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同种瓣体内再内皮化的初步实验研究/Preliminary Experimental Study of in vivo Endothelialization of
Growth of CdSe nanocrystals in ion-implanted SiO2 films
Structure and phase composition of thin films, obtained by iron implantation int
Lithography-independent nanometer silicon MOSFETs on insulator
Cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy characterisation of plasma imme
Structural modification of diamond subjected to high energy ion irradiation
Increased wear resistance of electrodeposited chromium through applications of p
Implanted buried layers and interfaces: Application in the new area of very- and
Nanofabrication by FIB
Effects of substrate temperature and nominal dose on the microstructure and opti
Carbon implantation into hard chrome coatings
Approach to novel crystalline and amorphous oxide materials for optoelectronics
Writing FIB implantation and subsequent anisotropic wet chemical etching for fab
Kinetics of enhanced thermal oxidation of silicon carbide using amorphization by
Stratified suspension of highly ordered Si nanoparticles in SiO2 created by Si M
Wear behaviour of carbon implanted hard chromium coatings
Hardness and modulus properties in ion-beam-modified amorphous carbon: Temperatu
TEM and IBA study of the thermal oxidation of V following high dose He implantat
Metastable amorphous structure in ion implanted GaAs
Synthesis and Physical Properties of Semiconductor Nanocrystals Formed by Ion Im
Gettering of transition metals by cavities in silicon formed by helium ion impla
Combination of ion implantation and film deposition for forming an antifriction
Electron holography study of voids in self-annealed implanted silicon
Microstructural investigation of ion beam synthesized germanium nanoclusters emb
Surface investigations on annealed and boron implanted Fe80Mo7B12Cu1 amorphous r
Nanometre-sized silver halides entrapped in SiO2 matrices
Metal nanoclusters in glasses as non-linear photonic materials
Synthesis of metallic dispersion and continuous films in the viscous polymer by
Iron nanohardness after single and double implantation by nitrogen and boron ion
Depth profile of nitrogen concentration and nano-hardness in nitrogen implanted
AG:CD and CD:AG implantations into high purity silica
Mechanical properties of titanium implanted polycrystalline alumina and sapphire
Carbon, nitrogen and oxygen implantation into TiN coatings
Structural investigations of titanium nitride films formed by plasma immersion i
Strength and tribology of bulk and electroformed nickel amorphized by implantati
Formation of narrow nanocluster bands in Ge-implanted SiO2-layers
Clustering in carbon implanted, laser annealed, fused quartz
Nondegenerate four-wave mixing in gold nanocomposites formed by ion implantation
Excitation mechanism of rare-earth ions in silicon nanocrystals
Formation of ZnAl2O4 and MgAl2O4 spinel in Al2O3 by ion implantation
Transmission electron microscopy investigation of sulfide nanocrystals formed by
Efficient luminescence from GaAs nanocrystals in SiO2 matrices
Modification of a post-implantation defect activity for photovoltaic conversion
Ion implantation-induced nanoscale particle formation in Al2O3 and SiO2 via redu
Reflectance of the dielectric layers containing metal nanoparticles formed by io
Fabrication of the nanocrystal structures ZrO2(y):Zr and SiO2:Si(p) by ion impla
Ion beam synthesis of gold nanoclusters in SiO2: computer simulations versus ex
Optical properties of interacting Si nanoclusters in SiO2 fabricated by ion impl
Ion beam synthesis of Au and Cu nanoclusters in MgO
Ion implantation post-processing of amorphous carbon films
Single-crystalline CoSi2 layer formation by focused ion beam synthesis
Formation of silicon carbide in the surface layer of metals by dual high energy
Favored structure of Ag nanoparticles embedded in SiO2 by implantation: Single c
E prime and B2 center production in amorphous quartz by MeV Si and Au ion impla
Ion-implantation-assisted electrochemical nanostructuring of GaP for optoelectro
Helium ion implantation in SiAlON: Characterization of cavity structures using T
