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聚对苯乙炔纳米复合材料的合成、表征和性能研究/Synthesis,Characterization and Properties of PPV Nano-Com
机械加工企业第三方采购配送物流研究/Study of Purchase Deliver by 3PL in Machinery Machine Enterpri
GaN薄膜的表面分析与稳态PL谱研究/Surface analysis and PL investigation of GaN films
基于WEB的第三方物流仓库管理系统的分析、设计与实现/Analysis, Design and Implementation for the Third Par
制造商品牌应对零售商自有品牌的竞争策略分析/The Competition Strategy between National Brand and Privat
客户关系管理CRM在第三方物流企业营销中的应用/Application of CRM to marketing in 3PL
硅纳米晶的光致发光及发光增强研究/The photoluminescence and photoluminescence enhancement of sili
II-VI族硫属半导体纳米晶的可控合成及其与聚合物的复合研究/Controllable Synthesis of II-VI Group Semiconduct
第三方物流企业营销创新研究/Research on marketing innovation of the third-party logistics ente
预制语块在青少年二语习得中作用的研究/Investigation on the role of prefabricated language in teenag
基于第四方物流的供应链集成管理研究/Research on integrated supply chain management based on 4PL
陶瓷基体弥散纳米Ge光致发光材料的制备、结构与性能/Preparation, Structure and photoluminescence propertie
Optical and electrical properties of porous silicon and stain-etched films
Comparison of anodically etched porous silicon with spark-processed silicon
Influence of molecule adsorption on porous silicon photoluminescence
Photoluminescence from anodized and thermally oxidized porous germanium
Visible photoluminescence from SiOx films grown by low temperature plasma enhanc
Visible photoluminescence from SiOx films grown by low temperature plasma enhanc
Steric considerations in the amine-induced quenching of luminescent porous silic
Novel quantum confined state and PL spectrum in porous silicon
Structural study of porous silicon
Influence of the oxidation process on the luminescence of HF-treated porous sili
Strong, blue, room-temperature photoluminescence of spark-processed silicon
Blue light-emission from a nanostructured organic polymer semiconductor
Level crossing of nanometer sized InAs islands in GaAs
Stable blue and unstable UV photoluminescence from carbon nanoclusters embedded
Photoluminescence from ion-beam cosputtered Si/SiO2 thin films
PL properties of porous Si anodized with various light illuminations
Optical properties of Si nanocrystals prepared by magnetron sputtering
On the structural origin of the photoluminescence in silicon powder produced in
Characterization of porous silicon by means of photoacoustic spectroscopy
Changes in photoluminescence behaviour and structure of porous silicon related t
Role of a thin amorphous silicon layer in the fabrication of micro-pored silicon
Quantum confinement and interface effects on photoluminescence from silicon sing
Photoluminescence spectroscopy of crystalline semiconductors
Size-dependent near-infrared photoluminescence spectra of Si nanocrystals embedd
Visible and near-infrared luminescence from silicon nanostructures formed by ion
Optical characterization of free-standing porous silicon films
Correlation between photoluminescence and positron annihilation spectra in porou
Surface recombination model of visible luminescence in porous silicon
Enhancement of the thermal stability of photoluminescence by the carbonization o
Visible photoluminescence from Ge+-implanted SiO2 films thermally grown on cryst
Photoluminescence study of nano-crystalline GaN and AlN grown by reactive sputte
Very strong photoluminescent (PL) effect of mesoporous molecular sieve materials
The origin of photoluminescence in Ge-implanted SiO2 layers
UHV-ECR etching and in-situ analysis of wide bandgap II-VI nanostructures
Visible photoluminescence in thermally annealed Bi implanted SiO2 films
Strongly nonlinear luminescence in oxidized porous silicon films
Time-resolved photoluminescence study of the red emission in nanoporous SiGe all
Light emission from Si nanocrystals embedded in CaF2 epilayers on Si(1 1 1): Eff
Effect of post-anodization chemical etching on porous silicon investigated by me
Optical and electron paramagnetic resonance study of light-emitting Si+ ion impl
Oxidization influence on hydrogenated nano-crystalline silicon films properties
Effects of hydrogen in the annealing environment on photoluminescence from Si na
Photophysical properties of nanostructured PPV-composites
Inhomogeneous broadening in the photoluminescence spectrum of CdS nanoparticles
Photoluminescence from GaAs nanocrystals by selective excitation
Time-resolved study of luminescence properties of porous silicon in micro- and n
1.5 μm infrared photoluminescence phenomena in Er-doped porous silicon
Intense ultraviolet photoluminescence at room temperature in as-deposited Si:H:O
Study of red-blue-violet photoluminescence from Ag-BaO nanometer thin film( I )
