DOTS 相关文章

DOTS策略的效果及影响因素分析/The effects and influence factors of DOTS strategy
初始Si覆盖层对GeSi量子点形貌变化的影响及量子点稳定性的研究/Effect of the initial Si capping on the shape c
通过并联量子点的电子输运研究/Electronic transport through parallel quantum dots
Nanofabrication of II-VI semiconductor quantum wires and dots
Quantum dots: Few-body, low-dimensional systems
Nano-optical studies of individual nanostructures
Nano-optical studies of individual nanostructures
Optical characterization of quantum wires and quantum dots
Intrinsic radiative lifetimes of InP/In0.48Ga0.52P quantum dots
Nanocrystalline Si: a material constructed by Si quantum dots
Raman scattering by correlated electrons in quantum dots in a magnetic field
Dephasing in the gain region of II-VI semiconductor nanocrystals
Collective computational activity in self-assembled arrays of quantum dots: A no
Adaptive computation by interacting quantum dots
Residual strain in Si-Sil-xGex quantum dots
Optical spectroscopy of a single naturally formed GaAs quantum dot
InGaAs/GaAs tetrahedral-shaped recess quantum dot (TSR-QD) technology
Relaxation and recombination in ultrasmall InAs quantum dots
Time-resolved optical investigation of spatially indirect excitons in GaAs/GaSb
Nanoscale magnetic domains in mesoscopic magnets
Electron scattering from acoustic phonons in quantum dots and other nanostructur
Magneto-excitons in droplets of a chiral Luttinger liquid formed in quantum dots
Gain processes in CdSe quantum dots
Semiconductor clusters, nanocrystals, and quantum dots
Self-consistent electronic structure of spherical semiconductor quantum dots inc
Self-organized nanoscale structures in Si/Ge films
Electronic structure model for n- and p-type silicon quantum dots
Excited state luminescence and fine structure in CdSe quantum dots
Importance of strain relaxation in etched nanostructures
Quantum confinement in semiconductor Ge quantum dots
Stimulated emission from optically pumped GaN quantum dots
Direct pseudopotential calculation of exciton Coulomb and exchange energies in s
Strongly-confined quantum wires and quantum dots: From the one-dimensional optoe
Use of an adduct in improved syntheses of nanoparticulate chalcogenide semicondu
X-ray diffraction and reflection from self-assembled Ge dots
Report on the 2nd international workshop on novel index surfaces - NIS 96
Exchange interaction in InAs nanocrystal quantum dots
Nanoscale magnetic domains in mesoscopic dots: Micromagnetic investigation of ma
High-resolution electron microscopy and microanalysis of ZnSe quantum dots in gl
On the conduction mechanism of hydrogenated nanocrystalline silicon films
Magnetization processes in submicronic Co dots studied by means of micromagnetic
Porous silicon physics and device applications: A status report
Colloidal quantum dots of III-V semiconductors
Photoacoustic response of CdS quantum dots in Nafion
Tailor made synthesis of Q-TiO2 powder by using quantum dots as building blocks
Blue-emitting CdS/dendrimer nanocomposite
Si-nanostructures made by laser-annealing
Magnetization reversal in submicron ferromagnetic dots and antidots arrays
High magnetic fields probing nanostructures: Magneto-condensation into quantum d
Control of Ge dots in dimension and position by selective epitaxial growth and t
Transmission through an Aharonov-Bohm ring with two quantum dots
Quantum dot bioconjugates for ultrasensitive nonisotopic detection
Multiphonon photoluminescence and Raman scattering in semiconductor quantum dots
Direct MBE growth of SiGe dots on ordered mesoporous glass-coated Si substrate
Near-field optical spectroscopy and imaging of single InGaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots
One-dimensional, self-organized Si dots grown by pulsed laser melting of a-Si:H
From mesoscopic to nanoscopic surface structures: Lithography with colloid monol
Optical NMR from single quantum dots
Photoluminescence from single semiconductor nanostructures
Quantum confinement of phonon modes in GaAs quantum dots
Colloid monolayer lithography-A flexible approach for nanostructuring of surface
Few-particle effects in the optical spectra of semiconductor quantum dots
Magnetic reversal in ultra-thin nanoshaped magnetic dots: Numerical simulations
Semiconductor quantum dots: theory and phenomenology
Electrodeposited quantum dots: Metastable rocksalt CdSe nanocrystals on {111} go
Structure and optical properties of semiconductor quantum nanostructures self-fo
Quantum dots heterostructure lasers: State-of-the-art and future prospects
Multiple quantum phases in artificial double-dot molecules
Energy level broadening control in quantum dots by interfacial doping
Nanocomposite of semiconducting ferroelectric antimony sulphoiodide dots-doped g
Electrochemically self-assembled quantum dot arrays
Luminescence study of self-assembled, silicon quantum dots
Theoretical considerations of electron transport in single and multiple quantum
Room temperature photoreflectance of MOCVD-grown InAs/GaAs quantum dots
Electron-electron correlation in quantum dots
Electronic properties and mid-infrared transitions in self-assembled quantum dot
Colloidal CdTe/HgTe quantum dots with high photoluminescence quantum efficiency
Zirconia-ormosil films doped with PbS quantum dots
Spectroscopic and structural characterization of electrochemically grown ZnO qua
Ultrafast nonlinear gain dynamics in semiconductor nanocrystals
Absorption cross section for bound-free transitions in semiconductor quantum dot
Quantum information in semiconductor-based nanostructures
Size-dependent optical nonlinearities in GaN quantum dots
Identification of atomic-like electronic states in indium arsenide nanocrystal q
Microstructural and nonlinear optical properties of silica-titania sol-gel film
Silicon self assembled quantum dot transistor operating at room temperature
Self-assembled quantum dots: the route to novel optical, electronic, magnetic a
Deposition of nanoscale rhodium dots by STM assisted CVD
Quantum-dot cellular automata: Computing with coupled quantum dots
Fabrication of self-assembling InGaN and AlGaN quantum dots on AlGaN surfaces us
Coulomb-coupling in vertically aligned self-assembled InAs quantum dots
Control over size and density of sub-5nm gold dots by retarding-field single ion
Carrier capture into InAs/GaAs quantum dots detected by a simple degenerate pump
Room temperature 1.55 µm emission from InAs quantum dots grown on (0 0 1)I
Optical spectroscopy on a single InGaAs/GaAs quantum dot in the few-exciton limi
Nickel deposition behavior on n-type silicon wafer for fabrication of minute nic
Heterodyne-detected accumulated photon echo in CdSe quantum dots
Computer-aided analysis of TEM images of CdSe/ZnSe quantum dots
Isolated and close-packed In0.4Ga0.6As/GaAs (3 1 1)B quantum dots
Photoluminescence properties of self-assembled and nano-sized silicon quantum do
One-step conjugation of biomolecules to luminescent nanocrystals
Alkaline metal-doped n-type semiconducting nanotubes as quantum dots
Detection of single photons using a field-effect transistor gated by a layer of
Room temperature far infrared (8 approx. 10 μm) photodetectors using self-ass
Single-electron charging of self assembled quantum dots
Fabrication of self-organized Ge dots using self-patterned SiGe template layer
Enhancement of luminescence in ion implanted Si quantum dots in SiO2 matrix by m
