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AlN/BN层状复合陶瓷材料的制备与性能/Fabrication and Properties of AlN/BN Laminated Ceramic Comp
周期性多层膜电磁波透射特性的FDTD法模拟研究/Simulation on electromagnetic wave transmission characte
Perturbative diffraction theory of a multilayer system: applications to near-fi
3-D multilayer model of scattering by nanostructures. Application to the optimi
Exchange-spring behavior in sputter-deposited α-Fe/Nd-Fe-B multilayer magn
Microstructure and antiwear property of Ni-Mo multilayer film deposited by ion b
Study on nanostructural morphology of Si3N4/TiN multilayer synthesized by ion be
Nano-indentation hardness of compositionally modulated Ti-TiN multilayer films
Structural, morphological, chemical and tribological investigations of sputter d
Microstructural investigation of Cu/Co multilayer films
High temperature superconducting multilayer multichip module: fabrication and hi
Covalently attached multilayer assemblies by sequential adsorption of polycation
Metal-ion coordinated hybrid multilayer
Thermoelectric power of metallic multilayer prepared by repeated pressing and ro
Microstructure and superhardness of multilayer films
Nanoindentation and microtribological behavior of Fe-N/Ti-N multilayers with dif
Novel polyelectrolyte multilayer micro- and nanocapsules as magnetic carriers
Nanoimprinting over topography and multilayer three-dimensional printing
Formation, chemical composition, and structure of polyelectrolyte-nanoparticle m
Rational design of cytophilic and cytophobic polyelectrolyte multilayer thin fil
Influence of multilayer nanostructures on photoisomerization and photoorientatio
Supramolecular Chirality of Achiral TPPS Complexed with Chiral Molecular Films
Structure and magnetic properties of sputtered hard/soft multilayer magnets
Nanocomposite multilayer film of preyssler-type polyoxometalates with fine tunab
Irreversible compression of polyelectrolyte multilayers
Controlled growth of micropatterned, oriented calcite films on a self-assembled
Low-fluence femtosecond-laser interaction with a Mo/Si multilayer stack
Friction properties of WS2/MoS2 multilayer films under vacuum environment
Layer-by-layer assembled multilayer films of titanate nanotubes, Ag- or Au-loade
Deposition of WS2/MoS2/C solid lubricating multilayer films and their tribologic
Covalent attachment and hybridization of DNA oligonucleotides on patterned singl
Characterisation and wear properties of industrially produced nanoscaled CrN/NbN
Layer-by-layer assembly of ordinary and composite coordination multilayers
Gasless combustion of multilayer bimetal nanofilms Ti/Al
Response Function Study of a New Kind of Multilayer-Coated Tip for Magnetic Forc
Counteranion-controlled properties of polyelectrolyte multilayers
Oscillatory reaction in nanostructured multilayer foils
Thickness dependence of coercivity in FePt/C multilayers
Photopatternable reflective films produced by nanolayer extrusion
Hydrogen-bonding-directed layer-by-layer assembly of conjugated polymers
Direct evidence of controlled structure reorganization in a nanoorganized polype
Super-hardness and microstructures of TiN/Si3N4 nano-multilayers
Microstructure and hardness of Ti/TiN nano-multilayer films deposited by pulsed
A novel nanogold multilayer constructed by Langmuir-Blodgett and self-assembly t
Alternate assemblies of platinum nanoparticles and metalloporphyrins as tunable
Electropolymerized multilayer conducting polymers with response to gaseous hydro
Patterned polyelectrolyte multilayer: Surface modification for enhancing selecti
Nanotribological properties of CN/TiCN/TiN/Si multilayer as determined by AFM
Structure and temperature behavior of metallo-supramolecular assemblies
Tribology of carbon nitride and boron nitride nanoperiod multilayer films and it
Sugar-induced disintegration of layer-by-layer assemblies composed of concanaval
Assembly and mechanical properties of phosphorus dendrimer/polyelectrolyte multi
Thermal stability and microstructure characterization of CrN/WN multilayer coati
Investigation of multilayer structural changes in phase and amplitude-defects co
Transition energies of vertically coupled multilayer nanoscale InAs/GaAs semicon
Study of the wear-resistance and machining application of magnetron sputtered Ti
