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交流等离子体显示器光谱辐射特性研究/Study on Spectral Emission Characteristics of Alternating Curr
压电有限板界面裂纹的权函数方法/Eighenfunction Methods of Piezoelectric Materials with Interface
基于AutoCAD的可视化有限元分析软件的研制/Research on the AutoCAD-Based Visual Finite Element Anal
销售促进强度与效用研究/research on sales promotion intensity and effectiveness
高场MRI对胰腺癌及其相关病理对照和胰腺癌可切除性判断的深入研究/The further study of pancreatic carcinoma and t
中国工业部门能源消费的变化及解释:1998~2003年/The Changes and Causes of Chinas IndustrialEnergyCon
遮光处理与节瓜光和特性及源库关系的研究/Effects of Shading on Photosynthetic Character and Source -
基于灰度的图像匹配方法研究/Research on intensity-based image matching method
玻璃微珠填充聚四氟乙烯复合材料的制备及性能研究/Study of the properties and preparation of glass microba
企业技术创新的规模效应研究/The Research of the Scale Effect of Firm’s Innovation
普通高校800米运动员大强度训练后免疫力变化的监控研究/The control study of immunity change after 800 metes
Intensity-dependent enzyme photosensitization using 532 nm nanosecond laser puls
Microdroplet dye laser enhancing effects in dye-highly scattering intralipid mix
Laser ablation solid sampling: Vertical spatial emission intensity profiles in i
EXAFS studies of luminescence centres in Eu3+ doped nanoscale phosphors
Effect of milling intensity on structural changes of mixed Al-Fe-Ni powders in m
Measurements of photon intensity map for metal particles by scanning tunneling m
Gold implanted calcium fluoride single crystals: optical properties of ion indu
Influence of nanostructure size on the luminescence behavior of silicon nanopart
Study on the microstructure and properties of nanosized stannic oxide powders
Pyroelectric measurements on BaTiO3-polymer composites using the laser intensity
Influence of prepulse level on the 3p-3s XUV laser output from Ne-like ions of Z
Numerical simulation for coupling effects of high intensity laser and plasma
Detailed study of the scattered near field of nanoprotuberances on flat surfaces
Optical properties of ZnS:Mn2+ nanoparticles in polymer films
Laser light scattering characterization of a novel polymer nanofiber
Strongly nonlinear luminescence in oxidized porous silicon films
X-ray exposure system for 100-nm-order SR lithography
Effect of ion dose and annealing ambient on room temperature photoluminescence f
Pulsed microplasma source of high intensity supersonic carbon cluster beams
Effect of nonaqueous anodic oxidation on the intensity of photoluminescence of p
Influence of oxygen content on photoluminescence from Er-doped SiOx
Intensity dependence of the electron diffusion length in dye-sensitised nanocrys
On-off blinking and multiple bright states of single europium ions in Eu3+:Y2O3
Energy dependence of emission intensity and temperature in a LIBS plasma using f
Reversible charging effects on optical properties of porous silicon
Voltammograms of stepped and kinked stepped surfaces of palladium: Pd(S)-[n(111)
On the interface debond at the edge of a thin film on a thick substrate
Thermal cure monitoring of phenolic resole resins based on in situ fluorescence
Observation of Bimolecular Carrier Recombination Dynamics in Close-Packed Films
Submicrometer spatial resolution of metal-enhanced flourescence
Radiative recombination studies on PPV and PPV SWNT composites
Enhancement of luminescence efficiency of ZnS:Cu nanocrystals by pH control
Photoluminescence of nanometer zirconia powders
Synthesis of water-soluble ZnS : Mn2+ nanocrystals by using mercaptopropionic ac
Structure and luminescent properties of co-doped nanocrystalline Y2O3:Eu
Preparation and character of ferrite magnetic fluid modified by dysprosiu
Influence of annealing on microstructures and photoluminescence of nano-composit
Framework and photoluminescence property of porous silicon after dipped in solut
Optical properties of capped-CdSe nanocrystals covered with organic molecules
Light-polarization and intensity dependence of higher-order nonlinearities in ex
Mie scattering of magnetic spheres
Optical absorption properties of ZnSe/SiO2 nanocomposites
Characterization of Ru-modified TiO2 nanoparticles and their photocatalytic acti
Effect of surface modification on luminescence properties of nanosized Y2O3:Eu
Luminescent characteristics of ZrO2 and ZrO2:Dy3+ nanocrystals
Baman scattering intensity of single-wall carbon nanotubes
A new determining method of copper(II) ions at ng ml-1 levels based on quenching
Luminescence properties of Li+ doped nanosized SnO 2:Eu
Laser absorption in short-lived metal and nanoplasmas
Visible luminescence from octadecylsilane monolayers on silica surfaces: Time-re
Properties of a three-dimensional photonic jet
Modification of nonlinear optical properties in CdSe/PBMA film by high intensity
In-situ crystal growth monitoring using a CCD imaging system
Raman spectroscopy of single-wall carbon nanotubes and graphite irradiated by &g
Effect of annealing atmosphere on the structure and luminescence of Sn-implanted