Magneto-photoluminescence study of energy levels of self-organized InAs/GaAs qua
Optical properties of CdS quantum dots: the key role of the spin-orbit and coul
Many carrier effects in self-assembled InP quantum dots
Recognition molecule directed interfacing between semiconductor quantum dots and
Enhanced transition temperature in a quantum confined high-Tc superconductor
Photoluminescence and micro-imaging study of optically anisotropic InP self-asse
Influence of growth conditions on self-assembled InAs nanostructures grown on (0
Photoluminescence enhancement of ZnO nanocrystallites with BN capsules
Photochemical incorporation of silver quantum dots in monodisperse silica colloi
Energy and coordinate dependent effective mass and confined electron states in q
Defect generation in multi-stacked InAs quantum dot/GaAs structures
Spintronics and quantum computing: Switching mechanisms for qubits
AFM characterization of PbTe quantum dots grown by molecular beam epitaxy under
Stark optical transitions in bidimensional arrays of quantum dots
Radiative lifetimes of single excitons in semiconductor quantum dots - manifesta
Nonlinear absorption in semiconductor quantum dots
Langmuir-Blodgett manipulation of capped cadmium sulfide quantum dots
Stark effects and electro-optical properties of strongly stacked dots
Domain shapes and superlattices made of 8 nm cobalt nanocrystals: Fabrication an
Patterning polymers by micro-fluid-contact printing
Local absorption spectra of single and coupled semiconductor quantum dots
Growth and characterization of nanosized structures of conducting polymers
Deformed molecular states of quantum dots in strong magnetic fields
Effects of annealing on electrical coupling in a multilayer InAs/GaAs quantum do
Monitoring single scattering events in single quantum dots
Coherent dynamics and manipulation of electron spins in nanostructures
Self-assembling quantum dot lattices through nucleation site engineering
Fabrication of ultra-high density InAs-stacked quantum dots by strain-controlled
A highly regular two-dimensional array of Au quantum dots deposited in a periodi
Low-dimensional systems
Single route for producing organized metallic domes, dots, and pores by colloida
Self-assembled Ge quantum dots on Si and their applications
Interaction of electromagnetic wave with quantum dots
Height control of InAs/GaAs quantum dots by combining layer-by-layer in situ etc
Optical properties of a quantum-dot cascade structure
Luminescence in excess of 1.5 μm at room-temperature of InAs quantum dots cap
Optical properties from low dimensional semiconductor nanostructures
Fabrication and characterization of InAs self-organized quantum dots (wires)
A novel technique to grow Ge quantum dots on porous Si by ultrahigh vacuum chemi
Electronic properties of silicon nanocrystallites obtained by SiOx (x less than
Enhancement of the activation energy in coupled CdTe/ZnTe quantum dots and quant
Role of surface steps in the arrangement of silicon nano-dots on a vicinal Si(11
Metal-organic vapor-phase epitaxy of defect-free InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots emitti
The structure and current-voltage characteristics of multi-sheet InGaN quantum d
Growth and size control of amorphous silicon quantum dots using SiH 4/N2 plasma
Dipole-active vibrations confined in InP quantum dots
Quantum dot site-selection using in situ prepared nano-templates
Breaking and restoring a molecularly bridged metal/quantum dot junction
Bismuth nanowires for thermoelectric applications
Tuning of the electronic levels in vertically stacked InAs/GaAs quantum dots usi
Spintronics and exchange engineering in coupled quantum dots
Reduction of charge-transport characteristics of SiGe dot floating gate memory d
Biological quantum dots go live
Scanning Probe Contact Printing
Photoenhancement of luminescence in colloidal CdSe quantum dot solutions
Immunofluorescent labeling of cancer marker Her2 and other cellular targets with
Molecular profiling of single cells and tissue specimens with quantum dots
Quantum dots as strain- and metabolism-specific microbiological labels
Doping mesoporous materials with multicolor quantum dots
Comment on: Confined states in two-dimensional flat elliptic quantum dots and el
Determination of size and composition of optically active CdZnSe/ZnBeSe quantum
Spontaneous formation of nanoparticle vesicles from homopolymer polyelectrolytes
Four-wave mixing in coupled semiconductor quantum dots
Low growth rate InAs/GaAs quantum dots for room-temperature luminescence over 1.
Spin-dependent electron single and double scattering from quantum dots and antid
Photoluminescence from CdS quantum dots in silica gel
Formation of atomic-scale germanium quantum dots by selective oxidation of SiGe/
Quantum dots as scatterers in electronic transport: Interference and correlation
The rising of a new order
Nanodots below the surface
White angle
DIY molecules
Tunable IR lasers from quantum dots
Magnetic field effects on intersubband transitions in a quantum nanostructure
Defects in square 2D arrays of strained quantum dots
Comparison of strain fields in truncated and un-truncated quantum dots in stacke
Dot-in-a-dot: Electronic and photonic confinement in all three dimensions
Superlattices start taking shape
Inx Ga(1-x)As quantum dots grown on GaAs studied by EXAFS in total reflection mo
Self-organization of silicon dots grown by thermal decomposition of HSiO3/2 gels
Influence of dots size and dots number fluctuations on the electrical characteri
Structure and optical properties of upper In(Ga)As quantum dots on a different s
Abnormal temperature dependence of photoluminescence from self-assembled InAs qu
Self-assembled growth of nanoquantum dots on Si surface
Multi-wavelength intermittent photoluminescence of single CdSe quantum dots
Evidence for amplified interband spontaneous emission in Si-based trans-column q
Self-assembly and characterization of novel amorphous SiOx (x = 2.1) quantum dot
Research progress of self-organized Ge quantum dots on Si substrate
Time domain investigation on excitonic spectral diffusion in CdSe quantum dots g
Growth and characterization of HgSe:Fe quantum dots
Electron wavepacket propagation in a chain of coupled quantum dots
Mature InAs quantum dots on the GaAs(114)A surface
Two types of magnetic vortex cores in elliptical permalloy dots
Positional control of self-assembled quantum dots by patterning nanoscale SiN is
Hierarchical self-assembly of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots
Linear alignment of SiC dots on silicon substrates
Density dependence of zinc-blende MnAs dots studied by X-ray absorption spectros
Binary Superlattices of Nanoparticles: Self-Assembly Leads to Metamaterials
Application of luminescent nanocrystals as labels for biological molecules
Ge dot array formation using small convex position anchors
The synthesis of III-V semiconductor nanoparticles using indium and gallium dior
Molecularly imprinted polymeric film on semiconductor nanoparticles - Analyte de
Magnetic nano-scale dot arrays from double-templated electrodeposition
Recent progress in growth and physics of GaN/AlN quantum dots
Observation of molecules adsorbed on III-V semiconductor quantum dots by surface
Low-temperature growth of germanium quantum dots on Silicon Oxide by inductively