Light-emitting boron nitride nanoparticles encapsulated in zeolite ZSM-5
Correlation of photoluminescence and bandgap energies with nanocrystal sizes in
Decay dynamics of visible luminescence in amorphous silicon nanoparticles
Photoluminescence spectrum of a-Si/SiO2 and c-Si/SiO2 quantum wells
Photoluminescence and Raman scattering of silicon nanocrystals prepared by silic
Photoluminescence spectroscopy of silica-based mesoporous materials
On light-emitting mechanism in Si/SiO2 superlattices grown by molecular beam dep
Highly polarized photoluminescence and photodetection from single indium phosphi
Study on photoluminescence properties of hydrogenated nano-crystalline silicon f
Photoluminescence of anatase TiO2 thin films achieved by the addition of ZnFe2O4
Microstructure and light emitting in porous silicon derived from hydrothermal et
Photoluminescence and micro-imaging study of optically anisotropic InP self-asse
Photoluminescence enhancement of ZnO nanocrystallites with BN capsules
Photoluminescence in amorphous TiO2-PbO systems
Full-color phosphors from amine-functionalized crosslinked hybrids lacking metal
Role of oxidation on porous silicon photoluminescence and its excitation
Microstructure and photoluminescence spectra of porous InP
Optical properties of nano-silicon
Photoluminescence and surface structural investigations of low-dimensional silic
Synthesis and luminescent properties of Mn2+-doped zinc silicate phosphors by so
Control of photoluminescence properties of CdSe nanocrystals in growth
Dependence of the activation energies on the well width in CdTe/ZnTe strained si
Light-emitting silicon nanocrystals from laser pyrolysis
Dynamic screening in AlGaN/GaN multi quantum wells
Size effect on the photoluminescence shift in wide band-gap material: A case stu
Photoluminescence of carbon-implanted ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene c
The role of ambient ageing on porous silicon photoluminescence: Evidence of phon
Photoluminescence of Si nanosolids near the lower end of the size limit
Tuning of the electronic levels in vertically stacked InAs/GaAs quantum dots usi
Photoenhancement of luminescence in colloidal CdSe quantum dot solutions
Determination of size and composition of optically active CdZnSe/ZnBeSe quantum
Photoluminescence from CdS quantum dots in silica gel
Composition-tunable ZnxCd1-xSe nanocrystals with high luminescence and stability
Comparative study of time-resolved photoluminescence properties of terbium-doped
Alloyed ZnxCd1-xS Nanocrystals with Highly Narrow Luminescence Spectral Width
Effects of thermal annealing on the interband transitions of single and vertical
Studies on CdS nanoparticles dispersed in silica matrix prepared by sol-gel tech
Size and interface state dependence of the luminescence properties in Si nanocry
The effect of annealing conditions on the red photoluminescence of nanocrystalli
Influence of surface states on the photoluminescence from silicon nanostructures
Enhancement of luminescence efficiency of ZnS:Cu nanocrystals by pH control
Anodisation-related structural variations of porous silicon nanostructures inves
Strong blue photoluminescence from aligned silica nanofibers
Photoluminescence of nanometer zirconia powders
An intense ultraviolet photoluminescence in sol-gel ZnO-SiO2 nanocomposites
Photoluminesfcence of Er-doped SiO2 films containing Si nanocrystals and Er
Below bulk-band-gap photoluminescence at room temperature from heavily P- and B-
Influence of annealing on microstructures and photoluminescence of nano-composit
Study of anti-Stokes photoluminescence properties in the Y2O3:Er3+ nanocrystals
Investigation on the mechanism of the photoluminescence of MCM-41
Porous SiO2-BaMgF4:Eu(II) glass-ceramic thin films and their strong blue photolu
Optical properties of capped-CdSe nanocrystals covered with organic molecules
Synthesis and properties of monodisperse oligofluorene-funcfionalized truxenes:
Microstructure and photoluminescence properties of sol-gel Y 2-xErxTi2O7 thin fi
Adsorption and immobilization of cytochrome c on nanodiamonds
Photoluminescent properties of ZnO/Zn0.8Mg0.2O nanorod single-quantum-well struc
Implantation of P ions in SiO2 layers with embedded Si nanocrystals
Aggregate states and energetic disorder in highly ordered nanostructnres of para
Photoluminescence spectra and level repulsion in quantum wires
Arresting photodegradation of porous silicon by a polymer coating
Nanostructuring the Er-Yb distribution to improve the photoluminescence response
Photoluminescence and electron paramagnetic resonance of ZnO tetrapod structures
