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T模式与企业物流网络优化研究/T mode and logistics network optimization
世界典型国家住房金融研究/A Study on the Housing Finance of the Typical Countries in the Worl
《二十四诗品》接受史/The Twenty-four Modes of Poetry
静态de Sitter时空的微扰/Perturbations in static de Sitter space
一维关联体系的单粒子激发和动力学研究/one-electron spectral function and dynamical study of one-dim
H.264快速模式选择算法研究/Research on fast mode selection algorithm of H.264
我国农业保险经营模式探析/Analysis and Design of Chinese Agriculture Insurance Operating Mode
新课程理念下的生物课堂教学模式初探/On Biological Class Teaching Mode And New Concept Of Curriculu
Input/output resonance correlation in laser-induced emission from microdroplets
Dispersive collective excitation modes in the quantum hall regime
Surface modes in a 2D array of square dielectric cylinders
Multimode optical parametric oscillation modelling including back-conversion to
Structures and properties of LiF cluster-assembled nanofilms
Spontaneous and stimulated Raman scattering from surface phonon modes in aggrega
Behaviour of the propagating and evanescent modes of a 2D quantum wire in a perp
Physical properties of dynamic force microscopies in contact and noncontact oper
Quantum confinement of phonon modes in GaAs quantum dots
Nonlinear optical effects in the whispering-gallery modes of microspheres
Influence of confining geometries on collective dynamic modes in chiral smectoge
Continuum model for acoustic and optical phonons in heterostructures
Tailoring of the resonant mode properties of optical nanocavities in two-dimensi
Vibrational modes of glasses
Resonant coupling of surface plasmons to radiation modes by use of dielectric gr
Characteristics of single defect laser modes in a two-dimensional square lattice
Vibronic sidebands of coherent phonon states
Easy and flexible preparation of nanocasted carbon monoliths exhibiting a multim
Imaging using lateral bending modes of atomic force microscope cantilevers
Gap maps, diffraction losses, and exciton-polaritons in photonic crystal slabs
Study of surface acoustic phonon modes in relaxor Pb(Mg 1/3Nb2/3)O3
Fine structure of coupled optical modes in photonic molecules
Subwavelength nonlinear plasmonic nanowire
Structures, growth modes and spectroscopic properties of small zirconia clusters
Nondispersive and dispersive collective electronic modes in carbon nanotubes
Raman surface vibration modes in nanocrystalline SnO2: Correlation with gas sens
Raman studies in nanocrystalline lead (II) fluoride
Electrical properties of ZnO thin films and optical properties of ZnO-based nano
Two-dimensionally localized modes of a nanoscale gap plasmon waveguide
Various driving modes of a field emission cathode
Local observation and spectroscopy of optical modes in an active photonic-crysta
The internal dynamic modes of charged self-assembled peptide fibrils
Acoustic modes and elastic properties of polymeric nanostructures
Raman scattering of polar modes of ZnO crystallites
Free vibration of multiwall carbon nanotubes
Confinement of polar optical phonons in AlN/GaN superlattices
Influence of nanolayer geometry on frequency of localized acoustic modes
Optical phonon modes in graded III-V nitride quantum wells
Specific heat related to details of the vibrational modes for a 2D nanocrystalli
Infrared-active vibrational modes of single-walled carbon nanotubes
An optical-fiber-based probe for photonic crystal microcavities
Multi-scale wear of a boride coating on tungsten
Raman scattering from LiF cluster-based nanophase film
Phonons in graphitic tubules
Vibrational modes of silicon nanostructures
Vibrational modes of carbon nanotubes; spectroscopy and theory
Size dependence of acoustic and optical vibrational modes of CdSe nanocrystals i
Structural and vibrational properties of fullerenes and nanotubes in a nonorthog
Electron-phonon interactions in semiconductor nanocrystals
Studies on Mn-doped barium nanotitanate dielectric resonators
Raman scattering from fractal structure of LiF nanocluster-assembled films
Calculations of the electron-energy-loss spectra of silicon nanostructures and p
Diameter-selective Raman scattering from vibrational modes in carbon nanotubes
Spontaneous and stimulated Raman scattering from surface phonon modes in aggrega
