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分散化供需网的自组织机制研究/A Study of the Self-Organization Mechanism of Distributed Supply-
网络自相似性及基于自相似网络的TCP拥塞控制算法的研究/Study on Network Self-similarity and TCP Congestion
数控机床位置控制系统模糊控制器研究/The Study on Fuzzy Controller for Position Control System of N
GS证券公司自营业务的风险评价体系设计与应用研究/Design and Application Research on self-operated Busine
西安市计划生育村民自治的研究/Research on Family Planning
大学生的适应与自我和谐及应付方式的相关研究/The Survey on the Relationship among College Students’
英语口语能力自我评估与同学评估的/A Case Study of the Reliability of Self-assessment & Peer-asses
大学生心理应激、自我体验及应对方式的关系研究/Study on the Relationship among College
自建群体方案创建绩效的实验研究/The Experimental Study of Self-constructed Groups Performance in
大学生自我管理学习策略与成就目标定向的相关性研究/Research on the Correlation between Self-regulated Lear
研究生教育质量内部评估体系研究/a study on self -evaluation Systems to Evaluate the Quality of P
大学生自主学习能力及影响因素研究/Research on Chinese University Students Self-regulated Learning
多媒体通信中分层自适应QoS控制的设计与实现/Design and implementation of layered and self-adaptive Qo
原发性高血压病人的自我护理行为及其影响因素的研究/The Study of Self-Care Behavior and Influencing Factors
系统的自护健康教育对慢性乙型肝炎患者自我护理能力和生存质量的影响/The effects of a systematic self-care health ed
关于西安交通大学英语专业学生自尊与语言成绩的相关性研究/A Study on Correlation Between Self-esteem and Langu
冠心病人的自我概念与心理健康/Self Concept and Psychological Health in Coronary Heart Disease P
结肠造口早期患者社会支持和自尊的相关性研究/Relationship between Social Support and Self-esteem among
成人2型糖尿病患者自我效能和自护行为的调查研究/The Study on Self-efficacy and Self-care Behavior among
现代中国作家自传初论/the basic discussion of modern Chinese writers’ autobiographies
董事自我交易的若干法律问题研究/Legal Research on Directors Self Dealing
复旦大学硕士毕业生求职过程中的职业自我效能的应用研究/the research on career self-efficacy in the process o
福柯的伦理学探索/Foucaults Ethical Inquiry
社会转型期民间行业组织初探——当代温州同业公会调查/A Tentative Research on Civil Trade Organization in So
村民自治中乡村关系的错位及其纠正/The dislocation and correcting of Villager Committee and townsh
试论城市社区自治与社区行政之间的张力/On the tensions between community self-rule and community adm
儒家诚信之德及其现代意义/Confucius’ virtue of sincerity and its meaningfulness in modern so
“三个代表”与中国共产党自身现代化/Three Representation and the modernization of the Communist Pa
KT公司发展战略研究/Strategy of KT environmental protection equipment Ltd.
自决问题的法理学思考/The pondering of self-determination by jurisprudence nomology
中国农村基层治理研究/The governance research of countryside basic level in transition peri
马斯洛自我实现论述评—兼论其对我国大学教育的借鉴/The commentary of Maslow’s self-actualization theory---
“经济人”概念的历史批判——兼论“斯密问题”/The History Analysis on Econimic man
从英国现代大众报纸的发展看媒介自律与他律的关系/Regulations of British tabloids
网络时代,平面媒体记者的自我再教育/The self-reeducation of plane media reporters in the age of in
羽毛角蛋白为原料制备自组装齐聚物/Self-assembly of oligopeptides from eco-friendly water solution
基于ISO9001与卓越绩效准则的自评体系研究/Research of self-assessment systems based on ISO9001 and
昆曲语音的文人化倾向/The scholastic tention of the phonolosy of Kunqu
诱惑情景下的偏好与选择理论/Theory of Preference and Choice with Temptation
功能性苯炔类聚合物的合成及性能研究/Synthesis and property study of functional Poly (p-phenyleneet
功能化二芳乙烯的超分子自组装体系的研究/Supramolecular self-assembly of functional diarylethene
自我价值的追寻与止境 ——论奥古斯丁《上帝之城》中的骄傲概念/The Limitation to the Value of Self Pursuing:Abou
村民自治下中国农村公共产品的供给问题研究/A Study onthe Problems of Public Goods Supplying in Chinas
通信网络中自相似到达排队系统研究/Study of Queueing Systems with Self-Similar Input Traffic in Co
村民自治基础上的乡镇政府管理改革/To Reform Villages and TownsGovernment on the Base of VillagesS
无籽沙糖桔的无籽成因研究及RAPD分析/Studies on the Seedless Mechanism and RAPD molecular marker
外语学习中的自我评价/Self-evaluation in Foreign Language Learning
基于模糊神经网络自组织、自学习的非线性系统控制的研究/Research on nonlinear system control based on self-or
住区环境自组织性研究/Research on self-organization of residence environment
免振捣微膨胀高性能混凝土的研究/Research on self-compacting and micro-expansive high performance
高温自润滑发汗体胞热驱模型研究/The study of self-lubricating covered model at elevated tempera
企业自主创新的模式与机制研究/Research on models and mechanisms of enterprises’ self-innovation
乘用车自主品牌战略研究/Research on the strategy of self-owned brands of passenger cars
从迪斯尼《花木兰》看中国动画的文化传播/Research on China’s animation culture communication based on
对可持续发展的伦理思考/Study on the ethics of the sustainable development
自调式膜片弹簧离合器的研究/The study of self-adjusting diaphragm spring clutch
自救器模拟实验系统/Self-rescuer Simulation Experiment System
基于多线程同步的自助服务系统研究与实现/The Research and Implementation of the Self-service System B
Critical Fujita Exponents for non-Newtonian Filtration Equations Coupled via No
自校正控制器在大滞后配料系统中的应用/The application of self-tuning controller to the stone materi
自校正控制器在滞后配料系统中的应用/The application of self-tuning controller to the stone materia
自校正控制器在滞后配料系统中的应用1/The application of self-tuning controller to the stone materi
初中学生偶像崇拜与自我价值感、学业成绩的关系研究/A Study on the Relationship between Idolatry and Self-w
小学生自我概念与同伴关系的干预研究/Study of primary scholars’ self-conception and peer relationsh
大学生自我同一性的发展特点及其与心理健康的关系研究/The Study on the Characteristics of Self-identity of C
不同情境下母亲态度对3-6岁儿童自我控制能力的影响研究/The Effects of Mother’s Attitude on the Children’s S
三嵌段共聚物在选择性溶液中的/self-assembly of amphiphilic triblock copolymer in
《看不见的人》写作技巧与主题关系研究/A Study of Invisible Man on the Writing Techniques
培养中学生自主学习能力的网络学习环境设计策略研究/Strategies on How to Design Web-Based Learning Environm
青少年思想政治教育中自我教育的问题研究/A Study of Self-education in Teenagers’ Moral Education
不同锻炼方式对大学生身体自我概念影响的研究/A Research on Different Exercise Form Influences Universit
高一学生自我效能感、防御性悲观、自我妨碍与数学成绩的关系/The Relationship among Senior One Students Mathemat
中学生自尊、心理控制源及主观幸福感关系的研究/Research on the Relationship among Self-esteem、Locus of C
输入空间自优化神经网络的研究及其在车型识别中的应用/The Research of Input Space Self-Optimal Neural Networ
长春市大学生体质特征与人格特征关系的研究/Research on the Relation between Fitness and Personality of
只是迟到者 没有失败者/Not a Failure but a late Comer
亨利詹姆斯早期作品中女性自我意识之分析/An Analysis of the Female Self-consciousness Reflected in He
在公外英语教学中实施学生自我评价的可行性调查-评价量规和反思日记的运用/Feasibility of Applying Student Self-Assessm
大学生目标取向,自我效能及价值与学业拖延的关系研究/A study of the Relationship between Goal Orientations,
初二学生数学自我效能、自我概念与数学成绩关系的研究/The Research On Relationship Among the Mathematics Sel
高中生自我控制的内隐与外显研究/The Study on The Implicit Level and Explicit Level of Senior Mid
城市系统的自组织理论研究/Self-organization Theories of Urban System
自我效能对大学生情境拖延的影响研究/A study of the Effect of self-efficacy on situational Procrast
促进中学生自主学习地理的教师叙事研究/The narrative inquiry to inspire self-regulated learning of g
中学生体育学习自我评价实验研究/The middle-school student sports studies the self-appraisal
通过网络环境培养高中生英语自主学习能力的研究/Views on How to Raise High School Students English Self-a
动机氛围对行为式自我妨碍的影响/The influence of motivational climate on behavioral self-handica
ABA两亲性三嵌段共聚物在稀溶液中自组装的自洽平均场模拟/The Self-consistent mean field simulation for the s
打破女人的沉默建立女性主体: 迈克辛的《女勇士》中的矛盾研究/
寻求真实自我的奥德赛之旅: 索尔贝罗《赫索格》的存在主义研究/
Self-assembly of tubular fullerenes
Chemistry of self-assembling bilayers and related molecular layers
Self-assembling materials
Self-action of nanosecond light pulses in CdTe in degenerate
Self-assembled nanoscale tubular ensembles
Electron microscopy studies of amphiphilic self-assemblies on vitreous ice
Materials fabrication via polymerizable self-organized membranes: an overview
