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二维反铁磁体系中自旋重定向的理论研究/Spin reorientation in low dimensional AFM system
三维各向异性介质光子晶体电磁特性的理论研究/Theoretical study on EM properties of 3D anisotropic diele
Creep induced magnetic anisotropy in nanocrystalline Fe73.5Cu1Nb3Si13.5B9
Magnetic processes in amorphous YCo2 nanoparticles obtained by heavy ion irradia
Approach to saturation in nanocrystallized films of iron and nickel
Localization of spin waves in nanocrystallized films of nickel
Moessbauer studies of radio frequency induced effects in nano- and microcrystall
Soft magnetic nanocrystalline materials
Influence of Cr addition on the magnetic softness of nanocrystalline FeCuNbSiB a
Influence of chemisorption on the magnetic properties of metallic iron nanoparti
Observation of multi-axial anisotropy in ultrafine cobalt ferrite particles used
Magnetic and structural properties of high coercivity nanocrystalline CoSm films
Nanocrystalline nickel-zinc ferrite prepared by the glass-ceramic route
New methods for optimization of magnetic anisotropy of electrical ribbons
Optical anisotropy in quantum wires of cubic crystals
Study of the perpendicular anisotropy in the nanocrystalline Ni and Co films
Thermomechanical treatment of FeCuNbSiB nanocrystalline alloy: induced magnetic
Radio frequency effects and the soft magnetic property of amorphous and nanocrys
Microstructure of magnetite from XRPD data in relation to magnetism
Effects of the initial stages of film growth on the magnetic anisotropy of obliq
Numerical micromagnetics for granular magnetic materials
Influence of Si and Nb content on magnetostriction and creep-induced magnetic an
Study on the coercivity and the magnetic anisotropy of the lithium ferrite nanoc
Glassy dynamics of nanometric magnetic particles
Origin of magnetic anisotropy formation in the HDDR-process of Nd2Fe14B-based al
On the role of dipolar coupling in the magnetization reversal process in hard-so
Low temperature magnetic behaviour of γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles
Elaboration, characterization, and magnetic properties of cobalt fine particles
On the origin of stress-anneal-induced anisotropy in Finement-type nanocrystalli
Optical anisotropy of dispersed carbon nanotubes induced by an electric field
Anisotropy, magnetic domains and magnetization reversal of nanostripes and nanos
Structure and magnetic properties of nanocrystalline ferromagnets (I) - Effectiv
Rotational motions of probes and labels in polyethylacrylate networks studied by
Growth of oriented anodic films on single grains of Zr: Structure and epitaxy fr
Role of grain boundaries in nanoscaled high-performance permanent magnets
Uniaxial magnetic anisotropy of thin epitaxial Fe films nanostructured by the at
Single particle measurement showing agreement with the model of uniform rotation
Static magneto-optical birefringence of size-sorted γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles
Magnetic properties and Mossbauer spectra of nanosized CoFe2O4 powders
Magnetic and magneto-transport properties of novel nanostructured networks
Survey of magnetic properties during and after amorphous-nanocrystalline transfo
Magnetization reversal in submicron ferromagnetic dots and antidots arrays
Effect of coherent uniaxial anisotropies on the grain-size dependence of coerciv
Determination of picomolar concentrations of metal ions using fluorescence aniso
Preparation and magnetic properties of (Zn-Sn) substituted barium hexaferrite na
Enhancement of magnetic anisotropy of nanocrystalline FeTaN films by Ti underlay
Synthesis and magnetic properties of nanostructured γ-Ni-Fe alloys
Soft magnetic properties and giant magneto-impedance effect of Fe-Zr-Nb-B-Cu rib
Anisotropy in metallic thin films patterned by the atomic saw method
Strain-induced anisotropy in thin metallic films structured by the atomic saw me
Effective anisotropy of nanocrystallized Co-based alloys
Influence of microstructure on the magnetic properties in nanostructured CoPt L1
Nanostructured magnetic networks: A materials comparison
Effective magnetic anisotropy in nanocrystalline Fe100-xSix alloys
Rational route for large spin molecules based on cyanometalate complexes
Particle interaction effects in the field-cooled and zero-field-cooled magnetiza
