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氧对Zr-Cu-Al-Ni及Zr-Cu-Al块体非晶合金晶化组织演变的影响/Effect of oxygen impurity on the recrystal
表面等离子体激元在周期结构中的能带及传播性质/Band Structures and Propagation Properties of Surface Pla
纳米尺度金属团簇结构与熔化行为的分子模拟研究/Molecular Simulation of Structure and Melting Behavior of
气门杆端陶瓷涂层的抗动载荷适应性研究及其分析软件/Research on adaptability of metallic-metrix ceramic coa
造物“选”材·“适”之为良——无机非金属材料在产品设计中的工艺适合性研究/Selecting for creation, Matching comes firs
基于第一性原理计算的半金属磁性材料电子结构和自旋结构研究/First-principle study on the electronic structure a
纳米尺度金属团簇结构与熔化行为的分子模拟研究/Molecular Simulation of Structure and Melting Behavior of
Mechanical alloying - an advanced technique for developing metallic materials
Metallic glasses
Fractographic details of directly cast amorphous and nanocrystalline alloy wire
Fractographic details of directly cast amorphous and nanocrystalline alloy wire
Structure and reactivity of small metallic and bimetallic clusters hosted in mol
Thermodynamic properties of amorphous solids - glass formation and glass transit
Structure of metal melts
Feature near the Fermi energy in metallic nanotubules
Novel nanofabrication method of high temperature metallic Coulomb blockade devic
Electrical conductivity of individual carbon nanotubes
Micromachanism of crystallization in multicomponent metallic glass
Evidence of anisotropic metallic behaviour in the optical properties of carbon n
Metal nanoparticle/polymer superlattice films: fabrication and control of layer
Metamagnetic states in metallic nanostructures
Quantum theory of metallic nanocohesion
Annealing embrittlement in Fe-Mo-Si-B amorphous alloy
Syntheses of copper nanoparticles in gelified microemulsion and in reverse micel
Synthesis by pulsed laser deposition of metallic nanoclusters embedded in an amo
New model for nucleation in bulk metallic glasses
Nanostructure of metallic amorphous alloys - characterization of medium-range st
Processing of a carbon nanotubes-Fe82P18 metallic glass composite
Study of preparing ultrafine metallic powders by a new electrolytic method
Nanotubes: Metallic by a twist of fate
Nanolithographic patterning of thin metal films with a scanning probe microscope
Concentration distribution of heavy metals under different incineration operatio
New technology for metallic multilayer single electron tunneling devices
Urbach tail in InP with nanometer metallic precipitates
Fracture behavior of a nanocrystallized Zr65Cu15Al10Pd10 metallic glass
X-ray absorption study in nanocrystalline Fe, Co, Ni and Cu metallic powders
Overview No. 133: Atom probe microanalysis and nanoscale microstructures in meta
Metallic nanowires created by biopolymer masking
Quantitative adhesion measures of multilayer films: Part II. Indentation of W/Cu
Impurity oxygen redistribution in a nanocrystallized Zr65Cr15Al10Pd10 metallic g
Nano-icosahedral quasicrystalline phase formation from a supercooled liquid stat
Thermodynamic and spectral properties of ultrasmall superconducting grains
Structural patterns of unsupported gold clusters
Luster pottery from the thirteenth century to the sixteenth century: A nanostruc
Systematic conductivity behavior in conducting polymers: Effects of heterogeneou
Electrochemical fabrication of atomically thin metallic wires and electrodes sep
Nanoscale microstructural analysis of metallic materials by atom probe field ion
Adsorbate effect on the mechanical stability of atomically thin metallic wires
Single route for producing organized metallic domes, dots, and pores by colloida
Formation of nanocrystals in metallic Zr-Cu-Ni glass
Preparation and characterization of alumina cored metallic copper microspheres
Electronic structure and interband transitions of metallic carbon nanotubes
Investigation of shear bands under compressive testing for Zr-base bulk metallic
Characterizing gold in refractory sulfide gold ores and residues
Nanocavity formation processes in MgO(1 0 0) by light ion (D, He, Li) and heavy
Thermal annealing of patterned metal surfaces
A route for bulk separation of semiconducting from metallic single-wall carbon n
Optical properties of metallic nanowires
Separation of metallic from semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes
An analysis of the microstructure and interfacial chemistry of steel-enamel inte
Room temperature ultraviolet emission from ZnO nanocrystallites fabricated by th
Stable nanoporous metallic nickel colloids
