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欧洲一体化的政治分析/The Political Analysis of European Integration
灾难的前奏:1941-1954年美国对越政策的演变/Prelude to Disaster:The Evolution of American Foreign
军事援助·经济改造·政治影响——1950-1965美国对台援助分析/Military Aid,Economic Reconstruction and Polit
2004年美国大选及其对中美经贸摩擦的影响/The U.S. Presidential Election and Sino-U.S. trade frictio
制衡、追随与不介入:霸权阴影下的三种国家政策反应/Balancing,Bandwagoning and Noninvolvement: States Forei
货币一体化条件下的宏观经济政策协调/Macroeconomic Policies Coordination In Course Of Monetary Inte
非周期链在随机势下扩展态到局域态的转化/Extended State to Localization In Random Aperiodic Chains
美国新闻记者拒绝作证特权初探/The Reporters Privilege in the united states
西欧绝对主义国家形成研究/A Research on The Formation of Resolute States in Western Europe
论国际法对中国国家行为的影响——以1966年联合国两个人权公约为例/Influences of International Law imposes on Chi
利益集团与美国的贸易政策/Interest Groups and U.S. Trade Policy
冷战后美国在中东不变的地缘政治利益/The United States Unchangeble Geogroghy Politics Interestes
对yangian消除铷金属原子简并态的研究/Study of Yangian Eliminating Degenerate State of Rb Atom
后冷战时期台湾问题中的美国因素研究/Studies on American Problems in Taiwan Issue in the
《上海博物馆藏战国楚竹书(三)》的研究与文字整理/The Study and Layout of Chu-Dynasty Slips of the Warrin
简析近代中国留日、留美学生差异以及影响(1900——1929)/A Study on the Differences and Influences betwee
美国对中日第四次民间贸易的影响/The Influence of U.S.on the Fourth Sino-Japan
赫鲁晓夫的下台与美国的评估/Step-doun of Khrushche and the Evaluation of the United States
S-matrix theory for nanostructure resonances
Singlet and triplet excited state behaviors of C60 in nonreactive and reactive p
Improved optical emission of porous silicon with different postanodization proce
Localization of electronic states in semiconductor superlattices
Pulsed-laser photolysis of Mn2(CO)10: a time-resolved fluorescence study
Carrier diffusion in porous silicon studied by transient laser-induced grating s
Relaxation and recombination in ultrasmall InAs quantum dots
Mesoscopic description of heterojunctions
Correlation between the photoluminescence and chemical bonding in porous silicon
Theoretical study of electronic density of states for carbon nanotubules
Effects of oxygen termination on the electronic states of silicon quantum slabs
Semiconductor clusters, nanocrystals, and quantum dots
Self-consistent electronic structure of spherical semiconductor quantum dots inc
Novel surface states in lateral magnetic superlattices
Effects of width variation on the quasi-bound states in a ballistic quantum chan
Metamagnetic states in metallic nanostructures
Symmetry of the electronic states of Si nanocrystals: an experimental study
Magnetic nanostructures
Density of states and tunneling spectroscopy on molecular nanostructures
Oxygen-related surface states and their role in photoluminescence from porous Si
Intrinsic gap states in semiconductor nanocrystals
Theory of multi-exciton states in semiconductor nanocrystals
Identification of atomic-like electronic states in indium arsenide nanocrystal q
Localized states at InGaN/GaN quantum well interfaces
Control of surface current on a Si(111) surface by using nanofabrication
Electronic states in a finite carbon nanotube: A one-dimensional quantum box
Photoelectron emission study of conducting polymer/metal interfaces
Indentation Analysis of Linear-Chain Hydrocarbon Monolayers Anchored to Diamond
Electronic structure of NaNO2 in the ferroelectric phase
EPR study of ZnS:Mn2+ nanocrystals and pyrex glasses
Nanotube electronic states observed with thermal field emission electron spectro
Electronic control of site selective reactivity: A model combining charge migrat
Tunneling spectroscopy of bound and resonant states in superconducting proximity
Role of surface states in the ultrafast photoinduced electron transfer from sens
Nanosecond dynamics of tryptophans in different conformational states of apomyog
Local density of states in zero-dimensional semiconductor structures
The vibrational density of states and specific heat of Si nanocrystals
Non-empirical calculation of electronic states of impurity polygon in carbon she
Studies of liquid-vapor equilibria, criticality, and spinodal transitions in nan
Interchain delocalization of photoinduced neutral and charged states in nanoaggr
Deformed molecular states of quantum dots in strong magnetic fields
Inside the hysteresis loop: Multiplicity of internal states in confined fluids
