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多场景实时流媒体录制技术的研究与应用/The Research and Application of streaming media recording tec
便携式数字双导胃电记录仪的研制/Study on a portable device for long term EGG recording
热辅助垂直磁记录中激光加热的温度分布模拟/Simulation of Laser-induced Temperature Profile in Heat Ass
耐水性优良的喷墨记录材料的研究/Research of Ink-jet Recording Material with Excellent Water Fast
耐水性优良的喷墨记录材料的研究/Research of Ink-jet Recording Material with Excellent Water Fast
共工及其文献资料研究/Gong gong and His Document Data Study
Analysis on multi-track submicron-width recording in perpendicular magnetic reco
Demonstration of nanometer recording with a scanning probe microscope
Improved magneto-optical recording using short pulses from laser diodes
Recent progress in microtribology
Analysis of bouncing vibration and complete contact condition of a single-degree
Nanometer-sized phase-change recording using a scanning near-field optical micro
Internally oxidized cobalt-rich amorphous alloys for potential magnetic recordin
Investigation of nano-wear during contact recording
Near-infrared holographic recording in Sn2P2S6 with nanosecond pulses
Force modulation atomic force microscopy recording for ultrahigh density recordi
Nano-size magnetic crystallite formation in Co-Cr thin films for perpendicular r
Soft-magnetic fluxguide materials
Magnetooptical properties of nanometer crystal giant magnetooptical BiAlDyIG thi
Head slider simulation technologies for magnetic recording
Preparation of Co-Cr-Ta films with nano-size magnetic domains for 1000 kfci medi
Nanolayered chalcogenide glass structures for optical recording
Photopolymer-filled nanoporous glass as a dimensionally stable holographic recor
Nonvolatile holographic storage in photorefractive lithium tantalate crystals wi
Slider disk contact dynamics of glide heads and proximity recording sliders usin
Dynamic coercivity measurements in thin film recording media using a contact wri
Nanotechnology: a data storage perspective
Ni addition into Co ferrite-plated films
Optical storage properties of a novel organic complex thin film
Surface and subsurface damages and magnetic recording pattern degradation induce
Magnetic storage: The medium that wouldnt die
Recording at the nanometer scale on p-nitrobenzonitrile thin films by scanning t
Photothermoplastic recording of the time-averaged holographic interferograms by
Holographic recording in TiO2 nanoparticle-dispersed methacrylate photopolymer f
Nanoscale Data Recording on an Organic Monolayer Film
High-density laser-assisted magnetic recording on TbFeCo media with an Al underl
Nano-multilayers with high perpendicular anisotropy for magnetic recording
Near-field optical recording on a CdSe nanocrystal thin film
Size dependence of L10 ordering in FePt nanoparticles
A Multidye Nanostructured Material for Optical Data Storage and Security Data En
Demonstration of thermomechanical recording at 641 Gbit/in2
Phase equilibria in nanocrystalline magnetic recording materials
Liquid nanodroplets on thin film magnetic recording disks
TiO2 nanoparticle-photopolymer composites for volume holographic recording
Development of high-performance magnetic thin film for high-density magnetic rec
Improved patterned media for probe-based heat assisted magnetic recording
Nanoscale recording transducer for perpendicular magnetic recording
Neuro-vascular central nervous recording/stimulating system: Using nanotechnolog
Effect of hard-disk drive spindle motor vibration on dynamic microwaviness and f
An investigation of nano-wear during contact recording
Nanometer-scale recording on an organic-complex thin film with a scanning tunnel
Recording the shape of delayed signals with nanosecond discrete timing
CoPt/Ag nanocomposites for high density recording media
Efficiency of discrete holographic recording with nanosecond pulses in silver ha
Microscopic principles of information recording in condensed media
Potential of a wavelength sampling approach for profilometry by phase shifting i
Probability model and its application on the interaction of nano-spaced slider/d
Determination of average demagnetizing fields in longitudinal magnetic recording
Magnetic material research in the 20th century and perspectives for the near fut
Total internal reflection holographic recording in very thin films
Spray pyrolytic deposition of barium hexaferrite thin films for magnetic recordi
Phase change recording
Ultrahigh density data storage and molecular recording
Structural transition in organic thin films for nanometer scale data recording
Magneto-optical recording
Optical recording media using laser-induced size reduction of Au nanoparticles
Optical data recording by laser pulses in liquid-crystal cells with an azo-modif
Near-field optical readout combined with atomic force probe recording
Biologically-derived nanomagnets for ultrahigh density magnetic recording
Simple near-field optical recording using bent cantilever probes
Ion channels in small cells and subcellular structures can be studied with a sma
High-density optical storage with nanospheres on surface relief structure
Recent advances in magnetic force microscope technology for magnetic domain stru
The near-field optical memory
Microstructure and magnetic properties of CoPtCr-SiO2 perpendicular recording me
Head-to-disk spacing control in contact recording studies
Multiplexed, stack-wise, and parallel recording of near-field binary holograms
Nanofocusing recording probe for an optical disk memory
Overview of magneto-resistive probe heads for nanoscale magnetic recording appli
The investigation of nanostructures of magnetic recording media by TEM
Fabrication and magnetic properties of patterned magnetic recording media
Ultrahigh-density magneto-optical recording based on the effect of plasmon excit
High density magnetic recording on protein-derived nanoparticles
Recording studies on a self-assembling medium of cobalt nano-particles
Nanoscale silver oxide: a rewritable optical recording medium
Research on Rb-doped iron garnet films for magneto-optical recording
Surface modification of DLC film using conductive AFM
Numerical analysis of an annular-aperture solid immersion lens
Nanosize fabrication using etching of phase-change recording films
Nanometer-scale recording on a superhard and conductive carbon film using an ato
Electron beam recorder with nanometer-scale accuracy for 100 Gbit/in2 density ma
Microexplosion recording in spin-coated polymer films including ZnO nanoparticle
Write-once volumetric optical disk using transparent recording material with an
Synthesis of FePt and FePtCu nanoparticles by a reverse micelle method and studi
Thermal simulation for a two-dimensional near-field optical recording system usi
High-density laser-assisted magnetic recording on TbFeCo media
Holographic data storage on azobenzene photopolymer film using nanosecond laser
A novel wear-in-pad approach to minimizing spacing at the head/disk interface
Efficient techniques for the computer simulation of magnetic recording in comple
Resonant near-field optical sources for TAR
Off-axis STEM or TEM holography combined with four-dimensional diffraction imagi
Locating magnetic noise sources in TMR and GMR recording heads using scanning pr
Plasmon emission studies on nano-scale particulate recording materials
Nanoimprint lithography enables patterned tracks for high-capacity hard disks
High-density perpendicular recording media with large grain separation
Improvement of magnetic recording characteristics by narrowing the array pitch o
New development of multilayered optical memory for terabyte data storage
Humidity effects in magnetic recording
Preconditioning, write width, and recording properties of Co-Cr-Pt-O perpendicul
Nano-hardness testing with ultrasonic excitation
Nanofabricated and self-assembled magnetic structures as data storage media
Enhanced Raman scattering for temperature measurement of a laser-heated atomic f
Dynamic control of extracellular environment in in vitro neural recording system
Design of a manufacturable discrete track recording medium