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氧化铝模板法制备镍纳米线阵列及磁性能研究/Preparation and Magnetic Property of Ni Nanowires Array by
镍纳米线结构的理论研究/Studies on structures of Ni nanowire
硅(001)表面上硅化铒纳米结构的扫描隧道电子显微镜研究/STM study of erbium silicide nanostructures on Si(0
金属有机配合物M-TCNQ微纳米结构的制备和电学性能研究/prepatration and electrical properties of organomet
氧化锌一维纳米结构材料的制备与应用研究/Syntheis and applications of one dimension ZnO nanostructure
InAs纳米线的制备、表征及性质研究/Synthesis, Characterization and Property Study on InAs Nanowi
碳化硅及其相关产物纳米线的制备及其物理特性的研究/Study of the Preparation and Physical Characteristics o
Natural masking for producing sub-10-nm silicon nanowires
On mesoscopic forces and quantized conductance in model metallic nanowires
Magnetic properties of electrodeposited nanowires
Properties of nanowires in air. Controlled values of conductance
Novel pathway to PbSe nanowires at room temperature
Magnetic and transport properties of electrodeposited nanostructured nanowires
Laser ablation method for the synthesis of crystalline semiconductor nanowires
Nonlinear conductance of nanowires: a signature of Luttinger liquid effects?
Fabrication of silicon nanowires
Contacting single template synthesized nanowires for electric measurements
Semiconductor nanowires from oxides
Magnetoresistance of ferromagnetic nanowires
Synthesis of β-SiC nanowires with SiO2 wrappers
Microstructure of electrodeposited cobalt-based nanowires and its effect on thei
Novel nanostructured microstrip device for tunable stopband filtering applicatio
Giant magnetoresistance in Co-Cu granular alloy films and nanowires prepared by
Magnetic nanowires
Molecular nanowires of 1 nm diameter from capillary filling of single-walled car
Gold Nanowires Prepared by Template Synthesis Method
Solvothermal decomposition process for fabrication and particle sizes control of
Metallic nanowires created by biopolymer masking
Field-emission characteristics of SiC nanowires prepared by chemical-vapor depos
High-density InAs nanowires realized in situ on (100) InP
Advances in the creation of filled nanotubes and novel nanowires
Growth mechanism and quantum confinement effect of silicon nanowires
Chemical solution transport mechanism for one-dimensional growth of CdS nanowire
Formation of cadmium sulfide nanowires in different liquid crystal systems
Formation of nanowires of Bi atoms on a Si(100) surface
CuCo granular nanowires
Influence of contacts and inhomogeneities on the conductivity of nanowires
Supershell structure in alkali metal nanowires
Electrochemically synthesized Co and Fe nanowires and nanotubes
Highly polarized photoluminescence and photodetection from single indium phosphi
Bicrystalline silicon nanowires
Superconducting MgB2 nanowires
Formation of nanowires along ion trajectories in Si backbone polymers
Controlled growth of oriented amorphous silicon nanowires via a solid-liquid-sol
Growth of semiconductor nanowires on iron-patterned silicon substrates
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering of pyridine adsorbed on some metal nanowire ar
Molecular adsorption onto metallic quantum wires
Electrochemical fabrication of ordered Bi2S3 nanowire arrays
Synthesis and formation mechanism of PbCl2 nanowires by micelle-template method
Size-controlled synthesis of Pd nanowires using a mesoporous silica template via
Electron-beam induced growth of bare silver nanowires from zeolite crystallites
A general synthetic route to III-V compound semiconductor nanowires
Selective synthesis of novel In and In3Sn nanowires by an organometallic route a
Temperature dependence of Si nanowire morphology
Nanotubes and nanowires
Synthesis of ultra-long and highly oriented silicon oxide nanowires from liquid
Inorganic semiconductor nanowires: Rational growth, assembly, and novel properti
Large-scale synthesis of uniform silver nanowires through a soft, self-seeding,
Template synthesis of metal nanowires containing monolayer molecular junctions
Low-temperature synthesis of single-crystal germanium nanowires by chemical vapo
Reactive deposition of silicon nanowires templated on a stepped nickel surface
Chemically vapor deposited Si nanowires nucleated by self-assembled Ti islands o
Nucleation and growth of germanium nanowires seeded by organic monolayer-coated
Synthesis and characterization of crystalline Ag2Se nanowires through a template
A sonochemical approach to the synthesis of crystalline selenium nanowires in so
Large-scale synthesis of In2O3 nanowires
Synthesis of CdS nanowires by sulfurization
Influence of preparation conditions on the magnetic properties of an array of me
Mossbauer study of Fe-Co nanowires
Spin-resolved spectro-microscopy of magnetic nanowire arrays
Preparation of smooth single-crystal Mn3O4 nanowires
Electrochemical synthesis of copper nanowires
Antimony nanowire arrays fabricated by pulsed electrodeposition in anodic alumin
Fabrication, morphology and structural characterization of ordered single-crysta
Electronic transport properties of single-crystal silicon nanowires fabricated u
Anodic alumina template on Au/Si substrate and preparation of CdS nanowires
Synthesis of size-tunable silver iodide nanowires in reverse micelles
A novel morphology of SiOx nanowires with a modified diameter
Quantum conductance properties of metal nanowires
Metal silicide/silicon nanowires from metal vapor vacuum arc implantation
Spin-wave quantization in ferromagnetic nickel nanowires
Growth and characterization of well-aligned nc-Si/SiOx composite nanowires
Electrochemical self-assembly of Cu/Cu2O nanowires
Silica-based nanospheres, nanowires, nanosubstrates, nanotubes, and nanofiber ar
A simple method for the synthesis of highly oriented potassium-doped tungsten ox
Morphogenesis of one-dimensional ZnO nano- and microcrystals
Beaded bimetallic nanowires: Wiring nanoparticles of metal 1 using nanowires of
Single-nanowire elecctrically driven lasers
Single-crystalline barium titanate nanowires
Synthesis and characterization of nanoporous gold nanowires
Selective functionalization of two-component magnetic nanowires
Template-fabricated gold nanowires and nanotubes
Striped metal nanowires as building blocks and optical tags
Supercritical fluid-liquid-solid (SFLS) synthesis of Si and Ge nanowires seeded
Selective noncovalent adsorption of protein to bifunctional metallic nanowire su
Growth characteristics of silicon nanowires synthesized by vapor-liquid-solid gr
Synthesis of CuO and Cu2O crystalline nanowires using Cu(OH)2 nanowire templates
Two-step evaporation process for formation of aligned zinc oxide nanowires
Interactions between suspended nanowires and patterned surfaces
Vapor-Liquid-Solid Growth of Silicon-Germanium Nanowires
Low-temperature wafer-scale production of ZnO nanowire arrays
Optical properties of single-crystalline ZnO nanowires on m-sapphire
Biological applications of multifunctional magnetic nanowires (invited)
Electron states in modulated nanowires
Diameter-controlled growth of single-crystalline In2O3 nanowires and their elect
Nonlinear current-voltage characteristics of Pt nanowires and nanowire transisto
Templateless assembly of molecularly aligned conductive polymer nanowires: A new
Oxide-assisted growth of semiconducting nanowires
Three dimensional architectures of ultra-high density semiconducting nanowires d
Growth of Ni-nanowires by electrodeposition technique
Magnetization reversal of individual Fe nanowires in alumites studied by magneti
Fabrication of metal nanowires using microcontact printing
Growth of zinc oxide nanowires on silicon (100)
Silver nanowires key elements in precise explosives detector
Nanowires built by pulsed laser deposition process
Nanowires and Nanorings at the Atomic Level
Magnetoresistance and magnetization reversal process of Co nanowires covered wit
Optical Absorption and Photoluminescence Properties of the PPV Nanotubes and Nan
Direct synthesis of amorphous silicon dioxide nanowires and helical self-assembl
Interplay of Rayleigh and Peierls Instabilities in Metallic Nanowires
Optical properties of metallic nanowires
Growth of nanowires of β-NaxV2O5 by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Controlled structure of gallium oxide nanowires
Monodisperse metal nanowire arrays on Si by integration of template synthesis wi
New strategies for the synthesis of t-selenium nanorods and nanowires
Growth of zinc oxide nanowires by thermal evaporation on vicinal Si(1 0 0) subst
Electrodeposition of Ti nanowires on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite from an
Synthesis of gallium nitride nanowires with uniform [0 0 1] growth direction
Semiconductor nanowires surrounded by cylindrical Al2O3 shells
Microscopy Study of the Growth Process and Structural Features of Closely Packed
Large-scale synthesis of crystalline β-SiC nanowires
Formation of silver nanowires through a sandwiched reduction process
The synthesis of metal oxide nanowires by directly heating metal samples in appr
Electrochemical synthesis of polypyrrole nanowires
Growth and luminescence characterization of large-scale zinc oxide nanowires
Preparation of colloidal solutions of thin platinum nanowires
Effect of BN coatings on oxidation resistance and field emission of SiC nanowire
Fabrication of Self-Supported Patterns of Aligned β-FeOOH Nanowires by a Lo
Synthesis of TiSe2 Nanotubes/Nanowires
Anodic aluminum oxides template-assembled copper nanowires and TEM characterizat
Synthesis and characterization of MgAl2O4 spinel nanowires
Synthesis of Copper Nanowires via a Complex-Surfactant-Assisted Hydrothermal Red
Room-temperature ultraviolet-emitting In2O3 nanowires
Gold/titania core/sheath nanowires prepared by layer-by-layer assembly
Synthesis of highly aligned silicon oxide nanowires and their novel patterns
Low-temperature growth and Raman scattering study of vertically aligned ZnO nano
Growing and welding branched-structure semiconducting In2O3 nanowires
Epitaxial heterostructures: Side-to-side Si-Zns, Si-ZnSe biaxial nanowires, and
Controlling synthesis of silver nanowires and dendrites in mixed surfactant solu
Highly Dispersed Metal Nanoparticles in Porous Anodic Alumina Films Prepared by
Wet chemical synthesis of ultralong and straight single-crystalline ZnO nanowire
Rare-Earth-Compound Nanowires, Nanotubes, and Fullerene-Like Nanoparticles: Synt
Structure and electronic properties of aluminum nanowires
High-filling, large-area Ni nanowire arrays and the magnetic properties
Machinable long PVP-stabilized silver nanowires
Preparation and luminescent characteristics of LaPO4:Eu nanoparticles and nanowi
Hydrothermal synthesis of single-crystalline La0.5Ca 0.5MnO3 nanowires at low te
Influence of annealing on field emission properties of zinc oxide nanowires
In-situ TEM observation of the formation of Si nanowires under electron beam irr
Aqueous-Solution Growth of GaP and InP Nanowires: A General Route to Phosphide,
Selenium nanotubes synthesized by a novel solution phase approach
Growth of ternary oxide nanowires by gold-catalyzed vapor-phase evaporation
A new strategy to incorporate high density gold nanowires into the channels of m
Fabrication and property research of silver nanowires ordered array with anodic
Synthesis of chromium hemitrioxide nanorods and nanowires and the solid-state gr
Fabrication and microstructure analysis of SeO2 nanpwires
Synthesis of semiconductor nanowires by annealing
Synthesis and characterization of self-assembling (NH4) 0.5V2O5 nanowires
HRTEM and XRD study of the potassium hexatitanate nanowires
A facile room-temperature chemical reduction method to TiO2@CdS core/sheath hete
Selective Synthesis and Characterization of Single-Crystal Silver Molybdate/Tung
Electronic transport through individual ZnO nanowires
A novel route to controlled synthesis of selenium nanowires
Arrays of heterojunctions of Ag nanowires and amorphous carbon nanotubes
Evidence of an aggregative mechanism during the formation of silver nanowires in
Fragmentation of nanowires driven by Rayleigh instability
Fabrication in-situ SiC nanowires/SiC matrix composite by chemical vapour infilt
Growth of single-crystal indium nitride nanotubes and nanowires by a controlled-
Synthesis of Crystalline Silicon Tubular Nanostructures with ZnS Nanowires as Re
GaAs/AlGaAs nanowires capped with AlGaAs layers on GaAs(311)B substrates
New self-assembling nanomaterials: Development of nanowires based on the one-dim
The lattice dynamics of rectangular silicon nanowires
Catalytic synthesis, characterization and magnetic properties of iron phosphide
Spin dependent transport effects in Cu nanowires
TiO2-B nanowires
Low-Temperature Growth of Well-Aligned β-Ga2O3 Nanowires from a Single-Sour
WO2Cl2 nanotubes and nanowires
Vertically aligned sulfur-doped ZnO nanowires synthesized via chemical vapor dep
Domain wall diodes in ferromagnetic planar nanowires
Electrochemistry: Arrays of polymer nanowires
A molecular dynamics study of the tensile behaviour of ultrathin gold nanowires
Al2O3 Nanotubes Fabricated by Wet Etching of ZnO/Al2O3 Core/Shell Nanofibers
Effect of atmosphere on growth of single crystal zinc oxide nanowires
Silver nanowires by a sonoself-reduction template process
Growth and patterning of ZnO nanowires on silicon and LiNbO3 substrates
Low-Temperature Catalytic Growth of β-Ga2O3 Nanowires Using Single Organome
Photocurrent in ZnO nanowires grown from Au electrodes
Formation and size control of ZnO nanowires on Al-Zn-Si-Fe alloy by directed mel
Large-scale production of NbS2 nanowires and their performance in electronic fie
Synthesis of Ga2O3 nanowires by arc plasma
Magnetic properties of densely packed arrays of Ni nanowires as a function of th
Electronic structure of [100]-oriented free-standing semiconductor nanowires
Carbon-assisted synthesis of inorganic nanowires
Growth rate of a crystal facet of arbitrary size and growth kinetics of vertical
Molecular dynamics simulations of breaking metallic nanowires
Indication of unusual pentagonal structures in atomic-size Cu namwires
Magnetic and transport properties of Fe nanowires encapsulated in carbon nanotub
Misfit dislocation loops in composite nanowires
Well-aligned ZnO nanowire arrays fabricated on silicon substrates
A new method for the preparation of metal nanowires by the nebulized spray pyrol
Size-dependent periodically twinned ZnSe nanowires
Growth of an ordered array of oriented manganite nanowires in alumina templates
Micro-four-point-probe characterization of nanowires fabricated using the nanost
