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新型镍系烯烃聚合催化剂的合成及其催化性能研究/Novel Nickel Catalysts for Addition Polymerization of Nor
新型alpha- 二亚胺合镍催化剂乙烯均聚合成长链支化聚乙烯/Synthesis of long chain branched polyethylene via
铝合金直接电镀工艺的研究/Study of direct electroplating on the surface of aluminium alloy
用化学镀法制备低发射率材料/Preparation of low emissivity material by electroless nickel plate
纳米镍与镍/聚苯胺纳米复合材料/Study on preparation and properties of nickel nanoparticles and
电镀工艺参数对氨基磺酸镀镍层显微硬度的影响/Influences of plating process parameters on micro-hardness
Synthesis and mechanical properties of nanoscale mechanically-milled NiAl
Nanostructured Ni3Al produced by magnetron sputtering
Mass transfer and electrocrystallization analyses of nanocrystalline nickel prod
Nanostructured nickel oxide films and their electrochromic properties
Localization of spin waves in nanocrystallized films of nickel
Intercrystalline density of nanocrystalline nickel
Insertion of nickel nanoparticles in the interlayers of a-zirconium phosphate by
Morphology and utilization of smooth hydrogen-evolving Raney nickel cathode coat
Nickel based nanocrystalline materials
Mechanical testing of microstructures
Synthesis of nanocrystalline Ni3Cu by sol-gel route
Nanoparticles of nickel and silver produced by the polyol reduction of the metal
Structure evolution of nanocrystalline nickel in heating
Evolution of texture and grain size during annealing of nanocrystalline Ni-45% F
Photoelectrochemical behavior of nanocomposite films of cadmium sulfide, or tita
Characterization of Prussian Blue analogue: nanocrystalline nickel-iron cyanide
Hydrogen storage capacity of submicron magnesium-nickel alloys
Clay self-assembled on a gold surface as studied by atomic force microscopy and
Smooth Raney nickel coatings for cathodic hydrogen evolution by chemical gas pha
Cyclic oxidation of Ni-La[sb 2]O[sb 3] composite coatings electrodeposited on ni
Radiation-enhanced network formation in copolymer galvanoforms for diffractive n
Synthesis of titania photocatalysts dispersed with nickel nanosized particles
Preparation of nanocrystalline nickel powders through hydrothermal-reduction met
Tunable photonic devices using a nickel micromirror
Catalytic behavior of graphite nanofiber supported nickel particles. 1. Comparis
Reduction of nickel in plating operation effluent with nanofiltration
Preparation and characterization of Ni/NiO composite using microwave irradiation
Colloidal nanometric particles of nickel deposited on γ-alumina: character
Metal (Fe, Co, Ni) nanoparticles in silica gels: Preparation and magnetic proper
Low-temperature superplasticity in nanostructured nickel and metal alloys
Effect of nanocrystallization on the oxidation resistance of Ni-5Cr-5Al alloy
Electrochemical deposition of nickel nanowire arrays in single-crystal mica film
Solvothermal synthesis to NiE2 (E = Se, Te) nanorods at low temperature
Preparation and characterization of Ni nanoparticles in an MCM mesoporous materi
Phase transformations in nanocrystalline mechanically alloyed Ni-Mo powders
Hydrogenation of crotonaldehyde over graphite nanofiber supported nickel
Carbon-induced corrosion of nickel anode
Uniform nickel deposition into ordered alumina pores by pulsed electrodeposition
Surface spectroscopic study of the stabilization mechanism for shape-selectively
Nickel deposition behavior on n-type silicon wafer for fabrication of minute nic
Novel laser-liquid-solid interaction technique for synthesis of silver, nickel a
Hydrothermal method for low-temperature growth of nanocrystalline pyrite nickel
Electrocatalytic oxidation of NADH at the self-assembled monolayer of nickel(II)
Oxidation kinetics of nickel particles: Comparison between free particles and pa
Stromlos abgeschiedene Nickel-Dispersionsschichten auf Kunststoffen. Teil 2: Nan
Galvanisch abgeschiedene, hochfeste und nanodristalline Nickel-Wolfram-Legierung
Solution synthesis of nano-phase nickel as film and porous electrode
Kennwertverbesserungen von Mangan-Zink- und Nickel-Zink-Ferriten durch optimiert