Production of focused electron beams in a plasma implantation system
Nucleation of carbon onions and nanocapsules under ion implantation at high temp
Tribological properties of ion-implanted polyphenylene oxide (PPO)
Shallow nanoporous surface layers produced by helium ion implantation
Analysis of strain and defect formation in low-dimensional structures in SiC
Surface morphology of MgO(100) crystals implanted with MeV Al+ and Al2+ ions
Nanocomposite materials formed by ion implantation
Enhanced microhardness of four modern steels following nitrogen ion implantation
Structural and mechanical properties of nitrogen ion implanted ultra high molecu
Improved wear resistance of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene by plasma i
Optical properties of nanoparticle composites in insulators by high-flux 60 keV
Nano-clustering in α-Al2O3 crystals by ion implantation of iron and cobalt
Patterning of nanometer-scale suicide structures on silicon by direct writing fo
Ion synthesis and laser annealing of Cu nanoparticles in Al2O3
Trap profiling at nanocavity bands in silicon wafers by means of capacitance-vol
Erbium-doped silicon-rich silicon dioxide/silicon thin films fabricated by metal
Ion beam synthesis of buried CdSe nanocrystallites in SiO2 on (100) -silicon
Metal-ion implantation effects on nano-hardness and tribological properties of N
Composite coatings producing by magnetron sputtering method
Ultra-high surface hardness in nitrogen ion implanted low alloy steel
Erbium Luminescence in Suboxide Films Derived from Triethoxysilane
Photoluminescence of a superficial Si nanolayer and an example of its use
Influence of low energy ion implantation on mechanical properties of magnetron s
Evidence for shallow implantation during the growth of bismuth nanocrystals by p
Exciton-erbium coupling in SiOx suboxide films prepared by combining sol-gel che
Structure and properties of titanium oxide layers prepared by metal plasma immer
Implanted dielectrics: Synchrotron radiation studies by absorption and diffracti
High-dose carbon implantations into silicon: Fundamental studies for new technol
Blood compatibility of titanium oxides with various crystal structure and elemen
Mechanical properties of TiN nano-film deposited by plasma immersion ion implant
Correlation of the optical properties with the microstructure of Si nanocrystals
Tribological properties of DLC nanolayer on Si prepared by plasma-based ion impl
Field emission enhancement of amorphous carbon films by nitrogen-implantation
Formation of ferromagnetic clusters in GaAs matrix and GaAs/AlGaAs superlattice
Preparation and characterization of fluorinated amorphous carbon thin films (a-C
Modification of surface mechanical properties of polycarbonate by B+ and O+ ions
Properties of TiN coating on 45# steel for inner surface modification by grid-en
Low-temperature metal ion implantation assisted deposition of hard coatings
Fabrication of nanostructured titanium thin films via N ion implantation and pos
Surface modification of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene for joint prost
Bond length contraction in Au nanocrystals formed by ion implantation into thin
Structural changes in Mg alloy induced by plasma immersion ion implantation of A
The effect of implantation dose on the microstructure of silicon nanocrystals in
Formation of nanoscale inter-metallic phases in Ni surface layer at high intensi
Optics of metal nanoparticles fabricated in organic matrix by ion implantation
Redistribution of indium implanted in silicon due to thermal treatment and swift
Growth of SiC nanostructures on Si (100) using low energy carbon ion implantatio
Suppression of silicon nanostructure growth by medium energy nitrogen ion implan
Physical mechanism of Ge nanocrystals formed by high-dose-ion-implantation
Study of performances and structures of Ti doped DLC films
Optical and magnetic properties of Ni/NiO nanopartilces in YSZ by metal ion impl
Application of laser driven fast high density plasma blocks for ion implantation
Production of amorphous carbon by plasma immersion ion implantation of polymers
Amorphization of Si (100) under O+ implantation studied by spectroscopic ellipso
