasma sprayed ultra-fine hydroxyapatite (HA)/zi
Synthesis and characterization of organic-inorganic hybrid thin films from poly(
Effect of hopping and electronic correlation on electron-hole coupling in disord
Electron spin dynamics in quantum dots and related nanostructures due to hyperfi
Magneto structural study of iron-dextran
Controlled mounting of individual multiwalled carbon nanotubes on support tips
From straight carbon nanotubes to Y-shaped junctions and rings
Infiltration of glassy bodies with zirconia nanoparticles
Growth of carbon nanotubes using microwave plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposi
Carbon nanotubes for cold electron sources
Nanoparticle-enhanced thermoluminescence in silica gels
Fabrication of individually seeded nanowire arrays by vapour-liquid-solid growth
Broadening of the 3s-3p transition in NeVIII
Ferroelectric epitaxial nanocrystals obtained by a self-patterning method
Electron-beam-induced segregation in InGaN/GaN multiple-quantum wells
Nanobionics of pharmacologically active derivatives of fullerene C60
Al2O3 nanotubes and nanorods fabricated by coating and filling of carbon nanotub
Electron diffraction from nanovolumes of amorphous material using coherent conve
Effect of temperature on processes of radiation-induced generation of primary de
Analytical electron microscopy study of nanometre-scale oxide formed in contact-
On the origin of binding energy shifts of core levels of supported gold nanopart
Study of chromium states in silica glass implanted with Cr+ ions to high fluence
Relaxing melt and plasma bubbles in laser-pulsed metals
Quantitative magnetization measurements on nanometer ferromagnetic cobalt wires
Anisotropy of Co nanoparticles induced by swift heavy ions
Electron microscopy analysis of debris produced during diamond polishing
Dyakonov-Perel spin relaxation controlled by electron-electron scattering
XTEM characterization of tungsten implanted SiC thin films on silicon for field
Electronic rectification in protein devices
Kinetics of pulsed cathodoluminescence
In situ formation of SiC-Si2ON2 micro-composite materials from preceramic polyme
Stark effect in type-II Ge/Si quantum dots
Characterization of nano-sized crystallites of mechanically alloyed high silicon
Simple quantum models of electron injection from a sensitizer molecule to semico
Sub-10 nm electron beam nanolithography using spin-coatable TiO2 resists
Surface and volume modification of a manganese steel with a high-current, low-en
Nonreactive rf treatment of multiwall carbon nanotube with inert argon plasma fo
Electron gas cooling in Ag nanoparticles on graphite
Cross-linked PMMA as a low-dimensional dielectric sacrificial layer
Fabrication of 1D and 2D structures at submicrometer scale on lithium niobate by
Measurement of deformation at the atomic scale by high-resolution electron micro
In situ control of electron gas dimensionality in freely suspended semiconductor
Spherical silicon nanoparticles formed in aluminum melt
Electron-phonon interaction in atomic-scale conductors: Einstein oscillators ver
Properties of a metal-ceramic cathode
Contribution of advanced microscopy techniques to nanoprecipitates characterizat
The nanostructure and mechanical properties of PVD CrCu (N) coatings
Imaging electron spin vector in semiconductors
Ultraviolet laser treatment of multiwall carbon nanotubes grown at low temperatu
New insights in high-energy electron emission and underlying transport physics o
Selective thiolation of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Nanostructure and magnetic properties of BN-encapsulated Fe(B) and Fe2N nanopart
Pronounced switching bistability in a feedback coupled nanoelectronic Y-branch s
Quantum size effect due to the electron transport over bismuth nanobridges with
Application of microanalytical techniques to the study of aqueous ion sorption p
Effect of the surface on the electron quantum size levels and electron g factor
Multi-scale analysis of the nanostructured granular solid CoO-Ag by TEM and EELS
Modification of single-walled carbon nanotubes by hydrothermal treatment
Local structure of nanoscopic materials: V2O5 nanorods and nanowires
