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大鼠腹膜粘连的形成机制及透明质酸钠干预效果的实验研究/An Empirical Study of the Formation Mechanism of Rat
钢-聚烯烃界面之间粘合的研究/An Investigation on the Interface Adhesion Between Steel and Poly
钢-聚烯烃界面之间的粘合研究/An Investigation of Adhesion at the Interface Between Steel and P
IL-1和DMS对人脐静脉内皮EA.hy926细胞表达ICAM-1和P-Selectin的影响/The Effects on the Expressions o
化学修饰肝素抑制炎症过程中白细胞与血管内皮细胞粘附的分子机制研究/The molecular mechanisms of modified heparin in
化学修饰肝素可以抑制P_选择素介导的白细胞粘附/Modified heparin can inhibit P-selectin-mediated adhesio
银杏叶多糖抗炎症作用的研究/The study of inflammation inhibition by polysaccharide from Gingo
Adhesion & corrosion performance of nanocrystalline Ni coatings
Adhesion of latex films; influence of surfactants
Variation of the interfacial shear strength and adhesion of a nanometer sized co
Deposition and mechanical property evaluation of amorphous silicon-containing di
Thin-layer technology in organic coatings
Surface chemistry of galvanized steel sheets relevant to adhesion performance
Fractal analysis of adhesion at the contact between rough solids
Adhesion interaction between electrolessly deposited copper film and polyimide
Adhesion of waste water bacteria to reverse osmosis membranes
Rate-dependent adhesion between polymer and surfactant monolayers on elastic sub
Development of graded Cr-Ti-N coatings
Scratch adhesion testing of nanophase diamond coatings on steel and carbide subs
Adhesion of Acinetobacter venetianus to diesel fuel droplets studied with in sit
Molecular adsorption vs. cell adhesion at an electrified aqueous interface
Palladium Nanocrystals on Al2O3: Structure and Adhesion Energy
Quantitative adhesion measures of multilayer films: Part II. Indentation of W/Cu
Adhesion maps using scanning force microscopy techniques
Mechanical properties of diamond-like carbon composite thin films prepared by pu
Adhesion of dry particles in the nanometer to micrometer-size range
Specific proteins mediate enhanced osteoblast adhesion on nanophase ceramics
Atomic force microscopy studies of nanofiltration membranes: Surface morphology,
The investigation of sized cellulose surfaces with scanning probe microscopy tec
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic characterization of the adhesion behaviour of
Surface chemical structure and cell adhesion onto ion beam modified polysiloxane
Capillary forces between surfaces with nanoscale roughness
Elastomeric sizings for glass fibers and their role in fiber wetting and adhesio
Combined nanoindentation and adhesion force mapping using the atomic force micro
Tribological and mechanical properties of CNx- and SiCNx-TiN/Ti multilayered sys
Increased osteoblast adhesion on titanium-coated hydroxylapatite that forms CaTi
Macroscopic and nanoscale measurements of the adhesion of bacteria with varying
The influence of surface patterning and/or sterilization on the haemocompatibili
Surface characteristics and adhesion performance of black oxide coated copper su
Makromolekularis nanoreszecskek kornyezetbarat filmkepzok celjara
Surface energy, surface topography and adhesion
Controlled biological response on blends of a phosphorylcholine-based copolymer
Photo cross-linkable poly (N-isopropylacrylamide) copolymers III: Micro-fabricat
Use of nanomechanical fracture-testing for determining the interfacial adhesion
Plate model to evaluate interfacial adhesion of anisotropy thin film in CSN test
Particle adhesion force distributions on rough surfaces
Biological and artificial attachment devices: Lessons for materials scientist fr
Aerosols - An opportunity for nanotechnology - Surfacetreatment; Also on a large
When less is more: Experimental evidence for tenacity enhancement by division of
Development of hybrid materials based on hydroxyethylmethacrylate as supports fo
Particle adhesion at the nanoscale
Influence of substrate bias on practical adhesion, toughness, and roughness of r
Adhesion of rubber compounds to nano-copper-coated iron plates as studied by AES
Adhesion between an AFM probe and an incompressible elastic film
Metallic adhesion in atomic-size junctions
Filtracja Nanoaerozoli w Filtrach Wlokninowych. II. Model Termicznego Odbicia i
Patterned layers of adsorbed extracellular matrix proteins: Influence on mammali