Stromlos abgeschiedene Nickel-Dispersionsschichten auf Kunststoffen - Teil 1: Mi
Radiolytic preparation and catalytic properties of nanophase nickel metal paticl
Experimental and theoretical investigations on the compressibility of nanocrysta
Preparation of nanosized nickel powders by reduction in 1,2-propanediol
Preparation and properties of nanoparticle lubricant additive-Nickel oxythiomoly
Galvanische nickeldispersionsschichten mit hartstoff-nanopartikeln fur mikrotech
Magnetothermal study of nanocrystalline particle formation in amorphous electrol
Nickel nano-particles in silica gel monoliths: Control of the size and magnetic
Nickel Chevrel phase supported on porous alumina
Joining of nickel monoaluminide to a superalloy substrate by high pressure self-
Influence of transmutation conditions on the adulteration performance of nano-sc
Nickel nanoparticles supported on silica of low surface area. Hydrogen chemisorp
Synthesis and XPS characterization of nickel boride nanoparticles
Electroless plated multiwalled carbon nanotubes for reinforcing metal-matrix com
Methane decomposition to carbon nanotubes and hydrogen on an alumina supported n
Synthesis of nanocrystalline nickel in pulse deposition
Nanocrystalline Ni(OH)2 preparation by electrolysis in an aqueous solution of ni
The effect of pore size on the formation of highly dispersed nickel particles in
Thermal stability of nanocrystalline Ni
Impact of the structure and reactivity of nickel particles on the catalytic grow
Melting and thermodestruction processes in the poly(ethylene)-nanocrystalline ni
Selective functionalization of two-component magnetic nanowires
Selective noncovalent adsorption of protein to bifunctional metallic nanowire su
Microstructural characterization of ultrafine-grained nickel
Synthesis and characterization of nickel nanoparticles by hydrazine reduction in
Growth of Ni-nanowires by electrodeposition technique
Strength and ductility of as-plated and sintered CVD nickel foams
Near-zero curvature fabrication of miniaturized micromechanical Ni switches usin
Structural characterization of a novel catalyst obtained from nanoscopic NiAlx b
Microprocesses of metal dusting on iron-nickel alloys and their dependence on th
Transient electrochemical processes during Cu-Ni deposition
CVD growth of carbon nanotube films on nickel substrates
Flow type processing of nickel nano particles and the precursor in one system
Preparation and catalytic performance of superfine Ni/BaTiO3 catalyst
Electrochemical capacitor using nickel oxide/carbon nanotube composites electrod
Fabrication of nickel and chromium nanoparticles using the protein cage of apofe
Heat induced variations on the surface topography of electroless Ni-B coatings
Effect of nano nickel powders on thermal decomposition characteristics of NH4ClO
Stable nanoporous metallic nickel colloids
Boron nitride nanotubes filled with Ni and NiSi2 nanowires in situ
Complex-Surfactant-Assisted Hydrothermal Route to Ferromagnetic Nickel Nanobelts
Direct diameter-controlled growth of multiwall carbon nanotubes on nickel-suicid
High temperature performances of yttrium-doped spherical nickel hydroxide
β-nickel hydroxide nanosheets and their thermal decomposition to nickel oxi
Effect of nano-size nickel particles on wear resistance and high temperature oxi
Synthesis of nickel hydroxide nanoribbons with a new phase: A solution chemistry
Synthesis of carbon-encapsulated nickel nanocrystals by arc-discharge of coal-ba
Preparation of nanometer nickel oxide by the citrate-gel process
Preparation of α-Al2O3/metal nano-composite powder by the heterogeneous pr
Microstructure and performances of nanocrystalline zinc-nickel alloy coatings
Synthesis of nickel nanoparticles and the study of its catalytic performance
Mechanical properties of electrodeposited nanocrystalline nickel
Synthesis and characterization of electrodeposited nanocrystalline nickel
Study on the preparation and catalytic characteristics of nano-nickel powder
Co-deposition characteristics of nanodiamond particles in electrolessly plated n