Photoluminescence from an Er-doped Ge-rich SiO2 sputtered films: The influence o
Study of the luminescence of RhB in mesoporous silica
Effect of annealing on microstructure and photoluminescence of nano-composite si
Preparation and luminescence of CeOx/ZnO nanocomposite powders
Influence of different sol-gel systems on the luminescence of nanocrystalline Zn
Photoluminescence of nano-SiC annealed by pulse laser
Preparation and characterization of La doped TiO2 nanoparticles by sol-hydrother
Preparation and optical property of porous anodic alumina template
New method of nanosilicon preparation by pulsed-laser deposition
Dependence of blue-emitting property on nanopore geometrical structure in Al-bas
Optical emission from LiNbO3(:Fe)/porous Si structures
Mechanism of intense blue photoluminescence in silica wires
Relationships of surface oxygen vacancies with photoluminescence and photocataly
Raman and photoluminescence studies on nanocrystalline ZnO grown on GaInPAs subs
Synthesis and optical properties of thiol-stabilized PbS nanocrystals
Stimulated emissions in aligned CdS nanowires at room temperature
The light-emitting properties of Ge nanocrystals grown by pulsed laser depositio
Preparation and photoluminescence study of titania nanocrystals
Ion beam synthesis of Si nanocrystals in silicon dioxide and sapphire matrices -
Photoluminescence from erbium incorporated in oxidized porous silicon
Structural and luminescent properties of SiO x N y (Si) nanocomposite films
Carrier dynamics and recombination in GaN quantum discs embedded in AlGaN nanoco
Photoluminescence of highly porous nanostructured Si-based thin films deposited
H-sensitive radiative recombination path in Si nanoclusters embedded in SiO2
Photoluminescence from Si nanocrystals embedded in SiOxN y thin films
Mechanism of a remarkable enhancement in the light emission from nanocrystalline
Visible luminescence from octadecylsilane monolayers on silica surfaces: Time-re
Synthesis of light-emitting silicon nanoparticles by intense pulsed ion-beam esv
Fabrication and photoluminescence studies of ZnO nanocrystals dispersed in glass
Strong enhancement and long-time stabilization of porous silicon photoluminescen
Defect-related photoluminescence of silicon nanoparticles produced by pulsed ion
Defects in porous Si investigated by a temperature variation of photoluminescenc
Synthesis of liposome-templated titania nanodisks: Optical properties and photoc
Physical characterization of ZnO nanorods grown on Si from aqueous solution and
Oxidation effects on the photoluminescent properties of Si nanocrystalline thin
Effects of interfacial layers in InGaNGaN quantum-well structures on their optic
Optical properties in porous Si investigated by an anodization current variation
Decay dynamics of blue-green luminescence in meso-porous MCM-41 nanotubes
Structure and photoluminescence of Ge nanoparticles embedded in SiO 2 gel glasse
Optical characterization of crystalline silicon embedded in a-Si matrix
Effect of annealing atmosphere on the structure and luminescence of Sn-implanted
Strain induced photoluminescence from silicon and germanium nanowire arrays
Fabrication, study of optical properties and structure of most stable (CdP2)n na
Cubic or monoclinic Y2O3:Eu3+ nanoparticles by one step flame spray pyrolysis
Molecular-level control of the photoluminescence from PPV nanostructured films
Hot luminescence of CdSe nanoparticles at low temperature
Spatial distribution of light-emitting centers in Si-implanted SiO 2
Reversible and non-reversible photo-enhanced luminescence in CdSe/ZnS quantum do
Defect and nano-crystallite photoluminescence in Si-SiOx systems
Visible photoluminescence of co-sputtered Ge-Si duplex nanocrystals
Phospholipid-stabilized Au - Nanoparticles
Optical characterization of ultrasmall Si nanoparticles prepared through electro
Optical properties of single-crystalline α- Si3 N4 nanobelts
Decay dynamics of the homogeneously broadened photoluminescence from porous sili
Visible light emission from thin films containing Si, O, N, and H
Evidence for quantum confinement in porous silicon from photoluminescence measur
Quantum confinement induced photoluminescence in porous silicon
Influence of dispersive exciton motion on the recombination dynamics in porous s
Ultraviolet light emission froms porous silicon hydrothermally prepared
Visible photoluminescence from Si clusters in γ-irradiated amorphous SiO2
Photoluminescence of chemically deposited CdSe nanocrystallites: effects of crys
Laser-induced structural instabilities of porous silicon nanocrystallites