Thermal stability evaluation of diamond-like nanocomposite coatings
Enhanced compositional contrast in imaging of nanoprecipitates buried in a defec
Structuring of self-assembled three-dimensional photonic crystals by direct elec
Simulation of triode-type field emitters with thin-film cathodes
On the mechanism of formation of powerful electron beams in dense gases
Mean-field approach to extended Su-Schrieffer-Heeger models
Electron-beam irradiation of porous silicon: application to micromachining
Nanocrystalline diamond from the Earths mantle underneath Hawaii
Carbon nanotubes as elements to focus electron beams by Fresnel diffraction
Fabrication of nanotube tips for atomic force microscopes by using a nanomanipul
Transmission electron microscopy porometry of etched pore channels in track memb
High-speed transmission electron microscope
Electron-phonon scattering in metal clusters
Electron-density stratification in two-dimensional structures tuned by an electr
Investigation of the correlation between texture and microstructure on a submicr
Effects of N2 on the growth of multiwalled carbon nanotubes synthesized by plasm
Quantum properties of nanoscale metallic Li colloids formed by electron irradiat
Direct structural and chemical analysis of individual core-shell (Pd, sn) nanoco
Determination of quantum confinement in CdSe nanocrystals by cyclic voltammetry
Engineering of an insulating buffer and use of AlN interlayers: two optimisation
Deposition of titania nanoparticles on spherical silica
Growth of Ag nanostructures on TiO2(110)
FIB process takes materials analysis into new realms
Low-temperature growth of carbon nanotubes
Electron microscopic investigation of the structure of gas-sensitive nanocomposi
Nanostructuring of silicon by electron-beam lithography of self-assembled hydrox
Synthesis of nanosize powders and thin films of Yb-doped YAG by sol-gel methods
Far-infrared photoconductivity of electrons in an array of nanostructured antido
Nanoimprint lithography process optimization for the fabrication of high electro
Growth of a textured quasicrystalline phase in Ti-Ni-Zr films prepared by pulsed
Low energy loss spectroscopy : applications in materials science
Powerful microscopy techniques available for resolving complex microstructure in
Electrochemical growth of poly(3-dodecylthiophene) into porous silicon: a nanoco
Characteristics and origin of clusters in submicron WC-Co cermets
Modulation of charge transport in diamond-based layers
Measurement of the displacement field of dislocations to 00.3 Å by electro
Microscopic study of failure mechanisms in infiltrated carbon fiber felts
Formation of cubic silicon carbide layers on silicon under the action of continu
Nanoscale analysis on interfacial reactions in Al-Si-Cu alloys and Ti underlayer
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes using microwave radiation
Extending energy-filtered transmission electron microscopy (EFTEM) into three di
Electron paramagnetic resonance of silica glasses implanted with nickel
Switching as a dynamical process in electron diodes
Formation of nanocrystalline titanium carbonitride by pyrolysis of poly(titanylc
Orienting tetracene and pentacene thin films onto friction-transferred poly(tetr
The mechanism of autoelectron emission in carbon nanostructures
Uniformly distributed nickel nanoparticles created by heating the carbon nanotub
Role of nanostructure on electron field emission from amorphous carbon thin film
Polyamide-12 layered silicate nanocomposites by melt blending
Solvothermal synthesis of nanocrystalline TiO2 in toluene with surfactant
In situ deposition of iron nanoparticles on transmission electron microscopy gri
Al2O3 coating of ZnO nanorods by atomic layer deposition
Microstructure characterization of precursor-derived Si-C-N ceramics before and
Ten-megawatt pulsed gyrotron with a 1-cm wavelength and a 50% efficiency
Field emission displays of wide-bandgap gallium nitride nanorod arrays grown by
Multi-wall carbon nanotubes with uniform chirality: evidence for scroll structur
Intermediate stages of a transformation between a quasicrystal and an approximan
