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单层碳纳米管-金属导体结的电子输运性质理论研究/Theoretic Research on Electron Transportation of SWNT-Me
Linearized augmented plane wave method for quasiunidimensional system: carbyne a
Carbon nanotube electrode for oxidation of dopamine
Estimation of Peierls-transition temperature in metallic carbon nanotube
High yield synthesis and growth mechanism of carbon nanotubes
Through the Nanotube: the carbon familys newest member
Fine structure of plastically deformed carbon nanotube
Electrical conductivity of individual carbon nanotubes
Nonlinear optical properties of armchair nanotube
Coating of carbon nanotube with nickel by electroless plating method
Protein electrochemistry at carbon nanotube electrodes
Magneto-oscillatory behavior of carbon nanotube bundles
Dynamics of He/C60 flow inside carbon nanotubes
Molecular dynamics simulations of carbon nanotube-based gears
Simulations of carbon nanotube tip assisted mechano-chemical reactions on a diam
Carbon nanotube quantum resistors
Electronic properties of tetrahedral amorphous carbon (ta-C) films containing na
Covalently functionalized nanotubes as nanometresized probes in chemistry and bi
Study on the influence of size of Ni-P-Carbon nanotube coat on tribological prop
Preparation of coating of carbon nanotube with nickel-cobalt alloy
Sliding wear property of Cu-based composite materials reinforced by carbon nanot
Sonochemical production of a carbon nanotube
Carbon-nanotube tips for scanning probe microscopy: Preparation by a controlled
Electronic structure at carbon nanotube tips
Mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes
Field emission from carbon nanotubes and its application to cathode ray tube lig
Single-wall carbon nanotube circuits assembled with an atomic force microscope
Optical absorption and fluorescence of a multi-walled nanotube-polymer composite
Inorganic-organic nanotube composites from template mineralization of tobacco mo
Electrical transport in pure and boron-doped carbon nanotubes
Self-oriented regular arrays of carbon nanotubes and their field emission proper
Atomic Scale Sliding and Rolling of Carbon Nanotubes
Ad-dimers on Strained Carbon Nanotubes: A New Route for Quantum Dot Formation?
Indentation Analysis of Linear-Chain Hydrocarbon Monolayers Anchored to Diamond
Numerical generation of nanotube caps
Alternative structure for C576
Novel Length Scales in Nanotube Devices
Magnetothermopower of single wall carbon nanotube newtwork
Towards probing pentagons on carbon nanotube tips
Nanolithography of organic polysilane films using carbon nanotube tips
Spin configurations of a carbon nanotube in a nonuniform external potential
Computational study of molecular diffusion and dynamic flow through carbon nanot
Investigation of nano-balance for molecules based on carbon nanotube
Enhanced CVD approach to extensive nanotube networks with directionality
Alkaline metal-doped n-type semiconducting nanotubes as quantum dots
Carbon nanotube arrays
Electrochemical characterization of single-walled carbon nanotube electrodes
Evaluation of solid polymer electrolytes for use in conducting polymer/nanotube
Carbon nanotube and polypyrrole composites: coating and doping
Field emission properties of carbon nanotubes
Water conduction through the hydrophobic channel of a carbon nanotube
Field emission properties of a potassium-doped multiwalled carbon nanotube tip
Select pathways to carbon nanotube film growth
Tunable adsorption on carbon nanotubes
Effect of adsorbates on field emission from carbon nanotubes
Synthesis of well-aligned carbon nanotube network on a gold-patterned quartz sub
Carbon nanotube composites synthesized by ion-assisted pulsed laser deposition
Preliminary test of a carbon nanotubes vacuum gauge for space use
Structural stability of carbon nanotube tips on nanoindentation of polycarbonate
Electroosmotic flow in template-prepared carbon nanotube membranes
Electronic Structure of Carbon Nanotube in the Growth
Theoretical modelling of nonlinear refraction and two-photon absorption in singl
An under-gate triode structure field emission display with carbon nanotube emitt
Micropipet-assisted formation of microscopic networks of unilamellar lipid bilay
Fabrication and characterization of carbon nanotube triodes
Dispersion and solubilization of single-walled carbon nanotubes with a hyperbran
Controlling the rate and direction of electroosmotic flow in template-prepared c
Carbon nanotube films for damping applications
Intrinsic electron transport properties of carbon nanotube Y-junctions
Direct dynamics studies of CO-assisted carbon nanotube growth
Toward carbon nanotube supramolecular chemistry
Dimensional changes as a function of charge injection in single-walled carbon na
Research on thermal deformation of carbon nanotube at high temperature
Anodic oxidation of hydrazine at carbon nanotube powder microelectrode and its d
Effects of single-walled carbon nanotubes on the crystallization behavior of pol
Electroless plated multiwalled carbon nanotubes for reinforcing metal-matrix com
Characteristics of multiwalled carbon nanotube nanobridges fabricated by poly(me
Micropatterned vertically aligned carbon-nanotube growth on a Si surface or insi
Model narrow nanotubes related to C36, C32 and C20: Initial computational struct
High-yield, nondestructive purification and quantification method for multiwalle
On the route to compatibilization of carbon nanotubes
Controlled fabrication of large-scale aligned carbon nanofiber/nanotube patterns
Coulomb blockade in multiwalled carbon nanotube island with nanotube leads
Atomic force microscopy of nickel dot arrays with tuning fork and nanotube probe
Adhesion study of polyimide to single-wall carbon nanotube bundles by energy-fil
Probing Chiral Selective Reactions Using a Revised Kataura Plot for the Interpre
Characterization of fractions from repeated functionalization reactions of carbo
Sequence growth of carbon fibers and nanotube networks by CVD process [3]
Individual single-walled nanotubes and hydrogels made by oxidative exfoliation o
Dispersion of single-walled carbon nanotubes in aqueous solutions of the anionic
Chemistry of carbon nanotubes
Electrophoretic protein transport in gold nanotube membranes
Peroxidase activity of enzymes bound to the ends of single-wall carbon nanotube
Micro-hardness and flexural properties of randomly-oriented carbon nanotube comp
Three-dimensional simulations of field emission through an oscillating barrier f
DNA-Templated Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistor
Incredibly tough nanotube fibers
Supramolecutar self-assembly of lipid derivatives on carbon nanotubes
Ruthenium oxide nanotube arrays fabricated by atomic layer deposition using a ca
Study of nitrogen adsorbed on open-ended nanotube bundles
Curvature-directed crystallization of poly(vinylidene difluoride) in nanotube wa
High open-circuit voltage photovoltaic devices from carbon-nanotube-polymer comp
Carbon nanotubes for microelectronics: Status and future prospects
Melt mixing of polycarbonate/multi-wall carbon nanotube composites
Electrochemical capacitor using nickel oxide/carbon nanotube composites electrod
Nanostructures Formed by Combination of Nanotube and Polymer Chain
Aligning a single-lipid nanotube with moderate stiffness
Study on composition, structure and formation process of nanotube Na2Ti2O4(OH)2
Electrochemical investigation on carbon nanotube film with different pretreatmen
Electroanalytical applications of carboxyl-modified carbon nanotube film electro
Influences of density and dimension of carbon nanotubes on their field emission
Influence of acid treatments on the activity of carbon nanotube-supported cataly
Role of transition metal catalysts in single-walled carbon nanotube growth in ch
Highly ordered carbon nanotube arrays with open ends grown in anodic alumina nan
In situ splitting of carbon nanotube bundles with atomic force microscopy
Application of carbon nanotube supported nickel/aluminum mixed oxide in the synt
Uniform metal nanotube arrays by multistep template replication and electrodepos
Quantum conductance in single-walled carbon nanotube quantum dots
Self-assembly of large-scale micropatterns on aligned carbon nanotube films
A molecular motor constructed from a double-walled carbon nanotube driven by tem
Synthesis and electrical properties of carbon nanotube polyaniline composites
Quasi-fluid state in solid and Cu-Zn-Al Alloy nanotube
Electrochemical behavior of multi-wall carbon nanotubes and electrocatalysis of
Influence of HNO3-treatment and calcination temperature on dispersion of Mo spec
Computer simulation of hydrogen adsorption in single-walled carbon nanotube
Cu-Zn-Al alloy nanotube and quasi-fluid state in solid
Carbon nanotubes as tips for atomic force microscopy
Fabrication and electrochemical properties of carbon nanotube array electrode fo
Study on the synthesis and field emission property of carbon nanotube film