Self-assembly in the synthesis of ceramic materials and composites
Epoxy self-polymerization in smectite clays
Investigation of the nanocluster self-assembly process by scanning tunneling mic
Adsorption of silver colloidal particles through covalent linkage to self-assemb
Self-organization into 2D and 3D superlattices of nanosized particles differing
Three-dimensional self-assembly of rodcoil copolymer nanostructures
Microscopic structure and thermoresponsiveness of a hydrogel nanoparticle by sel
Automatic discovery of self-replicating structures in cellular automata
Self-limiting OMCVD growth of GaAs on V-grooved substrates with application to I
Self-pumped phase conjugation in KNbO3: Ni at near-infrared wavelengths
Accelerating the kinetics of thiol self-assembly on gold - a spatial confinement
Spectral study on the formation of a self-assembled mesoscopic supercoil
Structure and reactivity of water at biomaterial surfaces
Intermittent `self-locking of grain growth in fine-grained materials
Electrochemically self-assembled quantum dot arrays
Molecular architectures
Identifying the forces responsible for self-organization of nanostructures at cr
Evaporation-induced self-assembly: Nanostructures made easy
Directed self-assembly of nanoparticles into macroscopic materials using antibod
Absorption cross section for bound-free transitions in semiconductor quantum dot
Enhancement of self-sustaining reaction by mechanical activation: Case of an Fe-
Self-organized growth of alloy superlattices
Cell specificity of macromolecular assembly of cholesteryl and galactoside group
Experimental evidence of laser beam self-focusing in photorefractive media from
In situ time-resolved diffraction coupled with a thermal i.r. camera to study me
Design and generation of inorganic cylindrical cage architectures by metal-ion-d
Optical fiber humidity sensor using a nano Fabry-Perot cavity formed by the ioni
Synapsable DNA double helices: Self-selective modules for assembling DNA superst
Self-organized liquid phase and co-crystallization of rod-like polymers hydrogen
Robust self-assembly using highly designable structures
Laser-induced microexplosions in transparent materials: Microstructuring with na
Toward new amphiphilic polythiophenes: Synthesis of regioregular phosphonic acid
Nanometer scale fabrication of self-assembled monolayers: Nanoshaving and nanogr
Designed self-assembly of multicomponent and multicompartmental cylindrical nano
Self-assembly of narrowly distributed carboxy-terminated linear polystyrene chai
Lithographically-induced self-assembly of periodic micro-pillar arrays in a sing
Changing polymers with self assemblers
Nanostructured organic photovoltaic devices via electrostatic self-assembly
Molecular self-assembly of dendrimers, non-covalent polymers and polypseudorotax
`Building block approach to mixed-colloid systems through electrostatic self-org
Preferential self-assembly of surface modified Si/SiOx nanoparticles on poly(dim
Investigation into self-assembled monolayers of a polyether dendron thiol: Chemi
Self-assembly of gold nanorods
Self-assembling amphiphilic polyelectrolytes and their nanostructures
Molecular variables in the self-assembly of supramolecular nanostructures
Physical explanation for the origin of self-similar magnetoconductance fluctuati
Enhancement of self-sustaining reaction Cu3Si phase formation starting from mech
Fabrication of self-organized Ge dots using self-patterned SiGe template layer
On the stress, strain and energy density repartitions in particle-reinforced ela
Induced circular dichroism of merocyanine dye in the self-assembled polymeric na
Technology and performance of thin self-supporting aluminium film
Self-assembled monolayers of new dendron-thiols - Manipulation of patterned surf
Nanocrystal self-assembled superlattices
Hierarchical porous structures by using zeolite nanocrystals as building blocks
Self-assembling organic nanotubes
Polymer adsorption-driven self-assembly of nanostructures
Compensation for self-focusing by use of cascade quadratic nonlinearity
Nanoscale patterning using self-assembled polymers for semiconductor application
Hierarchically structured functional porous silica and composite produced by eva
Microstructure to substrate self-assembly using capillary forces
Self-assembly of cyclic peptides into nanotubes and then into highly anisotropic
Anchoring of organic molecules to a metal surface: HtBDC on Cu(110)
Anchoring of self-assembled hemoglobin molecules on bare indium-tin oxide surfac
Photocarrier generation quantum yield for ionically self-assembled monolayers
Molecular self-assembly - The chemical engineers final frontier
Self-assembled multilayers of 4,4 prime -dimercaptobiphenyl formed by Cu(II)-cat
Applied physics: Strong magnets by self-assembly
Analytical solution for steady-state populations in the self-assembly of microtu
Exploiting intermolecular interactions and self-assembly for ultrahigh resolutio
Controlled hierarchical self-assembly and deposition of nanoscale photonic mater
Self-assembled monolayer transistors
Self-assembled Ge quantum dots on Si and their applications
Nanomaterials: Top-to-bottom functional design
Responsive hydrogels from the intramolecular folding and self-assembly of a desi
Morphological control of helical solid bilayers in high-axial-ratio nanostructur
Self-assembled nanoparticle probes for recognition and detection of biomolecules
Crystal engineering of a nanoscale kagome lattice
Self-assembled conducting polypyrrole micro/nanotubes
Self-assembly phenomenon of hydroxyapatite nanocrystals on chondroitin sulfate
New electroanalytical applications of self-assembled monolayers
Self-assembling organic nanotubes from enantiopure cyclo-N,N prime -linked oligo
Tribological surface modification of piston and rings by rare earth self-lubrica
Chemical microenvironment mediated formation of organic nanostructures from self
Nanotechnology approaches to self-organized bio-molecular devices
Self-assembling morphology induced by nanoscale rods in a phase-separating mixtu
Colloid chemical approach to nanoelectrode ensembles with highly controllable ac
Self-assembly of ZnO: From nanodots to nanorods
Self-assembled monodisperse steroid nanotubes in water
Novel glycodendrimers self-assemble to nanoparticles which function as polyvalen
Micro/nanoengineering of the self-organized three-dimensional fibrous structure
AFM characterization of chitosan self-assembled films
Creating new supramolecular materials by architecture of three-dimensional nanoc
Self-assembled polyphenylene dendrimer nanofibers on highly oriented pyrolytic g
Self-assembly of Photofunctional Siloxane-Based Calix[4]arenes on Oxide Surfaces
Factors governing the self-assembly of a β-hairpin peptide at the air-water
Nanostructuring of poly(aryleneethynylene)s: Formation of nanotowers, nanowires,
Folding versus self-assembling
Enhancement of diffusion in a high-permeability polymer by the addition of nanop
Templated Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers: Effect of Substrate Topography
Functional nanocomposites prepared by self-assembly and polymerization of diacet
Self-alignment of shortened multiwall carbon nanotubes on polyelectrolyte layers