Three-Dimensional Magnetization Reversal Measurements in Nanoparticles
Mossbauer spectrum studies of magnetic anisotropy of α-Fe nanowire arrays
Preparation and characterization of magnetic nanostructures using filtration mem
Vector hysteresis model including domain wall motion and coherent rotation
Highly polarized photoluminescence and photodetection from single indium phosphi
Fabrication of electrodeposited Co nanowire arrays with perpendicular anisotropy
Ferromagnetic resonance in nanocrystalline Fe73.5CuNb3Si13.5B9 (Finemet)
Magnetism of nanostructured ferromagnets - Experiments and theoretical model
Magnetic properties in granular Co10Cu90 alloys: The effect of random anisotropy
On the origin of the surface magnetic anisotropy in manganese-ferrite nanopartic
Existence conditions of surface spin waves in ferromagnetic nanowires and nanopa
Cobalt(II)-nitronyl nitroxide chains as molecular magnetic nanowires
Micromagnetic theory of the pinning of domain walls at phase boundaries
Magnetochiral anisotropy
Magnetic anisotropy, phase transitions, and domain structures in films with out-
Control of the magnetic anisotropy of a Co/Pt nanomultilayer with embedded parti
Theory of induced uniaxial anisotropy in magnetic nanostructures
The transverse biased initial susceptibility measurements simulated in a two-zon
Magnetic coercivity patterns for magnetic recording on patterned media
Emission Polarization of Europium and Terbium Chelates
Electric anisotropy of carbon nanofibre/epoxy resin composites due to electric f
Conduction-band anisotropy effects in spherical semiconductor nanocrystals: A th
Uniaxial Magnetic Anisotropy in Nanostructured Co/Cu(001): From Surface Ripples
Spin wave resonance in Ga1-xMnxAs
Modelisation des processus daimantation dans les nanocristallins: De la theorie
Transition of magnetocrystalline anisotropy and domain structure in epitaxial Fe
Structural and elastic anisotropy of carbon phases prepared from fullerite C60
Switching of magnetization by nonlinear resonance studied in single nanoparticle
Nano-multilayers with high perpendicular anisotropy for magnetic recording
Anisotropy in optical transmittance and molecular chain orientation of silver-di
Applied field Mossbauer study of shape anisotropy in Fe nanowire arrays
Magnetization and configurational anisotropy in magnetic clusters: Monte Carlo s
Exchange-coupling interaction and effective anisotropy between magnetically hard
Magnetic phase transition and anisotropy of ultrathin Fe films grown on inclined
Giant Coercive Field of Nanometer-Sized Iron Oxide
Coercivity exceeding 100 kOe in epltaxially grown FePt sputtered films
Anisotropy field distribution of partially ordered FePt nanoparticles
Effects of surface anisotropy on the coercivity of ferromagnetic small particles
Aspect ratio dependence of hysteresis property of high density Co wire array bur
Thermally activated switching of nanoparticles: A numerical study
Size dependence and field-induced magnetic anisotropy of granular nanophases. Ap
Extraordinary Hall effect: A powerful tool to study the dynamics of high anisotr
Temperature dependence of in-plane magnetic anisotropy of Co/Fe multilayers
Local magnetoresistance and ferromagnetic resonance measurements with a sliding
Calculation of the magnetic anisotropy energy and finite-temperature magnetic pr
Conduction band anisotropy effects on the confined electron states of SiC/SiO2 q
Optical anisotropy of strongly photonic porous gallium phosphide
Magnetic anisotropy of nanocrystalline Co/Cu/Co films
Viscoelasticity of anisotropic polymer systems
Ferromagnetic resonance in nanoparticles with surface pinning
XMCD study of the anisotropy of nanometric Co clusters in insulating and metalli
Evaluating formation and growth mechanisms of silica particles using fluorescenc
Magnetic dynamics of iron-oxide nanoparticles in frozen ferrofluids and ferronem
Enhanced surface anisotropy evidenced by Mossbauer spectroscopy in nickel ferrit
Induced magnetic anisotropy and the structure of an FeCuNbB nanocrystalline allo
Effects of the magneto-crystalline anisotropy on the magnetic properties of Fe/C
Fluorescence anisotropy in studies of solute interactions with covalently modifi
Micromagnetic simulation of magnetization reversal in small particles with surfa
