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无铬耐指纹板表面皱纹缺陷产生原因分析及对策/Analysis of Causes and the Countermeasures For Cross Break
冷轧罩式退火炉TI控制系统的研究/Research of TI control system of annealing furnace in the cold
Creep induced magnetic anisotropy in nanocrystalline Fe73.5Cu1Nb3Si13.5B9
Thermodynamic and kinetic factors controlling the formation of nanocrystalline F
Enhanced remanence in flash-annealed Nd4Fe78B18
Thermal stability of nanocrystalline gold prepared by gas deposition method
Magnetic after-effect and approach to ferromagnetic saturation in nanocrystallin
Crack healing and stress relaxation in Al2O3-SiC nanocomposites
Influence of annealing on the magnetic properties of Co-based amorphous alloys
Novel approach for synthesizing of nanometer-sized Si crystals in SiO2 by ion im
Rapid thermal annealing of two-phase nanocrystalline magnet alloys
Annealing behavior of silver, copper, and silver-copper nanoclusters in a silica
Morphological analysis of nanocrystalline SnO2 for gas sensor applications
The Formation of Germanium Nanocrystals by Thermal Annealing of a-SiOx: H/a-GeOx
Optical and structural properties of nanocrystalline ZnS-SiO2 composite films
Microstructure, microhardness and magnetic susceptibility of submicrocrystalline
Kinetics of nanosecond laser annealing of the impurity-implanted silicon
Magnetic properties of amorphous and devitrified FeSiBCuNb glass-coated microwir
Effect of annealing on the structure and electrical properties of sulfur-doped a
Formation of Ge nanocrystals in amorphous GeOx and SiGeOx alloy films
Gold nanocluster formation in silicate glasses by low fluence ion implantation a
Nanocrystalline Nd6Fe88-xMxB6 (M= Ti or V) magnets by rapid thermal annealing
Step arrangement design and nanostructure self-organization on Si(111) surfaces
Structural and magnetic properties of mechanically deformed Heusler alloys
Device-grade a-SiGe:H alloys prepared by nanometer deposition/H2 plasma annealin
Magnetic properties of ultrathin Fe-based nanocrystalline alloy obtained by flas
Evolution of texture and grain size during annealing of nanocrystalline Ni-45% F
Structure of nanocrystalline Ni58.5Mo31.5B10 and structure evolution at heat tre
Short-time high-temperature annealing of Fe(CuMo)SiB: A Moessbauer study
Moessbauer studies of nanocrystalline Fe83B9Nb7Cu1 alloy by flash annealing
Visible and near-infrared luminescence from silicon nanostructures formed by ion
Gas-sensing applications of W-Ti-O-based nanosized thin films prepared by r.f. r
Formation of nanophase Al-Y-Ni-Cu alloys
Structure and properties of PLT(28) thin films with nano-grain
Crystal Indexing Method Using a Simulated Annealing Algorithm with Particular Ap
Annealing embrittlement in Fe-Mo-Si-B amorphous alloy
Influence of oxidation on optical diffuse reflectance spectra in nanoscale silic
Ferromagnetic resonance and Mossbauer studies of amorphous and nanocrystalline F
Electron holography study of voids in self-annealed implanted silicon
Microstructural investigation of ion beam synthesized germanium nanoclusters emb
Magnetic properties of nanosize nickel particles produced in silica glasses by i
Nanometre-sized silver halides entrapped in SiO2 matrices
Comparison of magnetic properties of nanocrystalline Fe-M-Cu-Nb-Si-B (M = Co, Ni
Effect of annealing environment on the crack healing and mechanical behavior of
Reduction of the size of the implanted silver nanoparticles in float glass durin
Si-nanostructures made by laser-annealing
Annealing behaviors of photoluminescence from SiOx:H films
Annealing effect on structure of polycrystalline silicon
Impact of solvent vapor annealing on the morphology and photophysics of molecula
Thermal stability of Al-O-N PVD diffusion barriers
Light emission from Si nanocrystals embedded in CaF2 epilayers on Si(1 1 1): Eff
Excess Si concentration dependence of the photoluminescence of Si nanoclusters i
Formation of narrow nanocluster bands in Ge-implanted SiO2-layers
Clustering in carbon implanted, laser annealed, fused quartz
Enhancement of magnetic anisotropy of nanocrystalline FeTaN films by Ti underlay
Precipitation, ripening and chemical effects during annealing of Ge+ implanted S
Effects of annealing on X-ray-amorphous CVD W-Si-N barrier layer materials
Structural investigation of milled α-Fe and barium ferrite nano-mixtures
Grain growth in a nanocrystalline Ni81P19 alloy
Grain growth kinetics in nanostructured nickel
Light emission from ion beam induced silicon nanoclusters in silicon dioxide: Ro
Photoacoustic studies of annealed CdSxSe1-x (x = 0.26) nanocrystals in a glass m
Characterization of Ge nanocrystals in a-SiO2 synthesized by rapid thermal annea
Nanocrystallization studies of a melt-quenched Ni81P19 amorphous alloy
Microstructural evolution of a nanocrystalline Ti-47Al-3Cr alloy during annealin
Homogeneously size distributed Ge nanoclusters embedded in SiO2 layers produced
Optical properties of interacting Si nanoclusters in SiO2 fabricated by ion impl
Elasticity moduli and structure of the Fe73.5Cu1Ta3Si15.5B7 alloy
Nitrogen-added Al rare-earth alloys for thin film transistors
Modeling of Ge nanocluster evolution in ion-implanted SiO2 layer
Long range order in ultrathin Pt-Co(111) alloys
High temperature annealing behaviors of luminescent SIOx:H films
Reaction phases at the interfaces between a Cu filler, an intermediate Ti layer,
Transmission and conversion electron Moessbauer study of crystallization of amor
Degradation mechanism of PZT caused by H2 annealing
Formation of microvoids in MgO by helium ion implantation and thermal annealing
Helium desorption from cavities induced by high energy 3He and 4He implantation
More consistent explanation of the strength of Al2O3/SiC nanocomposite after gri
New X-ray study of the quenched isotactic polypropylene transition by annealing
Characteristic photoluminescence properties of Si nanocrystals in SiO2 fabricate
Effect of electro-pulsing on microstructure stability of RS AlFeVSiNd nanocrysta
Preparation of platinum silicide films by pulsed laser deposition and pulsed las
Analysis of exothermal process of large sized nanocrystalline core during mass a
Processing, microstructure and properties of chemical vapor deposited TiN/AlN fi
Interface confinement and local structure in nc-Si/a-SiNx multilayers (nc equiva
Laser annealing of low temperature grown gallium nitride
High-yield purification process of singlewalled carbon nanotubes
Annealing effects on structural and magnetic properties of α-Fe2O3 nanopar
Magnetostrictions and transformation process in
Influence of long-range ordering on mechanical properties of nanocrystalline Ni3
Environmental dependence of thermal oxidation behaviour of silicon nanocrystalli
Effects of annealing on electrical coupling in a multilayer InAs/GaAs quantum do
Nanocrystalline silicon film prepared by laser annealing of organosilicon nanocl
Ion synthesis and laser annealing of Cu nanoparticles in Al2O3
Thermal stability of electrodeposited nanocrystalline nickel
Ion beam synthesis of GaN precipitates in GaAs
Effect on crack healing behavior of A12O3/SiC nanocomposites under different ann
Electronic properties of silicon nanocrystallites obtained by SiOx (x less than
Sol-gel hydroxyapatite coatings on stainless steel substrates
The influence of composition and low temperature annealing on hardness and ducti
Magnetic Properties of SmCo7/Co and Sm(Co,Fe) 7/α-(Fe,Co) Nanocomposite Ma
High resolution photoemission study of growth, alloying, and intermixing of ultr
L1o-CoPt/Co bilayer ferromagnetic films: Interdiffusion, structure and microstru
Ohmic contact properties of Ni/C film on 4H-SiC
Thermal stability of self-assembled FePt nanoparticles
Fabrication of indium resistors by layer-by-layer nanoassembly and microlithogra
Hardness behavior of the partially crystallized amorphous Al86Ni9Mm5 alloys
Investigation of Si nanocluster formation in sputter-deposited silicon sub-oxide
Effects of thermal annealing on the interband transitions of single and vertical
Influence of annealing on the structural properties of chemically synthesized Cd
Effects of thermal annealing of thin Au film on Fe40Ni38Mo4B18
Studies on CdS nanoparticles dispersed in silica matrix prepared by sol-gel tech
The effect of annealing conditions on the red photoluminescence of nanocrystalli
Surface oxidation of monodisperse SnOx nanoparticles
Annealing of isolated amorphous zones in silicon
Synthesis of RuAl/ZrO2 nanocomposite by mechanical alloying and subsequent annea
Mechanisms of void formation in Ge implanted SiO2 films
Heat-Induced Transformation of Nanodiamond into a Tube-Shaped Fullerene: A Molec
Nano-crystallization and magnetic properties in the highly resistive Fe-Si-Zr-O
SAXS study on the microstructure of Fe2O3 nanocrystal
Annealing softening mechanisms operating in cold worked oxide-bearing steels
