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Observation of multi-axial anisotropy in ultrafine cobalt ferrite particles used
Short range order in nanocrystalline cobalt
Size distribution of liquid flame spray generated ceramic powders
Influence of copper on the structural characteristics of carbon nanofibers produ
Observation of Co nanoparticle dispersions in WC nanograins in WC-Co cermets con
Synthesis of high-coercivity cobalt ferrite particles using water-in-oil microem
Atomic disorder and amorphization of B2-structure CoZr by ball milling
Fabrication of nano-dot- and nono-ring-arrays by nanosphere lithography
Microstructure of spray converted nanostructured tungsten carbide- cobalt compos
Preparation of colloidal cobalt using reversed micelles
Magneto-optical effect of films with nano-clustered cobalt particles dispersed i
Gyromagnetic microwave resonance of cobalt-aluminoborosilicate nanocomposites
Organo-thermal preparation of nanocrystalline cobalt phosphides
Fluorination of carbon nanotubes
Nano- and micrometric approaches to cobalt electrodeposition on carbon substrate
DNA cladding with inorganic sulphide nanoparticles
Saturation magnetization of porosity-free nanocrystalline cobalt
Surfactant-assisted self-organization of cobalt nanoparticles in a magnetic fiel
Temperature dependence of morphology and magnetic properties of cobalt nanoparti
Electroless deposition of metal nanoislands on aminothiolate-functionalized Au(1
Characterization and electrocatalytic properties of cobalt hexacyanoferrate film
Study of high velocity oxy-fuel thermally sprayed tungsten carbide based coating
Glassy alloys as potential bearing surfaces for orthopaedic implants
Preparation of carbon-coated cobalt nanocrystals in a new gas blow arc reactor a
Controlled assembly of monodisperse ε-cobalt-based nanocrystals
Preparation and characterization of cobalt oxide nanosized particles obtained by
Low temperature carbonization of W-Co salts powder
On the metallic behavior of Co clusters
Preparation of coating of carbon nanotube with nickel-cobalt alloy
Surface oxidation of cobalt nanoparticles studied by Moessbauer spectroscopy
Low temperature route to nanocrystalline Co9S8
Structure transition comparison between the amorphous nanosize particles and coa
Dendritic metallophthalocyanines - Synthesis, electrochemical properties, and ca
Magnetization directions of individual nanoparticles
Cobalt nanosized particles organized in a 2D superlattice: Synthesis, characteri
Interface effects on the growth of cobalt nanostructures on molybdenum-based sub
Heme protein dynamics revealed by geminate nitric oxide recombination in mutants
Giant magnetoresistance and domain observation of Co35(SiO2)65 nano-granular fil
Polyhedral shapes of cobalt nanocrystals and their effect on ordered nanocrystal
Interaction of κ-carrageenan with nickel, cobalt, and iron hydroxides
Preparation and characterization of magnetic nanostructures using filtration mem
Study of cobalt nanowire arrays
Study on antiwear and reducing friction additive of nanometer cobalt hydroxide
Lithium-ion-storage behaviours of CoSb3 intermetallic compound and effects of so
Exchange bias in macroporous Co/CoO
Synthesis and characterization of cobalt nanoparticles encapsulated in boron nit
Magnetization reversal of a 1000-atoms cobalt cluster
Domain shapes and superlattices made of 8 nm cobalt nanocrystals: Fabrication an
Biomimetic route to produce nanosized inorganic crystals
Electrodeposited cobalt + copper thin films on ITO substrata
Transformations in cobalt amalgam - from a homogeneous Co amalgam to nanocrystal
Air oxidation at 600-800°C of two nanophase Co-50wt% Cu alloys prepared by m
Spatial distribution of cobalt nanoclusters in block copolymers
Alumina and silica supported metal catalysts for the production of carbon nanotu
Forming and controlling of WC-Co nonmetal-metal nano-composite structure
Ordered growth of cobalt nanostructures on a Au(111) vicinal surface: Nucleation
Four novel nanometer-sized cobalt azametallacrown complexes
Spatially selective electroless deposition of cobalt on oxide surfaces directed
Enhanced magnetocrystalline anisotropy in deposited cobalt clusters
Block-copolymer-templated synthesis of iron, iron-cobalt, and cobalt-nickel allo
Synthesis, structure, and magnetic properties of ε-Co nanocrystalline th