Microstructure and magnetism: Structure-properties correlations in two-phase Co-
Crystalline anisotropy and cation distribution in nanosized quasi-spherical ferr
The influence of magnetic anisotropy caused by laser treatment on magnetic prope
Magnetic anisotropy studies on FeNiCo/Ta/FeNiCo three layers film by layer sensi
Thermodynamics of three-dimensional magnetic nanoparticles
Stress induced mechanical anisotropy in tetragonal zirconia polycrystals
Nanometer size clusters and particles: A comparative study of magnetic behavior
Magnetic anisotropy of epitaxial Cu/Ni/Cu nanolines
Field-ball milling induced anisotropy in magnetic particles
Effective anisotropy constant and coercivity of nanocrystalline ferromagnets
Effects of grain-size distribution on effective anisotropy and coercivity for na
Characterization of (CoCr/Pt)20 nanomultilayers preparation by magnetron sputter
Investigation of effective magnetic anisotropy for ring-shaped samples of nanocr
Dependence of effective anisotropy on grain size in nanocrystalline Nd2Fe14B har
The anisotropy of fibrillar silicate/rubber nanocomposites
Synthesis and magnetic properties of Fe3 Pt nanowire arrays fabricated by electr
Equilibrium magnetic moment configurations in magnetic nanoparticle films: Effec
The role of material microstructure in the magnetic behavior of amorphous and po
Large magnetic anisotropy in self-organized Co nanospheres
Coercivity and induced magnetic anisotropy by stress and/or field annealing in F
Microacoustic study of anisotropy in optically isotropic pyrolytic nanocarbon
Arrays of electroplated multilayered Co/Cu nanowires with controlled magnetic an
Ferromagnetic resonance investigation of nanocrystalline FeCuNbSiB
Effects of heat treatment and magnetoannealing on nanocrystalline Co-ferrite pow
Influence of surface anisotropy on the hysteresis of magnetic nanoparticles
Magnetocrystalline and configurational anisotropies in Fe nanostructures
Influence of measuring temperature in size dependence of coercivity in nanostruc
Thickness dependence of magnetic anisotropy in thin Ni films electrodeposited on
(FexCo1-x)-alloy filled vertically aligned carbon nanotubes grown by thermal che
A new fabrication process of Fe-based ribbon with creep-induced anisotropy
Experimental determination of anisotropy and demagnetizing factors of single Co
Origin of the magnetic anisotropy induced by stress annealing in Fe-based nanocr
Fabrication and uniaxial magnetic anisotropy of Co nanowires on a Pd(110) surfac
Uniaxial anisotropy field and crystalline structures of (CoFe)-(SiO2) magnetic t
Anisotropies in soft magnetic nanocrystalline alloys
Shape-induced anisotropy in antidot arrays from self-assembled templates
Magnetization of nanomagnet assemblies: Effects of anisotropy and dipolar intera
Surface energy anisotropy of FePt nanoparticles
Effect of annealing on the structural and magnetic properties of giant magnetost
Time resolved photoluminescence anisotropy of CdSe/ZnS nanoparticles in toluene
Effect of surface anisotropy in core-shell bimetallic nanoparticles
Improvement of magnetic softness in nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials by r
Magnetic anisotropy of two-dimensional nanostructures: Transition-metal triangul
Study of magnetoresistance of epitaxial magnetite films grown on vicinal MgO (10
Magnetic and structural study of melt-spun YCo5 ribbons
Monatomic Fe and Co wires at the Pt surface step edge: Theory of the unconventio
Phospholamban pentamer quaternary conformation determined by in-gel fluorescence
Magnetic quantum tunneling in the single-molecule magnet Mn12 -acetate
Self-assembly of anisotropic tethered nanoparticle shape amphiphiles
Magnetoelastic effects in soft nanocrystalline Fe-based alloys
Annealing temperature dependence of effective magnetic anisotropy of Fe-Cu-Nb-Si
Magnetic properties of nanostructured iron films obtained by low energy neutral
Magnetic properties of nanostructured CoSm/FeCo films
Thermomechanical treatment of the nanocrystalline FeCuNbSiB alloy: induced magne
Superparamagnetic-like behavior in an octanuclear iron cluster
On the intergranular coupling in soft nanocrystalline materials
Stress-induced magnetic anisotropy in nanocrystalline FeCuNbSiB alloy
Magneto-impedance effect in field- and stress-annealed Fe-based nanocrystalline
