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分子电子学的量子输运理论的研究/Quantum transport theory of molecule electronics
对叔丁基杯[n]芳烃配合物的合成及性质研究/The synthesis of tert-butyl calix [n]arene coordination
Atom electronics: a proposal of nano-scale devices based on atom/molecule switc
Proposed `metabolism for a hydrocarbon assembler
Single-molecule nanophotonics in solids
Nanoscale single-molecule amplifier and its consequences
Torsional control of double-stranded DNA branch migration
Rotation of a single molecule within a supramolecular bearing
Femtochemistry in nanocavities: Reactions in cyclodextrins
Vibrational properties of single-wall nanotubes based on the structure of the mo
Optical measurements on the nanometer scale
Structure of single-molecule single crystals of isotactic polystyrene and their
Adsorption and encapsulation of fluorescent probes in nanoparticles
Three-dimensional orientations of polymer-bound single molecules
Nanometer pores in ultrathin silica films prepared by self-assembly of organic s
Estimating the strength of the water/single-layer graphite interaction
Think small
Electrochemical reactivity at redox-molecule-based nanoelectrode ensembles
A numerical ab initio study of harmonic generation from a ring-shaped model mole
Approach towards a unified theory for tanning: Wilsons dreams
Surface plasmon photonics: From optical properties of nanoparticles to single mo
Organic molecules acting as templates on metal surfaces
STM study of morphology and electron transport features in cytochrome c and nano
Single-molecule optomechanical cycle
Mineralization of single flexible polyelectrolyte molecules
Superstructures of self-organizing thiophenes
Adsorption and diffusion of single molecules at chromatographic interfaces
Single-molecule covalent chemistry with spatially separated reactants
Mapping fast flows over micrometer-length scales using flow-tagging velocimetry
Nanoscale tripodal 1,3,5,7-tetrasubstituted adamantanes for AFM applications
STM Control of Chemical Reactions: Single-Molecule Synthesis
Enhancement of field emission in carbon nanotubes through adsorption of polar mo
Overtones and combinations in single-molecule surface-enhanced resonance Raman s
Nanoholes improve single-molecule analysis
Controlled positioning of a DNA molecule in an electrode setup based on self-ass
Size-tunable emission from 1,3-diphenyl-5-(2-anthryl)-2-pyrazoline nanoparticles
Impacts of metal electrode and molecule orientation on the conductance of a sing
Quantum dynamics of exchange biased single-molecule magnets
Making the most of nanotechnology
Physics of single molecule fluctuations in surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy a
Immobilization of protein molecules by size-selected metal clusters on surfaces
Ordering and interaction of molecules encapsulated in carbon nanotubes
Single-molecule optics
Electrical generation and absorption of phonons in carbon nanotubes
Adsorption and Charge-Transfer Study of Bi-isonicotinic Acid on In Situ-Grown An
Three-body collisions as a particle formation mechanism in silver nanoparticle s
Structure and energetics of helium adsorption on nanosurfaces
Single-Molecule Magnets: A Large Mn30Molecular Nanomagnet Exhibiting Quantum Tun
Coherent electron transport through an azobenzene molecule: A light-driven molec
Focal Volume Confinement by Submicrometer-Sized Fluidic Channels
Single-molecule pump-probe detection resolves ultrafast pathways in individual a
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering on colloidal nanostructures
A single molecule switch based on two Pd nanocrystals linked by a conjugated dit
Advances in single-molecule magnet surface patterning through microcontact print
Contacting a single molecular wire by STM manipulation
Materials science: Single-molecule torsional pendulum
Electrochemically deposited silver particles for surface enhanced Raman spectros
Ion-molecule reactions in 4He droplets: Flying nano-cryo-reactors
Hamiltonian logic gates: Computing inside a molecule
Single-molecule imaging produces nanoscale pictures
Molecular gates spin photons from chemicals
Sensing DNA-DNA as nanosensor: A perspective towards nanobiotechnology
Fluorescence and phosphorescence from individual C60 molecules excited by local
Gaining insight into the nanoscale properties of sol-gel-derived silicate thin f