Recoverable solution reaction of HiPco carbon nanotubes with hydrogen peroxide
Subwavelength focusing and guiding of surface plasmons
Intensity-dependent electroabsorption line shape in Cd(S,Se) quantum dots
Photodegradation of the luminescence of porous silicon during pulsed excitation
Physics of high-intensity nanosecond electron source: charge limit phenomenon in
Photoluminescence of CdS semiconductor nanocrystals in sodium borosilicate glass
Trap-limited electronic transport in assemblies of nanometer-size TiO2 particles
Threshold behavior in synchrotron-radiation-stimulated recrystallization during
The influence of prepulse level on the 3p-3s XUV laser output from Ne-like ions
Optical limiting properties of In2O3 nanoparticles under cw laser illumination
Influence of nanostructure size on the luminescence behaviour of silicon nanopar
Polarization-dependent contrast in near-field optical microscopy
Thermal effect of pumping intensity on the active medium of a neodymium:glass mi
STM-induced luminescence study of poly(p-phenylenevinylene) by conversion under
Study of CdS nanocrystallites by AFM and Raman scattering spectroscopy
Tracking nanosecond and subnanosecond protein dynamics on-the-fly using frequenc
C2 Swan band emission intensity as a function of C2 density
Ionization and dissociation of benzaldehyde using short intense laser pulses
Deep flash photolysis of the emulsion nanocrystals of silver iodobromide upon in
Raman intensity of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Effect of continuous-wave-laser radiation intensity on the temperature of CdSxSe
Temperature and size dependence of the photoluminescence properties of CdSSe nan
Intensity measurements in scattering media
Estimation of the charge-collection efficiency of dye-sensitized nanocrystalline
Holographic recording using two-photon-induced photopolymerization
Highly nonlinear photoluminescence threshold in porous silicon
Strong- and nondegrading-luminescent porous silicon prepared by hydrothermal etc
Influence of the spatial laser intensity distribution on laser nitriding of iron
Single-dot spectroscopy of CdS nanocrystals and CdS/HgS heterostructures
A pulsed microplasma source of high intensity supersonic carbon cluster beams
The yield and mobility of charge carriers in smooth and nanoporous TiO2 films
Polarized Raman spectroscopy on isolated single-wall carbon nanotubes
Explosion of atomic clusters irradiated by high-intensity laser pulses: Scaling
Study on photothermal intensity-modulation characteristics of laser-diode
Mechanism for the correlated swinging of photoluminescence intensity and peak en
Intensity dependence of the back reaction and transport of electrons in dye-sens
Photoluminescence intensity and anisotropy decays in amorphous carbon
Gray-track damage in potassium titanyl phosphate under a picosecond regime at 53
On-off blinking and multiple bright states of single europium ions in Eu3+:Y2O3
Self-mode-locking of quantum cascade lasers with giant ultrafast optical nonline
Surface plasma wave sub-nanometer indicating system
Spatial coherence effect on the low-frequency Raman scattering from metallic nan
Blue photoluminescent properties of pure nanostructured γ-Al2O3
Highly polarised photoluminescence and photodetection from single indium phosphi
(n, m) structural assignments and chirality dependence in single-wall carbon nan
Small fluctuation of coronal X-ray intensity and a signature of nanoflares
Scattering curve and radius of gyration of a straight chain of identical spheres
A new method for forming first-order Bessel light beams and the possibility of u
Statistics of local field intensity enhancements at nanostructured surfaces inve
Electromagnetic interaction of fluorophores with designed two-dimensional silver
The emission of photons and the dynamics of submicrodefects on the surface of no
Quenching and recovery of photoluminescence intensity of silicon nanoparticles e
Influence of phase transitions of ice on near-surface cathodoluminescence
Synthesis and characterization of high-efficiency nanocrystal up-conversion phos
Time-resolved Raman spectroscopy of benzene and cyclohexane under laser-driven s
Subpicosecond exciton dynamics of CuBr nanocrystals embedded in PMMA
A new method for filter-free fluorescence measurements
Fluorescence intensity and color purity improvement in nanosized YBO3:Eu
Preparation of a novel polymeric fluorescent nanoparticle
Electronic structure of intercalated single-wall carbon nanotubes
Shock-induced orientation of benzene molecules studied by nanosecond time-resolv
Effects of Si and Er concentration on 1.54 μm photoluminescence from silica-b
Effects of intense laser irradiation on Raman intensity features of carbon nanot
Dynamic light scattering from an optically trapped microsphere
Digital in-line holography of microspheres