Conductive films of ordered nanowire arrays
Template fabrication of proten-functionalized gold-polypyrrole-gold segmented na
Mechanical properties of GaN and ZnO nanowires using nanoindentation
Bulk synthesis of a-SixNyH and a-SixO y straight and coiled nanowires
Semiconductor nanowires as building block for nanoelectronics and nanophotonics
Bismuth, tellurium, and bismuth telluride nanowires
Size control and associated photophysics of erbium-doped silicon nanowires
Polyaniline nanowires on Si surfaces fabricated with DNA templates
Templateless room-temperature assembly of nanowire networks from nanoparticles
ZnO nanowires synthesized by vapor trapping CVD method
Solution-Phase Synthesis of Single-Crystalline Iron Phosphide Nanorods/Nanowires
Single crystalline nanowires of lead: Large-scale synthesis, mechanistic studies
Receptor-mediated self-assembly of multi-component magnetic nanowires
Microtwinning in template-synthesized single-crystal metal nanowires
Fabrication and magnetic properties of fee CoxPt1-x nanowires
Structural properties of diamond nanowires: Theoretical predictions and experime
Semiconductor nanowires and nanotubes
Chemical surface passivation of Ge nanowires
Chemical sensing and catalysis by one-dimensional metal-oxide nanostructures
Synthesis and fabrication of high-performance n-type silicon nanowire transistor
Hierarchical oxide nanostructures
Investigation of Transversal Conductance in Semiconductor CdTe Nanowires with an
Preparation and characterization of CaCO3 nanowires
Polyol process preparation and characterization of Sb2Se3 nanowires
Preparation of SnO2 nanowires by AC electrodeposition in anodic alumina template
Fabrication of NiFe2O4 nanowire arrays and its magnetic properties
Synthesis and characterizations on Si nanowires
Electrical properties of silicon nanowires
Electrical transport studies of sodium titanate nanowires
Synthesis and characterization of cadmium orthosilicate nanowires
Experimental and simulational analysis of K2Ti6O13 nanowires structures
Synthesis of FeS2 nanowires and effect of sulfidation parameters on the formatio
Preparation of copper nanorods and nanowires by hydrothermal reduction
Pyrolysis approach to GaN nanowires with VLS mechanism
Surface molecularly imprinted polymer nanowires used for protein recognition
Preparation of Ni/γ-Fe2O3 composite nanowires
Synthesis of polyaniline nano-arrays on anodic aluminum oxide template by the di
Synthesis and study of calcium phosphate nanowires in microemulsion
Silicon nanowires fabricated by MEMS technology
Preparation of nickel oxide nanowire by homogeneous precipitation method
Control of the preferred orientation in electrodeposited single-crystal Fe nanow
X-ray diffraction investigation of single-crystal Co nanowires
Silicon carbide nanowires synthesized by arc discharge
Production and character of Al3O3N nanowires
Synthesis and microstructure of K2Ti6O13 nanowires
Microstructure and photoluminescence properties of bulk-quantity SnO 2 nanowires
Growth and characterization of high-quality GaN nanowires by ammonification tech
Cylindrical silver nanowires: Preparation, structure, and optical properties
Solvothermal synthesis of CdS nanowires in a mixed solvent of ethylenediamine an
Large-scale synthesis and microstructure of SnO2 nanowires coated with quantum-s
Synthesis of well-aligned ZnO nanowires without catalysts
Synthetic control of large-area, ordered bismuth nanowire arrays
A water-ethanol mixed-solution hydrothermal route to silicates nanowires
Synthesis and optical properties of Pb-doped ZnO nanowires
Band-gap engineering of semiconductor nanowires through composition modulation
Preparation and photoluminescence of yttrium hydroxide and yttrium oxide doped w
Silver nanowires with five-fold symmetric cross-section
Structural characterization of Zn3N2 nanowires prepared by nitridation technique
Layered hydrogen titanate nanowires with novel lithium intercalation properties
Magnetic coupling in Co1-xPtx (x0.5) nanowires electrodeposited on an AAO templa
High-quality ultralong Bi2S3 nanowires: Structure, growth, and properties
Large-scale fabrication of high-purity and uniform Zn nanowires by thermal evapo
Ferromagnetic GaMnN nanowires with Tc above room temperature
Controlled growth of large-scale silver nanowires
Synthesis and characterization of ultra-long silica nanowires
Synthesis and photoluminescence properties of Bi2S3 nanowires via surfactant mic
Growth of Cu2S ultrathin nanowires in a binary surfactant solvent
Fabrication and optical property of silicon oxide layer coated semiconductor gal
Photoluminescence and raman scattering correlated study of boron-doped silicon n
A simple route to large scale synthesis of crystalline αsi 3N4 nanowires
Elastic and plastic deformations of nickel nanowires under uniaxial compression
Field emission property improvement of ZnO nanowires coated with amorphous carbo
Large-scale controlled synthesis of silica nanotubes using zinc oxide nanowires
Selective synthesis of single-crystalline selenium nanobelts and nanowires in mi
High-temperature growth of silica sheathed Bi2S3 semiconductor nanowires
Growth temperature controlled shape variety of ZnO nanowires
Synthesis and field emission properties of TiSi2 nanowires
Large-scale crystalline GaN nanowires synthesized through a chemical vapor depos
Synthesis of copper nanowires under a direct current electric field
A simple method to synthesize single-crystalline Zn2SnO 4 (ZTO) nanowires and th
Preparation and characterization of straight and zigzag AlN nanowires
Effects of nanostructure on catalytic degradation of ethanol on SrCO 3 catalysts
Superconductivity near 35 K in aligned amorphous magnesium-doped BMgx nanowires
Strain-induced formation of K2Ti6O13 nanowires via ion exchange
Synthesis and characterization of large scale potassium titanate nanowires with
β-Ga2O3 nanowires and nanobelts synthesized by thermal evaporation
Improved photoluminescent properties in one-dimensional LaPO 4:Eu3+ nanowires
Synthesis and characterization of single-crystalline alumina nanowires
Amphiphilic ABC triblock copolymer-assisted synthesis of core/shell structured C
Electronic transition and energy transfer processes in LaPO 4-Ce3+/Tb3+ nanowire
High-power alkaline Zn-MnO2 batteries using γ-MnO 2 nanowires/nanotubes an
Quantum confinement of excitons in dendrite-like GaN nanowires
Electrostatically dissipative polystyrene nanocomposites containing copper nanow
Dynamical phase slipping in superconducting nanowires
Magnetic properties of ε-Fe3N-GaN core-shell nanowires
Structural and optical study of SnO2 nanobelts and nanowires
Energetics of copper nanowires
Electromechanical and electro-optical properties of nanowires
Synthesis, morphology, and magnetic characterization of iron oxide nanowires and
Nanotubes and nanowires: The effect of impurities and defects on their electroni
Growth of single-crystalline Ni and Co nanowires via electrochemical deposition
Doped and undoped ITO nanowires
Ab-initio study of structural, electronic, and mechanical properties of BiN (N =
Arrays of electroplated multilayered Co/Cu nanowires with controlled magnetic an
Large-scale synthesis of high-quality ultralong copper nanowires
Applied physics: Tunable supercurrent through semiconductor nanowires
Synthesis of highly oriented iron sulfide nanowires through solvothermal process
Diameter-dependent growth direction of epitaxial silicon nanowires
Synthesis and structural metastability of CdTe nanowires
Pristine semiconducting [110] silicon nanowires
Single-crystal SiC nanowires with a thin carbon coating for stronger and tougher
Needlelike bicrystalline GaN nanowires with excellent field emission properties
Formation of metallic nanowires by utilizing electromigration
New route of nanowire integration in microfabrication processes for sensor appli
Ordered arrays of silicon nanowires produced by nanosphere lithography and molec
UHV chemical vapour deposition of silicon nanowires
Controlled fabrication of poly- And single-crystalline bismuth nanowires
Conductive metal nanowires templated by the nucleoprotein filaments, complex of
Self-assembly of SiO2 nanowires and Si microwires into hierarchical heterostruct
Fabrication of rhenium nanowires by selective etching of eutectic alloys
Excellent field-emission properties of P-doped GaN nanowires
Synthesis of CuInS2 nanowires and their characterization
Liquid crystalline nanowires in porous alumina: Geometric confinement versus inf
Diameter distributions of metallic nanowires formed by galvanic deposition insid
Photoluminescence and photomodulated transmittance spectroscopy of ZnO nanowires
Synthesis of semiconductor nanowires by pulsed current electrodeposition of meta
Electrochemically deposited polyaniline nanowires network a high-performance ele
Synthesis and optical study of crystalline GaP nanoflowers
On the morphological instability of silicon/silicon dioxide nanowires
Synthesis of single-crystal manganese dioxide nanowires by a soft chemical proce
Catalyst-free growth of GaAs nanowires by selective-area metalorganic vapor-phas
Polypyrrole nanowires grown from single adsorbed polyelectrolyte molecules
Characterization of lead-bismuth eutectic nanowires
Atomically abrupt heteronanojunction of ZnO nanorods on SiC nanowires prepared b
Mechanical properties of Au nanowires under uniaxial tension with high strain-ra
Large-scale surface-programmed assembly of pristine vanadium oxide nanowire-base
Electrochemical synthesis of polypyrrole within PMMA nanochannels produced by AF
Metallic and semimetallic silicon [Left Angle Bracket] 100 [Right Angle Bracket]
Optical and field emission properties of thin single-crystalline GaN nanowires
Gallium-doped silicon nitride nanowires sheathed with amorphous silicon oxynitri
Selective growth of vertical ZnO nanowires on ZnO:Ga/Si3 N 4/SiO2/Si templates
Formation of β-Ga2O3-TiO2 nanobarcodes from core-shell nanowires
Spontaneous self-agglomeration of magnetic nanoparticles into nanowires
Low-temperature ( [similar to] 250 °c) route to lateral growth of ZnO nanowi
Synthesis and optical properties of S-doped ZnO nanostructures: Nanonails and na
The vibration and photoluminescence properties of one-dimensional ZnO nanowires
Lithium-ion intercalation into TiO2-B nanowires
ZnO nanowires with high aspect ratios grown by metalorganic chemical vapor depos
Dielectrophoretic manipulation and electrical characterization of gold nanowires
Formation procedure and microstructural analysis of Pb7Bi 2 (Pb-Bi) alloy nanowi
Self-aligned silicon quantum wires on Ag(1 1 0)
Comparative structure and optical properties of Ga-, In-, and Sn-doped ZnO nanow
Co Fe2 O4 nanostructures with high coercivity
Single-crystalline diluted magnetic semiconductor GaN:Mn nanowires
Growth behaviour of well-aligned ZnO nanowires on a Si substrate at low temperat
Characterization of infrared chemical sensors modified with ZnO nanowires for th
Ultraviolet photodetectors with low temperature synthesized vertical ZnO nanowir
Synthesis and characterization of heterostructured Mn3GaN 0.5/GaN nanowires
CoNi nanowires synthesized by heterogeneous nucleation in liquid polyol
Synthesis of taperlike Si nanowires with strong field emission
Novel electrodeposition behavior of Ni on porous anodic alumina templates withou
Fabrication of chestnut bur-like particles covered with ZnO nanowires
Synthesis of ZnO nanowires and nanosheets by an O2-assisted carbothermal reducti
Microwave detection at 110 GHz by nanowires with broken symmetry
Fabrication of metal nanowires by atomic force microscopy nanoscratching and lif
Stimulated emission and lasing of random-growth oriented ZnO nanowires
Synthesis and optical properties of well-aligned ZnS nanowires on Si substrate
Friction transfer deposition of ordered conjugated polymer nanowires and transis
Potentiostatic deposition and characterization of cuprous oxide films and nanowi
Nanophotonics: Painting nanowires yields high-speed circuits
Well-aligned Mn-doped ZnO nanowires synthesized by a chemical vapor deposition m
Optically active quantum dots embedded in nanowires
Growth of AlGaN nanowires by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Size and shape evolution of embedded single-crystal α -Fe nanowires
Nanophotonics: Femtosecond laser used for ZnO nanowire synthesis
Solar cells from nanowires
Low-frequency phase locking in high-inductance superconducting nanowires
Copper nanowires broken into nanospheres by Rayleigh instability
Well-aligned zinc oxide nanorods and nanowires prepared without catalyst
Complementary response of In2O3 nanowires and carbon nanotubes to low-density li
Synthesis and characterization of S-doped ZnO nanowires produced by a simple sol
Carbon-assisted synthesis of aligned ZnO nanowires
Nanoscale progress leaps physical hurdles
Photoluminescence of Ag-doped ZnSe nanowires synthesized by metalorganic chemica
Nanowires corralled for interconnect tasks
Fabrication and physical properties of Pb/Cu multilayered superconducting nanowi
Nanowires look promising for plastic circuits
New Mo6S3-xSexI6 (x = 0.05) nanowires
Femtosecond laser assisted growth of ZnO nanowires
Thermoelectric properties of individual electrodeposited bismuth telluride nanow
Selective nanowire growth: Application to self-assembled nano-bridge fabrication
A method for the rapid synthesis of large quantities of metal oxide nanowires at
Anomalous electrorheological behavior of ZnO nanowires
Superconducting NbSe2 nanowires and nanoribbons converted from NbSe 3 nanostruct
Growth of single conductive nanowires at prescribed loci
Photoemission studies of passivation of germanium nanowires
Transmission electron microscopy and electron energy-loss spectroscopy analysis
Growth of Zinc Oxide nanowires and nanobelts for gas sensing applications
Multiprobe perpendicular giant magnetoresistance measurements on isolated multil
Differences in the magnetic properties of Co, Fe, and Ni 250-300 nm wide nanowir
Routes to grow well-aligned arrays of ZnSe nanowires and nanorods
Growth mechanism of stacked-cone and smooth-surface GaN nanowires
Formation and phase transformation of selenium nanowire arrays in anodic porous
Hierarchically ordered cadmium sulfide nanowires dispersed in aqueous solution
Strain induced photoluminescence from silicon and germanium nanowire arrays
Thermal stability and strength of polycrystalline nanowires
Ultranarrow ZnSe nanorods and nanowires: Structure, spectroscopy, and one-dimens