Colloidal ZnSe, ZnSe/ZnS, and ZnSe/ZnSeS quantum dots synthesized from ZnO
Size effect of nanosized thin-film iron dot on growth of multiwall carbon nanotu
A silicon-molecular hybrid memory device
Exchange bias effects in submicron antiferromagnetic-ferromagnetic dots prepared
Temporal variation in photoluminescence from single InGaN quantum dots
Key parameters for the formation of II-VI self-assembled quantum dots
Ge dot organization on Si substrates patterned by focused ion beam
Photoluminescence studies of exciton recombination and dephasing in single InGaN
Modeling phase separation in nonstoichiometric silica
Low density GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots grown by modified droplet epitaxy
Forster energy transfer from blue-emitting polymers to colloidal CdSe/ZnS core s
Self-assembly of InAs and Si/Ge quantum dots on structured surfaces
On the excitation wavelength dependence of the luminescence yield of colloidal C
Tuning of the electronic properties of self-assembled InAs/InP(001) quantum dots
Advanced nanoscale material processing with focused ion beams
The effects of shape and size nonuniformity on the absorption spectrum of semico
Misfit dislocation loops in cylindrical quantum dots
Metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy growth of AlGaInAs quantum dots on (1 0 0) GaAs
PbS quantum dots with stable efficient luminescence in the near-IR spectral rang
Intraband carrier relaxation in quantum dots mediated by surface plasmon-phonon
Non-equilibrium transport in arrays of type-II Ge/Si quantum dots
Temperature antiquenching of the luminescence from capped CdSe quantum dots
InP quantum dots in GaInP
Highly fluorescent streptavidin-coated CdSe nanoparticles: Preparation in water,
Interband transitions in InAs quantum dots in InP studied by photoconductivity a
Stark effect in semiconductor quantum dots
Density of impurity states in doped spherical quantum dots
Spin-wave spectra of perpendicularly magnetized circular submicron dot arrays
Quantum dots tailored with poly(para-phenylene vinylene)
Templated and hierarchical assembly of CdSe/ZnS quantum dots
Interactions and switching behavior of anisotropic magnetic dots
Trilayer hybrid polymer-quantum dot light-emitting diodes
First principle study of core/shell structure quantum dots
Droplet heteroepitaxy of GaN quantum dots by metal-organic chemical vapor deposi
Placement of epitaxial magnetic Co dots on Ru(0001) via substrate modifications
Self-assembled InAsSb quantum dots on (001) InP substrates
Study on cold electron emission based on nanocrystalline silicon quantum dots
Growth of Ge quantum dots on SiO2/Si(111) surface
Synthesis and characterization of monodisperse CdSe quantum dots at different or
Control of growth of self-assembled semiconductor quantum dots
Study of luminescence and growth of CdSe quantum dots at different reaction temp
The fluorescence bioassay platforms on quantum dots nanoparticles
Sizes of water-soluble luminescent quantum dots measured by fluorescence correla
Growth of Ge quantum dot mediated by boron on Ge wetting layer
Development of cross-hatch grid morphology and its effect on ordering growth of
Photoluminescence investigation of CdSe quantum dots and the surface state effec
Quantum dot nanostructures and molecular beam epitaxy
Photoluminescence of single, site-selected, InAs/InP quantum dots in high magnet
Preparation of quantum dot-based fluorescent labels
Surface control of cooperative phenomena in nanostructured materials with quantu
Electronic structure and impurity states in GaN quantum dots
Optical and electron correlation effects in silicon quantum dots
Optical and electron correlation effects in silicon quantum dots
Luminescence study of bare and coated CdS quantum dots: Effect of SHI irradiatio
Anomalous Hall-effect measurement study on CoPt nanosized dot
Evidence of correlation in spin excitations of few-electron quantum dots
Robust, non-cytotoxic, silica-coated CdSe quantum dots with efficient photolumin
AHE measurements of very thin films and nanosized dots
InAs quantum dots grown on InGaAs buffer layers by metal-organic chemical vapor
Many-body effects and quantum coherence in electron transport through quantum do
Superresolution by localization of quantum dots using blinking statistics
Single quantum dots in silica spheres by microemulsion synthesis
Shell structures in self-assembled InAs quantum dots probed by lateral electron
Anti-parallel coupling of quantum dots with an optical near-field interaction
Long spin relaxation in self-assembled InAlAs quantum dots observed by heterodyn
Near-red emission from site-controlled pyramidal InGaN quantum dots
Toward linear arrays of quantum dots via polymer nanofibers and nanorods
Excitation spectroscopy of two-electron shell structures in carbon nanotube quan
Electronic structure of silicon quantum dots: Calculations of energy-gap redshif
Interplay between Auger and ionization processes in nanocrystal quantum dots
Single quantum dot nano-LEDs - Spectroscopy of an electrically controlled few-pa
Spectroscopy and recombination dynamics of InAs/AlAs quantum dots
Quantum dots: DNA detectives
Selective growth of InAs quantum dots on patterned GaAs
Growth of limited quantum dot chains of cadmium hydroxide thin films by chemical
Luminescence of Er-doped amorphous silicon quantum dots
Band gap variation of size-controlled ZnO quantum dots synthesized by sol-gel me
Optical emission from individual InGaAs quantum dots in single-defect photonic c
Nanoscale hysteresis loop of individual Co dots by field-dependent magnetic forc
Distribution of CdSe quantum dots within swollen polystyrene microgel particles
Efficient photoconductive devices at infrared wavelengths using quantum dot-poly
Self-organized nanoscale Ge dots and dashes on SiGe/Si superlattices
Optically active quantum dots embedded in nanowires
Electronic states in quantum dots with ellipsoidal symmetry
Optical gain from InAs nanocrystal quantum dots in a polymer matrix
Nanophotonics: Rapid quantum dot synthesis suggests biomedical, optoelectronic u
Nanophotonics: Heat-transfer fluids cut cost of quantum dots
Frequency shift imaging of quantum dots with single-electron resolution
Quantum dots fine-tune LED technology
Ground state transition energies in biased InAs/GaAs quantum dots
Guided self-assembly growth of epitaxial Co dots on lithographically pattered Ru
Semiconductor aerogels advance sensors
DNA damaging dots
Site-controlled InAs quantum dots regrown on nonlithographically patterned GaAs
Multi-mode transport through a quantum nanowire with two embedded dots
Electron-phonon interaction in CdS/ZnS quantum dot
Quantum dots show off in plants
Nanosensor for toxic anions
The effect of antimony in the growth of indium arsenide quantum dots in gallium
Conductance properties of cylindrical quantum nanodots
Magnetization reversal in patterned double-vortex structures
Quantum dots: Small structures poised to break big
Self-assembled indium-arsenide elongated nanostructure grown by molecular beam e
Spin filter effect in a parallel double quantum dot
Nonlinear strain models in the analysis of quantum dot molecules
Double labeling and simultaneous detection of B- and T cells using fluorescent n
Single dot optical spectroscopy of silicon nanocrystals: Low temperature measure