Nanocrystallization of Zr-Ti-Cu-Ni-Be bulk metallic glass
Enhancement of homogeneity of grain boundary microstructure by magnetic annealin
Dose dependence of formation of nanoscale cavities in helium-implanted 4H-SiC
Heat-treatment studies of MoO3 thin films prepared by sol-gel process
The effects of annealing on the structures and electrical conductivities of full
Contribution of multiple emitting centers to luminescence from Si/SiO 2 multilay
Effects of annealing treatment on the microstructure of tantalum coatings on TiN
Framework and photoluminescence property of porous silicon after dipped in solut
Iron niobate derived from mechanochemically activated oxides
A direct observation on the surface assembling and ordering of coumarin derivati
Study on polymethylsilsesquioxane/clay nanocomposite via in situ intercalative p
Electrospun poly(vinyl alcohol)/poly(acrylic acid) fibres with excellent water-s
Evolution of coherent interphase boundaries during annealing of multilayers: A M
Influence of nanomorphology on the photovoltaic action of polymer-fullerene comp
Prevention of nanoparticle coalescence under high-temperature annealing
Diffusion processes in NiTi/Si, NiTi/SiO2 and NiTi/Si 3N4 systems under annealin
Microstructure and photoluminescence properties of sol-gel Y 2-xErxTi2O7 thin fi
Crystallization of Fe73.5Cu1RE3Si 13.5B9 ribbons with RE = Pr, Nd, Gd
Tuning of the electronic properties of self-assembled InAs/InP(001) quantum dots
Surfactant-induced crystallization of polycarbonate
Nanocrystallization of FeCoZrB alloys studied by59Co nuclear magnetic resonance
New nanocarbons: Rod milling and annealing of graphite in the presence of yttriu
Structures and hot deformation of Al-V2O5 mechanically alloyed composite
Cathodoluminescence properties of zinc oxide nanoparticiles
FePt and Fe nanocomposite by annealing self-assembled FePt nanoparticles
Dependence of microhardness on annealing time of amorphous Al-Mm-Ni-(Fe,Co) allo
Photoluminescence from an Er-doped Ge-rich SiO2 sputtered films: The influence o
Properties of cellulose acetate nanofiltration membranes. Application to brackis
Laser annealing and in situ absorption measurement of float glass implanted with
Growth of SiC nanostructures on Si (100) using low energy carbon ion implantatio
The 1.54-μm photoluminescence from an (Er, Ge) co-doped SlO2 film deposited o
Infrared ellipsometric studies of mixing in a thin double layer of poly(n-butyl
The A1-L10 phase transition in the alloy nanoparticle
Superparamagnetic cobalt ferrite nanocrystals synthesized by alkalide reduction
Fabrication and thermal stability of silicon nanostructure
Effect of annealing on microstructure and photoluminescence of nano-composite si
Preparation and photoluminescence of SiC nanocrystal films
Thermal stability of the magnetic tunnel junctions with nano-oxide layers
Behaviors of crystallization and nanograin growth in SBT by a sol-gel process
Surface gradient structure of 316L stainless steel treated by SMA and its evolut
Mechanical properties of silicone elastomer on temperature in biomaterial applic
Luminescent properties of annealed and directly wafer-bonded InAsP/InGaAsP multi
Effects of thermal annealing on the structural and optical properties of MgxZn1-
X-ray and magnetoresistance measurements of electrodeposited Cu-Co granular film
The light-emitting properties of Ge nanocrystals grown by pulsed laser depositio
A study of the correlation between nickel and the ultraviolet emission in SiOx f
Production and grain stability of nanocrystalline Fe-si powders and the effects
Synthesis of TiN/Si3N4 composite powders by mechanically activated annealing
Investigation into the growth kinetics of CdTe nanocrystals in germanophosphate
Spatially resolved diagnosis of stress-induced breakdown in oxide dots by in sit
Thermal evolution and photoluminescence properties of nanometric Si layers
Mesomechanics of the behavior of thin Cu films on substrates during uniaxial ten
Structural and electrical investigation of high temperature annealed As-implante
Fe3+ doped SiO2 nanostructured gel-glasses: Structural, optical and magnetic pro
Self-assembly of Ni nanocrystals on HfO2 and N -assisted Ni confinement for nonv
Electronic state of nanodiamond/graphite interfaces
Effects of annealing on the microstructure and electrical properties of TaN-Cu n
Surface treatment of ferromagnetic nanoparticle-assembly by UV irradiation with
Highly efficient and stable luminescence of nanocrystalline porous silicon treat
A new fabrication process of Fe-based ribbon with creep-induced anisotropy
Origin of the magnetic anisotropy induced by stress annealing in Fe-based nanocr
Effects of thermal annealing on phase transformation and microhardness of (TixCr
Annealing effects in nano-sized gadolinium particles prepared by gas deposition
Tailoring carbon nanostructures via temperature and laser irradiation
Self-organized nanostructures in hard ceramic coatings
Structure and growth of ultrathin titanium oxide films on Ru(0 0 0 1)
Structural changes of MoS2 nano-powder in dependence on the annealing temperatur
Effect of thermal annealing on the structural and the optical properties of ZnO/
Effects of forming gas annealing on low-temperature ordering of FePt films
Si nanocrystals by ultra-low-energy ion beam-synthesis for non-volatile memory a
Fe-B/FePt-type nanocomposite ribbons with high permanent magnetic properties
Influences of residual argon gas and thermal annealing on Ta 2O5 thin films
Magnetic and structural properties of the Supermalloy powders produced by mechan
Field emission characteristics of ruthenium dioxide nanorods
Effect of thermal annealing in the microstructural and the optical properties of
Effect of annealing on the structural and magnetic properties of giant magnetost
Synthesis of Fe3O4 thin films by solid state reactions
Effect of ultrafine pulverization on the crystal structure and graphitability of
Self-assembly of Al2O3 nanodots on SiO2 using two-step controlled annealing tech
In-situ TEM observations of the coarsening of a nanolamellar structure in a coba
Laser modification of silver nanoclusters in SiO2 thin films
Nanoengineered Curie temperature in laterally patterned ferromagnetic semiconduc
Annealing enhanced hydrogen absorption in nanocrystalline PdAu sensing films
Improvement of magnetic softness in nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials by r
Visible photoluminescence from Ge nanoclusters implanted in nanoporous aluminum
Thin porous indium tin oxide nanoparticle films: Effects of annealing in vacuum
Atomic transport and chemical stability of nitrogen in ultrathin HfSiON gate die
Pattern formation in SiSb system
Formation of SiC-surface nanocrystals by ion implantation and electron beam rapi
Effect of crystal orientation on self-assembled silicon nanostructures formed by
Synthesis of crystalline Ge nanoclusters in PE-CVD-deposited SiO 2 films
Perpendicular domain orientation in thin films of polystyrene-polylactide dibloc
Effects of elevated temperature annealing on the structure and hardness of coppe
Microstructure and property analysis of DC magnetron sputtered NiAl-0.6Hf coatin
Improvement of toughness and ductility of a cryomilled Al-Mg alloy via microstru
Enhanced chemical ordering and coercivity in FePt alloy nanoparticles by Sb-dopi
Structural characterization of nanoporous Pd films grown via ballistic depositio
Origin of the 1.54 μm luminescence of erbium-implanted porous silicon
Preparation of Cu-TiN alloy by external nitridation in combination with mechanic
Influence of annealing on the nanostructural properties of magnetically inhomoge
Crack healing and stress relaxation in Al2O3-SiC `nanocomposites
Positron annihilation study of structural defects in Fe-Cu-Nb-Si-B amorphous all
Magnetoelastic effects in soft nanocrystalline Fe-based alloys
A new technique for dynamic annealing of amorphous alloys using Joule effect wit
CdTe nanostructures prepared by thermal annealing
Annealing effect on carbon nanotubes. An ESR study
Strain determination and microstructural characterization of 50 keV Sn-ion-impla
Nanophase formation activated by mechanical alloying
Characteristics of MA metastable Ti+Al powders at high temperatures
Nanometric crystallization of Fe73.5Cu1Nb3Si13.5B9 by laser annealing
Neutron irradiation and annealing of 10B doped chemical vapor deposited diamond
Raman spectroscopy and positron lifetime studies of structural relaxation and de
High quality a-SiGe:H alloys prepared by nanometer deposition/H2 plasma annealin
On the synthesis of the Mg2Ni alloy by mechanical alloying
Nondestructive depth profile measurement of a Co/Ti bilayer using refracted X-ra
Nanocrystallization and structure of Fe73.5Cu1Nb3Si22.5-xBx alloys
Improvements on CoFeSiB amorphous ribbon for fluxgate sensor cores
Microstructural changes during annealing of work-hardened mechanically milled me