Effect of excess vacancies in ion beam synthesis of SiC nanoclusters
Raman scattering of single-walled carbon nanotubes implanted with ultra-low-ener
Mechanism of nanoblister formation in Ga+ self-ion implanted GaN nanowires
Fabrication of nanocrystal memories by ultra low energy ion implantation
Synthesis of lead chalcogenide nanocrystals by sequential ion implantation in si
Plasma-based ion implantation and deposition: A review of physics, technology, a
Effect of Hf ion implantation on grain growth in Ni nanocrystalline electrodepos
Si nanocrystals by ultra-low-energy ion beam-synthesis for non-volatile memory a
Study of extended-defect formation in Ge and Si after H ion implantation
Hydrogen storage in the bubbles formed by high-flux ion implantation in thin Al
Influence of interfaces on the storage of ion-implanted He in multilayered metal
Controlled shallow single-ion implantation in silicon using an active substrate
Cathodoluminescence and solid phase epitaxy in Ba -irradiated α -quartz
Effect of Ti on the optical properties of Ag nanocrystals in silica
Effects of focused gallium ion-beam implantation on properties of nanochannels o
Superconductivity suppression in Fe-implanted thin Al films
Buried nano-layers in silicon co-implanted with H2 +/He+ and annealed under high
Magnetic nanoscale aggregates of cobalt and nickel in MgO single crystals
Fabrication of metal nanoparticles in sapphire by low-energy ion implantation
Formation of SiC-surface nanocrystals by ion implantation and electron beam rapi
The influence of the defect structure on the nitriding of Fe by PHI
Optical and microstructural properties of doubly Ge-Si implanted SiO 2 layers
The effect of ion implantation energy and dosage on the microstructure of the io
Thin polymer films prepared by plasma immersion ion implantation and deposition
Surface modification of nanofiltration membranes by ion implantation
Effects of oxygen ion implantation on wear behavior of NiTi shape memory alloy
Ion beam implantation and cross-sectional TEM studies of lanthanide titanate pyr
Peculiarities of the DC conductivity of thin amorphous As-Se layers after C+ imp
On the nanostructure of pure amorphous silicon
Hydrostatic pressure dependence of the photoluminescence of Si nanocrystals in S
Narrow temperature window for optimum elastic modulus in ion-beam-modified amorp
Can carbon-implanted silicon be applied as wide-bandgap emitter?
Room-temperature, short-wavelength (400-500 nm) photoluminescence from silicon-i
Silicon MOSFETs on insulator with lithography-independent 100 nm channel length
Ion-beam synthesis and stability of GaAs nanocrystals in silicon
Mechanical properties of titanium implanted and annealed TZP-ZrO2
Effects of ion implantation and annealing on mechanical properties of ceramic us
Carbon onions thin film formation and characterization
The effect of implantation temperature on the surface hardness, elastic modulus
Formation of Sb nanocrystals in SiO2 film using ion implantation followed by the
Modification of nanometer scale wear of nitrogen-containing carbon films due to
Effects of the defect structure on hydrogen transport in amorphous silicon
EPR spectroscopy of low-dimension structures produced in natural diamonds and sy
Formation of titanium carbide by high-fluence carbon ion implantation
Effect of oxygen implantation upon the corrosion resistance of the OT-4-0 titani
Microstructure and tribological properties of aluminium implanted with high dose
Artificial dielectrics: Nonlinear properties of Si nanoclusters formed by ion im
Modification of aluminum properties by nitrogen ion implantation
Synthesis of Ge nanocrystals in thermal SiO2 films by Ge+ ion implantation
Effects of KrF laser irradiation on Bi nanoclusters embedded in a-SiO2 by ion im
Ion-beam-induced crystallization of carbon-implanted silicon studied by Auger el
Effects of nitrogen ion implantation on the thermal stability of tungsten thin f
Optical properties of silicon nanoclusters fabricated by ion implantation
Formation of 2-D arrays of silicon nanocrystals in thin SiO2 films by very-low e
Study of the optical properties of fused quartz after a sequential implantation