Nanowire single-electron memory
Photoluminescence studies of Sn quantum dots in Si grown by MBE
Long-range interactions in PbS and PbSe nanocrystals: The problem of reabsorptio
Long decays of excitonic photoluminescence from CdTe/ZnTe individual quantum dot
Growth and characterization of In1-xMnxAs diluted magnetic semiconductors quantu
Nanoscale manipulation of CdSe quantum dots in layer-by-layer films: Influence o
Optically bright quantum dots in single nanowires
Time-evolution simulation of a controlled-NOT gate with two coupled asymmetric q
Quantum dots: An experiment for physical or materials chemistry
Electron and hole transfer from indium phosphide quantum dots
Monodispersed InP quantum dots prepared by colloidal chemistry in a noncoordinat
Physics: Fermionic Bell-state analyzer for spin qubits
Crosslinked capsules of quantum dots by interfacial assembly and ligand crosslin
A microfabricated gas-liquid segmented flow reactor for high-temperature synthes
Organic alternatives to quantum dots for intraoperative near-infrared fluorescen
Quantitative image reconstruction of GaN quantum dots from oversampled diffracti
Growth and ordering of Si-Ge quantum dots on strain patterned substrates
Colloidal quantum dots initiating current bursts in lipid bilayers
In vivo molecular and cellular imaging with quantum dots
Bioapplication of nanosemiconductors
Characterization and 2D self-assembly of CdSe quantum dots at the air-water inte
Investigation of the crystallization process in 2 nm CdSe quantum dots
Strain-induced quantum dots by self-organized stressors
Photoluminescence and photoreflectance study of Si/Si0.91Ge0.09 and Si9/Ge6 quan
Electroluminescence from CdSe quantum-dot/polymer composites
Electronic conductivity of hydrogenated nanocrystalline silicon films
Quasicontinuous gain in sol-gel derived CdS quantum dots
Raman spectroscopy of dry etched Si-Si1-xGex quantum dots
Saturation of optical transitions in quantum dots and wires of porous silicon
Breaking the phonon bottleneck in nanometer quantum dots: role of Auger-like pro
Fabrication of 10-nanometer-scale GaAs dot structures by in situ selective gas e
Single electron charging at temperatures above 4 K in ultrasmall lateral quantum
Optical properties of CdTe/CdZnTe wires and dots fabricated by a final anodic ox
Luminescence from excited states in strain-induced InxGa1-xAs quantum dots
Optical second-harmonic generation by nanostructures: size effects and the role
Micromagnetic properties and magnetization switching of single domain Co dots st
A novel method to prepare carbon-coated quantum dots by an advanced gas evaporat
Photoluminescence study of deep etched InGaAs/GaAs quantum wires and dots define
Excited states in self-organized InAs/GaAs quantum dots: theory and experiment
Anomalous features of resonant hyper-Raman scattering in CuBr quantum dots: Evid
Strong optical nonlinearities of semiconductor quantum wires and dots
The influence of semiconductor concentration on the size dispersion of quantum d
Comparison of Zn1-xMnxTe/ZnTe multiple-quantum wells and quantum dots by below-b
Quantum wires and dots for optical studies
Intensity-dependent electroabsorption line shape in Cd(S,Se) quantum dots
Elastic strain and enhanced light emission in dry etched Si/Si1-xGex quantum dot
Raman, optical-absorption, and transmission electron microscopy study of size ef
Photoluminescence spectroscopy of single CdSe nanocrystallite quantum dots
Optical processes in semiconductor nanocrystallites (quantum dots)
Colloidal chemical synthesis and characterization of InAs nanocrystal quantum do
Quantum dots in quantum well structures
Nanoelectronic architecture for Boolean logic
Synthesis and characterization of PbSe quantum dots in phosphate glass
Local conduction band offset of GaSb self assembled quantum dots on GaAs
Single-electron tunneling through amorphous carbon dots array
InAs self-organized quantum dashes grown on GaAs (211)B
Growth patterns of self-assembled InAs quantum dots near the two-dimensional to
Self-organization of quantum dots in multilayer InAs/GaAs and InGaAs/GaAs struct
External charge state detection of a double-dot system
A device architecture for computing with quantum dots
Single-electron computing without dissipation
Million-atom pseudopotential calculation of Γ-X mixing in GaAs/AlAs superl
Switching in a reversible spin logic gate
(CdSe)ZnS core-shell quantum dots: synthesis and characterization of a size seri
The use of an adduct in improved syntheses of nanoparticulate chalcogenide semic
High-density crystalline quantum dots in blue emitting porous silicon
Photoluminescence and photothermal deflection spectroscopy of InAs quantum dot s
Electrodeposited quantum dots: coherent nanocrystalline CdSe on oriented polycry
Quantum dots promise a new dimension for semiconductor lasers
Intraband transitions in semiconductor nanocrystals
Long-wavelength lasing from InAs self-assembled quantum dots on (311) B InP
Electron g factor in one- and zero-dimensional semiconductor nanostructures
A blue-emitting CdS/dendrimer nanocomposite
Structural studies of sol-gel processed, amine functionalised ormosils doped wit
Sub-5 nm gold dot formation using retarding-field single ion deposition
Independent manipulation of density and size of stress-driven self-assembled qua
Nanoelectronic devices
Applicability of the k·p method to the electronic structure of quantum do
A novel synthesis of cadmium phosphide nanoparticles using the single-source pre
Formation of InSb quantum dots in a GaSb matrix
New semiconductor lasers based on quantum dots
Formation of self-assembled GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots by low-temperature epitaxy
Selective formation of one- and two-dimensional arrayed InGaAs quantum dots usin
Nanotube carbon tips and connectors of BN tubes as quantum dots
Fabrication of nano-crystal silicon on SiO2 using the agglomeration process
Formation of InAs quantum dots on a silicon (100) surface
Quantum wells within quantum dots, a CdS/HgS nanoheterostructure with global and
Quantum confinement effect in self-assembled, nanometer silicon dots
Optical devices with quantum dot structures
Uniform quantum-dot arrays formed by natural self-faceting on patterned substrat
Electronic-structure theory of semiconductor quantum dots
Quantum wires and quantum dots for neutral atoms
Quantum confinement effects in chemically grown, stable ZnSe nanoclusters
Molecular magnetic quantum dots in multivalent metal cluster compounds
Networks of quantum nanodots: the role of disorder in modifying electronic and o
Photophysical properties of ZnS quantum dots
Nanometer-scale studies of vertical organization and evolution of stacked self-a
Structural and optical properties of type II GaSb/GaAs self-assembled quantum do
Time-resolved photoluminescence measurements of quantum dots in InGaN multiple q
Anti-Stokes photoluminescence in colloidal semiconductor quantum dots
Size and shape effects of quantum dots on three-electron spectra
Spontaneous patterning of quantum dots at the air-water interface
Analysis of atomic force microscopic results of InAs quantum dots
Observation of magnetic flux pinning in a thin Nb film with a square lattice of
Theory of exciton dephasing in semiconductor quantum dots
Site-controlled self-organization of individual InAs quantum dots by scanning tu