Backbone dynamics of the first, second, and third immunoglobulin modules of the
Nanometer surface roughness increases select osteoblast adhesion on carbon nanof
Bone cell adhesion on titanium implants with nanoscale surface features
Increased osteoblast adhesion on nanophase metals: Ti, Ti6Al4V, and CoCrMo
Surface engineering for improved adhesion to biomedical implants and biosensors
Evaluating protein attraction and adhesion to biomaterials with the atomic force
Nanoscale investigation of pathogenic microbial adhesion to a biomaterial
Adhesion and friction studies of silicon and hydrophobic and low friction films
Nonequilibrium Adhesion Patterns at Lipid Bilayer Junctions
Fibroblast adhesion to micro- and nano-heterogeneous topography using diblock co
Characteristics of osteoblasts adhesion to nano-material surfaces
Effect of SiO2 nano-particles on adhesion strength of copper conductive adhesive
Reactive compatibilization of melt mixed PA6/SWNT composites: Mechanical propert
Physical determinants of cell organization in soft media
Combined effect of chain length and phase state on adhesion/friction behavior of
Intrinsic adhesion properties of poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) to pharmaceutical mater
Measurement of the strength of adhesion of resist patterns using an atomic force
Efficient aminosilane adhesion promoter for soft nanoimprint on GaAs
Attachment of fiber array adhesive through side contact
Complex adhesion effects of inorganic Nanofillers vs Microfillers in polymer com
Multifunktionale duplex-PACVD-schicht-systeme im aluminiumdruckguss
Nanoceramic based conversion coating in the paintshop
Correlations between adhesion hysteresis and friction at molecular scales
Influence of Langmuir-Blodgett nanolayers on microbial adhesion
Effect of relative humidity on adhesion and frictional properties of micro- And
Biocomposites: Exploring surface texture for cell adhesion
Controlling polymer adhesion with pancakes
Interaction forces between colloids and protein-coated surfaces measured using a
Study of the morphological and adhesion properties of collagen fibers in the Bru
Influence of nanoporous alumina membranes on long-term osteoblast response
Accounting for the JKR-DMT transition in adhesion and friction measurements with
An elastic-plastic hybrid adhesion model for contacting rough surfaces in the pr
Electrostatic adhesion of ion and triboelectric-charged particles
Mechanism(s) of increased vascular cell adhesion on nanostructured poly(lactic-c
Effects of sub-angstrom (pico-scale) structure of surfaces on adhesion, friction
The effects of plasticity on adhesion of hard films on ductile interlayers
Particle adhesion studies relevant to chemical mechanical polishing
Adhesion properties of amorphic diamond films deposited on zinc sulfide substrat
Mechanical properties and microstructural analysis of a diamond-like carbon coat
Adhesion and friction between a smooth elastic spherical asperity and a plane su
Gas deposition
The effect of nanocrystallization on the selective oxidation and adhesion of Al2
Interaction of laser-generated surface acoustic pulses with fine particles: Surf
Design of a novel apparatus to study nitric oxide (NO) inhibition of platelet ad
Wear durability and adhesion evaluation methods for ultrathin overcoat films by
Microtribological investigations of stick/slip phenomena using a novel oscillato
Adhesion mechanism of friction in nanotribocontacts
Structure and properties of amorphous and nanocrystalline chromium-carbon coatin
Measurement and improvement of the adhesion of copper to polyimide
Osteoblast adhesion on nanophase ceramics
Effect of nitrogen on the residual stress and adhesion of diamond-like amorphous
Nanotribological properties of unsymmetrical n-dialkyl sulfide monolayers on gol
The adhesion of dry particles in the nanometer to micrometer-size range
Thin ZrO2 coatings on polymers: role of interfacial adhesion
Oxidation behaviour of aluminide microcrystalline coatings produced by high-freq
Role of the adhesion between a nanotip and a soft material in tapping mode AFM
Experimental and theoretical aspects of the modern nanotribology
Friction laws for elastic nanoscale contacts
Nano-tribology through molecular dynamics simulations