Synthesis and characterization of the titanium doped nanostructural V2O5
Excess electron transport in cryoobjects
Deformation behavior of aluminum bicrystals
Rapid deformation of thin gold layers in polymer matrices studied by x-ray refle
Redox behavior of nanostructured molybdenum oxide - mesoporous silica hybrid mat
Preparation and properties of GaN nanostructures by post-nitridation technique
Novel method to directly prepare high-surface-area anatase titania nanoparticles
Ag nanoparticles hosted in monolithic mesoporous silica by thermal decomposition
Growth characteristics of carbon nanotubes via aluminum nanopore template on Si
Comparison of simple low-energy ion sources for direct deposition of submicron s
A convenient ultrasonic irradiation technique for in situ synthesis of zinc sulf
Complementary exposure of 70 nm SoC devices in electron projection lithography
Carbon nitride compounds synthesized by thermal annealing amorphous nanostructur
Blue emission from silicon-based β-SiC films
Formation and magnetic characteristics of cobalt-carbon nanocluster magnets embe
Luminescent and structural properties of ZnO nanorods prepared under different c
Fe2O3 particles encapsulated inside aligned CNx nanotubes
Fabrication of a single-electron inverter in multiwall carbon nanotubes
Spontaneous growth and luminescence of Si/SiOx core-shell nanowires
Conversion of Se nanowires to Se/Ag2Se nanocables and Ag2Se nanotubes
Analytical TEM observation of Au and Ir deposited on rutile TiO2
Distribution and structures of nanopores in YSZ-TBC deposited by EB-PVD
Preparation and characterization of nanometer calcium carbonate
An ab initio study of the ground and valence excited states of GaCl
Synthesis and characterization of MCM-41 decorated with CuO particles
Electron trapping, storing, and emission in nanocrystalline Si dots by capacitan
Micropolarizer of ordered Ni nanowire arrays embedded in porous anodic alumina m
Research on rapid replication of precision manufacture
TiO2 tubes synthesized by using ammonium sulfate and carbon nanotubes as templat
Electron-phonon coupling in negatively charged cubane and octasilacubane
Structural and electrical properties of an electron-beam-irradiated C60 film
Nanocrystalline silicon films prepared by laser-induced crystallization
Titanium-induced germanium nanocones synthesized by vacuum electron-beam evapora
Polyol mediated synthesis of nanocrystalline M3SbS3 (M=Ag, Cu)
Dynamic process of crystallization of Sb2Se3 from Sb50Se50 amorphous film
Phase-controlled synthesis and characterization of nickel sulfides nanorods
Polymer-controlled growth of Sb2Se3 nanoribbons via a hydrothermal process
Large-scale synthesis of CuO shuttle-like crystals via a convenient hydrothermal
Study on the interface electron structures of Fe3Al/Al2O3 nano/micro composite
Temporal fluctuation and its power law in the crystalline-to-glass transition du
Development of single carbon nanotube field emitter
Analyses of surface areas of submicron-sizes using Shimadzu EPMA-1610 electron p
Preparation of Ni nanopowders by anodic arc plasma
General synthesis of metal sulfides nanocrystallines via a simple polyol route
Formation process of sheets and helical forms consisting of strontium carbonate
Fabrication of copper film on aluminum nitride by novel electroless plating
Alignment of CS2 in intense nanosecond laser fields probed by pulsed gas electro
Precipitation of MgO·nAl2O3 in Mg-doped α-Al2O3 under electron irra
Water-soluble multi-walled nanotube and its film characteristics
Fabrication and characterization of pure and well-aligned carbon nanotubes using
Effects of substrates on silicon oxide nanowires growth by thermal chemical vapo
Preparation and characterization of GaN nanowires
Temperature-sensitivity of coating copper on sub-micron silicon carbide particle
Crystalline boron nanowires
Gallium nitride nanowires doped with silicon
Crystallographic features of oriented nanocrystals induced by focused-ion-beam i
A simple large-scale synthesis of coaxial nanocables: silicon carbide sheathed w
Electron emission from porous silicon planar emitters