Arrays of heterojunctions of Ag nanowires and amorphous carbon nanotubes
Interface effect on thermal conductivity of carbon nanotube composites
Points of onset of gasification in a multi-walled carbon nanotube having an impe
Carbon nanotube-reinforced epoxy-composites: Enhanced stiffness and fracture tou
Turning Peapods into Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Magnetic properties of carbon nanotubes grown on Fe catalyst layer by microwave
Water-assisted highly efficient synthesis of impurity-free single-walled carbon
Sliding friction properties of carbon nanotube coatings deposited by microwave p
Simulation of DNA-nanotube interactions
First-principle study on structures and electronic properties of aluminum nanowi
Transmission electron microscopy and transistor characteristics of the same carb
Cloud of smoke is spun into carbon nanotube fibers
Carbon nanotube composites
Circuit elements in carbon nanotube-polymer composites
Nanoscale carbon nanotube motor schematics and simulations for micro-electro-mec
A molecular dynamics simulation investigation into the behavior of water molecul
Theoretical study of the single-walled gold (5,3) nanotube
Application of the tight-binding method to the elastic modulus of C60 and carbon
Chemical bonding in polyethylene-nanotube composites: A quantum mechanics predic
Flanged nanotube-electrode junctions
Orbital-stoichiometric cluster model of carbon nanotube generation on quantum do
Preparation and phase segregation of block copolymer nanotube multiblocks
Finite element predictions for the thermoelastic properties of nanotube reinforc
Synthesis of carbon nanotube films by thermal CVD in the presence of supported c
Binding kinetics and SWNT bundle dissociation in low concentration polymer-nanot
Terahertz oscillations in semiconducting carbon nanotube resonant-tunneling diod
Numerical simulation of the effect of nanotube orientation on tensile modulus of
Applied physics: Nanotube antennas
An Investigation of the Mechanisms of Electronic Sensing of Protein Adsorption o
Modeling of elastic buckling of carbon nanotubes by molecular structural mechani
Nanotubes: A step in synthesis
Thermal analysis of carbon-nanotube composites using a rigid-line inclusion mode
On the conditions of carbon nanotube growth in the arc discharge
Nanotubes and the Pursuit of Applications
Nanotube networks in polymer nanocomposites: Rheology and electrical conductivit
Electronic Properties of Carbon Nanotubes with Covalent Sidewall Functionalizati
A tunable carbon nanotube electrochemical oscillator
Probing electronic transitions in individual carbon nanotubes by Rayleigh scatte
Polyimide-functionalized carbon nanotubes: Synthesis and dispersion in nanocompo
Using Raman spectroscopy to elucidate the aggregation state of single-walled car
Unusual properties and structure of carbon nanotubes
Control of carbon nanotube morphology by change of applied bias field during gro
Molecular dynamics simulations of polyatomic-ion beam deposition-induced chemica
Nanotubes: Strong bundles
High lateral resolution imaging with sharpened tip of multi-walled carbon nanotu
Preparation of B-C-N nanotube and its characterization
Influences of diameter on activation energy of a carbon nanotube
Experimental studies on acceleration sensors based on carbon nanotube films
Investigation on single carbon atom transporting through the single-walled carbo
Study on the key technologies of carbon nanotube tip fabrication
Influence of solid wall on thermal conductivity of nanotube
Baman scattering intensity of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Preparation and analysis of the carbon nanotube film cathode
Large-size bamboo-shape nanotube from self-assembly of poly(ferrocenyldimethylsi
Research on carbon nanotube array field emission pressure sensors
Investigation of the dynamic buckling of doublewalled carbon nanotube subjected
Superhydrophobic aligned polystyrene nanotube films with high adhesive force
Tin/platinum bimetallic nanotube array and its electrocatalytic activity for met
Preparation of carbon nanotube composite material with metal matrix by electropl
Highly dispersed multi-walled carbon nanotubes in water/ethanol and its applicat
Electrochemical combustion of phenol at the carbon nanotube electrode
Study on piezoresistivity of doped carbon nanotube films
Simultaneous measurement of epinephrine and ascorbic acid at the carbon nanotube
Construction and photoluminescence of In2O3 nanotube array by CVD-template metho
Fabrication of fullerene nanotube arrays using a template technique
Morphology, thermal stability, and dynamic mechanical properties of atactic poly
Optical limiting behavior of nano-gold self-assembled multi-wall carbon nanotube
First-principles calculations on the open end of single-walled AlN nanotubes
Fabrication of self-organized conical microstructures by excimer laser irradiati
Bright visible photoluminescence from nanotube titania grown by soft chemical pr
LACW model for embedding carbon nanotubes
Growth of carbon nanotube bundles on microscratched surfaces
Synthesis features and growth model of single-walled carbon nanotubes in the flo
On the size of small single-walled carbon nanotubes
Dynamic interactions of fast ions with carbon nanotubes
Ab initio modelling of Kα X-ray spectra in single walled carbon nanotubes
Atomic nanotube welders: Boron interstitials triggering connections in double-wa
Sub-20 nm short channel carbon nanotube transistors
Electrical heating process for p-type to n-type conversion of carbon nanotube fi
Photoresponse of carbon nanotube field-effect transistors
Selective construction of supramolecular nanotube hosts with cationic inner surf
Possible application of carbon nanotubes to the field emission electron source f
Carbon nanotube oscillators toward zeptogram detection
Understanding the loading dependence of self-diffusion in carbon nanotubes
Measuring the thermal conductivity of a single carbon nanotube
Fabrication of carbon nanotube and nanorod arrays using nanoporous templates
Photomechanical actuation in polymer-nanotube composites
Modulation of the electronic structure of semiconducting nanotubes resulting fro
A carbon nanotube film as a radio frequency filter
Modelling heat transfer of carbon nanotubes
Hot-drawing of single and multiwall carbon nanotube fibers for high toughness an
Fabrication of a nanoelectromechanical switch using a suspended carbon nanotube
Transition metal/carbon nanotube hybrid structures
Synthesis and electrorhelogy of multi-walled carbon nanotube/polyaniline nanopar
Nanoscale capacitors based on metal-insulator-carbon nanotube-metal structures
Optically active polymer carbon nanotube composite
Charge transport effects in field emission from carbon nanotube-polymer composit
Fabrication of carbon nanotube reinforced alumina matrix nanocomposite by sol-ge
Electrorheology of multiwalled carbon nanotube/ poly(methyl methacrylate) nanoco
Manufacture of a nanotweezer using a length controlled CNT arm
Adsorption-induced conversion of the carbon nanotube field effect transistor fro
Study of the current stressing in nanomanipulated three-dimensional carbon nanot
Terahertz absorption and dispersion of fluorine-doped single-walled carbon nanot
Comment on high microwave permittivity of multiwalled carbon nanotube composites
Carbon nanotube probes for single-cell experimentation and assays
Opening of aligned carbon nanotube ends via room-temperature sputter etching pro
Excluded volume driven counterion condensation inside nanotubes in a concave ele
Carbon nanotube composites cool chips in thermal management material systems
Biomolecules as selective dispersants for carbon nanotubes
Synthesis and magnetic properties of highly arrayed nickel-phosphate nanotubes
Amphoteric doping of carbon nanotubes by encapsulation of organic molecules: Ele
IEEE to develop quality standards for carbon nanotubes
Carbon nanotube shock absorbers dampen vibration
Electric field-induced aligned multi-wall carbon nanotube networks in epoxy comp
Mini but mighty
The effect of salt concentration on the optical modes of charged cylindrical nan
Carbon nanotubes as electron acceptors in polymeric photovoltaics
Enhanced field emission from multiwall carbon nanotube films by secondary growth
Structural characterization of single-walled carbon nanotube bundles by experime
Fluid mixing in growing microscale vesicles conjugated by surfactant nanotubes
Structural and molecular electronic properties of B-N ring doped single-wall car
Diameter and morphology dependence on experimental conditions of carbon nanotube
Controlled initiation of enzymatic reactions in micrometer-sized biomimetic comp
Continuous production of polycarbonate-carbon nanotube composites
Carbon nanotubes over metallic wires and its possible applications
Engineered self-organization of neural networks using carbon nanotube clusters
The logical choice for electronics?
