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一类路径依赖型养老金的定价分析/Valuation of A Type of Path-dependent Pension Scheme
Use of high-resolution ΔE measurements to study domain processes in soft f
Evidence for size dependent reformation of nanoparticles
Nanotube size-dependent melting of single crystals in carbon nanotubes
pH-dependent redox potential induced in a sensitizing dye by adsorption onto TiO
Fluorescence study of nano-scale cyanine dye association generated in polymer ma
Langmuir monolayers of monodispersed magnetic nanoparticles coated with a surfac
Magnetic AC susceptibility study of the cobalt segregation process in melt-spun
Temperature-dependent luminescence and energy transfer in Europium and rare eart
Grain size-dependent magnetism in fine particle perovskite, La1-xSrxMnOz
Melting thermodynamics of organic nanocrystals
Semiclassical approach to the ground state and density oscillations of quantum d
Size-dependent chemistry: Properties of nanocrystals
Review: Inhibition of enzymes of polyamine biosynthesis by substrate-like o-subs
Effects of viscoelasticity and time-dependent plasticity on nanoindentation meas
A conserved histidine in vertebrate-type ferredoxins is critical for redox-depen
Humidity-dependent open-circuit photovoltage from a bacteriorhodopsin/indium tin
Theory of time-dependent transport in quantum dot systems
Angle-dependent infrared absorption spectroscopy at electrode/electrolyte interf
Fabrication of subwavelength-size aperture for a near-field optical probe using
Size-dependent continuous binary solution phase diagram
Structural analysis of anatase polycrystalline films using time-dependent deform
Size-dependent surface energies of nanocrystals
Temperature dependent behavior of hydrogen molecules on carbon nanostructures
Spin-dependent tunnelling at infrared frequencies: Magnetorefractive effect in m
Spin-dependent single electron tunneling in double tunnel junctions with a nano-
Second virial coefficient measurements of dilute gold nanocrystal dispersions us
Energetics of Ge/Si(100) island formation: Role of strain-dependent surface ener
Anomalous interfacial diffusion in immiscible metallic multilayers: A size-depen
On rate-dependent serrated flow behavior in amorphous metals during nanoindentat
Size-dependent photoconductivity in MBE-grown GaN - Nanowires
Charge shuttle as a nanomechanical rectifier
Band gap variation of size-controlled ZnO quantum dots synthesized by sol-gel me
Nanoscale hysteresis loop of individual Co dots by field-dependent magnetic forc
Switching field distribution of nanoparticles
The discrete variable method for the solution of the time-dependent Schrodinger
Optical switching and inversionless amplification controlled by state-dependent
Lasing in single cadmium sulfide nanowire optical cavities
Radiative lifetime of excitons in carbon nanotubes
PH-dependent electron transfer from re-bipyridyl complexes to metal oxide nanocr
Photophysics of size-selected InP nanocrystals: exciton recombination kinetics
Improved efficiencies in light emitting diodes made with CdSe(CdS) core/shell ty
Density-matrix-electronic-oscillator representation of optical spectroscopy of s
Evidence for size-dependent discrete dispersions in single-wall nanotubes
Analysis of spin-dependent tunnelling of electrons in solid state structures usi
Excitation of size selected nanocrystallites in porous silicon
Melting of Pb nanocrystals
First direct evidence of size-dependent structural transition in nanosized nicke
Structural disorder in colloidal InAs and CdSe nanocrystals observed by X-ray ab
Optical pumping of dye-complexed and -sensitized porous silicon increasing photo
Excitons, biexcitons, and phonons in ultrathin CdSe/ZnSe quantum structures
Physical analysis of the state- and rate-dependent friction law. II. Dynamic fri
The Floquet solution for systems with quadratic form Hamiltonians
Forces that drive nanoscale self-assembly on solid surfaces
Temperature-dependent Raman scattering studies in nanocrystalline silicon and fi
Spin-dependent tunneling in self-assembled cobalt-nanocrystal superlattices
Modelling for size-dependent and dimension-dependent melting of nanocrystals
Time-dependent nucleation in partitioning transformations
Size effect on the freezing temperature of lead particles
Long-lived quantum-confined infrared transitions in CdSe nanocrystals
Excitonic funneling in extended dendrimers with nonlinear and random potentials
On the grain size dependent solute and particle drag
Time domain measurement of spin-dependent recombination
Size-dependent melting properties of free silver nanoclusters
Size effect and time-dependent nanohardness of ZrO2-based ceramics
Geometry-dependent dephasing in small metallic wires