Magnetic and magnetotransport properties in Co5Cu95 melt-spun alloys
Hard magnetic properties of nanocrystalline Fe-Nd-B alloys containing α-Fe
Linear and nonlinear optical response of bismuth and antimony implanted fused si
Nanotopography and grain-boundary migration in the vicinity of triple junctions
Electrical conductivity of nanocrystalline cobalt films
Room-temperature visible luminescence from silicon nanocrystals in silicon impla
Photoacoustic studies of nanocrystalline Ag and Al2O3
Mechanical characterisation by nanoindentation of zirconium ion implanted alumin
Fabrication of bi-periodic sinusoidal structures on silicon
Optical and structural properties of nancrystalline ZnS-SiO2 composite films
The influence of semiconductor concentration on the size dispersion of quantum d
Mossbauer study of the surface crystallization of the amorphous and nanocrystall
Kinetics of the nanosecond laser annealing of silicon implanted with impurities
Radiation damage in NaCl: the annealing behaviour of heavily damaged KBF4 doped
The formation and phase transition of fcc Cu nanocrystallite in Fe99Cu1 alloy ob
Formation of nanocrystalline materials by crystallization of metallic glasses
Resonant Raman scattering and photoluminescence studies of porous silicon membra
Thermally induced crystallization of germanium in sputtered carbon-germanium mul
Room-temperature, short-wavelength (400-500 nm) photoluminescence from silicon-i
Structure of nanocrystalline palladium and copper studied by small angle neutron
Thermomagnetic study of nanophases in Fe-based soft magnetic materials
Strength and plasticity of a Pd-Cu-Si alloy in the amorphous and nanocrystalline
A new way of fabricating luminescent silicon crystallites by excimer laser annea
Microstructural changes during annealing of work-hardened mechanically milled me
Raman scattering and room-temperature visible photoluminescence from Ge nanocrys
Microstructures and magnetic properties of Fe-Pt permanent magnets
Processing effects on mechanical and superconducting properties of Bi2201 and Bi
Development of a nanocrystalline structure in FINEMET alloys: a correlational ma
Evaluation of subgrain formation in Al2O3-SiC nanocomposites
Effects of ion implantation and annealing on mechanical properties of ceramic us
Sensitivity of the Ag/SiO2 mesoporous composite on ambiences in the optical abso
An investigation of thermal relaxation of a nanocrystalline ferromagnet
Structure and magnetic properties of nanocrystalline ferromagnets. I. Effective
In situ TEM observation of metastable phase formed by solid state interdiffusion
Visible photoluminescence from silicon-ion-implanted SiO2 film and its multiple
Annealing behaviour of c-SiO2 implanted layer distributed with high density Ag n
Hydrogen diffusion in nanocrystalline nickel indicating a structural change with
Annealing dependence of magnetic properties in nanostructured particles of yttri
Nanocrystalline materials prepared through crystallization by ball milling
Magnetic properties of ultrathin FeAlNbBCu nanocrystalline alloys subjected to m
Fabrication of cadmium oxide thin films using the Langmuir-Blodgett deposition t
Kinetics of crystallization processes in Al-Y-Ni-Co studied by electrical resist
TEM study of nanocrystalline NdFeB
Magnetic properties and oxygen content of nanocrystalline FeCuNbSiB alloy anneal
The evolution of texture and grain size during annealing of nanocrystalline Ni-4
Nanostructured Ta-Si-N diffusion barriers for Cu metallization
The magnetic after-effect in amorphous and nanocrystalline Fe-Cu-Nb-Si-B alloys
Formation of nanocrystalline surface layers by annealing and their role in filif
Ionic transport model for hydrogen permeation inducing silver nanocluster format
An investigation on the recovery behavior of the lattice distortions in an Ni3P/
Microstructure-related anelastic and magnetoelastic behavior of nanocrystalline
Structures of nanocrystalline MgO, ZnO and WO3 prepared by gas evaporation and i
Preparation of SiO2 films with embedded Si nanocrystals by reactive r.f. magnetr
Nanocrystalline-silicon superlattice produced by controlled recrystallization
Formation of nanostructures by oxidation of Si at low temperature
Investigation of defects in a mechanically alloyed nanocrystalline NiAl alloy by
Technological study on formation and continuity of nanometre-level PtSi(111) fil
Microstructural evolution of a nanocrystalline Ti-47Al-3Cr alloy on annealing at
Preferred orientations in compression deformed and annealed polycrystalline C60
Study of a new nanocrystalline Fe73.5Cu0.8Nb2V1.2Si11.5B11 alloy
Effect of mechanical activation conditions and annealing on alloy formation in t
Magnetic properties of Sm-Co-B-based nanocomposite magnets
Activation of blue emission from oxidized porous silicon by annealing in water v
Structural characterization of ultrathin nanocrystalline silicon films formed by
Study on photoluminescence from N-implanted Si surface
High-temperature stability of nanocrystalline structure in a TiAl alloy prepared
Nanoscale structural investigation of Si crystallites grown from silicon suboxid
Evidence for structural and electronic anisotropy in CdS nanocrystal layers from
Fabrication of nano-crystal silicon on SiO2 using the agglomeration process
Optical properties of Si clusters and Si nanocrystallites in high-temperature an
Optical and photoluminescent properties of Si nanocrystals embedded in a SiO2 ma
Macroscopic synthesis of onion-like graphitic particles
Measurement of energies controlling ripening and annealing on metal surfaces
Carbon encapsulated nanoparticles of Ni, Co, Cu, and Ti
Segregation-induced instability of nanocrystalline line compounds
Chemical synthesis and magnetic study of nanocrystalline thin films of cobalt sp
Optical properties of silicon nanoclusters fabricated by ion implantation
Grain growth and kinetics for nanocrystalline NiAl
Visible photoluminescence in carbon-implanted thermal SiO2 films
Roughening and islanding of monolayer Ge coverage on vicinal Si(001) surface
IR spectroscopic studies of periodic columnar nanostructures of anodic titanium
Small-angle X-ray scattering studies of nanophase TiO2 thin films
Mechanical alloying of iron-hematite powders
Observation of plasma effect in nanosecond pulsed laser annealing on silicon pri
Optical properties of nanometer silicon prepared by silicon ion implanted into S
Transmission electron microscopy-investigation of the microstructure of rapidly
Synthesis of nanocrystalline materials from amorphous solids
Optimization of magnetostriction, coercive field and magnetic transition tempera
Investigation of interfacial phenomena in Ag-Si multilayers during the annealing
Formation of nanocrystalline structure in amorphous Fe-Cu-Nb-Si-B alloys
Titanium disilicide nanostructures: two phases and their surfaces
Modeling Si nanoprecipitate formation in SiO2 layers with excess Si atoms
Structural evolution of NiAg heterogeneous alloys upon annealing
Nanometer precipitates improve the transport property of (Pb, Bi)-2223/Ag tape u
Homogeneity of a ZrF4-based glass at the nano-scale
Size stabilization of arsenic precipitates in nonstoichiometric GaAs-based compo
Self-organized nanostructures: an ESDIAD study of the striped oxidized Cu(110) s
Structures and properties of a Zr-based bulk glass alloy after annealing
Effect of density of Ge nanocrystals on violet-blue photoluminescence of Ge+-imp
Microstructural investigation of Sn nanoclusters in double-energy implanted and
Dynamics of gold cluster systems
Gold nanoparticle fabrication in single crystal SiO2 by MeV Au ion implantation
Raman characterization of germanium nanocrystals in amorphous silicon oxide film
In-situ thermomagnetic behaviors of an FeCuNbSiB alloy during nanocrystallizatio
Formation of nanometric hard materials by cold milling
Preparation, structure and properties of uniaxially oriented polyethylene-silver
Au-Cu alloy nanoclusters in silica formed by ion implantation and annealing in r
The influence of annealing temperature on magnetic properties of Vitrovac 6030
Cathodoluminescence from nanocrystalline silicon films and porous silicon
Crystallization by post-treatment of reactive r.f.-magnetron-sputtered carbon ni
Room temperature reduction of scheelite (CaWO4)
Formation of γ-Cu67Al33 alloy by mechanical alloying
Gallium-induced nanostructures on Si(111): From magic clusters to incommensurate
Giant magnetoimpedance in crystalline mumetal
Infrared absorption and evidence of Si3 nanocluster formation in Si/ZnO composit
Mechanical properties, stress evolution and high-temperature thermal stability o
Formation of Cu nanoparticles in GaAs using MeV ion implantation followed by the
Annealing effects on phase transformation and powder microstructure of nanocryst
Nanocrystallisation mechanisms in FeCuNbSiB-type alloys from comparative HREM, S
