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RoboCup 足球机器人路径规划算法的研究/Research on Path Planning for Robocup Soccer Robots
碳纳米管力学和热传导特性的分子动力学模拟及结构优化/Study of geometry optimization, mechanical properties
RoboCup足球机器人路径规划算法的研究与实现/Research and Implementation on Path Planning for RoboCu
电磁刺激神经纤维的兴奋机理和模型研究/Studies of Modeling and Mechanism for Activating Peripheral N
电子束照射集成电路样品时的表面电位均匀化机理/Homogenization Mechanism of the Surface Potential of IC S
心脏光学标测荧光图像处理系统的设计与实现/Design and Realization of Cardiac Optical Mapping Image Pro
磁电弹性复合材料中波的传播和金属钨的多尺度模拟/Wave Propagation in Magneto-electro-elastic Composites a
低气压容性射频等离子体鞘层特性研究/Research on Low-Pressure Capacitive Radio Frequency Plasma She
《销售与市场》杂志发行潜力研究/The Marketing Potential Researching for Magazine
扫描电镜样品表面残留电位均匀化的机理研究/Mechanism Study of Surface-Potential Initialization for a S
金属表面吸附二聚物自扩散及原子操纵动力学研究/Study of dimer diffusion on metal surfaces and adatom man
上海居民商业人寿保险消费心理初探/the Market Research and Strategy Plan for Shanghai Citizens lif
关于社会潜规则形成与影响的探讨/A Probe Into Formation And Influence Of Social Potential Rule
给定势函数的非线性薛定谔方程不变环面的存在性/Invariant Tori of Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations with A
考虑量子力学效应的MOSFET表面势模型研究/MOSFET Surface Potential Model Considering Quantum Mechan
新危险犯研究/study of New potential damage offense
有限囚禁势BEC的基态与激发态的性质/Ground state and low-excited states of a Bose gas in a finite
危险犯研究/Research on Potential Damage Offence
表面活性剂改性膨胀土/Expansive Soils modified by surfactant
石头口门水库双阳河流域农业非点源污染发生潜力评价/Evaluation on Agricultural non-point source pollution p
Behaviour of the ionization potential at the closing of atomic shells in large b
Nanoscale evaluation of structure and surface potential of gated field emitters
Kelvin relation. Stability, fluctuation, and factors involved in measurement
Effects of electrode potential on nanostructure of single crystalline semiconduc
Nanoscale evaluation of structure and surface potential of gated field emitters
Kelvin relation. Stability, fluctuation, and factors involved in measurement
Effects of electrode potential on nanostructure of single crystalline semiconduc
Potential change during intercalation of sulfuric acid in host carbons with diff
Hybrid processes involving membranes for the treatment of highly organic/inorgan
Electrostatic conductance oscillations in an AlGaAs/GaAs-based mesoscopic wire
Finite-element analysis of electron waveguide discontinuities with arbitrary pot
Three-dimensional effects on the electronic structure of quasiperiodic systems
Implementation of artificial neural networks into hardware: concepts and limita
Particle dynamics simulations of structures in nano-powders
Building a bioelectronic interface
Total delay time for a particles tunneling through a smooth potential barrier
Electrodeposition of Cu nanoparticles on decanethiol-covered Au(111) surfaces: A
Electronic structure and chemical potential of small jellium clusters at nonzero
Influence of electron-confined phonon interaction on third-order optical nonline
Electrostatic characterization of Al-modified, nanosized silica particles
Investigation of the potential distribution in porous nanocrystalline TiO2 elect
Roughness effects on the electrostatic-image potential near a dielectric interfa
pH-dependent redox potential induced in a sensitizing dye by adsorption onto TiO
Possible three terminal HTS transistor device
Electrochemical coulomb staircase: detection of single electron-transfer events
Effect of capillarity on the chemical potential in interfaces
Observation of surface potential at nanometer scale by electrostatic force micro
Electrokinetic investigations of charged porous membranes
Beyond CMOS:- Si heteroepitaxy and nanoelectronics for the superchip of the futu
Electrokinetic effects in membrane pores and the determination of zeta-potential
Investigation of redox potential and negative differential resistance behavior o
Ion separation by porous silica-zirconia nanofiltration membranes
Spectroelectrochemistry of highly doped nanostructured tin dioxide electrodes
Study of silica nanoparticle adsorption using optical reflectometry and streamin
Control of metal nanostructure morphology by means of applied Si potential
Calculation of electrical properties of novel double-barrier metal oxide semicon
In-situ AFM study of pitting corrosion of Cu thin films
Nanostructural conductivity and surface-potential study of low-field-emission ca
Streaming potential measurements as a characterization method for nanofiltration