Development of a nanocrystalline structure in FINEMET alloys: a correlational ma
Self-organized Fe nanowire arrays prepared by shadow deposition on NaCl(110) tem
Nonlinear optical effects in porous silicon: photoluminescence saturation and op
Highly anisotropic silicon reactive ion etching for nanofabrication using mixtur
On the origin of the uniaxial anisotropy in nanocrystalline soft-magnetic materi
Optical nonlinearity enhancement via geometric anisotropy
On the origin of stress-anneal-induced anisotropy in Finemet-type nanocrystallin
Preparation of nanocrystalline barium hexaferrite in a glass medium
Elastic anisotropy of β-silicon nitride whiskers
GaN microcavities: Giant Rabi splitting and optical anisotropy
Calculated ferrite nanocrystal relaxation and its magnetic implications
Low temperature surface spin-glass transition in γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles
Effective magnetic anisotropy of nanocrystalline Nd-Fe-Ti-N hard magnetic alloys
Sources of interface magnetization and interface anisotropy in Fe/Cu multilayers
Magnetic microstructure of magnetotactic bacteria by electron holography
Magnetic resonance of ferrite nanoparticles: evidence of surface effects
Microprocessing at the fingertips
Random and exchange anisotropy in consolidated nanostructured Fe and Ni: role of
Development of a nanocrystalline structure in FINEMET alloys: a correlational ma
Magnetically textured γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles in a silica gel matrix: Optica
Nanoparticles of CoxFey□zO4: synthesis and superparamagnetic properties
Small-angle neutron scattering by the magnetic microstructure of nanocrystalline
Influence of Au and Cu overlayers on the magnetic structure of Co films on W(110
Magnetic nanoparticle array with perpendicular crystal magnetic anisotropy
Nanophase hard magnets
Effect of magnetocrystalline anisotropy on the magnetic properties of Fe-rich R-
Two-dimensional paramagnetic-ferromagnetic phase transition and magnetic anisotr
Temperature dependence of magnetic properties of a Co-based alloy in amorphous a
The particle interaction effects in the field-cooled and zero-field-cooled magne
Designing nanostructured magnetic materials by symmetry
Magnetization and electron paramagnetic resonance of Co clusters embedded in Ag
Surface and exchange anisotropy fields in MnFe2O4 nanoparticles: Size and temper
Dimensionality of a system of exchange-coupled grains and magnetic properties of
Magnetic anisotropy of mechanically alloyed Fe25Ni75 nanocrystallites
Stress-annealing in Fe73.5Cu1Nb3Si13.5B9 amorphous alloy ribbon
Micromagnetics of ferromagnetic equilateral triangular prisms
Evidence for strong magnetoelastic effects in Ni nanowires embedded in polycarbo
Enhanced anisotropy of permalloy layers sputter deposited on V-grooved substrate
Magnetic localization in transition-metal nanowires
Magnetic properties of hematite nanoparticles
Magnetic properties and structure evolution of amorphous Co-C nanocomposite film
Magnetic anisotropy of Mn12-acetate nanomagnets from high-field torque magnetome
Property variation with shape in magnetic nanoelements
Effective magnetic anisotropy and internal demagnetization investigations in sof
Wess-Zumino-Berry phase interference in spin tunnelling at excited levels with a
Effect of the annealing conditions and grain size on the soft magnetic character
Exchange interaction through amorphous intergranular layers in a two-phase syste
The effects of La-Zn substitution on the magnetic properties of Sr-magnetoplumbi
Photoluminescence intensity and anisotropy decays in amorphous carbon
Superparamagnetic relaxation in iron nanoclusters measured by low energy muon sp
Domain branching in uniaxial ferromagnets under external field
Studies on longitudinally driven giant magneto-impedance effect in stress-anneal
Partly non-Kramers freezing of tunneling in a spin molecule
Magnetic anisotropy in the radula of chiton
Magnetoresistive tunnel junctions deposited on laterally modulated substrates
Micromagnetic modelling-the current state of the art
Nanostructured FePt:B2O3 thin films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
Characterizing the magnetic anisotropy constant of spinel cobalt ferrite nanopar
Oscillation of the tunnel splitting in nanospin systems within the particle-mapp