Structural and chemical properties of sputter-deposited Ti-Ge-N thin films
Formation of nanoparticle-loaded microcapsules based on hydrogen-bonded multilay
Polypeptide multilayer films
Nanostructured polyelectrolyte multilayer organic thin films generated via paral
Surface roughness characterization of soft X-ray multilayer films on the nanomet
Microstructure and tribological characteristics of multilayer films deposited by
Microstructure and tribological characteristic of Ni-Mo multilayer film deposite
Layer-by-layer ionic self-assembly of Au colloids into multilayer thin-films wit
X-ray reflection from a multilayer nanostructure distorted by a surface acoustic
Microstructures and properties of Si3N4/TiN ceramic nano-multilayer films
Structure and microtribological behavior of Teflon and Teflon/Si3N4 micro-assemb
Study of Fe/Mo multilayer systems by SFM and AES
Synthesis and characterization of K2Ti6O13 whiskers with diameter on nanometer s
Giant magnetoresistance of magnetic multilayer point contacts
Luminescence processes in amorphous hydrogenated silicon-nitride nanometric mult
Structure and strength of multilayers
Tribological properties of a-C:H multilayer structures
Suppression of fatigue cracking with nanometer-scale multilayered coatings
Growth of metal/organism multilayer films from ligand-stabilized silver nanopart
Multilayer nanocrystalline/microcrystalline diamond films studied by laser refle
Hetero-colloidal metal particle multilayer films grown using electrostatic inter
Layer-by-layer assembly of CdSe nanoparticles based on hydrogen bonding
Annealing behavior of microstructure in a-SiOx:H/a-SiOy:H multilayer films
Numerical simulation of some peculiarities of the formation of multilayer struct
Nanoindentation and nanotribological behavior of Fe-N/Ti-N multilayers with diff
Layer-by-layer assembly of titania nanosheet/polycation composite films
Scientific and engineering issues of the state-of-the-art and future multilayer
Improvement of mechanical properties of Ti/TiN multilayer film deposited by sput
Nanometer-size monolayer and multilayer molecule corrals on HOPG: a depth-resolv
Simple preparation method of multilayer polymer films containing Pd nanoparticle
Nanoindentation study of PVD WC/C coatings supported by cross-sectional electron
Properties and performance of CrTiAlN multilayer hard coatings deposited using m
X-ray multilayer monochromator with enhanced performance
Modification of boundaries conditions in the FDTD algorithm for EUV masks modeli
Photo-catalytic and photo-conductive properties of SiO2/TiO2 multilayer film pre
Titania nanostructured films derived from a titania nanosheet/polycation multila
Resonant optical nonlinearity of multilayer nanocrystalline silicon film
A graphical technique for finding equilibrium magnetic domain walls in multilaye
Fabrication of monolithic piezoelectric drive units for a miniature robot
Method for repairing Mo/Si multilayer thin film phase defects in reticles for ex
Tuning the response of magnetic suspensions
Three-dimensional and multilayer nanostructures formed by nanotransfer printing
In situ conductance characterization of Fe/Ag multilayer contacts on GaAs
Effect of interfacial alloying on the surface plasmon resonance of nanocrystalli
Structural changes in multilayer systems containing InxGa1-xAs1-yNy quantum well
Spin-polarized current-induced magnetization reversal in single nanowires
Investigation of the optical and acoustical phonon modes in Si1-xGex QD SLs
Fabrication and characterization of self-assembled nanoparticle/polyelectrolyte
Multilayered materials: a palette for the materials artist
Regularities of combustion and mechanisms of reaction product formation in thin
3D structuring of multilayer suspended membranes including 2D photonic crystal s
Chitosan mediated assembly of gold nanoparticles multilayer
Preparation and characterization of the nanoporous ultrathin multilayer films ba
Improvement of mechanical properties of nanometer period multilayer films at int
Mechanical properties of diamond-like carbon-based multilayer coatings
Fabrication and characterization of multilayer ultrathin films of exfoliated MnO
The design of ZnS/Ag/ZnS transparent conductive multilayer films
Magnetooptical Kerr effect of semiconductor-based multilayer structures containi