Structures of Si and Ge nanowires in the subnanometer range
Tunable bands of electronic image states in nanowire lattices
Solubility of Mo6S4.5I4.5 nanowires in common solvents: A sedimentation study
Failure of the vapor-liquid-solid mechanism in au-assisted MOVPE growth of InAs
Growth and optical properties of strained GaAs-Gaxin 1-xP core-shell nanowires
Controlled fabrication of silicon nanowires by electron beam lithography and ele
Synthesis of ultrathin zinc nanowires and nanotubes by vapor transport
Micrometer-long gold nanowires fabricated using block copolymer templates
Mechanical properties of ultrahigh-strength gold nanowires
Optically bright quantum dots in single nanowires
Computer simulations in the study of gold nanowires: The effect of impurities
Size-reduced silicon nanowires: Fabrication and electrical characterization
Analysis of magnetic interaction in Ni nanowire array grown using electrodeposit
DNA-templated assembly of conducting gold nanowires between gold electrodes on a
Systematic study on experimental conditions for large-scale growth of aligned Zn
Electronic control of chemistry and catalysis at the surface of an individual ti
Optimization of yield in magnetic cell separations using nickel nanowires of dif
Elastic property of vertically aligned nanowires
Electric-field assisted growth and self-assembly of intrinsic silicon nanowires
Template synthesis and magnetic manipulation of nickel nanowires
Designing PbSe nanowires and nanorings through oriented attachment of nanopartic
Shape memory effect in Cu nanowires
Research advances: Designer wires
Oxidation resistant germanium nanowires: Bulk synthesis, long chain alkanethiol
Corrosion at the nanoscale: The case of silver nanowires and nanoparticles
Dielectrophoretically controlled fabrication of single-crystal nickel silicide n
SiC nanowires synthesized from electrospun nanofiber templates
Chalcogenide nanowires by evaporation-condensation
Manipulation and assembly of nanowires with holographic optical traps
Effect of diborane on the microstructure of boron-doped silicon nanowires
Catalytic hydride vapour phase epitaxy growth of GaN nanowires
Metal coatings on SiC nanowires by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Tetragonal phase transformation in gold nanowires
Epitaxial growth of ZnO nanowires on a- and c-plane sapphire
The dynamics of nanowire self-assembly
Pseudoelasticity of single crystalline Cu nanowires through reversible lattice r
Spontaneous polarization in one-dimensional Pb(ZrTi)O3 nanowires
Shape memory and pseudoelasticity in metal nanowires
Growth of individual vertical germanium nanowires
Straight single-crystalline germanium nanowires and their patterns grown on sol-
A novel interconnection technique for manufacturing nanowire devices
Ferromagnetism in Mn-doped GaN nanowires
Deterministic one-to-one synthesis of germanium nanowires and individual gold na
Theory of metastability in simple metal nanowires
Covalent functionalization and biomolecular recognition properties of DNA-modifi
The chemistry and physics of semiconductor nanowires
Room temperature gas sensor based on metallic nanowires
Germanium-catalyzed growth of zinc oxide nanowires: A semiconductor catalyst for
Structure, stability, and quantum conductivity of small diameter silicon nanowir
Three-dimensional interconnected nanowire networks of ZnO
Efficient synthesis and electronic studies of core-shell nanowires based on colo
Three-helix bundle DNA tiles self-assemble into 2D lattice or 1D templates for s
Mechanisms of 1D crystal growth in reactive vapor transport: Indium nitride nano
Reversible resistance modulation in mesoscopic silver wires induced by exposure
Carbon nanotube-conducting-polymer composite nanowires
Fabrication of large number density platinum nanowire arrays by size reduction l
Fabrication of large arrays of metallic nanowires on V-grooved substrates
Shot noise in the presence of phonon-assisted transport through quasiballistic n
Magnetic switching and thermal enhancement of quantum transport through nanowire
Cluster-derived structures and conductance fluctuations in nanowires
Shape effects on conductance quantization in three-dimensional nanowires: hard v
Magnetic relaxation of nanowires: beyond the Néel-Brown activation proces
Fabrication and characterization of metallic nanowires
Conductance quantization in bismuth nanowires at 4 K
Conductance quantization at room temperature in magnetic and nonmagnetic metalli
Disorder as origin of residual resistance in nanowires
Conductance quantization in nanowires formed between micro and macroscopic metal
Transmission electron microscopy study of Si nanowires
Finite-size effects in bismuth nanowires
Electron propagation along a nanowire: A study in chattering
A novel pathway to PbSe nanowires at room temperature
Adsorbate effect on conductance quantization in metallic nanowires
Fabrication of silicon nanowires
Dependence of the silicon nanowire diameter on ambient pressure
Study on thermal oxidation of Si nanowires
Photoinduced superconducting nanowires in GdBa2Cu3O6.5 films
Electrochemical formation of novel nanowires and their dynamic effects
Raman spectra of silicon nanowires with excitations from various laser wavelengt
Magneto-optics of electronic transport in nanowires
Fabrication and photoluminescence investigation of silicon nanowires on silicon-
SiO2-enhanced synthesis of Si nanowires by laser ablation
Synthesis and characterization of amorphous carbon nanowires
High-density InAs nanowires realized in situ on (100) InP
Controlled growth and electrical properties of heterojunctions of carbon nanotub
One-dimensional growth mechanism of crystalline silicon nanowires
Growth and characterization of boron carbide nanowires
Electronic and dynamic studies of boron carbide nanowires
Magnetic nanowires
Large-scale synthesis of single crystalline gallium nitride nanowires
Molecular dynamics simulation of thermal conductivity of silicon nanowires
Diameter modification of silicon nanowires by ambient gas
Ga2O3 nanowires prepared by physical evaporation
Thermoelectric power of bismuth nanowires
Fabrication and optical property of copper nanowires in nuclear track membranes
Nanostructure of GaN and SiC nanowires based on carbon nanotubes
Synthesis of nanotubes and nanowires of silicon oxide
Nonlinear Peltier effect and thermoconductance in nanowires
Fullerene-structured nanowires of silicon
Template synthesis of bismuth telluride nanowires
Monte Carlo simulation of breaking of gold nanowires
Si nanowires grown from silicon oxide
Polythiophene nanowires
Fabrication and properties of arrays of superconducting nanowires
Morphology of Si nanowires synthesized by high-temperature laser ablation
Single crystal superconductor nanowires by electrodeposition
A novel nanostructured microstrip device for tunable stopband filtering applicat
Nanometer-scale capacitors
Enhanced magnetic coercivities in Fe nanowires
Si nanowires synthesized by laser ablation of mixed SiC and SiO2 powders
Crystalline gallium oxide nanowires: intensive blue light emitters
Long-range magnetostatic interactions in arrays of nanowires
Synthesis of coaxial nanowires of silicon nitride sheathed with silicon and sili
A simple route to annihilate defects in silicon nanowires
Luttinger-liquid-like transport in long InSb nanowires
Magnetic localization in transition-metal nanowires
Bulk-quantity GaN nanowires synthesized from hot filament chemical vapor deposit
Formation of carbon nanostructures with Ge and SiC nanoparticles prepared by dir
Structural investigation of gallium oxide (β-Ga2O3) nanowires grown by arc-
Large-scale catalytic synthesis of crystalline gallium nitride nanowires
Control of thickness and orientation of solution-grown silicon nanowires
Chemical vapor deposition of Si nanowires nucleated by TiSi2 islands on Si
Electric-field assisted assembly and alignment of metallic nanowires
Doping and electrical transport in silicon nanowires
Magnetic properties of Ni nanowires in self-assembled arrays
Silver nanowires grown in the pores of a silica gel
Growth of silicon nanowires by chemical vapor deposition: approach by charged cl
Synthesis of titanium carbide nanowires
Synthesis and characterization of SiC nanowires through a reduction-carburizatio
Oriented silicon carbide nanowires: synthesis and field emission properties
Large-scale synthesis of β-SiC nanowires by using mesoporous silica embedde
Growth behaviour of straight crystalline copper sulphide nanowires
Study of the magnetization reversal in individual nickel nanowires
Electronic structure of silicon nanowires: A photoemission and X-ray absorption
Plasmon-loss imaging of chains of crystalline-silicon nanospheres and silicon na
Germanium nanowires sheathed with an oxide layer
Laser ablation synthesis and optical characterization of silicon carbide nanowir
Carbon nanotubes filled with long continuous cobalt nanowires
Comparative study of Ni nanowires patterned by electron-beam lithography and fab
Magnetic properties and magnetization reversal of α-Fe nanowires deposited
Large deformation and amorphization of Ni nanowires under uniaxial strain: A mol
Synthesis of large areas of highly oriented, very long silicon nanowires
Real-space observation of dipolar antiferromagnetism in magnetic nanowires by sp
Preparation and characterization of amorphous SiOx nanowires
Self-assembly of Si nanostructures
Straight and smooth GaN nanowires
Carbon nanotube templated self-assembly and thermal processing of gold nanowires
Intersubband transitions in bismuth nanowires
Growth of large-scale GaN nanowires and tubes by direct reaction of Ga with NH3
Side-by-side silicon carbide-silica biaxial nanowires: Synthesis, structure, and
Bulk-quantity Si nanowires synthesized by SiO sublimation
Simple and high-yield method for synthesizing single-crystal GaN nanowires
Molecular detection based on conductance quantization of nanowires
Theoretical investigation of thermoelectric transport properties of cylindrical
Silicon nanowires grown on iron-patterned silicon substrates
Synthesis and characterization of helical multi-shell gold nanowires
Metallic nanowires: multi-shelled or filled?
A chemical solution transport mechanism for one-dimensional growth of CdS nanowi
Raman-scattering spectrum of GaN straight nanowires
AuPd catalytic nanoparticle size effect on the formation of amorphous silicon na
Synthesis and optical properties of gallium arsenide nanowires
Structures and melting in infinite gold nanowires
Germanium/carbon core-sheath nanostructures
General synthesis of compound semiconductor nanowires
Multilayered CoAg/Ag- and CoNiAg/Ag-films and nanowires
Silicon nanowires: preparation, device fabrication, and transport properties
Fabrication and Mossbauer study of arrays of Fe1-xNix nanowires
Catalytic synthesis of straight silicon nanowires over Fe containing silica gel
Catalytic synthesis and photoluminescence of β-Ga2O3 nanowires
Oxide-assisted growth and optical characterization of gallium-arsenide nanowires
Growth of silicon nanowires via nickel/SiCl4 vapor-liquid-solid reaction
Formation of silver nanowires in aqueous solutions of a double-hydrophilic block
Quantum suppression of the Rayleigh instability in nanowires
Fabrication and photoluminescence of ordered GaN nanowire arrays
Scanning tunneling microscopic study of boron-doped silicon nanowires
A simple method to synthesize Si3N4 and SiO2 nanowires from Si or Si/SiO2 mixtur
Fabrication and temperature dependence of the resistance of single-crystalline B
Removable template route to metallic nanowires and nanogaps
Synthesis of α-SiO2 nanowires using Au nanoparticle catalysts on a silicon
Study on magnetic properties of Fe-nanowires by micromagnetic simulation
Growth of amorphous silicon nanowires
Novel structures and properties of gold nanowires
Surfactant-assisted synthesis of semiconductor nanotubes and nanowires
Growth sequence, novel structure and properties of gold nanowires
Magnetic properties of electrochemically prepared α-Fe and Fe21Ni79 alloy
Microstructures of gallium nitride nanowires synthesized by oxide-assisted metho
Micro-Raman investigation of GaN nanowires prepared by direct reaction Ga with N
Structures and electronic properties of ultrathin titanium nanowires
String tension and stability of magic tip-suspended nanowires
SiC nanowires grown on silicon (100) wafer by MPCVD method
Silica-assisted catalytic growth of oxide and nitride nanowires
The influence of magnetic field on the crystal growth of electrodeposited Co nan
Si nanowires synthesized from silicon monoxide by laser ablation
Construction of highly conductive nanowires on a DNA template
Synthesis and microstructure of gallium phosphide nanowires
Array of nickel nanowires enveloped in polyaniline nanotubules and its magnetic
Synthesis of thin Si whiskers (nanowires) using SiCl4
Synthesis of GaN nanotubes
In situ catalytic growth of Al2O3 and Si nanowires
Single crystal GaN nanowires
Modelling of structural and threshold voltage characteristics of randomly doped
Preparation and photoluminescence properties of crystalline GeO2 nanowires
Bulk synthesis of silicon nanowires using a low-temperature vapor-liquid-solid m
Highly polarised photoluminescence and photodetection from single indium phosphi
Magnetic alignment of fluorescent nanowires
Quantum conductance of helical nanowires
Transport properties of Bi1-xSbx alloy nanowires synthesized by pressure injecti
Characterizations of simultaneously fabricated silicon and silicon monoxide nano
Self-assembled rare-earth silicide nanowires on Si(001)
Diameter-controlled synthesis of single-crystal silicon nanowires
Quantum effects in electrical and thermal transport through nanowires
Nanowire nanolasers: surface emission, UV wavelength, and room-temperature opera
Synthetic control of the diameter and length of single crystal semiconductor nan
Magnetic and structural properties of electrochemically self-assembled Fe1-xCox
Extinction properties of thin metallic nanowires
Infrared and Raman-scattering studies in single-crystalline GaN nanowires
Multi-shell gold nanowires under compression
Crossover from electronic to atomic shell structure in alkali metal nanowires
Plasmon resonant coupling in metallic nanowires
The formation of dimensionally ordered germanium nanowires within mesoporous sil
Shell effects in alkali metal nanowires
Preparation and characterization of carbon nanotubes encapsulated GaN nanowires
How do gold nanowires break?