Polyoxyethylene-coated nanospheres: effect of coating on zeta potential and pha
Strongly Anisotropic Band Dispersion of an Image State Located above Metallic Na
The polarization behaviour of pure aluminium in neutral solutions in presence an
Optimization of carbon nanotube arrays for hydrogen adsorption
Adsorption-induced two-dimensional self-organization
Studies of fullerenes and carbon nanotubes by an extended bond order potential
Zeta-potential and rejection rates of a polyethersulfone nanofiltration membrane
Onset of quantization in ultra-submicron semiconductor devices
Control of surface and ζ potentials on nanoporous TiO2 films by potential-d
Membranes for the control of natural organic matter from surface waters
Formation of the nanotube structure of β-cyclodextrin on Au(III) surfaces i
Electro-nanofiltration of a textile direct dye solution
Parameters Influencing Charge Recombination Kinetics in Dye-Sensitized Nanocryst
Growth and properties of Cr-rich thick and porous oxide films on Type 304 stainl
Effect of temperature on the pitting of type 304 stainless steel in bromide and
Simulation at the start of the new millenium: Crossing the quantum-classical thr
Potential-induced transformation for surfactant aggregates on a metal surface
Preparation and use of membranes with potential-controlled functions
The effect of co-existing ions and surface characteristics of nanomembranes of t
Anode process proceeding under applying of short current pulses
Flow of multicomponent electrolyte solutions through narrow pores of nanofiltrat
Effect of radio frequency electric fields on the surface free energy and zeta po
Implications of the charge regulation model for the interaction of hydrophilic s
Synthesis and characterization of lanthanide hydroxide single-crystal nanowires
Rationalization of the low-potential reactivity of 3d-metal-based inorganic comp
Effect of solution physico-chemistry on the charge property of nanofiltration me
Binding of carbon rings to a graphite plane
Filtration potential across membranes containing selective layers
On the electrostatic potential profile in biased molecular wires
A vision toward self-renewing intelligent thin film media and modular storage sy
Kinetics of the electrochemical degradation of polypyrrole
Photoresponse of n-TiO2 thin film and nanowire electrodes
Determination of energy barriers for intermolecular interactions by variable tem
Life cycle economic and environmental implications of using nanocomposites in au
Two-phase oxidation of C60- by molecular oxygen at the electrified liquid-liquid
Voltage-induced phase transition in arrays of metallic nanodots: Computed transp
Inhibition of chloride pitting corrosion of stainless steels by NaNO2
Flatband potential of F:SnO2 in a TiO2 dye-sensitized solar cell: An interferenc
Modified silica particles for gene delivery
Future nanotechnology developments for automotive applications
Semiconductor Space Charge and Surface Oxide Thin Layers Capacitance by Electroc
On the behavior of electrokinetic streaming potential during protein filtration
Electrostatic potential profile and nonlinear current in an interacting one-dime
Influence of synthesis conditions on the electrokinetic characteristics of titan
High-resolution potential mapping in semiconductor nanostructures by cross-secti
Synthesis and characterization of amorphous nanosized MnSnO3 as a high capacity
Comparison of nanotube structures constructed from α-, β-, and &gamma
Investigation of the cyclic voltammetry of electro-deposition of Pd-Ni alloy on
Studies on insulin-loaded stearylamine nanoparticles: Preparation and physicoche
Electrochemomechanical energy conversion in nanofluidic channels
Soliton ratchets out of point-like inhomogeneities
Atomic force microscopy imaging of hair: Correlations between surface potential
Electrorheological properties and microstructure of silica suspensions
Mapping the potential within a nanoscale undoped GaAs region using a scanning el
Molecular dynamics simulations of single-wall GaN nanotubes
Electrochemically grown tin oxide thin films: In situ characterization of electr
Dynamic behaviour of viologen-activated nanostructured TiO2: Correlation between
Relationship between ionization potential, polarizability, and softness: A case
Tin- and titanium-oxygen nanostructures on the various hydr(oxides) surfaces
From subdiffusion to superdiffusion of particles on solid surfaces