Peering into the self-assembly of surfactant templated thin-film silica mesophas
Computation by self-assembly of DNA graphs
Functional Polymeric Materials: Complexing Amphiphiles as Structure-Inducing Ele
Influence of reaction conditions on the synthesis of self-cross-linked N-isoprop
Self-Assembled Silica-Carbonate Structures and Detection of Ancient Microfossils
Self-assembly of novel nanocapsules
Symposium Proceedings: Symposium P, Self-Assembled Nanostructured Materials: Pre
Self-assembly of proteins into designed networks
Hydrogen-Induced Self-Organized Nanostructuring of the Ir(100) Surface
Self-switching of branched multiterminal junctions: A ballistic half-adder
Self-assembly of functional nanostructures from ABC triblock copolymers
Self-assembly of CoPt3 nanoparticle rings based on phase-separated hexadecylamin
Nanotechnology with soft materials
A field-emission display with a self-focus cathode electrode
Self-organized etching technique for fabricating a quasiregular array of MnAs na
Janus Supermolecular Liquid Crystals - Giant Molecules with Hemispherical Archit
Nanostructured materials: Self-organization of functional polymers
The electrochemical studies on a self-assembled viologen monolayer using quartz
Self-assembled nanowire formation during Cu deposition on atomically flat Vse2 s
Physicochemical Characteristics of Self-Assembled Nanoparticles Based on Glycol
Atomic nanofabrication by laser manipulation of a neutral cesium beam
Electrical Conductivity of an Individual Polyaniline Nanotube Synthesized by a S
Self-assembly of polycarbonate/acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene/montmorillonite n
Self-Assembling Sub-Micrometer-Sized Tube Junctions and Dendrites of Conducting
A family of low-molecular-weight hydrogelators based on L-lysine derivatives wit
Hierarchical self-assembly of nano-fibrils in mineralized collagen
Self-assemblies of the different morphology ultrafine barium sulfate in situ int
Preparation of Self-Supporting Ultrathin Films of Titania by Spin Coating
Bottom-up synthesis and morphological control of high-axial-ratio nanostructures
From angstroms to micrometers: Self-organized hierarchical structure within a po
Self-assembled growth of nanoquantum dots on Si surface
Self-assembly of nanoparticles via conjugated polymer film matrix
Influence of surface hydrophobicity of substrates on the self-organization of ch
Synthesis and properties of self-crosslinkable polyurethane-urea with silsesquio
Template-directed colloidal self-assembly - The route to top-down nanochemical e
Sodium chloride-induced self-assembly of microfibers from nanofiber components
Self-organized complex patterning: Langmuir-Blodgett lithography
Self-organized nano-particles for enhanced wetting of hard surfaces
Hierarchical self-assembly of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots
Three-dimensional micro-self-assembly using hydrophobic interaction controlled b
Fabrication and electrical properties of micro/nanoporous ZnO : Al films
Density-functional calculations of self-capacitances of carbon nanostructures
Radially anisotropic ring/arc-shaped rare-earth bonded magnets using a self-orga
Binary Superlattices of Nanoparticles: Self-Assembly Leads to Metamaterials
New self-assembling nanomaterials: Development of nanowires based on the one-dim
Size-discriminative self-assembly of nanospheres in evaporating drops
Self-assembled metal quantum dots
Morphogenesis of evaporation-induced self-assemblies of polypyrrole nanoparticle
Micropatterning through reverse self-assembly using photolithographically produc
Self-organization of CoRh nanoparticles on chemical nanopatterns
Mechanistic Study on Electrochemical Reduction of Calix[4]quinone in Acetonitril
Synthesis of porous microspheres via self-assembly of monodisperse polymer nanos
Precision chemical engineering: Integrating nanolithography and nanoassembly
Self-assembled nanoparticles based on glycol chitosan bearing 5β-cholanic a
Regulation of embryonic stem cell self-renewal by phosphoinositide 3-kinase-depe
Self-assembling molecular trees containing Octa-p-phenylene: From nanocrystals t
Elastic origin of the O/Cu(1 1 0) self-ordering evidenced by GIXD
Ordered mesostructured silica films: Effect of pore surface on its sensing prope
The nature of alkanethiol self-assembled monolayer adsorption on sputtered gold
Preparation and characterization of self-assembled nanoparticles of heparin-deox
Self-discharge analysis of licoo2 for lithium batteries
Principles of mimicking and engineering the self-organized structure of hard tis
Size self-scaling effect in stacked InAsInAlAs nanowire multilayers
Cylindrical self-assembly and flow alignment of comb-shaped supramolecules of el
Templated crystallization of octadecanol on patterned nanoassemblies
The application of self-assembly monolayer technique into fabricating multilayer
Thermodynamically controlled self-assembly of two-dimensional oxide nanostructur
Synthesis of n-type perylene bisimide derivatives and their orthogonal self-asse
From giant vesicles to filaments and wires: Templates for conducting polymers
Encoded self-assembling chemical libraries
Designing self-assembly for 2-dimensional building blocks
Formation of Porous Films and Vesicular Fibers via Self-Organization of an Amphi
Self-organization in thin polycarbonate films and its optical and electro-optica
Critical self-assembly concentration of an ionic-complementary peptide EAK16-I
Self-assembly sodalite-like framework
Carbon-nanotube-templated and pseudorotaxane-formation-driven gold nanowire self
Direct Nanopatterning of Metal Surfaces Using Self-Assembled Molecular Films
Self-assembling polymer-peptide conjugates: Nanostructural tailoring
Self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) and synthesis of planar micro- and nanostructur
Controlled self-assembly of colloidal cobalt nanocrystals mediated by magnetic i
Field-directed self-assembly of magnetic nanoparticles
Genetic engineering of the nanoscale structure in polyelectrolyte-lipid self-ass
Surface tension driven self-assembly of bundles and networks of 200 nm diameter
DNA self-assembled parallel computer architectures
Ordered self-assembly and electronic behavior of C60- anthrylphenylacetylene hyb
Self-Assembly of Nanoscopic Coordination Cages Using a Flexible Tripodal Amide C
Deposition of multi-wall carbon nanotubes on self-assembled monolayer with diffe
Mechanism and method of drug-loading nano-particles and stent self-assembly
Preparation, structural characterization and nitrogen adsorption properties of a
Molecular architecture effect on self-assembled nanostructures of a linear-dendr
Self-assembled silicon nanotubes under supercritically hydrothermal conditions
Three-dimensional self-organization of supramolecular self-assembled porphyrin h
Self-assembly of coordination molecular baskets as inorganic analogues of cyclot
Atomistic molecular dynamics simulation of liquid carbon tetrachloride confined
Preparation and characterization of TiO2/polymer composite thin films by the ion
Entangled coordination networks with inherent features of polycatenation, polyth