Lasing in structures with InAs quantum dots in an (Al,Ga)As matrix grown by subm
Intraband relaxation in CdSe quantum dots
Nanometer-scale InGaN self-assembled quantum dots grown by metalorganic chemical
Temperature-dependent micro-photoluminescence of individual CdSe self-assembled
Grazing incidence X-ray scattering: an ideal tool to study the structure of quan
Electroluminescence from quantum dots in n-type porous silicon
Ferroelectric composites with embedded semiconductor quantum dots
Nanofabrication using a stencil mask
Formation of ordered nanoscale semiconductor dots by ion sputtering
Nano-patterning and single electron tunnelling using STM
Selective growth of nanometer-scale Ga dots on Si(111) surface windows formed in
CdTe quantum dots obtained by using colloidal self-assemblies as templates
Quantum dot exciton dynamics through a nanoaperture: evidence for two confined s
Quantum dots at the nanometer scale: Interdot carrier shuffling and multiparticl
Evolution of the energy levels in quantum dot ensembles with different densities
Hopping conduction and field effect in Si modulation-doped structures with embed
Origin of luminescence from InGaN diodes
Shape-generated blue-shift in the photoluminescence spectra of hemispherical nan
Ground and excited states of few-electron systems in spherical quantum dots
Fabrication of GaAs nano-islands by Ga droplet-induced chemical beam epitaxy
Model of optical transitions in A2B6 wurtzite type quantum dots
Reactive deposition epitaxy of CoSi2 nanostructures on Si(001): Nucleation and g
Developing a coordination chemistry of intact quantum dots: the preparation of n
Size quantization of acoustic phonons in CuCl nanocrystals
Coupling nanocrystals to a high-Q silica microsphere: Entanglement in quantum do
Core-shell quantum dots of lattice-matched ZnCdSe2 shells on InP cores: experime
Room temperature 1.55 μm emission from InAs quantum dots grown on (001)InP su
The effect of substrate orientation on the morphology of InAs nanostructures on
Magnetic nanoscale dots on colloid crystal surfaces
Mechanisms for intraband energy relaxation in semiconductor quantum dots: The ro
Reorientational magnetic transition in high-density arrays of single-domain dots
Self-assembling CdSe, ZnCdSe and CdTe quantum dots on ZnSe(100) epilayers
Cross-sectional nanophotoluminescence studies of Stark effects in self-assembled
Coexistence of planar and three-dimensional quantum dots in CdSe/ZnSe structures
Nanometer-scale resolution of strain and interdiffusion in self-assembled InAs/G
Spectroscopy of self-assembled CdS quantum dots in ZnSe
An oxide semiconductor nanoparticle in an aqueous medium: a surface charge densi
Hole levels and exciton states in CdS nanocrystals
Room temperature far infrared (8~10 μm) photodetectors using self-assembled I
Alkaline metal-doped n-type semiconducting nanotubes as quantum dots
Magnetic vortex core observation in circular dots of Permalloy
Quantum dots in photonic dots
Size dependence of the magnetic properties of electrochemically self-assembled F
Semiconductor quantum-dot nanostructures: Their application in a new class of in
Silicon-germanium nanostructures with quantum dots: formation mechanisms and ele
Quantitative HRTEM analysis of semiconductor quantum dots
A semiclassical approach to the ground state and density oscillations of quantum
STM probe-assisted site-control of self-organized InAs quantum dots on GaAs surf
Observation of resonant tunneling through a quantized state in InP quantum dots
Fabrication and characterization of the size-controlled and patterned nc-Si dots
Selective growth of nanocrystalline Si dots using an ultrathin-Si-oxide/oxynitri
Epitaxial growth of germanium dots on Si(001) surface covered by a very thin sil
On electronic properties of assemblies of quantum nanodots
Microscopy and spectroscopy of buried nanostructures
Imaging and local current transport measurements of AlInP quantum dots grown on
Single-electron quantum dots in silicon MOS structures
Formation of self-assembled CdSe quantum dots under Stranski-Krastanow mode
Electronic bistability in electrochemically self-assembled quantum dots: A poten
Optical gain and stimulated emission in nanocrystal quantum dots
Optical gain in silicon nanocrystals
Critical size for localization of the L-like conduction states in InAs quantum d
Kondo physics in carbon nanotubes
Coherent population transfer in coupled semiconductor quantum dots
Quantum transistors: toward nanoelectronics
Quantum gates by coupled asymmetric quantum dots and controlled-NOT-gate operati
Scanning tunneling spectroscopy of InAs nanocrystal quantum dots
Optical line-shape and the time-domain photon echo measurement in semiconductor
Self-organized growth of nanometer quantum dot structures
Blue-light enhancement effect in ion implanted -nano-Si3N4 quantum dots
Spectroscopic study of electronic states in an ensemble of close-packed CdSe nan
The spin degree of freedom in quantum dots
Planar ordering of InP quantum dots on (100)In0.48Ga0.52P
Direct patterning of noble metal nanostructures with a scanning tunneling micros
Room temperature single-electron narrow-channel memory with silicon nanodots emb
Quantization of multiparticle Auger rates in semiconductor quantum dots
Determination of strain fields and composition of self-organized quantum dots us
A series of double well semiconductor quantum dots
Photo-luminescence properties of CuCl quantum dots and the dependence of biexcit
Photoluminescence behavior of quantum dots in spherical glass microcavity
Semiclassical density functional theory: Strutinsky energy corrections in quantu
Single-particle tunneling in semiconductor quantum dots
A novel metalorganic route to nanocrystallites of zinc phosphide
Self-assembled Ge/Si dots for faster field-effect transistors
Single-electron charging phenomena in silicon nanopillars with and without silic
Photoluminescence study of ZnO nanocrystallites with BN capsules
Luminescence phenomena of quantum dots or nanocrystals-interfacial polarons and
From anisotropic dots to smooth RFe2(110) single crystal layers (R = rare earth)
Kinetic aspects of the morphology of self-assembled InAs quantum dots on GaAs(00
Contribution of the electron-electron interaction to the optical properties of d
Formation of ordered Ge quantum dots on the Si(111)-(7×7) surface
Optical quantum gates with semiconductor nanostructures
Formation of self-assembled nanocrystalline silicon dots by SiCl4/H2 RF plasma-e
Scanning tunneling spectroscopy of field-induced Au nanodots on ultrathin oxides
Strain effect in large silicon nanocrystal quantum dots
Anisotropic shape of self-assembled InAs quantum dots: Refraction effect on spot
Formation of coupled quantum dots in single-wall carbon nanotubes
Wavelength dependence of laser-induced phase transformations in semiconductor qu
Formation of quantum wires and dots on InP(001) by As/P exchange
Properties of semiconductor quantum dots and magnetic nanocrystals grown by mole
Acoustic phonon bottleneck in quantum dots: role of deformation variation of ele
Fluorescence intermittency in single InP quantum dots
Controlled nucleation of silicon nanocrystals on a periodic template
Electrochromic nanocrystal quantum dots
Miniband formation in a quantum dot crystal
