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以流程为载体的企业知识场模型及影响因素研究/Model of Knowledge Ba based on Process and Factors Study
氦在镍中的聚团行为及缺陷产生的原子水平研究 /Atomistic Simulation of He Clustering and Defecets Produc
复杂体系结构和物性的第一原理计算/First principles studies of structures
两个二能级原子纠缠的产生和调控/Creation and Munipulation of Entanglement of Two two-level Atoms
7Li 原子在光学晶格中的量子相/Quantum phases of 7Li atoms in an optical lattice
量子微腔中玻色爱因斯坦凝聚的动力学分析/Dynamic Analysis For Bose-Einstein Condensation In Quantum C
简单闭合型碳硼烷衍生物结构和非线性/DFT Study on the Structure and Non-linear Optical Property of
57Fe and 119Sn Mossbauer spectrometry studies on nanocrystalline Fe-Sn solid sol
PAC investigations on nanostructured materials
Understanding the physics limitations of PFNA. The nanosecond pulsed fast neutro
Method for measuring mean lifetimes of short lived (nanosecond region) molecular
Deposition and analysis of silicon clusters generated by laser-induced gas phase
Building Nanostructures by Controlled Manipulation of Single Atoms and Molecules
Mechanism of the forming of carbon nanoparticles in an electric arc
Structural and elastic properties of porous silicon
Doped and heteroatom-containing fullerene-like structures and nanotubes
Neutral atom and molecule emission accompanying 248-nm laser irradiation of sing
Electron stimulated neutral and ion emission from single crystal NaNO3
Nanoclusters of Silver and Gold Atoms
Detection of heavy trace impurities in silicon
Mechanical characterization by nanoindentation of zirconium ion implanted alumin
Atom lithography using light forces
Putting the nano finger on atoms
Modification by high energy ion irradiation of iron-alumina nano-composites
Formation of Si nanocrystals by heavy ion irradiation of amorphous SiO films
Manipulation of atoms and molecules with a low temperature scanning tunneling mi
Increase of nanometer-scale wear of polished chemical-vapor-deposited diamond fi
XAFS study of CdTe1-xSx semiconductor glass composites
Synthesis, crystal structures and magnetic properties of Co particles encapsulat
Nitrogen chemisorption on a-Fe nanoparticles studied by in situ Moessbauer spect
Ceramic coatings by ion irradiation of polycarbosilanes and polysiloxanes Part I
Nanoscale Pt powders derived from solvated Pt atoms in catalysis
EELS investigation of plasmon excitations in aluminum nanospheres and carbon nan
Chemisorption-facilitated dislocation emission and motion, and induced nucleatio
Element-, time- and spatially-resolved images of scattered and recoiled atoms
The UV-absorphon of europium atoms embedded in helium nanodroplets
Nanometerscale lithography with chromium atoms using light forces
Image analysis for nanotechnology on the desktop
Mechanically driven alloying and structural evolution of nanocrystalline Fe60Cu4
Hydrogen in nanocrystalline Pd: a nuclear magnetic resonance study
Total synthesis of brevetoxin A
Interstitial He and Ne in nanotube bundles
Structure, crystallization and magnetic behavior of Fe-RE-Cu-Si-B alloys (RE = P
Irregular variations in the melting point of size-selected atomic clusters
New method for molecular dynamics simulation of nanometric cutting
Valence electron structure of dispersive nano-phase in RS Al-Fe-V-Si alloys
Amorphous and nanocrystalline Fe85Zr7B6Cu2 alloys
Behavior of polyatomic molecules in intense infrared laser beams
Quantized conductance through individual rows of suspended gold atoms
Encapsulation of silicon nanoclusters in zeolite Y
Phase-space imaging of trapped atoms using magnetic sublevels coherence
Will the real nanotech please stand up?