Electronic states and optical transitions in small Si quantum boxes
Epitaxial growth erosion on (110) crystal surfaces: Structure and dynamics of in
Biexcitonic bound and continuum states of homogeneously and inhomogeneously broa
Experimental and theoretical investigation of quantum point contacts for the val
Recombination properties of electronic states in porous silicon
Entrance channel localized states in ozone: Possible application to helium nanod
Curvature-induced toroidal bound states
Ratio problem in single carbon nanotube fluorescence spectroscopy
Conformal miniaturization of domains with low domain-wall energy: Monoclinic fer
Recovering pure states in two-state quantum systems
Ab initio modelling of band states in doped diamond
Confined shockley surface states on the (111) facets of gold clusters
Vibronic sidebands of coherent phonon states
Electron spectroscopy of nanodiamond surface states
Density of states for HP lattice proteins
Influence of surface states on the photoluminescence from silicon nanostructures
Nanoscale studies of the oxidation and hydrogenation of graphite surface
Laser Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Dynamics of S1 p-Fluorotoluene
Solvent polarity dependence of photoinduced charge separation and recombination
Comparison between light emission from Si/SiNX and Si/SiO 2 multilayers: Role of
Image states in metal clusters
Spin-polarized scanning tunneling spectroscopy study of Fe nanomagnets on W(001)
Density-functional calculations of self-capacitances of carbon nanostructures
Introduction and control of metastable states in elliptical and rectangular magn
The metastable states in submicron elliptical thin films
Generation of multiphoton Fock states by bichromatic adiabatic passage: Topologi
Configuration interaction method for Fock-Darwin states
Realization of a two-qubit quantum gate utilizing edge states around antidots
Low-lying excited states of light-harvesting system II in purple bacteria
Quantum well states of d3z2-r2 and dxz,yz orbital character in Pd nanofilms
Density of impurity states in doped spherical quantum dots
Entangled Bell states of two electrons in coupled quantum dots - Phonon decohere
New micromagnetic states in non-ellipsoidal nanoparticles
Energies of electronic states of promoter ions in hydrodesulfurization catalysts
Introduction of Si/SiO2 interface states by annealing Ge-lmplanted films
Spontaneous patterning of the chemical order field in L12 and L10 ordered alloys
Surface Oxidation States in Si/SiO2 Nanostructures Prepared from Si/SiO2 Mixture
PES-monitoring of dynamics of electronic states in solid nanostructures under ch
Deep-level transient spectroscopy of TiO2 CuInS2 heterojunctions
Optical and electron correlation effects in silicon quantum dots
Optical and electron correlation effects in silicon quantum dots
Geometric phases of scattering states in a ring geometry: Adiabatic pumping in m
Emission properties of manganese-doped ZnS nanocrystals
Determination of defect states in semiconductor nanocrystals by cyclic voltammet
Electric capacitance as nanocondensers in zigzag nanographite ribbons and zigzag
Theoretical investigation on electronic properties of topological materials: Mob
Simulation of single-electron transport in nanostructured quantum dots
Catalytic activity of platinum on ruthenium electrodes with modified (electro)ch
Investigation of the neutron quantum states in the earths gravitational field
Stabilizing quantum metastable states in a time-periodic potential
Success in high precision control of nuclear spins for quantum computation
Switching of the fluorescence emission of single molecules between the locally e
Effect of localized traps on the anomalous behavior of the transconductance in n
Joint conference of the electrochemical societies of the United States and Japan
A generalized adiabatic principle for electron dynamics in curved nanostructures
Bands of image states in nanowire lattices and infrared-control of proteins on n
Quasi-bound states and intra-band transition energies in GaAs-(Ga,Al)As variably
Tunable bands of electronic image states in nanowire lattices
Model study of coherent quantum dynamics of hole states in functionalized semico
Modification of photon states in photonic molecules with semiconductor nanocryst
Joint density of states of nanostructures: An application to porous silicon