Structure and magnetic properties of electrodeposited cobalt nanowires
Theory of spin excitations and the microwave response of cylindrical ferromagnet
Low temperature growth and photoluminescence of well-aligned zinc oxide nanowire
Structures of cylindrical ultrathin copper nanowires
Physical behaviour and theoretical understanding of nanowires
MFM imaging of nanowires and elongated patterned elements
Defects in ultrathin copper nanowires: atomistic simulations
Nanowires, nanobelts and related nanostructures of Ga2O3
Structures of ultrathin copper nanotubes
Synthesis of conducting nanowires
Luminescence properties of Zn nanowires prepared by electrochemical etching
TTF[Ni(dmit)2]2: now as thin films and nanowires
Spin-on-based fabrication of titania nanowires using a sol-gel process
Molecular dynamics simulation study of the melting of ultra-thin copper nanowire
Pentagonal multi-shell Cu nanowires
Tungsten nanowires and their field electron emission properties
Spin filtering by ferromagnetic nanowires
Growth of silver nanowires using mica structure as a template and ultrahigh diel
E2/h quantization of the conduction in Cu nanowires
β-Ga2O3 nanowires synthesized from milled GaN powders
Field emission from well-aligned zinc oxide nanowires grown at low temperature
Structural and optical properties of ZnO nanowires synthesized from ball-milled
Strained gallium nitride nanowires
Direct synthesis of β-SiC and h-BN coated β-SiC nanowires
Formation of carbon nanowires by annealing silicon carbide films deposited by ma
Ag nanowires self-assembling on Si(5512) surfaces
High purity single crystalline boron carbide nanowires
Magic structures of helical multishell zirconium nanowires
Growth of CdS nanowires by physical vapor deposition
Influence of silicon dioxide doping on morphology of silicon nanowires grown by
Template synthesis of Y-junction metal nanowires
Preparation of CdS nanowires by the decomposition of the complex in the presence
β-Ga2O3 nanowires on unpatterned and patterned MgO single crystal substrate
SiC and its bicrystalline nanowires with uniform BN coatings
Temperature dependence of the Mossbauer effect on Prussian blue nanowires
Photoinduced organic nanowires from self-assembled monolayers
A simple wet chemical route for large-scale synthesis of Cu(OH)2 nanowires
Investigation on the growth of boron carbide nanowires
SERS mechanism of nickel electrode
Detection and manipulation of single charges in Si nanowires
Switching behavior of single nanowires inside dense nickel nanowire arrays
High-quality GaN nanowires synthesized using a CVD approach
Fabrication and characterization of In2O3 nanowires
Field emission from an array of free-standing metallic nanowires
Synthesis of La1-xCaxMnO3 nanowires by a sol-gel process
Ferrocene-activated growth of carbon-reinforced silica nanowires from a planar s
Connecting nanowires consisting of Au55 with model electrodes
Oxide-assisted catalytic growth of MgO nanowires with uniform diameter distribut
Control of growth orientation of GaN nanowires
Fabrication and characteristics of ordered Ni nanostructures on glass by anodiza
Photoluminescence and infrared properties of α-Al2O3 nanowires and nanobel
Sample refinement and manipulation of silicon nanowires a step towards single wi
Magneto-optical study of the magnetization reversal process of Fe nanowires
Self-assembly of Si and SiOx nanostructures
One-dimensional growth mechanism of amorphous boron nanowires
Direct growth of β-SiC nanowires from SiOx thin films deposited on Si(100)
Catalytic growth of semiconducting zinc oxide nanowires and their photoluminesce
PVA-assisted synthesis and characterization of CdSe and CdTe nanowires
Synthesis of β-Ga2O3 nanowires by laser ablation
On the growth of CdS nanowires by the evaporation of CdS nanopowders
Synthesis, morphologies and Raman-scattering spectra of crystalline stannic oxid
Synthesis and Raman scattering study of rutile SnO2 nanowires
Synthesis of aluminum nitride nanowires
Hydrothermal preparation of long nanowires of vanadium oxide
Nanowires of metal borates
In situ growth of isotopically enriched 28Si nanowires using the floating-zone (
Growth of silicon nanowires by heating Si substrate
Size effect on the thermal conductivity of nanowires
A new phenomenon in the floating-zone (FZ) growth of Si nanowires
Directional CdS nanowires fabricated by chemical bath deposition
Solid-state room-temperature route to silver composite nanowires
Catalytic growth of large-scale single-crystal CdS nanowires by physical evapora
Synthesis of boron nitride nanowires
Electronic and geometric structure of thin stable short silicon nanowires
Synthesis of well-aligned boron nanowires and their structural stability under h
Needle-shaped silicon carbide nanowires: Synthesis and field electron emission p
Formation of ZnO nanostructures by a simple way of thermal evaporation
Novel method synthesis of CdO nanowires
Low-temperature resistance of DNA-templated nanowires
Application of energy-filtering transmission electron microscopy to characterize
Phonon heat transport in silicon nanowires
Magnetoresistance of single Co nanowires
Synthesis of crystalline alumina nanowires and nanotrees
Growth orientation of one-dimensional silicon nanowires prepared by thermal evap
Ab initio calculated electronic structure of metallic nanowires and nanotubes
Cu/SiO2-x nanowires with compositional modulation structure grown via thermal ev
Single-electron effects in highly doped polysilicon nanowires [single-electron t
Catalytic growth and photoluminescence properties of semiconductor single-crysta
Investigation of the growth process of Si nanowires using the vapour-liquid-soli
A simple method to synthesize nanowires
Spontaneous magnetization of aluminum nanowires deposited on the NaCl(100) surfa
Template synthesis of Au/Co multilayered nanowires by electrochemical deposition
Electronic structure and prediction of magnetism in metallic nanowires
A graphical technique for finding equilibrium magnetic domain walls in multilaye
Low-temperature catalytic synthesis of gallium nitride nanowires
Tailoring the optical properties of silicon nanowire arrays through strain
Origin of the vertical-anticorrelation arrays of InAs/InAlAs nanowires with a fi
Field-emission induced growth of nanowires
Preparation and magnetic behavior of arrays of electrodeposited Co nanowires
Electrochemical synthesis of Ag/Co multilayered nanowires in porous polycarbonat
Non-diffraction-limited light transport by gold nanowires
Selective-area growth of indium nitride nanowires on gold-patterned Si(100) subs
Spin-wave quantization in ferromagnetic nickel nanowires [using Brillouin scatte
Current-voltage characterization of alkanethiol self-assembled monolayers in met
Magnetization reversal processes in amorphous and polycrystalline Co-Si patterne
Fabrication of Cu-induced networks of linear nanostructures on different length
Synthesis and characterization of uniform nanowires of trigonal selenium
Cuprite nanowires by electrodeposition from lyotropic reverse hexagonal liquid c
Making electrical contacts to nanowires with a thick oxide coating
Fabrication of alumina nanotubes and nanowires by etching porous alumina membran
Template growth of photoconductive metal-CdSe-metal nanowires
Controlled growth of ZnO nanowires and their optical properties
Twinning in TiSi2-island catalyzed Si nanowires grown by gas-source molecular-be
Magnetization reversal of individual nanowires with controlled defects
Electrodeposited magnetic nanowires: arrays, field-induced assembly, and surface
Helical crystalline SiC/SiO2 core-shell nanowires
Gd disilicide nanowires attached to Si(111) steps
Fabrication of nanoporous gold nanowires
Crystalline silver nanowires by soft solution processing
Semimetal-semiconductor transition in Bi1-xSbx alloy nanowires and their thermoe
Holmium growth on Si(001): surface reconstructions and nanowire formation
Block-by-block growth of single-crystalline Si/SiGe superlattice nanowires
Near-field imaging of nonlinear optical mixing in single zinc oxide nanowires
Synthesis and characterization of MgO nanowires through a vapor-phase precursor
Spontaneous growth of an InAs nanowire lattice in an InAs/GaSb superlattice
Template-directed vapor-liquid-solid growth of silicon nanowires
Ferroelectric properties of individual barium titanate nanowires investigated by
Inorganic semiconductor nanowires
Growth of nanowire superlattice structures for nanoscale photonics and electroni
Fabrication of luminescent nanostructures and polymer nanowires using dip-pen na
Lithium-assisted self-assembly of aluminum carbide nanowires and nanoribbons
Hierarchical ZnO nanostructures
Size-dependent photoluminescence from single indium phosphide nanowires
Perpendicular giant magnetoresistance in Fe/Cr nanowires
CuO nanowires can be synthesized by heating copper substrates in air
Synthesis of molybdenum nanowires with millimeter-scale lengths using electroche
Sensors from electrodeposited metal nanowires
Growth and evolution of epitaxial erbium disilicide nanowires on Si (001)
Spontaneous organization of single CdTe nanoparticles into luminescent nanowires
Nonequilibrium self-assembly of metals on diblock copolymer templates
Tuning the response of magnetic suspensions
Fabrication and characterization of Co1-xFex alloy nanowires
A scanning tunneling microscopy study of dysprosium silicide nanowire growth on
Temperature dependence of the quality of silicon nanowires produced over a titan
Growth of single crystal silicon nanowires in supercritical silicon solution fro
Metalorganic chemical vapor deposition route to GaN nanowires with triangular cr
Growth characteristics of silicon nanowires synthesised by vapor-liquid-solid gr
Predictions of new crystalline states for assemblies of nanoparticles: perovskit
Thermal stability of Ti-catalyzed Si nanowires
Electronic transport studies of single-crystalline In2O3 nanowires
Surface fluctuations and the stability of metal nanowires
Fabrication of cobalt silicide nanowire contacts to silicon nanowires
Local synthesis of silicon nanowires and carbon nanotubes on microbridges
Deposition of AuxAg1-x/AuyAg1-y multilayers and multisegment nanowires
Resonance vibration of amorphous SiO2 nanowires driven by mechanical or electric
Hysteretic I-V curves of superconducting nanowires
The smallest molecular switch
Synthesis and characterization of superconducting single-crystal Sn nanowires
Catalytic growth of CdS nanobelts and nanowires on tungsten substrates
Watching GaN nanowires grow
Plasmon modes and negative refraction in metal nanowire composites
Doping dependent NH3 sensing of indium oxide nanowires
Nanoindentation of silver nanowires
Nanoimprint lithography for hybrid plastic electronics
Amorphous silica nanowires grown by the vapor-solid mechanism
Optical absorption from an indirect transition in bismuth nanowires
Barcoded metal nanowires: optical reflectivity and patterned fluorescence
Topotactic thermal oxidation of Sn nanowires: intermediate suboxides and core-sh
Synthesis, chemical modification, and surface assembly of carbon nanowires
Electrical transport in boron nanowires
Optical spectroscopy of silicon nanowires
Surface treatment and doping dependence of In2O3 nanowires as ammonia sensors
Integrated nanoscale silicon sensors using top-down fabrication
Formation of metallic zinc nanowires
Spectroscopy of individual silicon nanowires
Surface optical phonons in gallium phosphide nanowires
Laser-induced Fano resonance scattering in silicon nanowires
Spin-wave modes in magnetic nanowires
Cell manipulation using magnetic nanowires
Determination of carrier density in Te-doped bi nanowires
Polarization-dependent reflectivity from dielectric nanowires
Nucleation of Ti-catalyzed self-assembled kinked Si nanowires grown by gas sourc
Ordered arrays of rare-earth silicide nanowires on Si(001)
InAs nanowires and whiskers grown by reaction of indium with GaAs
Controlled growth of gallium nitride single-crystal nanowires using a chemical v
Single crystalline nanowires of lead can be synthesized through thermal decompos
Ultraviolet photodetection properties of indium oxide nanowires
Synthesis of CuO and Cu2O crystalline nanowires using Cu(OH2) nanowire templates
Finite-size effects in the conductance and giant magnetoresistance of Fe/Cr and
DNA-templated, self-assembly of protein arrays and highly conductive nanowires
Synthesis of p-type gallium nitride nanowires for electronic and photonic nanode
Current rectification in a single GaN nanowire with a well-defined p-n junction
Micromagnetic behavior of electrodeposited Ni/Cu multilayer nanowires
Stochastic assembly of sublithographic nanoscale interfaces
Thermoelectric properties of superlattice nanowires
Modeling of hysteresis and magnetization curves for hexagonally ordered electrod
Magnetotransport properties of bent ferromagnetic nanowires
Biological applications of multifunctional magnetic nanowires
Is there a thermodynamic size limit of nanowires grown by the vapor-liquid-solid
Sonochemical synthesis of trigonal selenium nanowires
Growth of parallel rare-earth silicide nanowire arrays on vicinal Si(001)
Seedless, surfactantless wet chemical synthesis of silver nanowires
Ultrahigh-density nanowire lattices and circuits
Single-nanowire electrically driven lasers
Large-quantity free-standing ZnO nanowires
Quantum necking in stressed metallic nanowires
Nanoweb formation: 2D self-assembly of semiconductor gallium oxide nanowires/nan
ZnO nanowires formed on tungsten substrates and their electron field emission pr
Predicting the thermal conductivity of Si and Ge nanowires
Field-emission studies on thin films of zinc oxide nanowires
Thermal conductivity of individual silicon nanowires
Thermal conductivity of Si/SiGe superlattice nanowires
Self-assembled silicon nanowires for integrating microsystems, nanoelectronics a