Numerical simulations of magnetization reversal processes in an ultrathin cobalt
The oxidation of cobalt nanoparticles in cobalt-deposited catalysts
Unprecedented Crystalline Super-Lattices of Monodisperse Cobalt Nanorods
Face-centered cubic supracrystals of cobalt nanocrystals
Controlled growth of carbon nanotubes over cobalt nanoparticles by thermal chemi
Fischer-Tropsch synthesis over silica supported cobalt catalysts: Mesoporous str
Iron-Cobalt-Silica aerogel nanocomposite materials
Structural and magnetic properties of Co-Fe binary alloy monolayers on W(110)
Preparation of cobalt nanocrystals in the homogenous solution with the presence
Preparation and properties of silica-coated cobalt nanoparticles
Role of transition metal catalysts in single-walled carbon nanotube growth in ch
Preparation of metallic cobalt inside NaY zeolite with high catalytic activity i
Structure phase transition and magnetic properties of nanocrystalline
Characterizations of cobalt oxide nanoparticles within faujasite zeolites and th
Electrochemical evaluation and modification of commercial lithium cobalt oxide p
Synthesis and magnetic properties of ε-cobalt nanoparticles
Pseudo-crystalline ordering in ferrofluids induced by magnetic fields
Superparamagnetism of transition metal nanoparticles in conducting polymer film
Sol-gel formation of ordered nanostructured doped ZnO films
CCVD synthesis of carbon nanotubes from (Mg,Co,Mo)O catalysts: Influence of the
pH-controlled precipitation of cobalt and molybdenum from industrial waste efflu
Synthesis and characterization of cobalt ferrites magnetic nanoparticles in alka
Solid-phase mechanochemical synthesis of nanoscale cobalt particles in a polyeth
Effect of cobalt doping on the magnetic properties of superparamagnetic γ-
Magnetic behavior of Co and Ni implanted MgO
Mechanochemically synthesized nano-dimensional iron-cobalt spinel oxides as cata
Lithium Cobalt Oxide (LiCoO2) Nanocoatings by Sol-Gel Methods
Controlled self-assembly of colloidal cobalt nanocrystals mediated by magnetic i
Phenylethynylstyrene-cobalt carbonyl block copolymer composites
Formation of cobalt nitrate hydrate, cobalt oxide, and cobalt nanoparticles usin
Combinatorial studies for determining properties of thin-film gold-cobalt alloys
Preparation of magnetic cobalt nanoparticles by reducing hydrazine
Review on tungsten carbide-cobalt powders and coatings by thermal spraying
Reductive preparation of cobalt nanoparticles in organic medium
Synthesis and characteristics of cobalt-containing nanosized mesoporous molecula
Preparation of cobalt blue mica pearlescent pigment by microemulsion system
Cobalt nanoparticles prepared in faujasite zeolites by borohydride reduction
Flower-like cobalt nanocrystals by a complex precursor reaction route
Controlled synthesis and anomalous magnetic properties of relatively monodispers
Cobalt-carbonized aerogel nanocomposites electrocatalysts for the oxygen reducti
Plastic ferromagnetic composite materials for magnetic encoders
CoOx/CeO2 nanocomposite powders: Synthesis, characterization, and reactivity
Evidence for blueshift by weak exciton confinement and tuning of bandgap in supe
Cathodic electrodeposition of cobalt oxide films using polyelectrolytes
Reversible oxygen binding to the polymeric cobalt tetraazaporphyrin complex and
Structural evolution and effects of calcium doping on nanophasic LaCoO 3 powders
Synthesis of submicrometer-sized electrochemically active lithium cobalt oxide v
Electrodeposition of copper and cobalt nanostructures using self-assembled monol
Laser ablation of cobalt and cobalt oxides in liquids: Influence of solvent on c
Enhanced coercive field of cobalt film deposited on noodle-like porous silicon s
Mesostructures of cobalt nanocrystals. 2. Mechanism
Co Fe2 O4 nanostructures with high coercivity
Seven-nanometer hexagonal close packed cobalt nanocrystals for high-temperature
Structural and electrochemical properties of new nanospherical manganese oxides
Liquefaction of catalyst during carbon single-walled nanotube growth
Stability of nanocrystals: Thermodynamic analysis of oxidation and re-reduction
Single-source routes to cobalt sulfide and manganese sulfide thin films
Glycothermal synthesis of nanocrystalline zirconia and their applications as cob
Magnetic properties of Poly[Acrylic Acid-(Cobalt Ferrite-Silica)] composites
