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呼吸机相关性肺炎危险因素的meta分析/meta-analysis on VAP risk factors
J2EE技术在数据挖掘中的应用研究/Development and Research of Data Mining System Based on J2EE T
面向套管型电场集中问题的优化方法研究/Optimization of Bushing-type Concentration of Electric Field
废纸造纸用水网络的集成优化/Integration and Optimization of Water-using Network in Recycled Pa
基于从阴影恢复形状的三维形状恢复方法的研究/Study on 3D shape recovery methods based on shape-from-sha
基于规则的具有中间水道的用水网络设计与调优方法/A Rule-based Design and Adjusting Methodology for Water-
印刷企业供应物流信息系统的设计与实现/The design and Implementation of Printing Corporation Supply
×供电局员工以电谋私行为成因与机理分析和治理对策研究/The Research on the Behavior Origin, the Mechanism an
高效能可重构数字控制系统(HPRDCS)的研究及其应用/Research and Application on High Productivity Reconf
电力系统监控通用硬件平台的研制/Development of a General Hardware Platform for Power System Mon
不同结构水网络数学模型的建立与优化/Optimal mathematical model of water-using network with differe
XX医药集团ERP系统实施问题的研究/The Research of Implementation of ERP System in XX medicine g
家用电冰箱的计算机模拟和替代工质的试验研究/Computer Simulation and Experimental Research of using Alt
虚拟人力资源的组织管理研究/Study on Managing Virtual Human Resource
固液相变蓄能的数学模型和有效导热系数的研究/Research on the Mathematical Model of Energy Storage Syste
铸件凝固过程数值模拟后处理软件的研究/A Study on Post-processing Software Used for Numerical Simula
离心式水泵整机三维流场数值研究/Numerical Studies of the Three-Dimensional Flow Field in a Centr
非离子表面活性剂导向下新型多孔分子筛材料的合成与表征/Synthesis and characterization of novel nanoporous ma
毛泽东利用资本主义思想探析/An Analytical Study of Mao Zedongs Ideas of Using Capitalism
上海柴油机股份有限公司营销战略研究/Marketing stratagem research of Shanghai Diesel Engine Corpora
变形观测处理系统的研究/Deformation and analysis system
中山医院员工满意度的调查研究/investing and analyzing the status of the employee’s job satisfac
喷墨印刷水转印技术的研究/The ink-jet printing for Water transfer technology
新型电加热再生压缩空气干燥器设计/Design of new type electricity heated regenerated compressed ai
通用可视化系统研究/Research on general visualization system
溅射法玻璃基TiO2膜、TiO2/TiN/TiO2 复合膜制备及其结构和性能表征/Preparation and characterization of TiO
磁选机磁场解析法研究及应用/Analytical study on the magnetic field of magnetic separator
基于区间数理论的投资组合模型及其解法/Portfolio model based on interval number theory and solution
喷墨印刷水转印技术的研究/The ink-jet printing for Water transfer technology
石化企业制定生产计划的新方法/A new method in production planning of petrochemical enterprise
不锈钢管内表面磁力研磨的Matlab仿真/Simulation of an internal magnetic abrasive finishing of st
ICI蒙德法计算机辅助评价的实现/The realization of computer aided evaluation based on ICI Mond
油页岩干馏半焦制取白炭黑及其改性研究/preparation and modification of white carbon black using reto
ERP在济南联通的应用和评价/ERP Using In Chinaunicom Of Jinan
一体化育苗营养基生命周期评价研究/Study on Life Cycle Assessment of Compressed Integration Substr
基于GIS的土地利用信息系统——以宽城区为例/A Research on Land-use Information System Based on GIS---
Synthesis and sintering characteristics of zirconia and zirconia-alumina nanocom
Orientation of carbon nanotubes using electrophoresis
Nanoscale mechanical property measurements using modified atomic force microscop
In-situ development of a silicon nitride/amorphous silicon oxynitride nano-compo
3 nm NiCr wires made using electron beam lithography and PMMA resist
Fe-catalyzed carbon nanotube formation
Microbial synthesis of poly(β-hydroxyalkanoates) containing fluorinated sid
Measurement of the wetting angle of nanoparticles using surface melting
Making gold nanostructures using self-assembled monolayers and a scanning tunnel
Study of the sintering of nanosized titania agglomerates in flames using in situ
Model catalysts fabricated using electron beam lithography and pulsed laser depo
Ultrabroadband LiF:F2+* color center laser using two-prism spatially-dispersive
Microchip device for performing enzyme assays
Nanostructure fabrication using electron beam and its application to nanometer d
Magnetron sputter deposition and characterization of Ti/TiN, Au/TiN and MoSx/Pb
Liquid chromatographic analysis and characterization of inorganic nanoclusters
Catalytic electrochemical synthesis using nanocrystalline titanium dioxide catho
Study of the kinetics of polymerization of aniline using proton NMR spectroscopy
Preparation, characterization and optical properties of α-Fe2O3 films by s
Technique for positioning nanoparticles using an atomic force microscope
Mechanical properties of TiN thin films investigated using biaxial tensile testi
Epitaxial growth of nanometer-thick CaF2/CdF2 heterostructures using partially i