Reversible Voltage-Induced Assembly of Au Nanoparticles at Liquid|Liquid Interfa
Assessment of the scaling potential for sparingly soluble salts in RO and NF uni
Predictive charge-regulation transport model for nanofiltration from the theory
Nanoparticles in a diblock copolymer background: The potential of mean force
Solution redox chemistry of carbon nanotubes
Chemical potentials in a three-component, 1-dimensional liquid
Nano- to microscale modeling by cluster potentials
Observation of the surface stress induced in microcantilevers by electrochemical
Circuit measures microvolts in the presence of volts
Beam stabilization in the two-dimensional nonlinear Schrodinger equation with an
Influence of the layer-to-layer interaction energy on the electronic energy in H
Study on empirical potential energy function of molecular dynamics simulations f
Study on dispersion and stability for slurry of γ-Al2O3 nanoparticles
Experimental research on the phenomena of liquid drop dispersion in a high-poten
The effect of WWTP effluent zeta-potential on direct nanofiltration performance
Energetics of copper nanowires
Strain-induced ordering of small Ge islands in clusters at the surface of multil
Effect of reduced selectivity of contacts on the current-potential characteristi
Scaling Potential Index (SPI) for CaCO3 based on gibbs free energies
Membrane potentials across nanofiltration membranes: Effect of nanoscaled cavity
Zeta potential measurement in catalyst preparations
Electron in an interaction potential of general shape
Analysis of the pressure-induced potential arising through composite membranes w
Electrochemical structuring of mechanically activated n-InP(100) surfaces
A modified embedded atom method interatomic potential for carbon
Reduction of acoustic-phonon deformation potential in one-dimensional array of S
Surface potential mapping of dispersed proteins
Electrokinetic properties of sepiolite suspensions in different electrolyte medi
Nanoscale neuro-integrative coatings for neural implants
Effects of extended dislocations on charge distribution in GaN epilayer
Nanotubes provide a potential two-pronged attack on cancer cell
Grape offers biofuel potential
Ab initio computation of the mean inner Coulomb potential of amorphous carbon st
Activation energy of electron transport in dye-sensitized TiO2 solar cells
Sol-gel coatings for corrosion protection of metals
Reactivity of monolayer-protected gold nanoclusters at dye-sensitized liquid/liq
Adsorption and photoreactivity of CdSe nanoparticles at liquid|liquid interfaces
Analytical model of a brownian motor with a fluctuating potential
The self-consistent calculation of a spherical quantum dot: A quantum genetic al
Electrokinetic properties of kaolinite in mono- and multivalent electrolyte solu
Measurement of Donnan potentials in gels by in situ microelectrode voltammetry
Hard-disk behavior and beyond in langmuir films of CdSe nanoparticles
Activation energies for oxygen reduction on platinum alloys: Theory and experime
Analytic potential energy functions for simulating aluminum nanoparticles
Catalysis with transition metal nanoparticles in colloidal solution: Nanoparticl
On the mechanism of hydrophobic association of nanoscopic solutes
A model for the channel potential of charge-trapping memories and its implicatio
Many-electron effects on ballistic transport
Can silacetylene be observed? A theoretical treatment of the tunneling effect
Quasi-stationary detection of transient absorption of a dissociating molecule
Nanometer-scale imaging of potential profiles in optically excited n-i-p-i heter
Simulation of electronic properties and capacitance of quantum dots
Localization in semiconductor quantum-wire nanostructures
Instability of nonequilibrium fluctuation in electrochemical nucleation. II. Det
Luminescence from excited states in strain-induced InxGa1-xAs quantum dots
Gauge invariance and wave packet simulations in the presence of dipole fields
Calculation of the photocurrent-potential characteristic for regenerative, sensi
Resonant tunneling in time-periodically modulated semiconductor nanostructures
Photoluminescence characteristics of GaAs nanowhiskers: Effects of depletion pot
Electrostatic phenomena at film/film interface in polyimide Langmuir-Blodgett fi
Quantum Hall effect and inter-edge-state tunneling within a barrier
Potential distribution in semiconductor particles
Understanding all of waters anomalies with a nonlocal potential
Stability of small MgO nanotube clusters: predictions of a transferable ionic po