Development of novel single-wall carbon nanotube-epoxy composite ply actuators
Single-walled carbon nanotubes of controlled diameter and bundle size and their
Bottom-up growth of carbon nanotube multilayers: Unprecedented growth
Carbon nanotube formation and growth via particle-particle interaction
Carbon nanotube inner phase chemistry: The Cl- exchange S N2 reaction
Near-edge X-ray absorption fine structure investigations of order in carbon nano
NMR detection of single-walled carbon nanotubes in solution
Carbon nanotube arrays encapsulated into freely suspended flexible films
Length dependence of carbon nanotube thermal conductivity and the problem of lon
Probing nanotube-nanopore interactions
Preparation of a novel structured catalyst based on aligned carbon nanotube arra
Fabrication and characterization of reaction bonded silicon carbide/carbon nanot
Optically driven nanotube actuators
Fundamental transmitting properties of carbon nanotube antennas
Materials science: Electrowetting in carbon nanotubes
A comparative study of EMI shielding properties of carbon nanofiber and multi-wa
Materials science: Super-compressible foamlike carbon nanotube films
Polyaniline/carbon nanotube composites: Starting with phenylamino functionalized
Plasmon exchange model for superconductivity in carbon nanotubes and metallic na
Achieving individual-nanotube dispersion at high loading in single-walled carbon
Materials science: Strong, transparent, multifunctional, carbon nanotube sheets
The effect of electrolyte composition on the fabrication of self-organized titan
Multifunctional brushes made from carbon nanotubes
Carbon nanotube shock absorbers excel at dampening vibration
Dispersion and phase separation of carbon nanotubes in ultrathin polymer films
Comparing carbon nanotube transistors - The ideal choice: A novel tunneling devi
Molecular dynamics simulations on the effects of diameter and chirality on hydro
Raman spectroscopy and imaging of ultralong carbon nanotubes
Phonon confinement effects in hybrid virus-inorganic nanotubes for nanoelectroni
Synthesis and electrochemical properties of vanadium pentoxide nanotube arrays
Equilibrium and nonequilibrium transport of oxygen in carbon nanotubes
Transparent and flexible carbon nanotube transistors
Electric effects in nanotube growth
Electronic states of the cap structure in the carbon nanotube
A carbon nanotube field-emission electron source
Electrical resistance of a single carbon nanotube
Pure carbon nanoscale devices: nanotube heterojunctions
Synthesis of silicon nitride nanorods using carbon nanotube as a template
Behaviour of Ni in carbon nanotube nucleation
High power electrochemical capacitors based on carbon nanotube electrodes
Scanning tunneling microscope investigation of carbon nanotubes produced by cata
Quantitative theory of diffraction by carbon nanotubes
Carbon nanotubes are coherent electron sources
Elementary excitations in a carbon nanotube
Load transfer in carbon nanotube epoxy composites
Aligned carbon nanotube film self-organized on a SiC wafer
Discussion on the mechanical behavior of carbon nanotube/C60 composite based on
Purification of single-wall carbon nanotubes by ultrasonically assisted filtrati
Measurement of the elastic modulus of a multi-wall boron nitride nanotube
The study on the filling of atoms in a carbon nanotube
A simple and novel way to synthesize aligned nanotube bundles at low temperature
Theoretical study on the carbon nanotube used as hard X-radiation source
Processing of carbon nanotube reinforced aluminum composite
Single-walled carbon nanotube probes for high-resolution nanostructure imaging
Synthesis of various forms of carbon nanotubes by AC arc discharge
Raman intensity of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Relations between global and local topology in multiple nanotube junctions
A scaling law of the second-order hyperpolarizability in armchair nanotube
Room temperature transistor based on a single carbon nanotube
Electron-electron correlations in carbon nanotubes
Conductance in nanotube Y-junctions
Large third-order optical non-linearities in boron- or nitrogen-doped zigzag nan
Quantum interference of electrons in multiwall carbon nanotubes
Electrochemical storage of hydrogen in nanotube materials
Finite-size effect on the Raman spectra of carbon nanotubes
Quantum interference in carbon nanotubes
Subband population in a single-wall carbon nanotube diode
Elastic response of carbon nanotube bundles to visible light
Fermi-level alignment at metal-carbon nanotube interfaces: application to scanni
Carbon nanotube tips for a scanning probe microscope: their fabrication and prop
Model of carbon nanotube growth through chemical vapor deposition
A structure model and growth mechanism for novel carbon nanotubes
Anomaly of X-ray diffraction profile in single-walled carbon nanotubes
Integrated nanotube circuits: Controlled growth and ohmic contacting of single-w
A method for fabricating large-area, patterned, carbon nanotube field emitters
Electronic density of states of atomically resolved single-walled carbon nanotub
Carbon nanotube formation on cobalt-implanted germanium substrate
Large current density from carbon nanotube field emitters
Symmetry effects on the conductance of nanotube junctions
Electronic and transport properties of N-P doped nanotubes
Efficient polymerization of aniline at carbon nanotube electrodes
Solid state NMR of SiO2 nanotube coated ammonium tartrate crystal
Highly ordered two-dimensional carbon nanotube arrays
Patterned growth and contact transfer of well-aligned carbon nanotube films
An intrinsic carbon nanotube heterojunction diode
π plasmons in two-dimensional arrays of aligned carbon nanotubes
Syntactic coalescence of WS2 nanotubes
Mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes
Ring formations from catalytically synthesized carbon nanotubes
Electronic structure at carbon nanotube tips
Spectroscopic properties and STM images of carbon nanotubes
Electronic excitations in coupled armchair carbon nanotubes
Loss of translational symmetry in carbon nanotubes
Stability and electronic structure of GaN nanotubes from density-functional calc
Simulation of scanning tunneling spectroscopy of supported carbon nanotubes
Inferring physical parameters from images of vibrating carbon nanotubes
Atomistic theory of mechanical relaxation in fullerene nanotubes
Lift-up growth of aligned carbon nanotube patterns
Investigation of the spin exchange interactions in the nanotube system Na2V3O7 b
Schottky barriers in carbon nanotube heterojunctions
Synthesis of thick and crystalline nanotube arrays by spray pyrolysis
Helicity energy of a straight single-wall carbon nanotube
Theoretical study of field emission by single-wall carbon nanotubes
Photogalvanic effects in heteropolar nanotubes
Single-walled carbon nanotube-polymer composites. Strength and weakness
Influence of delocalized states on electron scattering by carbon nanotubes under
Study of the emission performance of carbon nanotubes
Spatially resolved scanning tunneling spectroscopy on single-walled carbon nanot
Macroscopic fibers and ribbons of oriented carbon nanotubes
Metal hydride batteries: Pd nanotube incorporation into the negative electrode
Analysis of submicron carbon nanotube field-effect transistors
Observation of site selective binding in a polymer nanotube composite
A formation mechanism of carbon nanotube films on SiC(0001)
Manipulation and imaging of individual single-walled carbon nanotubes with an at
Role of Fermi-level pinning in nanotube Schottky diodes
First-principles study of Li-intercalated carbon nanotube ropes
Alkaline metal-doped n-type semiconducting nanotubes as quantum dots
Field emission from well-aligned, patterned, carbon nanotube emitters
Bandgap closure of a flattened semiconductor carbon nanotube: A first-principles
Variable and reversible quantum structures on a single carbon nanotube
Optical spectra of single-wall carbon nanotube bundles
Contact between carbon nanotube and metallic electrode
Insights into the structure of BN nanotubes
A promising pathway to make multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Carbon nanotube electrodes for fabricating supercapacitors
Phase breaking in three-terminal contacted single-walled carbon nanotube bundles
Growth of large-diameter single-walled carbon nanotubes
Influence of excited electron lifetimes on the electronic structure of carbon na
Negative differential resistance in nanotube devices
Nearly free electron states in carbon nanotube bundles
Optical properties of well-aligned multiwalled carbon nanotube bundles
Local electronic properties of carbon nanotube heterojunctions
Transport properties of a potassium-doped single-wall carbon nanotube rope
Atomic restructuring and localized electron states in a bent carbon nanotube: A
Structures and electronic properties of small carbon nanotube tori
Enhancement of adsorption inside of single-walled nanotubes: opening the entry p
Conductivity and magnetic susceptibility of nanotube/polypyrrole nanocomposites
The smallest carbon nanotube
Field emission patterns originating from pentagons at the tip of a carbon nanotu
Morphological structure and physicochemical properties of nanotube TiO2
Load transfer and deformation mechanisms in carbon nanotube-polystyrene composit
Surfactant-mediated fabrication of silica nanotubes
Current saturation mechanisms in carbon nanotube field emitters
A computational study of molecular diffusion and dynamic flow through carbon nan
The influence of temperature and magnetic field on the tunneling transport in ST
Directed assembly of carbon nanotube electronic circuits
Chemical doping of individual semiconducting carbon-nanotube ropes
Loss spectra of graphite-related systems: A multiwall carbon nanotube, a single-
Formation of low-resistance ohmic contacts between carbon nanotube and metal ele
Coupling of carbon nanotubes to metallic contacts
Ice nanotube: What does the unit cell look like?