Breathinglike phonon modes of multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Effect of laser intensity on yield and physical characteristics of single wall c
On a plasmon resonance in ellipsoidal nanoparticles
Mechanism for membrane electroporation irreversibility under high-intensity, ult
Upconversion in Er3+:ZrO2 nanocrystals
Patterned fluorescent particles as nanoprobes for the investigation of molecular
Origins of decoherence in coherent X-ray diffraction experiments
Fluorescence upconversion properties of Er3+-doped TiO2 and BaTiO3 nanocrystalli
Charge transport in hybrid nanorod-polymer composite photovoltaic cells
Unusual excitation intensity dependence of fluorescence of CdTe nanoparticles
Tris-(8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum nanoparticles prepared by vapor condensation
Enhancement of photoluminescence in Ge nanoparticles by neighboring amorphous C
Experimental investigation and numerical simulation of the spatio-temporal dynam
X-ray diffraction from inhomogeneous thin films of nanometre thickness: modellin
Emission characteristics of vapor transport equilibrated Er:LiNbO3 crystals
Preparation and luminescent characteristics of Mn2+, Er3+ co-doped ZrO2 nanocrys
Alignment characterization of single-wall carbon nanotubes by Raman scattering
Synthesis and photoluminescence of nano-Y2O3:Eu3+ phosphors
Study on optical intensity distribution in photocuring nanoimprint lithography
Nonlocality-induced anomalous input-intensity dependence of optical response for
New anodic oxidized technology of porous silicon
Emission intermittency in silicon nanocrystals
Complex intensity modulation transfer function for supercontinuum generation in
Air-induced fluorescence bursts from single semiconductor nanocrystals
Calculation of high-energy ions exploded from argon clusters in high intensity f
Upconversion luminescence in nanocrystalline Y2O3:Ho/Yb
Polarization dependence of light intensity distribution near a nanometric alumin
The reversible photoluminescence enhancement of a CdSe/ZnS nanocrystal thin film
Efficient intensity modulation due to surface acoustic waves on windows of the A
Light modulation of electronic transitions in semiconducting single wall carbon
Size dependence saturation and absorption of PbS quantum dots
Neutron elastic diffuse scattering study of Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3
Modeling studies of cell response to ultrashort, high-intensity electric fields-
Low-temperature growth and photoluminescence of SiCN nanoparticle film by consec
Resonant Raman intensity of the radial breathing mode of single-walled carbon na
Laser-induced dislocations and the formation of nanorelief in the unirradiated r
Up converted nanoparticles for photonic applications
Low temperature detection of phase transitions and relaxation processes in stron
Luminescence effect of silver nanoparticle in water phase
Beam divergence effects on high power optical parametric oscillation
Influence of carbonification condition on carbon fiber nanometer micropore fract
Preparation of rare earth hydroxide and oxide nanoparticles by precipitation met
Patterning of nanostructured thin films by structured light illumination
Fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy in subdiffraction focal volumes
How important is the back reaction of electrons via the substrate in dye-sensiti
Luminescence blinking of a Si quantum dot in a SiO2 shell
Local deformations of ferrogels induced by uniform magnetic fields
Acoustic properties of PEG biocompatible magnetic fluid under perpendicular magn
Synthesis, characterization and ESR measurements of CoNiO nanoparticles
Temperature-sensitive photoluminescence of CdSe quantum dot clusters
Acoustic emission monitoring during laser shock cleaning of silicon wafers
Improved luminescence intensity and stability of nanocrystalline silicon due to
Photoluminescence intermittency in an individual single-walled carbon nanotube a
Effect of picosecond radiation intensity on nonlinear absorption of glasses with
Elimination of D-band in Raman spectra of double-wall carbon nanotubes by oxidat
Three-dimensional mapping of the light intensity transmitted through nanoapertur
Effects of nanosecond-duration laser prepulses on solid targets
Photoluminescence from colloidal CdS-CdSe-CdS quantum wells
Nonergodicity of blinking nanocrystals and other Levy-walk processes
Comparison of intensity distributions in tomograms from BF TEM, ADF STEM, HAADF
Simulations of transient membrane behavior in cells subjected to a high-intensit
Trap-limited electronic transport in assemblies of nanometer-size TiO2 particles
EXAFS studies of luminescence centres in Eu3+ doped nanoscale phosphors
Chlorophyll thermochemiluminescence as an indicator of the life activity of natu
Effect of the gas ambient on the intensity of the visible photoluminescence from
Quantitative comparison of excited state properties and intensity-dependent phot