Formation of monoatomic chains of metallic elements
Femtosecond dynamic final-state effect in photoemission of surface-passivated me
Oxidation reactions of Zr-based metallic glasses
In situ formed beta-Ti(Ta) nanorod arrays embedded in continuous matrix in a mul
Thermodynamics and kinetics of complex liquids: Bulk metallic glass
Mg49Y15Cu36 bulk metallic glass composites synthesized by vacuum hot-pressing of
Fabrication of sub-5 nm gaps between metallic electrodes using conventional lith
Nanostructured Metal Surfaces Fabricated by a Nonlithographic Template Method
Fabrication and characterization of rutile-TiO2 coatings on metallic alloy subst
Study of formation of nano-quasicrystals and crystallization kinetics of Zr-Al-N
Chemistry and electronics of carbon nanotubes go together
Structure and electrical properties of CoFeZr-aluminium oxide nanocomposite film
The use of severe plastic deformation for consolidating nanostructured metallic
Metallic nanoparticle production utilizing a supercritical carbon dioxide flow p
Research advances of metallic powder materials by selective laser sintering
Detonation synthesis for nano-metallic oxide powders
Research progress of the coated metallic nano-composite powder materials fabrica
Numerical simulation of photon scanning tunneling microscopes image with metalli
Artifacts induced in metallic glasses during TEM sample preparation
Anomalous interfacial diffusion in immiscible metallic multilayers: A size-depen
Surface-area-difference model for thermodynamic properties of metallic nanocryst
Environmental properties of metallic minerals and their applications in environm
Synthesis of monodisperse polymer microspheres with mercapto groups and their ap
Indentation creep behavior in Ce-based bulk metallic glasses at room temperature
Half-metallic zinc-blende pnictides in real environments
Optical methods of creating, studying, and modifying metallic nanostructures on
The transition of metallic crystals nanostructure into the nanostructure of meta
Bulk metallic glass composites
Internal electric field densities of metal nanoshells
Characterization of nanocrystal dispersed Cu60Zr 30Ti10 metallic glass
Formation of metallic nanowires by utilizing electromigration
Antimicrobiol nanocomposite coatings
A template-based electrochemical method for the synthesis of multisegmented meta
Nanoscale multistep shear band formation by deformation-induced nanocrystallizat
Nanoconstricted structure for current-confined path in current-perpendicular-to-
Microwave-assisted synthesis of metallic nanostructures in solution
Giant strengthening of superconducting pairing in metallic nanoclusters
Large-scale separation of metallic and semiconducting single-walled carbon nanot
Characterization and properties of nanocrystal-forming Zr-based bulk metallic gl
Minute wiring technology using nano-sized particles
Structural transitions of lipid monolayers on metallic nanoparticles
A study on the metallic electrode materials of the SAW devices
Selective removal of metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes with small diameter
Surface plasmons of metallic surfaces perforated by nanohole arrays
Effect of residual shear bands on serrated flow in a metallic glass
Synthesis and characterization of nanophase metallic systems stabilized onto dif
Nonlinear I-V characteristics observed in annealed Ni-Fe-Zr metallic glass
HCV deformation - Method to study the viscoplastic behavior of nanocrystalline m
Wake-field in an array of metallic posts: Possible application for beam position
Oxidation kinetics of metallic inclusions in a composite with an Al 2O3-ZrO2 mat
Study of a bimaterial system by an improved dynamical thermal model
Ring stain effect at room temperature in silver nanoparticles yields high electr
Calculation of the electrostatic forces that act on carbon nanotubes placed in t
Plasmons in the metallic nanoparticle-film system as a tunable impurity problem
Mesoscale metallic pyramids with nanoscale tips
Transport spectroscopy of chemical nanostructures: The case of metallic single-w
Preparation of colloidal metals of iron group with uncapped surface in polar apr
Electrical switching in metallic carbon nanotubes
Routes towards separating metallic and semiconducting nanotubes
On the origin of preferential growth of semiconducting single-walled carbon nano