Imaging of phase-space evolution of trapped atoms
Nanometre fcc clusters versus bulk bcc alloy: The structure of Cu-Pd catalysts
Ultraslow Light Pulse Propagation Observed in Atoms - Both Cold and Hot
Patterning of hydrogen-passivated Si(100) using Ar(3P0,2) metastable atoms
Strongly Anisotropic Band Dispersion of an Image State Located above Metallic Na
Atomic beam holography
Deposition of chromium atoms by using the radiation force of a frequency doubled
Quantum-confined atoms: novel luminescent centers for future II-VI devices
Vibrational spectroscopy of CO adsorbed on supported ultra-small transition meta
Chemical reaction of intercalated atoms at the edge of nano-graphene cluster
Electrochemical investigation on hydride electrode with tungsten carbide additiv
Various bonding configurations of transition-metal atoms on carbon nanotubes: Th
Pd nanoclusters grown by plasma sputtering deposition on amorphous substrates
From random to self-organized clusters on surfaces: A variable temperature STM s
HREM observations of the synthesized proces of nano-sized SiC by ball milling of
Effect of submonolayer carbon on nanoscale Ge dot growth on Si(0 0 1) substrates
Atom manipulation with the STM: Nanostructuring, tip functionalization, and femt
A nanohole as an atomic lens for atoms and molecules
Initial nucleation of platinum clusters after reduction of K2PtCl4 in aqueous so
Surface-functionalized, probe-containing, polymeric nanospheres for biomedical i
Molecular dynamics in formation process of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Organic molecules acting as templates on metal surfaces
Study on fabricating nanometer lattice by controlling atoms with gradient light
Structural studies and stability of cluster-like RuxSey electrocatalysts
Formation of an icosahedral structure during the freezing of gold nanoclusters:
Studies of dodecanethiol capped Ag and Au nanoparticles using synchrotron radiat
In situ measurements of As/P exchange during InAs/InP(0 0 1) quantum wires growt
From single atoms to one-dimensional solids: Artificial gold chains on NiAl(110)
Imagine surface reactions at atomic resolution: A wealth of behavior on the nano
Topographic nano-restructuring: Sulfur dioxide adsorption on Cu(1 1 0)
Temperature-dependent morphological evolution of HOPG graphite upon exposure to
Erbium Luminescence in Suboxide Films Derived from Triethoxysilane
X-rays focus on the smallest nanoparticles
No-one to blame but yourselves
Imaging defects and dopants
Micro-Optics Advances Quantum Computing and Integrated Atom Optics
Study on Nd60Fe20Al10Co10 amorphous powders by mechanical alloying
Stability and selective oxidation of aluminum in nano-laminate Ti 3AlC2 upon hea
Single Pd(0) atom encapsulated in multiporphyrin arrays as a highly efficient he
Exploring temperature at the nano-scale
Molecular-dynamics studies on hydrogen atoms in nanostructured graphite
Formation of density controlled Cr-filled carbon nanotubes on Au-Cr solid soluti
Hydrogen interaction on rhodium clusters
In situ x-ray photoelectron spectroscopic and density-functional studies of Si a
A model of the NbOx approximately equals 1 nanocrystals tiling a Nb(1 1 0) surfa
The structure and bonding of carbonate on Ag(1 1 0): A density-functional theory
Interfacial structure of annealed alumina-zirconia-silicate nanoceramics
Dynamic indentation measurements on amorphous materials
Is Water Templating Nanoporous Materials?
Effect of Hydrogen on Carbon Diffusiqn on Ni(111)
Method of optical near-field microscopy of foreign atoms on the surface of nonab
Doping control for nanotubes
Computational study of model Pd-Zn nanoclusters and their adsorption complexes w
The structure of nickel-carbon melt having composition Ni92C8
Energetics and Electronic Structures of Individual Atoms Adsorbed on Carbon Nano
CS2 poisoning of size-selective cubooctahedral Pd particles in styrene hydrogena
Feasibility of detecting single atoms using photonic bandgap cavities
Manipulation of Cu subsurface interstitial atoms with scanning tunneling microsc
Synthesis and characterization of nanometer SnO2 with high ratio surface-interfa
Effects of Co-doping on the crystallization and magnetic properties of Cu-free n
Bonding configurations and collective patterns of Ge atoms adsorbed on Si(111)-(
Atomic structure of the 6H-SiC(0 0 0 1) nanomesh
Metastructural systems of activated nanospheres and optical near-field resonance
Ionization potentials of tantalum-carbide clusters: An experimental and density
Mechanism of the formation of carbon nanotubes in electrochemical processes
Chemistry at corners and edges: Generation and adsorption of H atoms on the surf
Atomic nanotube welders: Boron interstitials triggering connections in double-wa
Formation of metallic nanowires by utilizing electromigration
Computer experiments on silicon nano indentation
Adsorption mechanisms of In atoms onto the Si(111)-7 × 7; clustering and s
Bose-Einstein condensation of chromium
Domain formation in hollow spherical Invar nano-particles
Velocity and metastable state population distributions of neodymium atoms produc
Molecular numbers in core and shell: Structural dependence of reactivity of alky
Structure of nano-crystalline FeTiDx by neutron and X-ray diffraction
Formation of nanostructures with a controlled size distribution in Si-based gels
Clusters in nanochemistry and nanometallurgy (analytical review)
Are fluorinated boron nitride nanotubes n -type semiconductors?