Electrical transport through carbon nanotube junctions created by mechanical man
Ordered phases of atoms adsorbed in nanotube arrays
Electronic structure model of a metal-filled carbon nanotube
Carbon nanotube-based nonvolatile random access memory for molecular computing
Nanotube molecular wires as chemical sensors
Carbon nanotube RLC circuits
Carbon-nanotube probe equipped magnetic force microscope
Stiffness of single-walled carbon nanotubes under large strain
Morphology of multiwall WS2 nanotubes
Influence of stiffness of carbon-nanotube probes in atomic force microscopy
Tunneling transport in STM-tip-nanotube-substrate systems
Boron-catalyzed multi-walled carbon nanotube growth with the reduced number of l
Improved fabrication approach for carbon nanotube probe devices
Strength and breaking mechanism of multiwalled carbon nanotubes under tensile lo
Microprocess for fabricating carbon-nanotube probes of a scanning probe microsco
Effect of van der Waals forces on axial buckling of a double-walled carbon nanot
The effect of PBC on the simulation of nanotubes
Carbon nanotube based magnetic tunnel junctions
KCl crystallization within the space between carbon nanotube walls
Atomic force microscopy with carbon nanotube probe resolves the subunit organiza
Chemical vapor deposition growth of well-aligned carbon nanotube patterns on cub
Optical properties of aligned carbon nanotube systems studied by the effective-m
Carbon nanotube parametric electron pump: A molecular device
Ring formation and fracture of a carbon nanotube
Macroscopic three-dimensional arrays of Fe nanoparticles supported in aligned ca
Curvature effect on surface diffusion: The nanotube
Transport phenomena in an anisotropically aligned single-wall carbon nanotube fi
Controlled growth of carbon nanotubes in diameter and shape using template-synth
Collision of hydrogen atom with single-walled carbon nanotube: Adsorption, inser
Theoretical study of nanotube growth in terms of frontier density distribution
Non-local transport in a multi-wall carbon nanotube
Field emission from short and stubby vertically aligned carbon nanotubes
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic studies of surface modified single-walled carb
Patterned selective growth of carbon nanotubes and large field emission from ver
First-principles study on morphology and mechanical properties of single-walled
Carbon nanotube dendrites: availability and their growth model
Anisotropic electrical transport properties of aligned carbon nanotube films
Friction and wear behavior of multi-walled carbon nanotube/Cu matrix composites
Observations of the D-band feature in the Raman spectra of carbon nanotubes
Growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes from discrete catalytic nanoparticles o
Carbon nanotube sol-gel composite materials
Metalloporphyrin nanotube fabrication using peptide nanotubes as templates
Formation of a p-type quantum dot at the end of an n-type carbon nanotube
In-situ transmission electron microscopy studies of polymer-carbon nanotube comp
Carbon nanotube field-effect inverters
Structure and mechanical flexibility of carbon nanotube ribbons: An atomic-force
Quantitative analysis of the magnetic properties of a carbon nanotube probe in m
Which nanowire couples better electrically to a metal contact: Armchair or zigza
Detection of nickel atom by laser induced fluorescence during carbon nanotube fo
Carbon nanotube-magnesium oxide cube networks
Carbon nanotube inter- and intramolecular logic gates
Electron microscopic imaging and contrast of smallest carbon nanotubes
Direct dynamics simulations of the oxidation of a single wall carbon nanotube
Energetics and electronic structures of encapsulated C60 in a carbon nanotube
Hydrogen Raman shifts in carbon nanotubes from molecular dynamics simulation
Electrochemical synthesis of polypyrrole/carbon nanotube nanoscale composites us
Carbon-nanotube-based triode-field-emission displays using gated emitter structu
Field emission properties of carbon nanotubes and its application to flat panel
Locked twist in multiwalled carbon-nanotube ribbons
Straight carbon nanotube Y junctions
Molecular photodesorption from single-walled carbon nanotubes
Anomalous thermal conductivity enhancement in nanotube suspensions
A combined computational and experimental study of ion-beam modification of carb
Scattering of electromagnetic waves by a semi-infinite carbon nanotube
Differential thermopower of a CNT chiral carbon nanotube
Flexible carbon nanotube membrane sensory system: a generic platform
Carbon nanotubes in water: structural characteristics and energetics
Production of short carbon nanotubes with open tips by ball milling
Electric field-induced carbon nanotube junction formation
Noritake uses carbon nanotube in inventive light source
Axially compressed buckling of a double-walled carbon nanotube embedded in an el
Rectification properties of carbon nanotube “Y-junctions”
On the frequencies of collective electron oscillations in nanotubes
Carbon nanotube ring transistor
Carbon nanotube single-electron transistors at room temperature
Dynamic mechanical behavior of melt-processed multi-walled carbon nanotube/poly(
Degraded axial buckling strain of multiwalled carbon nanotubes due to interlayer
Films and fibers of oriented single wall nanotubes
Formation of a quantum dot in a single-walled carbon nanotube using the Al top-g
Lower limit for single-wall carbon nanotube diameters from hydrocarbons and full
Laser heating method for estimation of carbon nanotube purity
Effect of carbon nanotube addition on the tribological behavior of carbon/carbon
Carbon nanotube electron emitters with a gated structure using backside exposure
Characterizations of fine-pitched carbon nanotube pixels for field emitter array
Shadowgraphic imaging of carbon nanotube suspensions in water and in chloroform
Non-linear current-voltage characteristics of electrically conducting carbon nan
Electron energy-loss spectrum of an electron passing near a locally anisotropic
Study of nitrogen adsorbed on open-ended carbon nanotube bundles
Phonons in single wall carbon nanotube bundles
Structure and phase stability of novel twisted crystal structures in carbon nano
Functionalization of single-wall carbon nanotubes with quantum dots and proteins
Study of nitrogen adsorbed on single-walled carbon nanotube bundles
Compartmentalized CNx nanotubes: Chemistry, morphology, and growth
Mechanical and electrical properties of a MWNT/epoxy composite
Nanotube devices: a microscopic model
Crystals of covalently bonded carbon nanotubes: Energetics and electronic struct
Correlation between metal catalyst particle size and carbon nanotube growth
Single-wall carbon nanotube/conjugated polymer photovoltaic devices
Actuators of individual carbon nanotubes
Carbon nanotube-based electronics
Preparation, characterization and applications of free-standing single walled ca
Applications and markets for nanotechnology products: highlighting carbon nanotu
Morphological stabilization, destabilization, and open-end closure during carbon
Ab initio calculations of the optical properties of 4-Å-diameter single-wa
Oxidation and opening of well-aligned carbon nanotube tips
Carbon nanotube on a Si tip for electron field emitter
Quantum interference induced by nonmagnetic impurities in a single-walled carbon
The revolutionary creation of new advanced materials-carbon nanotube composites
A carbon nanotube-based random access memory
Noncovalent self-assembly of carbon nanotubes for construction of cages
Electron-beam-induced deposition with carbon nanotube emitters
Improvement of purity and field emission character of carbon nanotube film by op
Carbon nanotube transistors
Adsorption behaviors of HiPco single-walled carbon nanotube aggregates for alcoh
Growth mechanism of carbon nanotube forests by chemical vapor deposition
Novel BN tassel-like and tree-like nanostructures
Mechanical and electrical properties of carbon nanotube ribbons
Frequency response characteristics of supercapacitors utilizing carbon nanotube
Research on key techniques of carbon nanotube field emission display
A carbon nanotube-based novolatile random access memory
Geometric and electronic structure of new carbon-network materials: nanotube arr
Calculation of positron states in carbon-nanotube bundles
Measurement accuracy of the diameter of a carbon nanotube from TEM images
A status report on technology for carbon nanotube devices
Growth of suspended carbon nanotube networks on 100-nm-scale silicon pillars
Fabrication and characteristics of metal particle modulated carbon nanotube sing
Study of carbon nanotube application
Silicon nanotubes: Why not?
Formation and atomic structure of carbon mini-nanotube
A top-gate carbon-nanotube field-effect transistor with a titanium-dioxide insul
A novel synthesis method for aligned carbon nanotubes in organic liquids
Electron transport in single-wall carbon nanotube mats
Thinning and diluting aligned carbon nanotube films for uniform field emission
Direct synthesis of long single-walled carbon nanotube strands
A constructive enumeration of nanotube caps
Carbon nanotube and its application
Room temperature single electron transistor by local chemical modification of ca
Carbon nanotube films grown by laser-assisted chemical vapor deposition
Transfer-matrix simulations of field emission from a metallic (5,5) carbon nanot
A microscopic and spectroscopic study of interactions between carbon nanotubes a
Carbon nanotubes as scanning probe tips
Full three-dimensional wave-packet dynamical calculations of STM images of nanot
Current-voltage characteristics of carbon nanotubes with substitutional nitrogen
Spontaneous decay of excited atomic states near a carbon nanotube
Field emission of individual carbon nanotubes in the scanning electron microscop
Quantum size effects in carbon nanotube intramolecular junctions
Simulations of field emission from a semiconducting (10,0) carbon nanotube
Theory of plasmons in carbon nanotube bundles
Vectorial growth of metallic and semiconducting single-wall carbon nanotubes
Nanoparticle-templated carbon nanotube ring nucleus formation
Computational studies of gas-carbon nanotube collision dynamics
Synthesis of oriented nanotube films by chemical vapor deposition
Logic circuits with carbon nanotubes
Chemical profiling of single nanotubes: Intramolecular p-n-p junctions and on-tu
How does a multiwalled carbon nanotube atomic force microscopy probe affect the
SWNT-filled thermoplastic and elastomeric composites prepared by miniemulsion po
The electrodeposition of metal at metal/carbon nanotube junctions
Mapping the one-dimensional electronic states of nanotube peapod structures
Effects of nanotube waviness on the modulus of nanotube-reinforced polymers
Thermal properties of carbon nanotubes and nanotube-based materials