Tungsten “dye” induced fast blue/violet photoluminescence from nanoc
Visible photoluminescence from porous GaAs
The strong visible luminescence in porous silicon: quantum confinement, not oxid
Photoluminescence mechanism in surface-oxidized silicon nanocrystals
Positron irradiation: A technique for modifying the photoluminescent structures
Raman scattering, photo-luminescence and their correlation with micro-nano-struc
Photoluminescence of ozone oxidized and HF etched porous silicon and the multipl
Metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy of coherent self-assembled InAs nanometer-sized
Light emitting mechanism of porous silicon
Raman study of the relationship between nanoparticles and photoluminescence in s
Photoluminescence from GaAs nanocrystals fabricated by Ga+ and As+ co-implantati
Photoluminescence from B-doped Si nanocrystals
Photoluminescence from nanometer Ge particle embedded Si oxide films
Optical characterization of porous silicon embedded with CdSe nanoparticles
Optical properties of Si clusters and Si nanocrystallites in high-temperature an
Photoluminescence from gas-suspended SiOx nanoparticles synthesized by laser abl
Characterization of Si+ ion-implanted SiO2 films and silica glasses
Observation of anomalously polarized photoluminescence in alternating nanocrysta
Temperature and size dependence of the photoluminescence properties of CdSSe nan
Decay dynamics of near-infrared photoluminescence from Ge nanocrystals
Tailorable, visible light emission from silicon nanocrystals
Enhancement of the photoluminescence from porous silicon by anodic polarization
Experimental evidence for moleculelike absorption and emission of porous silicon
Carrier localisation in porous silicon
Pump-probe studies of photoluminescence of InP quantum wires embedded in dielect
Quenching of photoluminescence from Si nanocrystals caused by boron doping
Strong- and nondegrading-luminescent porous silicon prepared by hydrothermal etc
A near-infrared photoluminescence study of GaAs nanocrystals in SiO2 films forme
Stability of photoluminescence in iron-passivated porous silicon
Orange-green emission from porous Si coated with Ge films: the role of Ge-relate
Effect of density of Ge nanocrystals on violet-blue photoluminescence of Ge+-imp
Theory for photoluminescence from SiO2 films containing Si nanocrystals and Er i
Optical properties of porous GaAs
Multiphoton-excited luminescence from diamond nanoparticles and an evolution to
Multiphoton-excited luminescence from diamond nanoparticles
The photoluminescence from hydrogen-related species in composites of SiO2 nanopa
Polarization properties of luminescence from silicon nanocrystals
Photoluminescence properties of silicon nanocrystals as a function of their size
Visible light emission from GaAs nanocrystals in SiO2 films fabricated by sequen
Effect of contact with air on the photoluminescence spectrum of porous silicon
Temperature behaviour of optical properties of Si+-implanted SiO2
Electronic properties of low-dimensional Si nanostructures. I. Local electronic
Comparison of photoluminescence behavior of porous germanium and spark-processed
Evidence of photo- and electrodarkening of (CdSe)ZnS quantum dot composites
Defect study of light-emitting HCl-treated porous silicon
Formation of photoluminescence centers during annealing of SiO2 layers implanted
Photoluminescence of inhomogeneous porous silicon at gas adsorption
Photoluminescence from nanocrystalline silicon in Si/SiO2 superlattices
Size-dependent photoluminescence from surface-oxidized Si nanocrystals in a weak
Stability in photoluminescence of porous silicon
Photoluminescence from mesoporous silica: Similarity of properties to porous sil
Photoluminescence properties of dense InAs/AlInAs quantum wire arrays
Light emission due to carrier confinement in nanoparticles of DC discharge proce
Study of photoluminescence enhancement of silver nanoparticles embedded in BaO t
Recombination of self-trapped excitons in silicon nanocrystals grown in silicon
Photoluminescence of xAlP/100SiO2 composite nanocrystallites
Ordered indium-oxide nanowire arrays and their photoluminescence properties
InGaN composition and growth rate during the early stages of metalorganic chemic
Self-trapped exciton recombination in silicon nanocrystals
Orange-green emission from porous Si coated with Ge films
Preparation and photoluminescence of highly ordered TiO2 nanowire arrays
Sharp photoluminescence of CdS nanocrystals in Al2O3 matrices formed by sequenti
Photoluminescence characterization of Si-based nanostructured films produced by