A solution synthetic route to nanophase cobalt film and sponge
Magnetization distributions in nano-sized ultrathin cobalt
Synthesis and magneto-structural study of CoxFe 3-xO4 nanoparticles
Cobalt(III) EDTA complex removal from aqueous alkaline borate solutions by nanof
Poly(styrene-b-4-vinylphenoxyphthalonitrile)-cobalt complexes and their conversi
Cobalt-carbon spheres: Pyrolysis of dicobalthexacarbonyl-functionalized poly(p-p
Nano-particle composite plating as an alternative to hard chromium and nickel co
Magnetic moments and adiabatic magnetization of free cobalt clusters
High sensitivity magnetization measurements of nanoscale cobalt clusters
Nanoscale lithography with electron exposure of SiO2 resists
Catalytic effects of heavy metals on the growth of carbon nanotubes and nanopart
Ferromagnetic nanocomposite films of cobalt in a ceramic matrix formed by therma
Nanostructured metal oxide clusters by oxidation of stabilized metal clusters wi
Control of the size of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles: synthesis and properties
Nanosize cobalt boride particles: control of the size and properties
Nanocrystalline cobalt films prepared under ultrafast condensation conditions
Surface effects on the magnetic properties of ultrafine cobalt particles
Splitting the coordinated nitric oxide in Co(CO)3(NO) leads to a nanocrystalline
Solvent-thermal preparation of nanocrystalline pyrite cobalt disulfide
Self-organization of magnetic nanosized cobalt particles
Chemical synthesis and magnetic study of nanocrystalline thin films of cobalt sp
Magnetic domain structures of Co22Ag78 granular films observed by magnetic force
Radiolytic preparation of nanophase cubic cobalt metal particles
Two-dimensional magnetic particles
A new chemical route to prepare nanocrystalline cobalt monoarsenide
Preparation of self-assembled cobalt nanocrystal arrays
Cobalt nanosized particles organized in a 2D superlattice: synthesis, characteri
Template-assisted self-assembly and cobalt doping of ordered mesoporous titania
Nanophased CoFe2O4 prepared by combustion method
Nanostructure magneto-optical thin films of rare earth (RE=Gd,Tb,Dy) doped cobal
Long-range magnetostatic interactions in arrays of nanowires
Surface characterization of Co/CNx granular films fabricated by nanolamination
Collective magnetic properties of cobalt nanocrystals self-assembled in a hexago
Growth of self-organized cobalt nanostructures on Au(111) vicinal surfaces
Spin-dependent tunneling in self-assembled cobalt-nanocrystal superlattices
Formation of nanosized metal particles of cobalt, nickel, and copper in the matr
Temperature effect on structural transformations in nanocrystalline cobalt films
Magnetic properties of mixed cobalt-zinc ferrite nanoparticles
Magneto-optic Kerr effect investigation of cobalt and permalloy nanoscale dot ar
The synthesis and morphological control of nanocrystalline pyrite nickel disulfi
Incorporation of cobalt and nickel metal nano-particles in nano-grain zirconia f
Carbon nanotubes filled with long continuous cobalt nanowires
Synthesis of nanocrystalline cobalt selenide in nonaqueous solvent
A study of cobalt nanowire arrays
Formation mechanisms and characterization of black and white cobalt electrodepos
Carbon-nanotube metal-matrix composites prepared by electroless plating
Catalytic growth of carbon nanoballs with and without cobalt encapsulation
Structure and magnetism of well defined cobalt nanoparticles embedded in a niobi
Spin canting and size effects in nanoparticles of nonstoichiometric cobalt ferri
Magnetic anisotropy of a single cobalt nanocluster
A simple reduction-oxidation route to prepare Co3O4 nanocrystals
Composition and microstructure of cobalt oxide thin films obtained from a novel
Magnetization and Mossbauer study of cobalt ferrite particles from nanophase cob
Tensile strength of five metals and alloys in the nanosecond load duration range
Influence of phosphorous acid on electrodeposition of cobalt in pores of porous
Sol-gel and CVD Co3O4 thin films characterized by XPS
Magneto-optical and magnetic properties of granular cobalt-porous silicon nanoco
The electrochemical deposition of nanostructured cobalt films from lyotropic liq
Interface magnetic anisotropy in cobalt clusters embedded in a platinum matrix
XPS analysis of new lithium cobalt oxide thin-films before and after lithium dei