Influence of the annealing procedures on magnetic properties of α-Fe/Nd2Fe
Different recrystallization patterns of Si+ implanted GaAs
Raman scattering study on anatase TiO2 nanocrystals
Local order determination in SiCN(AlY) laser-synthesized nanopowders by X-ray ph
Stress-annealing in Fe73.5Cu1Nb3Si13.5B9 amorphous alloy ribbon
An electron microscopy study of the growth of Ge nanoparticles in SiO2
Microstructures and visible photoluminescence of TiO2 nanocrystals
A simple route to annihilate defects in silicon nanowires
Surface characterization of Co/CNx granular films fabricated by nanolamination
The surface structure of TiO2(210) studied by atomically resolved STM and atomis
Annealing effect on electron field-emission properties of diamond-like nanocompo
Electron microscopy and Rutherford backscattering study of nucleation and growth
Production of zigzag-type BN nanotubes and BN cones by thermal annealing
Nano-indentation for structural analysis of hydrogen- and nitrogen-containing ca
Deformation of catalytically grown carbon nanotubes induced by annealing under h
Microstructural and dielectric properties of high permittivity (Pb,Ba)ZrO3 thin
On the performance of in situ B-doped P+ poly-Si1-xGex gate material for nanomet
Study on nanosized TiO/ WO3 thin films achieved by radio frequency sputtering
Microstructural evolution of helium-implanted α-SiC
Mossbauer studies of nanocrystalline Fe-Al-Nb-B-Cu alloys
Function of oxide film during the thermal oxidation process of Zn nanoparticles
Elemental B distributions and clustering in low-energy B+ ion-implanted Si
The influence of irradiation and subsequent annealing on Si nanocrystals formed
Annealing process of anisotropic copper nanocrystals. I. Cylinders
Annealing process of anisotropic copper nanocrystals. 2. Rods
Quantum confinement and recombination dynamics in silicon nanocrystals embedded
Structural characterization of partially crystallized phases embedded in low tem
Study on the performance of nano-ZrO2 buffer layer
Fabrication of nano-sized AlGaN alloy by dry milling and thermal annealing
Dependence of microstructure and nanomechanical properties of amorphous carbon n
Effect of deposition and treatment conditions on growth of nanometer PtSi hetero
Ultrahard carbon nanocomposite films
Size dependence of structural stability in nanocrystalline diamond
Nanocrystal composites in Zr-Nb-Cu-Al metallic glasses
Phase transformations of electroplated amorphous cobalt-molybdenum-nickel film
Graphitization behavior of carbon nanofibers prepared by the floating catalyst m
Two successive effects in the interaction of nanocrystalline SnO2 thin films wit
Effect of the annealing conditions and grain size on the soft magnetic character
Correlation between luminescence and structural properties of Si nanocrystals
Structure and magnetic properties of Fe73.5Ag1Nb3Si13.5B9 alloy
Observation of fine structures of nanodomains in donor-modified Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 ferr
A more consistent explanation of the strength of Al2O3/SiC nanocomposite after g
Intense photoluminescence and movement of optical absorption edge in alumina aer
Investigation of RF-sputtered Fe-Ta-N thin films
Characterization of Si nanocrystals grown by annealing SiO2 films with uniform c
Formation of low-resistance ohmic contacts between carbon nanotube and metal ele
Comparison of NiCr-O and Cr-Si thin film resistors with mid-range of electric re
Kinetic oscillations of red photoluminescence from nanocrystalline Si/SiO2 films
A new X-ray study of the quenched isotactic polypropylene transition by annealin
Effect of thermal annealing on spectral properties of electrodeposited carbon fi
Photoluminescence in anatase titanium dioxide nanocrystals
Wet oxidation of Ti34Si23N43 thin films with and without pre-annealing
Investigation of thermoelectric silicide thin films by means of analytical trans
Annealing behavior of microstructure in a-SiOx:H/a-SiOy:H multilayer films
Phase decomposition and mechanical properties during annealing of melt-spun Al-F
Microstructure evolution of the interfacial phase in a melt-spun nanocrystalline
Preparation and characterization of InAs/Si composite film
Resonance Raman scattering from Cd1-xZnxS nanoparticles dispersed in oxide glass
High coercivity in mechanically milled ThMn12-type Nd-Fe-Mo nitrides
Hydrogen desorption kinetics of a mechanically milled MgH2+5at.%V nanocomposite
Microstructure and magnetic properties of FePt-Al-O granular thin films
Hardening and softening of FeAl during milling and annealing
Patterned structures of silicon nanocrystals prepared by laser annealing
Structural and optical properties of silicon nanocrystals grown by plasma-enhanc
Evidence for microwave enhanced mass transport in the annealing of nanoporous al
Nanostructure of metal/semiconductor system by synchrotron X-ray scattering
Magnetic characterization of melt spun nanocomposite Nd4Fe77.5B18.5 alloys
High yield purification of multiwalled carbon nanotubes by selective oxidation d
Near-infrared light emission from single crystal silicon dually implanted with e
Phase transformation and magnetic properties of SmCo7-xBx alloys prepared by mec
Excitation mechanisms and structure-related Er3+ emission in amorphous and nanoc
Collisions of deuterium and tritium atoms with single-wall carbon nanotube: adso
Nanocrystal formation in hexagonal SiC after Ge+ ion implantation
Preparation and characterization of sol-gel Y2O3 planar waveguides
Formation of eutectic RuAl/Ru nanocomposite by mechanical alloying and subsequen
Magnetoresistive properties of bulk polycrystalline La0.75Sr0.25MnO3 manganites
Observation of mesh-like pattern in the immiscible Fe-Cu multilayers upon rapid
Ellipsometric studies of annealing of SiO2 layers during the formation of light-
Photoluminescence from SiC nanocrystals embedded in SiO2
Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline RuO2-ZrO2
Study on gold nanoclusters and gold nanowires on the surface of highly oriented
Crystallization kinetics of amorphous nanostructured Pd40.5Ni40.5P19 alloys
Nanostructural study of the thermal transformation of diamond-like amorphous car
Hard magnetic properties and nanocrystallized structure of Fe66.5Co10Pr3.5B20 gl
Solvothermal azide decomposition route to GaN nanoparticles, nanorods, and facet
Near-surface structure formation in chemically imidized polyimide films
Growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes from the condensed phase
R-curve characterization of the fracture toughness of nanocrystalline nickel thi
Continuous transfer of Ge by the tip of a scanning tunneling microscope for form
Microstructures of FePt-Al-O and FePt-Ag nanogranular thin films and their magne
Thermal stability of nanocrystalline diamond films grown by biased enhanced micr
Microstructure and properties of giant magnetoresistive granular Au80Co20 alloys
Structural investigations of annealed ZnS:Cu,Ga film phosphors
Influence of the thermal annealing on the electrical resistivity and thermal dif
Preparation and characterization of translucent PLZT8/65/35 ceramics from nano-s
Microstructure, stress and mechanical properties of arc-evaporated Cr-C-N coatin
Thermal stability of sputtered tungsten carbide as diffusion barrier for copper
Grain growth and kinetics for nanocrystalline magnesium alloy produced by mechan
CoPt:B granular thin films for high density magnetic recording media
Preparation and thermal stability of silicon nanoparticles
Structural properties of CdS-doped glass nanocrystallites grown by pulsed laser
Optimisation of soft magnetic properties in Fe-Cu-X-Si13B9 (X=Cr,Mo,Zr) amorphou
Temperature dependence of the resistance of antimony nanowire arrays
Fabrication and characterization of nanocrystalline cobalt oxide thin films
Structural transformations and silicon nanocrystallite formation in SiOx films
A magnetic study of magnetoresistive Cu-(SmCo5)-Fe heterogranular alloys
Formation of a Co nanostructure revealed by 59Co nuclear magnetic resonance meas
Electrochemical properties of nanocrystalline (Zr,La)(V,Ni)2.25 alloy
Diamond nanocrystals formed by direct implantation of fused silica with carbon
Modifying structure and phase composition during an annealing of rapid-quenched
Mechanical alloying and hydrogen storage properties of CaNi5-based alloys
Formation of nanocrystalline phases during thermal decomposition of amorphous Ni
Effect of structures and morphologies of catalyst on growth of carbon nanotubes
Two stages in the kinetics of gold cluster growth in ion-implanted silica during
Magnetic properties and crystalline structures of Fe21Ni79 nanowire arrays
Magnetic properties of nanocrystalline Fe86.7Zr3.3B4Ag6 thin film
Texture evolution during the annealing of nanocrystalline permalloy
Surface-mediated structural transformation in CdTe nanoparticles dispersed in Si
Colloidal particle foams: templates for Au nanowire networks?
