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ZM模型中核物质的气液相变/ Liquid-gas Transition for nuclear matter in the
大脑白质纤维磁共振弥散张量成像研究/Study of Cerebral White Matter FIber by Using MR Diffusion Ten
共同诉讼研究/On Co-litigation
A房地产公司的发展战略/The development strategy of A housing company
财产权客体研究/A Study on Subject-Matter of Property Right
以微滤为核心的工艺处理三家店微污染水的实验研究/study on light-polluted reservoir water in Sanjiadian by
以微滤为核心的工艺处理三家店微污染水的实验研究/study on light-polluted reservoir water in Sanjiadian by
大气颗粒物研究现状及其发展趋势/Particulate matter researches and development trends
My experiments with thin films - the nanostate of matter
Strong quantum-size effects in a layered semiconductor: MoS2 nanoclusters
International report
Current applications of neutron scattering in condensed matter physics, material
Photoexcitation of Si-Si surface states in nanocrystallites
Accumulation of organic matter in the kimmeridge clay formation (KCF): an updat
Exciton states of amphiphilic dye condensed matter: From solution by way of LB f
Dialysis investigations of atrazine-organic matter interactions and the role of
Effects of natural organic matter and the raw water matrix on the rejection of a
Interfaces in nanostructures: optical investigations on cluster-matter
Nanofiltration of natural organic matter: Removal, fouling and the influence of
Modelling of the nanotubular form of the matter
Interactions between natural organic matter (NOM) and membranes: Rejection and f
Performance of 3 years operation of nanofiltration plants
Some analytical problems encountered for trace elements determination in the air
Protection of organic matter by mineral matrix in a Cenomanian black shale
The role of the benthic biota in sedimentary metabolism and sediment-water excha
Uraninite and fullerene in atmospheric particulates
Cost optimization of nanofiltration with fouling by natural organic matter
Phase separation and regrowth of aerosol matter collected after size fractionati
Impact and growth phenomena observed with sub-micrometer atmospheric aerosol par
Particulate matter in the southern Adriatic and Ionian Sea: Characterisation and
Multimode interferometer for guided matter waves
Particulate matter and plankton dynamics in the Ross Sea Polynya of Terra Nova B
Novel methods for characterizing algogenic organic matter and associated nanofil
Environmental technologies at the nanoscale
Fouling characteristics of NF and RO operated for removal of dissolved matter fr
Characterization of carbon nanoparticles in ambient aerosols by scanning electro
Surface water treatment by the nanofiltration method
Nanofiltration of biologically treated textile effluents using ozone as a pre-tr
Removal of natural organic matter by ultrafiltration and nanofiltration for drin
Characterizing algogenic organic matter (AOM) and evaluating associated NF membr
Detection of biocolloids in aquatic media by Nano-Particle Analyzer
Influence of operating parameters on separation of green syrup colored matter fr
Invisible computing: Programmable matter
Color plasma oscillation in strangelets
Comment on “Erasing the glassy state in magnetic fine particles”
Static and dynamic shear response in ultrathin layers of vortex matter
Generation of higher fullerenes from laser ablation of carbyne and C60 photopoly
Self-organization in living cells: networks of protein machines and nonequilibri
Bose-Einstein condensate - A new state of matter
Some novel space propulsion systems
Comment on first-principles treatments of electron transport properties for nano
Magnetization dynamics of surfaces and few-monolayer films
The marriage of electrostatics and hydrodynamics: simulating the dynamics of cha
Small-angle neutron scattering
Photoluminescence and local structure of Ge nanoclusters on Si without a wetting
Thermoelectric power of a single-walled carbon nanotubes strand
Radial-breathing-like phonon modes of double-walled carbon nanotubes
Two growth modes of graphitic carbon nanofibers with herring-bone structure