Self-organized cohesion of organic molecular dots on chemically patterned surfac
Control growth of PbS quantum dots doped sono-ormosil
Influence of excitation energy on charged exciton formation in self-assembled In
Electron-energy relaxation in polar semiconductor double quantum dots
Photodegradation of SiO2-coated CdS nanoparticles within silica gels
Electron beam prepatterning for site control of self-assembled quantum dots
Determination of the quadrupole moments of four coupled quantum dots
Quantum dots in suspended single-wall carbon nanotubes
Direct observation of the coexistence of coherent and incoherent InAs self-assem
Effect of X-ray irradiation on CdS1-xSex quantum dots optical absorption
Comparison between a sp3d5 tight-binding and an effective-mass description of si
Excitation and de-excitation properties of silicon quantum dots under electrical
Epitaxial growth of germanium dots on Si (001) surface covered by a very thin si
Perfect, partial, and split dislocations in quantum dots
Arrays of ferromagnetic dots and antidots
Optical absorption study of 100-MeV chlorine ion-irradiated hydroxyl-free ZnO se
Field-independent grating formation rate in a photorefractive polymer composite
Formation of ZnSe and CdS quantum dots via laser ablation in liquids
Temperature dependence of the photoluminescence of InGaAs/GaAs quantum dot struc
Functionalization of single-wall carbon nanotubes with quantum dots and proteins
Fluorophosphate glasses with quantum dots based on lead sulfide
Fluorophosphate glasses containing PbSe quantum dots
Magnetic nanostructure fabrication by soft lithography and vortex-single domain
In-plane reversal mechanisms in circular Co dots
Uniform formation process of self-organized InAs quantum dots
Small hit large - nanotechnical application in biomedicine
Classical microwave response of coupled quantum dots in single-wall carbon nanot
Control of dephasing and phonon emission in coupled quantum dots
Light emission mechanism of Si nanoquantum dots formed by LPCVD self-assembled g
Area preferential nucleation of Ge nano-dots on nano-size porous silicon
Orbital picture of ionization and its breakdown in nanoarrays of quantum dots
Alloying of CdSe/ZnSe quantum dot grown by an alternate molecular beam supply
Stranski-Krastanow growth of GaN quantum dots by metalorganic chemical vapor dep
Fabrication of GaN quantum dots by metalorganic chemical vapor selective deposit
Nano-optics on individual quantum objects-from single to coupled semiconductor q
Identification of mass fractal in chemically synthesized ZnS quantum dots
Surface property and enhancement mechanism of blue-light emission of ion injecti
In-situ photoelectron spectroscopy of magnetic dots and magnetic semiconductor n
Stark effect in colloidal indium arsenide nanocrystal quantum dots: Consequences
A new method to fabricate InGaN quantum dots by metalorganic chemical vapor depo
Temperature effect of carbon nanotube-confined reaction
Applications of quantum dots in semiconductor lasers
Effects of thinning SiO2 films on light emission properties of silicon nanoquant
Scanning tunneling microscopy and in situ spectroscopy of ultra thin Ti films an
Self-assembled growth of Ge quantum dots on Si(111)-(7 × 7) surface
Size-tunable Ge nanoparticle arrays patterned on Si substrates with nanosphere l
Rapid synthesis of stable ZnO quantum dots
Optically induced charge storage and current generation in InAs quantum dots
Interface optical phonons in spheroidal dots: Raman selection rules
Enhanced luminescence of CdSe quantum dots on gold colloids
Artificial molecules
Effects of size quantization in the I-V characteristics of CdS bulk-nano junctio
InGaN self-assembled quantum dots grown by metalorganic chemical-vapor depositio
Anti-Stokes photoluminescence in nanocrystal quantum dots
Nanostructure initiation during the early stages of thin film growth
Quantum dot sensitization of organic-inorganic hybrid solar cells
Electronic properties of nanostructures defined in Ga[Al]As heterostructures by
Effects of crystal shape on the energy levels of zero-dimensional PbS quantum do
Correlated tunneling in intramolecular carbon nanotube quantum dots
Tunable emission from InAs quantum dots on InP nanotemplates
Reflection high-energy electron diffraction observation of the dynamics of semic
Energy spectrum of charge carriers in lasing semiconductor quantum dots. Note on
Conjugation of DNA to silanized colloidal semiconductor nanocrystalline quantum
Direct observation of energy-gap scaling law in CdSe quantum dots with positrons
Low-dimensional systems
Self-assembled (In,Ga)As/GaAs quantum-dot nanostructures: strain distribution an
Lineshape theory and photon counting statistics for blinking quantum dots: a Lev
Cavity-QED using quantum dots
In vivo imaging of quantum dots encapsulated in phospholipid micelles
Growth of self-assembled GaN quantum dots via the vapor-liquid-solid mechanism
Wavelength modulation spectroscopy of single quantum dots
Nanocomputing by field-coupled nanomagnets
Polarity dependence in pulsed scanning tunneling microscopy fabrication and modi
Ordered nanoparticle arrays formed on engineered chaperonin protein templates
Shell filling in closed single-wall carbon nanotube quantum dots
Self-assembly of nanometer-scale magnetic dots with narrow size distributions on
Two-dimensional atomic interferometry for creation of nanostructures
Attachment of single CdSe nanocrystals to individual single-walled carbon nanotu
Selective growth of InAs quantum dots by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Direct probing of quantum dots through linear and nonlinear nano-optics
Hysteresis and fractional matching in thin Nb films with rectangular arrays of n
Tunneling and nonhyperbolicity in quantum dots
Morphology of CdS nanocrystals synthesized in a mixed surfactant system
Photorefractive inorganic-organic polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal nanocomposite
Quantum-dot nanocrystals for ultrasensitive biological labeling and multicolor o
Scanned probe imaging of single-electron charge states in nanotube quantum dots
Quantum Monte Carlo calculations of nanostructure optical gaps: application to s
Quantum computing with quantum dots on quantum linear supports
Size tunable visible luminescence from individual organic monolayer stabilized s
Quantum dots: a primer
Improved luminescence from quantum-dot nanostructures embedded in structurally e
The role of field coupling in nano-scale cellular nonlinear networks
Surface morphology control of InAs nanostructures grown on InGaAs/InP
Photoluminescence of CdSe self-assembled quantum dots: experiments and models
Synthesis of glyconanospheres containing luminescent CdSe-ZnS quantum dots
Water-soluble quantum dots for multiphoton fluorescence imaging in vivo
Real-time detection of electron tunnelling in a quantum dot
Covalent coupling of quantum dots to multiwalled carbon nanotubes for electronic
Modeling distributed kinetics in isolated semiconductor quantum dots
Speculations about future directions [MBE technology]
Cavity-quantum electrodynamics with quantum dots
Excited-state relaxations and Franck-Condon shift in Si quantum dots
Tight-binding g-factor calculations of CdSe nanostructures
Ferroelectricity in barium Titanate quantum dots and wires
Exciton spin relaxation time in quantum dots measured by continuous-wave photolu