Field-enhancement properties of nanotubes in a field emission setup
Chemical functionalization of carbon nanotubes
Wafer scale production of carbon nanotube scanning probe tips for atomic force m
New steps forward in carbon semiconductors
Carbon nanotube transistor arrays for multistage complementary logic and ring os
Charge-induced anisotropic distortions of semiconducting and metallic carbon nan
Second virial coefficient for a Lennard-Jones (2n-n) system in d dimensions and
Attaching proteins to carbon nanotubes via diimide-activated amidation
Integration of suspended carbon nanotube arrays into electronic devices and elec
Functionalization of carbon nanotubes by potassium permanganate assisted with ph
High-κ dielectrics for advanced carbon-nanotube transistors and logic gate
Low-potential stable NADH detection at carbon-nanotube-modified glassy carbon el
Nonlinear optical transmission in VOx nanotubes and VOx nanotube composites
Comparison of wear characteristics of etched-silicon and carbon nanotube atomic-
Ferrocene as a precursor reagent for metal-catalyzed carbon nanotubes: competing
Effect of H2O adsorption on electron transport in a carbon nanotube
Attachment of single CdSe nanocrystals to individual single-walled carbon nanotu
Effects of gamma radiation on poly(methyl methacrylate)/single-wall nanotube com
Molecular simulation of the influence of chemical cross-links on the shear stren
Thermal expansion and diffusion coefficients of carbon nanotube-polymer composit
Synthesis and characterization of carbon nanotube-nanocrystal heterostructures
Modeling of kink-shaped carbon-nanotube Schottky diode with gate bias modulation
Field-modulated carrier transport in carbon nanotube transistors
Heterogeneous single-walled carbon nanotube catalyst discovery and optimization
Building carbon nanotubes and their smart architectures
Giant thermopower effects from molecular physisorption on carbon nanotubes
Carbon nanotubes: opportunities and challenges
Preparation of nucleic acid-functionalized carbon nanotube arrays
Chemistry inside carbon nanotubes: the Menshutkin SN2 reaction
Scanned probe imaging of single-electron charge states in nanotube quantum dots
Precise control of multiwall carbon nanotube diameters using thermal chemical va
Single-wall carbon nanotube atomic force microscope probes
Functionalizing multiple-walled carbon nanotubes with aminopolymers
Single-wall carbon nanotube conducting probe tips
Structure-assigned optical spectra of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Role of single defects in electronic transport through carbon nanotube field-eff
Helical carbon nanotube arrays: mechanical properties
Dispersion of single wall carbon nanotubes by in situ polymerization under sonic
Nanococoon seeds for BN nanotube growth
Fiber waviness in nanotube-reinforced polymer composites-I: Modulus predictions
Carbon nanotube electronics
Photoconductivity of single carbon nanotubes
Homogeneous, coaxial liquid crystal domain growth from carbon nanotube seeds
Nanotube electronics: non-CMOS routes
Lateral scaling in carbon-nanotube field-effect transistors
Atypical dependence of electroosmotic transport on surface charge in a single-wa
Hysteresis caused by water molecules in carbon nanotube field-effect transistors
Drain voltage scaling in carbon nanotube transistors
Schottky barriers at metal-finite semiconducting carbon nanotube interfaces
Electrostatic assembly of polymer/single walled carbon nanotube multilayer films
Carbon nanotube T junctions: formation pathways and conductivity
Universal description of channel conductivity for nanotube and nanowire transist
Conductance measurement of single-walled carbon nanotubes in aqueous environment
Low-temperature synthesis of large-area CNx nanotube arrays
The role of surfactant adsorption during ultrasonication in the dispersion of si
Optical measurements of structure and orientation in sheared carbon-nanotube sus
Superhydrophobic carbon nanotube forests
Variations of the geometries and band gaps of single-walled carbon nanotubes and
Nanotubes in microwave fields: light emission, intense heat, outgassing, and rec
Carbon nanotube nanoelectrode array for ultrasensitive DNA detection
Plasma torch production of macroscopic carbon nanotube structures
Unexpected scaling of the performance of carbon nanotube Schottky-barrier transi
Characterization of functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes at individual
Quantum chemistry study of fullerene and carbon nanotube fluorination
Breaking of nanotube symmetry by substrate polarization
Quantum interference effects in electronic transport through nanotube contacts
Transistor structures for the study of scaling in carbon nanotubes
Sequence growth of carbon fibers and nanotube networks by CVD process
Constitutive modeling of nanotube-reinforced polymer composites
The stress-strain behavior of polymer-nanotube composites from molecular dynamic
Electrical properties of single wall carbon nanotube reinforced polyimide compos
Multicomponent interposed carbon nanotube micropatterns by region-specific conta
Quantum conductance of carbon nanotube peapods
Influence of mobile ions on nanotube based FET devices
Mechanical properties of blended single-wall carbon nanotube composites
Photoinduced conductivity changes in carbon nanotube transistors
On the elastic properties of carbon nanotube-based composites: modelling and cha
Electrostatic engineering of nanotube transistors for improved performance
Ballistic transport in metallic nanotubes with reliable Pd ohmic contacts
Multifunctional structural reinforcement featuring carbon nanotube films
Hierarchical pore structure and wetting properties of single-wall carbon nanotub
Comparison of the reactivity of O2 with a (10,0) and a (9,0) carbon nanotube
Assembly of highly organized carbon nanotube architectures by chemical vapor dep
Electrically induced optical emission from a carbon nanotube FET
Toward large arrays of multiplex functionalized carbon nanotube sensors for high
Flexible nanotube electronics
Building and testing organized architectures of carbon nanotubes
Ferric-sulfate-catalysed hot filament chemical vapour deposition carbon nanotube
Multiscale modeling of carbon nanotube reinforced polymer composites
Interfacial heat flow in carbon nanotube suspensions
Load transfer mechanism in carbon nanotube ropes
Plasmon-polaritons for a nanotube in an intense terahertz field
Short-channel effects in contact-passivated nanotube chemical sensors
Production and characterization of polymer nanocomposites with highly aligned si
Assembly of mm-scale macrobridges with carbon nanotube bundles
Transverse mechanical properties of carbon nanotube crystals. Part II: sensitivi
Gas adsorption on heterogeneous single-walled carbon nanotube bundles
Nanosignal processing: stochastic resonance in carbon nanotubes that detect subt
Quantized acoustic vibrations of single-wall carbon nanotube
Crystallization and high-temperature structural stability of titanium oxide nano
Crystallization and orientation studies in polypropylene/single wall carbon nano
Structure-based carbon nanotube sorting by sequence-dependent DNA assembly
Ultrasensitive label-free DNA analysis using an electronic chip based on carbon
Ballistic carbon nanotube field-effect transistors
Field emission of electrons from carbon nanotube and nanocluster films
Initial stage of carbon nanotube formation by SiC surface decomposition
Nonlinear optical response of multiwalled carbon-nanotube dispersions
Control of catalytic activity of proteins in vivo by nanotube ropes excited with
Dynamical-mechanical and thermal analysis of carbon nanotube-methyl-ethyl methac
Polyaniline nanotube composites: a high-resolution printable conductor
A carbon-nanotube-based nanorelay
Bipolar conduction and drain-induced barrier thinning in carbon nanotube FETs
Electrostatics of coaxial Schottky-barrier nanotube field-effect transistors
Carbon nanotube flow sensors
Formation and transport of nanotube-integrated vesicles in a lipid bilayer netwo
Laplace-transformed denominators in perturbation theory: linear-scaling second-o
Soldering of nanotubes onto microelectrodes
Is aluminum a suitable buffer layer for carbon nanotube growth?
Formation of quantum structures on a single nanotube by modulating hydrogen adso
Dislocation mechanism of nanotube formation
Carbon nanotube closed-ring structures
A study of carbon nanotube formation by C2H2 on an iron based catalyst using a p
Enzyme-coated carbon nanotubes as single-molecule biosensors
Carbon nanotube tips for thermomechanical data storage
Multiple andreev reflections in a carbon nanotube quantum dot
Watching the nanotube
Comment on Intrinsic electron transport properties of carbon nanotube Yjunctions
The van der Waals interactions of concentric nanotubes
Lithium diffusion in single-walled carbon nanotubes: a theoretical
Surface-enhanced Raman of Z-vibration mode in single-walled and multi-walled car
Carbon nanotube formation by radio-frequency discharge with reactive gases
Selective positioning and density control of nanotubes within a polymer thin fil
First-principles calculations of carbon nanotubes adsorbed on Si(001)
Electronic and transport properties of carbon nanotube peapods
Measurement of carbon nanotube-polymer interfacial strength
Magnetoelectronic excitations in single-walled carbon nanotubes
H2 in the interstitial channels of nanotube bundles
Controllable 3D architectures of aligned carbon nanotube arrays by multi-step pr
First-principles investigation of carbon nanotube capacitance
Electrocatalytic oxidation of cysteine at carbon nanotube powder microelectrode
Interaction forces and conduction properties between multi wall carbon nanotube
Controlled mounting of individual multiwalled carbon nanotubes on support tips
Photon vacuum renormalization and spontaneous decay of an excited atom near a ca
Insulating, superconducting, and large-compressibility phases in nanotube ropes
Organization of single-walled nanotubes into macrosized rectangularly shaped rib
Production of controlled architectures of aligned carbon nanotubes by an injecti
Molecular dynamics investigation of an oriented cyclic peptide nanotube in DMPC
Field emission properties of carbon nanotubes coated with boron nitride
Temperature dependence of conductance character in nanotube peapods
Physical and mechanical behavior of single-walled carbon nanotube/polypropylene/
About the profile of the tangential modes in single-wall carbon nanotube bundles
Fabrication of nanotube tips for atomic force microscopes by using a nanomanipul
Direct growth of macroscopic fibers composed of large diameter SWNTs by CVD
Single-walled carbon nanotube-superconductor entangler: noise correlations and E
Carbon nanotube bundles and thin layers probed by micro-Raman spectroscopy
Orbital hybridization and charge transfer in carbon nanopeapods