Copper-catalyzed ZnO nanowires on silicon (100) grown by vapor-liquid-solid proc
Stability of gold nanowires at large Au-Au separations
A simple method to synthesise single-crystalline manganese oxide nanowires
Preparation of carbon nanotube encapsulated copper nanowires and their use as a
Quantum properties of atomic-sized conductors
Plasmon dispersion relation of Au and Ag nanowires
Silver nanoparticles spontaneous organize into nanowires and nanobanners in supe
Low-temperature growth of ZnO nanowires
Magneto-optical properties of nickel nanowire arrays
Anodic silicon etching; the formation of uniform arrays of macropores or nanowir
Role of structural evolution in the quantum conductance behavior of gold nanowir
Optical recombination of ZnO nanowires grown on sapphire and Si substrates
Catalytic growth and characterization of Ga2O3 nanowires
Magnetic photonic band-gap material at microwave frequencies based on ferromagne
Characterization and field-emission properties of needle-like zinc oxide nanowir
Ab initio modelling of boron and nitrogen in diamond nanowires
Fe and Co nanowires and nanotubes synthesized by template electrodeposition
Effect of impurities in the large Au-Au distances in gold nanowires
Surface structure of cubic diamond nanowires
Growth, branching, and kinking of molecular-beam epitaxial ⟨110⟩ GaAs
Nanomechanics of membrane tubulation and DNA assembly
Ab initio modelling of dopants in diamond nanowires: II
First-principles simulations of the stretching and final breaking of Al nanowire
Structure, magnetic and magnetoresistive properties of nanowires of a spin-valvi
Carbon nanowires with new microstructures
Standard manufacture and properties of arrays of Pb and Sn nanowires
New mechanism of charge carriers localization in silicon nanowires
Magnetization reversal of ferromagnetic nanowires studied by magnetic force micr
Inorganic nanowires
Casting metal nanowires within discrete self-assembled peptide nanotubes
1D-transport properties of single superconducting lead nanowires
Electrical characterization of electrochemically grown single copper nanowires
Research on nano-wire protein detection technology
Bias voltage influence on the shape of cobalt-silicide nanowires
Current-voltage characteristics of Pb and Sn granular superconducting nanowires
Evidence for spontaneous spin-polarized transport in magnetic nanowires
Electronic structure of GaN nanowire studied by x-ray-absorption spectroscopy an
Interband optical transitions in GaP nanowires encapsulated in GaN nanotubes
Iron-cobalt and iron-cobalt-nickel nanowires deposited by means of cyclic voltam
Synthesis of metal and metal oxide nanowire and nanotube arrays within a mesopor
Electronic resonance states in metallic nanowires during the breaking process si
Synthesis and characterization of core-shell GaP@GaN and GaN@GaP nanowires
Spatially controlled, nanoparticle-free growth of InP nanowires
Single-electron transistors in heterostructure nanowires
Reflectance anisotropy during growth of Pb nanowires on well ordered Si(335) sur
Current-Voltage Characteristics of quasi-one-dimensional Superconductors: an S-s
Room temperature two-terminal characteristics in silicon nanowires
Electronic band gaps of diamond nanowires
Local clusters and defects in one-dimensional gold wires
Electronic structure of silver subnanowires in self-assembled organic nanotubes:
Silicon nanowires grown on Si(100) substrates via thermal reactions with carbon
Molecular dynamics simulations of ultra-thin Cu nanowires
Tunnel barrier formation in silicon nanowires
Porous GaN nanowires synthesized using thermal chemical vapor deposition
Conductance of interacting nanowires
Microstructural investigation and magnetic properties of CoFe2O4 nanowires synth
Electrochemically controlled preparation of platinum-poly(amidoamine) dendrimer
Low-temperature growth of ZnO nanowire array by a simple physical vapor-depositi
Local structure of nanoscopic materials: V2O5 nanorods and nanowires
Unconventional magnetoresistance in long InSb nanowires
Formation of hexagonal Gd disilicide nanowires on Si(100)
Misfit dislocations in composites with nanowires
Synthesis of silicon nitride nanowires directly from the silicon substrates
Catalytic synthesis and photoluminescence of gallium nitride nanowires
Growth of GaN nanowires on Si substrate using Ni catalyst in vertical chemical v
Synthesis of high-purity GaP nanowires using a vapor deposition method
Gold catalyzed growth of silicon nanowires by plasma enhanced chemical vapor dep
Raman spectroscopy of silicon nanowires
Nanoalloying in mixed AgmAun nanowires
One-step construction of silver nanowires in hexagonal mesoporous silica using t
Can kinetic Monte Carlo simulation help experimentalists to build self-organized
Structures of ultrathin copper nanowires encapsulated in carbon nanotubes
Preparation and properties of GaN nanostructures by post-nitridation technique
Magnetic behaviour of arrays of nickel nanowires with small diameter
Silicon nanowires as chemical sensors
Spontaneous growth and luminescence of Si/SiOx core-shell nanowires
Diameter modification of Si nanowires via catalyst size
Formation mechanism of nanocatalysts for the growth of silicon nanowires on a hy
Growth of hexagonal ZnO nanowires and nanowhiskers
The synthesis of silica nanowire arrays
Tellurium nanowire arrays synthesized by electrochemical and electrophoretic dep
Shape-selected synthesis of nanocrystalline SnS in different alkaline media
Enhanced photothermal effect in Si nanowires
Effects of substrates on silicon oxide nanowires growth by thermal chemical vapo
Preparation and characterization of GaN nanowires
Crystalline boron nanowires
Gallium nitride nanowires doped with silicon
Bicrystalline zinc oxide nanowires
Preparation of one dimension, two dimension and three dimension Si-based nanowir
From complex chains to 1D metal oxides: a novel strategy to Cu2O nanowires
Tunable optical properties of nanostructured-gold/ mesoporous-silica assembly
Preparation and structure of magnesium oxide coated indium nanowires
Synthesis and optical properties of S-doped ZnO nanowires
Room temperature rapid growth of monocrystalline selenium nanowires in a polymer
Long Bi2S3 nanowires prepared by a simple hydrothermal method
Preparation of Ag2Se and Ag2Se1-xTex nanowires by electrodeposition from DMSO ba
Development of new quantum functional materials toward molecular nanotechnology
Catalytic synthesis and photoluminescence of needle-shaped 3C-SiC nanowires
Preparation and characterization of oriented silica nanowires
Preparation of Mn3O4 nanowires by calcining the precursor powders synthesized in
Boron nanowires synthesized by laser ablation at high temperature
Self-catalytic growth of aluminum borate nanowires
SiC nanowire networks
Template-directed synthesis of carbon nanowires using pulsed corona plasma at at
Catalytic growth of Ga2O3 nanowires by physical evaporation and their photolumin
Synthesis and structure of InP nanowires and nanotubes
Novel nanostructures: hole-patterned nanowires and nanotubes of silicon oxide
Silicon carbide hollow nanospheres, nanowires and coaxial nanowires
The formation mechanism of the coaxial carbon-metal nanowires in a chemical vapo
Electrochemical fabrication of polythiophene film coated metallic nanowire array
Growth and morphologies of large-scale SnO2 nanowires, nanobelts and nanodendrit
Synthesis of large-scaled MoO2 nanowire arrays
Synthesis of large arrays of aligned α-Fe2O3 nanowires
Synthesis, microstructure, and growth mechanism of dendrite ZnO nanowires
Fabrication of rare-earth biphthalocyanine encapsulated by carbon nanotubes usin
Cross-linked polymer nanowires with controlled shape and orientation by high ene
Development of a miniature STM holder for study of electronic conductance of met
Branched silver nanowires obtained in porous anodic aluminum oxide template
A route to fabricate single crystalline bismuth nanowire arrays with different d
Melting behavior of ultrathin titanium nanowires
SiO2-sheathed InS nanowires and SiO2 nanotubes
Catalytic synthesis of aluminum borate nanowires
Metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxial growth and characterization of vertical InP n
Large-scale synthesis of ZnO nanowires using a low-temperature chemical route an
Synthesis of tungsten oxide nanowires
Selective growth of Cu nanowires on Si(111) substrates
Fabrication of silver nano-noodles
Growth and mechanism of titania nanowires
ZnSe nanowires epitaxially grown on GaP(111) substrates by molecular-beam epitax
Growth and characterization of tetragonal Mn3O4 nanowires
Well-aligned heterojunctions of carbon nanotubes and silicon nanowires synthesiz
Electrical properties of zinc oxide nanowires and intramolecular p-n junctions
Preparation and characterization of single-crystalline bismuth nanowires by a lo
Fabrication and photoluminescence characteristics of single crystalline In2O3 na
Synthesis and characterization of Cu/SiO2-x composite nanowires
Aligned single crystal boron nanowires
Solvothermal synthesis of Sb2S3 nanowires on a large scale
Synthesis and strong blue-green emission properties of ZnO nanowires
Transforming a thin silica layer into nanowires
Oriented growth of self-assembled polyaniline nanowire arrays using a novel meth
Electronic and magnetic properties of ultrathin rhodium nanowires
Silicon nanowires grown on a pre-annealed Si substrate
Characterization of zinc oxide crystal nanowires grown by thermal evaporation of
Synthesis of La0.5A0.5MnO3 (A=Sr, Ba) by a hydrothermal method at low temperatur
Growth of semiconductor gallium nitride nanowires with different catalysts
Growth of GaN nanowires through nitridation Ga2O3 films deposited by electrophor
Thermal oxidation of gallium nitride nanowires
H2-assisted control growth of Si nanowires
Ordered nickel oxide nanowire arrays and their optical absorption properties
Infusing metal into self-organized semiconductor nanostructures
Synthesis and characterization of K2Ti6O13 nanowires
General synthesis of single-crystal tungstate nanorods/nanowires: a facile, low-
A route to Ag-catalyzed growth of the semiconducting In2O3 nanowires
Synthesis, characterization and self-assembly of silver nanowires
Anisotropic strain relaxation of Ge nanowires on Si(113) studied by medium-energ
Growth and luminescence of zinc-blende-structured ZnSe nanowires by metal-organi
β-Ga2O3 nanowires sheathed with boron nitrogen
Green-light-emitting ZnSe nanowires fabricated via vapor phase growth
In-Ni microballs catalyzed growth of dense and highly aligned silica nanowires
High-resolution ultrahigh-vacuum electron microscopy of helical gold nanowires:
Structure- and size-controlled ultrafine ZnS nanowires
Silver selenide nanowires by electrodeposition
A physical evaporation synthetic route to large-scale GaN nanowires and their di
Growth of Ge nanowires by alumina template
Dendrite-assisted growth of silicon nanowires in electroless metal deposition
Microstructure and magnetization of single-crystal perovskite manganites nanowir
Photochemical synthesis of Au and Ag nanowires on a porous aluminum oxide templa
Morphology of platinum nanowire array electrodeposited within anodic aluminium o
Amorphous feather-like boron nanowires
Synthesis and characterization of single-crystalline BaH2SiO4 nanowires
Novel method for synthesis of silicon carbide nanowires
Helical gold nanotube synthesized at 150 K
Arrays of ZnO nanowires fabricated by a simple chemical solution route
Direct pyrolysis method for superconducting crystalline MgB2 nanowires
Synthesis and room-temperature ultraviolet photoluminescence properties of zirco
Electronic shell effects and the stability of alkali nanowires
Microwave absorption properties of the ZnO nanowire-polyester composites
Photonic crystals with silver nanowires as a near-infrared superlens
Prussian blue nanowires fabricated by electrodeposition in porous anodic aluminu
Density-functional investigation of gold-coated metallic nanowires
Jahn-Teller distortions and the supershell effect in metal nanowires
Thermal expansion of Cu nanowire arrays
Assembly of carbide nanostructures at low temperature
Formation, characterization, and magnetic properties of Fe3O4 nanowires encapsul
Size effects on the melting of nickel nanowires: a molecular dynamics study
Room-temperature hydrogen storage characteristics of ZnO nanowires
Template synthesis and characterization of chiral organic nanotubes and nanowire
Formation of CuO nanowires on Cu foil
Fabrication and microstructure analysis of SeO2 nanowires
Structure and magnetic properties of CoxPb1-x nanowire arrays
Domain wall orientation in magnetic nanowires
Growth mechanism of vertically aligned Ag(TCNQ) nanowires
Fabrication and magnetic behaviour of superconductor nanowire arrays
Synthesis and photoluminescence of α-Al2O3 nanowires
Electronic and magnetic properties of multishell Co nanowires coated with Cu
Response to Comment on Gold nanowires from silicon nanowire templates [Appl. Ph
Photoluminescence and photosensitive properties of ZnO strands self-twined by na
Growth and morphologies of one- and three-dimensional MgO nanostructures
Synthesis of tin-doped indium oxide nanowires by self-catalytic VLS growth
Fabrication of well-aligned Er nanowires on vicinal silicon(001) surfaces
Synthesis of core-shell nanowires of FeCoNi alloy core with silicon oxide layers
Synthesis and growth mechanism of diamond-like carbon nanowires
High aspect ratio CdS nanowires synthesized in microemulsion system
Analysis of silicon nanowires grown by combining SiO evaporation with the VLS me
A simple route to aligned AlN nanowires
MgO nanowire growth from Mg metal and SiO2
Two-dimensional dendritic ZnO nanowires from oxidation of Zn microcrystals
Synthesis and thermal stability of gold nanowires within monolithic mesoporous s