A model of quantum confined state modified by surface potential in porous silico
Proposed growth mechanism of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Electric potential distribution and short-range screening in nanoporous TiO2 ele
Dynamical transitions in correlated driven diffusion in a periodic potential
Reconstructing potential energy functions from simulated force-induced unbinding
A high-resolution scanning Kelvin probe microscope for contact potential measure
Intra-potential-well contribution to the AC susceptibility of a noninteracting n
Molecular electronic tuning of Si surfaces
Classical artificial two-dimensional atoms: the Thomson model
Orienting DNA helices on gold using applied electric fields
Use of a nanoscale Kelvin probe for detecting wear precursors
Lowest energy structures of gold nanoclusters
Crevice corrosion behavior of A516-70 carbon steel in solutions containing inhib
Determination of the surface potential of two-dimensional crystals of bacteriorh
Energetics of carbon nanotubes
Passivity breakdown of lead anode in alkaline nitrate solutions
Two-dimensional mapping of the electrostatic potential in transistors by electro
Nanometer-scale variations in interface potential by scanning probe microscopy
Molecular simulation of hydrogen adsorption in single-walled carbon nanotubes an
Effective-mass theory of carbon nanotubes with vacancy
Computer simulations of hydrogen adsorption on graphite nanofibers
Simulation of expansion of a crystalline system with a short-range interparticle
About a one-dimensional stationary Schrodinger-Poisson system with Kohn-Sham pot
A combination study of conductivity and contact potential in low-field-emission
Monte Carlo simulation of breaking of gold nanowires
Modelling the electric potential distribution in the dark in nanoporous semicond
Influence of the image potential on the energy spectrum of electron in complex s
Potential imaging of operating light-emitting devices using Kelvin force microsc
Probing domains at the nanometer scale in piezoelectric thin films
Small-angle X-ray-scattering study of silver-nanocrystal disorder-order phase tr
Implications of finite-size and surface effects on nanosize intercalation materi
Static and dynamic electron holography of electrically active grain boundaries i
Formation of the `nanotube structure of β-cyclodextrin on Au(III) surfaces
Carbon nanotubes, buckyballs, ropes, and a universal graphitic potential
Magnetic response for an ellipsoid of revolution in a magnetic field
Fractional conductance quantization in metallic nanoconstrictions under electroc
Characterizing nanoparticle interactions: Linking models to experiments
Hydrogen bond structure of liquid water confined in nanotubes
On the size dependence of the critical point of nanoscale interstitial solid sol
Melting and fragmentation of nickel nanoparticles: molecular-dynamics simulation
Buoyancy corrections for the potential of an impurity in a 4He nanodroplet
On the importance of exchange effects in three-body interactions: The lowest qua
Disorder induced diffusive transport in ratchets
Ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy and surface potential of π-conjugated
STM tip-induced nanoscale etching on the H-terminated n-Si(111) surfaces under t
Exothermic and endothermic chemical reactions involving very many particles mode
Kelvin probe microscopy measurements of surface potential change under wear at l
Excitonic funneling in extended dendrimers with nonlinear and random potentials
Simulation of I-V property of Au nanoparticle self-assembly system using finite
The Monte Carlo computer simulation of the spreading kinetics of the nanometric
Simulation-based optimization of the electrodynamic ion funnel for high sensitiv
Time-dependent mass changes of nanocrystalline TiO2 thin film electrodes under n
Modeling of photovoltage and photocurrent in dye-sensitized titanium dioxide sol
Molecular dynamics simulation of molten alkali nitrates
Curvature effect on surface diffusion: The nanotube
Size effect of lattice thermal conductivity across nanoscale thin films by molec
Potential modulated infrared reflectance spectroscopy of Pt-diisocyanide nanostr
Size effect of the thermal conductivity across thin dielectric films
Mechanics of C60 in nanotubes
Crevice corrosion stabilization and repassivation behavior of Alloy 625 and Allo
Fullerenes inside carbon nanotubes and multi-walled carbon nanotubes: optimum an