Fragmentation, coalescence and deposition of silicon clusters studied by molecul
Synthesis and characterization of ZnO thin films for UV laser
Role of film formers in glass fibre reinforced polypropylene-new insights and re
Strong adhesion in nanocrystalline diamond films on silicon substrates
Nanotribological properties and mechanisms of alkylthiol and biphenyl thiol self
Dynamic contacts on viscoelastic films: work of adhesion
Electron work function: A parameter sensitive to the adhesion behavior of crysta
Evaluation of the coating-substrate adhesion by laser-ultrasonics: modeling and
Adhesion between weakly rough beads
Interaction of animal cells with ordered nanotopography
Ion beam-induced enhanced adhesion of gold films deposited on glass
Improvement of the adhesion of c-BN films by bias-graded h-BN interlayers
Comment on Nanoadhesion between rough surfaces
Detachment of nanotubes from a polymer matrix
Friction, adhesion, and deformation: dynamic measurements with the atomic force
The quantitative correlation of nanoscopic and macroscopic measurements of adhes
Resonance and steep fronts effects in nanosecond dry laser cleaning
In situ characterization of bacterial extracellular polymeric substances by AFM
Improving stamps for 10 nm level wafer scale nanoimprint lithography
Surface modification with self-assembled monolayers for nanoscale replication of
Nanotribological studies of thin CrNx, CrOx and CNx overcoats for magnetic recor
Nanostructured ceramics for biomedical implants
Effect of adsorption on nanoindentation test
Characterization of interconnect interfacial adhesion by cross-sectional nanoind
Probing microplatform for the study of biological adhesion forces
Selective bone cell adhesion on formulations containing carbon nanofibers
A hierarchical multi-physics model for design of high toughness steels
Computational modeling of cell adhesion and movement using a continuum-kinetics
Fracture toughness, adhesion and mechanical properties of low-K dielectric thin
Structural and mechanical properties of nanostructured metalloceramic coatings o
Platelet function analyzer: shear activation of platelets in microchannels
Investigation of the direct electromigration term for Al nanodots within the dep
Adhesion and stiction: mechanisms, measurement techniques, and methods for reduc
Adhesion of micro-cantilevers subjected to mechanical point loading: modeling an
Self-assembled subnanolayers as interfacial adhesion enhancers and diffusion bar
Size-dependent adhesion of nanoparticles on rough substrates
Mechanical measurements of adhesion in microcantilevers: transitions in geometry
Interfacial fracture induced by cross-sectional nanoindentation in metal-ceramic
Tribology and ultrasonic hysteresis at local scales
Patterned collagen layers on polystyrene: direct probing using AFM in the adhesi
Self-assembled monolayer coatings on nanostencils for the reduction of materials
Mechanical property evaluation of cathodic arc plasma-deposited CrN thin films o
Why is the modification of polymer surfaces with electromagnetic discharge so ad
Scratch resistant and transparent UV-protective coating on polycarbonate
Measurements of metal-polymer adhesion properties with dynamic force spectroscop
Molecular dynamics simulations of the contact between two NaCl nano-crystals: ad
Structure and properties of passivating titanium oxide films fabricated by DC pl
Mechanical properties and platelet adhesion behavior of diamond-like carbon film
Mechanics of adhesion in MEMS - a review
Effect of work of adhesion on nanoindentation
Characterization of polymer-adhesive interfaces on a nanometre scale by elementa
Nano-tribological study on a super-hydrophobic film formed on rough aluminum sub
Binding specificity of a peptide on semiconductor surfaces
Growth habit of nano-crystals - the application of growth unit model of anion co
Adhesion of rough surfaces with plastic deformation
Carbon fibers and composites with epoxy resins: topography, fractography and int
Atomic force microscopy tip noise induced by adhesion, nanoindentation and fract
Fractal analysis of adhesion on tool surface in compression of aluminum strips b
Fracture behaviors of nanowire-coated metal/polymer systems under mode-I loading