Nanocrystalline metallic powders and films produced by the polyol method
Properties of metallic nanowires: from conductance quantization to localization
Construction and characterization of a scanning tunneling microscope
Ball milling-induced nanocrystal formation in aluminum-based metallic glasses
Nanometric crystallization of Fe73.5Cu1Nb3Si13.5B9 by laser annealing
Defects and deformation-induced effects in non-crystalline metallic composites
Spin-flip scattering for the electrical property of metallic-nanoparticle thin f
A novel method to prepare carbon-coated quantum dots by an advanced gas evaporat
A novel method to prepare nanocrystalline SnO2
Formation of a single α-Fe nanophase during mechanically driven crystalliz
Deformation mechanisms, electronic conductance and friction of metallic nanocont
Magnetic switching and thermal enhancement of quantum transport through nanowire
Bulk metallic glasses-a new engineering material
Single-electron traps: A quantitative comparison of theory and experiment
Local magnetism in nanoscale metallic grains
Fabrication and characterization of metallic nanowires
Nanocontact and nanowire formation between macroscopic metallic contacts observe
Time evolution of nanocontact structure between macroscopic metallic wires leadi
Phenomenology of metallic resistivity observed in single-wall nanotube ropes as
Stable nanowire in macroscopic metallic contacts in air
Jellium model of metallic nanocohesion
Formation of carbon nanotubes and their filling with metallic fibers on ion-emit
Adsorbate effect on conductance quantization in metallic nanowires
Resonance Raman scattering and diameter-dependent electronic states in single-wa
Molecular ribbons [interconnection applications]
Comment on “Jellium model of metallic nanocohesion”
Light scattering from rough surfaces with superimposed periodic structures
Fabrication of single self-supported metallic nanometric wires
Initial stages in the decay of the amorphous phase in the bulk metallic glass Zr
Oscillatory instabilities accompanying the propagation of exfoliations in thin f
Formation of metallic nanostructures on biomolecular templates
Universality in metallic nanocohesion: a quantum chaos approach
Mechanically alloyed Mg-based metallic glasses and metallic glass composites con
Influence of the liquid states on the crystallization process of nanocrystal-for
Quantum-well states in copper thin films
Fabrication of metallic electrodes with nanometer separation by electromigration
Symmetry effects on the conductance of nanotube junctions
A simple model for evaluating the optical absorption spectrum from small Au-coll
Spectroscopic characterization of the surface nanostructure of Ti during deposit
Nanodot formation on the Si(111)-(7×7) surface by adatom trapping
Spatially inhomogeneous metal-insulator transition in doped manganites
Dislocation-based deformation mechanisms in metallic nanolaminates
The effects of iron addition on the glass-forming ability and properties of Zr-T
Effect of antimony oxide on the deposition and dispersion of metallic copper nan
A metallic microcantilever electric contact probe array incorporated in an atomi
Quantum size effect transition in percolating nanocomposite films
Fabrication of extremely narrow metal wires
Optical and dc conductivity study of potassium-doped single-walled carbon nanotu
Modelling the nano-scale phenomena in condensed matter physics via computer-base
Electron-phonon coupling and Peierls transition in metallic carbon nanotubes
Spectroscopy of single metallic nanoparticles using total internal reflection mi
Surface-enhanced resonant Raman spectroscopy of single-wall carbon nanotubes ads
The synthesis and properties of Zr-based metallic glasses and glass-matrix compo
Local electronic properties of carbon nanotube heterojunctions
The smallest carbon nanotube
Two-photon photographic production of three-dimensional metallic structures with
Electrical transport through carbon nanotube junctions created by mechanical man
Ductility of bulk nanocrystalline composites and metallic glasses at room temper
Granulated metal nanostructure deposited by laser ablation accompanied by cascad
Nano-icosahedral quasicrystalline phase formation from a supercooled liquid stat
Multilayer nanoreactors for metallic and semiconducting particles
Critical cluster size of metallic Cr and Mo nanoclusters
Metallic nanowires: multi-shelled or filled?