Strong anisotropy in thin magnetic films deposited on obliquely sputtered Ta und
Transition from superparamagnetism to ferromagnetic single-domain in a Heisenber
Remanence enhancement of Potts spin lattice: Monte-Carlo simulation
Magnetic anisotropy and domain patterns in electrodeposited cobalt nanowires
Investigation of magnetic properties of interacting Fe2O3 nanoparticles
Correlation between MI effect and transverse anisotropy in stress-annealed nanoc
Ferromagnetic resonance of nonstoichiometric zinc ferrite and cobalt-doped zinc
Step-induced in-plane orbital anisotropy in FeNi films on Cu(111) probed by magn
Magnetic anisotropy of a single cobalt nanocluster
Size dependence of the magnetic moments of exposed nanoscale iron particles
Magnetic properties and domain structures in stress-annealed FeZrB-(Cu)-(Nb) nan
Analysis of the small-angle neutron scattering of nanocrystalline ferromagnets u
Interface magnetic anisotropy in cobalt clusters embedded in a platinum matrix
Magnetism in systems of exchange coupled nanograins
The coercivity of the melt-spun Sm-Fe-Ga-C permanent magnets and the effect of a
Competing interactions in dispersions of superparamagnetic nanoparticles
Highly polarised photoluminescence and photodetection from single indium phosphi
The effect of uniaxial quartic anisotropy on thermal stability of magnetic nanog
Magnetic anisotropy in prismatic nickel nanowires
Thermal effects in self-assembled FePt nanoparticles with partial chemical order
Direct investigation of superparamagnetism in Co nanoparticle films
Coherent magnetization reversal of nanoparticles with crystal and shape anisotro
Determination of magnetic anisotropy distribution and anisotropy constant of man
Van der Waals interaction mediated by an optically uniaxial layer
Structural origin of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in Ni-W thin films
Anisotropy axis distribution and interactions in nanomagnet systems
RAS studies of laterally nanostructured surfaces
Low-temperature study of the magnetization reversal and magnetic anisotropy of F
Electrically induced anisotropy in nanospheres dispersions
Spontaneous transformations of the magnetic structure of a film nanocontact
Intrinsic anisotropy-defined magnetization reversal in submicron ring magnets
Simulation of the micromagnetic behavior of arrays of interacting nanoelements
Probing antiferromagnetic coupling between nanomagnets
Synthesis and magnetic properties of nanoscale bimetallic Co1Rh1 particles
Engineering of a magnetic anisotropy using particles embedded in nano-multilayer
Origin of second-order transverse magnetic anisotropy in Mn12-acetate
Magnetic behaviour of thin films produced by depositing pre-formed Fe and Co nan
Multilayer Co/Pd films with nanocrystalline and amorphous Co layers: coercive fo
Asymmetrical giant magneto-impedance (AGMI) in amorphous wires
1- and 2-photon fluorescence anisotropy decay in silicon alkoxide sol-gels: inte
Surface anisotropy in ferromagnetic nanoparticles
Transient photoinduced anisotropy of absorption in nanopolyacetylene
Hidden in-plane anisotropy of interfaces in Zn(Mn)Se/BeTe quantum wells with a t
Magnetic domains in epitaxial nanomagnets with uniaxial or fourfold crystal anis
Magneto-chiral anisotropy of the free electron on a helix
Different behavior of photoluminescence anisotropy in porous silicon layers made
Mossbauer study on Fe-based nanocrystalline alloys stress-annealed by DC Joule h
Nanoindentation measurement of hardness and modulus anisotropy in Ni3Al single c
Approach to saturation in nanomagnetic systems
Magnetization orientation dependence of the quasiparticle spectrum and hysteresi
Thermodynamics of two-dimensional magnetic nanoparticles
Enhancement of the magnetic anisotropy of nanometer-sized Co clusters: Influence
The influence of Cu addition on the crystallization and magnetic properties of F
Effect of the pH on the microstructure and magnetic properties of electrodeposit
Effect of size distribution on magnetisation in a system of magnetic grains with
Transport and magnetic properties of isolated cobalt nanowires
Approach to saturation in nanomagnetic systems: Easy axis distribution and inter
Dynamic magnetic behavior of Fe3O4 colloidal nanoparticles
Stoner-Wohlfarth-type behavior of a close-packed array of high-anisotropy hexafe