Template-Free Synthesis of the Nanoporous Nickel Phosphate VSB-5 under Microwave
Superparamagnetism of transition metal nanoparticles in conducting polymer film
Nanonickel particles supported on silica. Morphology effects on their surface an
Nanoporous metal-containing nickel phosphates: A class of shape-selective cataly
Preparation of high surface area nickel electrodeposit using a liquid crystal te
Ferromagnetic dot encapsulated Boron Nitride nano-structured arrays
Nickel-tungsten bimetallic sulfide nanostructures of fullerene type
Nanosized nickel oxide using bovine serum albumin as template
Tailored conductivity behavior in nanocrystalline nickel ferrite
Metal-selective DNA-binding response of Escherichia coli NikR
Synthesis of wormlike nanoporous nickel oxide with nanocrystalline framework for
Electrocatalysis under conditions of ion co-discharge with the formation of an a
Atomic-scale imaging of carbon nanofibre growth
The structure of nickel-carbon melt having composition Ni92C8
Positron annihilation characterization of nanostructural features in high nickel
Electrodeposition of mesoporous nickel onto foamed metals using surfactant and p
Fabrication of nanoporous nickel by electrochemical dealloying
Deformation mechanisms of microcrystalline and nanocrystalline Ni using geometri
Synthesis and characterization of nickel nanoparticles protected by polyvinylpyr
Preparation, characterization and tribological behavior of Ni nanoparticles
Influence of sliding speed on wear resistance of nano-particles composite coatin
Preparation of nanometer-scale copper and nickel compound powder by hydrogen DC
Effect of nickel nanopowders addition on joining property of silicon carbide to
In-situ synthesis and characterization of poly aniline/nickel nanocomposites
Preparation of micrometer- and nanometer-sized hollow nickel spheres by autocata
Microstructure and electrochemical properties of mechanically ground Ce2Mg17 + x
Synthesis of nanoscaled NiTiO3 rods by gel-microemulsion chemical tailoring meth
Nanometer-sized nickel hollow spheres
Preparation of carbon nanotube composite material with metal matrix by electropl
Synthesis of needle-like nickel nanoparticles in water-in-oil microemulsion
Mechanical and corrosion-resistance performance of electrodeposited titania - Ni
Synthesis of hexagonal close-packed nanocrystalline nickel by a thermal reductio
Elastic and plastic deformations of nickel nanowires under uniaxial compression
Synthesis of nickel nano-particles by EB irradiation
Simple fabrication of nano-sized NiO2 powder and its application to oxidation re
Preparation and characteristics of core-shell structure nickel/silica nanopartic
A study of the correlation between nickel and the ultraviolet emission in SiOx f
Preparation and characterization of monodisperse nickel nanoparticles by polyol
Cathalytic action of nickel fine particles in friction processes
Stability investigation of Ni ultradispersed powder
Nanoindentation study of nanocrystalline nickel
Fabrication of metal-block-copolymer composite films by a palladium-catalyzed el
In situ synthesis of nickel ferrite nanoparticle/organic hybrid
Effects of shock compression on powder mixtures of nickel and boron
Planting of bis(1,5-cyclooctadiene) nickel upon silica to harvest NiO ( less tha
Nickel hydroxide stacks of pancakes obtained by the coupled effect of ammonia an
The characteristics of nickel-electroplating on copper substrate in CO 2 supercr
Low-temperature synthesis of ordered graphite nanofibres using nickel(II)-exchan
Precipitation of nickel hydroxides from nickel dodecylsulphate
The wear behaviour of Ni-Al2O3 composite coatings prepared with different concen
Nickel nanocrystal formation on HfO2 dielectric for nonvolatile memory device ap
Femtosecond laser selects nanoparticle size
Nano-nickel catalysts
Untersuchung von chemisch abgeschiedenen nanoskaligen Nickeldispersionsschichten
Spectroscopic and catalytic characterization of Ni nano-size catalyst for edible
Preparation and cyclic voltammetry studies on nickel-nanoclusters containing pol