Preparation and characterization of highly ordered vanadium-iron cyanide molecul
Growth of single-crystal magnetite nanowires from Fe3O4 nanoparticles in a surfa
Synthesis and characterization of polyoxometalate nanowires based on a novel mic
Microwave-assisted polythiol reduction method: a new solid-liquid route to fast
Helical multishell structures of magnesium nanowires
Gold nanowires from silicon nanowire templates
Synthesis of ITO nanowires and nanorods with corundum structure by a co-precipit
Solvothermal synthesis and characterizations of Bi2Te3 nano-particles and nanowi
Metal-catalyst-free epitaxial growth of aligned ZnO nanowires on silicon wafers
Synthesis and piezoresponse of highly ordered Pb(Zr0.53Ti0.47)O3 nanowire arrays
Low-temperature transport properties of individual SnO2 nanowires
Large-scale growth of In2O3 nanowires and their optical properties
Crystallization and Raman shift of array-orderly silicon nanowires after anneali
Field emission from nonaligned zinc oxide nanowires
Structural characterization of long ZnSe nanowires
A new type of microthermoelectric power generator
A HRTEM and XRD study of the potassium hexatitanate nanowires
Preparation of large-scale cupric oxide nanowires by thermal evaporation method
Fabrication and magnetic properties of ordered 20 nm Co-Pb nanowire arrays
Optical properties of boron-doped Si nanowires
The fabrication of MP (M = in and Ga) nanowires by a new ullmann reaction
Synthesis of gallium borate nanowires
Synthesis of one-dimensional GaN nanowires by ammoniating
Surfactant-assisted synthesis of lanthanide phosphates single-crystalline nanowi
Controlled cleavage of single semiconducting nanowires and study on the suitabil
Structural transition of copper nanowires confined in single-walled carbon nanot
Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of hexagonal and monoclinic neodymiu
Single crystalline YBa2Cu3O7-δ nanowires from a template-directed sol-gel
Low-temperature growth and optical properties of radial ZnO nanowires
Finite-size effect on magnetic properties in prussian blue nanowire arrays
Magnetic nanowires on faceted sapphire surfaces
Synthesis progress for one-dimensional GaN nanowires
Fabrication and ethanol sensing characteristics of ZnO nanowire gas sensors
Structures and properties of Ni nanowires
Tris(8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminium nanowires: a simple synthesis method
Effect of zinc sources on the morphology of ZnO nanostructures and their photolu
Synthesis of carbon nanowires using dc pulsed corona discharge plasma reaction
Ethanol sensor based on indium oxide nanowires prepared by carbothermal reductio
Formation of Co3O4 nanotubes and the magnetic behaviour at low temperature
Blue luminescence of CdS nanowires synthesized by sulfurization
Boron-doped silicon nanowires grown by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Preparation of aluminum borate nanowires
A novel process from cobalt nanowire to Co3O4 nanotube
Selective atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition route to CdS arrays, na
A structural model of one-dimensional thin silica nanowires
Preparation of powders of selenium nanorods and nanowires by microwave-polyol me
Low-temperature growth and properties of ZnO nanowires
Synthesis and characterization of ZnO:In nanowires with superlattice structure
Preparation of Mn3O4 nanocrystallites by low-temperature solvothermal treatment
Catalyst-free growth of single-crystalline alumina nanowire arrays
Synthesis of Ga2O3 chains with closely spaced knots connected by nanowires
Strain-controlled growth of nanowires within thin-film cracks
Luminescence of ZnSe nanowires grown by metalorganic vapor phase deposition unde
Synthesis and characterization of ZnS nanowires by AOT micelle-template inducing
Luminescence emission originating from nitrogen doping of β-Ga2O3 nanowires
Carbon nanotubes filled with metallic nanowires
Growth methods and potential applications of one-dimensional ZnO nanowires
Raman spectrum of array-ordered crystalline silicon nanowires
Growth of SnO2 nanowires with uniform branched structures
Controlled fabrication of fullerene derivative one-dimensional nanostructures vi
Preparation and characterization of sodium titanate nanowires from brookite nano
Evidence for the monolayer assembly of poly(vinylpyrrolidone) on the surfaces of
Influence of shape anisotropy on photoluminescence characteristics in LaPO4:Eu n
Synthesis and characterization of a large amount of branched Ni2Si nanowires
Synthesis, optical, and magnetic properties of Zn1-xMnxS nanowires grown by ther
A simple and effective route for the synthesis of crystalline silver nanorods an
A simple route to nanocrystalline silicon carbide
Temperature profile and pressure effect on the growth of silicon nanowires
Pulsed electrodeposition of large-area, ordered Bi1-xSbx nanowire arrays from aq
Aligned single crystal MgB2 nanowires
Junctions formed in Y Ba2Cu3O7-δ nanowires
Self-assembly of ZnO nanowires and the spatial resolved characterization of thei
Paramagnetic defects of silicon nanowires
Synthesis and optical study of GaP nanowires
Preparation and photoluminescence of zinc sulfide nanowires
Controlled synthesis and characterization of monazite type monocrystalline nanow
Thermal quenching characteristics in LaPO4:Eu nanoparticles and nanowires
Fabrication and magnetic behavior of Co-Ni nanowire arrays with small diameters
A simple route towards CuO nanowires and nanorods
Spinel-type ZnSb2O4 nanowires and nanobelts synthesized by an indirect thermal e
The fabrication and optical properties of highly crystalline ultra-long Cu-doped
Synthesis, Mossbauer spectra and magnetic properties of quasi-one-dimensional Fe
Anisotropic magnetization in arrays of coupled Ni nanowires
Silicon nanowires fabricated by thermal evaporation of silicon monoxide
Structure and magnetic properties of Co nanowires in self-assembled arrays
Focused-ion-beam-induced deposition of superconducting nanowires
Low-temperature orientation-selective growth and ultraviolet emission of single-
Effect of Ti thickness on contact resistance between GaN nanowires and Ti/Au ele
Percolation network of growing V2O5 nanowires
Fabrication of vertical ZnO nanowires on silicon (100) with epitaxial ZnO buffer
Precise control of nanowire formation based on polysilane for photoelectronic de
A simple method to synthesize nanowires titanium dioxide from layered titanate p
Optical and electrical transport properties in silicon carbide nanowires
Growth of ZnO nanowires without catalyst on porous silicon
Fabrication of gold nanowires using contact mode atomic force microscope
Evolution of the morphology and optical properties of ZnO nanowires during catal
Carbon nanotubes as a template for mild synthesis of magnetic CoFe2O4 nanowires
Potassium structures in carbon nanotubes
Amorphous gallium oxide nanowires synthesized by metalorganic chemical vapor dep
The growth and optical properties of ZnO nanowires at the junctions of nanowalls
Cu nanowire structures inside carbon nanotubes
Electron-beam-induced surface quasimelting of Co granular nanowires
Creation of conjugated polymer nanowires through controlled chain polymerization
Growth and characterization of silicon carbide nanowires
Structural and optical properties of ZnO nanowires synthesized with different ca
Nanolithography and nanoindentation of tantalum-oxide nanowires and nanodots usi
High-energy x-ray scattering in grazing incidence from nanometer-scale oxide wir
Synthesis of InN/InP core/sheath nanowires
Valence state of Ti in conductive nanowires in sapphire
Excitonic polaron and phonon assisted photoluminescence of ZnO nanowires
Single-crystalline gallium-doped indium oxide nanowires
Optical characteristics of arsenic-doped ZnO nanowires
The synthesis of In, In2O3 nanowires and In2O3 nanoparticles with shape-controll
Platinum nanowires and layers obtained by self assembly of Chini clusters deposi
Photocurrent and photoluminescence characteristics of networked GaN nanowires
Comparative study on the growth characteristics of ZnO nanowires and thin films
Electron tunneling cross-talk: selective transmission in semiconductor nanowires
Controlled carbon nanotube sheathing on ultrafine InP nanowires
Growing SiC nanowires on Tyranno-SA SiC fibers
Critical length of nanowires for hydrophobic behavior
Optical second-harmonic spectroscopy of Au nanowires
Midgap states and generalized supersymmetry in semi-infinite nanowires
Controlled growth of core-shell Si-SiOx and amorphous SiO2 nanowires directly fr
Synthesis of gold nanorods and nanowires by a microwave-polyol method
Magnetic nanocrystals aligned on mesoscopic scale: collective properties and the
Crystallization of β-MnO2 nanowires in the pores of SBA-15 silicas: in situ
Heterostructures of ZnO nanorods with various one-dimensional nanostructures
Fabrication and magnetic properties of fcc CoXPt1-X nanowires
Field emission and photofluorescent characteristics of zinc oxide nanowires synt
Current-voltage characteristics of conductance quantized states in ferromagnetic
Catalyst-free growth of ZnO nanowires by metal-organic chemical vapour depositio
Structural and optoelectronic properties of SnO2 nanowires synthesized from ball
Fabrication and application potential of ZnO nanowires grown on GaAs(002) substr
Antimony nanowires self-assembled from Sb nanoparticles
Formation of amorphous and crystalline gallium oxide nanowires by metalorganic c
Characterization of silicon oxide nanowires directly grown from NiO/Si
Growth and characterization of tungsten carbide nanowires by thermal annealing o
Carbon-coated SiC nanowires: direct synthesis from Si and field emission charact
Electrical properties of individual single-crystalline gallium phosphide nanowir
Effect of Sn dopant on the properties of ZnO nanowires
In situ growth of SiC nanowires on RS-SiC substrate(s)
Self-organized nanowires: evidence of dipolar interactions from ferromagnetic re
Theoretical study of carbon-coated iron nanowires
Probing intrinsic transport properties of single metal nanowires: direct-write c
Theoretical study of Ga-based nanowires and the interaction of Ga with single-wa
Ion beam sputtering for progressive reduction of nanostructures dimensions
Supercrystals of uniform nanorods and nanowires, and the nanorod-to-nanowire ori
Towards pick-and-place assembly of nanostructures
Microcantilever equipped with nanowire template electrodes for multiprobe measur
Shaping of detached image states above suspended nanowires
Positive thermopower of single bismuth nanowires
Adsorption of helium on Au nanowires
Formation of ytterbium silicide nanowires on Si(001)
Actin-based metallic nanowires as bio-nanotransporters
Formation of ytterbium silicide film on Si(001) by solid-phase epitaxy
Bistable nanoelectromechanical devices
Characterisation of electrodeposited nickel nanowires using NCA template
Growth of epitaxial nanowires by controlled coarsening of strained islands
Synthesis and characterization of single-crystal indium nitride nanowires
Self-assembled single-crystal ferromagnetic iron nanowires formed by decompositi
Anodized aluminum oxide membranes as templates for nanoscale structures
Endotaxial silicide nanowires
Diameter control of Ti-catalyzed silicon nanowires
Signatures of quantum transport in self-assembled epitaxial nickel silicide nano
Controlled growth and structures of molecular-scale silicon nanowires
AAO nanopore arrays: a practical entree to nanostructures
Sequence-specific label-free DNA sensors based on silicon nanowires
Synthesis and photoluminescence studies on ZnO nanowires
Deposition of parallel arrays of palladium nanowires and electrical characteriza
Deposition of parallel arrays of palladium nanowires on highly oriented pyrolyti
Effect of morphology on the superconductor-insulator transition in one-dimension
Structure analysis of nanowires and nanobelts by transmission electron microscop
In2O3 nanowires, nanobouquets and nanotrees
Fabrication and study of bent and coiled free silica nanowires: self-coupling mi
Photoluminescence from amorphous silica nanowires synthesized using TiN/Ni/SiO2/
Thermoelectric figure of merit of II-VI semiconductor nanowires
Synthesis of magnesium borate (Mg2B2O5) nanowires by chemical vapor deposition m
Lattice thermal conductivity crossovers in semiconductor nanowires
Nanospring formation-unexpected catalyst mediated growth
Tuning electronic properties of In2O3 nanowires by doping control
ZnO nanowire field-effect transistor and oxygen sensing property
Vapor-liquid-solid growth of germanium nanostructures on silicon
Polarized surface enhanced Raman scattering from aligned silver nanowire rafts
High-yield cell separations using magnetic nanowires
Patterned aluminum nanowires produced by electron beam at the surfaces of AlF3 s
Magnetic manipulation of copper-tin nanowires capped with nickel ends
Structural and electrical properties of trimethylboron-doped silicon nanowires
Single-crystal calcium hexaboride nanowires: synthesis and characterization
Growth and structure of chemically vapor deposited Ge nanowires on Si substrates
Growth and transport properties of complementary germanium nanowire field-effect
Growth and morphology of 0.80 eV photoemitting indium nitride nanowires
Template-based fabrication of metal nanostructures
In situ electrochemical fabrication of natural contacts on single nanowires
Directed growth of nickel silicide nanowires
Carbon nanotubes grafted on silicon oxide nanowires
Individually addressable conducting polymer nanowires array
Virus-based toolkit for the directed synthesis of magnetic and semiconducting na
Phonon modes in Si [111] nanowires
Controlled growth of long GaN nanowires from catalyst patterns fabricated by dip
Magnetite (Fe3O4) core-shell nanowires: synthesis and magnetoresistance
Three-dimensional representation of curved nanowires