Effect of soft-phase anisotropy on reversal behavior in two-phase exchange-coupl
Large surface magnetic contribution in amorphous ferromagnetic nanoparticles
Microemulsion-assisted synthesis of tunable superparamagnetic composites
Controlling the induced anisotropy in soft magnetic films for high-frequency app
Random anisotropy model in nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials
Giant magnetoimpedance effect and magnetoelastic properties in stress-annealed F
Magnetization reversal processes in amorphous and polycrystalline Co-Si patterne
Effect of temperature and cubic anisotropy on the switching field of cylindrical
Luminescence anisotropy of functionalized carbon nanotubes in solution
Model of Fe nanostripes on Cu(111)
Fluorescence anisotropy near-field scanning optical microscopy (FANSOM): a new t
Exchange-coupled Sm-Co/Nd-Co nanomagnets: correlation between soft phase anisotr
Fourth-order magnetic anisotropy and tunnel splittings in Mn12 from spin-orbit-v
Beating the superparamagnetic limit with exchange bias
Magnetization reversal by coherent rotation in single-domain magnets with arbitr
Magnetic anisotropy and thermal stability study on FePt nanoparticle assembly
The effect of anisotropic surface energy on the Rayleigh instability
Coercivity ratio and anisotropy distribution in chemically synthesized L10FePt n
Effect of crystalline disorder on magnetic switching in small magnetic cells
Controlling magnetic coupling between cobalt nanoparticles through nanoscale con
Negative differential magnetization in ultrathin Fe on vicinal W(100)
Transition state in magnetization reversal
Nanowire-induced optical anisotropy of the Si(111)-In surface
First principles determinations of magnetic anisotropy energy of Co nanoclusters
Dynamic magnetization of γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles isolated in an SiO2 amorpho
Magnetic behaviour of iron oxide nanoparticles dispersed in a silica matrix
One-dimensional gapless magnons in a single anisotropic ferromagnetic nanolayer
Thermal stability of the in-plane magnetic anisotropy and the coercivity of nano
Magnetic behavior of nanoparticles in patterned thin films
Giant magnetic anisotropy of single cobalt atoms and nanoparticles
Theory of pulsed dye lasers with account of optical anisotropy and rotational di
Magnetic dynamics of single-domain Ni nanoparticles
The micromagnetic simulations of CoNbCuSiB nanocrystalline material
Static and dynamic magnetic properties of spherical magnetite nanoparticles
Micromagnetic simulation of multiphase nanocrystalline material with different b
Magnetic properties of finite Co chains on Pt(111)
Rigorous micromagnetic computation of configurational anisotropy energies in nan
Theoretical prediction of a surface-induced spin-reorientation phase transition
Size and anisotropy determination by ferromagnetic resonance in dispersed magnet
Torsion-dependent magnetoimpedance in FeCuNbSiB nanocrystalline wires with vanis
Stress-induced magnetic anisotropy in nanocrystalline alloys
Magnetic behavior of γ-Fe2O3 nanocrystals dispersed in colloidal silica pa
Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy, hysteresis and structural properties of nanos
Anomalous interaction between vortices and nanomagnets
Anisotropic superparamagnetism of monodispersive cobalt-platinum nanocrystals
Modelization of magnetization mechanisms in nanocrystalline alloys: from theory
Surface, interface and bulk studies of NiFe nanometer films for magnetoresistive
Anisotropy of optical absorption in birefringent porous silicon
Spatial anisotropy of the exciton level in CaF2 at 11.1 eV and its relation to t
Thermal spin excitations in epitaxial Fe nanostructures on GaAs(001)
Surface contribution to the anisotropy of magnetic nanoparticles
Molecular magnetism: mesoscopic and nanoscopic structures
High performance magnetic materials produced by assembling gas-phase magnetic na
Size-dependent spin reorientation transition in nanoplatelets
The superparamagnetic state in a ferromagnetic granule with intragranular anisot
Stress-induced optical anisotropy in polycrystalline copper studied by reflectio
Determination of effective anisotropy in nanocrystalline soft ribbons regarding
Superparamagnetism and the future of magnetic random access memory