Kinetics of exciton photoluminescence in low-dimensional silicon structures
Influence of excitation energy on charged exciton formation in self-assembled In
Structural transformations and silicon nanocrystallite formation in SiOx films
Photoluminescence features on the Raman spectra of quasistoichiometric SiC nanop
Influence of light intensity on the photoluminescence of silicon nanostructures
The features of photoluminescence from nanograins of gallium-doped cubic silicon
Optical emission from annealed coupled-C60 porous Si systems
Lifetime resolved study of photoluminescence under pulsed excitation in a-Si:H b
High intense UV-luminescence of nanocrystalline ZnO thin films prepared by therm
Photoluminescence of ZnO nanoparticles loaded into porous anodic alumina hosts
Photoluminescence spectrum of highly excited single CdS nanocrystals studied by
Excitation of Tm3+ by resonant energy transfer from Si nanocrystals
Photoluminescence decay-dynamics of Si nanoparticles prepared by pulsed laser ab
Structure and optically pumped lasing from nanocrystalline ZnO thin films prepar
Characterization of semiconductor quantum dots
Photoluminescence from passivation porous silicon
Elucidation of the surface passivation role on the photoluminescence emission yi
Analysis of the white emission from ion beam synthesised layers by in-depth reso
Photoluminescence properties of europium-doped porous silicon nanocomposites
Photoluminescence of silanone and dioxasilyrane groups in silicon oxides: A theo
Red and near-infrared photoluminescence from silica-based nanoscale materials: E
Correlation between photoluminescence properties and morphology of laser-ablated
Photoluminescence properties of Tb3+ in porous silicon
Defect-related luminescence of Si/SiO2 layers
Bright visible photoluminescence from silica nanotube flakes prepared by the sol
Size-dependent photoluminescence from single indium phosphide nanowires
Hydrogen distribution, nanostructures and optical properties of high deposition
Kinetics of photoluminescence of porous silicon studied by photo-luminescence ex
Photoluminescence quenching of chemically functionalized porous silicon by a rut
Photoluminescence and Raman study of iron-passivated porous silicon
Influence of a high electric field on the photoluminescence from silicon nanocry
Blue-green photoluminescence in MCM-41 mesoporous nanotubes
Spectra of photoluminescence from silicon nanocrystals
Morphology and photoluminescence studies of electrochemically etched heavily dop
Ballistic regime and photoluminescence excitation in Si wires and dots
High luminescent Eu3+ and Tb3+ doped SnO2 sol-gel derived films deposited on por
Fine structure of photoluminescence spectra from erbium incorporated with iron i
Mechanisms of photoluminescence from silicon nanocrystals formed by pulsed-laser
Nature of visible luminescence and its excitation in Si-SiOx systems
White luminescence from Si+ and C+ ion-implanted SiO2 films
Enhancement of photoluminescence in Ge nanoparticles by neighboring amorphous C
Near-infrared photoluminescence of single-walled carbon nanotubes prepared by th
Photoluminescence studies from silicon nanocrystals embedded in spin on glass th
Direct comparison of recombination dynamics in cubic and hexagonal GaN/AlN quant
The effect of annealing conditions on the rod photoluminescence of nanocrystalli
Laser wavelength and partial pressure effects on the formation of nanocrystallin
Study of photoluminescence from self-formed GaAs nanocrystallites in As-doped Ga
Photoluminescence and optical characterizations of nanocrystalline silicon dots
Strong blue emission from anodic alumina membranes with ordered nanopore array
Synthesis and optical properties of S-doped ZnO nanowires
Blue luminescence in porous anodic alumina films: the role of the oxalic impurit
Electroreflectance and photoluminescence studies on thermally oxidized porous si
High quality ZnO thin films prepared by O2 and Ar plasma-assisted E-beam evapora
Photoluminescence spectra of human serum albumen and morin embedded in porous al
Sharp photoluminescence of CdSeS nanocrystals embedded in silica glass
Photoluminescence behaviors from stoichiometric gadolinium oxide films
Optical emission from SiOx (x=1.2-1.6) nanoparticles irradiated by ultraviolet o
Stable ultraviolet photoluminescence from sol-gel silica containing nano-sized S
Temperature properties of photoluminescence of nanocrystalline silicon film/poro
Optical properties of boron-doped Si nanowires
Photoluminescence characterization of silicon nanoparticles hybridized europium