Guided self-assembly of metallic nanowires and channels
Vertical nanowire light-emitting diode
Thermal properties of electrodeposited bismuth telluride nanowires embedded in a
Modification of SiO2 nanowires with metallic nanocrystals from supercritical CO2
Carbon-assisted growth of SiOx nanowires
Nanomechanics of silicon nanowires
Structure and optical properties of cored wurtzite (Zn,Mg)O heteroepitaxial nano
From Si source gas directly to positioned, electrically contacted Si nanowires:
Transition metal oxide core-shell nanowires: generic synthesis and transport stu
Photoluminescence and polarized photodetection of single ZnO nanowires
Deformation-free single-crystal nanohelixes of polar nanowires
Thermoelectric figure of merit and maximum power factor in III-V semiconductor n
Fabrication and characterization of a nanowire/polymer-based nanocomposite for a
ZnO nanocrystals synthesized by physical vapor deposition
Synthesis of silicon nanowires and novel nano-dendrite structures
Large effects due to electron-phonon-impurity interference in the resistivity of
Fabrication of blended polyphenylenevinylene nanowires by scanned electrospinnin
Blending of nanoscale and microscale in uniform large-area sculptured thin-film
Gallium nitride-based nanowire radial heterostructures for nanophotonics
Field emission of zinc oxide nanowires grown on carbon cloth
Manipulation of nanowires in suspension by ac electric fields
Yield strength asymmetry in metal nanowires
Theoretical phonon thermal conductivity of Si/Ge superlattice nanowires
Single-crystal metallic nanowires and metal/semiconductor nanowire heterostructu
Ultrahigh-density silicon nanobridges formed between two vertical silicon surfac
Electroluminescence from silicon nanowires
Prediction of barrier localization in modulated nanowires
Microstructure and interdiffusion of template-synthesized Au/Sn/Au junction nano
A novel and simple growth route towards ultra-fine ZnO nanowires
Direct synthesis of single-crystalline silicon nanowires using molten gallium an
Quantum confinement and electronic properties of silicon nanowires
Horizontal growth and in situ assembly of oriented zinc oxide nanowires
A comprehensive study of electron energy losses in Ge nanowires
Detection of ferromagnetic nanowires using GMR sensors
SiO2-coated CdTe nanowires: bristled nano centipedes
Arrays of Ni nanowires in alumina membranes: magnetic properties and spatial ord
Electrochemical formation of polypyrrole nanowires
The growth of carbon nanotubes at predefined locations using whole nickel nanowi
Epitaxial growth of InP nanowires on germanium
Growth and photoluminescence characteristics of AlGaAs nanowires
Encapsulated nanowires formed by nanotube-assisted oriented attachment
Spin-dependent thermopower in Co/Cu multilayer nanowires
Moderate hydrothermal synthesis of potassium titanate nanowires
Atomic-scale nanowires: physical and electronic structure
Development of phase-slip centers in superconducting Sn nanowires
Epitaxial III-V nanowires on silicon
Controlled changes in the microstructure and magnetic anisotropy in arrays of el
Magnetism in atomic-size palladium contacts and nanowires
Shape selective synthesis of unusual nanobipyramids, cubes, and nanowires of RuO
Enhanced formation of nanowires and quantum dots on dislocated substrates
Nanotubes and nanowires
Cu(OH)2 nanowires, CuO nanowires and CuO nanobelts
Morphological and magnetic characterization of electrodeposited cobalt nanowires
Phonon confinement in oxide-coated silicon nanowires
Self-assembled growth of coaxial crystalline nanowires
A brief semi-quantitative discussion on electrical conductance through resonant
Synthesis of silver nanowires inside mesoporous MCM-41 host
Study of quasi-1D SnO2 nanowires
On the structural and stability features of linear atomic suspended chains forme
Crystalline silica nanowires
Phase stability of nanocarbon in one dimension: nanotubes versus diamond nanowir
Growth of CdS nanowires using Na-4 mica as template
Giant polarization anisotropy in optical transitions of free-standing InP nanowi
A study of the size effect on the temperature-dependent resistivity of bismuth n
From nanodiamond to diamond nanowires: structural properties affected by dimensi
Formation of ordered arrays of Ag nanowires and nanodots on Si(557) surface
Zinc oxide nanowires and nanorods fabricated by vapour-phase transport at low te
Contact phenomena in nanowire arrays
Thermal stability of Ti and Pt nanowires manufactured by Ga+ focused ion beam
Indication of unusual pentagonal structures in atomic-size Cu nanowires
Direct imaging of the atomic structure inside a nanowire by scanning tunnelling
Electronic properties of guanine-based nanowires
Few-electron quantum dots in nanowires
Defect-free InP nanowires grown in [001] direction on InP (001)
Photoluminescent properties of copper-doped zinc oxide nanowires
Influence of Au catalyst on the growth of ZnS nanowires
One-dimensional conduction in charge-density-wave nanowires
Large-scale fast production of amorphous Si-Al-O nanowires under ambient conditi
Synthesis of 1D Cu2S with tailored morphology via single and mixed ionic surfact
Resistance of superconducting nanowires connected to normal-metal leads
Tailoring of the c-axis orientation and magnetic anisotropy in electrodeposited
Transmission electron microscopy study of pseudoperiodically twinned Zn2SnO4 nan
Effects of passivation and ambient gases on the photoluminescence of ZnSe nanowi
Control to synthesize Bi2S3 nanowires by a simple inorganic-surfactant-assisted
Diameter-depended thermal expansion properties of bi nanowire arrays
Template induced sol-gel synthesis of highly ordered LaNiO3 nanowires
Synthesis and characterization of La0.825Sr0.175MnO3 nanowires
Magnetic properties of α-Fe2O3 nanowires
Structural properties and photoluminescence of zinc nitride nanowires
Controlled synthesis of ZnO nanowires or nanotubes via sol-gel template process
Size effect on melting temperature of nanosolids
Sol-gel template synthesis of highly ordered MnO2 nanowire arrays
Synthesis and characterization of In2O3/SnO2 hetero-junction beaded nanowires
A novel solution-phase route for the synthesis of crystalline silver nanowires
Synthesis of cubic fluorite CeO2 nanowires
Photoluminescence properties of catalyst-free growth of needle-like ZnO nanowire
Microstructure and magnetic properties of ordered La0.62Pb0.38MnO3 nanowire arra
Ultra-long single-crystalline α-Si3N4 nanowires: derived from a polymeric
One-step synthesis of silver nanoparticles, nanorods, and nanowires on the surfa
Electric-field-aligned vertical growth and field emission properties of In2O3 na
Single-crystalline alpha silicon-nitride nanowires: Large-scale synthesis, chara
Size-dependent electronic structures of ZnO nanowires
Magnetic field assisting DC electrodeposition: general methods for high-performa
Large-scale fabrication of single-crystalline Mn3O4 nanowires via vapor phase gr
Synthesis of GaN nanowires through ammoniating ZnO/Ga2O3 films on Si substrates
Synthesis of ZnO nanowires by catalysts assistant chemical vapor deposition meth
Formation and characterization of europium bisphthalocyanine nanowires by electr
Gas-flow assisted bulk synthesis of V-type SnO2 nanowires
High purity alpha silicon nitride nanowires-synthesis and dielectric properties
Micromagnetic simulation of magnetization reversal mechanism in magnetic nanowir
Magnetic properties of amorphous Fe89.7P10.3 alloy nanowire arrays
Molecular dynamics simulation of the solidification of liquid gold nanowires
Hopping conduction in single ZnO nanowires
Strain-induced formation of K2Ti6O13 nanowires via ion exchange
Fabrication of nanopeas with ZnSe-filled SiO2 nanotube/nanowire configuration
Monte Carlo simulation of silicon nanowire thermal conductivity
Bicrystalline hematite nanowires
A novel application of the CuI thin film for preparing thin copper nanowires
Synthesis and characterization of diamond nanowires from carbon nanotubes
An experimental and simulational analysis of K2Ti6O13 nanowires structures
Fabrication and characterization of Zn-doped CdTe nanowires
The influence of hydrogen on the growth of gallium catalyzed silicon oxide nanow
Synthesis of aluminium borate nanowires by sol-gel method
Single-crystal CdSe nanowires prepared via vapor-phase growth assisted with sili
Morphology-controllable preparation of 1D poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) nanostructured
Polyol-mediated synthesis of single-crystal tellurium nanowires directly from po
Fabrication and characterization of β-Ga2O3 optical nanowires
Obtaining ultra-long copper nanowires via a hydrothermal process
Luminescent properties of rare earth ions in one-dimensional oxide nanowires
Attachment-driven morphology evolvement of rectangular ZnO nanowires
Thermal evaporation synthesis of zinc oxide nanowires
A template-free oxide reduction route to silver nanowires
Effects of in surfactant on the crystalline and photoluminescence properties of
Synthesis and photoluminescence of gallium oxide ultra-long nanowires and thin n
From Al4B2O9 Nanowires to BN-Coated Al18B4O33 nanowires
Low-temperature synthesis of single crystalline Ag2S nanowires on silver substra
Physical origin of the ferromagnetic ordering above room temperature in GaMnN na
Electrochemical deposition and characterization of Cu2O nanowires
Crystalline boron oxide nanowires on silicon substrate
Catalytic synthesis and photoluminescence of silicon oxide nanowires and nanotub
Growth of silver nanowires from solutions: a cyclic penta-twinned-crystal growth
Self-assembled ZnO agave-like nanowires and anomalous superhydrophobicity
Depositional characteristics of metal coating on single-crystal TiO2 nanowires
Synthesis of LaCO3OH nanowires via a solvothermal process in the mixture of wate
Synthesis of NiO nanowires by a sol-gel process
A facile route to synthesize uniform single-crystalline α-MnO2 nanowires
Large-scale preparation of aluminum borate-coated aluminum oxide nanowires
Fabrication and structural characterization of porous tungsten oxide nanowires
Oriented silicon nanowires on silicon substrates from oxide-assisted growth and
Silica-sheathed pyrrotite nanowires: synthesis and mechanism
Synthesis and characterization of crystalline microporous cobalt phosphite nanow
Template synthesis of heterostructured polyaniline/Bi2Te3 nanowires
From Si nanotubes to nanowires: Synthesis, characterization, and self-assembly
From zinc nanowires to zinc oxide nanowires: a low substrate-temperature approac
Growth mechanism of silver nanowires synthesized by polyvinylpyrrolidone-assiste
Laurionite nanowires and nanoribbons: rapid mechanochemical solution synthesis a
Electron field emission studies on ZnO nanowires
Curvature-induced condensation of lithium confined inside single-walled carbon n
Photoelectrochemistry of pure and core/sheath nanowire arrays of Cu2S directly g
Synthesis of mesoporous ZnO nanowires through a simple in situ precipitation met
Electronic and elastic properties of helical nickel nanowires
Fabrication and photoluminescence of SiO2-sheathed semiconducting nanowires: the
Controlled synthesis of LaPO4 and CePO4 nanorods/nanowires
Preparation and photoluminescence of Sc-doped ZnO nanowires
Characterization and growth mechanism of germanium nitride nanowires prepared by
Solvothermal synthesis and characterization of uniform CdS nanowires in high yie
Synthesis of well-aligned ZnO nanowires by simple physical vapor deposition on c
Magnetic properties of diluted magnetic semiconductor Zn1-xMnxO nanowires
Fabrication and characterization of YBa2Cu3Oy superconducting nanowires
A novel method for preparing carbon-coated germanium nanowires
Self-modulated taper drawing of silica nanowires
Alumina nanotubes and nanowires from Al-based porous alumina membranes
Structural characterization of nickel oxide nanowires by X-ray absorption near-e
Synthesis and characterization of Nafion®-115 nanowire arrays
Optical properties of ZnS nanowires synthesized via simple physical evaporation
Co-doped magnetite nanowire arrays prepared hydrothermally
Well-aligned ZnO nanowires grown on Si substrate via metal-organic chemical vapo
Optical properties of highly ordered AlN nanowire arrays grown on sapphire subst
Modeling of silica nanowires for optical sensing
Synthesis of crystalline SrMoO4 nanowires from polyoxometalates
Microwave absorbing properties of iron nanowire composites distributed randomly
Iron-catalytic growth of prism-shaped single-crystal silicon nanowires by chemic
Solvothermal synthesis and characterization of CdS nanowires/PVA composite films
Magnetic properties of (110)- and (200)-oriented Fe-nanowire arrays
Well-aligned, vertically Al-doped ZnO nanowires synthesized on ZnO:Ga/glass temp
Synthesis of Si-Ge oxide nanowires via the transformation of Si-Ge thin films wi
Lattice dynamics of ultrasmall silicon nanostructures
Thermal evaporation growth and the luminescence property of TiO2 nanowires
Nanowire formation at metal-metal contacts
TEM and EELS studies of electrodeposited antimony nanowires
One-step preparation of coaxial CdS-ZnS and Cd1-xZnxS-ZnS nano wires
ZnO hexagonal arrays of nanowires grown on nanorods
Transport properties of InN nanowires
Coulomb blockade phenomena in electromigration break junctions
Magnetoresistance of carbon-covered Co nanowires
Tribological properties of Mo-S-I nanowires as additive in oil
Self-assembled lead atomic nanowires on pre-structured Sm/Si(111) interfaces
Fast switching of bistable magnetic nanowires through collective spin reversal
Raman scattering and efficient UV photoluminescence from well-aligned ZnO nanowi
Fabrication of Au nanowires on hydrogen silsesquioxane by nanoimprint transfer
Iron nanowires embedded in mesoporous silica: Polarized neutron scattering study
Nanolithography based contacting method for electrical measurements on single te
