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中国上市公司董事会内部监督机制的效率研究 /The Efficiency Study on The Board’s Inner Monitoring Syste
薄壁双层管液压胀形规律的研究/Study of Deforming Rule in Hydraulic Bulging Process of Bimetal T
环形窄缝通道内水流动换热特性数值研究/Numerical Study on the Characteristic of Flow and Heat Transf
冰箱吸塑成型箱内壳冷却变形分析及发泡模具精确设计研究/Cooling Distortion Analysis of the Refrigerator Compr
人内耳结构的三维精确建模研究/Computer-aided Three-dimensional Precise Modeling of Human Inner
上海市某医院民营化个案研究/Case Study of One Private Hospital Reorganization in Shanghai
周恩来行政伦理观的内在禀性探析/natural dispositions of the concept of administrative ethics of
C57BL/6鼠内耳形态发育及相关蛋白表达的比较研究/Comparing Study on Proteins Expressed During Morpholo
直硝法生产浓硝酸反应釜内筒及附件的腐蚀和结构的研究/study on corrosion and structure about the reacting ke
我国上市公司会计信息披露/Research on the Accounting Information’s Publishing Losing True of
湖北省交通厅系统收支内部控制制度创新研究/Perfect Financial Internal Control System about Transportat
湖北省交通厅系统收支内部控制制度创新研究/Perfect Financial Internal Control System aboutTransportati
基于网络的汽车内饰交互式设计技术研究与实践/Study and practice on network-based interactive design of
红外实物仿真伺服系统/Infrared practicality simulating server system
风送式超低量喷雾装置内流场数值模拟研究/The numerical simulation study of the inner flow in the air-
直硝法生产浓硝酸反应釜内筒及附件的腐蚀和结构的研究/study on corrosion and structure about the reacting ke
关于区域单叶性内径的若干研究/Investigations on the inner radius of univalence for some domains
硬脆材料罩体充压试验方法研究/Research on Testing Method of Rigid Fragile Radome Pressurization
企业流动资产内部会计控制研究/Analysis of internal accountant control of current assets
基于房地产行业的上市公司价值评估体系研究/The Empirical Study of Corporation Valuation on Estate Corp
改革开放以来中国共产党党内民主建设研究/Studying on Inner-party Democracy Construction of the CCP af
Adsorption of barium(II) on montmorillonite: An EXAFS study
Electrophoresis in nanometer inner diameter capillaries with electrochemical det
Nanostructural investigations of hydrating cement pastes produced from cement wi
Nanotomography: Ellipsometric spectral tomography of surface nanostructures meta
Double wall carbon nanotubes with an inner diameter of 0.4 nm
A molecular motor constructed from a double-walled carbon nanotube driven by tem
Inner core structure responds to communication between nanocapsule walls
Design of a spiral PFL based on Tesla
Measurement of the mean inner potential of ZnO nanorods by transmission electron
Highly perfect inner tubes in CVD grown double-wall carbon nanotubes
Isotope engineering of carbon anotube systems
In-situ vis-near-infrared and Raman spectroelectrochemistry of double-walled car
Carbon nanotube inner phase chemistry: The Cl- exchange S N2 reaction
Electrically assisted sampling across membranes with electrophoresis in nanomete
Photocurrent spectroscopy of double wall carbon nanotubes
Microstructure, chemistry, and origin of grain rims on ilmenite from the lunar s
Insertion of C60 into multi-wall carbon nanotubes-a synthesis of C60@MWCNT
Organic/inorganic nano-composites by dispersion of porous silica through pseudo-
Electron and nuclear dynamics of molecular clusters in ultraintense laser fields
Interaction between concentric tubes in DWCNTs
Melting behavior of one-dimensional zirconium nanowire
Raman spectroscopy of small-diameter nanotubes
TEM and XPS studies to reveal the presence of cobalt and palladium particles in
Resonance Raman scattering from phonon overtones in double-wall carbon nanotubes
Diameter selective reaction processes of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Isotope engineering of carbon nanotube systems
Molecular dynamics study of double-walled carbon nanotubes for nano-mechanical m
Atomic force microscopy imaging and 3-D reconstructions of serial thin sections