Synthesis of bismuth sulfide nanorods in acidic media at room temperature
Fabrication of decorated MgO crystalline fibers
Studies on inclined nuclei as a cause of crystallinity deterioration in epitaxia
Laser induced morphology change of silver colloids: formation of nano-size wires
Field electron emission of diamond films grown on the ultrasonically scratched a
Two electrons in one-dimensional nanorings: exact solutions and interaction ener
Preparation and characterizations of nanoparticles from graphite via an electroc
Low-temperature plasma nitriding of AISI 304 stainless steel with nano-structure
Microstructure changes of a polypropylene/montmorillonite nanocomposite in a sin
Evidence for the intramolecular motion of Gd atoms in a Gd2@C92 nanopeapod
Catalytic synthesis of single-crystalline gallium nitride nanobelts
Formation of ultrafine particles in heat treated plasma-sprayed hydroxyapatite c
Growth and optical properties of single-crystal tubular ZnO whiskers
Fabrication of Zn/ZnS nanocable heterostructures by thermal reduction/sulfidatio
Tunable optical properties of nanostructured-gold/ mesoporous-silica assembly
Cables of BN-insulated B-C-N nanotubes
Encapsulation of cesium inside single-walled carbon nanotubes by plasma-ion irra
Long Bi2S3 nanowires prepared by a simple hydrothermal method
Electron microscopy study on amorphous Ge-Sb-Te thin film for phase change optic
Nano-scale analytical and evaluation techniques essential to the development of
Patterned distribution of silicon nanocrystals prepared by pulsed laser interfer
Solution route to SexTe1-x/Te/SexTe1-x heterojunction nanorods
Fabrication and thermal property of carbon nanotube/SiO2 composites
A covalently attached film based on poly(methacrylic acid)-capped Fe3O4 nanopart
MoS2 nanoflowers and their field-emission properties
A treatment method to give separated multi-walled carbon nanotubes with high pur
A novel route to prepare CdSe hollow structures
Formation of titania nanotubes and applications for dye-sensitized solar cells
Single crystalline CdS nanorods fabricated by a novel hydrothermal method
Aligned carbon nanotubes grown on the inner surface of iron ring through microwa
Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of CuIn2.0Se3.5 nanocrystallites
Preparation and characterization of oriented silica nanowires
Heteroepitaxial system of h-BN/monolayer graphene on Ni(111)
Electron holographic 3-D nano-analysis of Au/TiO2 catalyst at interface
Large-scale synthesis of rutile SnO2 nanorods
Characterization of carbon nanohorn encapsulated Fe particles
Preparation of Mn3O4 nanowires by calcining the precursor powders synthesized in
Boron nanowires synthesized by laser ablation at high temperature
Reduction-nitridation synthesis of titanium nitride nanocrystals
Preparation and sintering behavior of nanocrystaline W-La2O3 electrode materials
Quantum confinement energy in nanocrystalline silicon dots from high-frequency c
Gold nanoparticle-porphyrin self-assembled multistructures for photoelectric con
Template-directed synthesis of carbon nanowires using pulsed corona plasma at at
Catalytic growth of Ga2O3 nanowires by physical evaporation and their photolumin
Microstructural features of Co-filled carbon nanotubes
Efficient field emission from single crystalline indium oxide pyramids
Atomic-scale characterization of nanostructured metallic materials by HAADF/Z-co
Electron holography of nanocrystalline magnetic materials
Nanometrology of Si nanostructures embedded in SiO2 using scanning electron micr
Formation of nanostructured surface layer on AISI 304 stainless steel by means o
Fabrication of nanoscale latex arrays based on hydroxylated poly(butyl methacryl
Electron field emission from soluble carbon nanotube films treated by hydrogen p
Large scale preparation of zinc nanosheets by thermochemical reduction of ZnS po
Sodium flux-assisted low-temperature high-pressure synthesis of carbon nitride w
Chemical synthesis of narrowly dispersed SmCo5 nanoparticles
Transmission electron microscopy estimation of Bi-YIG nanoparticle hybridized wi
Structural and optical properties of InAlGaN films grown directly on low-tempera