Structure study of electrodeposited ZnO nanowires
Magnetization reversal via Bloch points nucleation in nanowires and dots: a micr
The aligned Si nanowires growth using MW plasma enhanced CVD
Morphological, structural and optical study of quasi-1D SnO2 nanowires and nanob
Fabrication of δ-Bi2O3 nanowires
Temperature dependence of magnetization reversal in Co and Fe3O4nanowire arrays
Vacancy ordering in self-assembled erbium silicide nanowires on atomically clean
TiO2-B nanowires as negative electrodes for rechargeable lithium batteries
Compound-glass optical nanowires
Electron field emission from single crystalline TiO2 nanowires prepared by therm
Crystallization of vaterite nanowires by the cooperative interaction of tailor-m
Preparation of tungsten oxide nanowires from sputter-deposited WCx films using a
On the thermal annealing conditions for self-synthesis of tungsten carbide nanow
Low temperature synthesized Sn doped indium oxide nanowires
Mechanism of nanoblister formation in Ga+ self-ion implanted GaN nanowires
Influence of thickness and cap layer on the switching behavior of single Co nano
Resistance behavior and magnetization reversal analysis of individual Co nanowir
Self-catalysed growth of zinc oxide nanowires
Selective growth of ZnSe and ZnCdSe nanowires by molecular beam epitaxy
Low temperature growth and dimension- dependent photoluminescence efficiency of
Nucleation and growth of SnO2nanowires
Local luminescence of ZnO nanowire-covered surface: a cathodoluminescence micros
Electrodeposited L10 CoxPt1-x nanowires
Synthesis of blue-light-emitting Si1-xGex oxide nanowires
Orientation-enhanced growth and optical properties of ZnO nanowires grown on por
Self-organization of one-dimensional Au nanowires on a surface carbide and later
Universal behaviour in the final stage of the breaking process for metal nanowir
Magnetic and superconducting nanowires
Magnetic-field dependence of spin waves in ordered permalloy nanowire arrays in
Production and characterization of single-crystal FeCo nanowires inside carbon n
Quantized spin-wave modes in long cylindrical ferromagnetic nanowires in a trans
Atomic and electronic structure of Mo6S9-xIx nanowires
Solubility of Mo6S4.5I4.5 nanowires
Effect of antiphase boundaries on electrical transport properties of Fe3O4 nanos
Growth of Si nanowires by thermal evaporation
Quantum size effects in ZnO nanowires
Size dependent breakdown of superconductivity in ultranarrow nanowires
Polarization-sensitive optical phenomena in semiconducting and metallic nanowire
A simple single-source precursor route to the nanostructures of AlN, GaN and InN
Magnetic behaviour of arrays of Ni nanowires by electrodeposition into self-alig
Pressure-induced structural phase transformations in silicon nanowires
Mass transport model for semiconductor nanowire growth
Quantum ballistic conductance of quasi-two-dimensional and three-dimensional sem
Template electrochemical growth of polypyrrole and gold-polypyrrole-gold nanowir
Investigation of fluidic assembly of nanowires using a droplet inside microchann
Electrochemical control and selection of the structural and magnetic properties
Observation of large low-frequency resistance fluctuations in metallic nanowires
Magnetic properties of ϵ-Fe3N-GaN core-shell nanowires
A room temperature nitric oxide sensor actualized from Ru-doped SnO2 nanowires
Studying the growth conditions, the alignment and structure of ZnO nanorods
Laser synthesis of amorphous Si-Al oxide nanowires under atmospheric conditions
Controlled growth of silicon nanowires synthesized via solid-liquid-solid mechan
Scanning capacitance microscopy of nanostructures
Electronic transmission through a quantum wire by side-attached nanowires
Spin relaxation in InAs nanowires studied by tunable weak antilocalization
Magnetic behaviour of densely packed hexagonal arrays of Ni nanowires: Influence
Observation of shell effects in nanowires for the noble metals Cu, Ag, and Au
Rectangular structure of manganese oxide nanowires
Fabrication of nanowires of multicomponent oxides: Review of recent advances
Unbiased microwave circulator based on ferromagnetic nanowires arrays of tunable
Crystallinity of NiO nanowires grown at step edges of sapphire substrate
Syntheses of TiO2(B) nanowires and TiO2 anatase nanowires by hydrothermal and po
Effects of ambient gases on the direct growth of SiC nanowires by a simple heati
Unidirectional hexagonal rare-earth disilicide nanowires on vicinal Si(100)-2&ti
One-step template-free electrosynthesis of cobalt nanowires from aqueous [Co(NH3
Fabrication and photoluminescence of zinc silicate/silica modulated ZnO nanowire
The role of GaN/AlN double buffer layer in the crystal growth and photoluminesce
Structural and mechanical properties of MoS2-Ix nanotubes and Mo6SxIy nanowires
Selective growth of Ag nanowires on Si(111) surfaces by electroless deposition
Formation of polyaniline nanorod/liquid crystalline epoxy composite nanowires us
Conductivity measurements of PEDOT nanowires on nanoelectrodes
High-resolution x-ray diffraction analysis of epitaxially grown indium phosphide
Influence of in incorporation on the electronic structure of ZnO nanowires
Fe-catalytic growth of ZnSe nanowires on a ZnSe(001) surface at low temperatures
Hydrogen-assisted stabilization of Ni nanowires in solution
Growth of Ga-doped ZnO nanowires by two-step vapor phase method
Theoretical investigation of photonic crystal waveguide splitters incorporating
Synthesis of β-Ga2O3 nanowires by an MOCVD approach
Synthesis and characterization of polythiophene and poly (3-methylthiophene) nan
Electronic and magnetic properties of single-wall carbon nanotubes filled with i
In situ synthesis and characterization of pure SiC nanowires on silicon wafer
Microstructures and IR spectra of long amorphous SiO2/Si nanowires
Phonon confinement effect of silicon nanowires synthesized by laser ablation
Growth rate of silicon nanowires
X-ray diffraction measurements of internal strain in Si nanowires fabricated usi
Fabrication of (Ga,Mn)N nanowires with room temperature ferromagnetism using nit
Fabrication of metal nanowires by electroless plating of DNA
Formation of nanowires based on π-conjugated polymers by high-energy ion beam
Effect of oxidation temperature on the morphology of ZnO nanowires fabricated by
Annealing effects on the structural and optical properties of gallium oxide nano
Arsenic doping of ZnO nanowires by post-annealing treatment
Catalyst-free synthesis of ZnO nanowires on Si by oxidation of Zn powders
Room-temperature nanowire ultraviolet lasers: an aqueous pathway for zinc oxide
Ferromagnetism of MnO and Mn3O4 nanowires
Long Si nanowires with millimeter-scale length by modified thermal evaporation f
Synthesis and characterization of nanoporous, nanorods, nanowires metal oxides
Diameter dependent magnetic and electronic properties of single-walled carbon na
Fabrication of vacuum tube arrays with a sub-micron dimension using anodic alumi
Electrostatic capacitance of TiO2 nanowires in a porous alumina template
Synthesis of very long ErSi2 nanowires on Si substrates
Crisscrossing assemblies of defect-prone nanowires
Mo2C nanowires and nanoribbons on Si by two-step vapor-phase growth
Superconducting NbSe2 nanowires and nanoribbons converted from NbSe3 nanostructu
β-Ga2O3 nanowires: synthesis, characterization, and p-channel field-effect
General synthesis of manganese-doped II-VI and III-V semiconductor nanowires
Beyond CMOS electronics: self-assembled nanostructures
Effect of N2 flow rate on morphology and structure of ZnO nanocrystals synthesiz
Suppression of superconductivity in zinc nanowires by bulk superconductors
Silicon nanowires for sequence-specific DNA sensing: device fabrication and simu
Melting of Pd clusters and nanowires: a comparison study using molecular dynamic
Materials by numbers: computations as tools of discovery
Electrochemical synthesis of functionalized nickel oxide nanowires
Growth of epitaxial InAs nanowires in a simple closed system
Videolized atomic force microscopy for interactive nanomanipulation and nanoasse
Controllable template synthesis of superconducting Zn nanowires with different m
Photoconductive cadmium sulfide hemicylindrical shell nanowire ensembles
On the stability and structural dynamics of metal nanowires
Complementary response of In2O3 nanowires and carbon nanotubes to low-density li
An atomistic investigation of elastic and plastic properties of Au nanowires
Carbon nanowires made on diamond surface by focused ion beam
ZnO nanowires by pulsed laser vaporization synthesis and properties
Assembly of silica nanowires, on silica aerogels for microphotonic devices
Structural and electronic properties of epitaxial core-shell nanowire heterostru
Acoustic-phonon dispersion in nanowires
Optical routing and sensing with nanowire assemblies
Cobalt metallization of DNA: toward magnetic nanowires
Room-temperature hydrogen sensor based on palladium nanowires
Growth habits and defects in ZnO nanowires grown on GaN/sapphire substrates
Blueshifted Raman scattering and its correlation with the [110] growth direction
Predicting the thermal resistance of nanosized constrictions
In situ p-n junctions and gated devices in Titanium-silicide nucleated Si nanowi
Predicted Raman spectra of Si[111] nanowires
Kinetic pathway for the formation of Fe nanowires on stepped Cu(111) surfaces
Direct nanomechanical machining of gold nanowires using a nanoindenter and an at
Fabrication of wafer scale, aligned sub-25nm nanowire and nanowire templates usi
Large-scale synthesis of single-crystal CdSe nanowires through a cation-exchange
Coherent single charge transport in molecular-scale silicon nanowires
Thermal conductivity modeling of core-shell and tubular nanowires
Stranski-Krastanow growth of germanium on silicon nanowires
Acoustic phonon engineering in coated cylindrical nanowires
Epitaxial growth of ZnO nanowires ona- andc-plane sapphire
Simulations of metal nanowires
Semiconductor nanowires for subwavelength photonics integration
Controlled fabrication of hierarchically branched nanopores, nanotubes, and nano
Platinum passivation of self-assembled erbium disilicide nanowire arrays on Si(0
Modeling inelasticity and failure in gold nanowires
Effects of morphology on the electronic and photoluminescence properties of hydr
Restructuring tungsten thin films into nanowires and hollow square cross-section
Self-assembled nanoarchitectures of polar nanobelts/nanowires
Controlled growth of GaN nanowires by pulsed metalorganic chemical vapor deposit
Quantum efficiency of ZnO nanowire nanolasers
Confined phonons in Si nanowires
Tuning the properties of magnetic nanowires
Self-assembly of metallic nanowires from aqueous solution
Attenuation of protein adsorption on static and oscillating magnetostrictive nan
Synthesis of sub-20-nm-sized bismuth 1D structures using gallium-bismuth systems
High temperature self-assembly of Ag nanowires on vicinal Si(001)
Supercritical fluid-liquid-solid synthesis of gallium phosphide nanowires
Self-aligned self assembly of multi-nanowire silicon field effect transistors
Strain mapping in nanowires
Polarized surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy on coupled metallic nanowires
Low-temperature growth and field emission of ZnO nanowire arrays
Influence of high magnetic fields on the superconducting transition of one-dimen
Self-assembled nanobridge formation and spontaneous growth of metal-induced nano
Solvable Hamiltonian for superlattice nanowires
Raman spectra of silicon carbide small particles and nanowires
Measuring the specific contact resistance of contacts to semiconductor nanowires
Dissipation in quasi-one-dimensional superconducting single-crystal Sn nanowires
Systematic study on experimental conditions for large-scale growth of aligned Zn
Catalytic growth of group III-nitride nanowires and nanostructures by metalorgan
Synthesis of metallic iridium oxide nanowires via metal organic chemical vapor d
Seven strategies for tolerating highly defective fabrication
Sub-10 nanometre fabrication: molecular templating, electron-beam sculpting and
Room-temperature hydrogen-selective sensing using single Pt-coated ZnO nanowires
Direct contact buckling of electrochemically grown gold nanowires
GaN nanowire lasers with low lasing thresholds
Multielemental Si-C-N-O one-dimensional nanomaterials
Nanowire coating by plasma processing
Unseeded growth of germanium nanowires by vapor-liquid-solid mechanism
Electrical transport, Meyer-Neldel rule and oxygen sensitivity of Bi2S3 nanowire
Fundamental properties of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Easy growth of undoped and doped tungsten oxide nanowires with high purity and o
On-wire lithography
Electric field-assisted deposition of nanowires on carbon nanotubes for nanoelec
Synthesis of thin silicon nanowires using gold-catalyzed chemical vapor depositi
Directed assembly of ZnO nanowires on a Si substrate without a metal catalyst us
A novel approach to directed assembly of nanowires
Size-dependent elasticity of nanowires: nonlinear effects
Ferromagnetic GaN-Cr nanowires
Structural characteristics and connection mechanism of gold-catalyzed bridging s
Electrical characterization of nanowire bridges incorporating biomolecular recog
Optical properties of Ge nanowires grown on Si(100) and (111) substrates: nanowi
Structures and electrical properties of Ag-tetracyanoquinodimethane organometall
Extracellular electron transfer via microbial nanowires
Biological assembly of nanocircuit prototypes from protein-modified CdTe nanowir
Computational paradigm for nanoelectronics: self-assembled quantum dot cellular
Dynamical fracture in SiSe2 nanowires - A molecular-dynamics study
A method for synthesizing large quantifies of carbon nanotubes and encapsulated
Self-alignment of metallic nanowires in CaF2-based composite films grown on step