Self-assembled peptide tubelets with 7 A pores
Surface-functionalized silica-coated gold nanoparticles and their bioapplication
A nanosecond high-current discharge in a supersonic gas flow
Self-organized structures in soft confined thin films
Incorporation of point defects into self-assembled three-dimensional colloidal c
Self-assembly of complex vesicles
The self-organizing at formation oxides on tin thin films
Fractal self-assembled nanostructures on monocrystalline silicon surface
Engineering silicon oxide surfaces using self-assembled monolayers
Phase transition behaviors of self-oscillating polymer and nano-gel particles
Self-assembly patterning of silica colloidal crystals
Preparation of KNbO3 thin film by self-assembly of perovskite nanosheet
Self-rolled polymer and composite polymer/metal micro- And nanotubes with patter
Self-assembly of Co nanoplatelets into spheres: Synthesis and characterization
Peptide-polymer hybrid nanotubes
Calorimetric study on self-assembling of two kinds of monometallic nanoparticles
Self-assembled nanostructure of Au nanoparticles on a self-assembled monolayer
Programmed hyperhelical supramolecular assembly of nickel phthalocyanine bearing
Molecular structure of glucopyranosylamide lipid and nanotube morphology
Self-alignment of Fe nanoparticles on a tunnel barrier
Structural characterization of artificial self-assembling porphyrins that mimic
Shape-induced anisotropy in antidot arrays from self-assembled templates
Fabrication of a nanoelectromechanical switch using a suspended carbon nanotube
Nanofibers of self-doped polyaniline
Positioning of carbon nanotubes using soft-lithography for electronics applicati
Nanostructured plastics: Joys of self-assembling
Spontaneous self-agglomeration of magnetic nanoparticles into nanowires
Ultra small self-organized nitride nanotips
Structure of polypeptide-based diblock copolymers in solution: Stimuli-responsiv
Self-assembly and magnetism of Mn12 nanomagnets on native and functionalized gol
Self-aligned silicon quantum wires on Ag(1 1 0)
Preparation and supramolecular self-assembly of a polypeptide-block-polypseudoro
Two-component gel-phase materials - Highly tunable self-assembling systems
Freeze fracture TEM investigations in liquid crystals
Controlled self-assembly of carbohydrate conjugate rod-coil amphiphiles for supr
Molecular gels: A reservoir for organic rod-like nano-objects
Polymer modification of an anti-cancer drug: Effects of hydrophilization
Complex formation between plasmid DNA and self-aggregates of deoxycholic acid-mo
Self-assembly and electrical conductivity transitions in conjugated oligoaniline
A quantum-mechanical treatment of phonon scattering in carbon nanotube transisto
Nano dynamic self-assembly
Spontaneous self-building silicate structures
Nanowires corralled for interconnect tasks
Self-assembled indium-arsenide elongated nanostructure grown by molecular beam e
Novel photoactive polymeric multilayer films formed via electrostatic self-assem
The self-consistent calculation of a spherical quantum dot: A quantum genetic al
Changing of mechanisms of self-diffusion of water molecules under nanofiltration
SrZrO3 nanopatterning using self-organized SrRuO3 as a template
Self-reporting biological nano-systems to study and control bio-molecular mechan
Self-diffusion in nanoscale structures measured by neutron reflectometry
Preparation of self-organized niobium oxide microstructures via potentiostatic a
Hyperbranched sulfonated polydiphenylamine as a novel self-doped conducting poly
Nanoscale protein patterning using self-assembled diblock copolymers
Self-assembly and luminescence of oligo(p-phenylene vinylene) amphiphiles
One-step synthesis of mesoporous metal-SiO2 particles by an aerosol-assisted sel
Hierarchical self-assembly of a coiled-coil peptide into fractal structure
Escape from a nonporous solid: Mechanically coupled biconcave molecules
Self-assembly of nanoparticles on live bacterium: An avenue to fabricate electro
Simulations of dynamic self-assembly of paramagnetic microspheres in confined mi
A classic assembly of nanobiomaterials
Nanoparticle self-assembly of hierarchically ordered microcapsule structures
Motility of catalytic nanoparticles through self-generated forces
Self-organization of FePt nanoparticles on photochemically modified diblock copo
Polypeptide hydrogels via a unique assembly mechanism
Schematic models of molecular self-organization
Dendritic nanowire growth mediated by a self-assembled catalyst
Nanoelectronic devices from self-organized molecular switches
Ordered two- and three-dimensional arrays self-assembled from water-soluble nano
Self-assembly of PEG and diester copolymers: Effect of PEG length, linker, conce
Periodic arrays of interfacial cylindrical reverse micelles
Actinide sequestration using self-assembled monolayers on mesoporous supports
Sequence-encoded self-assembly of multiple-nanocomponent arrays by 2D DNA scaffo
Programmable DMA self-assemblies for nanoscale organization of ligands and prote
Self-consistent current-voltage characteristics of superconducting nanostructure
A diffusion model in nanocrystalline materials
“Coulomb staircase” at room temperature in a self-assembled molecula
Nd:YAG loop resonator with a Cr4+:YAG self-pumped phase-conjugate mirror
Self-assembled-monolayer film islands as a self-patterned-mask for SiO2 thicknes
Nanoelectronic architecture for Boolean logic
Aspects of systems and circuits for nanoelectronics
Nonlinear absorption and refraction in CuCl at 532 nm
Nanosized silver sulfide particles: characterization, self-organization into 2D
Thermal vacancy formation and self-diffusion in intermetallic Fe3Si nanocrystall
Self-limiting growth of GaAs surfaces on nonplanar substrates
Polymer layers through self-assembled monolayers of initiators
Chemically self-assembled nanoelectronic computing networks
Self-organization of steps in growth of strained films on vicinal substrates
Structural analysis of self-assembling nanocrystal superlattices
Uniform quantum-dot arrays formed by natural self-faceting on patterned substrat
Superlattices of self-assembled tetrahedral Ag nanocrystals
Mechanisms of self-ordering of quantum nanostructures grown on nonplanar surface
Embryonics: a new methodology for designing field-programmable gate arrays with
Fifty years of research on self-replication: an overview
Self-assembly of silver nanocrystals into two-dimensional nanowire arrays
Switching properties of self-assembled ferroelectric memory cells
Structural and optical properties of type II GaSb/GaAs self-assembled quantum do
Synthesis of photonic crystals for optical wavelengths from semiconductor quantu
Self-organized chemical nanoscale microreactors
Nuclear magnetic resonance-characterization of self-assembled nanostructured mat
Self-assembled chains of graphitized carbon nanoparticles
Nonequilibrium self-assembly of long chains of polar molecules in superfluid hel
Encapsulation of filaments of a self-assembling bicopper complex in polymer nano
Self-trapping and multiplication of electronic excitations in Al2O3 and Al2O3:Sc
Self-assembled ultrathin films: from layered nanoarchitectures to functional ass