Mechanical and creep properties of electrodeposited nickel and its particle-rein
About mechanism of twinning process in electrodeposited films of nickel-tungsten
Thermal methods in the investigation of nickel catalysts
Nanoscale microreactor-encapsulation 14-membered nickel(II) hexamethyl tetraaza:
Effect of iron and nickel substitution on the piezoelectric properties of PZT ty
Wet-chemistry synthesis of nickel-bismuth bimetallic nanoparticles and nanowires
Magnetic alignment of nanowires
Synthesis and characterization of highly ordered Ni-MCM-41 mesoporous molecular
Nickel sulfide and copper sulfide nanocrystal synthesis and polymorphism
Template synthesis and magnetic manipulation of nickel nanowires
Nano-particle composite plating as an alternative to hard chromium and nickel co
Mechanical properties of ECAE nanocrystalline copper and nickel
CVD growth of carbon nanotubes directly on nickel substrate
Nickel nanostrands add conductivity to composites
Nanocomposite films of lead zirconate titanate and metallic nickel by sol-gel ro
Low temperature stress relaxation of nanocrystalline nickel
Localized heating of nickel nitride/aluminum nitride nanocomposite films for dat
Processing of nanostructured nickel by severe plastic deformation consolidation
Structure and transformation behaviour of nanocrystalline nickel-phosphorus allo
Porous nickel oxide/nickel films for electrochemical capacitors
Cyclic oxidation of Ni-La2O3 composite coatings electrodeposited on nickel and F
Ultrafine nickel particles generated by laser-induced gas phase photonucleation
Nickel nanoparticles in silica gel: preparation and magnetic properties
Reduction and sintering of a nickel-dispersed-alumina composite and its properti
X-ray absorption spectroscopy study of the Ni K edge in magnetron-sputtered nick
Microstructure and tribological properties of aluminium implanted with high dose
Micromechanisms of metal dusting on Fe-base and Ni-base alloys
Systematic study of graphite encapsulated nickel nanocrystal synthesis with form
Electrodeposition of nanocrystalline nickel hydroxide thin films
Thermodynamics of small nickel clusters
Characterization of electroless nickel with low phosphorus
Mg2Ni alloy for metal hydride electrodes
Magnetic studies of nanosized nickel ferrite particles synthesized by the citrat
Solvent-thermal preparation of nanocrystalline pyrite nickel disulphide
Extreme precipitation strengthening in ion-implanted nickel
On the microstructures of equilibrated and quenched spinel-containing nickel tit
Properties of nanocrystalline Ni/Al2O3 composites
Effect of La2O3 particles on the oxidation of electrodeposited nickel films
Spontaneous formation of multiple land-and-groove structures of silica thin film
Production of single-wall carbon nanotubes at high pressure
Kinetics of formation of the γ-Ni20Zn80 alloy using nanocrystalline nickel
Incoherent magnetization reversal in 30-nm Ni particles
Phase formation and solid state structure on calcination of a nickel ferrite ace
Synthesis of nanocrystalline nickel oxide by controlled oxidation of nickel nano
Nanocrystalline nickel nanoparticles
Preparation of nanocomposites containing iron and nickel-zinc ferrite
The compressibility of nanocrystalline nickel
Observations of low-temperature superplasticity in electrodeposited ultrafine gr
Synthesis and characterization of polyacrylamide-nickel amorphous nanocomposites
Incorporation of cobalt and nickel metal nano-particles in nano-grain zirconia f
Radiolytic preparation and catalytic properties of nanophase nickel metal partic
Effect of thermal annealing on spectral properties of electrodeposited carbon fi
Structural stability of aluminum stabilized alpha nickel hydroxide as a positive
A hydrothermal method for low-temperature growth of nanocrystalline pyrite nicke
Properties of nanocrystalline nickel particles in Ni-SiO2 composites
Finite-size effects in nickel nanowire arrays
Synthesis and magnetic properties of nickel nanorods
Effect of process variables on the structure, residual stress, and hardness of s
Submicron nickel deposition on silicon from an electrolytic solution controlled