The behaviour of the propagating and evanescent modes of a 2D quantum wire in a
Theory of size-dependent resonance Raman intensities in InP nanocrystals
Polar optical modes in semiconductor nanostructures
Continuum treatment of phonon polaritons in semiconductor heterogeneous structur
Shape-selective Raman scattering from surface phonon modes in aggregates of amor
Enhanced dipole-dipole interaction between elementary radiators near a surface
Inelastic X-ray scattering from nonpropagating vibrational modes in glasses
Structural characterization of nanocrystalline SnO2 by X-ray and Raman spectrosc
Buckling and collapse of embedded carbon nanotubes
Nonlinear nanoscale localization of magnetic excitations in atomic lattices
Symmetry of the high-energy modes in carbon nanotubes
van der Waals interaction in nanotube bundles: Consequences on vibrational mode
Anisotropic nuclear-resonance photon scattering from a single crystal of NaNO2
Radiative exchange of heat between nanostructures
Oscillation modes of two-dimensional nanostructures within the time-dependent lo
Waveguide luminescence and Raman spectroscopy: Characterization of an inhomogene
Laser modes in organic solid-state distributed feedback lasers
Structural phase transition in carbon nanotube bundles under pressure
Electron-phonon interactions in insulating nanoparticles: Eu2O3
Plasmons in layered nanospheres and nanotubes investigated by spatially resolved
Plasmon excitations in coated nanocrystalline diamond spheres
Normal coordinate analysis and vibrational spectra of aromatic carbon nanostruct
Vibrational density of states of nanocrystalline iron and nickel
Optical properties of spark-processed Ge
Second-order resonant Raman spectra of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Coherent excitation of acoustic breathing modes in bimetallic core-shell nanopar
Raman spectral study of silicon nanowires: High-order scattering and phonon conf
Photophysics of nanometer sized metal particles: electron-phonon coupling and co
Raman spectra and vibrational analysis of nanometric tetragonal zirconia under h
Vibrational modes of graphitic fragments and the nucleation of carbon nanotubes
Surface enhanced resonance Raman scattering from radial and tangential modes of
Stoichiometry dependence of the Raman spectrum of alkali-doped single-wall carbo
Optical oscillation modes of plasmon particles observed in direct space by phase
Plasmon-enhanced absorption by optical phonons in metal-dielectric composites
Soft and hard shells in metallic nanocrystals
Selective suppression of extinction within the plasmon resonance of gold nanopar
The vibrational modes of glasses
Raman spectra of CdS nanocrystals in Nafion: longitudinal optical and confined a
Spectral hole burning in thulium-doped glass ceramics
Quantized vibrational modes of nanospheres and nanotubes in the elastic continuu
Interaction of charged particles with surface plasmons in cylindrical channels i
Low-temperature heat transfer in nanowires
The complete Raman spectrum of nanometric SnO2 particles
Vibrational spectroscopy of a-C:H(Co)
Surface plasmon coupling in nanotubes
Mixed vibrational modes of PbTe nanocrystallites
Chemical beam epitaxy of GaN on Si (111) using AlAs buffer layers
Phonons in single wall carbon nanotube bundles
Origin of the high-energy Raman modes in single-wall carbon nanotubes
Intensity and profile manifestation of resonant Raman behavior of carbon nanotub
Diameter-dependent combination modes in individual single-walled carbon nanotube
Temporal Fourier spectra of stationary and slowly moving breathers in Fermi-Past
Multiple splitting of G-band modes from individual multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Shot-noise-induced random telegraph noise in shuttle current
Phonon dispersion of carbon nanotubes
Fullerene peapods and double-wall nanotubes: structures and optical properties
Raman spectroscopy of nanocrystalline GaN synthesized by arc plasma
Plasma oscillations of the carbon peapod
Nonlinear dynamics of spin-injected magnons in magnetic nanostructures
Spectroscopic modifications of the Pippard relations for NaNO2 in the sinusoidal