Surface effects on capped and uncapped nanocrystals
Applied physics: Coherent manipulation of coupled electron spins in semiconducto
Direct observation of geometrical phase transitions in mesoscopic superconductor
Coincidence of checkerboard charge order and antinodal state decoherence in stro
Temperature dependence of excitonic radiative decay in CdSe quantum dots: The ro
Stark spectroscopy of CdSe nanocrystallites: the significance of transition line
Up-converted luminescence and excited-state excitation spectroscopy of Cr4+ ions
Properties of metallic nanowires: from conductance quantization to localization
Probing electrical transport, electron interference, and quantum size effects at
The electronic structure of transition metal interacting tip and sample and atom
Dynamics of carrier-capture processes in GaxIn1-xAs/GaAs near-surface quantum we
Electronic states of the cap structure in the carbon nanotube
Resolution of three structural states of spin-labeled myosin in contracting musc
Screening of longitudinal optical phonons by carriers in quantum dots
One-dimensional metal structures at decorated steps
Ion bombardment effect on electronic states in CdS fine particles
Organic optical limiter with a strong nonlinear absorptive response
Excited states in self-organized InAs/GaAs quantum dots: theory and experiment
Electronic structure of a model nanocrystalline/amorphous mixed-phase silicon
Controlling the evolution of electronic states in nanostructures
Isomerization processes in the ground and first excited states of 1,1-Diethyl-2,
Inelastic neutron and Raman scattering of poly(methyl methacrylate): nanostructu
Electronic states of Cd-chalcogenide microcrystals embedded in GeO2 glasses stud
Tamm states of carbon nanotubes
Tunnelling spectroscopy of low-dimensional states
Theoretical study of the electronic structure of PbS nanoclusters
Band structure of sodium nitrate
CNDO/S-based quantum-chemical calculations of excited states of MgO clusters
Optical properties of passivated Si nanocrystals and SiOx nanostructures
STM images of guanine on graphite surface and the role of tip-sample interaction
Quantum-dot ground states in a magnetic field studied by single-electron tunneli
Quantum Hall effect and inter-edge-state tunneling within a barrier
Quantized electronic states in nanostructures
Element-specific contrast in scanning tunneling microscopy via resonant tunnelin
A model of quantum confined state modified by surface potential in porous silico
Vibrational density of states of nanocrystalline Ni3Fe
Nanowires on stepped metal surfaces
Structure and phonon density of states in nanoclusters: Molecular dynamics study
Lattice distortion in nanographite ribbons
Electronic structure of amorphous silicon nanoclusters
Investigation on excited states for electrons in porous silicon and their spectr
In-situ analysis of valence conversion in transition metal oxides using electron
Electronic structure and localized states at carbon nanotube tips
Absorption and luminescence of the surface states in ZnS nanoparticles
Temperature dependence of visible photoluminescence from PECVD nanocrystallites
Electronic structure of graphite nanopipes
Electronic coherence and collective optical excitations of conjugated molecules
Quantum confinement of edge states in Si crystallites
Gate-voltage studies of discrete electronic states in aluminum nanoparticles
Self-assembled peptide nanotubes from first principles
Electronic structure of single-wall, multiwall, and filled carbon nanotubes
Electronic structure and optical transition of semiconductor nanocrystallites
Photoluminescence as a surface-effect in nanostructures
Intraband transitions in semiconductor nanocrystals
Single-electron effects in heavily doped polycrystalline silicon nanowires
The density of states in silicon nanostructures determined by space-charge-limit
Universal density of states for carbon nanotubes
Multiphoton ionization dynamics of barium Rydberg states in intense femtosecond
Studies on electronic states at the organic nano-interface using low-energy phot
Magnetic nanostructures
Proximity effects in the excited state ordering and photophysics of thienyl-pyri
Applicability of the k·p method to the electronic structure of quantum do
Total and surface density of states in CdS semiconductor clusters