Nanostructures on the SrTiO3(001) surface studied by STM
Control of grain-boundary tunneling barriers in polycrystalline silicon
Residual crystalline silicon phase in silicon-rich-oxide films subjected to high
Structure and thermal stability of Fe:Al2O3 nanocomposite films
Magnetic Barkhausen emission study in heat-treated Fe-Nb-Cu-Si-B alloy
Electroluminescence of silicon nanocrystals in MOS structures
Luminescent CdS nanoparticles embedded in polyethylene glycol (PEG 300) matrix t
Thermal stability of electrodeposited nanocrystalline nickel
Effect of the nano-oxide layer as a Mn diffusion barrier in specular spin valves
Coalescence inhibition in nanosized titania films and related effects on chemore
Production of nanostructures of silicon on silicon by atomic self-organization o
Remote plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of nanoporous low-dielectric co
Structural reorganization of carbon nanoparticles into single-wall nanotubes
Laser annealing of SiOx thin films
High-temperature annealing of bulk GaN layers
From bilayer to trilayer Fe nanoislands on Cu3Au(001)
The influence of laser annealing on the crystallization processes in amorphous C
Formation mechanism of the multilayered-structure barrier of WNx/Si(100)
Silicon nanocrystal formation upon annealing of SiO2 layers implanted with Si io
Correlation of structure and magnetism in GaAs with embedded Mn(Ga)As magnetic n
Formation of carbon nanowires by annealing silicon carbide films deposited by ma
Longitudinally driven magneto-impedance effect in annealed Fe-based nanocrystall
Ag nanowires self-assembling on Si(5512) surfaces
Si rings, Si clusters, and Si nanocrystals-different states of ultrathin SiOx la
Size evolution and photoluminescence of silicon nanocrystallites in evaporated S
Crystallization of the amorphous Zr70Cu20Ni10 alloy
Interdiffusion, stress, and microstructure evolution during annealing in Co/Cu/C
The annealing behavior of nanocrystalline ferrite fabricated by ball milling pur
Structure and optical properties of ZnO nanoparticles embedded in SiO2 prepared
STM and STS investigations of transition metals clusters (Cr, CoCr, Ni) produced
Structural characteristics and magnetic properties of chemically synthesized CoP
FePt-Ag nanocomposite film with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
Effects of H2 annealing on silicon carbide films grown on Si(111) by magnetron s
Dependence of TiO2 nanoparticle preparation methods and annealing temperature on
Optical properties of GaAs nano-granular embedded in SiO2 matrix prepared by RF
Effect of vacuum annealing on the properties of transparent conductive AZO thin
Implantation and laser annealing of Cu nanoparticles in silica
Thermal stability of grain structure and defects in submicrocrystalline and nano
Effects of SnO2 on microstructure, morphology of RuO2 + SnO2 + TiO2/Ti anode
Study on structure and photoluminescence of SiO2 films containing nc-Ge
Comparative study of as-implanted and pre-damaged ion-beam-synthesized ZnS nanoc
Investigation of the effect of high-temperature annealing on stability of ultrat
High-quality ZnO thin films prepared by two-step thermal oxidation of the metall
Preparation and annealing-induced structural transition of self-organized nanost
Fluorescence intensity and color purity improvement in nanosized YBO3:Eu
L10 type ordered phase formation in Fe-Au nanoparticles
Preferred orientation of ZnO nanoparticles formed by post-thermal annealing zinc
Optical study of redox process of Ag nanoparticles at high temperature
Thermal annealing effect in multi-wall carbon nanotubes
Optical property changes in sapphire induced by triple-energy Cu and O implantat
Optical and structural properties of encapsulated Si nanocrystals formed in SiO2
Structure and optically pumped lasing from nanocrystalline ZnO thin films prepar
Crystal structure of magnetic superconductor FeSr2YCu2O6+δ
Structural studies of nanocrystalline intermetallic aluminides and ordering phen
The effects of annealing on the structure and magnetic properties of CoNi patter
Synthesis and structure of polymethylsilsesquioxane-clay nanocomposite via in si
Annealing-induced microstructural evolution in melt-spun Al-10% Sr alloy
Fabrication and assessment of sputtered Si:SiO2 films emitting white light witho
A study on phase transition in Mo implanted steel during annealing
Influence of a supercooled liquid on crystallization behaviour of Al-Y-Ni-Co met
The growth and characteristics of CdSeS nanocrystals in glass
Scanning tunneling microscope observations of Ge deposition on Si(111)7×7
The structural and electrical characteristics of silicon-implanted borosilicate
Photoluminescence properties of europium-doped porous silicon nanocomposites
Room temperature visible photoluminescence from undoped ZnS nanoparticles embedd
Influence of the structure-phase composition of the TaSi2 thin films on their me
Characterization of nanostructured manganese spinel-a cathode material obtained
Stress level in Finemet materials studied by impedanciometry
Rapid thermal annealing effects on plasma deposited SiOx:H films
In situ electrical transport during isothermal annealing of nanocrystalline gold
Texture evolution in grain growth of nanocrystalline Ni
Annealing time dependence of structural and magnetotransport properties of Ni81F
The growth mechanism of Ga2O3 nanobelt
Nanostructure of Si-Ge near-surface layers produced by ion implantation and lase
Metal and composite nanocluster precipitate formation in silicon dioxide implant
Effect of laser and thermal annealing on optical and structural properties of am
Synthesis of air-stable iron-iron carbide nanocrystalline particles showing very
Magnetic properties and microstructure of melt-spun Sm(Co,Fe,Cu,Zr)8 magnets
Photoluminescence properties of Tb3+ in porous silicon
Microemulsion-assisted synthesis of tunable superparamagnetic composites
Properties of sol-gel SiO2 materials containing metals and metal oxide particles
Superparamagnetism in the devitrification of amorphous Ni80B20
Small-angle X-ray scattering and wide-angle X-ray diffraction on thermally annea
Mossbauer spectroscopic and x-ray diffraction studies of Fe/SiO2 nanocomposite s
Exchange-coupled FePt nanoparticle assembly
Characterization of GaAs-based n-n and p-n interface junctions prepared by direc
Ultra-shallow n+p junction formed by PH3 and AsH3 plasma immersion ion implantat
TiC nanoisland formation on 6H-SiC(0001)Si
Thermally-induced (re)shaping of core-shell nanocrystalline particles
Quantum antidot formation and correlation to optical shift of gold nanoparticles
Annealing effects on the magnetic properties of nanocrystalline zinc ferrite
Transport properties of annealed CdSe colloidal nanocrystal solids
Synthesis of spherical FePd and CoPt nanoparticles
Thermal recovery behavior of fluorinated single-walled carbon nanotubes
Growth and evolution of epitaxial erbium disilicide nanowires on Si (001)
Facile azidothermal metathesis route to gallium nitride nanoparticles
An investigation of thermal stability and microhardness of electrodeposited nano
Structure and properties of amorphous and nanocrystalline NiTi prepared by sever
Nanocrystallization reactions in amorphous aluminum alloys
Thermal stability of Ti-catalyzed Si nanowires
Magnetic properties of gadolinium and terbium nanoparticles produced via multila
Nanocrystalline Y2O3:Eu phosphors prepared by alkalide reduction
Structure and properties of TiO2 surfaces: a brief review
Effects of rapid thermal annealing on nanostructure, texture and magnetic proper
Abrasive wear behavior of heat-treated ABC-silicon carbide
Preparation and characterization of nanostructured Gd-Co films
X-ray absorption and diffraction studies of thin polymer/FePt nanoparticle assem
Intrinsic and hysteresis properties of FePt nanoparticles
High performance silicon nanowire field effect transistors
Reactive epitaxy of beryllium on Si(111)-(7×7)
Phase transformations in pulsed laser deposited nanocrystalline tin oxide thin f
Understanding and predicting the temporal response of laser-induced incandescenc
Microstructural studies of crystallization of a Zr-based bulk metallic glass
Ohmic contact behavior of carbon films on SiC