Characterization of electrostatically self-assembled nanocomposite thin films
Preparation of self-assembled cobalt nanocrystal arrays
Site-controlled self-organization of individual InAs quantum dots by scanning tu
Enhancement of self-sustaining reaction by mechanical activation: case of a Fe-S
Fabrication of ordered two-dimensional arrays of micro- and nanoparticles using
Mechanism of shape formation of three-dimensional periodic nanostructures by bia
Synthesis of silver nanoparticles and their self-organization behavior in epoxy
Preparation of self-assembled mercaptoalkanoic acid multilayers on GaAs(110) sur
Preparation and layer-by-layer self-assembly of silver nanoparticles capped by g
From discoveries to novel nanodevices
Orthogonal self-assembly on colloidal gold-platinum nanorods
Nanotube growth by surface diffusion
Polyhedral nano-clusters with the potential for self-replication
Ultra-thin zeolite films through simple self-assembled processes
Control of morphology changes in self-assembled Mn-based nanostructures overgrow
A self-assembled single-electron tunneling transistor
Fabrication of self-assembled polyaniline films by doping-induced deposition
Non-linear optically active metal clusters in nanoscaled systems including self-
Self-assembled DNA networks and their electrical conductivity
Low-voltage, 30 nm channel length, organic transistors with a self-assembled mon
Physical insight in the in-situ self-assembled films of polypyrrole
Rapid prototyping of patterned functional nanostructures
Low-energy electron beam focusing in self-organized porous alumina vacuum window
Bridging size scales with self-assembling supramolecular materials
Nonstandard roughness of terraced surfaces
Structure and magnetism of self-organized Ni nanostructures on Cu(001)
Cross-sectional nanophotoluminescence studies of Stark effects in self-assembled
Spectroscopy of self-assembled CdS quantum dots in ZnSe
Forces that drive nanoscale self-assembly on solid surfaces
Rectifying self-assembled ultrathin films
Nanofabrication using Coulomb crystals
Panoscopic silicon-a material for “all” length scales
Highly regular organization of conjugated polymer chains via block copolymer sel
Measurements of discrete electronic states in a gold nanoparticle using tunnel j
Magnetic properties of Ni nanowires in self-assembled arrays
Exciton self-trapping in AgCl nanocrystals
The self-diffusivity of amorphous solid water near 150 K
STM probe-assisted site-control of self-organized InAs quantum dots on GaAs surf
Guided self-assembly of Au nanocluster arrays electronically coupled to semicond
Nanoscopic evidence for dissociative adsorption of asymmetric disulfide self-ass
Formation of self-assembled CdSe quantum dots under Stranski-Krastanow mode
Nanoassemblies of sulfonated polyaniline multilayers
Aperiodic self-replicating inorganic structures
Carbon nanotube templated self-assembly and thermal processing of gold nanowires
The numerical simulation of Au nanoparticle self-assembly systems
Resonant tunneling diodes made up of stacked self-assembled Ge/Si islands
Self-directed growth of molecular nanostructures on silicon
Nanostructural control of layer-by-layer self-assembly film and device applicati
InAs self-assembled nanostructures grown on InP(001)
Ordered colloidal nanoalloys
Forming supramolecular networks from nanoscale rods in binary, phase-separating
Simulation of I-V property of Au nanoparticle self-assembly system using finite
Passivated metal superlattices self-assembled around a fullerene onion
Patterning surfaces using tip-directed displacement and self-assembly
Long-range ordered lines of self-assembled Ge islands on a flat Si (001) surface
Coupling of kinetic and transport phenomena in self-organization of C-B-N nanotu
Self-assembly of one-dimensional molecular and atomic chains using striped alkan
Formation of island chains in SiGe/Si heteroepitaxy by elastic anisotropy
Mechanical alloying in SHS research
Signs alteration of nonlinear refraction of cubane-like shaped clusters from nan
Self-trapped exciton recombination in silicon nanocrystals
Adsorbed molecules form ordered structures on the surface of metals exposed to a
Electron transport on a single CdS nanocrystal formed on self-assembled monolaye
The mechanism of self-reversal of thermoremanence in natural hemoilmenite crysta
Nanostructured surfaces
Ion-beam-directed self-organization of conducting nanowire arrays
Anisotropy of the solvent self-diffusion tensor as a probe of nematic ordering w
Nano- and microsecond laser pulse confinement in compensated gallium arsenide
Universal aspects of self-assembly: the wide domain of weak interactions
Self-assemblies of nanocrystals: fabrication and collective properties
Manipulation and immobilization of alkane-coated gold nanocrystals using scannin
A reduced approach for modeling the influence of nanoclusters and {113} defects
Construction of biomimetic supramolecular devices
Ultrathin film actuators fabricated by layer-by-layer molecular self-assembly
New frontiers: self-assembly and nanoelectronics
Nanoscale refractive index tuning of siloxane-based self-assembled electro-optic
Chemical self-assembly for electronic applications
Synthesis, self-assembly, and magnetic behavior of a two-dimensional superlattic
Self-assembled Fe nanowires using organometallic chemical vapor deposition and C
Chiral self-assembly of nanotubules and ribbons from phospholipid mixtures
Self-assembling of hot carbon nanoparticles observed by short pulse-arc-discharg
Self-repair of ordered pattern of nanometer dimensions based on self-compensatio
Self-assembled honeycomb networks of gold nanocrystals
Oxide nanostructures through self-assembly
Fabrication and characterization of nanoelectrode arrays formed via block copoly
Observation of dynamic behavior of lithographically induced self-assembly of sup
Promise and peril - the deeply intertwined poles of 21st Century technology
Hierarchical self-assembly of metal nanostructures on diblock copolymer scaffold
Self-assembly of one-dimensional nanostructures at silicon surfaces
Self-assembled (SA) bilayer molecular coating on magnetic nanoparticles
Polymeric nanofibers prepared from self-organized supramolecules
Structure and dynamics of the TIP3P, SPC, and SPC/E water models at 298 K
Effects of surface roughness on self- and transport diffusion in porous media in
Electron beam prepatterning for site control of self-assembled quantum dots
Kinetic physical etching for versatile novel design of well ordered self-affine
Some recent advances in nanostructure preparation from gold and silver particles
Field emission of self-assembled carbon nanotubes on triode structure
Synthesis and characterization of mesostructured titania-based materials through
Self-ordering on crystal surfaces: fundamentals and applications
Statistical aspect of the formation of nanosystems
Porous alumina template based nanodevices
Morphological instabilities of the InAs/GaAs(001) interface and their effect on
Study of self-limiting oxidation of silicon nanoclusters by atomistic simulation
Control of supramolecular shapes at nanometer level
SiGe nanostructures: new insights into growth processes
