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稀土氧化物掺杂钼合金的力学性能与强韧化机制/Mechanical Properties and Strengthening/Toughening Mechani
稀土基复合氧化物的制备及其在甲烷催化燃烧中的应用/Catalytic combustion of methane over rare earth based m
以多酸为母体制备小尺寸功能材料/Preparing Small-Sized Functional Materials by Using Heteropolyac
Synthesis and characterization of solid-state materials produced by high shear-h
Nanophase catalytic oxides: I. Synthesis of doped cerium oxides as oxygen storag
Colloidal approach to nanometre-sized mixed oxide ceramic powders
Interfaces and defects in nanocrystalline oxides
Preparation of nanocrystalline oxides and their characterisation using synchrotr
Structure transition of nanocrystalline Fe2O3
Catalytic properties of nanostructured metal oxides synthesized by inert gas con
Intercalation reactions of layered manganese(III,IV) oxides
Hot topics in electrodeposition
Study on lattice parameters of nanocrystalline Fe2O3
Chemical route for the preparation of nanosized rare earth perovskite-type oxide
Generalized syntheses of large-pore mesoporous metal oxides with semicrystalline
Surface studies of nano-dimensional particle size iron-manganese spinel mixed ox
Electrochemical characteristics of silicon and titanium oxides and titanium-oxyg
Synthesis of transition-metal-oxides meso-structured thin films
Method of manipulating nanoparticle chains in the TEM
Oxide-assisted semiconductor nanowire growth
Synthesis and reactivity of functional metal oxides in nanoscopic systems
Synthesis of nanocrystalline Mn-oxides by gas condensation
Nanosized thin films of tungsten-titanium mixed oxides as gas sensors
Redox processes in polynary copper oxides and copper oxide/mesoporous silica com
Effect of silicon surface cleaning on reliability of 13 nm gate oxide
Study on preparation of nanosized ZrO2-TiO2 composite-oxides fine powders
High temperature reaction calorimetry applied to metastable and nanophase materi
Process windows and properties of tungsten-and vanadium-oxides deposited by MSIP
AlGaAs/GaAs tunnel diode integrated with nanometer-scale atomic force microscope
Photochemistry of substituted benzyldiphenylphosphine oxides
High-Tc oxides 13 years since woodstock: from fundamentals to nanoengineering
Low temperature hydrogen reduction of nanocrystalline iron-containing raw materi
Preparation and characterization of titanium-tungsten sensors
Solid state ceramic gas sensors based on interfacing ionic conductors with semic
Thermal decomposition of multiple-based nitramine propellants
Nanocrystalline metal oxides as unique chemical reagents/sorbents
Metamorphic diamonds: Mechanism of growth and inclusion of oxides
Transition metal oxide/carbon composite catalysts for n-alkane aromatization: St
Innovative nanoporous materials: Metal-aluminophophates
Synthesis, characterization, and adsorption studies of nanocrystalline copper ox
Nanotube electronics: High-performance transistors
Ce-Zr mixed oxides prepared in molten nitrates
Anodic electrodeposition of K-Pb-Tl-O crystals from molten salts
Preparation and properties of gelatin-iron oxides nano composite particles
Nanogoethite is the dominant reactive oxyhydroxide phase in lake and marine sedi
Polyol-mediated synthesis of nanoscale functional materials
Block copolymer-templated mesoporous oxides
Hydrogel route to nanotubes of metal oxides and sulfates
Blood compatibility of titanium oxides with various crystal structure and elemen
Enhanced photoactivity of silica-titania binary oxides prepared by sol-gel metho
Evolution of grain boundary assemblies in Fe-0.6%O under mechanical milling foll
Study on the features of multiwalled carbon nanotube supported nickel aluminum m
Photochromism in transition-metal oxides
Preparation and photocatalytic properties of a nanometer ZnO-SnO 2 coupled oxide
Ordered, nanostructured tin-based oxides/carbon composite as the negative-electr
Non-aqueous synthesis of high-purity metal oxide nanopowders using an ether elim
Attachment and proliferation of neonatal rat calvarial osteoblasts on Ti6Al4V: E
Synthesis of nano-sized mesoporous silicas with metal incorporation
The route to fullerenoid oxides
Tin- and titanium-oxygen nanostructures on the various hydr(oxides) surfaces
Nanostructured oxides in chemistry: Characterization and properties
Mechanochemically synthesized nano-dimensional iron-cobalt spinel oxides as cata
Ozonides and oxides of C60 and C60: A review
Porous tin oxides prepared using an anodic oxidation process
Preparation of nano-iron nitride by temperature-programmed reaction from nano-ir
Study on electromagnetic characters of MexZn1-xFe2O4 nanopowder
Detonation synthesis for nano-metallic oxide powders
Metal oxide coating on carbon nanotubes by a methanol-thermal method
Effects of metal oxides on electrochemical hydrogen storage of nanocrystalline L
A new method to prepare RuO2 [Closed Circle] xH2O/carbon nanotube composite for
A general and low-cost synthetic route to high-surface area metal oxides through
Nanocrystalline materials obtained by using a simple, rapid method for rechargea
Nanostructured metal oxides synthesized by hard template method for gas sensing
Desorption dynamics of oxide nanostructures fabricated by local anodic oxidation
Tin oxide nanobelts electrical and sensing properties
The self-organizing at formation oxides on tin thin films
Pressure-induced crystallization in nano-arivillius oxides
Structural studies of titanium oxide multilayers