Thermal reactions at the interface between Si and C nanoparticles: nanotube self
Electrical properties of single-wall carbon nanotube and epoxy composites
Quantum conductance of a carbon nanotube superlattice
Stability and electronic structure of AlN nanotubes
Electrochemical capacitor with the electrode of nickel hydroxide/carbon nanotube
Study on the fabrication of triode field emission panel with carbon nanotubes em
Noncovalent porphyrin-functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes in solution
Orthopedic treatment of multiwalled carbon nanotube probes
Piezoresistive effect of doped carbon nanotube/cellulose films
Synthesis and characterization of SnO-carbon nanotube composite as anode materia
In situ electrical measurements and manipulation of B/N- doped C nanotubes in a
A simple model for thermal conductivity of carbon nanotube-based composites
Insulated molecular wire using supramolecular structure
Magnetron-type radio-frequency plasma control yielding vertically well-aligned c
First principles study of H2 and CH4 physisorption on carbon nanotubes
Synthesis of yttrium hydroxide and oxide nanotubes
A super electric double-layer capacitor with carbon nanotube electrodes
Electronic structure of C60-encapsulating semiconducting carbon nanotube
Rational design and fabrication of ZnO nanotubes from nanowire templates in a mi
Optical conductivity of single walled nanotube films in the terahertz region
The conductivity of single walled nanotube films in terahertz region
Field emission of large-area and graphitized carbon nanotube array on anodic alu
Size-dependent elastic properties of a single-walled carbon nanotube via a molec
Improved electric transport properties of a multi-wall carbon nanotube
Electrical conductivity of a single conducting polyaniline nanotube
Mechanical energy dissipation of multiwalled carbon nanotube in ultrahigh vacuum
Electronic properties and field emission of carbon nanotube films treated by hyd
Temperature measurement using a gallium-filled carbon nanotube nanothermometer
Theoretical investigation of the self-assembly of cyclo[(-β3-HGly)4-]
Electronic transport properties of metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes
Kinetic pathways of carbon nanotube nucleation from graphitic nanofragments
Patterned carbon nanotube films formed by surface decomposition of SiC wafers
Time evolution of nucleation and vertical growth of carbon nanotubes during plas
Compound growth and microstructure of carbon nanotube
Effect of temperature on deformation of carbon nanotube under compression
Single-wall carbon nanotube growth from graphite layers-a tight binding molecula
Terahertz conductivity of single walled nanotube films
High performance field-effect transistors made of a multiwall CNx/C nanotube int
Continuous carbon nanotube yarns and their applications
Helical gold nanotube synthesized at 150 K
Effect of ion impinging on morphology and field emission of carbon nanotubes
Observation of single-wall carbon nanotube rings by scanning tunneling microscop
Electronic friction and liquid-flow-induced voltage in nanotubes
Simulation of vacuum microelectronic triode made of single carbon nanotube
Interactions of fast ions with carbon nanotubes: self-energy and stopping power
Fabrication, morphology and structure of carbon nanotube arrays and bundles fabr
Molecular dynamics simulations of the elastic moduli of polymer-carbon nanotube
Impurity effects on resonant Andreev reflection in a finite-sized carbon nanotub
Ab initio calculations on the open end of single-walled BN nanotubes
Failure mechanism of free standing single-walled carbon nanotube thin films unde
Towards the integration of carbon nanotubes in microelectronics
Imaging biology sample at high resolution with carbon nanotube AFM probe
Carbon nanotube alignment by surface acoustic waves
The effect of nanotube waviness and agglomeration on the elastic property of car
Electrical properties of multi-walled carbon nanotube/polypyrrole nanocables: pe
Effective low-energy theory of superconductivity in carbon nanotube ropes
Potential and electric field distributions around the carbon nanotubes
Chirality dependence of the thermal conductivity of carbon nanotubes
Study on the new triode field emission display with carbon nanotube cathode
Model calculation for the field enhancement factor of carbon nanotube
Single-wall carbon nanotube-based voltammetric sensor and biosensor
Stretching process of single- and multi-walled carbon nanotubes for nanocomposit
Reduction of long-range force interaction using AFM carbon nanotube tip
The engineering of hot carbon nanotubes with a focused electron beam
Electronic properties of barium-intercalated single-wall carbon nanotubes
Single-walled carbon nanotube diameter
Pull-in instability study of carbon nanotube tweezers under the influence of van
Surface conductance induced dielectrophoresis of semiconducting single-walled ca
Research and development of carbon-nanotube transistors and related integration
The stability of a vertical single-walled carbon nanotube under its own weight
Microstructural investigations on zirconium oxide-carbon nanotube composites syn
Kekule count in capped zigzag boron-nitride nanotubes
Dimerization of C60 molecules within the single-walled carbon nanotube
Daisylike field-emission images from standalone open-ended carbon nanotube
Thermal physics in carbon nanotube growth kinetics
An investigation into the cap deformation of carbon nanotube tips using tight-bi
Self-aligned, gated arrays of individual nanotube and nanowire emitters
Reduction of hysteresis characteristics in carbon nanotube field-effect transist
Production of carbon mesocell by arc electric discharge
Stretching of carbon-carbon bonds in a 0.7 nm diameter carbon nanotube studied b
Comparison of capped carbon nanotube with open-ended one for field emission
Mechanical polishing technique for carbon nanotube interconnects in ULSIs
Complete spin polarization for a carbon nanotube with an adsorbed atomic transit
Observation of single-walled carbon nanotubes by photoemission microscopy
Energetic, geometric, and electronic evolutions of K-doped single-wall carbon na
Effect of temperature on carbon nanotube diameter and bundle arrangement: micros
Photodesorption of oxygen from carbon nanotubes
Scanning probe microscope tip with carbon nanotube truss
Magnetostatic spin solitons in ferromagnetic nanotubes
Regulation of the physical characteristics of titania nanotube aggregates synthe
Simple methods for site-controlled carbon nanotube growth using radio-frequency
Enhancement of the mechanical properties of carbon nanotube/phenolic composites
Phase diagram of single-wall carbon nanotube crystals under hydrostatic pressure
Effects of ultra low energy nitrogen ion irradiation on carbon nanotube channel
Dynamical criteria for Cs ion insertion and adsorption at cap and stem of carbon
Electron device applications of carbon nanotubes
Adsorption of alkanethiol molecules onto carbon nanotube surface
Molecular dynamics study of Ar flow and He flow inside carbon nanotube junction
Evidence of strong nanotube alignment and for iron preferential growth axis in m
Water-assisted highly efficient synthesis of impurity-free single-waited carbon
Gas molecule effects on field emission properties of single-walled carbon nanotu
Effects of micro- and macro-plasma-sheath electric fields on carbon nanotube gro
Smallest carbon nanotube is 3 Å in diameter
A stable high power carbon nanotube field-emitter device
Selective growth of carbon nanotube on scanning probe tips by microwave plasma c
Synthesis of very dense carbon nanotube bundles using silica supported metal cat
The electronic properties of suspended single wall carbon nanotubes
Stable geometries and magnetic properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes dope
Josephson current through a metallic carbon nanotube in the conductance-quantiza
Analysing one isolated single walled carbon nanotube in the near-field domain wi
Fabrication technique for carbon nanotube single-electron transistors using focu
Self-assembled hexa-peri-hexabenzoicoronene graphitic nanotube
Field penetration induced charge redistribution effects on the field emission pr
Current enhancement with alternating gate voltage in the Coulomb-blockade regime
Optical and electrical properties of preferentially anisotropic single-walled ca
A simple structure and fabrication of carbon-nanotube field emission display
Carbon nanotube based bearing for rotational motions
Pentacene nanotransistor with carbon nanotube electrodes
On the realization of quantum computing devices with carbon nanotube quantum dot
Fluidic gas-driven carbon-nanotube motor: molecular dynamics simulations
Arc process parameters for single-walled carbon nanotube growth and production:
Carbon nanotube transistor optimization by chemical control of the nanotube-meta
Role of interfacial effects in carbon nanotube/epoxy nanocomposite behavior
Nano-oxidation and in situ faradaic current detection using dynamic carbon nanot
Influence of molecular adsorption on the dielectric properties of a single wall
Theoretical study of Ga-based nanowires and the interaction of Ga with single-wa
Raman spectroscopy of carbon-nanotube-based composites
High-performance nanotube-reinforced plastics: understanding the mechanism of st
Reinforcement of polymers with carbon nanotubes: the role of nanotube surface ar
Self-assembled carbon-nanotube-based field-effect transistors
Geometric constraints in the growth of nanotube-templated polymer monolayers
Stepped polymer morphology induced by a carbon nanotube tip
Calculation of axial charge spreading in carbon nanotubes and nanotube Y junctio
Dynamical simulations of carbon nanotube bending
Carbon nanotube mats and fibers with irradiation-improved mechanical characteris
Atomic resolution scanning tunneling microscope study of single-walled carbon na
Carbon nanotube networks: nanomaterial for macroelectronic applications
Mobile ambipolar domain in carbon-nanotube infrared emitters
Carbon nanotube field-effect transistors with integrated ohmic contacts and high
Localization and nonlinear resistance in telescopically extended nanotubes
Fluorescence spectroscopy of single-walled carbon nanotubes in aqueous suspensio
Nanotube optoelectronic memory devices
Anomalously soft dynamics of water in a nanotube: a revelation of nanoscale conf
Multimode transport in Schottky-barrier carbon-nanotube field-effect transistors
Resonant oscillators with carbon-nanotube torsion springs
Computational and experimental study of interfacial bonding of single-walled nan
Optical characterization of DNA-wrapped carbon nanotube hybrids
Role of thermal boundary resistance on the heat flow in carbon-nanotube composit
Nanomechanical characterization of single-walled carbon nanotube reinforced epox