A dendronized polymer is a single-molecule glass
Two-dimensional (2D) DNA crystals assembled from two DNA strands
Controlled polymerization of substituted diacetylene self-organized monolayers c
The single-molecule dye laser
A proposal of atom/molecule switching devices
Scanning plasmon optical microscope operation in atomic force microscope mode
Single molecule spectroscopy in solids: quantum optics and spectral dynamics
Direct observation of helical polysilane nanostructures by atomic force microsco
Photochemical hole burning of polymer nanoparticles including single dye molecul
Three-dimensional monolayers: nanometer-sized electrodes of alkanethiolate-stabi
Electrostatic trapping of single conducting nanoparticles between nanoelectrodes
New design of a cryostat-mounted scanning near-field optical microscope for sing
A single molecule as a probe of optical intensity distribution
Simultaneous measurement of individual ATPase and mechanical reactions by a sing
Single-molecule anisotropy imaging
Optical microscopy using a single-molecule light source
Single-molecule magnets
Tunnel splitting for a high-spin molecule in an in-plane field
Analysis of individual (macro)molecules and proteins using near-field optics
Influencing the angular emission of a single molecule
First overtone helium nanodroplet isolation spectroscopy of molecules bearing th
Interactions between molecular wires and a gold surface
Molecular and intramolecular electronics
Photoinduced charge separation and recombination in a novel methanofullerene-tri
Adsorption and desorption of an O2 molecule on carbon nanotubes
Preparation of single-molecule particles of water-soluble polymers
Original tools for single-molecule spectroscopy
Slit width dependent cooling effect for N2 molecules adsorbed on graphitic nanos
Prospects for single molecule information processing devices
Prospects for molecular nanoelectronics
Single molecule DNA device measured with triple-probe atomic force microscope
Near-field effects in single molecule emission
A model of an apertureless scanning microscope with a prolate nanospheroid as a
Theory of near-field optical imaging with a single molecule as light source
Spectral broadening of 40-fs Ti:sapphire laser pulses in photonic-molecule modes
Theoretical study of hydrogen isotope velocity differentiation in carbon nanotub
Surface enhanced Raman scattering from a single molecule adsorbed on a metal par
Diffusion of nanoparticles in a rarefied gas
Bonding more atoms together for a single molecule computer
Experimental studies of the myosin-actin motor
Theoretical study of single molecule fluorescence in a metallic nanocavity
Non-linear transport through a molecular nanojunction
Micro- and nanobiochip technology
Lateral forces during manipulation of a single C60 molecule on the Si(001)-2&tim
Electron collision data for polyatomic molecules in plasma processing and enviro
Single-molecule imaging and spectroscopy using fluorescence and surface-enhanced
Interaction of molecular and atomic hydrogen with (5,5) and (6,6) single-wall ca
Adsorption behavior of Lander molecules on Cu(110) studied by scanning tunneling
Electronic properties of functional biomolecules at metal/aqueous solution inter
Molecular logic by optical spectroscopy with output transfer by charge migration
Current-voltage characterization of alkanethiol self-assembled monolayers in met
Changes in the electronic properties of a molecule when it is wired into a circu
A single DNA molecule nanomotor
Electrical measurements of a dithiolated electronic molecule via conducting atom
Single-molecule spectroscopy and microscopy
Fluctuations and local symmetry in single-molecule rhodamine 6G Raman scattering
Single molecule measurements of DNA transport through a nanopore
Kondo resonance in a single-molecule transistor
Electron transport properties of a carotene molecule in a metal-(single molecule
Single molecule Raman spectroscopy at the junctions of large Ag nanocrystals
Visualization and spectroscopy of a metal-molecule-metal bridge
Current-driven dynamics in molecular-scale devices
Quantum coherence in an exchange-coupled dimer of single-molecule magnets
Single-molecule nanosecond anisotropy dynamics of tethered protein motions
Combined force and photonic probe microscope with single molecule sensitivity
Quantum dynamics of a hydrogen molecule confined in a cylindrical potential