Nano-scaled oxides: Versatile problem solvers for the future
X-ray diffraction studies of perovskite or derived perovskite phase formation
La(1-y)Co0.4Fe0.6O3-δ perovskite oxides as catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch s
Nanostructured ceramic oxides with a slow crack growth resistance close to coval
Electrical and spectroscopic characterisation of nanocrystalline V/Ce oxides
Chemical composition of GaAs oxides grown by local anodic oxidation: A spatially
Leakage control needs multipronged ATTACK
Structure and properties of nanocrystalline oxide powders
On the role of alkaline earth metal oxides in environmental catalysis
Recent conceptual advances in the catalysis science of mixed metal oxide catalyt
Reactivity of aluminum nanopowders with metal oxides
Unusual physical and chemical properties of Cu in Ce1-xCu xO2 oxides
Magnetic investigations of titanium-doped gamma iron oxides dispersed in polymer
Materials progress: Nanoaluminum, metal oxides make energetic explosives
Corundum, rutile, periclase, and CaO in Ca,Al-rich inclusions from carbonaceous
Hot dynamical compacting of nanostructured powders of aluminum and titanium oxid
Chemical homogeneity of nanocrystalline Zn-Mn spinel ferrites obtained by high-e
Nanostructured rhenium dioxide: synthesis and characterization
An AlGaAs/GaAs tunnel diode integrated with nanometer-scale atomic force microsc
A study on preparation of nanosized ZrO2-TiO2 composite-oxide fine powders
Surface films on plasma nitrided stainless steel subjected to passivation treatm
Magnetic properties of nanocomposites of mixed oxides of iron and chromium synth
Macroporous oxide materials with three-dimensionally interconnected pores
Synthesis of thermally stable, high surface area anatase-alumina mixed oxides
From the vanadates to 3d-metal oxides negative electrodes
Synthesis and characterization of trimetallic rare earth orthoferrites, LaxSm1-x
Solution combustion synthesis of nanoscale oxides and their composites
Synthesis and photocatalytic properties of CdS-intercalated metal oxides
Nano-particles of oxides through chemical methods
Application of pulsed liquid-injection MOCVD to the growth of ultrathin epitaxia
A study of nanophase tungsten oxides thin films by XPS
Thermally stable, silica-based amorphous porous mixed oxides prepared by sol-gel
Nanobelts of semiconducting oxides
Supramolecular templating of thermally stable crystalline mesoporous metal oxide
High sensitivity ozone sensors for environmental monitoring produced using laser
Investigation of thin films of mixed oxides for gas-sensing applications
Mercury-mediated synthesis of nanoscale oxide materials
Nanobelts of semiconductive oxides: a structurally and morphologically controlle
Nanoscale phase separation in colossal magnetoresistance materials: lessons for
Novel nanostructures of functional oxides synthesized by thermal evaporation
Nanorods of various oxides and hierarchically structured mesoporous silica by so
The role of nanoclusters in reducing hole trapping in ion implanted oxides
Nanostructured polymorphic oxides for advanced chemosensors
Dielectric properties of lead zirconium titanates with nanometer size grains syn
Cation-deficient nano-dimensional particle size cobalt-manganese spinel mixed ox
Polymeric citrate precursor route to the synthesis of nano-sized barium lead tit
Preparation and structural properties of Cu-Zn-Al-oxides: a comparative study be
Stress corrosion cracking of 304L stainless steel in water at 288°C
SnO2/TiO2 mixed oxide particles synthesized in doped premixed H2/O2/Ar flames
Cathode materials for lithium ion batteries prepared by sol-gel methods
Preparation, characterization and gas-sensing properties of rare earth mixed oxi
Array materials of one-dimensional oxides prepared by MOCVD method
Progress on the preparation and characterization methods of nanosized metal oxid
Study on the properties of nanometer CeO2 doped with Zr4+, La3+, Pr3+
Reduction of iron oxides by nano-sized graphite particles observed in pre-oxidiz
Spintronics: perspectives for the half-metallic oxides
Effect of nano-sized oxides on annealing behaviour of ultrafine grained steels
Study of novel nanostructured Pd-Mn oxides
Metal oxides at industry cusp
Preparation of fine particles through aqueous processing route
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes by selective reduction of mixed oxides
Electrode materials for lithium secondary batteries prepared by sol-gel methods
Preparation and magnetocaloric effect of (La0.67-XGdX)Sr0.33MnO3 (X = 0.1, 0.15)
Study of simplex optimization method on the modified alkaline MnO2 electrode dop
Ultrafast mechanochemical synthesis of mixed oxides
Mechanical synthesis in the iron oxide-metal system
Hollow spheres of crystalline porous metal oxides: a generalized synthesis route
EXAFS study of confined nanocrystalline oxides
Catalytic production of carbon nanotubes over first row transition metal oxides
Electrical characterization at a nanometer scale of weak spots in irradiated SiO
An approach to modeling of silicon oxidation in a wet ultra-diluted ambient
Synthesis and characterization of vanadium oxides nanorods
Experimental study on wet thermal and PECVD oxides for GOI fabrication
Synthesis and characterization of nanoporous, nanorods, nanowires metal oxides
Cerium LIII-edge XAS investigation of the structure of crystalline and amorphous
A colloidal approach to nanometre-sized mixed oxide ceramic powders