A numerical study of scaling issues for Schottky-barrier carbon nanotube transis
Silicon oxide thickness-dependent growth of carbon nanotubes
Interband optical transitions in left- and right-handed single-wall carbon nanot
Static and dynamic analysis of carbon nanotube-based switches
Capillary phase transitions of n-alkanes in a carbon nanotube
Fracture toughness of highly ordered carbon nanotube/alumina nanocomposites
High-field quasiballistic transport in short carbon nanotubes
Multifunctional carbon nanotube yarns by downsizing an ancient technology
Phase transition of iron inside carbon nanotubes under electron irradiation
Controlled growth of carbon nanotubes
Flow-induced properties of nanotube-filled polymer materials
Preparation of single-walled carbon nanotube reinforced magnesia films
A novel nanocomposite from multiwalled carbon nanotubes functionalized with a co
Photoelectrochemical properties of titania nanotubes
Aharonov-Bohm interference and beating in single-walled carbon-nanotube interfer
Mass detection using carbon nanotube-based nanomechanical resonators
High-performance carbon nanotube transistors on SrTiO3/Si substrates
High-resolution Raman microscopy of curled carbon nanotubes
Postgrowth processing of carbon nanotube arrays-enabling new functionalities and
A photolithographic process for fabrication of devices with isolated single-wall
Simple route to large-scale ordered arrays of liquid-deposited carbon nanotubes
Mobility of carbon nanotubes in high electric fields
Transparent, conductive carbon nanotube films
Thermal conductivity of Y-junction carbon nanotubes
Hot carrier electroluminescence from a single carbon nanotube
Nanoscale study of conduction through carbon nanotube networks
Employing Raman spectroscopy to qualitatively evaluate the purity of carbon sing
Decomposition of carbon-containing compounds on solid catalysts for single-walle
Direct measurement of the polarized optical absorption cross section of single-w
Scaling analysis of Schottky barriers at metal-embedded semiconducting carbon na
Electron transport through metal-multiwall carbon nanotube interfaces
Properties of polyvinylidene difluoride-carbon nanotube blends
Temperature effects on resistance of aligned multiwalled carbon nanotube films
A titania nanotube-array room-temperature sensor for selective detection of hydr
Processing carbon nanotubes with holographic optical tweezers
Nanoindentation testing for evaluating modulus and hardness of single-walled car
Mechanical properties of nanotube sheets: alterations in joint morphology and ac
Carbon nanotube polymer composites
Binding of NH3 to graphite and to a (9,0) carbon nanotube
Quantum transport through short semiconducting nanotubes: a complex band structu
Elastica solution for a nanotube formed by self-adhesion of a folded thin film
Tailoring the optical excitation energies of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Straightening suspended single walled carbon nanotubes by ion irradiation
Multiscale simulations of carbon nanotube nucleation and growth: mesoscopic cont
High performance of potassium n-doped carbon nanotube field-effect transistors
Geometric constant defining shape transitions of carbon nanotubes under pressure
Anisotropic thermal properties of single-wall-carbon-nanotube-reinforced nanocer
Enhanced functionality of nanotube atomic force microscopy tips by polymer coati
Vertically aligned conductive carbon nanotube junctions and arrays for device ap
Effect of nanorope waviness on the effective moduli of nanotube sheets
A tunable carbon nanotube electromechanical oscillator
The effect of a large SWNT diameter distribution on cesium intercalation
Local gate control of a carbon nanotube double quantum dot
Photocurrents in nanotube junctions
Frequency dependent characterization of transport properties in carbon nanotube
Single-wall carbon nanotube films for photocurrent generation: a prompt response
Direct observation of toughening mechanisms in carbon nanotube ceramic matrix co
Correlating AFM probe morphology to image resolution for single-wall carbon nano
Flexural strain sensing using carbon nanotube film
Highly efficient gating and doping of carbon nanotubes with polymer electrolytes
Kinetics for the synthesis reaction of aligned carbon nanotubes: a study based o
Investigation of the dispersion process of SWNTs/SC-15 epoxy resin nanocomposite
1/f noise in single-walled carbon nanotube devices
Theoretical study of electrical transport in a fullerene-doped semiconducting ca
Band-to-band tunneling in carbon nanotube field-effect transistors
Carbon nanotube transistor operation at 2.6 GHz
Strain and pressure sensing using single-walled carbon nanotubes
Polymer electrolyte-gated carbon nanotube field-effect transistor
Raman spectra of filled carbon nanotubes
Flame synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Self-aligned ballistic molecular transistors and electrically parallel nanotube
Electrical properties of 0.4 cm long single-walled carbon nanotubes
Topochemical strategies and experimental results for the rational synthesis of c
Monolithic integration of carbon nanotube devices with silicon MOS technology
Ab initio study of Schottky barriers at metal-nanotube contacts
Demonstration of diameter-selective reactivity in the sidewall ozonation of SWNT
Direct observation of wetting and diffusion in the hydrophobic interior of silic
Controlling electrical transport through bundles of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Thermal and electrical transport in multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Big returns from small fibers: a review of polymer/carbon nanotube composites
Electron-hole symmetry in a semiconducting carbon nanotube quantum dot
Flow-induced voltage and current generation in carbon nanotubes
Charge transfer in carbon nanotube actuators investigated using in situ Raman sp
Spin-dependent transport and inter-wall coupling in carbon nanotubes
Observing 2-channel Kondo physics in a carbon nanotube single-electron transisto
Carbon allotropes and strong nanotube bundles
Structure and dynamics of carbon nanotubes in contact with graphite surface and
Vacuum-field Rabi oscillations in atomically doped carbon nanotubes
Carbon nanotube and conducting polymer composites and electrochemical energy sto
In situ Raman spectro-electrochemistry study of single-wall carbon nanotube mat
Carbon nanotube electron sources and applications
Carbon nanotube/epoxy resin composites using a block copolymer as a dispersing a
Optical properties of polymer-nanotube composites
Application of the tight-binding method to the elastic modulus of C60 and carbon
Magnetic properties of nanotube structures
Molecular dynamics study of the catalyst particle size dependence on carbon nano
Interactions of fast ions with carbon nanotubes: two-fluid model
Quantum change for nanotubes
Brightness of carbon nanotube electron sources
High frequency properties of a CNT-based nanorelay
High microwave permittivity of multiwalled carbon nanotube composites
Multifunctional carbon nanotube composite fibers
Wake effect in interactions of fast ions with carbon nanotubes
Formation of percolating networks in multi-wall carbon-nanotube-epoxy composites
A three-terminal carbon nanorelay
The stress transfer efficiency of a single-walled carbon nanotube in epoxy matri
Endofullerenes with metal atoms inside as precursors of nuclei of single-walled
A nonlinear pullout model for unidirectional carbon nanotube-reinforced composit
Growth of carbon nanotubes from C60
Thermal conductivity of carbon nanotube peapods
Dielectric behavior of epoxy matrix/single-walled carbon nanotube composites
Why can the carbon nanotube tips increase resolution and quality of image in bio
A simple route to platinum and Pt-based composite nanotubes
Chirality effect on carbon nanotube electron resonators
Calculation of the emission performance of the carbon nanotube array
Dynamic polarization effects in ion channeling through single-wall carbon nanotu
Investigation of non-covalent association of single-walled carbon nanotube with
Buckling of a single wall carbon nanotube under an axial pressure based on the n
Elastic self-healing during shear accommodation in Crystalline nanotube ropes
Research into humidity sensors based on multi-wall carbon nanotubes
Abnormal tribological behavior of multiwalled nanotube rafts part I: aligned raf
Hydrothermal synthesis of alumina nanotubes templated by anionic surfactant
Catalytic synthesis of carbon nanotubes under ion irradiation
Field emission of individual carbon nanotube with in situ tip image and real wor
Alternative adsorption-desorption of C3H6 on nanotube-like silver titanate
Growth of boron nitride nanotube film in situ
In situ growth of nanowire on the tip of a carbon nanotube under strong electric
A novel approach to preparing carbon nanotube reinforced thermoplastic polymer c
Buckling properties of carbon nanotube bundles
Three-terminal carbon nanotube junctions: current-voltage characteristics
Structure and formation of H2Ti3O7 nanotubes in an alkali environment
Nanodiode based on a multiwall CNx/carbon nanotube intramolecular junction
Synthesis of carbon nanotube/polyaniline composite nanotube and its microwave pe
Synthesis and characterization of TiO2 nanotube
Study of carbon nanotube modified biosensor for monitoring total cholesterol in
Structural characterizations and electronic properties of boron nitride nanotube
Conductance fluctuations and higher order moments of a disordered carbon nanotub
Raman study of titania nanotube by soft chemical process
A saddle-field gauge with carbon nanotube field emitters
Theoretical interpretation of different nanotube morphologies among Group III (B
Microstructure and mechanical properties of hot-pressed carbon nanotubes compact
Field emission from self-assembly structure of carbon-nanotube films
Effects of topological defects on carbon nanotube
Fabrication of carbon nanotube rings
Research development of carbon nanotube FET
Electrical resistance measurement of an individual carbon nanotube
Single-walled carbon nanotube-based coaxial nanowires: synthesis, characterizati
Ultrafast carrier dynamics in purified and as-grown single-walled carbon nanotub
High resolution protein AFM imaging using a carbon nanotube tip
First-principles study of the (2,2) carbon nanotube
The preparation and analysis of the carbon nanotube film cathode
Collision of a single-walled carbon nanotube with graphitic patches
Desalination techniques of carbon nanotube electrodes by electric adsorption
Effects of surface metal layer on the thermal contact resistance of carbon nanot
Electronic structure of embedded carbon nanotubes
Modulation of electrical properties in single-walled carbon nanotube/conducting
Bond lengths and diameters of armchair single wall carbon nanotubes
Optical transitions in carbon nanotubes