Continuity conditions for the wave function of a particle with a position-depend
Bending strain-driven modification of surface reconstructions: Au(111)
Quantum tunneling gap oscillations of Fe8 nanomagnets
Non-ohmic hopping conduction in Ge nanocrystalline film
Single crystallization of Pb in carbon nanotubes
Spin-dependent tunneling in nanostructures consisting of magnetic barriers
Superheating thermodynamics of nanocrystals based on the interface effect
Dipolar interaction effects in the spin-dependent transport in nanoparticle syst
Analysis of complex heterogeneous surfaces by bias-dependent scanning tunneling
Size-dependent photoluminescence from single indium phosphide nanowires
Temperature-dependent work functions of free alkali-metal nanoparticles
Osmotically driven shape-dependent colloidal separations
Time-dependent density-functional calculations for the optical spectra of molecu
Doping dependent NH3 sensing of indium oxide nanowires
Chopping techniques for low-frequency nanotesla spin-dependent tunneling field s
Time-dependent remanent coercivity in nanosecond switching in perpendicular medi
One-dimensional gapless magnons in a single anisotropic ferromagnetic nanolayer
Kinetics and Boltzmann kinetic equation for fluctuation Cooper pairs
Investigation of size-dependent optical and morphological properties of nanocrys
Transient ionization in plasmas produced by point-like irradiation of solid Al t
Application of micromachining in the PLC optical splitter packaging
Size-dependent magnetic properties in nanoplatelets
Size-dependent melting point of noble metals
Size-dependent melting depression and lattice contraction of Bi nanocrystals
The size-dependent phonon frequency of semiconductor nanocrystals
Shot-noise control in ac-driven nanoscale conductors
Interferometric analysis of nanostructured surface profiles: correcting material
Size-dependent tunneling differential conductance spectra of crystalline Pd nano
Size-dependent resonant tunneling and storing of electrons in a nanocrystalline
Size-dependent nonlinear response of thin elastic films with nano-scale thicknes
Direct imaging of temperature-dependent layered antiferromagnetism of a magnetic
Lattice deformation and strain-dependent atom processes at nitrogen-modified Cu(
Multi-curve fitting analysis of temperature-dependent I-V curves of poly-hexathi
Size- and temperature-dependent structural transitions in gold nanoparticles
Phase-plane analysis and classification of transient regimes for high-field elec
Near-field imaging of organic nanofibres
Scale effects in dry and wet friction, wear, and interface temperature
Simulations of time-dependent fluorescence in nano-confined solvents
Quantum coherence in a ferromagnetic metal: time-dependent conductance fluctuati
Role of Brownian motion in the enhanced thermal conductivity of nanofluids
Viscoelasticity of single wall carbon nanotube suspensions
Magnetization dynamics of soft nanocrystalline thin films with random magnetocry
Computer simulation of the working cycle of a quantum controlled-not gate with t
Size-scaling of the polarizability of tubular fullerenes investigated with time-
Effect of quantum confinement on the dielectric function of PbSe
Tensility and compressibility of axially symmetric nanoclusters. Part I: simplif
A study of the size effect on the temperature-dependent resistivity of bismuth n
k-dependent electronic structure of the colossal magnetoresistive perovskite La0
Viscosity of confined inhomogeneous nonequilibrium fluids
Wavelength dependent birefringence of surface plasmon polaritonic crystals
The size-dependent elastic properties of nanofilms with surface effects
Transporting, splitting and merging of atomic ensembles in a chip trap
Evolution of nanometric structures under irradiation studied by a time-dependent
Resonance Raman spectroscopy (n,m)-dependent effects in small-diameter single-wa
Bulk cohesive energy and surface tension from the size-dependent evaporation stu
Pressure-dependent thermopower of individual bi nanowires
Mechanically assisted spin-dependent transport of electrons
Label-free detection of small-molecule-protein interactions by using nanowire na
Scaling analysis of multilevel interconnect temperatures for high-performance IC
Fabrication and electric-field-dependent transport measurements of mesoscopic gr
Size-dependent melting of bi nanoparticles
Magnetic bistability of Co nanodots
Direct measurement of curvature-dependent ion etching of GaN
Investigation of the electronic and atomic structures of nanocrystalline Fe75.5C
Preparation and characterization of transparent nanocrystalline TiO2 films posse
Self assembling nanostructures for sustained ophthalmic drug delivery