Characterization of diamond adhesion on micro-grain WC-Co substrates using Brine
Atomic-scale friction and its connection to fracture mechanics
Stress induced delamination methods for the study of adhesion of Pt thin films t
Stress reduction in tungsten films using nanostructured compliant layers
Quantifying improvements in adhesion of platinum films on brittle substrates
Systematic study of the effect of disorder on nanotribology of self-assembled mo
Novel, water-based high-performance primers that can replace metal pretreatments
Measuring the adhesion forces between alkanethiol-modified AFM cantilevers and s
Nanoscale adhesion ligand organization regulates osteoblast proliferation and di
Recent developments in thin film adhesion measurement
Adhesion forces for sub-10 nm flying-height magnetic storage head disk interface
Preparation, characterisation and computational study of poly(ϵ-caprolacto
Cells react to nanoscale order and symmetry in their surroundings
Interfacial toughness in polymer-layered laminar composites
Patterns, forces, and metastable pathways in debonding of elastic films
A parallel-plate flow chamber to study initial cell adhesion on a nanofeatured s
New method to fabricate field-emission cathode of carbon nanotubes
Abnormal tribological behavior of multiwalled nanotube rafts part II: inclined r
Investigation of an anisotropic plate model to evaluate the interface adhesion o
Phospholipid-polyurethane adhesion force observed by atomic force microscopy
The effect of irradiation modification and RGD sequence adsorption on the respon
Influence of humidity on microtribology of vertically aligned carbon nanotube fi
Evidence for capillarity contributions to gecko adhesion from single spatula nan
Cadherin mechanics and complexation: the importance of calcium binding
Cellular adhesion and neuronal excitability on functionalised diamond surfaces
Mechanics of hierarchical adhesion structures of geckos
Application of atomic force spectroscopy (AFS) to studies of adhesion phenomena:
Mechanical properties of TiB2-based nanostructured coatings
On the stiction of MEMS materials
Fabrication of nanostructures of polyethylene glycol for applications to protein
Mechanical characteristics evaluation methods for thin films by AFM
Quantitative measure of nanoscale adhesion hysteresis by ultrasonic force micros
Microtribodynamics of pseudo-contacting head-disk interfaces intended for 1 Tbit
Identifying materials with low friction and adhesion for nanotechnology applicat
FRET measurements of cell-traction forces and nano-scale clustering of adhesion
Differential adhesion of amino acids to inorganic surfaces
Peptide-immobilized nanoporous alumina membranes for enhanced osteoblast adhesio
Pulsed laser deposition of functionally gradient diamondlike carbon-metal nanoco
Nucleation and adhesion of ALD copper on cobalt adhesion Layers and tungsten nit
Improved adhesion of Au thin films to SiOx/Si substrates by dendrimer mediation
Nanotribology of anti-friction coatings in MEMS
Colloidal dispersions: Structure, stability and geometric confinement
Galactosylated polymeric nanoparticles: synthesis and adhesion interactions with
Adhesion of pseudomonas fluorescens onto nanophase materials
Three-dimensional, nano-structured PLGA scaffolds for bladder tissue replacement
Nanoindentation of polydimethylsiloxane elastomers: Effect of crosslinking, work
The breakdown of continuum models for mechanical contacts
Anodized Ti and Ti6Al4V possessing nanometer surface features enhances osteoblas
Adhesion between single-walled carbon nanotubes
Quantum dots as bio-labels for the localization of a small plant adhesion protei
Adhesion energy in carbon nanotube-polyethylene composite: effect of chirality
Novel layered tribological coatings using a superelastic NiTi interlayer
Helical rosette nanotubes: A biomimetic coating for orthopedics?
Nano-scale effects in the sliding and rolling of a cylinder on a substrate
A batch fabricated biomimetic dry adhesive
Visualizing adhesion-induced agglutination of Escherichia coli with mannosylated
Effects of amine- and pyridine-terminated molecular nanolayers on adhesion at Cu
Adhesion and friction studies of a selectively micro/nano-textured surface produ
Continuum mechanics modeling of adhesion and friction