Gas adsorption on carbon nanotubulites
Adsorption of charge-bidisperse mixtures of colloidal particles
Near-field optical potential for a neutral atom
Interfacial electrostatic phenomena in phthalocyanine Langmuir-Blodgett films un
Conductance of polymer nanowires fabricated by a combined electrodeposition and
Periodic conservative component of sliding friction force for atomically-flat na
A different approach to nanothermodynamics
Layer-by-layer construction of an active multilayer enzyme electrode applicable
Energetics of finite metallic nanowires
Scanning electric potential microscopy imaging of polymers: electrical charge di
Network topology of a potential energy landscape: a static scale-free network
van der Waals interaction between an atom and a metallic nanowire
Discrete and continuum models for calculating the phonon spectra of carbon nanot
Effect of current and potential waveforms on sublayer thickness of electrodeposi
Evidence of kinetic trapping in clusters of C60 molecules
Molecular approach to the surface potential estimate of thiolate-modified gold n
Fatigue crack nucleation of pure copper single crystals in 1 M NaNO2 aqueous sol
Charge transfer control by gate voltage in crossed nanotube junction
Evaluation for validity of effective medium theory in aluminum based on ab initi
End potential barriers of single-walled carbon nanotubes and their role in field
Analysis on mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes as nano component
The surface potential of the Si nanostructure on a Si (111) 7×7 surface ge
Driven dynamics: A photodriven Frenkel-Kontorova model
Effects of difference in molecular dynamics potential on uniaxial deformation be
Depletion region analysis of silicon substrate using finite element methods
Thermodynamic aspects and morphology of nano-structured ion conductors. Aspects
Dependence of in-tube carbon chain on the radius and helicity of single-wall car
Novel electronic wave interference patterns in nanographene sheets
Reversible lithium uptake by CoP3 at low potential: role of the anion
Solvophobic and solvophilic effects on the potential of mean force between two n
Electrochemical lithium insertion into (MoS2)n nanotube bundles
Adiabatic transport in nanostructures
Mechanism of formation of redox potential in glass
Effect of oxygen penetration in silicon due to nano-indentation
Crystallization study of model tetrahedral semiconductors
A generalized analytical theory for adsorption of fluids in nanoporous materials
Electrostatic investigation into the bonding of poly(phenylene) thiols to gold
He(11S)-He(23S) collision and radiative transition at low temperatures
Substrate-interface interactions between carbon nanotubes and the supporting sub
Potential distribution and field intensity for a hyperboloidal probe in a unifor
Platinum nanoclusters on graphite substrates: a molecular dynamics study
Carbon nanotubes as a tip calibration standard for electrostatic scanning probe
Probing distance and electrical potential within a protein pore with tethered DN
Role of single defects in electronic transport through carbon nanotube field-eff
Quantitative measurement of grain boundary potentials on the nanoscale by off-ax
Dispersion control in nano-channel systems by localized ζ-potential variati
Quantum dynamics of a hydrogen molecule confined in a cylindrical potential
Effect of interlayer potential on mechanical deformation of multiwalled carbon n
Hybrid functionals based on a screened Coulomb potential
Local behavior of complex materials: scanning probes and nano structure
Potential energy surface and rovibrational spectrum of He-N2O dimer
Creeping friction dynamics and molecular dissipation mechanisms in glassy polyme
Formation of fullerene molecules from carbon nanotubes: a quantum chemical molec
Phase behavior of thermally responsive microgel colloids
Response to Comment on `Intrinsic electron transport properties of carbon nanotu
Infrared spectroscopy of the isomers of magnesium-HCN formed in helium nanodropl
Increased actuation rate of electromechanical carbon nanotube actuators using po
Modeling of electronic properties of electrostatic quantum dots
Electronic structure of the contact between carbon nanotube and metal electrodes
Photoelectrochemistry in aqueous media at polyacrylate-capped Q-CdS assembled in
Singular inverse square potential, limit cycles, and self-adjoint extensions
Ion size effects on the electrokinetic flow in nanoporous membranes caused by co