Ferromagnetism in cobalt-implanted ZnO
Formation of FePt nanoparticles in annealed FePt/C multilayers
Low-temperature water reconstruction in concanavalin A, with implications for co
Ordered phases of fullerene molecules formed inside carbon nanotubes
Measurements of mechanical properties in Ni-base superalloys using nanoindentati
Laser thermal process ready for market
Effect of high temperature annealing on the charge trapping characteristics of s
Structural properties and phase transformation in mechanically alloyed Al/Cu/Fe
On the mechanism of synthesis of PbTiO3 thin films by thermal annealing of Pb/Ti
Nanocavities in He implanted InP
Enhanced dynamic annealing in Ga+ ion-implanted GaN nanowires
Thermal processing looks to speed, lower temperatures
Thermal stability of the in-plane magnetic anisotropy and the coercivity of nano
Microstructure and some magnetic properties of annealed Vitrovac® 6025X amor
Analysis of microstructure of magnetic Fe3C nanograins embedded in amorphous car
Carbon nanotubes formed in graphite after mechanical grinding and thermal anneal
A study on Si nanocrystal formation in Si-implanted SiO2 films by X-ray photoele
Depth profiling of Si oxidation states in Si-implanted SiO2 films by X-ray photo
Nanomeasurement and fractal analysis of PZT ferroelectric thin films by atomic f
Long-range, entangled carbon nanotube networks in polycarbonate
Local structure of Sn implanted in thin SiO2 films
Amorphous to icosahedral phase transformation in rapidly quenched Al-Cu-V and Al
Effect of microwave annealing on silicon dioxide/silicon carbide structures
Controlled nanophase development in photocatalytic titania
Formation of YSZ films by thermal annealing of Y/Zr layers in air
Nanotube growth during annealing of mechanically milled boron
Gettering of Pd to implantation-induced nanocavities in Si
Transient-enhanced Si diffusion on native-oxide-covered Si(001) nanostructures d
Thermal stability and structural deformation of rutile SnO2 nanoparticles
Nanosized iron clusters investigated with in situ transmission electron microsco
Tailoring of room temperature excitonic luminescence in sol-gel zinc oxide-silic
Synthesis and optical characterization of sol-gel derived zinc sulphide nanopart
Mechanisms of photoluminescence from silicon nanocrystals formed by pulsed-laser
Mechanical behavior of nanocrystalline Fe-Hf-B ribbons
Moduli of elasticity of the Fe72.5Cu1Nb4Si13.5B9 amorphous alloy
Microstructure and magnetic properties of the FeTaCN nanocrystalline thin films
Magnetic properties of Fe74Cu1CrxZr3-xSi13B9 amorphous alloys
Thermoreflectance studies in CdNiTe nanocrystalline films
A study of the material loss and other processes involved during annealing of Ga
Ni/Fe2O3 magnetic composite synthesized by mechanical alloying
Stoichiometric and structural alterations in GaN thin films during annealing
Effect of annealing profile on defect annihilation, crystallinity and size distr
Rapid thermal annealing effects on the electrical behavior of plasma oxidized si
On the existence of superstructure in TiNx thin films
Photoluminescence of ZnO nanocrystallites confined in sol-gel silica matrix
Nanomechanical properties of lead zirconate titanate thin films by nanoindentati
Hardness of C, CNx and AlN thin films after rapid thermal annealing
Magnetic properties of mechanically alloyed and annealed powders Fe100-xCx (X=5
Selective sublimation processing of a molybdenum-tungsten mixed oxide thin film
Magic-size GeSi and Si nanocrystals created by ion bombardment of hexagonal SiC;
Magnetic resonance investigation of Mn2+ in ZnO nanocrystals
Mossbauer and X-ray diffraction investigation of nanocrystalline Fe-O alloys
Interface and microstructure evolutions in synthetic ferrimagnet-based spin valv
The nanostructure evolution during and after magnetron deposition of Au films
Formation of microcrystalline aluminium alloys with transition metals
Island formation and faceting in the SiGe/Si(001) system
Structural changes in the nano-oxide layer with annealing in specular spin valve
Preparation and properties of nanoscale multilayered TiN/AlN coatings deposited
Effects of annealing on the structure of GaAs(001) nanoindentations
The effect of annealing conditions on the rod photoluminescence of nanocrystalli
Nanoscale crystallization in amorphous Fe-P-Mn alloys
Rapid-thermal-annealing effect on lateral charge loss in metal-oxide-semiconduct
Nanofaceting of LiNbO3 X-cut surface by high temperature annealing and titanium
MgO substrate surface optimization for YBaCuO thin film growth
Rapid deformation of thin gold layers in polymer matrices studied by x-ray refle
Influence of Co content on structural and magnetic properties of CoxFe84-xNb7B9
Fabrication of metastable ZrO2-x single nano-sized particles
Carbon nitride compounds synthesized by thermal annealing amorphous nanostructur
Effects of annealing on gas sensing performance and microstructure of nano-grain
Changeable position of SPR peak of Ag nanoparticles embedded in mesoporous SiO2
Study on kinetics of polymer melt intercalation by a rheological approach
Tunable optical properties of nanostructured-gold/ mesoporous-silica assembly
Structural and electrical characteristics of Ge nanoclusters embedded in Al2O3 g
Controllable optical properties of Au/SiO2 nanocomposite induced by ultrasonic i
Formation of 2-5 nm size pre-precipitates of cF96 phase in a Hf-Co-Al glassy all
L10-FePt nanoparticles in a magnetically isolated state
Magnetic anisotropy in carbon encapsulated Co/CoO lines with large exchange bias
Preparation of Mn3O4 nanowires by calcining the precursor powders synthesized in
The evolution of InAs/InAlAs/InGaAlAs quantum dots after rapid thermal annealing
Tensile behavior of nanocrystalline Ni-Fe alloy
Anomalous change in nanocrystallization of amorphous Zr-Cu-Ni alloy
Magnetic properties of melt-spun and annealed Fe62Co9.5Gd3.5Si10B15 alloy
Thermal stability of composite of nanocrystalline WC powder and carbon nanotubes
Silicon nanowires grown on a pre-annealed Si substrate
Transistor design for 90 nm-generation and beyond
Magnetic properties of low rare earth composition Pr-Fe-Co-V-Nb-B system nano-co
Microstructure and resistivity analysis of Cr-Si-Al thin films
Synthesis and optical properties of semiconducting beta-FeSi2 nanocrystals
Nanosized gold clusters formation in selected areas of soda-lime silicate glass
Size effect on the ordering of FePt granular films
Thermal reaction of iron with a Si(111) vicinal surface: surface ordering and gr
Fabrication of monodispersive FePt nanoparticle films stabilized on rigid substr
Preparation and characterization of LiMn2O4 nanorod by low heating solid state c
Magnetoresistance and microstructure evolution upon rapid thermal annealing of g
Interfacial thermal stability in BN-coated continuous Al2O3 fiber-reinforced NiA
Structural and magnetic properties of FePt-C nanocomposite films
Layer morphology and Al implant profiles after annealing of supersaturated, sing
Ostwald ripening and flattening of epitaxial ZnO layers during in situ annealing
Effects of rapid cycle annealing temperature on TbFe magnetostrictive films
Nanoscale analysis of the in and N spatial redistributions upon annealing of GaI
Structure and magnetic properties of CoxPb1-x nanowire arrays
Fabrication of well-aligned Er nanowires on vicinal silicon(001) surfaces
Photoluminescence behavior of purpose-built ZnO arrays on different growth subst
Mechanisms of the refractive index change in femtosecond laser-irradiated Au3+-d
Synthesis and thermal stability of gold nanowires within monolithic mesoporous s
Effects of SnO2 on the microstructure and, morphology of RuO22+SnO22+Ti2/2Ti ano
Formation and crystallization of Zr-Ni-Ti metallic glass
Influences of annealing temperature on the structure and luminescence of nanomet
Crystallization and Raman shift of array-orderly silicon nanowires after anneali
Fabrication and magnetic properties of ordered 20 nm Co-Pb nanowire arrays
A control on the photoluminescence properties in P-passivated nanocrystalline Zn
Structures and properties of Ni nanowires
Pulse laser crystallization of silicon carbon thin films