Fabrication of microelectron gun arrays using laser micromachining
Measurement of protein charge and ion binding using capillary electrophoresis
Rheology of aqueous suspensions containing highly concentrated nano-sized zircon
Direct length comparison between regular crystalline lattice and SEM standard gr
Diamond growth by hollow cathode arc plasma chemical vapor deposition
Microwave sintering of nanometer and micrometer ferrite powders
Production, consolidation, sintering, and stability of novel nano-crystalline zi
Preparation and characterization of Ni/NiO composite using microwave irradiation
Growth of boron nitride thin films on silicon substrates using new organoboron p
Demonstration of gas-phase combustion synthesis of nanosized particles using a h
Photocatalysis using semiconductor nanoclusters
Electrochemical preparation of chiral polyaniline nanocomposites
Simple colloidal route to planar micropatterned Er@ZnO amplifiers
Photophysical properties and photoinduced polymerisation activity of novel 1-chl
Circuit failure identification using focused ion beam and transmission electron
Nanoscale desorption of H-passivated Si(100)-2×1 surfaces using an ultrahi
Relationship between growth, structure and superconductivity of single crystal Y
Preparation of size-controlled Pt catalysts supported on alumina
Single myosin head moves along an actin filament with regular steps of 5.3 nanom
Some recent developments in aqueous sol-gel processing
Highly sensitive static strain fiber-Bragg grating sensor using an interrogating
Limiting factors in the production of deep microstructures
Nanoliter liquid metering in microchannels using hydrophobic patterns
Flat type touch probe sensor using PZT thin film vibrator
Controlled and reversible formation of nanoparticle aggregates and films using C
Oxygenation of hydrocarbons using nanostructured TiO2 as a photocatalyst: A gree
Preparation and Spectroscopic Characterization of Hydrophobic Metallic Nanoparti
Removal of hexavalent chromium by nanofiltration
Characteristics of nanostructured Cr-B films produced by RF magnetron sputtering
Some comparisons of LIBS measurements using nanosecond and picosecond laser puls
Synthesis of titania-coated silica nanoparticles using ono-ionic water-in-oil
Structural stability of carbon nanotube tips on nanoindentation of polycarbonate
On-chip proteolytic digestion and analysis using wrong-way-round electrospray ti
Room temperature replication in spin on glass by nanoimprint technology
Diffusion of polymer-coated nanoparticles studied by fluorescence correlation sp
Solubility and purity of nanotubes in arc discharge carbon powder
Applications of self-assembled monolayers in materials chemistry
Carbon Films for Use as the Electron Source in a Parallel e-Beam Lithography Sys
Investigating distributed sensor/point actuator testbeds by using differential l
Thermal spraying of nanostructured cermet coatings
Bivariate moment simulation of coagulating and sintering nanoparticles in flames
Development of an aggregation-based immunoassay for anti-protein A using gold na
Growth of nanoscale carbon structures and their corresponding hydrogen uptake pr
Scale-up methodology for municipal water nanofiltration based on permeate water
Mechanical property measurements of nanoscale structures using an atomic force m
Fabrication of nanometer-spaced electrodes using gold nanoparticles
Rapid and direct determination of iodide in seawater by electrostatic ion chroma
In situ stepwise surface analysis of micropatterned glass substrates in liquids
Modeling of multi-electrolyte transport in charged ceramic and organic nanofilte
Measuring the number of independent emitters in single-molecule fluorescence ima
Electronic transport properties of single-crystal silicon nanowires fabricated u
Third order nonlinear optical studies in europium naphthalocyanine using degener
Nanometer scale surface properties of supported lipid bilayers measured with hyd
Detection of CO and O2 using tin oxide nanowire sensors
Chiral smectic C structures of virus-based films
Supercritical CO2-based formation of silica nanoparticles using water-in-oil mic
Micrometer-scaled gradient surfaces generated using contact printing of octadecy
Effects of ultraviolet radiation exposure on vinyl ester resins: Characterizatio
Platinum nanoparticles at mica surfaces