Synthesis of nanosized nickel ferrites by shock waves and their magnetic propert
Improved electrochromic response time of nickel hydroxide thin film by ultra-thi
Preparation of ultrafine nickel powder and its catalytic dehydrogenation activit
Preparation of alumina-silica-nickel nanocomposite by in situ reduction through
Array of nickel nanowires enveloped in polyaniline nanotubules and its magnetic
Thermal stability of electrodeposited nanocrystalline nickel and iron-nickel all
Sol-gel processing and characterization of pure and metal-doped SnO2 thin films
Preparation of nickel powders by spray pyrolysis of nickel formate
Behavior of C60 under hydrothermal conditions: transformation to amorphous carbo
Deposition of conformal copper and nickel films from supercritical carbon dioxid
Composite electrodeposition of ultrafine γ-alumina particles in nickel mat
R-curve characterization of the fracture toughness of nanocrystalline nickel thi
Formation of nickel dispersed carbon spheres from chelate resin and their magnet
Growth and characterization of aligned carbon nanotubes from patterned nickel na
Formation of nickel oxide nanoribbons in the cavity of carbon nanotubes
Investigation of the metal deposited into nanopores of anodic alumina upon fabri
Oxidation kinetics of nickel solar absorber nanoparticles
Solid-state reactions in low-phosphorus autocatalytic NiP-SiC coatings
The effect of grain size on the wear properties of electrodeposited nanocrystall
Composite electrodeposition to obtain nanostructured coatings
Mesoporous nickel/nickel oxide - a nanoarchitectured electrode
Growth of carbon nanotubes on the chemically synthesized nickel nanoparticles
Synthesis and properties of nearly single-shell nickel clusters in amorphous alu
Electronic structure of nanostructured nickel oxide using Ni 2p XPS analysis
The synthesis of nickel sulfide nanoparticles on graphitized carbon supports
Effect of current and potential waveforms on sublayer thickness of electrodeposi
Crystal shape of a nickel particle related to carbon nanotube growth
Mesoporous nickel/nickel oxide electrodes for high power applications
Fabrication and characterization of nickel hydroxide nanoparticles by w/o type m
SERS mechanism of nickel electrode
Study on modification of hydrogen trap site in nickel and stainless steel using
Electrodeposited nanocrystalline nickel
Preparation of nanocrystalline electrocatalytic electrode for electrodeposition
Fabrication of powders and thin films of various nickel sulfides by soft solutio
Electrodeposited nickel composites containing carbon nanotubes
Nickel-alumina nanocomposite powders prepared by novel in situ chemical reductio
Magnetic properties of carbon nanotubes encapsulating nanosized nickel particles
The influence of transmutation conditions on the adulteration performance of nan
Tribological properties of nanostructured WC/CoNi and WC/CoNiP coatings produced
Investigation on quick surface metallization of nano titania powder
Preparation and investigation of nanostructured SiC-nickel layers by electrodepo
Thermal stability and microstructural evolution in ultrafine-grained nickel afte
Thermal and microstructural characterizations of nickel nanoparticles at elevate
Preparation of nanosized nickel aluminate spinel by a sonochemical method
Spin-wave quantization in ferromagnetic nickel nanowires [using Brillouin scatte
Correlating nanoscale structure with ion intercalation in electrodeposited nicke
Electrodeposition of nickel/montmorillonite layered silicate nanocomposite thin
Nickel antidot arrays on anodic alumina substrates
The effect of substrate on the microstructure and tensile properties of electrod
Nanoscale pseudoelastic behavior of indented titanium-nickel films
Some aspects of nanocrystalline nickel and zinc ferrites processed using microem
Growth of large periodic arrays of carbon nanotubes
Synthesis of nanocrystalline nickel and zinc ferrites by microemulsion technique
Formation of self-assembled epitaxial nickel nanostructures