Optically induced magnetism in cobalt iron cyanide
Investigation on transition mechanism for electrons in porous silicon
Microprobe spectroscopy of localized exciton states in II-VI quantum wells
Effects of nanodomain formation on the electronic structure of doped carbon nano
Electronic spectroscopy and dynamics of the monomer and Arn clusters of 9-phenyl
First-principles band structures of armchair nanotubes
Initial carrier relaxation dynamics in ion-implanted Si nanocrystals: Femtosecon
Hot luminescence of Mn2+ in ZnS nanocrystals
Spatially resolved tunneling spectroscopy of superconducting wires with artifici
The effect of structural distortions on the electronic structure of carbon nanot
Tunneling effects emerging from multi-electron systems in spatially modulated na
Quasi-bound states and resonances in heterostructures
Beyond Born-Oppenheimer spectroscopic study for the C state of LiH
Electronic states in magnetic nanostructures
Cation-controlled interfacial charge injection in sensitized nanocrystalline TiO
Superconducting persistent-current qubit
Tamm states and quantum dots in carbon and heteroatomic nanotubes
Localization in carbon nanotubes within a tight-binding model
Electronic states of metallic and semiconducting carbon nanotubes with bond and
Evolution from individual to collective electron states in a dense quantum dot e
Three types of site of Mn2+ in ZnS:Mn2+ nanocrystal/Pyrex glass composites
Quantum-well states in copper thin films
Electronic density of states of atomically resolved single-walled carbon nanotub
Ultrafast dynamics of inter- and intraband transitions in semiconductor nanocrys
Local density of states calculation for a discrete model of a diamond single ato
Recombination dynamics in dry-etched (Cd,Zn)Se/ZnSe nanostructures: Influence of
Electronic states in heavily Li-doped graphite nanoclusters
Conductivity measurement of the Si(111) surface using STM nanofabrication
Coherent control of macroscopic quantum states in a single-Cooper-pair box
Quasistationary states of an electron in a spherical β-HgS/β-CdS/&beta
Dimerization of single selenium chains confined in nanochannels of cancrinite: A
Calculation of the local density of states for a discrete pyramidal model of a d
Magnetic quantum wells
Three behavioral states observed in field emission from single-walled carbon nan
Surface relaxation in CdSe nanocrystals
Raman spectroscopy of CdS nanocrystalline semiconductors
Excited nano-clusters
Ultrafast spectroscopy of dark states in solid state sexithiophene
Field emission from carbon nanotubes: perspectives for applications and clues to
Ground and excited states of few-electron systems in spherical quantum dots
Spectroelectrochemical investigation of surface states in nanostructured TiO2 el
Electronic properties of armchair carbon nanotubes: bosonization approach
Electronic states and optical properties of Si/SiO2 superlattices
Photoluminescence of ZnO:Tb nanoparticles
Energy dispersion of localized states in light-sensitive nanocrystals
Spectroscopy of nanoscopic semiconductor rings
Direct observation of electronic excitations in molecules and small clusters
Nanoparticles and polarons: active centers in thin film sensor devices
Correlated structural and optical investigation of terbium-doped zinc oxide nano
Bipolaron binding in quantum wires
Quantum superposition of distinct macroscopic states
Spectroscopy and trapping dynamics in WS2 nanoclusters
Method for tight-binding parametrization: Application to silicon nanostructures
Zero-conductance resonances due to flux states in nanographite ribbon junctions
Red emission from GaN nanocrystallite solids
Electronic states and optical properties of silicon nanocrystals terminated by d
Electronic changes induced by vacancies on spectral and elastic properties of ti
Laser coloration and bleaching of amorphous WO3 thin film
Nonlinear optical response of Si nanostructures in a silica matrix
Measurements of discrete electronic states in a gold nanoparticle using tunnel j
Magnetic impurity effects in metallic carbon nanotubes: local non-Fermi liquid t
Local non-Fermi liquid theory of magnetic impurity effects in metallic carbon na
Electronic properties of oxidized carbon nanotubes
Experimental studies on the defect states at the interface between nanocrystalli
Nuclear quadrupole hyperfine quantum beats in HCl and pyrimidine measured by the
