cadmium 相关文章

异黄酮对镉致血管内皮细胞不良效应的干预作用/Influence of isoflavone on adverse effects caused by cadmi
镉致子宫增重的病理学研究/Pathological Study on Uterotrophic Changes Induced by Cadmium
金属硫蛋白,金属硫蛋白抗体与镉致肾功能损伤/Metallothionein, Metallothionein antibody and cadmium indu
氟、镉对骨的效应/The effects of fluoride and cadmium on bone
镉对DNA代谢的影响和大豆异黄酮的保护作用/The Influence of Cadmium on DNA Metabolism and Protection
镉染毒大鼠尿金属硫蛋白的排泄/Urinary metallothionein excretion in rats exposed to cadmium
镉元素表生地球化学循环及其对植物的影响/Cadmium Circulation of Supergenic Geochemistry and Effect on
镉元素表生地球化学循环及其对植物的影响/Cadmium Circulation of Supergenic Geochemistry and Effect on
克百威-镉、氯嘧磺隆-镉复合污染对土壤酶活性影响研究/Study on Activities of Soil Enzyme Induced by Carbofu
Phosphate glasses doped with CdS nanocrystals
Nanosized cadmium crystallites in aluminum
Treatment of cadmium-plating and chromium-plating wastes by iron oxide-coated sa
Stabilization of Intrazeolitic Cadmium Telluride Nanoclusters by Ion Exchange
Layer by layer growth of chemically deposited cadmium selenide
Single source approach to the synthesis of CdSe nanocrystallites
Some problems of making multielement photoreceiving devices on the basis of soli
Preparation of nanoparticulate CdS films suitable for opto-electronic device app
Biomimetic synthesis of cadmium sulfide-ferritin nanocomposites
Hybrid electrochemical/chemical synthesis of supported, luminescent cadmium sulf
XAFS study of CdTe1-xSx semiconductor glass composites
Crystal phase transformation in sol-gel films of nanocrystalline CdSe and CdS
Growth and reactivity of zinc and cadmium oxide nano-particles in zeolites
DNA cladding with inorganic sulphide nanoparticles
Surface functionalization of cadmium sulfide quantum-confined nanoclusters. 4. F
Preparation and observation of CdS nanometer sized particles incorporated in syn
Incorporation of cadmium sulfide into nanoporous silicon by sequential chemical
Size-selective and epitaxial electrochemical/chemical synthesis of sulfur-passiv
Solvothermal synthetic route to CdE (E = S, Se) semiconductor nanocrystalline
Ab-initio calculations of cadmium sulfide clusters - fragments of thiolate compl
Lecithin vesicle mediated mineralization of cadmium sulphide
Deformation behaviour of cadmium as determined using a nano-indentation system
Controlled growth of cubic cadmium sulfide nanoparticles using patterned self-as
Formation of CdS nanoparticles within functionalized siliceous MCM-41
Electroactive surfactant designed to mediate electron transfer between CdSe nano
A nanoscopic molecular cadmium phosphonate wrapped in a hydrocarbon sheath
The synthesis of luminescent adenosine triphosphate passivated cadmium sulfide n
Adsorption of cadmium(II) from aqueous solution by surface oxidized carbon nanot
Synthesis of CdS nanorods in sol template
Sizing up nanotechnology
Controlled ring-opening (Co)polymerization of lactones initiated from cadmium su
Synthesis of fine CdS powder from direct in-situ reduction of sulphur and cadmiu
A simple and effective synthesis of cadmium selenide in aqueous N,N prime -dimet
Synthesis and assembly of CdS nanoparticles in Keggin ion colloidal particles as
Structural and optical investigations of SiO2-CdS core-shell particles
Photosensitivity of a CdSe electrode modified by nanosized CdS and SnO2 particle
Transport coefficients and cadmium salt rejection in nanofiltration membrane
Study on liquid-solid flotation separation of cadmium in sodium nitrate-potassiu
Synthesis and characterization of cadmium orthosilicate nanowires
Effects of precursors on the crystal structure and photoluminescence of CdS nano
CdSe-sensitized p-CuSCN/nanowire n-ZnO heterojunctions
Some effects of single molecule precursors on the synthesis of CdS nanoparticles
UV photoluminescence from small particles of calcium cadmium sulfide solid solut
Growth of cadmium selenide nanocrystals on submicron silica
Sorption of Cd ions onto akaganeite-type nanocrystals
Nanostructured sorbents for capture of cadmium species in combustion environment
Preparation of nanocrystalline cadmium powder by the γ-radiation method
Formation of CdS fine particles by spray-pyrolysis
Observation of room temperature mono-electron phenomena on nanometre-sized CdS p
Photochemical behavior of nanoparticles of cadmium sulfide in the presence of a
Formation of nanoclusters during the interaction of H2S with cadmium, zinc and c