Complexes in rare-gas solid solutions
Stuffed buckyballs, clearer MRI scans
The world according to nanotechnology
Nano-nickel catalysts
Monte Carlo simulations of segregation in Pt-Ni catalyst nanoparticles
Drift of electrons and atoms in the laser radiation field and its influence on t
STM and DFT study of the Gd wetting layer reconstructions on the Si(0 0 1)-2 &ti
Reverse Monte Carlo studies of nanoporous carbon from TiC
Computer simulations of gold nanowire formation: The role of outlayer atoms
The H and H2 interaction with Pd3Cu, Pd4, and Cu4 fee (111) clusters: A DFT comp
A viable way to tailor carbon nanomaterials by irradiation-induced transformatio
Structural behavior and self-assembly of lennard-jones clusters on rigid surface
Evolution of the interface and metal film morphology in the vapor deposition of
Growth of carbon nanotubes on metal nanoparticles: A microscopic mechanism from
Carbon nanotubes with titanium atoms attached enable hydrogen storage
The relative roles of acetylene and aromatic precursors during soot particle inc
Use of Rydberg atoms as a nanoscale laboratory to examine dissociative electron
The effect of Cu and Nb atoms on the formation of nanocrystallites in the amorph
Microlithography by using neutral metastable atoms and self-assembled monolayers
Self-diffusion and dynamic behavior of atoms at step edges of iridium surfaces
Mesoscopic physics with artificial atoms
Influence of one-fold-coordinated atoms on mechanical properties of covalent net
Theoretical study of one-dimensional chains of metal atoms in nanotubes
Scanning tunneling microscopy manipulation of native substrate atoms: a new way
FIM observation on B2 ordering in Fe3Al alloy
Influence of compacting pressure on the structure of FeOOH nanosolids
Self-assembled monolayers exposed by metastable argon and metastable helium for
Controlled atom by atom restructuring of a metal surface with the scanning tunne
Site-independent adsorption of hydrogen atoms deposited from a scanning tunnelin
Hexagonal nanostructures generated by light masks for neutral atoms
Electrochemistry in nano-hole formation on gold surface with a scanning tunnelli
Metal clusters-new perspectives in future nanoelectronics
Atomistic simulation of the stretching of nanoscale metal wires
Classical artificial two-dimensional atoms: the Thomson model
The mechanism of phase transformation from carbon nanotube to diamond
Partitioning of Ga and Co atoms in a Fe3B/Nd2Fe14B nanocomposite magnet
Nanometer-scale regular grooves and ridges created with scanning tunnelling micr
Lateral manipulation of single adsorbates and substrate atoms with the scanning
The migration of metal atoms through carbon onions
Morphology control of Cu clusters formed on H-Si(111) surface in solution by Si
Transmission electron microscopy study of a semiconducting SrTiO3 ceramic conden
A new method for molecular dynamics simulation of nanometric cutting
Localization of metastable atom beams with optical standing waves: nanolithograp
Ab initio study of STM-induced vacancy formation on the MoS2 surface
Magnetic trapping of calcium monohydride molecules at millikelvin temperatures
Electronic and structural trends in small GaAs clusters
Molecules, nanophysics and nanoelectronics
Formation and manipulation of a metallic wire of single gold atoms
Deflection of atoms by a pulsed standing wave: effects of laser field coherence
Electronic structure of fluorine doped graphite nanoclusters
Optical emission spectra during carbon nanotube production by arc discharge in H
Nano-scale properties of defects in compound semiconductor surfaces
Patterning of octadecylsiloxane self-assembled monolayers on Si(100) using Ar(3P
Electronic states in heavily Li-doped graphite nanoclusters
Lateral manipulation of adatoms and native substrate atoms with the low-temperat
Ion implantation; a modern tool of surface engineering