New metallic allotropes of planar and tubular carbon
Thermodynamic superheating and relevant interface stability of low-dimensional m
The study on the Peierls phase transition of metallic helical carbon nanotube
Excimer laser ablation of gold-loaded inverse polystyrene-block-poly (2-vinylpyr
Dimensional model of carbon nanotubes
Removable template route to metallic nanowires and nanogaps
Universal expression for localization length in metallic carbon nanotubes
Model and experiments on strain gradient hardening in metallic glass
Plasmon-supported transmission of light through nanometric holes in metallic thi
A study of the synthesis products of fullerenes with nickel and cobalt
Serrated plastic flow during nanoindentation of a bulk metallic glass
Electrical properties of nanocomposites subjected to deformation
Formation of metallic nanopowders upon chemical reduction
Tuning Fermi-surface properties through quantum confinement in metallic metalatt
Exchange and correlations effects in small metallic nanoshells
Quantum mechanical actuation of microelectromechanical systems by the Casimir fo
Nanoquasicrystallization of Zr-based metallic glasses
Formation of nanoscale icosahedral quasicrystals and glass-forming ability in Zr
Origin of the Breit-Wigner-Fano lineshape of the tangential G-band feature of me
Magnetic properties of partially devitrified Co-based metallic glass under high
Metallic state in disordered quasi-one-dimensional conductors
Shell effects in alkali metal nanowires
Electronic transport properties of conducting polymers and carbon nanotubes
Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy of Y-junction in carbon nanotubes
Room-temperature metallic behavior in nanophase polypyrrole
Magnetic activity at infrared frequencies in structured metallic photonic crysta
Metallic particles from complexing microcapsules dispersed in a silica gel
Ablation of noble metals in liquids: a method to obtain nanoparticles in a thin
Charge screening effect in metallic carbon nanotubes
Localization length in deformed metallic carbon nanotubes
Shape induced quantum conductance oscillation in a metallic nanowire
Developments of aluminum- and magnesium-based nanophase high-strength alloys by
Surface plasmon excitation and near-field optics
Laboratory simulation of space weathering: ESR measurements of nanophase metalli
Nanocrystallization of Cu-(Zr or Hf)-Ti metallic glasses
Conduction mechanisms in single-walled carbon nanotubes
Is the enhanced solubility in nanocomposites an electronic effect?