Evaluations of the effective material properties of carbon nanotube-based compos
Viscoelastic study using an atomic force microscope modified to operate as a nan
Biodetection using magnetically labeled biomolecules and arrays of spin valve se
Fabrication of metal nanowires using microcontact printing
Preconcentration procedures for trace cadmium determination in natural aqueous s
Producing wear resistant chrome coatings using nanodiamonds of different nature
Fabrication of biological microarrays using microcantilevers
The electrochemical studies on a self-assembled viologen monolayer using quartz
Fabrication of subwavelength-size aperture for a near-field optical probe using
Synthesis and characterization of isolated iron oxide nanoparticle dispersed in
Preparation of Melamine Resin Micro/Nanocapsules by using a Microreactor and Tel
Improvement of mechanical strength of micro tools by controlling surface charact
Preparation of a protein micro-array using a photo-reactive polymer for a cell-a
DNA size separation using artificially nanostructured matrix
Photocatalysed reduction of aqueous sodium carbonate using LaCoO3 nano particles
Removal of fulvic acid from water electrochemically using active carbon fiber el
Magnetite-Containing Spherical Silica Nanoparticles for Biocatalysis and Biosepa
Linear assemblies of silica-coated gold nanoparticles using carbon nanotubes as
A new methodology of mesenchymal stem cell expansion using magnetic nanoparticle
Artificially size- and position-controlled Ge dot formation using patterned Si
Preparation of polysilane/gold bilayer using polysilane/2-(methylthio) ethyl met
Three-dimensional micro-self-assembly using hydrophobic interaction controlled b
Studies on mesoporous silica films synthesized using F127, a triblock co-polymer
Position sensitivity of micro probe with transverse: Vibration using optical tra
Study of Nanorheology and Nanotribology by Coarse-grained Molecular Dynamics Sim
Nano-defects inspection of semiconductor wafer using evanescent wave
Microfabrication and drilling using diffraction-free pulsed laser beam generated
High-resolution strain measurement in shallow trench isolation structures using
Influence of Processing Method on the Exfoliation Process for Organically Modifi
Improvement in wear resistance of plasma sprayed yttria stabilized zirconia coat
Characterization of TiN thin films subjected to nanoindentation using focused io
The deduction of fine structural details of asymmetric nanofiltration membranes
Properties of cellulose acetate nanofiltration membranes. Application to brackis
Assembly and electrical characterization of DMA-wrapped carbon nanotube devices
Evaluating abrasive wear of amorphous alloys using nanoscratch technique
Molecular biomimetics: Materials science and engineering using genetically engin
Preparation and characterization of nickel hydroxide nanorods using hydrothermal
Study on property improvement of polymer coated material for opticalfibre Bragg
Silver Nano-particles preparation using direct ultrasonic irradiation and the fr
Preparation of N doped TiO2 by using ACF as template and its photocatalytic appl
Preparation of titania nanotubes and their environmental applications as electro
Nanofluids in carbon nanotubes using supercritical CO2: A first step towards a n
Deep UV lithography for pillar type nanophotonic crystal
Nanoindentation and nanowear of extremely thin protective layers of C-N and B-C-
Nanoimprint and lift-off process using poly (vinyl alcohol)
Specificity of immobilized metal affinity-based IMAC/C18 tip enrichment of phosp
Synthesis and characterization of glycomethacrylate hybrid stars from silsesquio
From MEMS to nanomachine
Fabrication of alumina-based toughened nanocomposites
Novel detection system for biomolecules using nano-sized bacterial magnetic part
Polysilane-silica hybrid nanoparticles
Zusatznutzen von Textilien - Neue Wege und Chancen
Fire behaviour of polyamide 6/multiwall carbon nanotube nanocomposites
Electrochemical etching using surface carboxylated graphite electrodes in ultrap
Quantification issues in the identification of nanoscale regions of homopolymers
Active patterning using an addressable microfluidic network
Synthesis of Fe3O4 thin films by solid state reactions
Deep subwavelength nanolithography using localized surface plasmon modes on plan