Production of pure nanotube fibers using a modified wet-spinning method
Optical properties of carbon nanotube-PPVcomposites: influence of the PPV conver
Liquid crystal-carbon nanotube dispersions
High resolution XPS characterization of chemical functionalised MWCNTs and SWCNT
Molecular-dynamics studies of bending mechanical properties of empty and C60-fil
Preparation and characterization of nanosized Pt/Au particles on TiO2-nanotubes
Synthesis, thermal, mechanical and rheological properties of multiwall carbon na
Self-organized porous TiO2 and ZrO2 produced by anodization
Chemical optimization of self-assembled carbon nanotube transistors
Charge pumping in carbon nanotubes
Electron injection in a nanotube with leads: finite-frequency noise correlations
Superlattice properties of carbon nanotubes in a transverse electric field
A low cost method for the direct synthesis of highly Y-branched nanotubes
Tunneling current-voltage controls, oscillations, and instability of nanotube- a
Influence of the gas pressure on single-wall carbon nanotube formation
Chaotic signature in the motion of coupled carbon nanotube oscillators
A soluble and highly functional polyaniline-carbon nanotube composite
Quantifying carbon-nanotube species with resonance Raman scattering
First principles study of Li and Li+ adsorbed on carbon nanotube: Variation of t
Soluble carbon nanotube ensembles for light-induced electron transfer interactio
Physical mechanism for the mechanical reinforcement in nanotube-polymer composit
Multi-walled carbon nanotubes integrated in microcantilevers for application of
Oscillatory behavior of C60-nanotube oscillators: a molecular-dynamics study
Alternating current dielectrophoresis of carbon nanotubes
Optimization of single-gate carbon-nanotube field-effect transistors
Van der Waals-corrected density functional theory: benchmarking for hydrogen-nan
Gold nanotube membranes: Preparation, characterization and application for enant
Set of carbon nanotube junctions
Method for predicting fT for carbon nanotube FETs
External and internal wetting of carbon nanotubes with organic liquids
Mechanical properties of functionalized single-walled carbon-nanotube/poly(vinyl
Electronic structure calculations of metal-nanotube contacts with or without oxy
Printed carbon nanotube field emitters for backlight applications
Investigation of the humidity effect on the electrical properties of single-wall
Formation of ice nanotube with hydrophobic guests inside carbon nanotube
In situ transmission electron microscopy of field-emitting bundles of double-wal
Coherence of electron waves on suspended carbon nanotubes at room temperature
Metallization of the semiconducting carbon nanotube by encapsulated bromine mole
Pressure-dependent Schottky barrier at the metal-nanotube contact
Long fine single-wall carbon nanotube growth by Nano-spin-threading: model schem
Application of carbon nanotubes for detecting anti-hemagglutinins based on antig
Accuracy improvement of protrusion angle of carbon nanotube tips by precision mu
n-type carbon nanotube field-effect transistors fabricated by using Ca contact e
Optical bistability in multiwalled carbon nanotube suspensions
Carbon nanotube shuttle memory device based on singlewall-to-doublewall carbon n
Single wall carbon nanotube dispersion and exfoliation in polymers
Multiwall carbon nanotube gas sensor fabricated using thermomechanical structure
A study on carbon nanotube bridge as a electromechanical memory device
Spin dependent transport of nonmagnetic metal/zigzag nanotube encapsulating magn
Design of a very thin direct-band-gap semiconductor nanotube of germanium with m
Mechanical properties of sharpened carbon nanotube tips
Low temperature burnable carbon nanotube paste component for carbon nanotube fie
Comparisons of thermal properties between inorganic filler and acid-treated mult
Hot filament chemical vapour deposition processing of titanate nanotube coatings
Encapsulation and polymerization of acetylene molecules inside a carbon nanotube
Molecular motor constructed from a double-walled carbon nanotube driven by axial
A study on nanotube-substrate interaction effect for fullerene-shuttle-memory ba
Electrical conductivity of paper based on single-wall and multiwall nanotubes
Nanotubes for particle channeling, radiation and electron sources
Nanotubes in the clean room
Guided neurite growth on patterned carbon nanotubes
Ion-nanotube terahertz oscillator
Suitability of boron-nitride single-walled nanotubes as fluid-flow conduits in n
Integrated single-walled carbon nanotube/microfluidic devices for the study of t
Carrier transport and light-spot movement in carbon-nanotube infrared emitters
High power density supercapacitors using locally aligned carbon nanotube electro
Length control and sharpening of atomic force microscope carbon nanotube tips as
A practical approach to determine the handedness of chiral carbon nanotubes by e
Carbon nanotube thin films with ordered structures
Imaging artefacts in atomic force microscopy with carbon nanotube tips
Structural and biological properties of carbon nanotube composite films
Computational analysis of effect of single-walled carbon nanotube rope on molecu
Super-compressible foamlike carbon nanotube films
Raman studies of new carbon nanotube sample types
A shear-lag model for carbon nanotube-reinforced polymer composites
Floating-potential dielectrophoresis-controlled fabrication of single-carbon-nan
Effect of flexibility on hydrophobic behavior of nanotube water channels
Direct measurements of frequency response of carbon nanotube field effect transi
Theoretical and computational studies of carbon nanotube composites and suspensi
Performance comparison between carbon nanotube and copper interconnects for giga
Random walks in nanotube composites: improved algorithms and the role of thermal
Empirical nanotube model for biological applications
Controlled placement of individual carbon nanotubes
The role of metal-nanotube contact in the performance of carbon nanotube field-e
Mechanics of the interface for carbon nanotube-polymer composites
Water-photolysis properties of micron-length highly-ordered titania nanotube-arr
Air separation by single wall carbon nanotubes: thermodynamics and adsorptive se
High performance n-type carbon nanotube field-effect transistors with chemically
Band engineering of carbon nanotube field-effect transistors via selected area c
Analysis of doubly clamped nanotube devices in the finite deformation regime
Fabrication of highly ordered TiO2 nanotube arrays using an organic electrolyte
Visible luminescence of carbon nanotubes and dependence on functionalization
Development and characterization of single wall carbon nanotube-Nafion composite
Imaging the life story of nanotube devices
Performance of 2 nm gate length carbon nanotube field-effect transistors with so
Functional carbon nanotube material-based enzyme biosensors for glucose sensing
Novel electrical switching behaviour and logic in carbon nanotube Y-junctions
High-mobility carbon-nanotube thin-film transistors on a polymeric substrate
Impact of electron-phonon scattering on the performance of carbon nanotube inter
Numerical analysis of nanotube based NEMS devices - part II: role of finite kine
Numerical analysis of nanotube-based NEMS Devices-part I: electrostatic charge d
Surface modification of aligned carbon nanotube arrays for electron emitting app
Multicomponent micropatterns or carbon nanotubes
Characterization of chemical vapor deposition growth yields of carbon nanotube t
Modeling of carbon nanotube clamping in tensile tests
Theoretical study of stress transfer in carbon nanotube reinforced polymer matri
Passive vibration damping enhancement using carbon nanotube-epoxy reinforced com
Anisotropy of sheared carbon-nanotube suspensions
Giant field enhancement at carbon nanotube tips induced by multistage effect
Monolayer metallic nanotube interconnects: promising candidates for short local
Carbon nanotube core-polymer shell nanofibers
High-performance dual-gate carbon nanotube FETs with 40-nm gate length
Experiments and modeling of carbon nanotube-based NEMS devices
Carbon nanotube-based nonvolatile memory with charge storage in metal nanocrysta
In situ measurements and modeling of carbon nanotube array growth kinetics durin
Band structure, phonon scattering, and the performance limit of single-walled ca
Frictional anisotropy of oriented carbon nanotube surfaces
Enhanced photocleavage of water using titania nanotube arrays
Adhesion energy in carbon nanotube-polyethylene composite: effect of chirality
Continuum theory for nanotube piezoelectricity
Coupling of photon energy via a multiwalled carbon nanotube array
High-yield DNA-templated assembly of surfactant-wrapped carbon nanotubes
Electron diffraction from elliptical nanotubes
Electrowetting in carbon nanotubes
In situ observation of the growth mechanisms of carbon nanotubes under diverse r
Increased field-emission site density from regrown carbon nanotube films
Energetics and packing of fullerenes in nanotube peapods
Growth of nano-scale hydroxyapatite using chemically treated titanium oxide nano
Carbon nanotube tips for scanning probe microscopy: fabrication and high aspect
Displacement current detection of photoconduction in carbon nanotubes
Robustness of nanotube electronic transport to conformational deformations
A numerical study of the spectrum and eigenfunctions on a tubular arc
Prediction of stiffness and strength of single-walled carbon nanotubes by molecu
Comparative studies of temperature dependence of G-band peak in single walled ca
Self-aligned carbon nanotube transistors with charge transfer doping
Electron transport in semiconducting carbon nanotubes with hetero-metallic conta
Polymer-nanotube composites for transparent, conducting thin films
Characterizing energy dissipation in single-walled carbon nanotube polycarbonate
Reorientation of carbon nanotubes in polymer matrix composites using compressive
Regeneration of gated carbon nanotube field emission
Viscoelasticity in carbon nanotube composites
Comparison of the stopping power of plasmons and single-particle excitations for
Device modeling of long-channel nanotube electro-optical emitter
Carbon nanotube gated lateral resonant tunneling field-effect transistors
Effect of nanotube functionalization on the elastic properties of polyethylene n
Carbon nanotube based nonvolatile memory
Current-controlled nanotube growth and zone refinement
Giant random telegraph signals in the carbon nanotubes as a single defect probe
Nanotransfer printing of organic and carbon nanotube thin-film transistors on pl
Modeling hysteresis phenomena in nanotube field-effect transistors
Effects of oxygen on the electron transport properties of carbon nanotubes: ultr
Transparent highly ordered TiO2 nanotube arrays via anodization of titanium thin