Scanning tunneling microscopy and atomic force microscopy studies of laser irrad
Electrical and structural properties of nanoscale NiSi2 precipitates in silicon
X-ray-edge singularities in nanotubes and quantum wires with multiple subbands
Absorption spectra of nanocrystalline silicon embedded in SiO2 matrix
Small silicon memories: confinement, single-electron,. and interface state consi
Study of photoluminescence and electronic states in nanophase strontium titanate
Resonant quantum coherence of magnetization at excited states in nanospin system
Ab initio study of carbon nanotubes in electric fields
STM study of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Surface polymerization of epitaxial Sb wires on Si(001)
Critical size for localization of the L-like conduction states in InAs quantum d
Self-capacitance of a Thomas-Fermi nanosphere
Topological surface states in deformed quantum wires
Transmission through carbon nanotubes with polyhedral caps
Chirality dependence of the density-of-states singularities in carbon nanotubes
Real and spurious solutions of the 8×8 k·p model for nanostructures
Spin electronic states of wurtzite GaN nanostructures
The role of surface states in the ultrafast photoinduced electron transfer from
Phonon density of states of single-wall carbon nanotubes
STS properties of defective metallic carbon nanotubes
Spectroscopic study of electronic states in an ensemble of close-packed CdSe nan
Sub-nanosecond lifetime measurement using the recoil-distance method
Transient luminescence line shapes for Mn2+ ions in ZnS nanocrystals
A tight-binding study of chemical interaction of nanotube tip with Si(001) surfa
Exciton states and optical spectra in CdSe nanocrystallite quantum dots
Localization of long-lived states in trans-poly(acetylene): probing by photoindu
Solitons in carbon nanotubes
Low temperature optical properties of amorphous oxide nanoclusters in polymethyl
Broken symmetry in the density of electronic states of an array of quantum dots
Effect of glass electronic states on carrier dynamics in semiconductor quantum-d
Formation of long-lived Rydberg states of H2 at K impregnated surfaces
Role of the localized states in field emission of carbon nanotubes
Defects, quasibound states and quantum conductance in metallic carbon nanotubes
Electronic structure of kinked multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Surface states induced photoluminescence from Mn2+ doped CdS nanoparticles
Nanocrystalline TiO2 studied by optical, FTIR and X-ray photoelectron spectrosco
Electron delocalization in amorphous carbon by ion implantation
Defect states in silicon nanocrystalline MOS structures prepared by rapid therma
Electronic states of InAs/GaAs quantum ring
Quantum generation of angular momenta of crystallites in a nanocrystalline mater
Excited state dynamics in tetra tolyl porphyrins studied using degenerate four w
Nanometer scale mapping of the density of states in an inhomogeneous superconduc
Electronic structure of rhombohedral oxyanion crystals
Universal expression for localization length in metallic carbon nanotubes
Electronic properties of carbon nanotubes with a pentagon-heptagon pair defect
Stopping power and nano-particles: collisions of ions in low charge states with
On the formation and decay of the p¯He+ atomcule
Paramagnetic properties of nanodiamond
Macroscopic entanglement in Josephson nanocircuits
Coupling and entangling of quantum states in quantum dot molecules
Exciton states of silicon nanocrystals studied by magneto-optical spectral hole
Optical analogy to electronic quantum corrals
Single-crystal scintillation time spectrometry
Investigations into electron spin resonance in doped nanocrystalline silicon fil
The applications of nonlinear dynamic admittance in nanostructures
Ab initio study of quantum confined unpassivated ultrathin Si films
Relaxation of carriers in terbium-doped ZnO nanoparticles
The room-temperature visible photoluminescence from nanocrystalline Si in Si/SiN
Neck formation processes of nanocrystalline silicon carbide: a tight-binding mol
Joint density of electronic states for one isolated single-wall carbon nanotube
Partitioned real-space density functional calculations of bielectrode systems un
Two field-emission states of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Imaging of Friedel oscillation patterns of two-dimensionally accumulated electro