Atoms and wires: toward atom chips
Coherent radiation scattering by resonant nanostructures
Spatial distribution of atoms in gas-covered Pd-X nanoparticles (X=Ag, Cu, Ni, P
Micromanipulation of neutral atoms with nanofabricated structures
Kinetics and role of C, O, and OH in low-pressure nanocrystalline diamond growth
Reflection of thermal atoms by a pulsed standing wave
Atomic-focuser imaging by graphite crystals in carbon nanoshells
Grain boundaries of nanocrystalline materials-their widths, compositions, and in
Manipulation of atoms across a surface at room temperature
Computations of metal-covered C60 and C70
Dimensional resonances in biatomic nanostructures and the characteristics of the
Uptake of gases in bundles of carbon nanotubes
Tumbling atoms and evidence for charge transfer in La2@C80@SWNT
Formation of photoluminescence centers during annealing of SiO2 layers implanted
Hydrogen and fluorine binding to the sidewalls of a (10, 0) carbon nanotube
Spectroscopy of Mg atoms solvated in helium nanodroplets
Nanoscale focusing of atoms with a pulsed standing wave
Strong localization of light and photonic atoms
Reaction of Li with grain-boundary atoms in nanostructured compounds
Dimensional optical resonances in atomic nanostructures
Optical size resonances in nanostructures
Formation of K*He exciplexes on the surface of helium nanodroplets studied in re
Atomic structure of the Ge(112)-(4 × 1)-In reconstruction
Mechanical alloying, fine structure and thermal decomposition of nanocrystalline
Dipole emission of a nanostructure system composed of two atoms and dimensional
Microscopic nature of the Er3+ emission in mixed amorphous-nanocrystalline Si:H
RIMS analysis of stardust-trace, isotopic analysis of individual micron-sized Si
Laser spectroscopic imaging diagnostics of dynamics during nanoparticle synthesi
Common origin for surface reconstruction and the formation of chains of metal at
Quantum encounters of the cold kind
The excited atoms kinetics in the plasma of transversal nanosecond discharge wit
C-H bond formation in carbon grains by exposure to atomic hydrogen: the evolutio
Structure of nanoparticles: I. Generalized crystallography of nanoparticles and
Nonlinear steady-state sized resonances in diatomic nanostuctural objects
Nanoscale copper particles derived from solvated Cu atoms in the activation of m
Optical holography of nanostructure diatomic objects for different polarizations
High spatial resolution atom detector with two-color optical near fields
Spin electronic states and geometry of Fe nanowire: Comparison with Au, Pt, Cu,
Search for a border between classical and quantum worlds
Stabilization of Si-based cage clusters and nanotubes by encapsulation of transi
Quantum solvation of carbonyl sulfide with helium atoms
Structural order and clustering in annealed α-SiC and α-SiC:H
Calibration of the length of a chain of single gold atoms
Electro-osmosis in a nanometer-scale channel studied by atomistic simulation
Nanoscale magnetic traps
Quantum confined atoms of doped ZnO nanocrystals
Designing neutral-atom nanotraps with integrated optical waveguides
Weak bonding of carbon atoms at corner sites in titanium-carbide nanocrystals
Atoms on demand: fast, deterministic production of single Cr atoms
Nanolithography using the scanning tunneling microscope
Aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy: the potential fo
On the reaction of N and O atoms with carbon nanotubes
Energetics of surface atomic processes and effects on growth of ultrathin films
Giant magnetic anisotropy of single cobalt atoms and nanoparticles
Metallization of DNA
Local magnetic moments of Fe1/VN nanoinclusions in bulk Fe
Numerical simulations on the motion of atoms travelling through a standing-wave
Atomically precise placement of single dopants in Si
Can surface embedded atoms be moved with an STM tip?