Low-temperature resistance of DNA-templated nanowires
Electronic properties in finite-length metallic nanotubes
Influence of a supercooled liquid on crystallization behaviour of Al-Y-Ni-Co met
On the characterization of plastic flow in Zr-based metallic glass through micro
Luttinger parameter g for metallic carbon nanotubes and related systems
Magnetic properties of partially devitrified metallic glasses
Atomic aspects in the epitaxial growth of metallic superlattices and nanostructu
Magnetic materials-progress and challenges
Conductance oscillations in metallic nanocontacts
Considerations on the metallic oxidation in nanostructured ceramic-metal materia
Determination of the recoilless fraction in iron oxide nanoparticles using the t
Characterization of nanometer-scale defects in metallic glasses by quantitative
New steps forward in carbon semiconductors
Colossal paramagnetic moments in metallic carbon nanotori
Rate dependence of serrated flow during nanoindentation of a bulk metallic glass
Formation and crystallization of Ti-Hf-Ni metallic glasses
Work functions of pristine and alkali-metal intercalated carbon nanotubes and bu
DNA-templated fabrication of 1D parallel and 2D crossed metallic nanowire arrays
Assignment of (n, m) Raman and optical features of metallic single-walled carbon
Potential landscapes and induced charges near metallic islands in three dimensio
Patterned transfer of metallic thin film nanostructures by water-soluble polymer
Hybrid functionals based on a screened Coulomb potential
Fabrication of asymmetric electrode pairs with nanometer separation made of two
Simulations of the inert gas condensation processes
Damage mechanisms in nanolayered metallic composites
Quantum necking in stressed metallic nanowires
SWNTs as catalyst and/or support in the catalytic decomposition of hydrocarbons
Catalysis and photocatalysis of the process of synthesis of particles of nanosiz
Study of tip-induced Ti-film oxidation in atomic force microscopy contact and no
A new method developed in measuring the dielectric constants of metallic nanopar
Preparation and characterization of two-dimensional ordered arrays of metallic n
Application of the boundary-element method to the interaction of light with sing
Comment on Intrinsic electron transport properties of carbon nanotube Yjunctions
First-principles phase-coherent transport in metallic nanotubes with realistic c
Optical activity in subwavelength-period arrays of chiral metallic particles
Modern soft magnetic materials
Switching behavior of plasma polymer films containing silver nanoparticles
Simultaneous deposition of metallic bundles of single-walled carbon nanotubes us
Role of nanometer-scale quasicrystals in improving the mechanical behavior of Ti
Micellar nanoreactors-preparation and characterization of hexagonally ordered ar
Nanocrystallization in Al-rich metallic glasses
Three-dimensional structures for enhanced transmission through a metallic film:
Glass breaks like metal, but at the nanometer scale
How the masters in Umbria, Italy, generated and used nanoparticles in art fabric
Synthesis and characterization of superconducting MgCNi3
Quantum properties of nanoscale metallic Li colloids formed by electron irradiat
AFM, TEM and nanoindentation characterizations of plastic deformation in metalli
High-energy phonon branches of an individual metallic carbon nanotube
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes by reduction of carbon dioxide with metallic lithi
High stability of Zr2Ni nanocrystals in metallic Zr-Cu-Ni glass
Metallic Rb4C60 and Rb5C60 on the top layer of C60 single crystal
The particle size dependence of cohesive energy of metallic nanoparticles
Electrochemical fabrication of polythiophene film coated metallic nanowire array
Hopping and non-universal conductivity in half-metallic CrO2 composites
Deformation-induced structural changes in bulk metallic glass at room temperatur
Electronic transport properties of metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes
Effect of cooling rate on crystallization of metallic Zr-Cu-Ni glass
Quick nickel metallization and magnetic properties on the surface of alumina pow
Effect of nanocrystalline dispersion on fatigue in a Zr-based bulk metallic glas
Electrochemical hydrogenation of Mg65Cu25 Y10 metallic glass
Polarization properties of anodic alumina film with implanted nanohole metallic
Tensile testing of ultrathin polycrystalline films: a synchrotron-based techniqu
Shadow nanosphere lithography: simulation and experiment
Preparation and characterization of nickel nanopowders in diethyleneglycol by li