Microstructural changes in amorphous Si/crystalline Al thin bilayer films upon a
Permeability-frequency spectra of Nanoperm alloys under different heat treatment
Influence of rapid cycle annealing temperature on the properties of Tb-Fe magnet
Secondary ion mass spectrometry analysis of implanted and rapid thermal processi
Gold/carbon composite tubes and nanowires by impregnating templates with hydroge
Nanocrystallization kinetics of Ni-based bulk amorphous alloy
Giant magnetoimpedance effect in Fe89Zr7-xHfxB4 ribbon
Influence of thermal processing on the perfection of crystals in polyamide 66 an
Investigation of the growth mechanism and structure of nanocrystalline diamond f
A study of the formation of nanometer-scale cavities in helium-implanted 4H-SiC
Effects of heat treatment on luminescence of Er-doped silicon-rich SiO2 prepared
Structure evolution, magnetic domain structures and magnetic properties of CoPt-
Photoluminescence from SiOx thin films: effects of film thickness and annealing
Effect of annealing temperature to blue emission of epitaxial silicon with C+ im
Effects of thermal annealing of thin Au film on Fe40Ni38Mo4B18 in ultrahigh vacu
Carbon nanotubes produced by aerosol pyrolysis: growth mechanisms and post-annea
Strong Eu emission of annealed Y2O3: Eu nanotube and nano-sized crystals
Cluster size and composition variations in yellow and red light-emitting InGaN t
Microstructure and strength of quasicrystal containing extruded Mg-Zn-Y alloys f
Diffusion processes in NiTi/Si, NiTi/SiO2 and NiTi/Si3N4 systems annealing
Tunable magnetic properties of cluster assembled films grown from low temperatur
Effect of post-annealing on microstructure and magnetoresistance of sputtered se
Characterization of atomic layer deposited WNxCy thin film as a diffusion barrie
Structural and optical properties of ZnO nanowires synthesized with different ca
Purification of single wall carbon nanotubes using gelatin
Magnetic properties of cobalt and cobalt-platinum nanocrystals investigated by m
Structure dependent oxidation of Al thin films for MTJ tunnel barrier
Structure and nitrogen incorporation of carbon nanotubes synthesized by catalyti
Preparation of iron fine particles coated with boron nitride layers
Nanoscale structural change in a sputter-deposited SiO2/a-Si/SiO2 sandwich
Surface characterisation of template-synthesised multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Preparation and magnetotransport properties of alpha-Fe nanoparticles dispersed
The chemical synthesis in solution and characterization of transition metal dich
Nanostructured Ll0 Co-Pt thin films by an electrodeposition process
Grain-size effect on shape-memory behavior of Ti35.0Ni49.7Zr15.4 thin films
Periodic precipitation of crystalline Ge nanoparticles in Ge-B-SiO2 thin glass f
Soft magnetic properties of bulk nanocrystalline Fe-Co-B-Si-Nb-Cu alloy with hig
Dispersion and purification of single-wall carbon nanotubes using carboxymethylc
Growth of SiC nanodots on Si(111) by exposure to ferrocene and annealing studied
Magnetic properties and domain structures of FeSiB thin films
In situ fabrication of single-crystal Fe nanomagnet arrays
Optimized conditions for an enhanced coupling rate between Er ions and Si nanocl
Effect of nano-sized oxides on annealing behaviour of ultrafine grained steels
Growth and characterization of tungsten carbide nanowires by thermal annealing o
Matrix strength evaluation of ultra-fine grained steel by nanoindentation
Self-assembled hexagonal Au particle networks on silicon from Au nanoparticle so
The 1.54-μm photoluminescence from an (Er, Ge) co-doped SiO2 film deposited o
Nanostructuring of silicon (100) using electron beam rapid thermal annealing
Influence of annealing temperature on magnetic microstructure of Fe76Mo8Cu1B15 a
ZnS nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 matrix
The formation of Ge nanocrystals in a metal-insulator-semiconductor structure an
Insulator-to-metal transition in nanocrystal assemblies driven by in situ mild t
Photoluminescence in Si/ZnO nanocomposites
Fabrication and characterization of semiconductor CuCl nanocrystals
Modification of the optical properties of Ag-implanted silica by annealing in tw
Au-Al2O3 nanocomposites: XPS and FTIR spectroscopic studies
Structural evolution of sol-gel SiO2 heated glasses containing silver particles
Structural evolution of cylindrical-phase diblock copolymer thin films
Generation of nano-sized free standing single crystal silicon particles
Effects of annealing and impurities on tensile properties of electrodeposited na
Role of nanoscale TiC particles in batch annealing of Ti stabilised interstitial
Control on the formation of Si nanodots fabricated by thermal annealing/oxidatio
FePt nanoparticles formed in Al2O3 by ion beam synthesis: annealing environment
Hardness and stability of metal-nitride nanoscale multilayers
Reduction of Cu2O islands grown on a Cu(100) surface through vacuum annealing
Induced anisotropy in FeCo-based nanocrystalline ferromagnetic alloys (HITPERM)
Reactive growth of nanoscale MgO films by Mg atom deposition onto O2 multilayers
Opening and closing of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Spark-eroded particles: influence of processing parameters
Semiconductor to metal phase transition in the nucleation and growth of VO2 nano
Structural and magnetic model of self-assembled FePt nanoparticle arrays
Preparation and characterization of LiMn2O4 spinel nanoparticles as cathode mate
Ion-beam synthesis of epitaxial Au nanocrystals in MgO
Highly selective, electrically conductive monolayer of nanoparticles on live bac
Optimizing the formation of nickel silicide
Heat-induced nanocluster formation in codeposited Ag1-xCox thin films: nuclear m
The effect of growth parameters on the aspect ratio and number density of CuO na
Laser annealing of silicon nanocrystal films prepared by pulsed-laser deposition
Magnetic properties of amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys based on iron
The structure and magnetic properties of magnetically soft cobalt base nanocryst
Excimer laser annealing of diamonds implanted with light ions
Ion-beam irradiation of Co/Cu nanostructures: effects on giant magnetoresistance
C49-C54 phase transition in nanometric titanium disilicide grains
Isothermal aggregation of Ag atoms in sodium borate glass
Controlled growth of ZnS:Mn nanophosphor in porous silica matrix
Laser annealing of silicon nanocrystal films formed by pulsed-laser deposition
Characterization of the interface region during the agglomeration of silicon nan
Martensitic phase transformations in nanocrystalline NiTi studied by TEM
Production and annealing of nanocrystalline Fe-Si and Fe-Si-Al alloy powders
Size effect in nanocrystalline manganites La1-xAxMnO3 with A = Ag, Sr
The role of hcp-AlN on hardness behavior of Ti1-xAlxN nanocomposite during annea
Raman and photoluminescence properties of Ge nanocrystals in silicon oxide matri
Synthesis and stability of L12-Al3Ti by mechanical alloying
`Spillout effect in gold nanoclusters embedded in c-Al2O3(0001) matrix
TEM study of nanopores and the embrittlement of CVD nickel foam
The effect of annealing environment on the luminescence of silicon nanocrystals
Fabrication and thermal annealing behavior of nanoscale ripple fabricated by foc
Formation and evolution of luminescent Si nanoclusters produced by thermal annea
Optical properties of nanocolumnar ZnO crystals
Synthesis of nanocrystalline ceria by thermal decomposition and soft-chemistry m
Structural perturbations within Ge nanocrystals in silica
Subsurface damage in alumina and alumina-silicon carbide nanocomposites
Effects of annealing (solid and melt) on the time evolution of polymorphic struc
Nanocrystallization behaviour of a ternary amorphous alloy during isothermal ann
Study of the time evolution of the surface morphology of thin asymmetric diblock
Influence of annealing treatment on the heat distortion temperature of nylon-6/m
Preparation and characterization of β-BaB2O4 nanoparticles via coprecipitat
Microstructure and electrical resistivity of Cr-Si-Ni films deposited on Si subs
Synthesis and characterization of layered niobate K4Nb6O17 thin films by niobium