Long-range order parameter of oriented L10-FePt nanoparticles determined by elec
Silicon carbide hollow nanospheres, nanowires and coaxial nanowires
Sonochemical preparation of HgSe nanoparticles by using different reductants
Boron nitride nanostructures formed by ultra-high-repetition rate laser ablation
Carbon nanotube field emitter
Nanostructured bulk glassy Cu60Zr30Ti10 alloy with high strength and good ductil
Nano-level electron beam lithography
Growth and morphologies of large-scale SnO2 nanowires, nanobelts and nanodendrit
Large-scale synthesis of SnO2 nanobelts
Synthesis and photoluminescence of aligned SiOx nanowire arrays
Amorphization of metal nanoparticles and the quantum confinement effect
Magnetic anisotropy of cerium endohedral metallofullerenes
Ordering effect of high magnetic field on silver nanoparticle arrays for electro
Photoinduced electron transfer between dye IR-140 and TiO2 colloids by femtoseco
Position and size controlled fabrication of nano-metals and -semiconductors with
Nanotubes of lepidocrocite titanates
In situ synthesis of CdS/PVK nanocomposites and their optical properties
Nano-granular Co-Zr-O magnetic films studied by HRTEM and electron holography
Structural characteristics and thermal properties of PE-g-MA/MgAl-LDH exfoliatio
Submicrometre-pitch intercomparison between optical diffraction, scanning electr
Molten alkali metal nitrate flux to well-crystallized and homogeneous La0.7Sr0.3
Silver nanowire array infrared polarizers
Synthesis, microstructure, and growth mechanism of dendrite ZnO nanowires
Charge transfer complex of TTF-carbon nanotubes
Preparation and gas-sensing characteristics of nanocrystalline spinel zinc ferri
Imaging helical potassium hexaniobate nanotubes
Drastic effect of water-adsorption on the magnetism of carbon nanomagnets
Development of a miniature STM holder for study of electronic conductance of met
Structure, transport and field-emission properties of compound nanotubes: CNx vs
Filling boron nitride nanotubes with metals
Synthesis of single crystalline ZnO nanoparticles by salt-assisted spray pyrolys
Formation of Ge nanocrystals embedded in a SiO2 matrix: transmission electron mi
Metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxial growth and characterization of vertical InP n
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes/Si nanowires core-sheath structure arrays and thei
In situ joining of dissimilar nanocrystalline materials by spark plasma sinterin
A simple method to synthesize overlithiated nanomaterials
Preparation and characteristics of oxide films on AA339.1 cast aluminum
Correlation effects of carbon nanotubes at boundaries: spin polarization induced
Electronic energy and life span probability distribution of the HgS/CdS/HgS sphe
Large-scale synthesis of ZnO nanowires using a low-temperature chemical route an
Preparation and field-emission property of nanoscale silicon on different substr
Application of nanocrystalline silicon and ballistic emitter to flat panel displ
Filling carbon nanotubes with radioactive solution
Size tunable synthesis of highly crystalline BaTiO3 nanoparticles using salt-ass
Free-space-wiring fabrication in nano-space by focused-ion-beam chemical vapor d
Carbon nanofilm with a new structure and property
Synthesis of ordered Al nanowire arrays
Cost-saving synthesis of vanadium oxide nanotubes
Electronic properties and field emission of carbon nanotube films treated by hyd
ZnSe nanowires epitaxially grown on GaP(111) substrates by molecular-beam epitax
Transmission electron microscopy study of single-walled 0.4 nm carbon nanotubes
Single-electron logic device with simple structure
Ground-state properties of nanographite systems with zigzag edges
Alterations in mineral properties of zebrafish skeletal bone induced by liliputd
Well-aligned heterojunctions of carbon nanotubes and silicon nanowires synthesiz
Synthesis of ZnO nanorods by a simple method for two different orientations (TL
A reliable method for fabricating sub-10 nm gap junctions without using electron
Surface synthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles on silica spheres: preparation and
The study of bioassembly of nanogold and optical detection