A new interatomic potential for nanoscale silica
Growth mechanisms of copper nanocrystals on thin polypyrrole films by electroche
Atomic mechanisms of deformation and fracture of niobium nanocrystals. II
Implementing the Keldysh formalism into ab initio methods for the calculation of
Interaction potential and hopping dynamics governing sliding friction
Potentiodynamic electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for solid state chemistry
Molecular motors: natures nanomachines
Selective growth of carbon nanotubes for nanoscale transistors
Photoassisted electrical transport in porous TiO2
Photoinduced electronic processes in silicon: the influence of the transverse De
Coulomb-blockade in nanometric Si-film silicon-on-nothing (SON) MOSFETs
Local surface potential of GaN nanostructures probed by Kelvin force microscopy
Validity of effective medium theory for aluminium under tension
Numerical evidence of nano-scale one-dimensional conservative system with GOE-ty
Different behavior in immersion plating of nickel on porous silicon from acidic
Dense hydrogen adsorption on carbon subnanopores at 77 K
Dependence of in-tube doping on the radius and helicity of single-wall carbon na
Molecular dynamics simulation on burst and arrest of stacking faults in nanocrys
Electronic energy and life span probability distribution of the HgS/CdS/HgS sphe
Specific heats of dilute neon inside a long single-walled carbon nanotube
Absolute potential of the Fermi level of isolated single-walled carbon nanotubes
Simulations of the nanomechanical properties of compressed small fullerenes
Electric potential control of DNA immobilization on gold electrode
Hydrogen embrittlement and electrochemical corrosion behaviors of Cu-IF and micr
Investigations on the electrochemical preparation of gold-nanoparticle composite
Mapping of process-induced dopant redistributions by electron holography
Calculation of the cohesive energy of metallic nanoparticles by the Lennard-Jone
Electrochemical micromachining of p-type silicon
Multichannel electrochemiluminescence of luminol at a copper electrode
Quantum-mechanical investigation of field-emission mechanism of a micrometer-lon
Anomalous electrochemical behavior of multiwalled carbon nanotubes for lithium i
Electron holography on silicon microstructures and its comparison to other micro
Simulation of Youngs modulus of single-walled carbon nanotubes by molecular dyna
Pressure, dynamics, and structure of a simple particle system confined in a soft
Comment on Collapse of single-wall carbon nanotubes is diameter dependent
Dimerization of C60 molecules within the single-walled carbon nanotube
On the ζ-potential of nanodiamond in aqueous systems
Synthesis of nano-ZnO powder by homogeneous precipitation method
Probing electron charging in nanocrystalline Si dots using Kelvin probe force mi
Analysis of the frequency-dependent electromeniscus phenomenon from the viewpoin
Contact resistances at nano interfaces of conducting polymers, poly(3-alkylthiop
Electrochemical potential arrangement of nanoclusters weakly coupled with metal
Effect of elastic anisotropy on the strain fields and band edges in stacked InAs
Anharmonic helical oscillator in single-walled carbon nanotubes
Lateral averaging effects on surface potential measurements on InAs dots studied
Modified transfer matrix for nanostructures with arbitrary potential profile
Single-particle electronic spectra of quantum rings: a comparative study
Monte Carlo simulation of structure and nanoscale interactions in polymer nanoco
Accelerated molecular dynamics: a promising and efficient simulation method for
Image-potential states of single- and multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Kelvin probe force microscopy as a tool for characterizing chemical sensors
Discrete Fourier transform in nanostructures using scattering
Electronic properties of single-wall carbon nanotubes and their dependence on sy
Genetic algorithms for the geometry optimization of atomic and molecular cluster
An analytical model for the calculation of the change intransmembrane potential
An atomistic-based continuum theory for carbon nanotubes: analysis of fracture n
Collective diffusion model for water permeation through microscopic channels
An application of non-extensive statistical mechanics to nanosystems
Distribution potential in small liquid-liquid systems
Spin-dependent transport of electrons in the presence of a smooth lateral potent