Self-assembled monolayers of CdSe nanocrystals on doped GaAs substrates
Optical properties of silver nanocrystals self-organized in a two-dimensional su
Surface-modulation-controlled three-dimensional colloidal crystals
Patterning and visualizing self-assembled monolayers with low-energy electrons
Ag nanowires self-assembling on Si(5512) surfaces
Antireflection effect of self-organized GaN nanotip structure from ultraviolet t
Self-ordering regimes of porous alumina: the 10% porosity rule
Uniform formation process of self-organized InAs quantum dots
Silicon nanoneedles grown by a simple thermal treatment using metal-sulfur catal
Self-organized arrays of carbon nanotube ropes
Prospects of bio-nanotechnology
Grazing-incidence small-angle scattering measurement of Ge islands capped with a
Photoinduced organic nanowires from self-assembled monolayers
Controllability of pore size and porosity on self-organized porous silica partic
Self-assembly and phase segregation in functional liquid crystals
Self-organization of cadmium sulfide and gold nanoparticles by electrostatic int
Progress in GaN-based quantum dots for optoelectronics applications
Self-organized ribbons of aligned carbon nanotubes
Characterization of potassium niobate produced by self-assembled nanosheet from
Growth of suspended carbon nanotube networks on 100-nm-scale silicon pillars
Self-reproduction in three-dimensional reversible cellular space
Modification of thiol-derived self-assembling monolayers by electron and X-ray i
Possibility of design of nanodevices by confined macromolecular self-assembly
Self-assembled two-dimensional superlattice of Au-Ag alloy nanocrystals
Room temperature self-assembly of CdSe nanocrystals on SiO2-coated Si wafer
Guiding self-assembly with the tip of an atomic force microscope
High-resolution atomic force microscope nanotip grown by self-field emission
Ultrahigh vacuum scanning probe investigations of metal induced void formation i
Template guided self-assembly of [Au55] clusters on nanolithographically defined
Atomic aspects in the epitaxial growth of metallic superlattices and nanostructu
Self-organization of nanostructures in semiconductor heteroepitaxy
Mechanisms of self-ordering in nonplanar epitaxy of semiconductor nanostructures
Shadow-mask evaporation through monolayer-modified nanostencils
Current-voltage characterization of alkanethiol self-assembled monolayers in met
Self-assembly of frayed wires and frayed-wire networks: nanoconstruction with mu
Nanoscale morphology of polyelectrolyte self-assembled films probed by scanning
Organic nanotube bridge fabrication by controlling molecular self-assembly proce
Electroforming of copper structures at nanometer-sized gaps of self-assembled mo
Synthesis and utilization of monodisperse superparamagnetic colloidal particles
Fabrication and wetting properties of metallic half-shells with submicron diamet
Electrostatic self-assembly of a ruthenium-based oxygen sensitive dye using poly
Fluidic self-assembly of micromirrors onto microactuators using capillary forces
Strain engineering, self-assembly, and nanoarchitectures in thin SiGe films on S
Patterning of layer-by-layer self-assembled multiple types of nanoparticle thin
Toward controllable self-assembly of microstructures: selective functionalizatio
Symmetry breaking in self-assembled monolayers on solid surfaces: Anisotropic su
Surface imaging by self-propelled nanoscale probes
Nanofabrication of integrated magnetoelectronic devices using patterned self-ass
Interparticle interactions in annealed FePt nanoparticle assemblies
Block copolymer-templated nanocomposite electrodes for rechargeable lithium batt
Temporal and thermal studies of charge transportation in self-assembly organic p
Nanoscale organic transistors based on self-assembled monolayers
Size-controlled self-assembly of peptide nanotubes using polycarbonate membranes
Ordering of quantum dots using genetically engineered viruses
Nonequilibrium self-assembly of metals on diblock copolymer templates
Dynamic modeling and scaling of nanostructure formation in the lithographically
Dendritic growth of cubically ordered nanoporous materials through self-assembly
Self-assembled nanostructures through wavelength-controlled spinodal decompositi
Predictions of new crystalline states for assemblies of nanoparticles: perovskit
Two gates are better than one [double-gate MOSFET process]
Photoluminescence of CdSe self-assembled quantum dots: experiments and models
Formation of a self-assembled Cu-γ-Al2O3 nanocomposite
Advances in nanolithography using molecular rulers
Development of multilayer fluorescent thin film chemical sensors using electrost
Nucleation of apatite crystals in vitro by self-assembled dentin matrix protein
A molecular electronics toolbox
Modeling the self-assembly of copolymer-nanoparticle mixtures confined between s
Mechanisms of semiconductor nanostructure formation
Hydrophobically-driven self-assembly: a geometric packing analysis
Dysprosium silicide nanowires on Si(110)
Guided molecular self-assembly: A review of recent efforts
Using self-assembly for the fabrication of nano-scale electronic and photonic de
Epitaxial self-assembly of block copolymers on lithographically defined nanopatt
DNA-templated, self-assembly of protein arrays and highly conductive nanowires
TectoRNA and `kissing-loop RNA: atomic force microscopy of self-assembling RNA s
Shape-selective growth, patterning, and alignment of cubic nanostructured crysta
Supramolecular structure of helical ribbons self-assembled from a β-sheet p
Mechanism for rapid self-assembly of block copolymer nanoparticles
FIB processing of silicon in the nanoscale regime
Direct thermal patterning of self-assembled nanoparticles
Self-assembly of FePt nanoparticles into nanorings
A self-cleaning, room-temperature titania-nanotube hydrogen gas sensor
Spatial ordering in InP/InGaP nanostructures
Letter to the editor: Controlled self-assembly of colloidal cobalt nanocrystals
Magneto-optical transitions in nanoscopic rings
Self-organized semiconductor surfaces as templates for nanostructured magnetic t
Dynamic responses of a self-moving precision positioning stage impacted by a spr
Nanoepitaxy: size selection in self-assembled and oriented Al nanocrystals grown
Knudsen self- and Fickian diffusion in rough nanoporous media
Formation of silicalite-1 hollow spheres by the self-assembly of nanocrystals
Composite nanotubes formed by self-assembly of PbS nanoparticles
Theory of nanoindentation creep controlled by interfacial diffusion
Concentration effect on the aggregation of a self-assembling oligopeptide
Preparation and assembly of colloidal gold nanoparticles in CTAB-stabilized reve
Nano revolution
Self-aligned growth of hexagonal TiO2 nanosphere arrays on α-MoO3 (010) su
Self-assembled monolayer coatings on nanostencils for the reduction of materials
Vertical stacks of InAs quantum wires in an InP matrix
Self-replication processes in nanosystems of informatics
Small self-interstitial clusters in GaAs
Dimensionality-dependent self-energy corrections and exchange-correlation potent
Multiphoton photoemission of self-assembled silver nanocrystals
Nanomagnetism-nascent or fully formed?