A modeling and convolution method to measure compositional variations in straine
Ultrafast coherent terahertz spectroscopy in high magnetic fields and directed e
High temperature structural studies of HgS and HgSe quantum dots
Hexagonal lattice of 10-nm magnetic dots
Addition energies of fullerenes and carbon nanotubes as quantum dots: the role o
Two- versus three-dimensional quantum confinement in indium phosphide wires and
Flux pinning by regular nanostructures in Nb thin films: magnetic vs. structural
Enhanced radiative efficiency in GaN quantum dots grown by molecular beam epitax
Multiple temperature regimes of radiative decay in CdSe nanocrystal quantum dots
Formation of quantum wires and quantum dots on buffer layers grown on InP substr
Spatial ordering in InP/InGaP nanostructures
Modeling of electronic properties of electrostatic quantum dots
Small angle neutron scattering study of PbS quantum dots synthetic routes via so
A novel method to realize InGaN self-assembled quantum dots by metalorganic chem
Alumina capped ZnO quantum dots multilayer grown by pulsed laser deposition
Application of biophotonics to the functional analysis of biomolecules at single
Spatially resolved electrical properties of InAs/InP quantum dots and wires
Structural effects in the electrodeposition of CdSe quantum dots on mechanically
Self-assembled nanorings in Si-capped Ge quantum dots on (001)Si
Exciton-bath coupling and inhomogeneous broadening in the optical spectroscopy o
Ballistic regime and photoluminescence excitation in Si wires and dots
Sharp exciton emission from single InAs quantum dots in GaAs nanowires
Effect of chain length on the tunneling conductance of gold quantum dots at room
Quantum cascade transitions in nanostructures
Growth of nanoscale InGaN self-assembled quantum dots
Influence of phonons on the electronic energy spectrum of small semiconductor qu
Customized nanostructures MBE growth: from quantum dots to quantum rings
Effective interaction for charge carriers confined in quasi-one-dimensional nano
Quadruples of Ge dots grown on patterned Si surfaces
Highly luminescent water-soluble CdTe quantum dots
Stark effect in type-II Ge/Si quantum dots
Nanocomposite ta-C films prepared by the filtered vacuum arc process using nanos
Solid immersion lens-enhanced nano-photoluminescence: principle and applications
Nanoscale dopant-induced dots and potential fluctuations in GaAs
The effect of strain on tuning of light emission energy of InAs/InGaAs quantum-d
Raman spectroscopy of II-VI semiconductor nanostructures: CdS quantum dots
Exciton-LO-phonon coupling in self-organized InAs/GaAs quantum dots
Carrier storage and capture dynamics in quantum-dot heterostructures
Ge quantum dots structural peculiarities depending on the preparation conditions
Fabrication and characterization of a SiGe double quantum dot structure
Resonant transfer of excitons and quantum computation
Fabrication of coupled quantum dots for multiport access
Growth of self-organized quantum dots for optoelectronics applications: nanostru
Ferromagnetic quantum dots formed by external laser irradiation
Semiconductor quantum dots
The effect of Sb on the oxidation of Ge quantum dots
Photoluminescence and optical characterizations of nanocrystalline silicon dots
Research progress of self-assembled Ge quantum dots on a Si substrate
Quantum confinement energy in nanocrystalline silicon dots from high-frequency c
Conductive-tip atomic force microscopy of CdSe colloidal nanodots
The evolution of InAs/InAlAs/InGaAlAs quantum dots after rapid thermal annealing
Preparation of nanometer-scale iron dots on insulating layer
Formation of self-assembly and the mechanism of Si nanoquantum dots prepared by
Self-assembling growth of ordered semiconductor nanoquantum dots
Fabrication and magnetic characterization of embedded permalloy structures
Structure characteristics of InGaN quantum dots fabricated by passivation and lo
Self-assembling formation of silicon quantum dots with a germanium core by low-p
Electronic structure and transport properties of quantum dots
Extremely low density InAs quantum dots realized in situ on (100) GaAs
Electroluminescence from isolated CdSe/ZnS quantum dots in multilayered light-em
A novel technology to fabricate the arbitrary nanopattern
Preparation of group IIB selenide nanoparticles using soft-hard dual template me
Nanoscale fluctuations in the distribution of dopant atoms: dopant-induced dots
Calculation of the ground state energy of excitons in ZnO quantum dots by variat
Universal shapes of self-organized semiconductor quantum dots: striking similari
Methods for labeling quantum dots to biomolecules
Impact of phonons on quantum phase transitions in nanorings of coupled quantum d
Optical transition in discrete levels of Si quantum dots
Fast energy transfer in layer-by-layer assembled CdTe nanocrystal bilayers
Application and development of quantum dots to life science
Development of study on the bio-safety of nanomaterials
Nanovoids in InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots observed by cross-sectional scanning tunne
Probing electron charging in nanocrystalline Si dots using Kelvin probe force mi
Energy transfer in aqueous solutions of oppositely charged CdSe/ZnS core/shell q
Preparation of water soluble CdS quantum dots stabilized by functional poly(ethy
Fabrication and characterization of magnetic media deposited on top or side edge
Nano-dot addition effect on the electrical properties of Ni contacts to p-type G
Photonic crystal with advanced micro/nano-structures: quantum dots and MEMS
Nanoscale dots fabrication by volume change thermal lithography
Luminescent ZnSe nanocrystals of high color purity
Size effects on exchange bias in sub-100 nm ferromagnetic-antiferromagnetic dots
Proximity effect of electron beam lithography for single-electron transistor fab
Spatially ordered self-assembled quantum dots with uniform shapes fabricated by
Toward long-term retention-time single-electron-memory devices based on nitrided
Formation mechanism and Coulomb blockade effect in self-assembled gold quantum d
One-pot synthesis and characterization of high-quality CdSe/ZnX (X=S, Se) nanocr
Optical and electronic characteristics of germanium quantum dots formed by selec
The size dependence of the nano-dots formed by electron-beam-induced deposition
Electron beam-induced deposition using iron carbonyl and the effects of heat tre
Exciton related resonant Raman scattering from CdSe quantum dots in an amorphous
Incorporation of zinc into CdS1-xSex nanocrystals in glass matrix studied by opt
Electronic and electrical response of arrays of metallic quantum dots
Probing the cytotoxicity of semiconductor quantum dots
A growth pathway for highly ordered quantum dot arrays
Nanoindentation and near-field spectroscopy of single semiconductor quantum dots
Micromagnetic domain structures in cylindrical nickel dots
Highly fluorescent, water-soluble, size-tunable gold quantum dots
Nanoprobing of semiconductor heterointerfaces: quantum dots, alloys and diffusio
Single-molecule measurements of gold-quenched quantum dots
Binding of semiconductor quantum dots to cellular integrins
Comparison between quantum confinement effects of quantum wires and dots
Synthesis of uniform GaN quantum dot arrays via electron nanolithography of D2Ga