Magnetic nanofibers of nickel ferrite prepared by electrospinning
The effect of current density on properties of electrodeposited nanocrystalline
Manipulating nanoparticle size within polyelectrolyte multilayers via electroles
Intercrystalline defects and some properties of electrodeposited nanocrystalline
Capacitive characteristics of binary manganese-nickel oxides prepared by anodic
Surface characterization of nickel alloy plasma-treated by O2/CF4 mixture
Preparation of (Ni-B)/SiO2, Ni/SiO2 and NiO/SiO2 nanocomposites
MEMS device for bending test: Measurements of fatigue and creep of electroplated
Magnetic properties of nickel clusters in nanoporous carbon
Spin-polarized current-induced magnetization reversal in single nanowires
Effect of finite size on the magnetization behavior of nanostructured nickel oxi
Synthesis and characterization of MWNTs with narrow diameter over nickel catalys
Nano-octopus: a new form of branching carbon nanofiber
Nanocrystalline metal hydride electrode materials
Fabrication of nickel oxide nanostructures by atomic force microscope nano-oxida
Solution-chemical derived nickel-alumina coatings for thermal solar absorbers
Processing and characterisation of a fine nickel oxide/zirconia/composite prepar
Contact improvement of carbon nanotubes via electroless nickel deposition
Chemisorption on nickel nanoparticles of various shapes: influence on magnetism
Synthesis and characterization of Ni magnetic nanoparticles in AlMCM41 host
Magnetic nanoparticles stabilized in layered double hydroxides
Uniformly distributed nickel nanoparticles created by heating the carbon nanotub
Electroless nickel plating on silicon carbide nanoparticles
Super-ionistors: composite electrodes of carbon nanotube and nickel oxide
Electrochemical capacitor with the electrode of nickel hydroxide/carbon nanotube
Development of nano-scale nickel hydroxide
Preparation of nano nickel powder for MLCs by non-confined arc with fusible hydr
The effect of different catalysts on the growth of boron carbonitride nanotubes
The preparation of nickel nanorods in water-in-oil microemulsion
Pulse electrodeposition of nanocrystalline nickel using ultra narrow pulse width
High-concentration nitrogen-doped carbon nanotube arrays
Optical limiting properties in phthalocyanines with different substituent groups
Studies of the performance of nanostructural multiphase nickel hydroxide
Quick nickel metallization and magnetic properties on the surface of alumina pow
Molecular dynamics in the formation process of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Preparation of nanostructured nickel-phosphorous powders using ultrasonic chemis
Study on the structures and magnetic properties of Ni, Co-Al2O3 electrodeposited
Molecular dynamics simulation for failure process of monocrystalline nickel film
Preparation and characterization of nickel nanopowders in diethyleneglycol by li
Study on orthogonal test for fabrication of nanometer Zn2+, Al3+ substituted nic
Study on multifunctional surface nanoneedle array materials
Spatially selective nucleation of metal clusters on the tobacco mosaic virus
Nickel-catalyzed in situ formation of carbon nanotubes and turbostratic carbon i
Light and electron microscopy studies on highly deformed nickel with a submicroc
The research progress in nanoscale nickel hydroxide
Studies on electrolyte performance of nano-MnO2 supercapacitors
Synthesis of nanocomposites of nickel ferrite dispersed in silica matrix
Measurements of elastic modulus and residual stress of nickel film by microbridg
Synthesis and magnetic properties of nickel ferrite on silica nanocomposites
Review of the R&D of nickel oxyhydroxides
The evaluation of Youngs modulus and residual stress of nickel films by microbri
Micromechanical characterisation of the influence of rhenium on the mechanical p
Pulse co-electrodeposition of nano Al2O3 whiskers nickel composite coating
Effects of nanostructured nickel hydroxide powder on the electrochemical perform
Synthesis of nanosized nickel hydroxide by solid-state reaction at room temperat