A transmission electron microscopy investigation of sulfide nanocrystals formed
Effects of helium ion implantation on the structure of nanophase and coarse-grai
A near-infrared photoluminescence study of GaAs nanocrystals in SiO2 films forme
Grazing -incidence X-ray diffraction in the study of metallic clusters buried in
Microstructure modification of amorphous carbon films by ion-implantation techni
Raman scattering in a near-surface n-GaAs layer implanted with boron ions
Crystal structure and optical absorption of Au implanted MgO, SrTiO3 and LiNbO3
Mutually reactive elements in a glass host matrix: Ag and S ion implantation in
Effect of carbon ion implantation on the structure and corrosion resistance of O
Evolution of magnetic and mechanical properties in stainless steel films implant
Femtosecond near-field optical spectroscopy of implantation patterned semiconduc
Ion implantation; a modern tool of surface engineering
Some effects of ion beam treatments on titanium nitride coatings of commercial q
E and B2 center production in amorphous quartz by MeV Si and Au ion implantation
Electrical characterization of ultra-shallow n+p junctions formed by AsH3 plasma
Fabrication of Cu-coated Ag nanocrystals in silica by sequential ion implantatio
Microstructural evolution of helium-implanted α-SiC
Formation of oxide nano-particles into oxide materials by ion implantation
Microstructural characterisation of metal ion implanted silicon nitride
Temperature behaviour of optical properties of Si+-implanted SiO2
Red electroluminescence in Si+-implanted sol-gel-derived SiO2 films
Nickel precipitation at nanocavities in separation by implantation of oxygen
Ion irradiation effects in nonmetals: formation of nanocrystals and novel micros
Ionization and mass spectrometry of decaborane for shallow implantation of boron
Formation of metal-polymer composites by ion implantation
Cu-Ni alloy nanocluster formation by ion implantation in silicate glasses: Struc
Implantation of size-selected Si clusters into graphite
Carbon clusters
Cross-sectional TEM investigation of tin-implanted SiO2 glass
Photo-enhanced magnetoresistance effect in GaAs with nanoscale magnetic clusters
The current situation and development trend in research of ion-implantation in g
Mechanism of improvement of TiN-coated tool life by nitrogen implantation
Enhanced positive magnetoresistance effect in GaAs with nanoscale magnetic clust
Analysis of nanometer structure in Ti implanted polymers
Formation of wire nano structure against corrosion for dual ion implantation int
Near-infrared light emission from single crystal silicon dually implanted with e
Effect of the target surface temperature on the distribution of nanoparticles fo
Formation of Al3Hf by Hf ion implantation into aluminum using a metal vapor vacu
Internal electric field formation in insulators under high-flux negative-ion imp
Sharp photoluminescence of CdS nanocrystals in Al2O3 matrices formed by sequenti
Deformation behavior of ion-beam-modified GaN
Large enhancement of the third-order optical susceptibility in Cu-silica composi
Structural and mechanical properties of nitrogen ion implanted ultra high molecu
Diamond nanocrystals formed by direct implantation of fused silica with carbon
New near-IR effect due to an amorphized substructure inserted in a c-Si solar-ce
Effect of ion implantation on corrosion resistance and high temperature oxidatio
Effect of high energy argon implantation into NiTi shape memory alloy
Buried nanoscale damaged layers formed in Si and SiC crystals as a result of hig
Effects of artificial defects on the electrical transport of single-walled carbo
Direct observation of defect-mediated cluster nucleation
Formation of metallic nanoparticles in silicate glass through ion implantation
Implantation and laser annealing of Cu nanoparticles in silica
The effects of MEVVA ion implantation on the tribological properties of PVD-TiN
Improvement of Ta-based thin film barriers on copper by ion implantation of nitr
Optical property changes in sapphire induced by triple-energy Cu and O implantat
Effect of C+ implantation on the structure and tribological properties of three