Local built-in potential on grain boundary of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin films
Work function of nanocrystalline tungsten
Low energy structures of gold nanoclusters in the size range 3-38 atoms
Polaronic exciton in quantum wells wires and nanotubes
Redox deposition of manganese oxide on graphite for supercapacitors
Lennard-Jones fluids confined in nanoscopic slits: evidence for reentrant fillin
The low-dimensional effect in single carbon-based nanoemitters of electrons
Computer simulation study of the ground-state structures of singly ionized clust
Theory of the thermal magnetocapacitance of multicomponent silicate glasses at l
Theoretical approach for the quantification of wear mechanisms on the nanoscale
Influence of properties of layered silicate minerals on adsorbed DNA surface aff
Effects of metallic contacts on silicon nanostructures studied quantum mechanica
Dynamical effects in the formation of magic cluster structures
Bandgap-selective chemical doping of semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotub
Nanoscopic electric potential probing: influence of probe-sample interface on sp
A study of CdS nanoparticle surface states by potential-modulated sub-bandgap sp
Accurate ab initio pair potentials between helium and the heavier group 2 elemen
Potential sputtering
A cyclic voltammetric synthesis of PbS nanoparticles
Optimized bearing and interlayer friction in multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Interfullerene interaction and properties of fullerites
Nanoscale mapping of the space charge layer of Au/GaAs(110) contacts
Self-organized porous TiO2 and ZrO2 produced by anodization
Structure and stability of small TiO2 nanoparticles
Nanostructured zinc oxide-chromophore hybrid films with multicolored electrochro
Formation energy of native defects in BN nanotubes: an ab initio study
Excitons: from excitations at surfaces to confinement in nanostructures
Fine grain growth of nickel electrodeposit: effect of applied magnetic field dur
Two-dimensional analytical threshold voltage model of nanoscale fully depleted S
Flow-induced transverse electrical potential across an assembly of gold nanopart
Image charges in spherical quantum dots with an off-centered impurity: algorithm
Nano-interfacial space charge and single electron tunneling conduction in metal/
Long fine single-wall carbon nanotube growth by Nano-spin-threading: model schem
Hydrogen-assisted stabilization of Ni nanowires in solution
Numerical local-potential-averaging method for quantum mechanical simulations
Surface-potential reversibility of an amino-terminated self-assembled monolayer
First-principles studies of SnS2 nanotubes: a potential semiconductor nanowire
Local surface potential measurements of carbon nanotube FETs by Kelvin Probe For
Embryonic forms of nickel: a molecular-dynamics computer simulation
Polaron in a quasi 0D nanocrystal
Imaging high-aspect-ratio contact holes
The impact of geometric and surface electronic properties of Pt-catalysts on the
Extension of the Bloch T3/2 law to magnetic nanostructures: Bose-Einstein conden
Parameter-free effective potential method for use in particle-based device simul
Defect structures and three-body potential of the mean force for nanoparticles i
Potential energy surfaces of SimOn cluster formation and isomerization
Electrical properties of ZnO nanowire field effect transistors characterized wit
Intrinsically biased electrocapacitive catalysis
Theoretical elastic properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Ab initio potential-energy surfaces for complex, multichannel systems using modi
Electrospun nanofibers for potential space-based applications
Binding nonpolar molecules in an attractive inverse square potential
Effects of different caps on model nanotube surface properties
Electrical modification in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin films by chemical bath deposition p
Devils staircase of incompressible electron states in a nanotube
Carbon nanotube gated lateral resonant tunneling field-effect transistors
The role of atomistic simulations in probing the small-scale aspects of fracture
Material challenges for silicon nanoelectronics
Molecular dynamics study of a nano-particle joint for potential lead-free anisot
Near-field optical microscopy in Jerusalem
Nanoscale Physics Research Laboratory opened
Stability of adsorbed hydrogen on Si(100) under changes of the surface potential
Surface potential measurements for improving GASFET.