Anomalous temperature dependence of photoluminescence from stoichiometric Gd2O3-
Blue luminescence of CdS nanowires synthesized by sulfurization
Higher fullerene-coupled porous silicon systems with blue emission
Efficient visible photoluminescence from carbon nanotubes in zeolite templates
Room-temperature single nanoribbon lasers
Optical transition in discrete levels of Si quantum dots
The preparation and characterization of La doped TiO2 nanoparticles and their ph
Effect of growth temperature on morphology, structure and luminescence of Eu-dop
Preparation and photoluminescence of water-dispersible ZnSe nanocrystals
Enhanced luminescence from electron-hole droplets in silicon nanolayers
Green photoluminescence suppression in ZnO embedded in porous opal
Structural and optical features of Si-rich SiO2 films prepared by magnetron sput
Ultra-high-density InGaN quantum dots grown by metalorganic chemical vapor depos
Stable blue luminescence from mesoporous silica films
Temperature-dependent photoluminescence in meso-porous MCM nanotubes
Effect of thermal heat treatment on oxygen-deficiency-associated defect centers:
Space-resolved photoluminescence of ZnS:Cu,Al nanocrystals fabricated by sequent
Structural and optical features of nanoporous silicon prepared by electrochemica
Control of photoluminescence properties of Si nanocrystals by simultaneously dop
Strong and stable red photoluminescence from porous silicon prepared by Fe-conta
Carrier and defect dynamics in photoexcited semi-insulating epitaxial GaN layers
Optical properties of GaN grown on porous silicon substrate
Aggregate states and energetic disorder in highly ordered nanostructures of para
Wavelength-selective optical waveguiding of photoluminescence in a thermally ann
Radiative versus nonradiative decay processes in silicon nanocrystals probed by
Photoluminescence dynamics in ensembles of wide-band-gap nanocrystallites and po
Family behavior of the optical transition energies in single-wall carbon nanotub
Low-temperature growth and photoluminescence of SiCN nanoparticle film by consec
Photoluminescence from an individual single-walled carbon nanotube
Highly efficient sensitizing of erbium ion luminescence in size-controlled nanoc
Optical properties of SiOx nanostructured films by pulsed-laser deposition at di
Soft molding lithography of conjugated polymers
Optical breakdown processing: influence of the ambient gas on the properties of
Structure and photoluminescence studies on ZnS:Mn nanoparticles
Photoluminescence from single-walled carbon nanotubes: a comparison between susp
Origin of the 370-nm luminescence in Si oxide nanostructures
Double-peak-structured photoluminescence mechanisms of porous silicon
Photoluminescence properties of quasialigned ZnCdO nanorods
The effects of CeF3 doping on the photoluminescence of Si nanocrystals embedded
Influence of electric field on the photoluminescence of silicon nanocrystals
Photoluminescence degradation and passivation mechanisms of Si nanoclusters in s
Visible photoluminescence in porous GaAs capped by GaAs
Luminescence properties of cerium doped nanocrystalline yttrium silicate
Annealing and oxidation of silicon oxide films prepared by plasma-enhanced chemi
Temperature-sensitive photoluminescence of CdSe quantum dot clusters
High efficiency and brightness of blue light emission from dislocation-free InGa
Photoluminescence behavior of CdSe on GaAsOx/GaAs substrates
Photoluminescence properties of single Mn-doped CdS nanocrystals studied by scan
Photoluminescence intermittency in an individual single-walled carbon nanotube a
Analysis of photoluminescence from solubilized single-walled carbon nanotubes
Ultrafast exciton dynamics in isolated single-walled nanotubes
Exciton dynamics in single-walled nanotubes: transient photoinduced dichroism an
The effects of ion irradiation on porous silicon photoluminescence
Time- and polarization-resolved optical spectroscopy of colloidal CdSe nanocryst
Photoluminescence from colloidal CdS-CdSe-CdS quantum wells
Optical properties of Stranski-Krastanov grown three-dimensional Si/Si1-xGex nan
Preparation and properties of coated semiconductor CdS/ZnS nanoparticles
Visible luminescences from thermally grown silicon dioxide thin films
Evidence for phospholipid bilayer formation in solid lipid nanoparticles formula
Tunneling spectroscopy of nanometer-size clusters deposited on graphite
Nonexponential decay of visible luminescence from porous silicon: Exciton locali
Visible photoluminescence from Si clusters in gamma-irradiated amorphous SiO2
The stable blue and unstable UV photoluminescence from carbon nanoclusters embed