Nano-alloys synthesized by controlled crystallization from supercooled atomic cl
Development of an electroless nickel immersion gold process for PCB final finish
Factors influencing productivity in preparing nanometer-sized nickel
Electrodeposition of nickel nano-array on pore-film of alumina
Research on mechanical properties of nanocrystalline electroforming layer
Ballistic magnetoresistance of electroplated nickel devices
Chip formation behaviour in ultra-precision cutting of electroless nickel plated
Aqueous dispersion stability of nickel powders prepared by a chemical reduction
Simultaneous formation of multiwall carbon nanotubes and their end-bonded ohmic
Nickel and nickel oxide nanoparticles prepared from nickel nitrate hexahydrate b
Selective growth of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes on nickel oxide nanostru
Role of microwave irradiation for the preparation of nickel nanoparticles by a p
In situ formation of metal nanoparticles on ceramic surface
Morphologies and properties of nickel particles prepared by spray pyrolysis
Electrochemically deposited nanowhiskers of nickel oxide as a high-power pseudoc
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes on a catalytic metal substrate by using an ethylen
Abnormal oxidation of NiSi formed on arsenic-doped substrate
Nickel ferrite nanoparticles: elaboration in polyol medium via hydrolysis, and m
Fabrication of a near-field optical fiber probe based on electroless nickel plat
Nanomachining of nanocrystalline nickel by focused ion beam
Effects of surface modification on surface structure and electrochemical propert
Microstructure and mechanical properties of Ir-Ta coatings on nickel-base single
Structure of nickel-carbon melt of composition 92Ni-8C
The characterization of nanosized nickel-zinc ferrites synthesized within revers
Residual stresses and magnetic properties of alumina-nickel nanocomposites
Characterisation of electrodeposited nickel nanowires using NCA template
Magnetic behavior of nickel ferrite-polyethylene nanocomposites synthesized by m
Effect of stacking fault energy on plastic deformation of nanocrystalline face-c
Surface effects on the magnetic behavior of nanocrystalline nickel ferrites and
Micromagnetic domain structures in cylindrical nickel dots
Pseudoelasticity of shape-memory titanium-nickel films subjected to dynamic nano
Solventless synthesis of nickel sulfide nanorods and triangular nanoprisms
Directed growth of nickel silicide nanowires
Magnetic behavior of nanocrystalline nickel ferrite synthesized by the reverse m
Monolithic nickel(II)-based aerogels using an organic epoxide: the importance of
Selective growth of diamond and carbon nanostructures by hot filament chemical v
Characterisation and magnetic behaviour of nickel nanoparticles encapsulated in
Arrays of nanoscale magnetic dots: fabrication by x-ray interference lithography
Gold-nickel hydroxide multi-layers with selective absorption in the visible rang
Plastic deformation with reversible peak broadening in nanocrystalline nickel
Arrays of holes fabricated by electron-beam lithography combined with image reve
Effect of grain size on the tribological behavior of nanocrystalline nickel
Surface modification of ferromagnetics for polymer composites
Fabrication of high aspect ratio 100 nm metallic stamps for nanoimprint lithogra
TEM study of nanopores and the embrittlement of CVD nickel foam
Freeze-dried precursor-based synthesis of nanostructured cobalt-nickel molybdate
Mechanical properties of nanocrystalline copper and nickel
Electrodeposition of Ni surface coatings by a pulse current method
The effects of stabilizers on the bath stability of electroless Ni deposition an
Nickel titanate nanofibers by electrospinning
Size distribution evolution of NiOxHy and Au: NiOxHy sols
Effects of bivalent Co ion on the co-deposition of nickel and nano-diamond parti
Synthesis of coral-like nickel nanocrystallites via a dipolar-interaction-direct
Rationally synthetic strategy: from nickel hydroxide nanosheets to nickel oxide
Zinc oxide nanoarrays in nanoporous nickel phosphate with a huge blueshift ultra