Ultraviolet-emitting ZnO nanowhiskers prepared by a vapor transport process on p
Ge dots self-assembling: surfactant mediated growth of Ge on SiGe (118) stress-i
Transistors based on the Guanosine molecule (a DNA base)
Early self-assembled stages in epitaxial SrRuO3 on LaAlO3
Stabilization of supramolecular nanostructures induced by self-assembly of dendr
Self-organised growth on strained substrates: the influence of anisotropic strai
Patterned magnetic media from self-assembly template methods
Self-assembling of potassium nanostructures on InAs(110) surface
Biologically derived nanomagnets in self-organized patterned media
Single-electron charging of a self-assembled II-VI quantum dot
Thermal reactions at the interface between Si and C nanoparticles: nanotube self
Nanodefects in nanostructures
Giant supramolecular liquid crystal lattice
Self-mixing laser Doppler vibrometry with high optical sensitivity: application
Optical nonlinearities of space selectively precipitated Au nanoparticles inside
Self-assembly in semiconductor nanostructures
Gold nanoparticle-porphyrin self-assembled multistructures for photoelectric con
Self-assembly and nanotechnology
Large-scale preparation of aligned carbon nanotubes arrays
Self-assembled stripes on the anodic aluminum oxide by atomic force microscope o
Preparation of chitosan/glucose oxidase nanolayered films for electrode modifica
Effect of substrate surface phase on the shape of self-organized Al nanoclusters
Oriented growth of self-assembled polyaniline nanowire arrays using a novel meth
Finite element analysis of self-positioning microstructures and nanostructures
Preparation and self-lubrication treatment of ordered porous anodic alumina film
Infusing metal into self-organized semiconductor nanostructures
Self-assembly and magnetic properties of cobalt nanoparticles
Self-organized formation of chainlike silver nanostructure with fractal geometry
Characterization of diamond nanoclusters and applications to self-lubricating co
Surface fractal dimension of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Postdeposition organic coating and self-assembly of gas phase prepared FePt nano
Theoretical optimization of the self-organized growth of nanoscale arrays throug
Self-assembled periodical polycrystalline-ZnO/a-C nanolayers on Zn nanowire
Template self-assembly technology for preparing nanoporous materials
Chemical vapor deposition of mercury on alkanedithiolate self-assembled monolaye
Self-assembly technology of nano-particle driven by the micro force
Self-organization of spherical PANI/TiO2 nanocomposites in reverse micelles
Embedding and self-organization of nanoparticles in phospholipid multilayers
SAXS of self-assembled oriented lamellar nanocomposite films: an advanced method
In situ area-controlled self-ordering of InAs nanostructures
Self-assembled growth of SrTiO3 thin films
Controlled self-assembled nanoaeroplanes, nanocombs, and tetrapod-like networks
The photocatalytic activity of self-assembled Ti2/2 PSS nanocomposite thin film
Polyaniline nanostructures doped with mono-sulfonated dendrons via a self-assemb
Concentration-dependent self-diffusion of liquids in nanopores: a nuclear magnet
Molecular self-assembly and nanomanipulation - two key technologies in nanoscien
Self-assembled growth and optical emission of silver-capped silicon nanowires
Self-assembly and film stability of a micelle of a single-chain quaternary ammon
Synthesis and characterization of nanostructural hydrogel and template for CdS n
Multiscale simulation of two-dimensional self-organization of nanoparticles in l
Multiscaling in semiconductor nanowire growth
Rapid self-assembly of monodisperse colloidal spheres in an ink-jet printed drop
Microscopic observation of nanofibers and helical nanoribbons composed of tetrae
Supra crystal: control of the ordering of self-organization of cobalt nanocrysta
Controlling factor of self-ordering of anodic porous alumina
Monodisperse metallic iron nanoparticles synthesized from noncarbonyl complex
Design and synthesis of self-ordered mesoporous nanocomposite through controlled
Interactions in self-organized nanoporous organic Crystals
Nanometers-thick self-organized Fe stripes: bridging the gap between surfaces an
Multi-curve fitting analysis of temperature-dependent I-V curves of poly-hexathi
Supramolecular chemistry: from molecular information towards self-organization a
Formation of repetitively nanosecond spatial solitons in a saturable absorber Q-
Assembly of FePt L10 nanoparticles grown on MgO(110) with self-organized groove
Nano-patterned medium fabricated by the artificially aligned self-assembling met
Growth of ultra small self-assembled InGaN nanotips
Supramolecular self-assembly of dimeric dendrons with aromatic bridge units
Synthesis of Si nanostructures via self-organized pillar mask
Nanoencapsulation of [60]fullerene with the cavitand cucurbit[7]uril
Effect of target self-bias voltage on the mechanical properties of diamond-like
High-temperature fibres composed of transition metal inorganic nanotubes
Specification of spectral line shape and multiplex dispersion by self-imaging an
Surface wave scattering by a nano-object situated on a surface
Formation of ytterbium silicide nanowires on Si(001)
Field emission properties of self-assembled silicon nanostructures on nand p-typ
Nanometer-scale pattern registration and alignment by directed diblock copolymer
Fabrication of hemispherical cavity arrays on silicon substrates using laser-ass
Periodic array of uniform ZnO nanorods by second-order self-assembly
On the structure and stability of self-assembled zwitterionic peptide amphiphile
A simple micromachining approach to testing nanoscale metal-self-assembled monol
Safe exponential manufacturing
Self-assembled virus-membrane complexes
Building Pb nanomesas with atomic-Layer precision
Proximity effects in self-organized binary particle-block copolymer blends
Systematic study of the effect of disorder on nanotribology of self-assembled mo
Inverse opal nanocrystal superlattice films
Using nanoparticles to create self-healing composites
Self-assembled nanostructured sensors [strain sensors]
Self-organizing high-density single-walled carbon nanotube arrays from surfactan
Interfacial synthesis of electrically conducting polyaniline nanofiber composite
Electronic nanostructures templated on self-assembled DNA scaffolds
Single- and multigrain nanojunctions with a self-assembled monolayer of conjugat
Tunable nanopatterning by diblock copolymers in small confinements
Hierarchical nanoparticle assemblies formed by decorating breath figures
Joining and scission in the self-assembly of nanotubes from DNA tiles
Semiflexible chain networks formed via self-assembly of β-hairpin molecules
Kinetic size selection mechanisms in heteroepitaxial quantum dot molecules
Novel methods of forming self-assembled nanostructured materials: Ni nanodots in
Guided self-assembly of metallic nanowires and channels
Fabrication of FePt nanoparticles for self-organized magnetic array
High-capacity, self-assembled metal-oxide-semiconductor decoupling capacitors
Self-assembling nanoparticles into holographic nanopatterns
Evaporation-induced self-assembly: functional nanostructures made easy
Patterning nanoscale structures by surface chemistry
Comment on Fabrication of a molecular self-assembled monolayer diode using nanoi
Self-assembled modified deoxyguanosines conjugated to GaN quantum dots for bioph
Dynamics of nanoscale self-assembly of ternary epilayers
Response to Comment on Fabrication of a molecular self-assembled monolayer diode
Building programmable jigsaw puzzles with RNA
Inelastic electron tunneling spectroscopy of an alkanedithiol self-assembled mon
Elastic and inelastic electron tunneling in alkane self-assembled monolayers
Transport in self-assembled molecular wires: effect of packing and order
Single-crystal nanorings formed by epitaxial self-coiling of polar nanobelts
Nanostructure engineering by templated self-assembly of block copolymers
Nanoengineered electronic materials get real with directed self-assembly
Electron interactions and scaling relations for optical excitations in carbon na
Dynamics of membrane nanotubulation and DNA self-assembly
Surface-induced vertical alignment of self-assembled supramolecular columns of l
Oligothiophene-based nanostructures: from solution to solid-state aggregates
Controlled synthesis and self-assembly of single-crystalline CuO nanorods and na
Fabrication of arrays of gold islands on self-assembled monolayers using pulsed
Cubit isounits `tread a daunting path to reality while proving Fermats last theo
Thiolation of single-wall carbon nanotubes and their self-assembly
About oligothiophene self-assembly: from aggregation in solution to solid-state
Formation of nanostructures by the activated Stranski-Krastanow transition metho
Inorganic self-assembly
Structural properties of self-organized semiconductor nanostructures