Excitation dynamics in single molecular crystals of α-hexathiophene from f
Chemical composition, morphology, and deep level electronic states of GaN (0001)
Electronic states in capped carbon nanotubes
Tuning Fermi-surface properties through quantum confinement in metallic metalatt
Interfacial electrostatic phenomena in phthalocyanine Langmuir-Blodgett films un
Shape dependent ultrafast relaxation dynamics of CdSe nanocrystals: nanorods vs
Intercalated nanographite: Structure and electronic properties
Electronic transport at semiconductor surfaces - from point-contact transistor t
Electrolyte electroreflectance study of TiO2 films modified with metal nanoparti
Quantum dot infrared photodetectors
One-dimensional metallic edge states in MoS2
Quasi-stationary states of electrons and holes in an open composite cylindrical
Electron and hole quasistationary states in opened cylindrical quantum wire
Structural property and bonding states of AlCN thin films
Electron energy state spin-orbit splitting in nanoscopic quantum rings
Electronic structure of carbon nanocones
Electron transport in granular amorphous silicon dioxide films with ferromagneti
Electron localization in low-density quantum rings
Electronic structures of capped carbon nanotubes under electric fields
Electronic structure of a KCl nanocrystal with an edge dislocation
Effect of oxidation on electronic and geometric properties of carbon nanotubes
Investigation of Cr structural positions in spinel with the use of X-ray emissio
Initial and final state effects in photoemission from Au nanoclusters on TiO2(11
Imaging the local density of states of optical corrals
Lifetimes of yrast rotational states of the fission fragments 100Zr and 104Mo me
N-doping and coalescence of carbon nanotubes: synthesis and electronic propertie
Electronic structure calculations of ultrasmall Si quantum boxes: Characteristic
Ring currents effect on the dielectric function of cylindrical nano-organic mate
Electronic transport at semiconductor surfaces-from point-contact transistor to
Symmetry effect on the conductance of two-defect carbon nanotubes
Quantum interference induced by nonmagnetic impurities in a single-walled carbon
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study on gold nanoparticles supported on diamon
Magnetization-direction-dependent local electronic structure probed by scanning
Study of the quantum-well states in ultra-thin silver films on Si surfaces
Localized eigenstates in carbon nanotube caps
Nanoscale friction and interfacial effects
Localized valence states characteristics and work function of single-walled carb
Edge-state effects on the magneto-polarizability of nanographite layers
Signatures of trions in the optical spectra of doped semiconductor nanorings in
Excitons in quantum-dot quantum-well nanoparticles
Effect of substitutional atoms in the tip on field-emission properties of capped
Electronic and structural properties of defects and edge states in hydrogen-plas
Spin correlations in the ground state of hexanuclear magnetic ring Fe6
Scalable solid-state quantum processor using subradiant two-atom states
Proximity effect and strong-coupling superconductivity in nanostructures built w
Scanning tunneling spectroscopy on crossed carbon nanotubes
New halogenated phenylbacteriochlorins and their efficiency in singlet-oxygen se
Spherical quantum dot with added parabolic confinement as a nanoscale tunable ra
Size-dependent absorption and defect states in CdSe nanocrystals in various mult
Oscillations of the absorbance of PbS nanocrystals grown in situ in Langmuir-Blo
Magnetoband structures of AB-stacked zigzag nanographite ribbons
Charge- and spin-excitation gaps for a magnetic Anderson impurity embedded in a
Polarized excitons in nanorings and the optical Aharonov-Bohm effect
Magnetic and thermal properties of nanoscale heavy-fermion particles
Absorption and emission in oligo-phenylene vinylene nanoaggregates: The role of
Kondo effect in a nanosized particle
Highly extended image states around nanotubes
Theory of scanning tunneling spectroscopy of fullerene peapods
Electronic structure and polarizability of metallic nanoshells
Unraveling the symmetry of the hole states near the Fermi level in the MgB2 supe
