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基于嵌入式工控机PC/104的火电厂连续排污测控系统研制/Development of Boiler Automatic Continuous Drainage
多量子位Ising链中杂质与正常格点之间的纠缠的研究/The entanglement between the normal lattice and impur
二氢吡啶类药物尼莫地平、尼群地平及其制剂的杂质研究/Research on the impurities in nimodipine and nitredipi
掺杂外延层中杂质浓度分布的计算/the calculation of impurity concentration in epitaxy process
Implanted buried layers and interfaces: Application in the new area of very- and
Polarizability of a hydrogenic impurity in a quantum-well wire: Effect of finite
Impurity oxygen redistribution in a nanocrystallized Zr65Cr15Al10Pd10 metallic g
Effects of an impurity on the dissipation in a partially coherent flux-driven ri
Binding energy of impurity in a size-quantized coated semiconductor wire: Role o
Non-empirical calculation of electronic states of impurity polygon in carbon she
Terahertz emission from silicon doped by shallow impurities
Dynamics of the absorption of pulsed laser radiation in a wide-band impurity sem
Thermal conductivity of nanotubes revisited: Effects of chirality, isotope impur
Electronic structure and impurity states in GaN quantum dots
Complexes in rare-gas solid solutions
The binding energy of hydrogen-like impurity in quantum dots with convex bottom
Impurity nanocluster structures in liquid helium
Mirages and many-body effects in quantum corrals
Symmetry and electronic structure of the Mn impurity in ZnS nanocrystals
Electronic structure and transport properties of fullerene nanotubules
Dynamics of photoinduced Faraday rotation in semimagnetic semiconductors
Segregation and surface transport of impurities: New mechanisms affecting the su
Resonant tunneling in a quantum nanosystem with an attractive impurity
Impurity screening in carbon nanotubes
Small size tunneling contacts with superconductors
Effect of impurity scattering in nanoscale Corbino disks
Direct correlation of transition metal impurities and minority carrier recombina
Photostimulated impurity absorption of ultrasound in semiconductor nanostructure
Subband population in a single-wall carbon nanotube diode
Tunneling-assisted autoionization of the localized impurities in nanostructures
Potential of a neutral impurity in a large 4He cluster
Impurity doping into Si nanocrystals
Magnetic impurity effects in metallic carbon nanotubes: local non-Fermi liquid t
Influence of the surface on the impurity solubility in small-size crystals
Buoyancy corrections for the potential of an impurity in a 4He nanodroplet
Nonmagnetic impurity in carbon nanotubes with superconducting pair potentials
Photoselection of impurity molecules in amorphous media over the zero-phonon lin
Shallow-deep transitions of impurities in semiconductor nanostructures
Nanometer-scale metal precipitates in multicrystalline silicon solar cells
Low-threshold limitation of IR radiation in impurity semiconductors
Spectroscopy of dielectric nanocrystals doped by rare-earth and transition-metal
Watergel-a new form of water condensed in liquid 4He
Propagation of Cooper pairs in carbon nanotubes with superconducting correlation
Impurity effect on low-lying spectra in an electron magnetic dot
Novel electronic wave interference patterns in nanographene sheets
Double resonant Raman phenomena enhanced by van Hove singularities in single-wal
Current-voltage characteristics of carbon nanotubes with substitutional nitrogen
Charge- and spin-excitation gaps for a magnetic Anderson impurity embedded in a
Self-consistent drift-diffusion model of nanoscale impurity profiles in semicond
Structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of a ferromagnetic semiconductor
Impurity effects on resonant Andreev reflection in a finite-sized carbon nanotub
Spatially inhomogeneous impurity distribution in ZnO micropillars
Vacancy-impurity nanoclusters in solid solutions of 3He-4He
Midgap states and generalized supersymmetry in semi-infinite nanowires
Effects of annealing and impurities on tensile properties of electrodeposited na
Quantum confinement in phosphorus-doped silicon nanocrystals
Optical spectroscopy of single impurity centers in semiconductors
Transport in nanotubes: effect of remote impurity scattering
Structural influence of erbium centers on silicon nanocrystal phase transitions
Formation of silicon nanocrystals in SiO2 by oxireduction reaction induced by im
Investigation of dopant profiles in nanosized materials by scanning transmission
Nanoscale-SiC doping for enhancing Jc and Hc2 in superconducting MgB2
Average number of optical phonons of strong-coupling bound polaron in a paraboli
Recombination kinetics of Te isoelectronic centers in ZnSTe
First-principles study of n- and p-doped silicon nanoclusters
Single impurity effect on the melting of nanoclusters
Effect of the dynamic redistribution of impurities on the grain-boundary frictio
Quantum Monte Carlo method for models of molecular nanodevices
Image charges in spherical quantum dots with an off-centered impurity: algorithm
Plasmon effects on infrared spectra of GaN nanocolumns
Performance improvement of an ArF excimer laser for microlithography by means of
Magnetization reversal phenomena in (Cr0.70Ti0.30)5S6
Photoluminescence from impurity codoped and compensated Si nanocrystals
Effects of laser-ablated impurity on aligned ZnO nanorods grown by chemical vapo
Distinct properties of single-wall carbon nanotubes with monovalent sidewall add
Kondo screening in a magnetically frustrated nanostructure: exact results on a s
Structural and chemical trends in doped silicon nanocrystals: first-principles c
Radial dependence of the carrier mobility in semiconductor nanowires
Cluster algorithms for quantum impurity models and mesoscopic Kondo physics
Dopant-modulated pair interaction in cuprate superconductors