Energetics and electronic properties of BN nanocones with pentagonal rings at th
Electronic properties of selected BN nanocones
Systematic study of adsorption of single atoms on a carbon nanotube
Role of extrinsic atoms on the morphology and field emission properties of carbo
Structural and electronic properties of 240° nanocones
Equilibrium state of C60, C70, and C72 nanoclusters and local defects of the mol
Studies of the action of intense laser radiation on elementary atomic-molecular
Investigation of nanocrystalline CdS-glutathione particles by radial distributio
Nondissociative adsorption of diatomic molecules on nanoclusters at room tempera
Synthesis and characterization of the titanium doped nanostructural V2O5
Evidence for the intramolecular motion of Gd atoms in a Gd2@C92 nanopeapod
Atom lithography with laser-cooled silicon atoms
Fabrication of 1D metal nanostructures on a vicinal Au(111) surface
Analyses of surface and core atoms in a platinum nanoparticle
Electronic and transport properties of a carbon-atom chain in the core of semico
Molecular dynamics in the formation process of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Stability, structure, and vibrations of metal-doped selenium clusters
Hydrogen adsorption on zigzag (8,0) boron nitride nanotubes
Structural properties of the donor indium in nanocrystalline ZnO
Computer simulation of rare-gas atoms injection into single-wall carbon nanotube
Nanoscale fluctuations in the distribution of dopant atoms: dopant-induced dots
Atomic mobility in energetic cluster deposition
Lmproving SWNT gas sensors by doping atoms [Lmproving read Improving]
Density functional study of Pd nanoparticles with subsurface impurities of light
Scanning tunneling microscopy chemical signature of point defects on the MoS2(00
Fine spectroscopy of neutral silicon atoms
Atomic nanofabrication using an ytterbium atomic beam
A model of the NbOx≈1 nanocrystals tiling a Nb (110) surface annealed in UHV
First-principles calculations on boron-nitride nanotubes
Size-induced structural transformations in argon clusters with a fivefold symmet
Sub-Ångstrom atomic-resolution imaging from heavy atoms to light atoms
Simulation of coherent interactions between Rydberg atoms
Electronic structure and bonding of Au on a SiO2 cluster: a nanobullet for tumor
Spectroscopic imaging of single atoms within a bulk solid
Vibrational dynamics and excess entropy of multi-grain nanoparticles
Behavior of Nb atoms in Nb substituted Nd2Fe14B nanocrystalline alloys investiga
Monte Carlo simulations of segregation in Pt-Re catalyst nanoparticles
Simple model for magnetization ratios in doped nanocrystals
Nanolithography with metastable helium atoms in a high-power standing-wave light
Coherent control in nanolithography: Rydberg atoms
He atoms in carbon nanotubes and nanotube bundles
Patterning nonanethiol protected gold films by barium atoms
Accurate ab initio pair potentials between helium and the heavier group 2 elemen
An ab initio study of manganese atoms and wires interacting with carbon nanotube
The effects of metallic contacts on silicon nanostructures studied quantum mecha
Simulation study on radius dependence in rare-gas atoms injection into single-wa
Finite size effect on critical transition temperature of superconductive nanosol
Optical absorption spectrum of gold atoms deposited on SiO2 from cavity ringdown
Focusing ground-state xenon in a pulsed optical field
The influence of P solutes on an irradiated α-Fe matrix
Atomic lithography with barium atoms
Carbon nanotubes under electron irradiation: stability of the tubes and their ac
Artificial atoms in microcavities
First-principles calculations on the role of CN precursors for the formation of
Surface characterisation of dextran-coated iron oxide nanoparticles prepared by
Evolution of SiO2 matrix during the formation of Ge and Si nanocrystals by ion i
Evolution of the local structure in GaN:O thin films grown by ion-assisted depos
Topology-induced many body effects in hydrogenated Pt nanocontacts
Alkali atoms attached to 3He nanodroplets
Metastable helium: atom optics with nano-grenades
Atom inlays performed at room temperature using atomic force microscopy
Theoretical study on junctions in porphyrin oligomers for nanoscale devices
Nanofiber-mediated radiative transfer between two distant atoms
Structures and magnetic properties of iron chains encapsulated in tubal carbon n
Diameter control and growth mechanism of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Lateral manipulation of single atoms at semiconductor surfaces using atomic forc
A desorption mechanism of hydrogen atoms adsorbed on a graphite layer: ab initio
Formation processes of nickel oxide nanoparticles in SiO2 by metal-ion implantat
Experiments with a high-density positronium gas
Long term stability of H atoms in HD-D2-He solids
Silicon-carbon fullerenelike nanostructures: an ab initio study on the stability
Dopant-modulated pair interaction in cuprate superconductors
Dispersed Au atoms, supported on TiO2(110)
Detection and quantized conductance of neutral atoms near a charged carbon nanot
Nanostructure of the surface and interface and mechanisms of thermal growth of u
A miniature glow discharge for laser excited atomic fluorescence detection of le
Preparation, characterization, and catalysis of mecro-catalysts
Shells of atoms
XPS, TEM and SAD investigations of nanosized CoxByHz particles obtained by two d
Evaporation of single atoms from an adsorbate island or a step to a terrace: Eva
A virtual slit for atom optics and nanolithography
High-contrast, high-resolution focusing of neutral atoms using light forces
Fe-57 and Sn-119 Mossbauer spectrometry studies on nanocrystalline Fe-Sn solid s