Solving rate equations for electron tunneling via discrete quantum states
Chemically dependent traps and polytypes at Pt/Ti contacts to 4H and 6H-SiC
Magnetization reversal in elliptical-ring nanomagnets
Microcanonical thermodynamic properties of helium nanodroplets
Discrete conductance switching in conducting polymer wires
Density of states and magnetoconductance of disordered Au point contacts
Rydberg states: sensitive probes of molecular structure
Tight-binding theory of quantum-dot quantum wells: single-particle effects and n
Magnetophotoluminescence of quantum confined states in ordered GaxIn1-xP with 20
First observation of autodetachment lifetimes of methide, CH3$
Elasticity-driven nanoscale electronic structure in superconductors
Static screening by conducting nanospheres
Enhanced dye-sensitized photoconversion efficiency via reversible production of
Enhanced radiative transition in SinGem nanoclusters
Potential energy, relaxation, vibrational dynamics and the boson peak, of hyperq
Shape effects on electronic states of nanocrystals
Visible and near-IR luminescence via energy transfer in rare earth doped mesopor
Metastable states in magnetic nanorings
Magneto-optical transitions in multilayer semiconductor nanocrystals
Atomic and electronic structure of MoS2 nanoparticles
Selective probing of the electronic structure of free clusters using resonant co
Theoretical comparison between field-emission properties of carbon protrusions r
Synthesis, light emission, nanoaggregation, and restricted intramolecular rotati
Concentration-dependent near-infrared to visible upconversion in nanocrystalline
Depth profiling of Si oxidation states in Si-implanted SiO2 films by X-ray photo
Size dependence of lifetime and absorption cross section of Si nanocrystals embe
Limitations on the s-state approach to the interpretation of sub-angstrom resolu
Chemistry of one-dimensional metallic edge states in MoS2 nanoclusters
Interelectronic counter-balance and coalescence densities for the n1S (n 7) sta
Nanoscale Zeeman localization of charge carriers in diluted magnetic semiconduct
Electronic states of Si nanostructures in a strong electric field: bandgap and S
Rigorous micromagnetic computation of configurational anisotropy energies in nan
Entangled states and nanoobjects in quantum optics
Electronic properties of AA-stacked nanographite ribbons
The influence of charge states and elastic stresses on the diffusion of point de
Electronic states at vicinal surfaces
Defects and external field effects on the electronic properties of a carbon nano
Electronic resonance states in metallic nanowires during the breaking process si
The electronic structure and lithiation of electrodes based on vanadium-oxide na
Electronic band gaps of diamond nanowires
Surface states of cobalt nanoislands on Cu(111)
Spectrum and tunneling in self-assembled quantum dots
Electronic properties of superconducting NbSe2 nanotubes
Local Friedel sum rule on graphs
Field emission properties of carbon nanotubes coated with boron nitride
Dielectric and magnetic losses of microwave electromagnetic radiation in granula
Conductance of a molecular junction mediated by unconventional metal-induced gap
Orbital hybridization and charge transfer in carbon nanopeapods
Monitoring the local atomic structure by surface states spectroscopy
Electronic states of BCN alloy nanotubes in a simple tight-binding model
Direct observation of Tomonaga-Luttinger-liquid state in carbon nanotubes at low
An ab initio study of the ground and valence excited states of GaCl
Magnetic structure of nano-graphite Mobius ribbon
Photoluminescence of CsPbCl3 films prepared by quench deposition and subsequent
Electronic structure of titanium oxide nanotubules
Structural and optical properties of InAlGaN films grown directly on low-tempera
Luminescence mechanism studies of AlInGaN alloy
Correlation effects of carbon nanotubes at boundaries: spin polarization induced
Ground-state properties of nanographite systems with zigzag edges
Optical nonlinear properties and optical limiting for [(n-Bu)4N]4[MoS4Cu]4
Electronic coupling of quantum-well states in double Ag nanofilm structures
Sp2 bonding distributions in nanocrystalline diamond particles by electron energ
Interrelations between the local electronic states and the atomic structures in
Diagram of the states in arrays of iron nanocylinders