The hydrogen mechanism study in preparing nanonickel by plasma arc spraying meth
Corrosion behavior of carbon nanotubes-Ni composite coating
Synthesis, characterization and optical limiting effect of nickel complexes of m
Electrochemical study of nanostructured multiphase nickel hydroxide
Submicrometer-sized hollow nickel spheres synthesized by autocatalytic reduction
Size-controlled synthesis of nickel nanoparticles
Molecular dynamics simulation of monocrystalline nickel nano-wire under uniaxial
Effect of n-Al2O3 on electrochemical nucleation and chemical binding interaction
Inorganic-solvent-thermal route to nanocrystalline nickel aluminide intermetalli
Physical and electrochemical characteristics of nanostructured nickel hydroxide
Structural characterization of nickel oxide nanowires by X-ray absorption near-e
Preparation of nano nickel powder via active template process
Preparation of nickel nanoparticles by reducing hydrazine
Characteristics of nickel oxide nanopowders prepared by electrical explosion of
Synthesis and characterization of Ni-P-CNTs nanocomposite film for MEMS applicat
Electrodeposited nickel-phosphorus - a suitable candidate for coating components
Effect of ultrasonic plastic treatment on the surface structure and phase state
Selective growth of carbon nanotubes on nickel oxide templates created by atomic
Preparation of composite electrochemical nickel-diamond and iron-diamond coating
Magnetic relaxation in nano-particle stacks
Shear force microscopy with a nanoscale resolution
Photoacoustic thermoelastic effect near Vickers indentations in nanocrystalline
FMR study of superparamagnetic Ni particles with weak and strong magnetic anisot
How does the nickel nanowire melt?
Direct conversion of nickel stearate into carbon nanotubes or metallic Ni nanopa
Structural evolution and internal stress of nickel-phosphorus electrodeposits
Performance and electrode behaviour of nano-YSZ impregnated nickel anodes used i
Fine grain growth of nickel electrodeposit: effect of applied magnetic field dur
Growth and thermal behaviour of NiO nanolayers on Pd(100)
Nanocomposite nickel ceria cermet with low nickel content for anode-supported SO
Spin waves in nickel nanorings of large aspect ratio
Synthesis and characterization of nano-sized nickel ferrites from fly ash for ca
Fabrication of 100-nm-scale nickel stamper based on chrome/quartz mask without a
Soaking method for fabrication of alumina-based nanocomposites
Preparation of nickel-carbon nanofiber composites by a pulse-reverse electrodepo
Kinetics of gas phase reduction of nickel chloride in preparation for nickel nan
Embryonic forms of nickel: a molecular-dynamics computer simulation
Micromagnetic studies of nickel microbars fabricated by nanoimprint lithography
The influence of interface roughness on electrical transport in nanoscale metall
Electrochemical synthesis of functionalized nickel oxide nanowires
Modeling the effects of impurities on microstructure formation in nanocrystallin
Anisotropic elastic properties of nanocrystalline nickel thin films
Zirconium nitride/nickel nanocomposite structures
Helical crystallization on nickel-lipid nanotubes: Perfringolysin O as a model p
Nanocrystallization of a nickel alloy subjected to surface severe plastic deform
MEMS fabrication based on nickel-nanocomposite: film deposition and characteriza
Enhanced fatigue resistance of a nickel-based hastelloy induced by a surface nan
Composite ferromagnetic photoresist for the fabrication of microelectromechanica
Nickel nanocrystal formation on HfO2 dielectric for nonvolatile memory device ap
Atomic engineering of mixed ferrite and core-shell nanoparticles
Modification in threshold tension during nanostructures formation on gold films
False Brinelling and scanning tunnelling microscopy: Characterization of the sur
Square wave adsorptive stripping voltammetry of nickel and cobalt at wall-jet el
Observation and characterization of ferromagnetic amorphous nickel
Fabrication, characterization and application of Ni/SiO2 nanocomposite materials