Influence of nitrogen ion implantation on tribological properties of nanocrystal
Copper nanoparticles synthesized in sapphire by ion implantation
Erbium-doped optical waveguide materials based on Si nanocrystals formed by meta
Structural properties of InAs nanocrystals formed by sequential implantation of
UV-visible reflectivity study of the synthesis and growth of nanocrystals obtain
Nanodomains of pyrochlore formed by Ti ion implantation in yttria-stabilized zir
Magnetic force microscopy of ferromagnetic nanoparticles formed in Al2O3 and SiO
Dose dependence of surface plasmon resonance of a Ti-SiO2 nanoparticle composite
Oriented ferromagnetic Fe-Pt alloy nanoparticles produced in Al2O3 by ion-beam s
Compositional alteration of polyimide under high fluence implantation by Co+ and
Local structure of Sn implanted in thin SiO2 films
Gettering of Pd to implantation-induced nanocavities in Si
Raman scattering and photoluminescence studies on O+ implanted silicon
Microcircuit tailoring in ferromagnetic semiconductor (Ga,Mn)As
Optimum tribological improvement of aluminum using oxygen plasma source ion impl
Effects of high dose nitrogen implantation into aluminum
Structural and magnetic properties of MnAs nanoclusters formed by Mn ion implant
XTEM characterization of tungsten implanted SiC thin films on silicon for field
High-fluence Si-implanted diamond: formation of SiC nanocrystals and sheet resis
Quantum confinement in CdSe-nanocrystallites synthesized by ion implantation
Synthesis of nano-sized SiC precipitates in Si by simultaneous dual-beam implant
Silicon nanocrystals and defects produced by silicon and silicon-and-gold implan
Aluminum diffusion and nitrogen sputter yield for nitrogen plasma immersion ion
Advanced apparatus for combinatorial synthesis of buried II-VI nanocrystals by i
Transmission electron microscopy measurements of the injection distances in nano
Scaling relations for implantation of size-selected Au, Ag, and Si clusters into
Preparation of diamond-like carbon films in methane by electron cyclotron resona
Correlation of optical properties with the microstructure of Si nanocrystals in
Nano-structure and tribological performance for V+C dual implantation in steel
Study of nano-space in Au-polysilane interfaces by slow positron beam
Zn channeled implantation in GaN: damages investigated by using high resolution
Structure and properties of molybdenum implanted with high-flux carbon ion
Hardness and tribological properties of silicon nitride ceramics implanted by ti
Surface modification technique of structural ceramics: ion implantation-assisted
Embedded iron nano-clusters prepared by Fe ion implantation into MgO crystals
Chemical modification of titanium nitride films via ion implantation
Nano-scale phase transformation in Ti-implanted austenitic 301 stainless steel
Layer morphology and Al implant profiles after annealing of supersaturated, sing
Photoluminescence of Er-doped silicon-rich SiO2 prepared by ion implantation
Several new ion beam doping technologies of ultra-shallow junction for nanometer
Diamond formation by carbon implantation into cubic silicon carbide
Secondary ion mass spectrometry analysis of implanted and rapid thermal processi
Surface composition and surface energy of Teflon treated by metal plasma immersi
Study on nanocrystalline Ge formed directly by high dose Ge ion implantation
Effect of annealing temperature to blue emission of epitaxial silicon with C+ im
Nickel nanoparticles in silica glass fabricated by 60 keV negative-ion implantat
Study of Si nanostructure in SiO2 layer by Si+ implantation and rapid thermal an
Manipulation of two-dimensional arrays of Si nanocrystals embedded in thin SiO2
Gate engineering to prevent NMOS dopant channeling for nanoscale CMOSFET technol
Resonant Raman scattering of a single layer of Si nanocrystals on a silicon subs
Nanoparticle fabrication for micro total analysis system by using ion implantati
Residual stress relaxation and property modifications of polysilicon films by io
Nano-scratch study of pulsed laser-deposited hydroxyapatite thin films implanted