A hybrid electrochemical/chemical synthesis of supported, luminescent cadmium su
Fabrication of cadmium oxide thin films using the Langmuir-Blodgett deposition t
A novel synthesis of cadmium phosphide nanoparticles using the single-source pre
Doping of CdS nanoparticles by Co2+ ions studied by NMR
Room temperature synthesis of cubic nanocrystalline CdSe in aqueous solution
AFM study of templated growth of cadmium sulfide nanoparticles using pure and mi
Laser-induced fragmentation and melting of cadmium and copper nanoparticles
Solvothermal synthesis of nanocrystalline cadmium sulfide
Structural and electronic properties of cadmium sulfide clusters
Mesoporous cadmium sulfide templated by hexagonal liquid crystal
γ-irradiation preparation of cadmium selenide nanoparticles in ethylenedia
Structural study of CdS nanocrystals grown under cadmium behenate Langmuir monol
Composition of hyperbranched conjugated polymers with nanosized cadmium sulfide
Assembly of CdS nanoparticles in patterned structures by a novel ion-entrapment
In situ synthesis of nanosized cadmium sulfide using bovine serum albumin
γ-irradiation preparation of CdS nano-particles and their formation mechan
Alternative routes toward high quality CdSe nanocrystals
Electrochemical properties of nanocrystalline cadmium stannate films
Synthesis of cadmium oxide nanowires by calcining precursors prepared in a novel
Preparation of the CdS semiconductor nanofibril by UV irradiation
A novel route to prepare cadmium sulfide nano-rods
Irradiation-induced formation of nanoparticles in cadmium niobate pyrochlore
Electrochemical stripping detection of DNA hybridization based on cadmium sulfid
Photorefractive inorganic-organic polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal nanocomposite
Synthesis of cadmium tungstate films via sol-gel processing
Dye-sensitization of magnesium-oxide-coated cadmium sulfide
Synthesis of cadmium selenide by use of selenadiazol in ethylene glycol-a greene
A solvothermal route to CdS nanocrystals
Mossbauer spectroscopic evaluation of high-energy ball-milled CdFe2O4
Role of excess cadmium in the electrical properties of devices made of chemicall
Crystal structure and thermal behavior of a new cadmium indium oxalate
Application of microanalytical techniques to the study of aqueous ion sorption p
Photochemical preparation of rectangular PbSe and CdSe nanoparticles
Photochemical synthesis of CdSe and PbSe nanowire arrays on a porous aluminum ox
Homogeneously distributed CdS and CdSe nanoparticles in thin films of mesoporous
Synthesis of nanocomposite, (CdxZn1-x)S by gamma-irradiation in an aqueous syste
Template-controlled synthesis of wire-like cadmium sulfide nanoparticle assembli
Preparation and characterization of water-soluble jingle-bell-shaped silica-coat
Synthesis and characterization of conducting polyaniline-coated cadmium sulphide
Optical properties of cadmium sulphide nanoparticles in stabilized solutions
A new class of far-red and near-infrared biological labels based on alloyed semi
High-performance photorefractive polymers sensitized by cadmium selenide nanopar
Polyaniline-CdS nanocomposite from organometallic cadmium precursor
Thin films of cadmium and dysprosium oxides as gas-sensitive elements of sensors
A novel synthesis of CdSe nanocrystals
CdS-nanoparticle/polymer composite shells grown on silica nanospheres by atom tr
A facile route to preparation of sea-urchinlike cadmium sulfide nanorod-based ma
Synthesis of single crystalline cadmium nanosheets by a thermal decomposition me
Photocatalytic reduction of cadmium on TiO2 nanoparticles modified with amino ac
Synthesis of high quality zinc blende CdSe nanocrystals
Electrostatic trapping of double-stranded DNA by using cadmium hydroxide nanostr
Photoconductive cadmium sulfide hemicylindrical shell nanowire ensembles
Coating single-walled carbon nanotubes with cadmium chalcogenides
Doped semiconductor nanomaterials
Cadmium telluride growth on patterned substrates for mercury cadmium telluride i
Cd2P2Se6 nanolenses formed at a water-air interface
Electroluminescence from a single-nanocrystal transistor
Photochemical behaviour of cadmium sulfide nanoparticles in the presence of redu
Binding of cadmium to Laurentide fulvic acid. Justification of the functionaliti