Near-IR microscopy images nanotubes
Photocatalytic degradation of phenol using TiO2 nanocrystals supported on activa
Ferromagnetic ordering in nanostructured Mn-doped InP
Double labeling and simultaneous detection of B- and T cells using fluorescent n
Catechol incorporation and detection using bentonite-vanadium(V) oxide xerogels
Adhesive and nanomechanical properties of polymeric films deposited on silicon
Magnetic separation in microfluidic systems using microfabricated electromagnets
Fabrication of high-aspect-ratio Prussian blue nanotubes using a porous alumina
Neuro-vascular central nervous recording/stimulating system: Using nanotechnolog
Structure analyses of dodecylated single-walled carbon nanotubes
Single-wall carbon nanotube-based proton exchange membrane assembly for hydrogen
Oil core and silica shell nanocapsules: Toward controlling the size and the abil
Synthesis and characterization of mPEG-PLA prodrug micelles
Preparation of dppe-stabilized gold nanoparticles
Electrochemical sensor for organophosphate pesticides and nerve agents using zir
Probing the local structure and mechanical response of nanostructures using forc
Spontaneous phase separation of patterned binary alkanethiol mixtures
New syntheses of hyperbranched polyamine grafts
Attitude determination and control of a nanosatellite using geomagnetic field da
A methodology to investigate size scale effects in crystalline plasticity using
Micro/nanoscale mechanical and tribological characterization of SiC for orthoped
Viscometric characterization of cobalt nanoparticle-based magnetorheological flu
Characterization of d.c. jet CVD diamond films on molybdenum
Micro fluxgate magnetic sensor interface circuits using ΔΣ modulatio
Joining of yttria-tetragonal stabilized zirconia polycrystals using nanocrystals
Fading prediction in thermoluminescent materials using computerised glow curve d
Monodispersed, nonagglomerated silicon nanocrystallites
Laser-based processing of polymer nanocomposites for chemical sensing applicatio
Preparation and analysis of zirconia doped ceria nanocrystal dispersions
Evaluation of the hydroxyapatite film coating on titanium cathode by QCM
Preparation and characterization of Ag2E (E = Se, Te) using the sonochemically a
Characterization of CrBN films deposited by ion beam assisted deposition
Precise control of multiwall carbon nanotube diameters using thermal chemical va
An international round-robin experiment to evaluate the consistency of nanoinden
Characterization of weathering degradation in aircraft polymeric coatings using
Thin CNx overcoats deposited using various sputtering gases
Low temperature bonding of ceramics by sol-gel processing
The study of the filling behaviour of carbon nanotubes using the radioactive-tra
A reliable method for fabricating sub-10 nm gap junctions without using electron
Nanoscale variable resistance using interlayer sliding of multiwall nanotube
Formation of carbon nanotubes from polyvinyl alcohol using arc-discharge method
Nanomechanical properties studied by atomic force microscopy in combination with
Laser micro drilling using a nanosecond-pulse Bessel-beam
Nanoimprint using three-dimensional microlens mold made by focused-ion-beam chem
Inverse determination of the cutting force on nanoscale processing using atomic
Surface attachment of nanoparticles using oligonucleotides
Branched carbon nanofiber network synthesis at room temperature using radio freq
Controlled deposition of nanoparticle clusters by electrohydrodynamic atomizatio
Mechanical characterization of the heat affected zone of gold wirebonds using na
EPL performance in 65-nm node metallization technology and beyond
Nanoimprint and nanocontact technologies using hydrogen silsesquioxane
Impact of hydrogen dilution on microstructure and optoelectronic properties of s
Microring and microdisk optical resonators using silicon nanocrystals and erbium
Synthesis of ultrafine hydroxyapatite particles by a spray dry method
Nanoscale mechanical property measurements using modified atomic forte microscop
Automatic determination of mercury in samples of environmental interest
Development of a quantitative polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis analysis using
Wire-electrochemical cutting with a NaNO3 electrolyte
Numerical simulations of slider interaction with multiple asperity using Hertzia