Size dependence saturation and absorption of PbS quantum dots
Fabrication and optical properties of polymeric waveguides containing nanocrysta
Quantum dots in biology and medicine
A new class of far-red and near-infrared biological labels based on alloyed semi
First-principles prediction of icosahedral quantum dots for tetravalent semicond
Microsphere whispering-gallery-mode laser using HgTe quantum dots
Relationship between single quantum-dot intermittency and fluorescence intensity
CdS quantum dots in hybrid sol-gel matrix; absorption and room-temperature photo
Water-soluble silica-overcoated CdS:Mn/ZnS semiconductor quantum dots
High-performance photorefractive polymers sensitized by cadmium selenide nanopar
Colloidal nanocrystal heterostructures with linear and branched topology
Computer simulation of the working cycle of a quantum controlled-not gate with t
Arrays of nanoscale magnetic dots: fabrication by x-ray interference lithography
Materials produced by assembling gas-phase nanoclusters
Visualization of buried SiGe quantum dots at cleavages by cross-sectional atomic
Quantum-CNN to generate nanoscale chaotic oscillators
SHI-induced grain growth and grain fragmentation effects in polymer-embedded CdS
Dynamics of localized Mn spins in diluted-magnetic-semiconductor nanostructures
Cryptography based on the absorption/emission features of multicolor semiconduct
Optical spectroscopy of single, site-selected, InAs/InP self-assembled quantum d
Transport through multiply connected quantum wires
Magnetization of nanoscopic quantum rings and dots
Intraband carrier relaxation in quantum dots by surface plasmon-phonon excitatio
Förster energy transfer from blue-emitting polymers to colloidal CdSe/ZnS c
A study of CdS nanoparticle surface states by potential-modulated sub-bandgap sp
Coherent states in a coupled quantum dot nanocrystalline silicon transistor
Quantum dot coupled to a normal and a superconducting lead
Few-electron quantum dots in nanowires
Information coding and retrieving using fluorescent semiconductor nanocrystals f
Size and site controlled Ga nanodots on GaAs seeded by focused ion beams
Synthesis and characterization of organic-capping II-VI semiconductor quantum do
Photoluminescence of low-dimensional semiconductor structures under pressure
The preparation and properties of polymer beads and quantum dots composites
Efficient phase transfer of hydrophobic CdSe quantum dots: From nonpolar organic
Biodistribution of quantum dots in rats
Electrical control of hole spin relaxation in charge tunable InAs/GaAs quantum d
Growth of single quantum dots on preprocessed structures: single photon emitters
Growth of InAs/InP(001) nanostructures: The transition from quantum wires to qua
InSb quantum dots in an InAsSb matrix grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Self-assembled and patterned Fe and Fe3O4 dots on III-V semiconductors
Emission properties of single CdSe/ZnS quantum dots close to a dielectric interf
Labelling of cells with quantum dots
Magneto-optical response of layers of semiconductor quantum dots and nanorings
Confocal microscopy of electrostatic properties of Si quantum dots and silica su
Atom nano-optics
Formation and atomic structure of GaSb nanostructures in GaAs studied by cross-s
Quantum dot emitters in two-dimensional photonic crystals of macroporous silicon
Interface phonons in semiconductor nanostructures with quantum dots
Selective growth of InAs quantum dots on patterned GaAs
Achievement of high density InAs quantum dots on InP (311)B substrate emitting a
Optical properties of GaN quantum dots grown on nonpolar (11-20) SiC by molecula
Photon echo studies of biexcitons and coherences in colloidal CdSe quantum dots
Approaching the resolution limit of nanometer-scale electron beam-induced deposi
Optical and structural study of Ge/Si quantum dots on Si(100) surface covered wi
Nanoassemblies designed from semiconductor quantum dots and molecular arrays
Electronic structure of the p-shell in single, site-selected InAs/InP quantum do
Strain field of InAs QDs on GaAs (001) substrate surface: characterization by sy
Resonant Raman scattering and atomic force microscopy of InGaAs/GaAs multilayer
Electroreflectance spectroscopy in self-assembled quantum dots: lens symmetry
Metallic quantum dots
Formation of asymmetric one-sided metal-tipped semiconductor nanocrystal dots an
Structural and optical characterizations of multi-layered and multi-stacked PbSe
Nanophotonic computing based on optical near-field interactions between quantum
Nanometer-scale GaAs ring structure grown by droplet epitaxy
Advances and prospects of fabrication of low-dimensional quantum structures and
Control of self-formed GaAs nanoholes combined with embedded InAs quantum dots
The interaction between d-dots
Atomic force microscope current-imaging study for current density through nanocr
The nanotech patent trap
Synthesis and characterization of CdS quantum dots in polystyrene microbeads
Gate-defined quantum dots on carbon nanotubes
Indium phosphide nanocrystals formed in silica by sequential ion implantation
Magnetic vortex resonance in patterned ferromagnetic dots
Surface passivation method for semiconductor nanostructures
Magnetooptical Kerr effect measurements of ultrafast spin dynamics in cobalt nan
Microscopic dielectric response functions in semiconductor quantum dots
Controlled placement of CdSe nanoparticles in diblock copolymer templates by ele
Synthesis kinetics of CdSe quantum dots in trioctylphosphine oxide and in steari
Multiplexed hybridization detection with multicolor colocalization of quantum do
Size dependency of strain in arbitrary shaped anisotropic embedded quantum dots
Chemically fabricated magnetic quantum dots of InP:Mn
Electronic structure of wurtzite quantum dots with cylindrical symmetry
Dynamics of coupled vortices in layered magnetic nanodots
Polar optical phonons in wurtzite spheroidal quantum dots: theory and applicatio
Transport and photodetection in self-assembled semiconductor quantum dots
Microcavity light-emitting devices based on colloidal semiconductor nanocrystal
Surface plasmon amplification by stimulated emission in nanolenses
Reversal behavior of exchange-biased submicron dots
Quantum dots for live cells, in vivo imaging, and diagnostics
Second harmonic generation and two-photon luminescence upconversion in glasses d
Dependence of the electronic structure of self-assembled (In,Ga)As/GaAs quantum
The use of heat transfer fluids in the synthesis of high-quality CdSe quantum do
Electron-hole pair relaxation dynamics in binary copper-based semiconductor quan
Surface-plasmon-coupled emission of quantum dots
Origin of the optical phonon frequency shifts in ZnO quantum dots
Near-field optical spectroscopy and microscopy of self-assembled GaN/AlN nanostr
Production of silicon quantum dots for photovoltaic applications by picosecond p
Current bursts in lipid bilayers initiated by colloidal quantum dots
Large hexagonal arrays of aligned ZnO nanorods
Microfluidic ultramicroscale deposition and patterning of quantum dots
Size dependence of exciton fine structure in CdSe quantum dots
Long-range resonance transfer of electronic excitations in close-packed CdSe qua
Size effects on the phonon spectra of quantum dots in CdTe-doped glasses
Residual strain in Si-Si1-xGex quantum dots