Energy gap of the metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes
A novel route to the synthesis of nanosized metallic molybdenum at moderate temp
Electronic structure in finite-length deformed metallic carbon nanotubes
High frequency response of Salisbury screen and its related factors
Serrated plastic flow in a Zr-based bulk metallic glass during nanoindentation
Size and shape dependent melting-thermodynamic properties of metallic nanopartic
Optical properties of planar metallic photonic crystal structures: experiment an
Band gap variations in an AFM tip-deformed metallic carbon nanotube
HRTEM analysis of nanocrystallization during uniaxial compression of a bulk meta
Ultrafast relaxation dynamics of photoexcited carriers in metallic and semicondu
Nanoscale phase separation in metallic glasses studied by advanced electron micr
Nondestructive spectroscopic method to detect MnAs metallic nanocrystals in anne
Subwavelength photolithography based on surface-plasmon polariton resonance
Effects of magnetic field and flux on perfect channel in metallic carbon nanotub
Size control of spherical metallic nanocrystals
Monodisperse metallic iron nanoparticles synthesized from noncarbonyl complex
Effects of short-range scatterers on perfect channel in metallic carbon nanotube
Hard metallic glass of tungsten-based alloy
Evidence for Luttinger-liquid behavior in crossed metallic single-wall nanotubes
Effects of the change in dimensionality on plasmons in metallic nanomaterials
Formation of nanocrystalline surface layers in various metallic materials by nea
Inter-granular magneto-resistance of half-metallic ferromagnet CrO2 with Cr2O5 b
Freestanding vertically aligned arrays of individual carbon nanotubes on metalli
Spintronics: perspectives for the half-metallic oxides
A new structure for enhanced transmission through a two-dimensional metallic gra
Effects of trigonal warping on perfect channel in metallic carbon nanotubes
In situ formed two-phase metallic glass with surface fractal microstructure
Theoretical study of Ga-based nanowires and the interaction of Ga with single-wa
Quantum interference effect in the nonlinear conductance of metallic single-wall
Buffer layer assisted laser patterning of metals on surfaces
Dielectrophoresis of carbon nanotubes using microelectrodes: a numerical study
Fabrication of nanoscale device using individual colloidal gold nanoparticles
Resonant Raman excitation profiles of individually dispersed single walled carbo
Machining of a Zr-Ti-Al-Cu-Ni metallic glass
Preferential growth of semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes by a plasma
A survey of instrumented indentation studies on metallic glasses
Temperature deformation behavior of nanocrystalline matrix derived from metallic
Yield maps for nanoscale metallic multilayers
Deformation-induced synthesis and structural transformations of metallic multila
Nanoscale study of conduction through carbon nanotube networks
Plasmon hybridization in spherical nanoparticles
Silver and copper nanoclusters in the lusture decoration of Italian Renaissance
Electrochemical synthesis of metallic microstructures using etched ion tracks in
Localized states in metallic carbon nanotube systems
The structure and magnetic properties of magnetically soft cobalt base nanocryst
Theory of plasmon-assisted transmission of entangled photons
Theoretical study of coated spherical metallic nanoparticles for single-molecule
Calculation of the electric-field enhancement at nanoparticles of arbitrary shap
Alkoxide route to Re-and Mo-based metallic and oxide materials
A TEM study of nanoparticles in lustre glazes
Fabrication of high aspect ratio 100 nm metallic stamps for nanoimprint lithogra
Phase matched second harmonic generation from nanostructured metallic surfaces
A comprehensive study of ion track enabled high aspect ratio microstructures in
Effects of metallic contacts on silicon nanostructures studied quantum mechanica
Multilayer microwires: tailoring magnetic behavior by sputtering and electroplat
Analyzing the scattering properties of coupled metallic nanoparticles
Phases and microstructure evolution through nonequilibrium processing
Characterization of mechanical properties of a Zr-based metallic glass by indent
The effects of metallic contacts on silicon nanostructures studied quantum mecha
Thermopower measurement of single isolated metallic nanostructures
Behavior of multiple shear bands in Zr-based bulk metallic glass
Plasmon Bragg reflectors and nanocavities on flat metallic surfaces
Investigation on primary crystallization behaviour of rapidly solidified aluminu