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes using alumina template and its thermal annealing e
Influence of annealing treatment on properties and microstructures of alumina di
Optical properties and structure characterization of sapphire after Ni ion impla
Effects of processing history and annealing on polymorphic structure of nylon-6/
Synthesis of aluminium borate nanowires by sol-gel method
Effect of Ag on the structure and magnetic properties of CoPt/Ag nanocomposite f
Photoluminescence properties of C+ implanted epitaxial Si annealed in hydrogen a
Geometry dependence of the annealing effect on the magnetic properties of Fe48Co
Luminescent properties in Er-Yb-doped oxyfluoride glass ceramics with a nanocrys
Effect of vacuum annealing on the electron spin resonance of Si3N4 nanoparticles
The low-temperature synthesis of BiFeO3-SrBi2Nb2O9 complexes by sol-gel process
UV-blue photoluminescence from ZrO2 nanopowders prepared via glycine nitrate pro
An approach to control the tip shapes and properties of ZnO nanorods
Annealing behavior of nano-layered steel produced by heavy cold-rolling of lath
Preparation and optical properties of silicate glasses containing Pd nanoparticl
Microstructure evolution of oxidized Ni/Au ohmic contacts to p-GaN studied by X-
Microstructure and photoluminescence performances of SiC nanocrystals embedded i
Synthesis and characterization of single-crystal PbTiO3 nanorods
Sonochemical preparation of bimetallic Co/Cu nanoparticles in aqueous solution
Wettability conversion on ZnO nanowire arrays surface modified by oxygen plasma
Intense blue photoluminescence from Si-in-SiNx thin film with high-density nanop
X-ray absorption and photoelectron spectroscopy studies on graphite and single-w
Structure and composition evolutions of Er-doped Si-rich SiO2 film under anneali
Effects of processing parameters on properties of nanocrystalline Cu
The fabrication and thermal stability of silicon nanostructure
Synthesis and optical properties of ZnO nanostructures
Effect of Ag(Ti) underlayers on CoCrPt thin film media
Theoretical analysis of novel weak current sensor using FeCuNbSiB single nanocry
Microstructure of 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel by cryogenic compression deformatio
Magnetocrystalline anisotropy in L10 FePt and exchange coupling in FePt/Fe3Pt na
Synthesis of Si-Ge oxide nanowires via the transformation of Si-Ge thin films wi
Preparation of nanocrystalline ZnS by a new chemical bath deposition route
Role of light scattering in excimer laser annealing of Si
Studies of ion implantation conditions and magnetic properties of MnAs nanoparti
Libraries of cluster-assembled titania films for chemical sensing
Effects of annealing on the microstructure of yttria-stabilised zirconia thin fi
Effect of in-flight annealing and deposition method on gas-sensitive SnOx films
Some structural and optical properties of copper and copper oxide nanoparticles
Si nanocrystals by ultra-low energy ion implantation for non-volatile memory app
Local structure dependence of the charge transfer band in nanocrystalline Y2O3:E
Nanorods of HfB2 from mechanically-activated HfCl4 and B-based powder mixtures
Advanced thermal processing of semiconductor materials in the millisecond range
Synthesis of silicon nanocrystals in silicon-rich SiO2 by rapid CO2 laser anneal
Density-controlled carbon nanotubes
Dendrimer assisted catalytic growth of mats of multiwall carbon nanofibers
Laser doping for microelectronics and microtechnology
Interaction between dislocations and He-implantation-induced voids in GaN epitax
Formation and role of graphite and nickel silicide in nickel based ohmic contact
Preparation of tungsten oxide nanowires from sputter-deposited WCx films using a
On the thermal annealing conditions for self-synthesis of tungsten carbide nanow
Two-dimensional arrays of ordered, highly dense and ultra-small Ge nanocrystals
Interfaces and temperature stability of stepwise graded DLC films studied by nan
Defect interaction mechanisms between antimony and indium in silicon
Effects of implantation energy and annealing temperature on the structural evolu
NEXAFS and X-ray scattering study of structure changes after post-annealing trea
Nanoscale TiO island formation on the SrTiO3(001) surface studied by in situ hig
The magneto-optical properties of annealed Co96Pt4 nanowire arrays
Electrochemical growth of ZnO nanoplates
Effect of annealing atmosphere on the structure and luminescence of Sn-implanted
Nanocrystalline CaTiO3 prepared by soft-chemical route
Synthesis of nanocrystalline MoSi2 by mechanical alloying
Reactively synthesized nanostructured PM aluminium composite microstructure stab
Formation and oxidation of Si nanoclusters in Er-doped Si-rich SiOx
Concentration and ion-energy-independent annealing kinetics during ion-implanted
Light-emitting nano-porous silicon structures fabricated using a plasma hydrogen
Characterization of copper-cementite nanocomposite produced by mechanical alloyi
Luminescence properties of cerium doped nanocrystalline yttrium silicate
The influence of lysine on InP(001) surface ordering and nanowire growth
Kinetics of structural and phase transformations in thin SiOx films in the cours
Sol-gel derived phase pure α-Ga2O3 nanocrystalline thin film and its optic
Template assisted assembly of cobalt nanobowl arrays
Optical transmission and photoluminescence studies of ZnO-MgO nanocomposite thin
Size-dependent structure of CdSe nanoclusters formed after ion implantation in M
W-B-N sputter-deposited thin films for mechanical application
Annealing and oxidation of silicon oxide films prepared by plasma-enhanced chemi
Magnetic properties of nanocrystalline HITPERM alloys studied by59Co NMR
Characterization of a nanocrystalline NiTiHf high temperature shape memory alloy
Formation of nanostructured Tb3+-doped yttrium aluminium garnets by the glycol r
Rod milling and thermal annealing of graphite: passing the equilibrium barrier
Raman and infrared spectroscopy of Ge nanoparticles embedded in ZnO matrix
The effects of annealing temperature on the sensing properties of low temperatur
Thermal stability of a nanostructured aluminium alloy
Ultrashallow junction formation by self-limiting LTP and its application to sub-
Magnetic Fe-Co and its oxide nanopowders produced by chemical vapor condensation
Mechanical behaviors of partially devitrified Ti-based bulk metallic glass
Nanoscale topographic evolutions of SrTiO3 (001) surfaces
High coercivity of ordered macroporous FePt films synthesized via colloidal temp
Enhancement of soft magnetic properties by nanocrystallization in modified cast
Correlation of nanochemistry and electrical properties in HfO2 films grown by me
Magnetic properties and microstructure of the granular films processed by anneal
Electron irradiation induced nano-crystallization in Fe77Nd4.5B18.5 metallic gla
Control of self-formed GaAs nanoholes combined with embedded InAs quantum dots
Atomically straight steps on vicinal Si(111) surfaces prepared by step-parallel
Ultra-shallow junction formation by green-laser annealing with light absorber
Intermediate crystalline states produced by isothermal annealing of sputter-depo
Enhanced Jc property in nano-SiC doped thin MgB2/Fe wires by a modified in situ
Effects of high-pressure deuterium annealing on nonvolatile memory device with s
Annealing effects on the structural and optical properties of gallium oxide nano
Control of nano-step structures on sapphire wafer surface by focused ion beam pr
Field-emission characteristics of carbon nanotube single tip grown on Si cone
Effect of thermal annealing on emission characteristics of nanoelectron source f
Arsenic doping of ZnO nanowires by post-annealing treatment
Formation of Cu precipitates by ion implantation and thermal annealing for the g
Silver negative-ion implantation to sol-gel TiO2 film for improving photocatalyt
Thermally robust nickel silicide process for nano-scale CMOS technology
Characterization of atom diffusion in polycrystalline Si/SiGe/Si stacked gate
The electron spectroscopies in the steel industry or from investigation to produ
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