Large coercivity in nanocrystalline TbMn6Sn6 permanent magnets prepared by mecha
Magnetic property and morphology of Fe film grown on self-organized SrTiO3 (001)
Exchange-coupling interaction, effective anisotropy and coercivity in nanocompos
Size effects on magnetic properties in Fe0.68Ni0.32 alloy nanowire arrays
Effective anisotropy and coercivity in nanocomposite permanent materials
Dependence of effective anisotropy on the phase component and grain size in nano
In-plane ferromagnetic resonance in nano-composite Fe-R-O (R= Hf, Nd, Dy) films
The fabrication and magnetic properties of nanowire-like iron oxide
Domain wall orientation in magnetic nanowires
Synthesis and magnetic properties of CeVO3 nanostructures
Magnetization experiments on frozen ferrofluids
Effect of exchange-coupling interaction on the effective anisotropy in nanocryst
Fabrication and magnetic properties of amorphous Co0.71Pt0.29 nanowire arrays
Exchange-coupling interaction and effective anisotropy of NdFeB nanocomposite pe
The magnetic anisotropy and spin reorientation of nanostructures and nanoscale f
Uniaxial anisotropy and high-frequency permeability of novel soft magnetic FeCoT
Molecule derived synthesis of nanocrystalline YFeO3 and investigations on its we
Structure-related optical properties of luminescent hetero-opals
An analytical model for ultrathin films with spatially varying magnetic anisotro
Sol-gel synthesis and magnetization study of Mn1-xCuxFe2O4 (x=0, 0.2) nanocrysta
Microstructure and effective properties of nanocomposites: ferrofluids as tunabl
Synthesis, Mossbauer spectra and magnetic properties of quasi-one-dimensional Fe
Magnetic and structural anisotropy of the Co-Fe3O4 films deposited by the thin-l
Magnetic anisotropy in single clusters
Magnetisation switching in a ferromagnetic Heisenberg nanoparticle with uniaxial
A novel method determining longitudinally induced magnetic anisotropy in amorpho
High-field torque measurement of FePt nanoparticles
Lorentz microscopy study on the magnetization reversal process in Co-Zr-O nanogr
Development of anisotropy in nanocomposite magnet material by using hot-forming
Soft magnetic properties of Co69.9Fe20.5Al4.4O5.2 thin films
Electrochemical growth of Co nanodots on patterned Si substrates
Effect of elastic anisotropy on the strain fields and band edges in stacked InAs
Fabrication and magnetic properties of fcc CoXPt1-X nanowires
Surface anisotropy in nanomagnets: transverse or Neel?
Self-organized nanowires: evidence of dipolar interactions from ferromagnetic re
Self-assembled arrays of high anisotropy FePt-Au nanoparticles
Magnetic anisotropy and quantized spin waves in hematite nanoparticles
Nanostructure and magnetic properties of FePt:C cluster films
In situ magnetoresistance of Ni nanocontacts
Micromagnetic domain structures in cylindrical nickel dots
Induced anisotropy in FeCo-based nanocrystalline ferromagnetic alloys (HITPERM)
Three-dimensional finite element analysis of the effects of anisotropy on bone m
Polydiacetylene films: a review of recent investigations into chromogenic transi
Estimation of magnetic susceptibility anisotropy of carbon nanotubes using magne
Surface morphology, structure and magnetic anisotropy in epitaxial Ni films
Magnetic properties of Co nanochains
Magnetization dynamics of soft nanocrystalline thin films with random magnetocry
Uniaxial magnetic anisotropy tuned by nanoscale ripple formation: ion-sculpting
Oscillatory magnetic anisotropy in one-dimensional atomic wires
Controlled changes in the microstructure and magnetic anisotropy in arrays of el
Thermal effects in a Stoner-Wohlfarth model and their influence on magnetic anis
Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy and structural properties of NiCu/Cu multilaye
Exchange anisotropy in Co80Ni20/oxide nanoparticles
Morphological and magnetic characterization of electrodeposited cobalt nanowires
Influence of the interface on the magnetic anisotropy of CoCu granular alloys
Magnetization reversal measurements in mesoscopic amorphous magnets by magneto-o
Magnetic anisotropy of nanoscale cobalt particles
Magnetic properties of mechanically alloyed MnO+FeCo
Domain wall relaxation frequency and magnetocrystalline anisotropy in Co- and Fe
Optical and dielectric anisotropy in polyimide nanocomposite films prepared from