Breathinglike phonon modes of multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Phonons in multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Sensitivity of vibration modes of atomic force microscope cantilevers in continu
The special role of magnetization curling in nanoparticles
Gapless plasmons in carbon nanotubes and their interactions with phonons
Transition between base and tip carbon nanofiber growth modes
Coherent excitation of vibrational modes in gold nanorods
Polarization properties of dipolelike defect modes in photonic crystal nanocavit
Vibrational normal modes of polymer nanoparticle dimers using the time-averaged
Change in low-temperature thermodynamic functions of a semiconductor due to a qu
Raman-active modes of single-walled carbon nanotubes derived from the gas-phase
Photoacoustic characterization of the mechanical properties of thin films
Pressure dependence of the Raman modes in iodine-doped single-walled carbon nano
Second-order harmonic and combination modes in graphite, single-wall carbon nano
Reflection of guided modes in a semiconductor nanowire laser
Intrinsic nanoscale phase separation of bulk As2S3 glass
Mechanical and electromechanical coupling in carbon nanotube distortions
Collective modes of interacting dielectric spheres
Plasmon modes and negative refraction in metal nanowire composites
Raman study of BaxSr1-xTiO3 films: evidence for the existence of polar nanoregio
Vibrational lifetimes of hydrogen in silicon
Spin-wave modes in magnetic nanowires
Theory of collective spin waves and microwave response of ferromagnetic nanowire
Near-field scanning optical microscopy of photonic crystal nanocavities
Quantized acoustic vibrations of single-wall carbon nanotube
Plasmon dispersion relation of Au and Ag nanowires
Ab initio calculations of the lattice dynamics of boron nitride nanotubes
Magnetovibrational coupling in small cantilevers
Accurate density functional calculations for the phonon dispersion relations of
Surface and step dynamics of a semi-infinite insulating antiferromagnet system
Rotational modes of oscillation of rodlike dust grains in a plasma
Brillouin study of the quantization of acoustic modes in nanospheres
Vibrational properties of boron-nitride nanotubes: effects of finite length and
Phonon density of states in nanocrystalline 57Fe
Investigation of the optical and acoustical phonon modes in Si1-xGex QD SLs
Whispering gallery mode emission from a composite system of CdTe nanocrystals an
Symmetry, phonons and rigid-layers modes in commensurate double wall carbon nano
Coupled polar optical vibrational modes of CdS semiconductor nanocrystals embedd
Electron-phonon interaction in atomic-scale conductors: Einstein oscillators ver
Acoustic phonon exchange, attractive interactions, and the Wentzel-Bardeen singu
Far-infrared photoconductivity of electrons in an array of nanostructured antido
Dynamic light scattering from acoustic modes in single-walled carbon nanotubes
Molecular concepts of normal and superconducting states in acenes and B, N-subst
Alignment characterization of single-wall carbon nanotubes by Raman scattering
Theoretical investigation of the surface vibrational modes in germanium nanocrys
Aharonov-Bohm oscillation modes in double-barrier nanorings
Dielectric resonance bandgap and localized defect mode in a periodically ordered
The vibrational properties of one-dimensional ZnO:Ce nanostructures
Strain determination in electrochemically doped single-walled carbon nanotubes v
Nanopillars photonic crystal waveguides
Whispering gallery modes in nanosized dielectric resonators with hexagonal cross
Polymorphism of Ti3SiC2 ceramic: first-principles investigations
Formate adsorption on the (111) surface of rutile TiO2
Long lived acoustic vibrational modes of an embedded nanoparticle
Raman spectroscopy of iodine-doped double-walled carbon nanotubes
Point and linear defects in nanoscale periodic porous graphite
Inverse isotope effects and electron-phonon coupling in the positively charged d
Commensurate double-walled carbon nanotubes: symmetry and phonons
Polar optical oscillation modes in semiconductor nanostructures
Spin wave modes and magnon scattering at surface nanostructure on 2D Heisenberg
Transmission of phonon modes in quasi-one-dimensional waveguides via double L-sh