Synthesis, self-assembly, and magnetic behavior of a two-dimensional superlattic
Two-step synthesis of nanostructured tungsten carbide-cobalt powders
Microstructure of cobalt dispersed carbon sphere prepared from chelate resin
Tin-cobalt electrodeposition from sulfate-gluconate baths
Model potential nonlocal density functional calculations of small cobalt cluster
Order in carbons produced by plasma arcing in the presence of cobalt
Structure and magnetic properties of electrodeposited cobalt nanowires
Two-dimensional long-range-ordered growth of uniform cobalt nanostructures on a
The structure of granular amorphous carbon films with cobalt nanoparticles
Ordered growth of cobalt nanostructures on a Au(111) vicinal surfaces: nucleatio
Vibrational spectroscopy of a-C:H(Co)
High-resolution transmission electron microscopy studies of sol-gel-derived coba
Arrays of ferromagnetic iron and cobalt nanocluster wires
Study of the electrochemical deposition and properties of cobalt oxide species i
Synthesis of highly crystalline and monodisperse cobalt ferrite nanocrystals
Magnetic properties of microcapsulized cobalt nanoparticles synthesized by a sim
Atomic level characterization of ultrathin flat cobalt disilicide film with thre
On the road from single, nanosized magnetic clusters to multi-dimensional nanost
Fabrication and magnetic properties in cobalt template with nanoholes
Synthesis of cobalt nanoparticles in ethanol hydrazine alkaline system (EHAS) at
Nano structure analysis of sputtered thin films consisting of cobalt oxide and s
Preparation of nanocrystalline electrocatalytic electrode for electrodeposition
Anomalous localization effects associated with excess volume of cobalt catalyst
Novel synthesis of silica-coated ferrite nanoparticles prepared using water-in-o
Preparation and characterization of superparamagnetic nanocrystalline cobalt fer
Tribological properties of nanostructured WC/CoNi and WC/CoNiP coatings produced
Preparation, texture, and magnetic properties of carbon nanotubes/nanoparticles
The reduction of cobalt doped ammonium paratungstate to nanostructured W-Co powd
Effect of the pH on the microstructure and magnetic properties of electrodeposit
Carbon nanoflask: a mechanistic elucidation of its formation
Dynamic properties of a system of cobalt nanoparticles
Transport and magnetic properties of isolated cobalt nanowires
Polymer matrix templated synthesis: cobalt ferrite nanoparticles preparation
Nanosize cobalt oxides as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Electronic structure and stability of polycrystalline cobalt clusters
Preparation and electrical properties of cobalt-containing carbon fibers
Characterisation of cobalt/copper multilayers obtained by electrodeposition
Synthesis, self-assembly, and magnetic properties of FexCoyPt100-x-y nanoparticl
Ferromagnetism in cobalt-iron alloy nanowire arrays on W(110)
Synthesis of cobalt oxide nanotubes from colloidal particles modified with a Co(
Electrochemical characterization of cobalt-encapsulated nickel as cathodes for M
Selective growth of cobalt nanoclusters in domains of block copolymer films
Continuous hydrothermal crystallization of α-Fe2O3 and Co3O4 nanoparticles
Fabrication of cobalt silicide nanowire contacts to silicon nanowires
The growth of carbon nanostructures on cobalt-doped carbon aerogels
Magnetic properties of ultrafine cobalt ferrite particles
High strength nanocrystalline cobalt with high tensile ductility
Giant magnetic anisotropy of single cobalt atoms and nanoparticles
Non-noble metal-carbonized aerogel composites as electrocatalysts for the oxygen
A comparison of the corrosion behaviour of polycrystalline and nanocrystalline c
C-Co nanocomposite materials
Bias voltage influence on the shape of cobalt-silicide nanowires
Effects of cobalt-ion doping on the electrochemical properties of spinel lithium
Mossbauer effect studies and X-ray diffraction analysis of cobalt ferrite prepar
Study of the formation of Co3O4 thin films using sol-gel method
Suppression of cobalt dissolution from the LiCoO2 cathodes with various metal-ox
Superparamagnetic relaxation in cobalt ferrite nanoparticles synthesized from hy
Recording studies on a self-assembling medium of cobalt nano-particles
Synthesis of core-shell PtCo nanocrystals
A micellar route to ordered arrays of magnetic nanoparticles: from size-selected
