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无溶剂环氧聚氨酯涂料的研制/Study on Solvent Free Epoxy Polyurethane Resin Coating
脂肪族聚(酰胺)酯的硅氧烷基化及聚(酰胺)酯/SiO2杂化膜的制备/Trimethoxysilane terminated reaction of alipha
脂肪族聚(酰胺)酯的硅氧烷基化及聚(酰胺)酯/SiO2杂化膜的制备/Trimethoxysilane terminated reaction of alipha
Effects of oxygen termination on the electronic states of silicon quantum slabs
Luminescence from deuterium-terminated porous silicon
Probing the surface forces of atomic layered SrTiO3 films by atomic force micros
Interfacial reactivity of hydroxyl-terminated monolayers in the absence of solve
Protein adsorption on alkanethiolate self-assembled monolayers: Nanoscale surfac
Nanoscale intermolecular interactions between human serum albumin and alkanethio
Diamond nianofabrication and characterization for biosensing application
Nanoscopic fibrous assemblies made of metallophthalocyanine-terminated amphiphil
Selectively assembled Co nanoparticle stripes prepared by covalent linkage and m
Surface functionalization of silicon nanoparticles produced by laser-driven pyro
Single DNA molecules as probes of chromatographic surfaces
Photochemical functionalization of hydrogen-terminated diamond surfaces: A struc
Attachment of single-wall carbon nanotubes on platinum surfaces by self-assembli
Electrochemical, spectroscopic, and mass spectrometric studies of the interactio
Migration of an Al adatom on the clean, H-terminated, or partly H-terminated dia
Cubic silicon carbide surface reconstructions and Si (C) nanostructures at the a
Synthesis of germanium nanoclusters with irreversibly attached functional groups
First-principles calculation of 3C-SiC(111)/Al nano-hetero polar interfaces
Pulse injection of carbon nanotubes onto a H-terminated Si(100) surface
Small-diameter silicon nanowire surfaces
Ab initio calculations on the open end of single-walled BN nanotubes
Observations of graphitized SiC surfaces by STM
First-principles characterization of atomic structure of Al2O3(0001)/Cu nano-het
Diffusion barrier properties of carboxyl- and amine-terminated molecular nanolay
Synthesis, photoluminescence, and adsorption of CdS/dendrimer nanocomposites
Interpenetrative and transverse growth process of self-catalyzed ZnO nanorods
Functionalized carbon nanotubes and nanodiamonds for engineering and biomedical
Surface oxide reduction and bilayer molecular assembly of a thiol-terminated org
Micropatterning organosilane self-assembled monolayers with plasma etching and b