Adsorption of 2-mercaptopyrimidine on silver nanoparticles in water
Zero-mode waveguides for single-molecule analysis at high concentrations
Single molecule detection of DNA looping by NgoMIV restriction endonuclease
Methods of single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy
Band structure engineering of a molecular wire system composed of dimercaptoacet
Application of biophotonics to the functional analysis of biomolecules at single
Molecules interacting with a metallic nanowire
Resistance of alkanethiol molecular wires
Single-electron transistor of a single organic molecule with access to several r
Electron transfer behaviour of biological macromolecules towards the single-mole
Transistors based on the Guanosine molecule (a DNA base)
Multiple length scale patterning of single-molecule magnets
Single molecular measurement for nano-biomachines
Prototypical single-molecule transistors with supramolecular gates: varying dipo
Self-assembled magnetic nanostripes by organic patterning
Prototypical single-molecule chemical-field-effect transistor with nanometer-siz
Single-molecule spontaneous emission close to absorbing nanostructures
Functionalized fluorescent oxide nanoparticles: artificial toxins for sodium cha
Electronic transport in single-molecule magnets on metallic surfaces
Nanocapsules with functionalized surfaces and walls
Probing nanosecond protein motions of calmodulin by single-molecule fluorescence
Current profiles of molecular nanowires: density-functional theory Greens functi
Monte Carlo simulations of absorption and fluorescence spectra in ellipsoidal na
Probing single DNA molecule transport using fabricated nanopores
Transport in self-assembled molecular wires: effect of packing and order
Electrophoretic manipulation of single DNA molecules in nanofabricated capillari
Atomic force microscopy study of comb-like vs. arborescent graft copolymers in t
Radiative and nonradiative decay rates of a molecule close to a metal particle o
Nanostructured surfaces: challenges and frontiers in nanotechnology
Photochemical synthesis of gold nanoparticles via controlled nucleation using a
Radiative decay of nonstationary system
The DNA SET: a novel device for single-molecule DNA sequencing
High resolution infrared spectra of a carbon dioxide molecule solvated with heli
Ozone adsorption on carbon nanotubes: ab initio calculations and experiments
High resolution protein AFM imaging using a carbon nanotube tip
Comment on Theoretical study of single molecule fluorescence in a metallic nanoc
On the characterization of nanoporous materials by means of empirical and intrin
Three-dimensional bead position histograms reveal single-molecule nanomechanics
The contact conductance on a molecular wire
A micromachined DNA manipulation platform for the stretching and rotation of a s
Topography and mechanical properties of single molecules of type I collagen usin
Single-molecule contacts as a basis for nano-electronic circuits
Two-probe theory of scanning tunneling microscopy of single molecules: Zn(II)-et
Single-channel conductance of H2 molecules attached to platinum or palladium ele
Transport properties of carbon nanotubes encapsulating C60 and related materials
Ab initio study of the binding strength of POSS-cation complexes
Label-free detection of small-molecule-protein interactions by using nanowire na
Empirical nanotube model for biological applications
Single molecule spectroscopy of organic dye nanoparticles
Single DNA molecule detection using nanopipettes and nanoparticles
Modeling the local structure and energetics of protozeolitic nanoclusters in hyd
Nanowell device for the electrical characterization of metal-molecule-metal junc
Superfluidity in CH4-doped H2 nanoclusters
Single molecule fluorescence control for nanotechnology
Multiple solvation configurations around phthalocyanine in helium droplets
Direct visualization of nanopatterns by single-molecule imaging
Nanoparticle-free single molecule anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy
Motion of single DNA molecules at a liquid-solid interface as revealed by variab
A tightly regulated molecular motor based upon T7 RNA polymerase
Molecular commensurability with a surface reconstruction: STM study of azobenzen
Single molecule electrochemistry
Electron transfer reactions and mobile holes in radiolysis of squalane. Time-res