An encapsulated helical one-dimensioned cobalt iodide nanostructure
Synthesis and characterization of Co/ZnO nanocomposites: towards new perspective
Well-aligned carbon nanotubes synthesized by thermal chemical vapor deposition o
Effect of the structure of cobalt nanocrystal organization on the collective mag
Magnetic properties and microstructure of cobalt nanoparticles in a polymer film
Synthesis of cobalt disulfide nanoparticles in polymer matrix
The effect of different catalysts on the growth of boron carbonitride nanotubes
Ordered arrays and magnetic properties of cobalt nanoparticles
Magnetic relaxation of diluted and self-assembled cobalt nanocrystals
Characterization and magnetic properties of carbon-coated cobalt nanocapsules sy
A novel method for preparing Co3O4 nanofibers by using electrospun PVA/cobalt ac
Self-assembly and magnetic properties of cobalt nanoparticles
Study on the structures and magnetic properties of Ni, Co-Al2O3 electrodeposited
Fabrication of cobalt nanostructures with different shapes in alumina template
Fabrication of cobalt nanothin film by pulsed laser deposition technology
Sol-gel preparation and characterization of CoFe2O4-SiO2 nanocomposites
Optical properties of ordered Co/AAO nano-array composite structure
Characterization of cobalt oxide supported on titania prepared by microwave plas
Synthesis of WC-TiC35-Co10 nanocomposite powder by a novel method
Stable cobalt nanoparticles passivated with oleic acid and triphenylphosphine
Structure phase transition and magnetic properties of nanocrystalline Zn0.6CoxFe
Structure and magnetic properties of cobalt nanoplatelets
Formation of Co3O4 nanotubes and the magnetic behaviour at low temperature
A novel process from cobalt nanowire to Co3O4 nanotube
Preparation of nanosized cobalt aluminate powders by a hydrothermal method
Nanoscale observations of the effect of cobalt on calcite growth and dissolution
Growth of dendritic cobalt nanocrystals at room temperature
Exchange bias and coercivity in oxygen-exposed cobalt clusters
Superstructures of self-assembled cobalt nanocrystals
Structure and hyperfine parameter correlation in out-of-equilibrium Pr(Fe,Co,Ti)
Synthesis of cobalt nanoparticles by DC magnetron sputtering and the effects of
Structural study of bimetallic CoxRh1-x nanoparticles: size and composition effe
Preparation of cobalt nanoparticles by hydrogen reduction of cobalt chloride in
Magnetic properties of cobalt and cobalt-platinum nanocrystals investigated by m
Cation distribution and spin-canted structure in cobalt ferrite particles from a
Size control of spherical metallic nanocrystals
Experimental study of transport in nanoscale planar MOSFETs near the ballistic l
Electrochemical study of nanometer Co3O4, Co, CoSb3 and Sb thin films toward lit
Correlation between local strain and cycle-life performance of AlPO4-coated LiCo
Preparation of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles by hydrolysis of cobalt-iron (III) c
Electrodeposition of Co and Ni/Au(111) ultrathin layers. Part I: nucleation and
Microwave hydrothermal flash synthesis of nanocomposites Fe-Co alloy/cobalt ferr
Preparation of nickel, iron, and cobalt nanopowders via reduction of salts with
Ferromagnetic resonance investigations of cobalt-implanted polyimides
Structural analysis of cobalt titanate nanoparticles obtained by sol-gel process
Nanofibre growth from cobalt carbide produced by mechanosynthesis
Evolution of phases during mechanochemical activation in magnetite-containing sy
Formation of hollow nanocrystals through the nanoscale Kirkendall effect
Block copolysiloxanes and their complexation with cobalt nanoparticles
Multiscale modeling of the surfactant mediated synthesis and supramolecular asse
Structural and physical properties of cobalt nanocluster composite glasses
Formation mechanism of Mg2SiO4 fishbone-like fractal nanostructures
A study on the corrosion behavior of nanostructured electrodeposited cobalt
The structure and magnetic properties of magnetically soft cobalt base nanocryst
In-situ fabrication of nanostructured cobalt oxide powders by spray pyrolysis te
Structure and magnetic properties of polymer matrix nanocomposite processed by p
Morphological and magnetic characterization of electrodeposited cobalt nanowires
Magnetic anisotropy of nanoscale cobalt particles