Ion implantation effects of microcrystalline and nanocrystalline diamond thin fi
Hydrogen behavior in SiO2 with high density of defects and locally concentrated
Fabrication of nickel oxide nanoparticles in SiO2 by metal-ion implantation comb
Tribological properties of sulfur-implanted steel
Effect of high-frequency electromagnetic field on Te+-implanted (001) Si
Precipitation of Au nanoclusters in SrTiO3 by ion implantation
Direct observation of substitutional Au atoms in SrTiO3
Ion-beam synthesis of epitaxial Au nanocrystals in MgO
Wear behaviour of CrN coatings MEVVA ion implanted with Zr
High-energy structural states of the Ni3(AlCr) alloy after severe plastic deform
Nanotwinning in silicon nanocrystals produced by ion implantation
Surface nanostructuring by implantation of cluster ions
Implantation of size-selected silver clusters into graphite
Detection and characterization of silicon nanocrystals embedded in thin oxide la
Structure and optical properties of Au-polyimide nanocomposite films prepared by
Copper nanocolloids in MgO crystals implanted with Cu ions
Photoluminescence properties of C+ implanted epitaxial Si annealed in hydrogen a
Optical and magnetic properties of Ni/NiO nanoparticles in YSZ by metal ion impl
High-fluence Si-implanted diamond: optimum implantation temperature for SiC form
Photoluminescence of Er-doped SiO2 layers containing Si nanoclusters using dual
Structural properties of Ge-implanted SiO2 layers and related MOS memory effects
Formation and in situ dynamics of metallic nanoblisters in Ga+ implanted GaN nan
Interaction between dislocations and He-implantation-induced voids in GaN epitax
Effect of Hf ion implantation on grain growth Ni nanocrystalline electrodeposits
Mechanism of nanoblister formation in Ga+ self-ion implanted GaN nanowires
Site of Er ions in Er-implanted silica containing Si nanoclusters
Formation of nanosized intermetallic phases upon high-intensity implantation of
Combinatorial ion beam synthesis of semiconductor nanoclusters
Single atom Si nanoelectronics using controlled single-ion implantation
The role of grain boundaries in the mechanism of plasma immersion hydrogenation
Concentration and ion-energy-independent annealing kinetics during ion-implanted
Size saturation in low energy ion beam synthesized Au nanoclusters and their siz
Nitrogen ion implantation on stainless steel: AFM study of surface modification
Patterned growth of self-assembled silicon nanostructures by ion implantation an
Highly thermal robust NiSi for nanoscale MOSFETs utilizing a novel hydrogen plas
Fabrication of ZnO nanoparticles in SiO2 by ion implantation combined with therm
Nano-structure and tribological properties of B+ and Ti+ co-implanted silicon ni
Photoluminescence properties of impurity-doped ZnS nanocrystals fabricated by se
Cupric oxide nanoparticles in SiO2 fabricated by copper-ion implantation combine
Development of a sub-micron processing method with ion implantation
Delta layer formation of silver nanoparticles in thin silicon dioxide film by ne
Depth profile analysis of the structure and composition of a metal-implanted pol
Nanometer-scale mapping of local work function with a photon-assisted STM techni
Fabrication of 3-D microstructures with a catalytic surface composed of an ion-i
Formation of Cu precipitates by ion implantation and thermal annealing for the g
2D formation of Au nanoparticles in silicon dioxide film by negative-ion implant
Chemical modification and the attending surface hardness of low alloy steel thro
Fabrication of contact electrodes in Si for nanoelectronic devices using ion imp
Synthesis of ZnO nanocrystals by subsequent implantation of Zn and O species
Synthesis of nearly monodisperse embedded nanoparticles by separating nucleation
Sn+-implantation and radiation-induced structural modifications in amorphous SiO
Lateral damage extension during masked ion implantation into GaAs
Cochlear implantation in a pacemaker patient
Effects of weak magnetic fields on post-implantation damage in superconducting o
Proton-implantation-induced nanosized Ge crystal formation in SiO2:GeO2 glasses
TEM characterization of beta-SiC synthesized by high dose carbon ion implantatio