Confined optical modes in small photonic molecules with semiconductor nanocrysta
Microcavity-like leaky mode emission from a planar optical waveguide made of lum
Metamaterial slabs coupling
Solubilization of SWNTs with organic dye molecules
Flexure modes in carbon nanotubes
Enhanced Raman microprobe imaging of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Microscopic investigation of phonon modes in SiGe alloy nanocrystals
Quantized optical vibrational modes of finite-length multi wall nanotubes: optic
Imaging scanning tunneling microscope-induced electroluminescence in plasmonic c
Magnetic normal modes in nano-particles
Thermal contraction of carbon fullerenes and nanotubes
A molecular device operating at terahertz frequencies: theoretical simulations
Low-frequency vibrational modes of viruses used for nanoelectronic self-assembli
Vibrational edge modes in intrinsically heterogeneous doped transition metal oxi
Magnetic normal modes in ferromagnetic nanoparticles: a dynamical matrix approac
Inelastic electron tunneling spectroscopy of an alkanedithiol self-assembled mon
High-quality optical modes in low-dimensional arrays of nanoparticles: applicati
Plasmonic properties of concentric nanoshells
Propagation of optical excitations by dipolar interactions in metal nanoparticle
Optical transmission on metallic wires-fundamental modes
Spin dynamics in an ultrathin Fe film in the vicinity of the superparamagnetic/f
Novel SPM imaging modes: torsional resonance mode imaging and scanning electroch
Spin wave modes localised on a nano stripe with two dipole coupled layers
Flexibility of nanotubes
Plasmon bands in metallic nanostructures
Raman spectroscopic study of the effect of strain on the radial breathing modes
Continuum model for long-wavelength optical phonons in cylinders: application to
Raman study of SnO2 nanograins under different annealing temperature
Microscopic theory of the low frequency Raman modes in germanium nanocrystals
Surface plasmon resonances of silver triangle nanoplates: graphic assignments of
Raman modes of the deformed single-wall carbon nanotubes
Nanoprobe control of morphology-dependent resonances of microspheres: A theoreti
Vibrational properties of nanometric AB2 ionic clusters
Electrochemical switching of the Peierls-like transition in metallic single-wall
Picosecond magnetization dynamics in nanomagnets: Crossover to nonuniform preces
Low-order optical whispering-gallery modes in hexagonal nanocavities
Cladding mode reorganization in high-refractive-index-coated long-period grating
High-Q whispering-gallery modes in GaAs/AlOx microdisks
FT-Raman spectroscopy study on the effect of ceramic fillers in P(EO)20LiBETI
Raman modes of index-identified freestanding single-walled carbon nanotubes
Longitudinal versus transverse spheroidal vibrational modes of an elastic sphere
Infrared and Raman selection rules for elastic vibrations of spherical nanoparti
Thermal conduction of carbon nanotubes using molecular dynamics
Axisymmetric and beamlike vibrations of multiwall carbon nanotubes
Low-frequency acoustic phonons in nanometric CeO2 particles
Lattice thermal conductance in nanowires at low temperatures: breakdown and reco
Spontaneous emission of a cesium atom near a nanofiber: efficient coupling of li
IR study on stacking manner of peptide nanorings in peptide nanotubes
Electron-phonon matrix elements in single-wall carbon nanotubes
Electronic energy relaxation in nanocrystals forming nanoclusters
Acoustic phonons in nanowire superlattices: azimuthally symmetric torsional mode
Intra-particle plasmonic coupling of tip and cavity resonance modes in metallic
Probing inhomogeneous vibrational reorganization energy barriers of interfacial
Intrinsic electronic transport through alkanedithiol self-assembled monolayer
Bloch mode reflection and lasing threshold in semiconductor nanowire laser array
Molecular dynamics studies of phonon spectra in mono- and bimetallic nanocluster
Failure modes of flip chip solder joints under high electric current density
Electronic transport in molecular self-assembled monolayer devices
Transparent photonic band in metallodielectric nanostructures
Competition between two lasing modes of sulforhodamine 640 in highly scattering