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多电平逆变器拓扑结构及调制策略的研究/Research on Topology and Modulation Strategy of Multilevel In
光学相干层析成像技术的理论与实验研究/Theoretical and Experimental Research on Optical Coherence To
第四代移动通信系统基带处理平台编码与调制技术的仿真研究/The Simulation Research of Encoding and Modulation T
液晶光调制器特性应用与研究/research and application of liquid crystal light modulator
交叉相位调制对密集波分复用系统的影响/Cross phase modulation effect in dense wavelength division mu
基于DSP的交流异步电机调速控制器的研究/Research on speed regulation controller of induction motor
数字通信信号的自动识别/Automatic modulation recognition of digital communication signals
正弦动态调幅调频水压力发生装置研制/The Research and Design of Sine Dynamic Amplitude & Frequency
纯相位液晶空间光调制器的研究/Research of Phase-Only Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator
Heterosupramolecular chemistry and modulation of function in molecular devices
Heterosupramolecular chemistry and modulation of function in molecular devices
Spatial modulation of the pump in the ultrabroadband dye laser with a spatially-
Two-dimensional electrons in a magnetic superlattice
Force modulation atomic force microscopy recording for ultrahigh density recordi
Pyroelectric measurements on BaTiO3-polymer composites using the laser intensity
Interpretation of direct and indirect force modulation methods using polymer fil
Study of the hot spot of an in-plane gate transistor by scanning Joule expansion
Raman effect based modulator for high power fiber lasers
Low-frequency modulation sensors using nanosecond fluorophores
Modulation speed of an efficient porous silicon light emitting device
Interface structure in directly bonded silicon crystals studied by synchrotron X
Microstructure and properties of Si3N4/TiN ceramic nano-multilayer films
Hardness of compositionally nano-modulated TiN films
Photothermal modulation of laser diode wavelength for measuring microvibration
Lateral thickness modulation of InGaAs layers on GaAs in selective area metalorg
Near surface nanomechanical behavior of pressure-sensitive adhesives using later
Solvation forces using sample-modulation atomic force microscopy
MDMA - Multi dimensional multiple access, the nanoNET technology
Detection of small in-plane vibrations using the polarization self-modulation ef
High-contrast modulation of light with light by control of surface plasmon polar
Demonstration of thermomechanical recording at 641 Gbit/in2
Nanometric modulation in apatite
10 Gbit/s data modulation using 1.3 μm InGaAs quantum dot lasers
Simple synthesis of hierarchically structured silicas by poly(ethyleneimine) agg
Nanoscopic netted structure of compositional modulation in (Sm0.33 Eu0.33 Gd0.33
Nanosecond Q-switched operation of coupled Yb and Tm fibre lasers
Phase-only modulation using a normal-mode liquid-crystal gel
Chip pushes twisted-pair copper to 10 Gbits
Optimization and thermal stability of TiAlN/Mo multilayers
Femtosecond pulse-shape modulation at nanosecond rates
Probing the local structure and mechanical response of nanostructures using forc
Materials science: Encoding electronic properties by synthesis of axial modulati
X-modulation: Instrumentation and optimization
Electron transport due to inhomogeneous broadening and its potential impact on m
Reversible resistance modulation in mesoscopic silver wires induced by exposure
A survey of noncontact electronic distance measuring methods
All-optical spatial light modulator with megahertz modulation rates
Novel all optical light modulation based on complex refractive index changes of
Micro fluxgate magnetic sensor interface circuits using ΔΣ modulatio
Sub-nanosecond pulse modulation of a triode electron gun at 25 MHz
Diffusionlike motion of-the modulation wave in incommensurate solids studied by
Correlation of microstructure and giant magnetoresistance in electrodeposited Ni
Self-locking of a modulated single overlayer in a nanotribology simulation
Superluminescent diode interferometer using sinusoidal phase modulation for step
X-ray study of lateral strain and composition modulation in an AlGaAs overlayer
Scanning tunneling microscope study of charge-density-wave modulations in NbTe4
Intensity measurements in scattering media
Microstructures and properties of Si3N4/TiN ceramic nano-multilayer films
Imaging nanoscopic elasticity of thin film materials by atomic force microscopy:
Growth and characterization of W/SiC nanometer multilayers
Photorefractive grating dynamics in Bi12SiO20 using optical pulses
Control of plasticity with coherency strain
Superhardness effects of the Si3N4/TiN ceramic nano-multilayer films
Characterization of modulation structure of nanomultilayers with energy dispersi
Study on photothermal intensity-modulation characteristics of laser-diode
How a quantum-dot laser turns on
Long-range ordered lines of self-assembled Ge islands on a flat Si (001) surface
Measures of improving the precision of amplitude modulation measurement circuit
Superhardness effects of heterostructure NbN/TaN nanostructured multilayers
Hardness in Ag/Ni, Au/Ni and Cu/Ni multilayers
Phase-only modulation by nanosized polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
Surface-modulation-controlled three-dimensional colloidal crystals
Microstructure and superhardness of TiN/NbN nano-multilayers
Modulation of THz radiation by semiconductor nanostructures
Frequency modulation response of a liquid-crystal electro-optic device doped wit
Direct phase measurement of the X-ray specular reflection using modulation under
Cu/SiO2-x nanowires with compositional modulation structure grown via thermal ev
Modulation structure and modulation interface of W/SiC nanometer multilayers
Wavelength modulation spectroscopy of single quantum dots
Modeling of kink-shaped carbon-nanotube Schottky diode with gate bias modulation
Chopping techniques for low-frequency nanotesla spin-dependent tunneling field s
X-ray diffraction analysis of lateral composition modulation in InAs/GaSb superl
Optimization of the signal-to-noise ratio of frequency-domain instrumentation fo
Phase separation in Cu90Co10 high-magnetoresistance materials
Phase transformation of AlN/VN nanomultilayers and its effect on the mechanical
Complex intensity modulation transfer function for supercontinuum generation in
Mechanical property investigation of AlN/VN nanomultilayers with microindentatio
Coherent growth and superhardness effect of AlN/TiN nanomultilayers
Growth and modulation of silicon carbide nanowires
Efficient intensity modulation due to surface acoustic waves on windows of the A
Levy-type complex diameter modulation in semiconductor nanowire growth
New method to characterize mesoscopic range and very small strain with using mul
Finite-amplitude motions of beam resonators and their stability
Nanowire photonic circuit elements
High frequency oscillation in photonic crystal nanolasers
Improving the sensitivity of frequency modulation spectroscopy using nanomechani
Tilt-modulated chiral sculptured thin films: an alternative to quarter-wave stac
Frequency-modulation-type MI sensor with nanocrystalline ribbon core
Phase modulation microscope MIM-2.1 for measurements of surface microrelief: res
PbS quantum dot electroabsorption modulation across the extended communications
Intra-pulse Raman frequency shift versus conventional Stokes generation of diode
Semiconductor nanowire laser and nanowire waveguide electro-optic modulators
Optical modulation and detection in slotted silicon waveguides
Nanoscale spatial phase modulation of GaN on a V-grooved Si Substrate-cubic phas
Polarization-independent phase modulation of a homeotropic liquid crystal gel
Novel all optical light modulation based on complex refractive index changes of