Plasma breaking of thin films into nano-sized catalysts for carbon nanotube synt
Photoexcitation and electron transfer properties of rod- and coil-type oligo(thi
Preparation and properties of barium titanate nanopowder by conventional and hig
Optical properties and structure analyses of zinc sulfide nanorods
Formation of Mg-Mg2Cu nanostructured eutectic in Mg-based metal matrix composite
Fabrication and photoluminescence characteristics of single crystalline In2O3 na
A high-density conduction-based micro-DNA identification array fabricated with a
Nanosized beta carbon nitride crystal through mechanochemical reaction
Hyperbranched poly(amine-ester) templates for the synthesis of Au nanoparticles
99.9% purity multi-walled carbon nanotubes by vacuum high-temperature annealing
Preparation and characterization of nanostructured film of graphitized diamond c
Synthesis and characterization of Cu/SiO2-x composite nanowires
Nanostructures of pyrolytic carbon from a polyacetylene thin film
Disulfide nanotube and its development
Investigation of interactions of nano-particles within cells using micro-beam im
Synthesis and characterization of SnS nanowires in cetyltrimethylammoniumbromide
Field emission from bamboo-like multiwalled carbon nanotube arrays enhanced by m
Solvothermal synthesis of Sb2S3 nanowires on a large scale
Hydrothermal synthesis of rare earth (Tb, Y) hydroxide and oxide nanotubes
Preparation and characterization of polystyrene/ kaolinite nanocomposites
Random-matrix approach to quantum electron transport in metallic carbon nanotube
Characterization of polymer-adhesive interfaces on a nanometre scale by elementa
Low-temperature synthesis of metal tungstates nanocrystallites in ethylene glyco
Ordered Ag nano-particle arrays derived from Ag nano-stripes
Phase stability of amorphous and crystalline phases in melt-spun Zr66.7Cu33.5 al
Direct current hopping conductivity in one-dimensional nanometre systems
Characterization of zinc oxide crystal nanowires grown by thermal evaporation of
Fabrication and characterization of ordered macroporous semiconductors CdS by co
Modification of SrBi2Ta2O9 ceramics by doping nano-sized PZT powders
Copper nanorod junctions templated by a novel polymer-surfactant aggregate
Electron transport properties in Nb and NbN cluster-assembled films produced by
Preparation of hexagonal-close-packed colloidal crystals of hydrophilic monodisp
Hardness and tribological properties of silicon nitride ceramics implanted by ti
Ligand-assisted control growth of chainlike nanocrystals
Synthesis of SnO2 nanobelts and their structural characterization
Characterization of tris (8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum (Alq3) by energy-filterin
Green emission from c-axis oriented AlN nanorods doped with Tb
Microstructure of alumina-3wt.% titania coatings by plasma spraying with nanostr
Low-field electron emission from tetrapod-like ZnO nanostructures synthesized by
Preparation and characterization of ternary Cu-Sn-E (E=S, Se) semiconductor nano
A multinanodot floating-gate MOSFET circuit for spiking neuron models
Novel polyol route to AgBiS2 nanorods
Development of semiconductor device and research of solid nanoelectron device
Silicon quantum-wires arrays synthesized by chemical vapor deposition and its mi
Misleading fringes in TEM images and diffraction patterns of Si nanocrystallites
High-concentration nitrogen-doped carbon nanotube arrays
Convenient synthesis of single crystalline magnetic Fe3O4 nanorods
Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline niobium nitride powders
H2-assisted control growth of Si nanowires
Formation of ZnS nanostructures by a simple way of thermal evaporation
Carbon spheres synthesized by ultrasonic treatment
Microstructure of high-pressure-synthesized diamonds under rapid quenching and e
Preparation of semiconductor CuS nanoparticles by microwave irradiation
Flat-panel luminescent lamp using carbon nanotube cathodes
The essential role of hydrogen atoms in the electron-phonon interactions in the
Synthesis, characterization and self-assembly of silver nanowires