Dynamic optical probing of the magnetic anisotropy of nickel-ferrite nanoparticl
Sub-nano tesla resolution differential magnetic field sensor utilizing asymmetri
Ferro-antiferromagnetic exchange interaction in the composite (epitaxial) nanost
Tailoring of the c-axis orientation and magnetic anisotropy in electrodeposited
Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in nanocomposite Nd-Fe-B/FeCo bilayer films
Microstructure and magnetic properties of ordered La0.62Pb0.38MnO3 nanowire arra
Tailoring the magnetic properties of manganese ferrite with substitution of a sm
Exchange-coupling interaction and effective anisotropy in nanocomposite permanen
Evolution of structure and magnetic properties of nanocrystalline FeXN thin film
Biased switching of dipolar interacting nanoparticles in a periodic array
Nanoscale mechanical characterization of polymeric fibers
Magnetocrystalline anisotropy in L10 FePt and exchange coupling in FePt/Fe3Pt na
Influence of the temperature dependence of anisotropy on the magnetic behavior o
2D arrays of CoPt nanocluster assemblies
Magnetization of two-dimensional square arrays of nanomagnets
Phase diagram of magnetic states in a ferromagnetic nanoparticle with single-ion
Magnetic reorientation transitions along the crossover from one-dimensional to t
Parametric modelling of magnetic fine particle systems: The role of single domai
Stochastic resonance in single-domain nanoparticles with cubic anisotropy
Simulation of fluorescence anisotropy experiments: probing protein dynamics
Self-assembled and patterned Fe and Fe3O4 dots on III-V semiconductors
Form birefringence of anisotropically nanostructured silicon
FMR study of superparamagnetic Ni particles with weak and strong magnetic anisot
Ultrafast magnetization dynamics in ferromagnetic cobalt: The role of the anisot
Interplay between magnetic anisotropy and interlayer coupling in nanosecond magn
Interplay of uniform and random anisotropy in nanocrystalline soft magnetic allo
Experimental evidence of a 1/H activation law in nanostructures with perpendicul
Nanocrystallization and magnetic anisotropy in Co66Si16B12Fe4Mo2
Line shape of beam deflection of magnetic nanoparticles in a Stern-Gerlach setup
Investigation of anisotropy in cadmium ferrite-based ionic magnetic fluid using
The influence of substrate anisotropy on laser-focused atom deposition studied b
Electrochemical control and selection of the structural and magnetic properties
Micromagnetic modeling and analysis of linear array of square nanomagnets
Spin state evolution and magnetic anisotropy of elongated Ni80Fe20 nanorings
Effect of a capping layer on the magnetic properties of island nanostructured Fe
Synthesis of CoPt nanoparticles by a modified polyol method: Characterization an
Generation behaviors of optical anisotropy caused by silver nanoparticles precip
Direct modification of magnetic domains in Co nanostructures by atomic force mic
Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy of CoPt-AlN composite film with nano-fiber str
Step-decorated ferromagnetic Fe nanostripes on Pt(997)
Magnetic heterogeneity and alignment of single wall carbon nanotubes
Orientational dynamics and dye-DNA interactions in a dye-labeled DNA aptamer
Nanomechanical measurement of magnetostriction and magnetic anisotropy in (Ga,Mn
Mossbauer evaluation of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles synthesized by forced hydro
Interplay between exchange bias and uniaxial anisotropy in a ferromagnetic/antif
Probing magnetic anisotropy and spin polarization in spintronic materials
Soft magnetism in mechanically alloyed nanocrystalline materials
Magnetic characterization of nanocrystalline nickel ferrite films processed by a
Magnetic cobalt nanowire thin films
A study on the coercivity and the magnetic anisotropy of the lithium ferrite nan
Magnetic anisotropy of the Fe-SiO2 and Fe20Ni80-SiO2 granular solid measured usi
Origin of magnetic anisotropy formation in the HDDR-process of Nd2Fe14B-based al
Effect of ion-beam irradiation on magnetic anisotropy in Fe-Tb multilayers
Creep-induced magnetic anisotropy and magnetostriction in partly nanocrystalline
An experimental investigation on the effective magnetic anisotropy of nanocrysta
Creep induced magnetic anisotropy in nanocrystalline Fe73.5Cu1Nb3Si13.5B9