Cobalt nanoparticles formed in polysiloxane copolymer micelles: effect of produc
Catalytic properties of nanocomposites based on cobalt ferrites dispersed in sol
Freeze-dried precursor-based synthesis of nanostructured cobalt-nickel molybdate
Ball milling and annealing graphite in the presence of cobalt
Growth of monodispersed cobalt nanoparticles on 6H-SiC(0001) honeycomb template
A convenient way to prepare magnetic colloids by direct Nd:YAG laser ablation
Fabrication and magnetic property of monocrystalline cobalt nanowire array by di
Atomistic simulation studies on deformation mechanism of nanocrystalline cobalt
Hydrothermal microemulsion synthesis of cobalt nanorods and self-assembly into s
Distribution of platinum and cobalt atoms in a bimetallic nanoparticle
Shape-controlled synthesis and properties of uniform spinel cobalt oxide nanocub
Anatase TiO2 nanolayer coating on cobalt ferrite nanoparticles for magnetic phot
The dependence of Co nanoparticle sizes on the ratio of surfactants and the infl
Preparation of nanometer cobalt particles by polyol reduction process and mechan
Self-integration of aligned cobalt nanoparticles into silica nanotubes
Microwave-assisted synthesis of cobalt oxalate nanorods and their thermal conver
Chemical control of structural and magnetic properties of cobalt nanoparticles
Electrodeposited nickel-phosphorus - a suitable candidate for coating components
Magnetic properties of large aspect ratio Co dots electrodeposited on prestructu
Microwave properties of granular amorphous carbon films with cobalt nanoparticle
Multimillimetre-large superlattices of air-stable iron-cobalt nanoparticles
Localized lateral growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes for field-effect tran
Magnetoresistance in cobalt-contacted multi-wall carbon nanotubes
Formation of pyramid-like nanostructures during cobalt film growth by magnetron
Ultrafast magnetization dynamics in ferromagnetic cobalt: The role of the anisot
Control of carbon nanotube growth using cobalt nanoparticles as catalyst
Surface passivation and characterization of cobalt-ferrite nanoparticles
Recovery of nano-sized cobalt powder from cemented carbide scrap
Probing the magnetic properties of cobalt-germanium nanocable arrays
Magnetite-cobalt ferrite nanoparticles for kerosene-based magnetic fluids
A room temperature two-step electrochemical process for large area nanocrystalli
Template assisted assembly of cobalt nanobowl arrays
In situ transmission electron microscopy studies on structural dynamics of trans
Spin-orbit interaction and two-dimensional weak localization in a carbon matrix
Preparation and characterization of cobalt ferrite by the polymerized complex me
Cobalt doped γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles: synthesis and magnetic properties
Spinel cobalt ferrite by complexometric synthesis
One-step template-free electrosynthesis of cobalt nanowires from aqueous [Co(NH3
Preparation of dense carbon nanotube film using microwave plasma-enhanced chemic
Cobalt-polypyrrole-cobalt nanowire field-effect transistors
Carbon nanotube growth from titanium-cobalt bimetallic particles as a catalyst
Preparation of functionalized and gold-coated cobalt nanocrystals for biomedical
Iron and Cobalt-based magnetic fluids produced by inert gas condensation
FeCo nanoalloy formation by decomposition of their carbonyl precursors
Magnetic properties and morphology of block copolymer-cobalt oxide nanocomposite
Poly(styrene-b-ethylene/butylene-b-styrene)/cobalt ferrite magnetic nanocomposit
Mossbauer evaluation of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles synthesized by forced hydro
Film stress and magnetic properties of nickel, cobalt, iron and iron-cobalt allo
Micromagnetic studies of cobalt microbars fabricated by nanoimprint lithography
Cobalt-silica magnetic nanoparticles with functional surfaces
Magnetic cobalt nanowire thin films
Modification in threshold tension during nanostructures formation on gold films
Square wave adsorptive stripping voltammetry of nickel and cobalt at wall-jet el
Fabrication of nano-dot- and nano-ring-arrays by nanosphere lithography
Automatic determination of cobalt at the submicrogram per millilitre level using
Synthesis, characterization, and magnetic properties of cobalt nanoparticles fro
Coprecipitation with disulfide for the determination of traces of cobalt in wate