Silicon-germanium alloy prepared by laser-induced pyrolysis of organogermanium n
Preparation of Au nanoparticles in the presence of low generational poly(amidoam
Electron transport in a submicron-scale AlGaAs/GaAs field-effect transistor with
Study on the structure of TiO2 film in NPC solar cell
Growth and luminescence of zinc-blende-structured ZnSe nanowires by metal-organi
Preparation of polyethylene-clay nanocomposites directly from Na+ montmorillonit
Synthesis of GaN nanorods with herringbone morphology
Green-light-emitting ZnSe nanowires fabricated via vapor phase growth
A simple wet-chemical synthesis and characterization of CuO nanorods
Microstructural properties of bulk nanocrystalline Ag-Ni alloy prepared by hot p
High-resolution ultrahigh-vacuum electron microscopy of helical gold nanowires:
Structure- and size-controlled ultrafine ZnS nanowires
Preparation and dielectric property of strontium-lead titanate functionally grad
Silver selenide nanowires by electrodeposition
Formation of crystalline Si nanodots in SiO2 films by electron irradiation
Electronic properties of the metallic zigzag single-walled carbon nanotube ropes
Synthesis of semicrystallized mesoporous TiO2 thin films using triblock copolyme
Synthesis and structural characterization of rutile SnO2 nanocrystals
High-resolution transmission electron microscopy study of epitaxial passive film
Stacking-fault pyramids formed in perovskite-type niobate nanosheet aggregates u
Simultaneous gold deposition and formation of silicon nanowire arrays
Formation of graphite layers during carbon nanotubes growth
Low temperature preparation of nanocrystalline Mn2O3 via ethanol-thermal reducti
Synthesis and characterization of monoclinic ZrO2 nanorods by a novel and simple
Failure analyses of ULSI using new concept analytical instruments
Local electronic excitation mechanism for nanofabrication of polydiacetylene mol
Nanocrystalline-silicon-based ballistic electron surface-emitting device (BSD) a
Nanofabrication of magnetic tunnel junctions by using side-edge thin film deposi
Microstructure and magnetization of single-crystal perovskite manganites nanowir
RC-coupled ferromagnetic single-electron transistors
Nano-crystalline CNx films and field electron emission properties
A majority-logic device using an irreversible single-electron box
Novel single-electron logic circuits using charge-induced signal transmission (C
Fabrication of gold nanoparticles and their influence on optical properties of d
Amorphous feather-like boron nanowires
Formation of nanostructured TiO2 by flame spraying with liquid feedstock
Synthesis and characterization of single-crystalline BaH2SiO4 nanowires
Novel method for synthesis of silicon carbide nanowires
Helical gold nanotube synthesized at 150 K
Fabrication techniques of nano-structure
Arrays of ZnO nanowires fabricated by a simple chemical solution route
Comparison in spatial spreads of secondary electron information between scanning
Magnetic domain structure analysis of nanocrystalline magnetic materials by elec
Synthesis and room-temperature ultraviolet photoluminescence properties of zirco
Electron-state control of carbon nanotubes by space and encapsulated fullerenes
The synthesis of highly oriented GaN nanowire arrays
Morphologies and optical properties of poly(2,5-diethoxyphenylene) nanofibril ar
Catalytic synthesis of long NbS2 nanowire strands
Synthesis of Bi2Se3 thermoelectric nanosheets and nanotubes through hydrothermal
Study on preparation of α-Fe2O3 nanorods
Photochemical synthesis and characterization of Bi2S3 nanofibers
Microstructure and characterization of surface nanocrystallization of aluminum a
Chemistry-mediated two-dimensional to three-dimensional transition of in thin fi
Research on microstructure of nanocrystalling nickel electroforming layers
Factors in electrochemical nanostructure fabrication using electron-beam induced
Prototypical single-molecule transistors with supramolecular gates: varying dipo
Coating Gd2O3:Eu phosphors with silica by solid-state reaction at room temperatu
Large scale and high purity synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes by arc d