Iron self-diffusion in amorphous FeZr/57FeZr multilayers measured by neutron ref
Electrical-bridge model on the self-organized growth of nanopores in anodized al
Tunable metastability of surface nanostructure arrays
Uniaxial plasmon coupling through longitudinal self-assembly of gold nanorods
Nanostructured polymers
Stable and uniform arrays of self-assembled nanocrystalline islands
Designed self-assembled β-sheet peptide fibrils as templates for silica nan
Optical limiting of ultrashort pulses by carbon black suspension
Self-chemisorption of azurin on functionalized oxide surfaces for the implementa
Self-assembly of micro- and nanoparticles on internal micromachined silicon surf
Self-assembling of proteins and enzymes at nanoscale for biodevice applications
Functionalisation of surfaces with S-layers
Self-organized nanocomb of ZnO fabricated by Au-catalyzed vapor-phase transport
Towards supramolecular electronics
Reductive self-assembling of Pd and Rh nanoparticles on silicon nanowire templat
A new type of self-assembly film of water-soluble porphyrin alternating CdSe nan
Lanthanum and neodymium substituted Bi4Ti3O12 nanostructures through self-assemb
Hydrothermal microemulsion synthesis of cobalt nanorods and self-assembly into s
A self-similar array model of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Novel self-assembled MgO nanosheet and its precursors
Current status and prospects of surface self-nanocrystallization for iron and st
Formation of gold nanoparticles and self-assembly into dimer and trimer aggregat
Research and development of nanoelectronics
Langmuir monolayers of the long-chain alkyl derivatives of a nucleoside analogue
Third-order nonlinear optical properties of an ultrathin film containing a porph
Self-assembly of gold nanoparticles on nanometre-patterned surface
Two-step self-assembly of nanodisks into plate-built cylinders through oriented
Synthesis and self-assembled film fabricated from water-soluble poly(p-phenylene
Self-organized synthesis of silver dendritic nanostructures via an electroless m
Fabrication and performance of polymer electrolyte fuel cells by self-assembly o
Molecular dynamics simulation of self- and mutual diffusion coefficients for con
Electrostatic self-assembly Pd particles on Nafion™ membrane surface to re
Synthesis and self-assembly of magnetic metal alloy nanoparticles
Self-assembled conjugated polymer nanometer scale devices
Large-pore mesoporous nanocrystalline titania thin films synthesized through eva
Characteristics of co-existence of third-order and transient thermally induced o
Au nanoparticles self-assembled onto Nafion membranes for use as methanol-blocki
Preparation and self-assembly of nanostructured BaCrO4 from CTAB reverse microem
Preparation and evaluation of a novel self-humidifying Pt/PFSA composite membran
Fabrication of ultra deep submicron replaced gate for self-aligned planar double
Self-organized synthesis of micrometer scale silver disks by electroless metal d
Interactions between colloidal particles induced by polymer brushes grafted onto
The water/oil interface: the emerging horizon for self-assembly of nanoparticles
Transient dynamics leading to self-oscillations in nanomagnets driven by spin-po
Polyelectrolyte-mediated synthesis and self-assembly of silicalite nanocrystals
ZnO symmetric nanosheets integrated with nanowalls
Macro-, micro- and nano-investigations on 3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane self-ass
Triazatrinaphthylene, a three-fold symmetry planar conjugated system with two-di
Ordered sub-micron magnetic dot arrays using self-assembly template method
Self-diffusion of water and benzene molecules adsorbed in synthetic opal samples
Comment on A growth pathway for highly ordered quantum dot arrays [Appl. Phys. L
Influence of self-trapped states on the fluorescence intermittency of single mol
Partial self-ordering observed in silicon nanoclusters deposited on silicon oxid
On the thermal annealing conditions for self-synthesis of tungsten carbide nanow
Optical excitations of porphyrin J-aggregates
Chemical optimization of self-assembled carbon nanotube transistors
Magnetization switching and microwave oscillations in nanomagnets driven by spin
Self-catalysed growth of zinc oxide nanowires
Self-organization of one-dimensional Au nanowires on a surface carbide and later
Two-dimensional self-assembly into multicomponent hydrogen-bonded nanostructures
A novel spray-pyrolysis technique to produce nanocrystalline lanthanum strontium
Self-assembly of PDDA-Pt nanoparticle/nafion membranes for direct methanol fuel
Monitoring interstitial fluxes by self-assembled nanovoids in ion-implanted Si/S
S-layers as patterning elements for application in nanobiotechnology
Self-organization of polyaniline nanorods: towards achieving a higher conductivi
Ammonia optical fiber sensor based on self-assembled zirconia thin films
Self-assembly: a bottom-up approach for nanofabrication (continued)
Directed self-organisation of soluble proteins on surfaces
Magnetic behaviour of arrays of Ni nanowires by electrodeposition into self-alig
Self-assembled lipid superstructures: beyond vesicles and liposomes
Self-assembly: a bottom-up approach for nanofabrication
Electroreflectance spectroscopy in self-assembled quantum dots: lens symmetry
Self assembled structures on fluoro-polymers induced with laser light at 157nm
Understanding self-assembled nanosphere patterns
Critical misfit for dislocation stability in self-assembled islands
Experimental and theoretical study of the influence of growth temperature on com
On the problem of nucleation (cell formation) in self-organization of protein na
Nanorod engineering by reinforcing hexagonally self-assembled PS-b-P4VP(DDP) wit
Quantum confinement in volmer-weber-type self-assembled ZnO nanocrystals
Supramolecular barrels from amphiphilic rigid-flexible macrocycles
Nano-porous manganese oxide formed by self-assembled agglomeration of nanocrysta
One-step nanomorphology control of self-organized projection coronas in uniform
Growth and characterization of isolated nanoclusters on mixed self-assembled mon
Photoluminescence characteristics of coupled CdSe/ZnS quantum dots on self-assem
Two-dimensional patterns of ultra-fine particles prepared by self-organization
Optical properties of self-assembled nano-hybrid materials
Advances and prospects of fabrication of low-dimensional quantum structures and
Introduction: engineering of self-organized nanostructures
Wirelike growth of self-assembled hafnium silicides: oxide mediated epitaxy
Third-order nonlinearities of Bi12GeO20 crystal measured by nanosecond radiation
Ultrahigh-density storage media prepared by artificially assisted self-assemblin
Self-alignment of glass spheres using the electromeniscus phenomenon
Optical waveguide self-assembled from organic dye molecules in solution
Self-assembly for microscale and nanoscale packaging: steps toward self-packagin
Beyond CMOS electronics: self-assembled nanostructures
Structural modifications to polystyrene via self-assembling molecules
Large-scale triangular lattice arrays of sub-micron islands by microsphere self-
Sacrificial bonds in polymer brushes from rat tail tendon functioning as nanosca
Negative differential conductance and hot phonons in suspended nanotube molecula
Materials by numbers: computations as tools of discovery
Tuning photonic crystal nanocavity modes by wet chemical digital etching
Synchrotron X-ray scattering of ZnO nanorods: Periodic ordering and lattice size
Oligo(p-phenyleneethynylene)-based coil-rod-coil triblock copolymer: synthesis a
Nanotechnology advances and applications in information storage
RNA nanotechnology: engineering, assembly and applications in detection, gene de
Directed assembly of block copolymer blends into nonregular device-oriented stru
Collapse of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Self-assembly of uniform nanoporous silica fibers
Dynamic reassembly of peptide RADA16 nanofiber scaffold
Directed self-assembly of Ge nanostructures on very high index, highly anisotrop
Brownian dynamics simulation study of self-assembly of amphiphiles with large hy
Self-assembled network of carbon nanotubes synthesized by chemical vapor deposit
Density control of self-aligned shortened single-wall carbon nanotubes on polyel
Patterning multilayers of molecules via self-organization
Modeling and simulation for a nano-photonic quantum dot waveguide fabricated by
Low operating voltage single ZnO nanowire field-effect transistors enabled by se
New and exotic self-organized patterns for modulated nanoscale systems
Thin ZnO nanocomposite poly(styrene-acrylic acid) films on Si and SiO2 surfaces
Magnetic self-assembly of three-dimensional surfaces from planar sheets
DNA-modified carbon nanotubes for self-assembling and biosensing applications
Self-assembly of polymer-tethered nanorods
Transport and photodetection in self-assembled semiconductor quantum dots
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