Structural and electronic properties of the metal-metal intramolecular junctions
Antiresonance effect due to Stone-Wales defect in carbon nanotubes
Ground state of excitons in quantum-dot quantum-well nanoparticles: stochastic v
Study of the surface states and activity of a Pt/TiO2 photocatalyst
Quantum well states of d(3z2-r2) and dxz , yz orbital character in Pd nanofilms
Core-level photoemission study of the InAs/CdSe nanocrystalline system
First-principles investigation of (001) surface of TiO2
An ab initio study of the ground and valence excited states of GaF
Magnetoresistance of atomic-sized contacts: an ab initio study
A continuum model for calculating the phonon density of states of single-walled
Self-organizing processes in connection with metastable nanocluster states
Electronic states and quantum transport in double-wall carbon nanotubes
Scanning tunneling microscopy chemical signature of point defects on the MoS2(00
Coexistence of two different anion states in polyacene nanocluster anions
Nitrogen doping and chirality of carbon nanotubes
Digital magnetic moment of tetrahedrally bonded half-metallic nanoclusters
Magnetoelectronic states of carbon toroids
Scanning tunnelling spectroscopy of low-dimensional semiconductor systems
Midgap states and generalized supersymmetry in semi-infinite nanowires
Photophysical study of new methanofullerene-TTF dyads: an obvious intramolecular
Electron transition energy for vertically coupled InAs/GaAs semiconductor quantu
Observation of the gap blueshift on Gd2O3:Eu3+ nanoparticles
Optical and structural properties of nanosized ZnGa2O4:Cr3+ phosphor
Empirical-potential study of phonon transport in graphitic ribbons
Surfacelike band-edge states on H-covered and oxidized ultrasmall Si quantum box
Angle-resolved photoemission study of Ag nanofilms grown on fcc transition-metal
Theoretical analysis of field emission from metallic nanostructures on Si(100) s
Filled and empty states of disordered GaN studied by x-ray absorption and emissi
Simulation of CO2 laser pyrolysis during preparation of SiC nanopowders
Shaping of detached image states above suspended nanowires
Disordered carbon nanotube alloys in the effective-medium supercell approximatio
Localized states of a narrow single-walled carbon nanotube by using Su-Schrieffe
Nonlinear absorption of PbS nanocrystals in silicate glass
Transversal magnetic field effect on the populations of excited states of helium
Symmetry and electronic structure of noble-metal nanoparticles and the role of r
Image-potential states of single- and multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Colloquium: the quest for high-conductance DNA
Simulation of coherent interactions between Rydberg atoms
Influence of aspect ratio on the lowest states of quantum rods
Computing by pulse-driven nanodevice arrays
Ultrathin films of ferroelectric solid solutions under a residual depolarizing f
Helium nanodroplet isolation spectroscopy of perylene and its complexes with oxy
Polarization spectroscopy of InGaAs/GaAs quantum wires grown on (331)B GaAs temp
Electronic structure of nanostructured ZnO from x-ray absorption and emission sp
Curvilinear lattice in chiral carbon nanotubes
Detection of quantum confined states in Au nanoclusters by alkali ion scattering
Boundary conditions for the electronic structure of finite-extent embedded semic
Insulator-to-metal transition induced by disorder in a model for manganites
Magnetic quantum dots and magnetic edge states
Magnetic Bloch oscillations in nanowire superlattice rings
Excited states of tetrahedral single-core Si29 nanoparticles
Solvable coupled Hamiltonian for a periodic potential
Prediction of barrier localization in modulated nanowires
Electromagnetic density of states and absorption of radiation by aggregates of n
Time-resolved photoimaging of image-potential States in carbon nanotubes
Electron-excited luminescence of SiC surfaces and interfaces
Density of states near Fermi level in PbS nanoparticle films
Momentum filtering effect in molecular wires
Localization of surface states in disordered step lattices
A tight-binding study of LUMO states in ellipsoidal silicon nanocrystals
Localized states in metallic carbon nanotube systems
Surface states in template synthesized tin oxide nanoparticles
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