Prussian blue nanowires fabricated by electrodeposition in porous anodic aluminu
Structural characterization of nanocomposite Ti-Si-N coatings prepared by pulsed
Simulation of vacuum microelectronic triode made of single carbon nanotube
Synthesis and sintering of nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite powders by citric acid
Photoinduced charge transfer in composites of conjugated polymers and semiconduc
Fabrication, morphology and structure of carbon nanotube arrays and bundles fabr
Spin-orbit coupling and electron spin resonance for interacting electrons in car
The characterization of Zr-Si-N diffusion barrier films with different sputterin
Structural and dielectrical properties of bismuth titanate nanoparticles prepare
Visualization of diamond nucleation and growth from energetic species
Fabrication, structural characterization and optical properties of semiconductin
Relaxation dynamics of magic clusters
Fabrication and characterization of nanometer CaP(aggregate)/Al2O3 composite coa
Interfacial thermal stability in BN-coated continuous Al2O3 fiber-reinforced NiA
Fabrication and optical characterization of poly(2,5-di-n-butoxyphenylene) nanof
In situ synthesis of bone-like apatite/collagen nano-composite at low temperatur
Synthesis of aligned zinc sulfide nanostructures and the influence of experiment
Different origins of visible luminescence in ZnO nanostructures fabricated by th
Fabrication of multi-wall carbon nanotube film on glassy carbon electrode surfac
Selective self-propagating combustion synthesis of hexagonal and orthorhombic na
A novel low-temperature method to grow single-crystal ZnO nanorods
Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline/graphite conducting nanocomposites
Photoluminescence characteristics of ZnTiO3: Bi3+ nanocrystals
Synthesis and characterization of PVC/montmorillonite nanocomposite
Novel route to prepare TiO2-coated ceramic and its photocatalytic function
Synthesis and electron storage characteristics of isolated silver nanodots on/em
Study on the definite direction growth of carbon nanotubes by the microwave plas
Fullerene-like nano-crystalline CNx films and its characteristics of field elect
Electroless plating of silver nanoparticles on silica spheres
The effect of KI on the formation of Tl2E (E=S, Se) nanorods via solvothermal ro
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Preparation of titanium nitride films by pulsed high-energy-density plasma and i
Fabrication of bulk Al-Ni-Y alloy with amorphous nanocrystalline structure
Preparation of polystyrene core-mesoporous silica nanoparticles shell composite
Magnetic properties of Mn doped ZnO tetrapod structures
Research of the microstructure of nanometer metal/polymer composite
Durability experiment on anti-electron-bombardment of RE2O3-Mo secondary emissio
Patterned uniformly orientated silicon nanocrystallite films and efficient field
Visible photoluminescence in ZnO tetrapod and multipod structures
AOT-microemulsions-based formation and evolution of PbWO4 crystals
Lattice dynamics and electron-phonon interaction in (3,3) carbon nanotubes
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Preparation of nano-graphite films and field emission properties
Strong electron field emission from nano-CdS modified porous silicon
Preparation and structure characterization of nanocrystalline BaFeO4
Microwave-assisted polyol synthesis of nanoscale SnSx (x=1, 2) flakes
Low-temperature preparation of Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 nanowhiskers by a sol-gel-hydrothe
Synthesis and photoluminescence of α-Al2O3 nanowires
Property of weak-coupling polaron in a parabolic quantum dot
Synthesis, structure, and photoluminescence of Zn2SnO4 single-crystal nanobelts
Encapsulation of nanosized magnetic iron oxide by polyacrylamide via inverse min
Rapid synthesis of nanocrystalline CeVO4 by microwave irradiation
Nanocomposite Ti-Si-N films deposited by reactive unbalanced magnetron sputterin
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Growth and morphologies of one- and three-dimensional MgO nanostructures
Synthesis of tin-doped indium oxide nanowires by self-catalytic VLS growth