Equivalent model on melting and superheating of metallic nanocrystals
Brittleness of Zr-based bulk metallic glass matrix composites containing ductile
The progress in research of nano-crystallization of amorphous alloys
Fabrication of metallic nanostructures by negative nanoimprint lithography
Half-metallic ferromagnetism in transition-metal encapsulated boron nitride nano
Plastic deformation of Zr-based bulk metallic glasses under nanoindentation
Thermodynamic properties of ultra-small metallic particles
Macroscopic scale separation of metallic and semiconducting nanotubes by dielect
Electrochemical switching of the Peierls-like transition in metallic single-wall
Lithographically defined metal-semiconductor-hybrid nanoscrolls
NMR evidence for gapped spin excitations in metallic carbon nanotubes
Lineshape of harmonic generation by metallic nanoparticles and metallic photonic
Analysis of vapor-liquid-solid mechanism in Au-assisted GaAs nanowire growth
Fractal behavior of amorphous metal structure under the action of tensile stress
Measurement of the dielectric constants of metallic nanoparticles embedded in a
Quantum interferences in the Raman cross section for the radial breathing mode i
Separation techniques for carbon nanotubes
Optimization of plasmon excitation at structured apertures
On the electron-phonon coupling of individual single-walled carbon nanotubes
Nanocomposites of metallic copper and spinel ferrite films: Growth and self-asse
Quantifying carbon-nanotube species with resonance Raman scattering
Optical properties of a periodic monolayer of metallic nanospheres on a dielectr
Polarization-sensitive optical phenomena in semiconducting and metallic nanowire
Indirect exchange coupling between magnetic adatoms in carbon nanotubes
Localized and conducting states in carbon nanotube superlattices
Power splitters for waveguides composed by ultralow refractive index metallic na
Nanoscale patterning of Zr-Al-Cu-Ni metallic glass thin films deposited by magne
Mechanical behaviors of partially devitrified Ti-based bulk metallic glass
In situ nanointerconnection for nanoelectronics via direct auto-catalytic latera
Synthesis and characterization of nanoporous metallic platinum
Phase separation in Cu43Zr43Al7Ag7 bulk metallic glass
Theoretical investigation of photonic crystal waveguide splitters incorporating
Electron irradiation induced nano-crystallization in Fe77Nd4.5B18.5 metallic gla
Carbon-skinned metallic wires and magnetic nanocrystals prepared from metal acet
Resonant Raman spectroscopy of individual metallic and semiconducting single-wal
Many-body effects in finite metallic carbon nanotubes
Distinct properties of single-wall carbon nanotubes with monovalent sidewall add
The superplastic forming of bulk metallic glasses
Synthesis of metallic nanocrystals with size and depth control: a case study
Ultrafast photoresponse of metallic and semiconducting single-wall carbon nanotu
Characterization of metallic nano-particles via surface wave scattering: A. Theo
Plasmonics: localization and guiding of electromagnetic energy in metal/dielectr
Optical transitions in metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes
Scanned probe microscopy-mediated patterning of metallic nanostructures
Resonant slot optical guiding in metallic nanoparticle chains
Dislocation-based modeling of the mechanical behavior of epitaxial metallic mult
Dynamic evolution of nanoscale shear bands in a bulk-metallic glass
The design of long range quantum electrodynamical forces and torques between mac
Electrochemical Ostwald ripening of colloidal Ag particles on conductive substra
Self-assembly of metallic nanowires from aqueous solution
Monolayer metallic nanotube interconnects: promising candidates for short local
Dielectric media based on isolated metallic nanostructures
Plasmon-induced magnetization of metallic nanostructures
Extracting subnanometer single shells from ultralong multiwalled carbon nanotube
Displacement current detection of photoconduction in carbon nanotubes
Structural transformation and localization during simulated nanoindentation of a
Optical forces between metallic particles
Characterization of metallic nano-particles via surface wave scattering: B. Phys
Absence of crystallization during cylindrical indentation of a Zr-based metallic
Metallic atomic wires on patterned dihydrogenated Si(001)
Micromechanism of crystallization in multicomponent metallic glass
On the nature of thin films generated during the laser-assisted molecular beam d
A novel method to prepare nanocrystalline SnO2